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00:41 eythian <-- I think I might have to go put that onto a server somewhere
00:54 wizzyrea interesting
00:54 wahanui i heard interesting was sometimes good and sometimes bad
00:55 rangi hmm yeah looks cool
01:11 dcook I keep meaning to start using RSS again...
01:28 eythian I was thinking it could be useful, among other things, to keep an eye on when new versions of things are released that I have to track manually.
01:29 dcook Do many folks publish RSS feeds for releases?
01:29 * dcook went poking around yesterday as he couldn't remember when the next Ubuntu version was coming out
01:30 dcook Figure I may as well wait to upgrade to 15.04 instead of 14.10 if it's coming out in April...
01:33 eythian dcook: some do, especially if they base it on wordpress or similar.
01:33 eythian but there are also services that'll turn a page into an rss feed that is updated whenever the page is.
01:34 eythian in vaugely related news, I got ownCloud 8 up and running on a server in the weekend. It's really quite nice.
01:34 ibeardslee do you know if they have dealt to the issues with large numbers of files?
01:35 eythian solved the problem I'd been having since Ubuntu One files shut down, with no easy way of syncing
01:35 eythian ibeardslee: dunno
01:35 ibeardslee that's why we dropped it here and working on implementing seafile
01:36 eythian I currently have 621 files in there, which I don't think counts as large.
01:36 ibeardslee heh
01:36 eythian also, the server I run it on isn't very fast anyway.
01:36 eythian however, for using it for syncing my own stuff, speed is less important.
01:37 ibeardslee more spit the dummy than speed issues
01:38 eythian ah OK
01:38 eythian haven't had that happen, but it's only mild use so far.
01:44 dcook Also keep meaning to give ownCloud a go. It seems great.
02:08 wizzyrea spit the dummy, that's a great phrase.
02:08 wizzyrea (with the resultant mental image of a dirt covered dummy lying sadly on the floor)
02:09 wizzyrea and a sad trombone.
02:09 eythian[…]ingle-use-monocle
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02:10 wizzyrea that is something. I'm not sure what.
02:10 wizzyrea a monocle, clearly.
02:26 eythian Well you know what they say, nothing is impossible for a man with a top hat, with a monkey with a monocle!
02:26 ibeardslee they do?
02:27 ibeardslee .. wahanui where were you?
02:27 eythian yep
02:27 eythian wahanui never left
02:27 wahanui eythian: huh?
02:41 dcook huginn still hasn't returned though
02:41 eythian nope
02:41 eythian @later tell huginn you should come back
02:42 dcook hehe
02:50 eythian[…]ck/penny-dreadful <-- ibeardslee, citation.
02:55 ibeardslee .. .. .. in ter est ing
02:56 eythian it took me the whole album to find that, I could remember what song the line was in...
02:58 ibeardslee couldn't ?
02:58 eythian yes, that
03:17 bag oh man the dog just walked by and “crop dusted” me
03:18 eythian haha
04:41 dcook Oh... scammers are tricky
04:41 dcook So the actual paypal email is ""
04:42 dcook But they use ""
04:42 dcook Probably counting on people switching paypal and services, and not noticing the extra S
04:42 dcook Of course the French scammers aren't as good... their email address is obviously nowhere even closer
04:43 * dcook wonders what French-speaking service sold his email address to spammers...
04:43 dcook Unless everyone gets them?
04:43 * dcook assumes most english speakers don't get French spam?
04:44 eythian Every once in a while I get a bunch of it
04:44 dcook Hmm, maybe isn't just me then
04:44 eythian lately it's been polish and vietnamise
04:45 eythian (for non-english spam, anyway)
04:45 dcook I usually just get French spam and occasionally some English
04:45 dcook Which does make it a lot easier to see the spam..
04:45 dcook That's the personal email at least
04:45 dcook The work email is usually English
04:47 eythian looking back through the subjects of my personal email spam folder, it's all english in the past couple of days, except one chinese one
04:47 eythian though I think the polish has mostly been going through my filter
04:49 dcook Those Poles!
04:49 eythian my filter hasn't been reconfigured in years, I'm surprised it does so well
04:50 eythian I need to move my mail to another server some time soon, that'll help.
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04:52 mveron Good morning / Daytime, #koha
04:53 dcook heya mveron
04:53 dcook eythian: Yeah, I've been lucky not to get much with my current email. I suppose I've only had it for a few years though.
04:53 mveron heya dcook
04:53 eythian hi mveron
04:54 mveron hi eythian
04:54 mveron @wunder Allschwil
04:54 eythian dcook: I've had this address for a long time, but the server that runs it is getting long in the tooth and is way out of date
04:54 eythian mveron: huginn is awol
04:55 * mveron Has to look out of the window... Hmm, dark...
04:56 eythian my phone's weather app is telling me to look outside for more information
04:56 dcook hehe
04:56 * dcook looks out the window
04:56 dcook Hmm, looks like weather of some kind...
04:56 mveron ...and streetview to see what changed in the street since last two years...
04:58 mveron ...and we have to type bug urls...   Like[…]_bug.cgi?id=13813  -  - Remove deprecated module C4::Dates from system
04:58 mveron :-)
04:59 eythian[…]s/9IpYbkwYCKPLswA <-- no really. Unfortunately that app takes pretty blurry photos.
05:01 * mveron has to go, travel days until Thursday... Still dark, I see no weather anyway...
05:02 mveron Have a wonderful daytime, everybody!
05:02 eythian later :)
05:02 mveron :-)
05:04 dcook hehe
05:12 paxed is the cmdline script to remove links to non-existing authorities?
05:12 paxed there*
05:14 eythian it's possible that the linking script does it, but I'm not sure
05:15 paxed the linking script is wonky - it links to stuff that matches partially, so you get links to authorities that have nothing to do with the topic.
05:16 eythian that is configurable
05:16 eythian there's a syspref for it somewhere
05:19 paxed LinkerModule? LinkerOptions? not exactly ... documented.
05:19 eythian it's not particularly
05:20 eythian I think it's the options one
05:20 eythian oh
05:20 eythian maybe not
05:20 eythian it might be the module one
05:20 eythian not too sure
05:20 * eythian &
05:20 dcook later eythian
05:21 dcook Yeah, not sure about authorities. We don't use them much.
05:21 * dcook goes back to debugging IE8...
05:27 eythian wahanui: dcook is also Sisyphus
05:27 wahanui okay, eythian.
05:33 dcook hehe
05:33 dcook If I didn't laugh, I'd cry :)
05:33 dcook It's actually not too bad.
05:33 dcook html5shiv helps a lot
05:34 dcook Tag soup... well that helps no one
05:34 dcook Yay for modern browsers that deal with it well, but it lets people get away with a lot..
05:46 dcook Tag souuuuuup!
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06:14 dcook Bah!
06:14 dcook html5shiv wasn't working right...
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06:51 * magnuse waves
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07:50 reiveune hello
07:50 wahanui que tal, reiveune
07:54 magnuse bonjour reiveune
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07:54 reiveune salut magnuse
07:54 alex_a bonjour
07:54 wahanui bonjour, alex_a
08:02 magnuse bonjour alex_a
08:02 magnuse @wunder boo
08:02 alex_a salut magnuse
08:03 magnuse aww... still no huginn
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08:17 drojf morning #koha
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08:19 gaetan_B hello
08:19 wahanui niihau, gaetan_B
08:22 magnuse moin drojf gaetan_B
08:26 drojf hei magnuse
08:28 kivilahtio magnuse: atleast we have munin
08:29 magnuse we do?
08:29 kivilahtio I have ?
08:34 magnuse huh?
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08:41 fridolin hie all
09:10 kivilahtio hie frido
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09:20 atheia Morning Koha
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09:50 nlegrand Hey #koha
09:51 Joubu akafred (and others): I have submited a couple of cucumber tests on bug 13849
09:59 kivilahtio Joubu: neat! Ill check them out
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10:10 fridolin kivilahtio: hie Carot'Man
10:14 kivilahtio hi
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12:46 tcohen morning #koha
12:46 tcohen ashimema: have you seen comment from Jlian on the REST bug?
12:47 ashimema not yet
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12:53 tcohen hi eythian
12:56 ashimema one used to be able to login to sco via url params..
12:56 ashimema anyone notice when that broke?
12:57 ashimema i.e. /cgi-bin/koha/sco/​userid=thingy&password=thingy no longer works?
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13:50 fridolin I'm looking around for some permormance imrovement
13:51 fridolin I test the compilation time
13:51 tcohen fridolin: bug 13758
13:51 fridolin just found something interesting in C4::Auth
13:52 fridolin I m on Bug 13852
13:53 fridolin i've linked to omnibus BZ7923
13:53 fridolin tcohen: you may link also
13:56 ashimema whers' huggin
14:01 Joubu fridolin: Hum, IMO it will be negligible
14:02 Joubu 1205     if ( $type eq 'opac' ) {
14:02 Joubu 1206         my ( $total, $pubshelves ) = C4::VirtualShelves::GetSomeShelfNames( undef, 'MASTHEAD' );
14:03 Joubu seems to be in used at the opac too
14:03 Joubu ok that's what you said...
14:03 fridolin This performance improvement is very usefull for pages that only use C4::Auth as dependancy, like opac/
14:04 fridolin check its compilation
14:04 fridolin I have 0,41 seconds without patch and 0,22 seconds with
14:08 Joubu tcohen: do you plan to provide a patch for bug 13758?
14:08 tcohen Joubu: yes
14:09 fridolin tcohen: nice catch
14:09 tcohen I will just change the workflow and set C4::Context::VERSION, and use it from the script (needed for the installer only I think)
14:09 tcohen fridolin: you should thank nytprof
14:11 Joubu tcohen: yep, sounds good :)
14:11 tcohen Joubu: I recall, the problem is that loading C4::Context fails if there's no DB
14:12 tcohen can C4::Context::VERSION be used without a use C4::Context;
14:13 fridolin yep, i've discovered this lib today
14:14 Joubu tcohen: what about a new Koha::Version package?
14:15 tcohen Joubu, good idea
14:20 fridolin tcohen: you may link with omnibus Bug 7923
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14:25 andreashm hi all
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15:03 drojf hi #koha
15:07 tcohen joined #koha
15:12 cait hi #koha
15:14 JesseM Hi
15:14 wahanui hi, JesseM
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15:27 drojf nice, there's an error in the fastadd framework
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15:28 drojf theres 2x 100$c and no 100$a. looks in normarc though
15:29 drojf *looks ok
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15:34 bag
15:34 bag please someone volunteer with me
15:34 drojf bag++
15:37 drojf what's with the davidnind four? i think rangi was nominated by joann and it sounded like she had asked him. then BobB who i hope is still available een though we frustrated him by not voting immediately… paul_p was on the list and sounded like olunteering… i think gmcharlt and nengard were also mentioned
15:37 drojf *even
15:37 drojf today my 'v' is broken. it goes round and round.
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15:38 cait drojf: sounds like it
15:38 wahanui sounds like it is beer o'clock for you dcook? ;)
15:39 cait like i remember it too
15:40 drojf hi cait
15:41 drojf so what do we do? put them on the list?
15:41 bag ha that’s funny that your V is broken
15:42 bag I guess we don’t use it too much
15:42 drojf heh
15:42 gaetan_B in the marc21 setup, the biblionumber is linked to 999c, but my understanding of the standard is that it should be in 001
15:42 gaetan_B is it an issue to remap it ?
15:42 drojf 001 is control number i think
15:42 bag gaetan_B: 999c would be a local_control number
15:42 drojf which is independent of the koha internal biblio number
15:43 gaetan_B or to have both of both worlds with biblio.biblionumber mapped to 999c and biblioitems.biblionumber to 001 ?
15:43 bag biblionumber really is a local control number
15:43 gmcharlt drojf: we'll see; I've got a question in to THT about one of the details of the MOU
15:43 bag hmm gmcharlt I had a lot to do with writing that MOU - what’s the question
15:43 gaetan_B ok that's a difference with unimarc
15:43 gaetan_B where 001 is the identifier in the current system
15:43 bag @marc 001
15:43 huginn bag: The control number assigned by the organization creating, using, or distributing the record. The MARC code for the organization is contained in field 003 (Control Number Identifier). []
15:44 bag @marc 999
15:44 huginn bag: unknown tag 999
15:44 bag @marc 999c
15:44 huginn bag: unknown tag 999c
15:44 bag @marc 999$c
15:44 huginn bag: unknown tag 999$c
15:44 cait gaetan_B: don't remap it
15:45 drojf i think 003 + 001 is supposed to be a unique identifier (organization code plus identifier in something like a union catalog), even though koha does not really work that way
15:45 cait gaetan_B: you will get int rouble with your zebra indexing
15:45 cait becuase it looks for the unique biblionumber in 999c
15:45 gmcharlt bag: it boils down to I would feel more comfortable if the MOU explicitly stated that a conflict of interest policy would be adopted (NOTE: I'm not asking that the MOU include a fully-fleshed-out COI policy)
15:45 gaetan_B well, my understanding (working with libraries that follow unimarc mostly) is that the organization using the record is the one running koha
15:45 cait and 001 can be anything coming in from import.. if you have one doubled up you are in even more trouble
15:45 gaetan_B hence it should be the biblionumber ?
15:46 gaetan_B cait: i could change the zebra setup
15:46 cait yes... yes you could
15:46 bag yeah gmcharlt I feel that is outside the scope of the MOU
15:46 cait but i woud lnot recommend it
15:46 gaetan_B i'm more worried about this location for the biblionumber being hardcoded somewhere
15:46 cait yes
15:46 cait 999c is the standard for marc21 too
15:46 cait and people can't edit it
15:46 cait which is good
15:46 cait because this index is fuzzy about duplicates
15:46 drojf gmcharlt: my understanding is that that is something to follow later. but i may be wrong
15:47 gaetan_B but what i was thinking of doing was to have it both ways with biblio.biblionumber mapped to 999c and biblioitems.biblionumber to 001
15:47 cait i wouldn't play with it
15:47 cait i broke it once
15:47 cait not touching it again ;)
15:47 drojf heh
15:47 gaetan_B i don't work with marc21 librarie as often as you, but is it never a requirement from them to have their identifiers in 001 ?
15:48 bag the MOU (IMO) is not by-laws…
15:48 gaetan_B (the library i am working with right now wants it this way)
15:48 cait gaetan_B: our identifieres are in 001 - but they are not bilbionumbers :)
15:48 gaetan_B so the librarians create their own identifiers ?
15:48 drojf i think there is/was a script to have a copy of biblionumber in 001
15:48 cait if they download a record from z39.50 001 will be most likely set with the number of the records id
15:48 cait koha doesn't requiere 001, they coudl put the bilbionumber there, but koha is happy without anything in it currently - it wouldn't be if you changed the mapping tho
15:49 cait and 001 from external soruces is only unique in combination with the org code in 003
15:51 bag bascially the MOU is - HLT do you agree to collect money (have bank account) to be used for Koha?  yes - then great :)
15:52 gaetan_B thanks, i will see if they can deal with a biblionumber in 999c and not 001
15:52 cait gaetan_B: do you knwo why they are so keen on the biblionumber in 001? do they want to link records?
15:53 gaetan_B they certainly want to link records
15:53 gaetan_B also that is their understanding of the standard (and mine too ;))
15:53 bag you could totally copy the 999c to the 001…
15:54 gaetan_B "An          organization receiving a record may move the incoming control number from field 001 (and          the control number identifier from field 003) to field 035 (System Control Number), 010                      (Library of Congress Control Number), or 016 (National Bibliographic Agency Control                      Number), as appropriate, and place its own system control number in field 001 (and its                      control number identifi
15:54 bag The standard (how I understand it) is that whomever “creates” the record - you put your record identifier in 001…  If you copy catalog (ie z3950) then the 001 should already be populated...
15:55 cait gaetan_B: i think the problem is just that they will forget that
15:55 cait and i am not sure what koha does if you import things in the biblionumber field
15:55 drojf explode? just a guess
15:55 gaetan_B in our unimarc setups, 001 is used for the biblionumber
15:55 gaetan_B when you import a record
15:55 gaetan_B the marcfield is updated with the koha biblionumber
15:55 cait dunno, i broke it when i added another field to the local-number index and it was no longer unique - created a lot of trrouble on import/indexing
15:56 gaetan_B and the incoming 001 is not kept
15:56 cait we need the incoming 001 for our union catalog matching currently
15:56 bag in marc21 999 is not kept
15:56 bag wait
15:57 bag I don’t know
15:57 bag HA
15:57 bag ok I’m out of this conversation - good luck gaetan_B
15:57 drojf lol
15:57 gaetan_B :)
15:57 drojf i will miss MARC
15:57 bag I will not
15:57 drojf :P
15:57 bag but who knows what can of worms bibframe (or whatever) will have
15:57 gaetan_B i'm looking forward to the day i will miss MARC
15:58 cait gaetan_B: you could try it, but it might cause more and more work with a nonstandard indexing and all
15:58 gaetan_B i will first try to talk them into not doing it then
15:58 gaetan_B but if i may troll a little more on the marc21 subject, i really think we have it wrong here :p
15:59 bag akafred:  (that’s the EDS plugin for EBSCO and koha)
15:59 bag so that is the meat behind the spec that I showed in marseille
15:59 bag they want the restful apis in koha, so they can integrate those into the plugins and into their discovery end
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16:04 drojf i added the davidnind four (five) to the list at now because nobody else was doing it. it seemed like we all could have agreed to them last time. not saysing they are volunteering, they should express consent or concern before we vote (as gmcharlt already mentioned)
16:05 reiveune bye
16:05 reiveune left #koha
16:06 drojf on a side note, i think it would be nice to see a woman or two among the signatories
16:07 bag agreed :)
16:08 bag just need to volunteer
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17:10 tcohen hi
17:10 wahanui salut, tcohen
17:10 tcohen back from power outage
17:10 drojf joined #koha
17:15 cait have a nice evening all
17:17 cait left #koha
17:18 gaetan_B bye!
17:19 hanthana joined #koha
17:20 tcohen bye cait
17:22 bag heya tcohen
17:23 tcohen hi bag
17:24 wnickc joined #koha
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18:11 tcohen Joubu: i just attached what I already had, just needed to recover it from the latest system crash
18:35 * magnuse waves
18:35 magnuse bag: HI
18:35 wahanui salut, magnuse
18:36 bag magnuse: knuckles
18:38 magnuse bag: knuckles straight back attcha!
18:39 * bag (squids away)
18:39 bag >>>>>>>
18:41 * magnuse explodes
18:41 * magnuse wishes there were more hours in the day
18:47 magnuse (nice graphic for the squidding, btw)
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19:33 andreashm hello
19:33 wahanui what's up, andreashm
19:43 Dyrcona joined #koha
19:44 andreashm fun times in stockholm today.
19:44 meliss joined #koha
19:46 andreashm close to 40 people, from around 20 institutions, talking koha. neat.
19:49 drojf cool
19:49 drojf andreashm: what was the occasion?
19:52 pianohacker joined #koha
19:55 andreashm drojf: the national library had invited for a round-table discussion on koha, and nation-wide needs of Libris (union catalog in Sweden) from koha libraries.
19:56 andreashm not so many that are using yet in sweden, but plenty of interest: hence, the big turnout.
19:56 andreashm (koha, that is)
19:57 drojf yes, very cool. i thought it's basically halland using it, you in stockholm working on it… and that's all i heard of so far
19:59 amyjeankearns joined #koha
19:59 andreashm there's a few smaller libraries using it too.
20:00 * magnuse waves
20:02 magnuse sipri, wmu, munkagårdsgymnasiet, lund montessorrigrundskola, hylte public library
20:02 magnuse those are the ones i know abut using koha today
20:03 magnuse sipri has been using koha for a looong time, i helped them upgrade from 2.2.9
20:03 magnuse 40 people is awesome!
20:04 andreashm magnuse: it was fun. you were mentioned as well. =)
20:05 magnuse yay!
20:05 magnuse well, i hope it was yay...
20:05 andreashm magnuse: you can add Världsbiblioteket to your list, as well.
20:05 magnuse ah yes, true!
20:05 drojf that is quite a lot, nice!
20:05 andreashm they were there today. and yes, your mention was positive - so that would be a yay
20:06 magnuse good to hear! :-)
20:06 magnuse i or someone else should do a list like this for sweden too:
20:08 andreashm we should make such a list yes.
20:09 andreashm magnuse: why isn't Deichmanske on your koha i norge list?
20:10 andreashm because they're not up and running yet perhaps?
20:10 andreashm (yes, I like answering my own questions, apparently.)
20:11 magnuse yeah, the list is libraries that are using koha today
20:12 magnuse i could perhaps have an extra list with libraries that have chosen koha but are not live yet
20:12 magnuse and i shoud link to the opacs
20:12 andreashm that would be neat
20:13 rangi morning
20:14 andreashm evening
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20:15 cait joined #koha
20:15 drojf irc doesn't like me today
20:17 * cait waves
20:17 drojf hi cait
20:17 cait hi drojf
20:20 andreashm hey cait
20:20 trea joined #koha
20:21 cait h andreashm :)
20:21 BobB hi mtj
20:21 cait *coughs*!
20:21 cait ;)
20:22 * andreashm is totally innocent... perhaps.
20:22 mtj hi folks
20:22 andreashm hey mtj
20:23 mtj cait:  you still have a cold, from biblibre hackfest?
20:25 cait yep
20:25 cait stll coughing
20:25 mtj you and andreashm both huh... :/
20:26 cait but i kinda was not very reasonable last week ... so it's not very surprising
20:26 drojf hi rangi and BobB, i put you on the list because you were suggested at the last meeting. maybe you could express concent or concerns in the wiki :)
20:26 cait mtj: i think a lot of people brought something with them, a  big pool to pick a cold from :)
20:26 andreashm cait: at least you didn't get the fever (right?). be very thankful for that. =)
20:27 cait only one night  with a bit of fever (and very thankful :) )
20:27 cait but you are ok now?
20:27 andreashm yeah, just an annoying cough left.
20:27 andreashm otherwise good, thankfully.
20:27 cait tell me :)
20:27 cait same here :)
20:28 cait glad you got rigt
20:28 cait glad you got better
20:28 andreashm thanks cait
20:29 andreashm ok, off to bed (early tonight)
20:29 cait bye andreashm
20:40 magnuse andreashm++ for dropping by
21:02 drojf good night #koha
21:02 drojf left #koha
21:05 magnuse have fun #koha
21:05 cbrannon joined #koha
21:32 cait andreashm++
21:33 cait also a prsentation from opl there
21:37 bag :)
21:45 talljoy joined #koha
21:49 Francesca joined #koha
21:49 * Francesca waves
21:49 rangi hi Francesca
21:49 Francesca haven't heard from aleshia yet
21:50 Francesca I might do some work on the dashboard in the meantime and catch up with hea-app when I go on mid semester break over easter
21:51 rangi sweet as
21:53 Francesca I really like doing the stuff over IRC
21:53 Francesca I get to talk to some awesome people
21:53 wizzyrea :)
21:56 Francesca hey wizzyrea :)
21:56 wizzyrea hello!
21:57 bag heya Francesca
21:57 wahanui I love the 11th doctor!
21:57 Francesca lol I love that
21:57 * cait waves
21:58 * Francesca waves at cait
21:58 cait :)
22:01 cait Continue translation (2475 words left) < sigh
22:01 cait bgkriegel++
22:02 Francesca thats a lot of words to translate
22:06 JoshB joined #koha
22:09 mtj interesting perl stuff.. ->
22:09 mtj 'The p5-MOP Rides Again'
22:10 dcook Hmm huginn is back
22:11 eythian hi
22:12 bag @wunder 93111
22:12 huginn bag: The current temperature in Eastern Goleta Valley, Santa Barbara, California is 21.0°C (3:10 PM PDT on March 17, 2015). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 49%. Dew Point: 10.0°C. Pressure: 29.91 in 1013 hPa (Falling).
22:12 mtj i hadnt heard of this, till now.. ->
22:12 dcook bug 13852
22:12 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13852 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, fridolyn.somers, Needs Signoff , Manage C4::VirtualShelves in C4::Auth for performance
22:13 cait Francesca: updates to the help files - bit more than usually
22:15 tcohen joined #koha
22:16 tcohen hi there
22:16 wahanui hola, tcohen
22:16 bag heya tcohen
22:17 cait hi tcohen
22:17 tcohen hi cait :-D
22:17 tcohen left #koha
22:17 tcohen joined #koha
22:17 tcohen did i leave the chatroom?
22:17 bag welcome back tcohen
22:17 bag ^^^^^
22:18 * tcohen is testing a new irc client, sorry :-D
22:18 tcohen join #bash
22:19 bag tcohen++
22:21 bag sonja and ginny are making green rice-krispy treats this afternoon
22:21 bag with lucky charms in them
22:21 tcohen !!
22:23 cait wow :)
22:23 cait photos?
22:23 wahanui photos are stored in a database table linked to my borrower record, i think it's patronimages
22:23 bag cait I will take some as they work on it
23:05 Francesca joined #koha
23:06 cait hmsomeone around who could test item search on current master?
23:06 cait i just get the 'processing' but no items
23:08 talljoy left #koha
23:21 mario left #koha
23:31 wizzyrea wfm
23:32 wizzyrea Showing 1 to 20 of 30,149
23:32 wizzyrea also that functionality should be more prominent, because it's a good feature.
23:33 wizzyrea cait: what search were you doing?
23:33 cait empty, just sending the form without any changes
23:34 wizzyrea that wfm too
23:34 cait so it works for you?
23:34 wizzyrea yep
23:34 cait aaaah works for me
23:34 cait might be the data then? :(
23:34 cait i wanted to fix the by always showing up
23:34 cait even if there is no author
23:34 cait but i need to make it work first hm.
23:34 wizzyrea also because of ISBD punctuation, the by looks really silly.
23:35 wizzyrea because many titles have a period on them
23:35 wizzyrea it needs a lot of ux work, that
23:35 wizzyrea but it's a great feature.
23:35 cait yeah agreed
23:35 cait not needed for marc21
23:36 cait i also had some cases where the title didn't show up
23:36 cait could you check if that happens for you?
23:36 wizzyrea maybe because it was in one of the serial title fields instead of the 245a?
23:36 wizzyrea if I had to make a completely wretched guess, it's not checking all the places where we could have a title for the title.
23:36 cait i hecked, it had 245a
23:36 wizzyrea weird.
23:37 cait yeah
23:37 cait but... stuck now on my installaiton
23:37 cait there is something that makes it unhappy
23:37 cait hm
23:37 wizzyrea also loathsome, is the fact that clicking back from the results takes you back to the advanced search screen, you have to click back into it.
23:37 cait wne when i try to limit to all libraires (marking them all) it says no data
23:38 wizzyrea all libraries wfm
23:38 cait yeah, bit strangely integrated
23:38 wizzyrea why should I click the tiny link "edit search" such silly.
23:38 wizzyrea that's not a paradigm we use anywhere else
23:38 wizzyrea ok now I"m having a grump about it.
23:40 cait hmm yeah something is weird here
23:40 cait i just picked midway
23:40 cait and 'loading' again
23:40 wizzyrea oh
23:40 wizzyrea um let me log in with a proper not db user
23:40 cait i am not even sur ehow to debug this ajax thing.meh.
23:42 wizzyrea no, it still works for me
23:42 cait wizzyrea: exporting to csv works for me too
23:42 cait but not displayingon screen...
23:42 wizzyrea this is basically a glorified items report wizard thing.
23:45 cait hmmm ok
23:45 cait a search for a barcode works
23:45 cait might be diacritics?
23:45 cait i got lots of diacritics...
23:47 wizzyrea I had a few too, there are encoding issues on that page
23:47 cait hm no
23:47 wizzyrea but it doesn't stop mine
23:47 cait ah encoding worked alright for me
23:47 cait i am looking at something hebrew now
23:48 cait looksok
23:50 sophie_m joined #koha
23:50 dcook Took me a sec to figure out "wfm" too
23:50 cait must be the data
23:50 cait a search fr barcode begins with t works too
23:50 cait gives me 2 items
23:50 cait one of my items breaks it
23:51 cait i only have 24... but meh
23:51 * dcook perks up
23:51 cait too late to figure that out i guess
23:51 dcook cait: Did you say a barcode is breaking something?
23:51 cait not quite :)
23:51 * dcook ran into this problem using a barcode with a hyphen while using ICU... just saying
23:51 dcook (with Zebra 2.0.59)
23:51 cait a search result for 'barcode begins with t' seems to work ok, but could be any item field in one of th eothers breaking it i guess
23:51 cait i think tiem search is not using zebra
23:52 dcook I suppose I should've read the full scrollback before piping up :p
23:52 * dcook retreats back into the shadows
23:52 cait heh *hands dcook some peanut butter cups*
23:54 * bag passes dcook some rice-krispy treats
23:54 cait btw bug 13858 - super easy signoff
23:54 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13858 normal, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Needs Signoff , Datatables paging for news page is broken
23:57 papa joined #koha

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