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01:22 dcook 3.8.5?
01:23 * dcook actually isn't even going to even
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01:31 wizzyrea yeah just don't
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03:21 Amit_Gupta chris around?
03:22 wizzyrea rangi ^
03:22 rangi for about 8 minutes more yes
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04:39 mtompset Have a great day, #koha
04:40 * dcook wonders how much of Mojolicious has found its way into Koha..
04:40 dcook Hmm the whole thing?
04:41 dcook I wonder if Mojo::UserAgent is part of that...
04:41 dcook Surely it must be
04:41 dcook Because apparently Mojo::UserAgent is non-blocking... :D
04:42 dcook Or at least can be non-blocking..
04:44 francescam Mojolicious?
04:44 dcook Perl framework
04:44 dcook It's been added to Koha for the REST stuff
04:44 dcook Based on the Catalyst framework
04:44 dcook Or rather..
04:44 dcook Written by the guy who wrote Catalyst
04:44 dcook Written after he decided that Catalyst had reached a dead end I think?
04:44 dcook Or couldn't do what he wanted it to do anymore
04:45 dcook I could reeeeally use a non-blocking HTTP user agent
05:20 dcook Ahh Mojolicious isn't required anyway..
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07:59 alex_a bonjour
07:59 reiveune hello
08:03 eythian Hi
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08:32 francescam Night #koha
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08:35 Joubu hi
08:45 cait morning Joubu
08:45 mveron Good morning / daytime #koha
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08:57 ashimema morning
08:57 * ashimema is still a tad upset that kohacon coincides with school holidays next year :(
08:59 Joubu I am gonna put 1 spoon of 3.8.5, 1 cup of 3.16.42 and a pinch of master
08:59 Joubu in the oven 180°C for 6 months
08:59 Joubu and you new Koha version is ready
08:59 cait undertsandable :(
08:59 * cait is upset for you too
09:00 cait Joubu: sounds somehow like a fishy recipe...
09:00 Joubu ashimema: you will miss it??
09:08 ashimema yup
09:08 ashimema it's squarely in the middle of school holidays here.. I have a trip to france booked so can't attend
09:09 ashimema I would guess (but haven't asked yet) that at least one of my colleagues will be in the same position.
09:09 ashimema and it wouldn't surprise me at all if the other can't make it either..
09:09 ashimema so much for sending 3 of us this year!
09:12 Joubu too bad :-(
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09:24 * magnuse waves
09:24 magnuse ashimema: i suspect there might be flights from france to greece ;-)
09:47 ashimema lol.. the other half would kill me magnuse ;)
09:47 ashimema a 7 year old and a 16 month old ;)
09:48 ashimema at that point
09:48 ashimema I'm pinning my hopes on Marseille now.. hopefulyl I can get a gaggle of people there..
09:48 ashimema though I bet allot of the people I'd like to catch up with won't be at marseille
09:55 magnuse i hope to catch both marseille and thessaloniki
09:56 magnuse but yeah, lots of people will probably only go to the con
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09:56 magnuse ashimema: ooh, you could go to marseille while everyone else is in thessaloniki
09:56 magnuse kia ora cait
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10:15 ashimema hehe
10:16 ashimema It's rangi and tcohen who I really doubt will make Marseilles and I'd miss the most.. not managed to catch up with them in person for ages
10:16 ashimema oh well.. these things happen..
10:17 Joubu @later tell khall could you have a look at bug 15391 please?
10:17 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
10:17 ashimema I'll just have to talk the family into a nx holiday next year ;)
10:18 Joubu ashimema: the hard part of UK people is to go to the continent, isn't? So if you are already in France, you have done 3/4 of the job :p
10:21 magnuse Joubu: that's what i thought too :-)
10:21 * magnuse has not been to a kohacon since nz in 2010 :-(
10:24 ashimema it's not especially hard to get to the continent..
10:24 ashimema no harder than moving around on the continent in my experience..
10:25 ashimema us brits are used to taking passports with us ;)
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10:59 cait mveron++
11:02 mveron cait :-)
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11:05 mveron magnuse:[…]hacon_Warmup_2016
11:09 mveron lunch
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12:06 drojf hi #koha
12:11 * drojf tries to make a 3.8 joke
12:12 drojf canadians are a race?
12:12 drojf why do i read this?
12:13 cait canadians are north americans
12:13 cait but the user group only accepts proposals from the US (as i understand it)
12:14 cait bgkriegel++
12:14 drojf i understand the problem (and agree in general). i still think the wording is inappropriate
12:15 cait hm probably
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12:42 cait bgkriegel++ again - signing off the xss patch
12:50 tcohen morning
12:50 cait morning tcohen :)
12:51 tcohen hi cait!
12:51 magnuse bgkriegel++
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13:12 * mveron waves
13:20 drojf hi mveron :)
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13:27 LibraryClaire afternoon #koha :)
13:31 magnuse hiya LibraryClaire
13:32 LibraryClaire hi magnuse :)
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14:10 cait jajm++
14:11 jajm cait, ? :)
14:11 cait timely string freeze :)
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14:15 jajm time to translate! :p
14:15 drojf noooo
14:17 cait yess?
14:17 cait he can still push non-string patches
14:17 drojf i mean i dont want to translate. lol
14:17 cait rmaints++ btw
14:17 cait pretty impressed how fast everyone got started on their new jobs
14:17 cait drojf: what's the status on the performance patches?
14:18 cait some low hanging fruit available?
14:18 drojf jajm: would you consider 15303 for 3.22? it only touches debian scripts and adds a second apache config. or is it too feature-y?
14:18 cait bug 15305
14:18 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15305 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, RESOLVED INVALID, KOHA SIP2 checkout doesn't update of the item holding status
14:18 cait bug 15303
14:18 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15303 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mirko, In Discussion , Letsencrypt option for Debian package installations
14:21 drojf cait: doing migration until friday. then back to the bug tracker :)
14:22 cait crossing fingers for the migration then :)
14:22 drojf thanks. most of it works fine. got a new version of the data, which should be cleaner now. don't expect any trouble
14:22 drojf but i'm really tired today
14:23 drojf should better not touch it now :D
14:23 drojf there is a new harddisk waiting at the office. then i can set up koha with the whole GND and DNB data :D
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14:24 cait ugh?
14:24 cait that sounds painful
14:24 drojf why? that sounds great :D
14:24 cait ... of course.. it's only a few million records
14:25 drojf yes! fun! :)
14:25 drojf like 20 million maybe
14:25 drojf GND is >11
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14:41 cait mveron: we need kyle to push the patches first i think
14:41 cait kyle or bag
14:41 jajm drojf, not sure, but i will take a look ;)
14:42 cait drojf: make sure you stop the import times :)
14:48 mveron cait: Thanks for the info  :-)
14:54 * mveron hopes that translatablility bugs will be pushed soon, we have really loads of odd translations.
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15:30 oleonard Hi #koha
15:33 kidclamp Hi oleonard
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16:00 reiveune bye
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17:32 oleonard Wow Bug 15393 has quite a title.
17:32 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15393 critical, P5 - low, ---, cnighswonger, NEW , I have encountered some bugs while using KOHA. When two or more people are create and send batches at the same time, they get mixed up because they were all using the same batch number at the time but on different computers. How can this error be rectifie
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17:35 drojf lol
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18:24 pianohacker ashimema++
18:24 pianohacker bug 12216
18:24 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12216 enhancement, P4, ---, martin.renvoize, Pushed to Master , One should be able to override zebra configuration on a per instance basis
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18:49 ashimema wow that's an old one :)
18:50 ashimema but nice to see it going in :)
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19:05 pianohacker ashimema: we just found out it'll make our lives easier, so we're thankful
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19:46 JesseDhammu hello i have a problem in my new installation
19:46 JesseDhammu i have done everyting preciesely as mentioned in koha wiki installation document
19:47 JesseDhammu so problem is my staff client works
19:47 JesseDhammu but opac dosent show up
19:47 JesseDhammu its just showing the default apache page "It Works"
19:52 drojf JesseDhammu: is it a local/ip-based installation or did you use domain names?
19:54 JesseDhammu local ip
19:54 JesseDhammu ports are open
19:54 JesseDhammu thats why i can see the default http page of apache on port 80
19:54 drojf apache has a default page. the easy way is to disable that for a local installation
19:55 drojf others disagree on that topic ;)
19:55 JesseDhammu but if that is the case how come the admin pannel works on port 8080
19:55 JesseDhammu ??
19:55 drojf there is no default page on :8080
19:55 JesseDhammu ok so you mean i need to manually do that .!?
19:56 drojf you can do "a2dissite 000-default" (or just default on older systems)
19:56 drojf and then restart apache
19:56 JesseDhammu i did that while installation ...
19:57 JesseDhammu right now the server is not online .. im at home and that is in the office
19:57 drojf if that worked you would not have a default page running, i guess :D
19:57 JesseDhammu so ill try it once i start the server.
19:57 JesseDhammu ill try to do that again
19:57 drojf if you set up a name-based configuration, the default site does not interfere
19:58 JesseDhammu but if the problem still presist what could be the next troubleshooting action ..??
19:58 JesseDhammu no its IP based
19:58 JesseDhammu coz there is no domain name registered.
19:58 JesseDhammu so we need to run it locally
19:59 drojf i would not know anything beyond that, because that is the reason you don#t see the opac
20:00 pianohacker JesseDhammu: Are you positive you restarted apache after running the a2dissite command?
20:05 JesseDhammu pianohacker: yes i did that several times
20:05 JesseDhammu and i also remember disableing the default site
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20:09 pianohacker JesseDhammu: When you get a chance to look at the server, run ls -l /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ and see if there's anything else in there
20:10 JesseDhammu im from India and its 1:39 AM here so ill go to office tomorrow and check that
20:10 JesseDhammu i wonder if anyone will be online by then at this channel
20:11 andreashm joined #koha
20:11 drojf there is pretty much always someone online here
20:11 JesseDhammu what should this command return. only one enabled site ..?
20:11 drojf well on weekends it's less
20:12 pianohacker JesseDhammu: yeah, there should only be your Koha site in there
20:12 * andreashm waves
20:12 JesseDhammu ok ill cheeck
20:13 JesseDhammu thanks
20:13 drojf hi andreashm
20:13 andreashm hi drojf!
20:17 andreashm what's up?
20:19 drojf not much over here. had a lot of long days and talked to librarians about koha for hours
20:20 andreashm drojf: sounds nice!
20:20 andreashm =)
20:20 drojf it was, but i am a little tired now :) anyway a lot of interest, which is nice
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20:23 andreashm drojf: well, lots of interest is always great! =)
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20:25 * andreashm has been struggling with matching rules lately. and thinking about whether holdings records in Koha would be a good idea or not.
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20:27 * cait1 waves
20:27 andreashm hi cait1!
20:27 cait1 hi andreashm!
20:27 andreashm how's it going?
20:30 kathryn joined #koha
20:33 LibraryClaire hi cait
20:36 cait1 hi LibraryClaire  :)
20:43 wizzyrea hi
20:44 andreashm hi wizzyrea!
20:46 cait1 hi wizzyrea :)
20:59 wizzyrea developer workflow
21:00 cait1 developer workflow?
21:00 cait1 dev workflow?
21:00 cait1 workflow?
21:00 cait1 hm.
21:00 wizzyrea hehe
21:10 eythian Hi
21:10 wizzyrea sup
21:11 eythian Had beers with work people, on the sneltram home. You know how it is.
21:11 wizzyrea hehe excellent
21:12 kathryn hi eythian and cait1 :)
21:12 kathryn gotta go, Santa is expecting me!
21:12 kathryn back later :)
21:12 cait1 :)
21:12 kathryn he really is.
21:13 wizzyrea is that a euphemism?
21:13 wizzyrea >.>
21:13 * wizzyrea is 12 inside
21:15 eythian Must be
21:17 wizzyrea "santa's got a present for you, little girl" eek.
21:17 kathryn omg wizzyrea , no. NO.
21:17 wizzyrea hehe
21:17 kathryn later!
21:18 wizzyrea bye :0
21:18 wizzyrea :)
21:27 jrm joined #koha
21:27 jrm hello
21:28 jrm anyone live in here right now?
21:28 cait1 sure
21:28 jrm awesome, I'm having an issue importing patrons into koha
21:29 cait1 what's the problem?
21:29 jrm out of a list of 3029 patrons i get an error on 715 of them stating cardnumber is not valid cardnumber
21:29 jrm I have checked and rechecked and cannot seem to find the discrepency
21:30 jrm is there a more detailed error report somewhere that I can find that will tell me which cardnumbers are not cardnumbers
21:30 achylles joined #koha
21:31 cait1 hm currently not
21:31 cait1 things you can check: is the cardnumber doubled up?
21:32 cait1 inside your file?
21:32 jrm nope they are all individual
21:32 jrm no duplicates
21:32 cait1 do they vary in length?
21:33 jrm ranging from patron #2 up to #2697
21:33 jrm 2313 of the list import just fine
21:34 cait1 sorry, i don#t understand
21:34 cait1 your cardnumbers are just counted upwards?
21:34 cait1 2..2679?
21:34 jrm pretty much with a handful that have been weeded out due to deaths
21:35 cait1 there is a pref for cardnumber length - did you set that by chance?
21:35 jrm as im typing this out i see a problem
21:36 cait1 ah, what's happened?
21:36 jrm how can i have 3029 records with my last # being 2679
21:36 jrm hmmm
21:36 cait1 oh
21:36 cait1 did you start off with negative values? ;)
21:36 jrm i wonder where the extra 350 come from
21:36 jrm nope first one is #2
21:39 jrm time to inspect the empty space below the spreadsheet date i guess, see if theres a linguring something somewhere
21:39 cait1 hope you can figure it out
21:41 jrm ok another question, when i open my csv file in a text editor, should my last patron record be the last last thing in the file? im going to assume so because i have many many many extra lines of comma's afterward
21:42 jrm this may be my 750 no cardnumber cardnumbers
21:42 cait1 it might be
21:42 cait1 yes, the last line sould be your last patron
21:42 bag afternoon all (I got some awesome sleep - I slept 16 hours!)
21:42 cait1 good to hear :)
21:42 cait1 jrm: often a blank line at the end might also create a false warning
21:43 cait1 i remember seeing those, so comma lines would do the same i guess
21:43 jrm nice, i hope so! clearing patron list now, going to reupload again and we'll see
21:47 jrm YAY 100% import this time around
21:47 cait1 :)
21:51 jrm i have been slowly trying to transfer eveything over from the ancient spectrum/winnebago system I inherited lol
21:53 cait1 sounds like you are making progress :)
21:54 wizzyrea spectrum/winnebago.
21:54 wizzyrea I'm so sorry.
22:00 wizzyrea cait1: I suspect there's gonna be a lot of stuff like that lists thing in the staff client
22:03 cait1 I think Joubu will be glad for finding it
22:04 cait1 we will just have to poke at this until we stop shaking out bugs :)
22:08 wizzyrea yeah
22:08 wizzyrea bit worried about the staff client though
22:09 wizzyrea there are a lot of pages, a lot of conditions.
22:10 cait1 yeah
22:10 cait1 that's why we should push this early
22:10 cait1 possibly january - befor the new features go in
22:10 rangi i agree
22:10 cait1 so we can make use of as much time as possible
22:11 cait1 and poking at it
22:13 jrm ty wizzyrea lol this old system is awful
22:14 wizzyrea in that case we should do it now
22:14 jrm the librarian I'm inhereting it from haas done wonders to clean things up, the previous librarian did not have a clue as to what cataloging even really was
22:14 wizzyrea that's a familiar situation to me :)
22:14 cait1 wizzyrea: maybe fix the known errors first :)
22:15 wizzyrea idk, I think I'd rather everyone working on top of that than try to do it in parallel.
22:15 jrm trying to get winnebago to export material in a format that either koha or even marcedit can understand is becoming a serious pain in my a$$
22:16 wizzyrea I know someone who has exported more than 1 winnebago database
22:16 wizzyrea (because people will spot bugs when they are trying to do other stuff, is the only reason)
22:16 wizzyrea and if they're just testing that, they might not spot them.
22:17 cait1 hm bit worried about your screenshot really...
22:17 cait1 i am on standby to qa it
22:17 cait1 as soon as people sign it again
22:17 cait1 i promised Jonathan
22:18 wizzyrea yeah it's quite broken, though not entirely non-functional
22:18 wizzyrea but v sloppy looking
22:18 wizzyrea error messages popping up where they shouldn't be, in conditions that don't match up
22:20 cait1 sounds like it might be a general problem
22:20 cait1 lists just got rewritten mostly... let's see what Joubu says tomorrow
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22:39 wizzyrea Huh. We really ought to have a "reviews" or "comments" view for the staff client. I can think of at least one library that would love to be able to add reviews on behalf of borrowers.
22:43 cait1 :)
22:47 bag hmm that’s a good idea wizzyrea
22:48 wizzyrea currently you can't do that without logging in as them
22:48 wizzyrea in the opac
22:48 wizzyrea and uh, we don't want to encourage libraries to do that.
22:48 wizzyrea bad, mkay.
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23:00 dcook very bad
23:01 kidclamp rangi++
23:11 irma joined #koha
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23:20 * francesca waves
23:20 francesca I'm not going to be able to get into the office till next week
23:20 francesca I'm working all day today
23:26 wizzyrea okie dokie
23:29 francesca Xmas decorations and cards next week
23:29 francesca Something to look forward to :-)

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