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00:00 wizzyrea i'm always surprised when there are thunderstorms like that so near the sea
00:00 wizzyrea I bet you'll get some waterspouts
00:00 wizzyrea the entirety of my thunderstorm knowledge is of inland ones
00:00 wizzyrea like, way inland.
00:01 wizzyrea flyover country inland.
00:01 wizzyrea flyover whilst sleeping inland.
00:01 wizzyrea boring to look out the window at whilst flying over inland.
00:08 dcook hehe
00:08 dcook Yeah, the worst storms we got were snow storms
00:08 dcook We have a bit of rain right now but not too bad
00:08 dcook I think it's mostly hitting right on the coast
00:09 dcook I'm about 9km from the coast, so not too bad yet
00:09 dcook Well 9km from the east coast
00:09 dcook Oh, it's getting a bit heavier
00:10 dcook Maybe I should stop talking about it :p
00:23 wizzyrea You are cursing yourself.
00:24 dcook Exactly!
00:38 wizzyrea[…]562002&ref=NZH_Tw dcook !!!!
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00:56 dcook wizzyrea: Yikes!
00:56 wizzyrea You went away and then I was scared for you!
00:56 dcook Awww
00:56 dcook That's sweet of you
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00:56 dcook This building is pretty solid. We had medium rain for a few minutes, but it's clear again here
00:56 dcook Here's hoping my house is still intact...
00:56 dcook I'm guessing the building collapses were right on the coast.. :(
00:56 wizzyrea eeks.
00:56 * wizzyrea hopes not
00:59 dcook Looks like another burst is coming as well...
01:04 wizzyrea it must have been hot-ish, and cold front is coming in?
01:04 * dcook shrugs
01:05 wizzyrea Winds northeasterly 15 to 20 km/h shifting south to southeasterly 15 to 25 km/h during the afternoon and evening.
01:05 dcook That's not too bad
01:05 wizzyrea naw, but from the south so probably cold :)
01:05 wizzyrea cooler
01:05 wizzyrea and it's only forecast 20 tomorrow
01:19 francescam Call me behind the times but dcook: just saw the twister news, how are you faring over in Sydney?
01:22 dcook francescam: Not too bad here but I'm about 9km from the edge of the coast
01:22 dcook Thanks for asking :D
01:23 rangi  <-- good read
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01:30 francescam That's a really interesting article
01:31 dcook ^
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01:41 wizzyrea <shame>
01:41 wizzyrea (but seriously, don't do that.)
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03:28 mtompset Have a great day, #koha.
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06:15 Nacronic hello
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06:20 Nacronic hello all I have installed koha 3.12.6 and i am running to session time out problem though i have set it to ""120000"" in global preferances
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07:02 drojf1 morning #koha
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07:37 rangi where does someone even find 3.12.6 ?
07:37 rangi people are weird
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07:55 reiveune hello
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08:04 alex_a bonjour
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08:26 gaetan_B hello
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08:47 Joubu Good morning #koha
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08:59 ashimema morning Joubu
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08:59 ashimema morning #koha
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09:11 LibraryClaire morning #koha :)
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10:34 cait Joubu++
10:34 cait hi LibraryClaire :) being curious - where are you from? :)
10:35 LibraryClaire Hi cait :) I'm based in London
10:35 Joubu I think is a PTFS-E's partner
10:36 LibraryClaire Joubu: yes, University of the Arts
10:40 cait oh nice :)
10:41 LibraryClaire how about you cait?
10:41 cait I am in Germany, working for BSZ - another Koha support provider
10:41 cait in Konstanz
10:42 LibraryClaire cool! :)
10:42 LibraryClaire brb - meeting :0
10:43 cait :)
10:45 ashimema Joubu.. how did you get there?
10:45 ashimema your right.. but I wondered how you could tell from irc
10:46 * cait thinks Joubu is a wizard :P
10:47 * ashimema just found:
10:47 ashimema nice site LibraryClaire
10:51 liw ashimema, when someone joines an channel, there's a message such as this: -!- LibraryClaire [] has joined #koha
10:51 liw depending on the IRC client, you might or mightnot see it (and it can be shown in various ways)
10:52 liw also visible with the IRC command "/wii ashimema"
10:52 cait hm doesn't work for me
10:52 cait unknown command
10:52 liw some IRC networks offer "cloaks" which hide teh address the user is coming from
10:52 cait maybe depending on the client too?
10:52 liw ah, the /wii command may be client specific; I think the general command is /whois
10:53 ashimema oh, interesting.. I had no idea you could do that
10:53 cait ah thx!
10:53 ashimema thanks liw
10:59 drojf there is also /whowas if somebody left already
11:09 LibraryClaire back - yeah I am just in the web browser, PC here wouldn't let me install a client >:(
11:09 LibraryClaire ashimema: thanks - I haven't put much on the site recently... much in progress :)
11:12 Joubu ashimema: my IRC client displays the ip when someone enters the room
11:12 Joubu ok too late :)
11:12 * Joubu should have backlogged everything before answering
11:13 ashimema hehe
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12:15 xarragon Is it worth adding tests that calls the OPAC and greps the html output for the expected data?
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12:50 oleonard Hi #koha
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12:57 tcohen morning #koha
12:59 cait morning tcohen :)
12:59 tcohen hi cait :-D
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13:10 ashimema 🖒
13:10 cait ashimema: ?
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13:11 ashimema wrong channel
13:11 ashimema oops
13:12 ashimema but for good measure 👍
13:12 cait not sure what that is you are posting hter
13:12 * ashimema likes some of the unicode chars.. thumbs up is nice ;)
13:12 cait aah
13:12 cait looks like my client fails to show it :)
13:13 tcohen smuxi shows it ok, hi ashimema!
13:13 ashimema I is in smuxi too
13:14 cait pidgin on windows fails
13:14 cait but might be config
13:14 oleonard The first one didn't work but the second one did (in Chatzilla). Looks the same in the log to me too:
13:15 ashimema both look ok in the log for me ;)
13:15 ashimema browser support also varies I feel
13:15 cait same as oleonard
13:15 cait one good, one bad
13:15 ashimema oth are thumbs up.. first one right facing, second one left facing
13:15 ashimema how odd
13:15 ashimema mwah.. worth knowing though..
13:16 ashimema I'll try to remember to use the second one over the first now ;)
13:16 oleonard Yeah the "uni" in "unicode" must not stand for universal. :P
13:17 ashimema could be any number of reasons for not displaying.. some font sets just don't include the icons for all characters for example.
13:17 ashimema so may not nesesarily be the browser but the font's it's pulling in from the system ;)
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14:11 misilot question, how would I write a small program that utilizes the synopsis section in http://perldoc.koha-community.[…]bs/check-url.html I keep getting a can't locate C4/URL/ Thanks!
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14:20 ashimema erm..
14:20 ashimema I presume this is a program external to Koha?
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14:20 ashimema you'll need to add koha lib to you PERL5LIB or @INC to call the module
14:22 ashimema erm..
14:22 ashimema also..
14:22 ashimema I don't actually see that module in master..
14:24 ashimema ack..
14:24 ashimema that's some horrible code..
14:24 ashimema the module is embedded within the script!
14:24 ashimema pass then.. I have no idea how you'd reference it
14:24 ashimema[…]jobs/
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14:43 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
14:43 mtompset Anyone have an idea of how to submit a git-bz patch?
14:43 ashimema Joubu
14:43 mtompset Not a koha patch with git-bz, but a patch to git-bz itself.
14:44 ashimema indeed..
14:44 ashimema we maintain our own copy in git://
14:45 ashimema I 'think' Joubu has some keys to it
14:45 ashimema or rangi
14:45 Joubu I can push into the contrib repo, not sure I can push into git-bz
14:46 pastebot "mtompset" at pasted "Here's the git-bz patch" (13 lines) at
14:47 mtompset before patch bug 7143 (Marc Véron) blows up
14:47 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7143 trivial, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , Bug for tracking changes to the about page
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14:47 mtompset after patch, git bz works fine
14:48 mtompset at least the apply...
14:48 mtompset about to attempt a sign off and attach. :)
14:49 ashimema ooh..
14:49 ashimema that's the utf8 problem.
14:49 ashimema awesome..
14:49 ashimema I've been meaning to look at that for ages
14:49 ashimema pop that paste link in a pm to rangi.. i'm sure he'd apply it for you
14:50 ashimema when he wakes up ;)
14:51 ashimema @later tell rangi, are you the man with the keys to the git-bz repository.. can we apply to fishsoup?
14:51 huginn ashimema: The operation succeeded.
14:53 mtompset Nope... attach blows up.
14:53 mtompset Now to fix that.
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15:14 * magnuse waves
15:16 * JesseM waves back
15:17 cait hm i thougt we had it fixed
15:17 cait the utf-8 prob
15:17 cait hm maybe a different prob
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15:25 mveron Hi again #koha
15:27 * magnuse fears there is no such thing as getting rid of encoding problems once and for alle
15:33 * mtompset grins at magnuse.
15:33 mtompset Greetings, mveron.
15:33 mtompset Thanks for an excuse to fix utf-8 issues in git-bz. :P
15:33 mveron Hi mtompset
15:34 mtompset
15:34 mtompset That fixes the apply, so I can apply your patch. :P
15:34 mveron I was reading back...  The é in my name?
15:35 * mveron was wondering what was blowing up with his name
15:38 mtompset Yes.
15:42 mveron mtompset: Was the problem related toteh commit message or to tha patch? - I remember thet there were issues with characters like '>' copy/pasted from Koha breadcrumbs
15:42 mveron to the
15:45 mtompset In A meeting. sorry... 1.25 hours still.
15:45 Joubu mtompset: actually you revert a previous change fixing utf8 issues
15:45 Joubu commit 4666a5ae4d8fab588c7481d6d48ff6ea6eee1da1
15:45 mtompset mveron... tryusing html code for the accent?
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16:01 reiveune bye
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16:05 mveron mtompset: Patch applied fine here. I changed the commit message to remove the é.
16:05 mtompset mveron: That works for the unpatched version. :)
16:05 mveron :-)
16:06 mtompset signed off. :)
16:08 mtompset BTW, utf_8, Joubu? I think the header should be utf-8. :)
16:08 mtompset But you are right about the reversion.
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16:33 ashimema @later tell rangi, maybe read the irc backlog first.. more got talked about regarding utf8 on git-bz
16:33 huginn ashimema: The operation succeeded.
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16:51 K_chris mveron: I have been testing but 15374 some more.
16:52 mveron K_chris: Yes?  :-)
16:53 K_chris the link you are referring to is for is to /
16:53 K_chris right?
16:53 K_chris that's the link you fixed, i think.
16:54 mveron Let me have a look
16:59 K_chris i have tested everything on a sandbox (14) except for fines: it doesn't seem that fines (total due) is getting computed. "no data available in table"
17:01 mveron K_chris: Yes, it is the link for
17:02 * mveron is checking regarding the fines
17:03 K_chris mveron: to test with the fines, I have applying the patch on a local development environment using bz. But I am new to this.
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17:07 drojf evening
17:13 mveron K_crhis: I added a manual fine o a patron that exceeds the value of syspref OPACFineNoRenewals
17:13 mveron Hi drojf :-)
17:13 mveron K_chris: ^^^
17:14 mveron K_chris: If OPACFineNoRenewals is empty nothing is calculated
17:19 * mveron needs something to eat...
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18:36 * magnuse waves again
18:37 * Kchris waves
18:38 * drojf joins the wave
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19:01 * mveron waves
19:06 Kchris mveron: Testing bug 15374. I did set system preference for OPACFineNoRenewals, but the sandboxes don't seem to total fines...
19:06 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15374 minor, P5 - low, ---, veron, Needs Signoff , Translatability: Fix issues on OPAC summary page
19:07 mveron Kchris: What is the value of OPACFineNoRenewals?
19:08 mveron And how much fines has the patron?
19:08 rangi sup peeps
19:08 * drojf peeps
19:09 Kchris mveron:OpacFineNoRenewals=100, patron fine=200. It seems there may be a table missing on sandbox???
19:09 rangi drojf: for the record, i think something in berlin before kohacon is a good idea
19:10 Kchris Attempting to test on local development environment: Once a patch is applied with via git bz, is there a way to verify that the patch is successfully applied?
19:10 rangi Kchris: git log
19:10 drojf rangi: woohoo, feedback :)
19:10 rangi Kchris: you should see the patch as the top commit
19:11 mveron Kchris: If it does not apply you should have a message
19:11 Kchris rangi++, mveron++
19:11 mveron drojf:I consider ot travel to Berlin as well...
19:11 mveron to travel
19:13 rangi drojf: im assuming there are lots of flights and/or trains from berlin to thessaloniki ?
19:13 Kchris After applying the patch, is it necessary to restart Apache?
19:13 rangi Kchris: no, unless it changes the apache configuration in some way .. however are you running plack?
19:14 rangi or memcached?
19:15 drojf rangi: i checked two way flights and there were a lot of options. i will set up a wiki page with infos like that now that the first people show interest
19:16 mveron drojf++
19:16 drojf i doubt we will max out the connections :)
19:19 Kchris rangi: no, I am not running plack or memcached.
19:19 rangi Kchris: then there should be nothing persistent (except the data in the database) so you shouldnt need to restart anything
19:21 rangi hmm 2 days on a train... that might be too long .. flights it is :)
19:23 drojf heh if the view is good from the train? :D
19:24 drojf best connection from berlin is direct, 2,5h. but some cheapo airline where you have to book everything extra (still the cheapest with all options)
19:25 rangi thats why i normally like trains :) would ge to see slovakia, hungary, serbia etc on the way .. but yeah bit too long
19:28 drojf :)
19:28 drojf you're not here every day, use as much europa as you can :D
19:28 drojf *europe
19:29 oleonard So uh... When did Koha get NCIP support?
19:29 * oleonard didn't think it had it
19:30 rangi it does
19:30 rangi separately
19:30 rangi in a couple of ways
19:30 drojf you can even choose from several, can't you?
19:31 rangi[…]ver.git;a=summary  <-- this one .. or its a little more up to date in the catalyst repo
19:31 rangi its a separate project that we should make sure we dont go all SIP on, and fold it into Koha
19:31 liw I noticed that Kohacon's going to be May 30 onwards... I have marked my calendar just in case. Next year's looking a bit potentially gloomy, though. (/me timidly ponders offering a 4-hour Debian packaging tutorial workshop, if there's interest)
19:31 rangi or there is the XC NCIP toolkit way, which there is a bug for lemme find it
19:32 rangi oleonard: afaik MassCat are using the NCIP server stuff Dyrcona and I mostly wrote in production, however there are a couple of branches that need to be reconciled/merged its on my todo list
19:33 * oleonard was surprised to year someone on the ByWater list say Koha had NCIP support.
19:33 oleonard I guess I'm just out of the loop
19:33 drojf liw: i'd be interested. but you would have to arrange with the catmandu people if they actually come and do a workshop too, so i can do both :)
19:33 rangi liw: that sounds great to me! even if it couldnt be at kohacon proper maybe that could be at the preconf thing drojf is organising in berlin
19:34 rangi oleonard: well, there is an NCIP server that will work with Koha .. is more correct than Koha has NCIP support, the work I did didnt touch Koha itself
19:34 drojf oh right. if that is an option for you…
19:34 rangi but you know .. marketing
19:34 oleonard Berlin + Thessaloniki would be so great.
19:34 rangi oleonard: if bug 13930 is pushed then it would be correct to say Koha supports the xnciptoolkit
19:34 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13930 enhancement, P3, ---, mail, Needs Signoff , Add supporting service svc/ncip for xnciptoolkit driver
19:35 liw rangi, sure. I am basically willing to do that anywhere, any time, as long as it suits my other committments and I can find a way to cover costs (I'd rather not pay for travel, hotels out of my own pocket; alas)
19:35 magnuse rangi, oleonard: and what does "support for ncip" mean? it's a big standard
19:36 rangi liw: that's totally fair enough, im sure we can rustle up some sponsorship or the like :)
19:36 rangi magnuse: true .. and it has issues
19:36 rangi ncip?
19:36 magnuse it's probably more meanngful to talk about which profiles it supports, like NNCIPP (Norwegian NCIP Profile)
19:36 * drojf sighs
19:36 oleonard Now I have to think, "What are the reasons for having NCIP that we discussed at the time someone quoted us $50,000 to add NCIP support to Koha?"
19:37 drojf we have a great non-ncip proprietary ILL protocol. lol. yay germany
19:37 rangi yeah its fair to say, NCIPserver + Koha supports Autographics NCIP
19:37 rangi currently
19:37 rangi vendor embrace and extend ftw!!
19:37 magnuse yay!
19:37 magnuse rangi: you think NCIPServer should be folded into koha?
19:37 rangi http://kohadevreactions.tumblr[…]g-on-ncip-kohails
19:38 rangi magnuse: hell no
19:38 magnuse ok, misread you then
19:38 rangi we made that mistake with SIP
19:38 magnuse gotcha
19:38 rangi what should be done, is it should be rewritten (not much to do actually) at least the NCIP/ILS/ module
19:38 rangi to use the rest api
19:38 rangi then it could sit anywhere
19:39 magnuse but there is some work to be done, if we want it to be a common project for evergreen and koha
19:39 rangi yep have to merge the branches .. its not super hard, just time consuming and of course no one is gonna want to pay for that :)
19:39 drojf ok awesome, we go from "i wonder if someone will come to berlin" to "omg everyone is coming, i only have room for 20 people" again :D
19:39 magnuse Dyrcona changed a lot of the basics, so the work you did does not work any longer, rangi
19:40 rangi magnuse: it does on the catalyst repo, but yep, gotta merge those
19:40 magnuse from what i have seen it is more a question of rewriting  NCIP/ILS/ than just merging, but i might have missed something
19:40 Dyrcona It still works in the master branch of the "public" working repo.
19:41 Dyrcona My changes are in user/dyrcona/better_abstraction which ended up becoming the Evergreen driver branch.
19:41 rangi magnuse: yep, that needs to be rewritten to be use the rest api anyway .. then merging the lib/NCIP/Handler stuff .. if that makes sense
19:42 magnuse yeah, using the rest api would be super cool, then one ncipserver culd serve many koha instances (i think)
19:43 rangi however im pretty sure masscat are running the master branch in production currently (or at least final testing before it's live live)
19:43 rangi magnuse: yeah that's the plan
19:44 Dyrcona I've been making a lot of changes after going live with the Evergreen NCIP... 'cause y'know...testing never gets everything.
19:44 rangi *nod*
19:45 eythian Hi
19:46 magnuse i based my work on nncipp on some branch from Dyrcona - sounds like we might have some work to do...
19:46 magnuse hiya eythian
19:47 eythian Just been to see Star Wars. I recommend it.
19:47 magnuse yay
19:47 eythian Spoiler:
19:48 magnuse is not clicking on that
19:48 rangi eythian: taking the kids after work
19:48 eythian Sweet.
19:48 oleonard Yeah don't make me have to swear off IRC as well as Twitter and Facebook until I get to see it
19:48 eythian magnuse: it's not a big spoiler
19:48 eythian You know you want to
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19:49 oleonard eythian: 3D?
19:49 eythian Yep
19:50 oleonard Star Wars + 3D feels a little wrong, but I'm old.
19:50 pianohacker jeez, eythian, that's a huge spoiler
19:51 eythian oleonard: it's not bad actually.
19:51 * magnuse will not see anything in 3d
19:52 eythian Only a few points where you really notice it, and that's by design, making you want to reach out and grab the thing
19:52 eythian magnuse: only one eye?
19:52 Dyrcona ha! ha!
19:52 Dyrcona It's an ugly spoiler at that. :)
19:53 drojf the spoiler is probably more fun than the movie ;) *hides*
19:55 cait drojf: i want to come too :)
19:55 oleonard See you later, all. When I return I will still have not seen the new Star Wars movie.
19:56 drojf cait: yay \o/
19:57 cait just have to see if i can manage - you plan before kohacon right?
19:57 cait i will try my best to keep that free
19:57 cait so we would travel sunday to greece for kohacon starting monday then?
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20:01 drojf cait: yes before. i will check what options we have and we will probably all travel together some way on sunday or saturday (might be cheaper/better times). i will gather some info and throw it in the wiki soon
20:02 drojf also a doodle or dudle or similar about who would come and for how many days
20:03 cait cool
20:03 cait it might take me a while to give you a definite answer
20:03 cait but certainly interested!
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20:07 francesca I'm in love with today's Google doodle
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20:29 barton hola #koha!
20:30 pianohacker /kick barto
20:30 pianohacker we don't know you...
20:30 barton the package 'C4::URL::Checker' is defined in  misc/cronjobs/ ... how do I call C4::URL::Checker from an external script?
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20:31 pianohacker my vote would be to refactor that package into a proper module
20:32 barton yeah, mine too, but just for giggles...
20:32 misilot i'm trying to just provide an example where the script fails since it doesn't support cookies (so I can submit a ticket asking for cookies)
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20:33 barton misilot: actually, I think pianohacker
20:33 barton 's right.
20:34 barton You could pretty much just copy misc/cronjobs/ to C4/URL/
20:34 barton just for quick and dirty.
20:34 pianohacker yup yup
20:35 barton having said that, I know that there is a perl keyword for doing what I first asked for... 'call' maybe?
20:35 barton we used to use it for
20:35 barton thatever. god rest its soul.
20:37 pianohacker oh god yeah you're right...
20:39 kidclamp heybywater: can anyone tell me why the edit biblio link here is getting half the title in the biblionumber
20:39 kidclamp http://staff.catamount.bywater[…]?q=pope+mussolini
20:39 kidclamp Check edit biblio on first result
20:39 pianohacker kidclamp: wrong channel :)
20:39 talljoy heh
20:39 kidclamp heh
20:40 kidclamp nonthing to see folks
20:40 bag hola
20:41 * talljoy takes out her neuralyzer.
20:42 barton pianohacker, misilot: I think 'do' is the command I was looking for. ... `perldoc do`, 3rd stanza.
20:42 bag this battlestation is operational
20:42 barton Commense primary ignition!
20:42 misilot barton: no documentation for do
20:43 barton perldoc -f do
20:45 bullwinkle but bag, that trick *never* works!
20:46 misilot ok I have it running except even the example doesn't work (it appears to be checking all the links), i only specified a single url
20:47 misilot oh i think its because check-url has a line to just run the check
20:53 Viktor joined #koha
21:00 francesca joined #koha
21:29 cait joined #koha
21:33 drojf[…]hacon_Warmup_2016
21:36 mveron-away drojf++
21:37 ashimema drojf, we'd want to send at least one dev too :)
21:37 ashimema atheia or myself likely
21:37 ashimema drojf++
21:38 drojf ashimema: awesome!
21:39 * cait is installing tomcat and eclipse in windows for distance study
21:39 cait ...
21:39 cait *sigh*
21:41 drojf cait: that sounds like a lot of things nobody should do
21:41 cait yeah....
21:41 ashimema :)
21:41 barton cait: the dark side of the source.
21:41 ashimema sorry that was meant for drojf
21:42 ashimema I got confused between lines
21:42 ashimema what seminar were you doing drojf?
21:42 Dyrcona Still, cheers, cait!
21:43 cait cheers Dyrcona :)
21:43 drojf i did a general overview, 1,5h koha history/development/system requirements and things like that, 1,5h trying to show the actual system (which is way too little time for that)
21:43 * ashimema feel he should now find a drink to join in the 'chinking
21:43 ashimema cool, sounds fun :)
21:44 barton Hey, in my thirst to know all about notices and slips, apparently I missed the expansion of <<items.fine>> ... someone told me about it, but I don't know which notices can use it.
21:44 Dyrcona Everyone seems to like to poo-poo Java, but I still like it after all these years.
21:44 cait barton: only overdues
21:44 ashimema Java ain't terrible.. it's just a bit of a heavy stack.
21:44 cait inside of <item>
21:45 * francesca doesn't know how to code in java
21:45 ashimema that's my opinion on it at least..
21:45 cait or <items>? you know which :)
21:45 * ashimema hasn't coded java for at least 5 years now
21:45 cait my main problem with java is that i don#t use it :)
21:45 cait usually... outside of the distance study
21:45 cait and I did the last courses using it ... years ago
21:45 ashimema but my monitor is propped on 'Developing Java Software - Second Edition'
21:45 cait so i have to start all over
21:45 ashimema makes a good monitor stand
21:45 Dyrcona heh
21:46 ashimema I found java to nearly write itself if you have a good editor
21:46 ashimema right.. best go keep the other half company.
21:46 ashimema more chirstmas present wrapping to do
21:46 cait :)
21:46 ashimema have a good evening everyone
21:46 cait have fun!
21:46 Dyrcona 'night.
21:47 barton cait ... I'm not sure that <<items.fine>> is expanded in all notices.
21:47 barton owait. I think that we had that discussion...
21:48 cait barton: only in overdues
21:48 cait inside the item tag
21:49 ashimema crap.. I thought those dates for kohacon and berlin rang a bell :(
21:49 ashimema they coincide exactly with the school break here
21:49 ashimema so that kinda counts me out of attending either :'(
21:51 * francesca is playing reciptionist today
21:51 cait :(
21:51 cait that's bad news
21:51 cait bring the family? greece is nice...i am sure
21:51 cait berlin too
21:52 Viktor joined #koha
21:57 drojf ashimema: get a huge appartment together with magnuse+family :)
21:57 barton cait: updated[…]e_Specific_Markup . See ISSUESLIP.
22:00 ashimema already got a trip to france booked so can't change.
22:02 barton ^^ anyone who wants to help out: that wiki page has a few entries that need to be filled in for messages implemented using SendAlerts. I'll owe you an hour of thanks yous :-)
22:02 ashimema so annoying, this'll be the third kohacon in a row I'll have missed.
22:02 rangi they revoke your membership after 4
22:02 rangi so you better watch out
22:02 ashimema haha
22:02 gmcharlt tcohen: I'm finding yaz commit f24766f1e9fc to be ... interesting with respect to newish Zebra versions not delivering facets
22:03 ashimema marseille hackfest will have to be my koha meetup fix for the year then
22:03 barton rangi: hm. I don't think I *am* a member.
22:03 gmcharlt upshot - if you're using a Zebra compiled against a newish Yaz... the following no longer works: <retrieval syntax="xml" name="zebra::*" />
22:04 * ashimema dissapears again.. time to have a drink
22:04 gmcharlt however, enumerating each special element set *does* work
22:04 gmcharlt e.g.,
22:04 gmcharlt <retrieval syntax="xml" name="zebra::facet::au:0:20" />
22:05 cait barton: i meant overdue notices
22:05 cait inside of  <item> </item>
22:06 barton ah.
22:07 barton Time to update the wiki :-D
22:07 wizzyrea isn't all of that in the manual?
22:07 cait some of it is i think, not sure if all
22:07 wizzyrea and if it isn't, why isn't it
22:07 drojf ashimema: berlin may be an option more often. the room is next to my office and we can use it, so i hope there are a few koha people from time to time that do
22:14 * drojf lures everybody to berlin
22:17 cait hey :)
22:18 amyk joined #koha
22:38 dcook I wouldn't be opposed to Berlin, in theory :D
22:41 drojf ha!
22:42 drojf great :)
22:43 dcook Probably not going anywhere until 2017, alas, but keep the ideas and planning coming!
22:43 chrisvella joined #koha
22:43 drojf can't you get stockholm to pay the trip in a sudden oai-pmh twist? :D
22:43 wizzyrea creepy chicken?
22:44 wizzyrea the creepiest chicken?
22:44 wizzyrea creepiest chicken?
22:44 * drojf harvests dcook
22:44 wizzyrea noooo wahanuiiiii
22:44 wizzyrea rangi: can you rescue wahanui?
22:45 magnuse joined #koha
22:46 pianohacker rangi: no, wahanui, not magnuse
22:46 irma joined #koha
22:48 cait ?
22:50 francesca Where has wahanui gone
22:51 wizzyrea it's ok he'll be back
22:51 wizzyrea he probably crashed.
22:51 dcook Eeep! I'm being harvested!
22:51 wizzyrea O.o kinky
22:51 dcook And how
22:51 dcook drojf: Nah, I'll be working non-stop to get it done ;)
22:51 dcook Speaking of which... *peaces out to go work on the oai-pmh stuff*
22:52 dcook Actually, I lie. I'm going to do some EBSCO stuff first.
22:52 drojf noo, do the cool stuff :P
22:52 dcook hehe
22:52 dcook I am actually quite enjoying it
22:53 dcook The daemon is getting to a good place..
22:53 dcook Still planning the importer a bit..
22:53 dcook Actually, where's tcohen when you need him..
22:53 dcook While the daemon should be able to download things quite quickly, the actual import is going to be a bit slow..
22:54 dcook Although of course there are lots of ideas about that..
22:54 dcook Ideally, I'd like to use a Koha API, and just send HTTP requests asynchronously, although I might stress out Apache..
22:55 dcook Thinking of actually making a second daemon..
22:55 dcook Anyone familiar with the new indexer we're using with Zebra?
22:55 dcook One daemon to download the record, and one daemon to bind them
22:55 dcook Doesn't sound as impressive as LOTR..
22:55 magnuse pianohacker: ?
22:55 drojf lol
22:55 drojf tcohen probably ;)
22:57 jamesb joined #koha
23:00 pianohacker magnuse: don't worry about it
23:02 dcook drojf: I'll investigate myself :)
23:02 dcook I might even put it off as speed might not be a huge problem
23:02 dcook One of those optimizations that can possibly wait
23:02 francesca Lunch time
23:02 dcook Although if it's around the whole design of the importer... perhaps best to get it right from the start
23:02 francesca joined #koha
23:05 magnuse pianohacker: now i worry...
23:05 magnuse (in my sleep)
23:08 dcook Ah, I see... koha-indexer by default just uses it just uses the system "daemon" command to manage it..
23:10 dcook Which just exports records from zebra_queue and puts them in a directory for the daemon to deal with..
23:11 dcook I've wondered a bit what would happen if you stuck the same record into the Zebra directory twice... I suppose it would try to process it twice unless it has some extra special handling for that..
23:12 dcook I have been thinking about the downloading daemon just spitting files into a directory and then having an importer daemon slurp them up...
23:12 rocio left #koha
23:13 dcook In theory, the importer daemon could actually be used for all sorts of records and not just those from the OAI-PMH downloader
23:13 * drojf falls in the general bed direction
23:13 dcook hehe
23:13 dcook night drojf
23:13 drojf gnight. see you at 7am maybe ;)
23:14 dcook probably :p
23:23 Traumatan joined #koha
23:30 aleisha joined #koha

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