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00:00 bag yup easy and straight forward
00:00 cait thx bag
00:01 cait yep but still annoying :)
00:01 bag :)
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00:08 eythian[…]rst-ebook-artwork
00:15 eythian[…]t-taschenbuch.png <-- cait, specifically
00:16 cait hm?
00:18 eythian weirdo German book cover
00:18 eythian[…]77959732801069056 <-- we should port Koha to perl6
00:19 cait i would be quite thankful if someone could fix the web installer again :(
00:19 cait Cannot open log file /home/katrin/koha-devU/var/log/upda​tedatabase_2015-03-18T01:19:22.log: No such file or directory at /home/katrin/kohacloneU/installer/ line 332.
00:23 cait wizzyrea: interesting, itemsearch works in my unimarc installation - must be sth in the data
00:23 wizzyrea cait: can you make that log file writable by your koha user?
00:23 cait wizzyrea: it doesn't exist
00:23 cait and will be named different every time
00:23 cait i guess i owuld have to change permissions on the directory?
00:23 wizzyrea so make the parent directory writable?
00:24 wizzyrea or change the logdir in your koha_conf
00:24 wahanui wizzyrea: that doesn't look right
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00:24 wizzyrea to one
00:24 wizzyrea that is writable
00:24 wizzyrea by your koha user
00:24 cait my current fix is to git revert 83fee24dbcb03769649ed8afdab2d7a9d1e2a8a2
00:24 wizzyrea like /var/log/koha/sitename/
00:24 wizzyrea or sth
00:24 cait i think we need to fix this
00:24 cait properly
00:24 eythian does " /home/katrin/kohacloneU/installer/" exist?
00:25 wizzyrea /home/katrin/koha-devU/var/log/  this is the one that doesn't exist, I reckon
00:25 eythian oh
00:25 eythian yes
00:25 eythian that
00:25 cait it does exist
00:25 eythian I copied the wrong thing
00:25 cait my other log files live there happily :)
00:26 cait the problem is that the web installer is not allowed to create a new file in there
00:26 cait which it only wants to do since a recent chane
00:26 eythian I don't buy that
00:26 eythian because it would give permission denied
00:27 eythian it's not on a windows filesystem or something is it?
00:27 cait bug12023
00:27 cait bug 12023 - i copied everything there
00:27 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12023 normal, P5 - low, ---, robin, Pushed to Stable , Web installer fails under plack
00:27 cait the files in the directory and the permissions
00:28 eythian cait: is that the right bug?
00:28 cait no
00:28 cait sec
00:28 cait Bug 13793
00:28 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13793 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , The installer does not output the result of the update using Plack
00:29 eythian hmm. the system should be able to write to your logdir
00:29 eythian that's the purpose of a logdir
00:29 dcook Mmm peanut butter cups and rice-krispy treats. Those would be heaven.
00:29 eythian though really, we should be using the proper syslog stuff
00:30 eythian doing an open is a bad way of doing it imo
00:30 eythian oh, that's all reading
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00:30 eythian yeah, that patch assumes things exist with no proof that they do, it seems
00:31 eythian it should have a test for existance wrapped around the whole thing
00:31 dcook -f ftw
00:31 cait eythian: but the file can#t exist
00:31 cait it tries to create it with the timestamp in the name
00:32 cait *shrugs*
00:32 eythian cait: no, it seems to be opening it for reading
00:32 eythian not writing
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00:33 cait hm but where is it created?
00:33 eythian presumably during the installation
00:33 eythian +            eval{ `rm $logfilepath` };
00:33 eythian ugh
00:36 wizzyrea you know it's bad when you get an "ugh"
00:36 eythian +        my $cmd = C4::Context->config("intranetdir") . "/installer/data/$info{dbms}/ > $logfilepath 2> $logfilepath_errors";
00:36 eythian that's where it creates it
00:36 eythian icky
00:36 wizzyrea ooh, an ugh *and* an icky.
00:36 cait also bug 13859 :)
00:36 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13859 normal, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Needs Signoff , Fix item search result list - obsolete "by" and display of publication date for MARC21
00:37 cait eythian: you chould wirte a nice comment about the ugh and icky
00:37 wizzyrea chould is a cross between could and should.
00:37 wizzyrea I like it.
00:37 eythian Well, also it's very fragile
00:50 cait night all
00:50 wahanui goodnight cait. You'll be back.
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00:59 dcook IE8, you're so much fun...
00:59 dcook IE11, how hard is it to add a ruler to your developer tools...
01:11 eythian[…]et-explorer-brand <-- dcook
01:14 dcook Yeah, I think I read that this morning
01:14 eythian <-- also dcook
01:14 dcook I doubt it'll change anything though
01:16 dcook Actually, I read a different one
01:16 dcook This one is much more amusing
01:16 dcook I imagine Windows XP, IE7, and IE8 will be around for a long time
01:17 * dcook sees Windows XP all the time out in public as well...
01:18 dcook hehe
01:18 dcook eythian: love the video
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02:12 dac I don't know how I lived this long without knowing this ->[…]o_matching_braces
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02:16 drojf insomnia and string freeze, it's a winning combination
02:22 eythian oh yeah, % is quite handy
02:22 dcook Tempted to look for an HTML plugin to do the same with html tags..
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02:28 eythian there probably is one
02:28 dcook Yeah, it looks like a few
02:29 dcook Just don't have time to trial it :/
02:29 dcook Tagsouuuup!
02:29 dcook :p
02:29 dcook Mind you, maybe it would be faster to trial one than to deal with this
02:29 drojf klicken sie
02:34 shalom Hi, can anyone teach me how to use OpacHiddenItems to hide some item type from the OPAC?
02:45 eythian[…]class-17d9f3fee0d <-- when I'm rich and famous, during the time my personal jet is on order, this will be part of the cost for having me come to speak.
02:48 dcook Hurray! Fixed the tag soup!
02:51 dcook Oh wait.. maybe not
02:51 dcook Just part of the soup..
02:52 dcook \o/
02:54 dcook Fixing all the things...
02:54 dcook Doing the fixing dance...
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03:07 drojf @later tell cait we are using 'heimatbibliothek', 'heimbibliothek' and 'besitzende bibliothek'. 'heimatbibliothek is the one we have most, so i am using that for now, but i think it sounds funny. is it common in german library speak?
03:07 huginn drojf: The operation succeeded.
03:09 eythian they all sound funny
03:10 drojf of course, they are all german ;)
03:12 drojf "If columns are hidden they will be checked off and hidden when you view the table." that sounds funny too
03:17 eythian that does not scan easily
03:28 * dcook has no idea what that means
03:29 dcook Wait, I think I get it
03:29 dcook When you check a checkbox, it hides the column when viewing the table?
03:31 drojf the on-site checkbox checker checks the on-site checkout checkbox.
03:31 eythian > ASCII was first used in 1963, and later endorsed by President Lyndon B. Johnson.
03:33 drojf oh see, i did it wrong
03:33 drojf the on-site checkout checkbox checker checks the on-site checkout checkbox
03:34 eythian that's better.
03:35 drojf i wish my president would endorse some encoding standard that only works for my language
03:35 drojf with forced umlauts :D
03:38 eythian who needs umlauts anyway
03:38 eythian next you'll want smartquotes, and it's all downhill from there
03:44 drojf heh
03:46 eythian[…]ant-write-my-name <-- an interesting read
03:50 drojf promising title
04:01 * dcook might pass :p
04:04 drojf good text, thanks for the link
04:08 dcook Oh man...
04:08 dcook respond.js really doesn't like an empty media query
04:09 dcook But doesn't throw any errors to say this..
04:12 drojf enough late night translation. i'm sure cait would be disappointed if there were nothing left in the morning
04:13 drojf i shouldn't be awake like this at 5 am
04:13 eythian heh
04:47 dcook Ahhh respond.js is amazingly brittle...
04:47 dcook Still... beats writing your own polyfill...
04:47 dcook IE 8 is bad and should feel bad...
04:49 dcook So I haven't read this yet, but the headline is amazing:[…]zealand-1.2998105
04:50 dcook Hmm may just be a headline with no substance though..
04:50 dcook Bah
04:50 dcook Slow down, heart
04:50 eythian yeah, it's one guy's proposal, not anything official
04:51 * dcook grumbles
04:51 dcook It seemed a bit too good to be true :p
04:51 * dcook can't see this ever happening
04:51 dcook Especially because the Australian government would say that the other countries would be used to bring people in illegally somehow
04:51 eythian especially in the current australian political environment
04:51 eythian yeah, that
04:51 wahanui yeah, that is cool - a way to enhance the OPAC without bloating Koha...
04:52 dcook It would just lead to... yep... nope
04:52 dcook In a few weeks, I will have been waiting 5 months on my application
04:52 eythian wow
04:52 eythian that's a long time
04:52 * dcook shrug
04:53 dcook All in all, it's fairly short
04:53 eythian I suppose
04:53 dcook It's the shortest estimated time I've seen published
04:53 dcook Partner visa applicants don't usually hear back for at least a year
04:55 dcook Alas, the website is out of date
04:55 dcook[…]ter/visas/8.0.htm
04:55 dcook Most of these visas have been reclassed
04:55 dcook So it's anyone's bet really
04:56 dcook I should be in the ENS though... so 2nd highest priority and low risk so... 5 months... fingers crossed on an April approval...
04:57 dcook Then I'll come visit Wellington ;)
04:59 eythian sounds like a plan :)
05:12 dcook :)
05:15 dcook Whoa..
05:15 dcook
05:15 dcook "There can be long waiting times of up to 30 years before this visa is approved.​​​​"
05:15 eythian that sounds a bit extreme
05:15 dcook Just a bit, eh?
05:16 dcook Wow, it's another one of those ones of trying to keep out "immigrants"
05:16 dcook You also can only apply if "at least half of your children live permanently in Australia"
05:16 dcook Oh well. One month. Hopefully they'll approve me in one month.
05:16 * dcook still feels bad for every other immigrant ever
05:34 drojf you wouldn't expect a country full of huge spiders and other weird wildlife to need such kind of restrictions
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05:50 dcook hehe
05:50 dcook Agreed, drojf
05:50 dcook The wildlife will take care of us..
05:53 eythian gar, I've just spent a few hours digging through strace output and .c files to diagnose an issue with apache.
05:53 eythian fun times.
06:12 * Francesca realises she has left irc sitting open for a entire day
06:23 * paxed hates koha's authority support.
06:25 drojf patches welcome :P
06:26 paxed i can't figure out why can't get rid of the auth linking, when there are no auth records, and zebra auth has been reindexed.
06:27 paxed and LinkerKeepStale = do not
06:27 paxed and LinkerRelink = do
06:29 paxed it'll be faster for me to write my own perl script (that doesn't use zebra) to mangle the auth links the way i want, than start looking at koha and zebra.
06:29 dcook Yeah, authorities is a bit scary :/
06:29 dcook eythian: that does sound like fun :(
06:30 paxed _especially_ when it takes ~6h to reindex zebra.
06:30 dcook I think I've figured out respond.js's little gotchas at least
06:30 * dcook shudders
06:30 eythian dcook: I think I won the battle, not totally sure about the war though.
06:30 dcook paxed: Yeah, that's no fun
06:30 dcook eythian: I feel like that about IE 8
06:30 eythian heh
06:30 dcook Mind you, that war won't be over until it's gone forever
06:30 eythian you'll never win that war, it can only be beaten through attrition
06:30 dcook Pretty much
06:33 dcook I think I'm off though
06:33 dcook Tempted to go to the gym, but... want to nerd out a bit at home
06:34 dcook Ciao
06:34 eythian yeah, I think I've beaten SAML enough for today
06:34 eythian time for me to go also
06:34 eythian later
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06:38 * magnuse waves
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06:58 magnuse fundraising meeting in 3 hours?[…]ing_18_March_2015
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07:13 josef_moravec I think so
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07:48 reiveune hello
07:48 wahanui bonjour, reiveune
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07:52 alex_a bonjour
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08:03 * Francesca waves
08:03 * Francesca waves goodbye
08:04 Francesca au reviour koha, catch you around some other time
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08:13 cait good morning #koha
08:13 magnuse kia ora cait
08:16 cait kia ora magnuse
08:22 kivilahtio hiyaya
08:25 sophie_m hello #koha
08:25 magnuse bonjour kivilahtio and sophie_m
08:25 * cait hates translating
08:25 * magnuse too
08:26 kivilahtio cait: me too. We had a nice talk with drojf last saturday about how to make it supe rawesome
08:26 magnuse one cookie per word?
08:26 magnuse google translate?
08:26 wahanui google translate is getting better
08:27 cait paying someone else to do it? :)
08:27 magnuse yeah!
08:28 drojf i'd like it more if you paid me :D
08:28 magnuse what if drojf pays cait to do it and cait pays drojf to do it?
08:28 cait drojf++ fr already starting with translation last night
08:29 drojf getting some sleep would have also helped. then again i translated in the night^^
08:29 cait magnuse: and none of us actually does it? :)
08:29 magnuse um yeah. that, or you both do some
08:30 magnuse and you both get paid
08:30 kivilahtio we need to improve the translation module
08:30 drojf and we could leave out the money part if we pay eacht other the same anyway
08:30 drojf so we just do it together. that's like, now :D
08:31 cait meh ok
08:31 drojf cookies would still help
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08:38 magnuse opac and pref done - woohoo!
08:39 cait If nothing is hidden you will see no check marks and will see all of the columns when viewing the table.
08:41 cait drojf: ?
08:41 cait check marks
08:42 drojf i was wondering about these table things. i can't really say without having a look at them
08:43 drojf what are they for?
08:43 drojf or, where?
08:43 cait you can configure how a table looks like
08:43 drojf a table where?
08:43 cait for example - if you don#t use basket groups, you could hide all the columns for them (if we had the feature implemented yet for acq)
08:43 magnuse in the livingroom
08:43 cait right now it's more a poc
08:43 cait was hoping for some more patches in 3.18 :)
08:44 drojf and what is the syspref or where do i set it?
08:44 cait it saves your settings to the database, but you have a little control thing to change it on the page later if you decie you need to see one of the hidden columns
08:44 cait in administration, it has its own area
08:44 drojf spalten konfigurieren?
08:44 drojf ah
08:44 drojf i have never seen this :)
08:45 cait 3.18 new :)
08:45 drojf and all the way down the admin page ;)
08:45 Joubu Hi #koha
08:45 cait hi Joubu :)
08:45 magnuse bonjour Joubu
08:45 drojf they are just kästchen for häkchen machen :D
08:45 cait Joubu: wasn't there another patch for a colvis table i promised to test?
08:46 drojf check marks=häkchen
08:46 Joubu there are 2 new tables, yes
08:46 Joubu but not pushed yet
08:46 kivilahtio wow wow, the Marc::Record->edition() subfield 250$a is not indexed other than in keyword index.
08:47 kivilahtio gotta fix that :) Our new Koha migrators want to match their incoming records using that.
08:47 kivilahtio and I think it would be nice to search for edition?
08:48 drojf have fun with the zebra
08:48 drojf ^^
08:49 Joubu cait: bug 13372 and bug 13492
08:49 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13372 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Passed QA , Items lost report improvements
08:49 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13492 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Passed QA , Add location to the checkouts tables
08:49 Joubu should be pushed soon :)
08:51 Joubu cait: and I want to add it to the tables in the acq module, but I wait for the tax rewrite patches to be pushed
08:53 kivilahtio drojf: I have already added several indexes to Zebra. I just copy from my git patches :) Luckily we get ElasticSearch this year. Best of all it solves this "configure new index in gazillion different places"-issue.
08:53 kivilahtio I just hope somebody doesn't start demanding that we must maintain both Zebra and ElasticSearch :)
08:53 kivilahtio I wouldn't be surprised if such someone would appear
08:54 drojf oh we will for a while
08:54 drojf i'm pretty sure
08:54 kivilahtio I wont't :) I wil llabel all my patches, "Wil lwork on ElasticSearch" only
08:54 drojf but yes, it looks really nice in elasticsearch, if it's just the sql i've seen
08:54 kivilahtio drojf: yes, ElasticSearch takes care of a lot of scaffolding we have had to do to make indexing work.
08:55 kivilahtio drojf: I am hoping we could get rid of atleast 2000 lines of code
08:55 Joubu kivilahtio: that's why the Solr work was stuck in a POC, we were waiting for someone to work on the zebra code
08:55 Joubu the community wants to keep zebra
08:56 kivilahtio Well... If Biblibre, Bywater and me will want to use ElasticSearch, I am pretty sure we can do it
08:56 drojf i have not learned how to configure zebra for nothing. we have to keep it forever :D
08:56 kivilahtio drojf: :) I have learned and I want to get rid of it asap
08:56 kivilahtio but i know the attitude
08:57 kivilahtio I mean switching to ES makes no changes for the user
08:57 drojf we need a way to do z39/50 and sru and what else zebra does then
08:57 kivilahtio and I am not saying not to have Zebra, around, just not accept any new modifications for it
08:57 kivilahtio ES has SRU
08:57 drojf oh
08:58 kivilahtio but not z39.50
08:58 drojf nice. didn't know
08:58 kivilahtio In Finland we are deprecating z39.50
08:58 kivilahtio so we need but SRU
08:58 drojf there was some z39.50 replacement talked about when using solr. don't remember what it was
08:59 kivilahtio I think we could make a z39-50 module for ES, or we ould contract Elastic to make one for us
08:59 kivilahtio I think ByWater is working on a crowdfunding mode for Koha developments
09:00 kivilahtio afaik the world would be much better off by moving forward rather than backward
09:00 kivilahtio anyway, gotta add an index... ... ... ... ...
09:01 drojf its not moving backwards, it's retaining backwards compatibility :P
09:01 drojf don't get lost in the zebra's maze
09:02 magnuse if we can do sru with es, i'll be happy to ditch zebra. but there WILL be libraries that need to have a z39.50 server, just wait and see
09:02 magnuse crowdfunding meeting in 1 hour!
09:02 Joubu we developed a z3950 server to query Solr
09:03 magnuse s/crowdfunding/fundraising"
09:03 drojf crowdraising
09:03 magnuse gah s/"/\//
09:03 magnuse crowdcrazy!
09:03 drojf heh
09:05 kivilahtio Joubu: I think we can hook that to ES without much difficulties
09:06 Joubu maybe without any changes :)
09:06 kivilahtio maybe :)
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09:08 fridolin hie all
09:08 kivilahtio hi carrot hater
09:09 fridolin kivilahtio: I'm more banana
09:09 fridolin ;)
09:09 kivilahtio :)
09:09 kivilahtio Bananas get sloppy easily
09:09 kivilahtio afaik
09:10 kivilahtio but they taste better
09:11 cait Joubu++
09:13 cait i think we also need to see how hard it's to set up ES
09:14 cait and how reliable it works
09:14 cait koha is used in so many different libraries, shoudl not shut out those with not so many resources
09:22 cait Continue translation (981 words left) ... hands over to drojf again
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09:26 gaetan_B hello
09:26 wahanui kia ora, gaetan_B
09:28 drojf cait++
09:35 cait Joubu: thx for qa - hope that was the last one :)
09:35 Joubu cait: I am checking
09:36 cait ah cool was not sure how to - i went through the administration and tools pages, but i think we got more in circ
09:37 Joubu admni/cities
09:37 kivilahtio In which field is edition in UNIMARC? In MARC21 it is field 250$a
09:38 kivilahtio Does anybody know where can I find english unimarc documentation? which would be somewhat in par to the LOC's Marc21 documentation?
09:38 cait Joubu: aah, we don't use that. missed it
09:38 Joubu catalogue/search-history
09:38 kivilahtio[…]_block_update.pdf
09:38 kivilahtio 205 Edition statement , phew...
09:39 cait Joubu: will you write the patches? i can sign
09:39 cait or we let kivi do the sign... and i qa ;)
09:39 davidnind joined #koha
09:40 Joubu cait: yep
09:50 magnuse fundraising meeting in 10 minutes?[…]ing_18_March_2015
09:52 ashimema we don't have anyone to represent us in the office :(
09:53 bag good morning
09:54 slef hi bag. Sorry you're up so early
09:54 Joubu bag++ #you are awake!
09:54 thd kivilahtio: The most complete recent UNIMARC bibliographic format document in English without charge may be[…]c-format-2008.pdf
09:55 bag hey slef long time :)
09:55 joann joined #koha
09:55 bag morning Joubu
09:55 slef bag: time_zones--
09:55 bag yeah they are stinkers
09:55 cait morning bag
09:55 bag good morning joann
09:55 kivilahtio thd: Thanks! I bookmarked that. You might want to take a peek at Bug 11194 in an hour or so
09:55 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11194 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Add a new index for edition of a document
09:55 bag heya cait
09:55 joann Greetings everyone
09:55 kivilahtio hi tehre
09:56 cait @seen oleonard
09:56 huginn cait: oleonard was last seen in #koha 2 weeks, 4 days, 16 hours, 1 minute, and 25 seconds ago: <oleonard> That's very strange squash. I'm sorry, I don't know what's going on.
09:56 cait hmmm wonder where he is
09:56 BobB hi bag, cait
09:56 bag hey BobB
09:57 BobB hi joann
09:57 joann hi bob
09:57 thd kivilahtio: There is more which 'should' be indexed than that which any system does index.
09:58 kivilahtio thd: what do you mean?
09:58 kivilahtio thd: Our partner librarians are asking for a full marc search, so they could say any marc field and subfield to search from
09:58 kivilahtio thd: I think that might be a bit too much to ask
09:58 thd kivilahtio: Merely that all systems underutilise the information contain in the bibliographic and other records
09:59 magnuse one index per subfield?
09:59 kivilahtio thd: So I said to them that wi will add search indexes as the need arises. So instead of doing arbitrary marc indexing, we index the needed subsets
09:59 andreashm joined #koha
09:59 kivilahtio magnuse: yes
09:59 bag one index to rule them all
09:59 slef BONG
09:59 * magnuse waves to all the people who are up at odd hours!
09:59 slef #startmeeting Fundraising IRC meeting
09:59 huginn Meeting started Wed Mar 18 09:59:25 2015 UTC.  The chair is slef. Information about MeetBot at
09:59 huginn Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
09:59 Topic for #koha is now  (Meeting topic: Fundraising IRC meeting)
09:59 huginn The meeting name has been set to 'fundraising_irc_meeting'
09:59 slef #topic Introductions
09:59 wahanui #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
09:59 Topic for #koha is now Introductions (Meeting topic: Fundraising IRC meeting)
09:59 magnuse bag: nah, that would be a few thousand indexes
09:59 slef Thank you, $TZAG and welcome
09:59 bag magnuse: I got carried away
09:59 magnuse we already have one index that contains everything, methinks
09:59 slef please introduce yourself with #info if you wish your attendance to be minuted
10:00 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
10:00 slef I'll give it 2 minute then move on
10:00 bag #info Brendan Gallagher ByWater
10:00 BobB #info Bob Birchall, Calyx Australia
10:00 Joubu #info Jonathan Druart, BibLibre
10:00 kivilahtio #info Olli-Antti Kivilahti, Vaara-libraries, Joensuu, Finland
10:00 magnuse #info Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway
10:00 slef #info MJ Ray, member of, England
10:00 davidnind #info David Nind, Wellington, New Zealand
10:00 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
10:00 joann #info Joann Ransom, Horowhenua, NZ
10:00 m23_ joined #koha
10:00 gaetan_B joined #koha
10:01 irma #info Irma Birchall CALYX Australia
10:01 paul_p #info Paul Poulain, BibLibre
10:02 andreashm #info Andreas Hedström Mace, Stockholm University Library
10:02 slef #topic A fund for Koha development
10:02 Topic for #koha is now A fund for Koha development (Meeting topic: Fundraising IRC meeting)
10:02 slef #link
10:02 slef #info There are six signatories proposed on there.
10:02 m23_ joined #koha
10:03 BobB I move, "That the meeting endorse the MOU"
10:03 joann I second that the meeting endorse the MOU
10:04 slef Sorry to amend from the chair, but I amend " with Grants Sub-committee changed to Grants Committee throughout"
10:04 joann It is a sub committee of THT Finance Committee
10:04 nlegrand #info Nicolas Legrand, BULAC, France
10:04 slef Would anyone second that, or BobB/joann accept the amendment?
10:04 BobB wrong slef, the grants sub-committee is a sub-committee of THT's Finance Committee
10:04 drojf #info Mirko Tietgen, Berlin, Germany
10:04 slef joann: I'm happy to have Grants Committee changed to Grants Sub-Committee throughout, if you prefer.
10:05 BobB agree
10:05 slef It just seems confusing to have both in there.
10:05 joann I would prefer it left as a subcommittee
10:05 bag Sub-Committee is consistent
10:05 joann but yes - standardised regradles :)
10:05 slef bag: read 11.2 and there are others
10:06 slef there's both terms used in one clause there
10:06 bag no no I mean if we change it all to sub committee - then that would be consistent ;)
10:06 slef Any other amendments or questions before we move to vote?
10:06 joann I move that the grants committee be referred to as "the grants subcomittee' throughout the MOU
10:06 bag +1 joann
10:06 thd slef: I think that the organisation of HLT should be respected for funds ultimately managed by HLT even if the 'sub-committee' has appropriate autonomy of action.
10:07 BobB I second Jo's motion
10:07 bag +1
10:07 magnuse +1
10:07 davidnind +1
10:07 slef #startvote Does this meeting endorse the MOU with Grants Committee changed to Grants Sub-Committee throughout? Yes, No, Abstain
10:07 huginn Begin voting on: Does this meeting endorse the MOU with Grants Committee changed to Grants Sub-Committee throughout? Valid vote options are Yes, No, Abstain.
10:07 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
10:07 cait +1
10:07 BobB +1
10:07 cait #vote Yes
10:08 magnuse #vote Yes
10:08 irma +1
10:08 slef #vote Yes
10:08 davidnind #vote Yes
10:08 bag #vote Yes
10:08 thd #vote Yes
10:08 joann #vote yes
10:08 Joubu #vote Yes
10:08 slef I'm putting this as a enumerated vote so there can be no doubt
10:08 andreashm #vote Yes
10:08 drojf #vote yes
10:08 irma #vote yes
10:08 paul_p #vote Yes
10:08 kivilahtio #vote Yes
10:08 BobB #vote yes
10:08 nlegrand #vote yes
10:08 gmcharlt good $time_of_day
10:09 gmcharlt #infoo Galen Charlton, Equinox
10:09 kivilahtio Loooking at the caluse  13.4     The Trust has no obligation to publish information about the Fund but may do so       freely if it wishes.
10:09 kivilahtio I think the trust should have an obligation to publish the status of the fund?
10:09 gmcharlt #vote yes
10:10 kivilahtio Or would it be possible to have it somehow automatically visible?
10:10 joann The Trust would have to disclose details of the funds raised and how they were dispersed in our audited annual report.
10:11 m23 joined #koha
10:11 kivilahtio joann: yes I know, but this is for the Fundraising Committee
10:11 slef kivilahtio: my understanding is that 13.1 means the Fundraising Committee has the obligation, rather than us making the Trust work for us.
10:11 BobB kivilahtio, it is the responsibility of the Fundraising Committee to keep the community informed of the activity in the Fund
10:11 joann THT will also be able to produce monthly statements at the push of a button; no problems there.
10:11 slef I welcome joann or BobB confirming... heh
10:11 drojf i understood it like slef did
10:11 BobB we have done everyting possible in teh MOU to minimise the burden on THT
10:11 kivilahtio hmm , I understand thanks for the clarification
10:12 bag that’s the key - what BobB - highlighted - minimise the burden on THT
10:12 slef kivilahtio: if we obliged THT to do work for us, we probably should give them x% to cover their admin costs, like SPI takes 5% of its project donations IIRC
10:12 kivilahtio slef: thanks
10:12 slef closing vote in 3...
10:12 slef 2...
10:12 slef 1...
10:12 joann and I am happy to publically confirm that THT wil be able to produce statements of all activity on request, or at agreed periods, with no great effort
10:12 thd kivilahtio may be raising an important point but I took it that the sub-committee could make its own rules for better disclosure.
10:12 slef #endvote
10:12 huginn Voted on "Does this meeting endorse the MOU with Grants Committee changed to Grants Sub-Committee throughout?" Results are
10:12 huginn Yes (16): Joubu, magnuse, davidnind, cait, irma, andreashm, nlegrand, slef, BobB, bag, joann, gmcharlt, kivilahtio, paul_p, thd, drojf
10:13 kivilahtio I havenät rad the agreement, but just now, and I am no financial expert, so hence I said yes, because that seems to be the consensus, just asking :)
10:13 m23 joined #koha
10:13 slef Any last-gasp changes to the proposed signatories?
10:13 slef Are we going with six?
10:13 kivilahtio if Finance committee can automatically publish the fund status and all who donated to it and why, then i see no problem
10:13 magnuse have they all agreed to sign?
10:13 thd kivilahtio: consensus is often wrong :)
10:14 slef Unless someone shouts, I'll open the vote...
10:14 kivilahtio thd: not always, I have seen some names say yes who I think know better than I do
10:14 paul_p what kind of signature will it be ? Will it be a real signature (don't expect me to go to NZ to sign the MOU ;-) )
10:14 slef magnuse: I understand bag added himself and the others were confirmed last meetting
10:14 kivilahtio hence I trust their verdict
10:14 BobB subject to their consent, I guess
10:14 drojf i put those mentioned here on the list, some of them agreed last time, some did not say anything. i think only bag put his name in the list by himself
10:14 paul_p (even if I'd like to go to NZ once again)
10:14 slef waiting for answer to paul_p
10:14 thd kivilahtio: trust but verify ;)
10:14 slef which I can't give
10:14 slef does NZ accept digital signatures?
10:14 gmcharlt one thing to mention
10:14 joann yes. but it could be scanned and emailed.
10:14 paul_p joann what kind of signature will it be ? Will it be a real signature ?
10:15 paul_p joann OK
10:15 joann It is just an MOU remember
10:15 slef waiting on gmcharlt
10:15 bag I have confirmed with nengard that she’s ok with signing
10:15 BobB thx bag
10:15 gmcharlt while I've been less than thrilled at some of the pushingness to get this thing approved instantly -- why ask for community assent without a reasonable time to read the doc...
10:15 joann Chris was happy via email
10:16 gmcharlt my substantive concerns were addressed by the inclusion of the clause that a conflict of interest policy must be
10:16 gmcharlt devised prior to the naming of a grants committee
10:16 bag gmcharlt: that’s the thing - we’ve been working on this for a long time
10:16 bag it’s not new
10:16 bag there was a vote in december that said yes move forward etc
10:16 joann I think the real work, the heavy lifting, has yet to be done. This is just the first step.
10:17 BobB I think people are overlooking the December vote
10:17 gmcharlt bag: that does not actually respond to my point that the MOU itself was visible only a day before folk were asked to give assent to others to sign it on behlf of the community
10:17 gmcharlt :)
10:17 gmcharlt but let me finish my initial point
10:17 joann so, the question is do we have some people wiling to be signatories, and a community happy to support those nominations
10:18 gmcharlt namely, that because of the inclusion of the 11.3, I am now willing to sign
10:18 slef yeah probably - for one, I was unaware of what was happening, which is probably my fault, but the minutes of December's meeting were not exactly clear
10:18 gmcharlt but that obviously, the final details of the rules will no doubt determine the extent to which people are willing to donate
10:18 slef http://meetings.koha-community[…]-12-17-21.09.html
10:18 joann and then we have to decide who is going to form a sub group to do all the hard stuf, working out how the fundraising and grants committee wil be established and operae
10:18 gmcharlt and, FWIW, I'm willing to participate in helping with good ones
10:18 gmcharlt or
10:19 gmcharlt tl;dr - I am willing to sign; I'm volunteering to participate on fundraising committee, particular during the initial stage
10:19 gmcharlt that's it
10:19 slef ok, more questions/comments/changes, or open the vote?
10:19 thd Certainly documents require time to examine with appropriate attention.  Also, long quiet periods for old issues can be problematic when we raised again to proceed.
10:19 joann tats enough :)
10:20 cait gmcharlt++
10:20 cait i think the main problem was the short amount of time- i was travelling for example and didn#t have any chance to read the mou before the meeting - more a problem if timing than anything else
10:20 cait no problem with the mou in general
10:20 joann slef: where are we up to and what hapens now re identifying signatories?
10:21 bag I think we open the vote
10:21 slef joann: there are six listed on the wiki. I'm going to open the vote now and let people say yes/no to all, or ask to vote them one-by-one.
10:21 magnuse gmcharlt++
10:21 slef #startvote Endorse bag rangi BobB paul_p gmcharlt nengard as signatories? Yes, No, Some, Abstain
10:21 huginn Begin voting on: Endorse bag rangi BobB paul_p gmcharlt nengard as signatories? Valid vote options are Yes, No, Some, Abstain.
10:21 huginn Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
10:21 joann (ust realised I am tired and abrubt - sorry everyone. 11.20pm here)
10:21 cait slef: could you post the wiki links again for the logs?
10:22 slef joann: I'm always abrupt so I'm not going to grumble
10:22 cait ah found it
10:22 thd joann: Do you have the ascent of all the listed signers who did not add their own names?
10:22 slef cait: logs of which?
10:22 kivilahtio #vote Yes
10:22 Joubu #vote Yes
10:22 magnuse #vote Yes
10:22 nlegrand #vote Yes
10:22 BobB #vote Yes
10:22 davidnind #vote Yes
10:22 andreashm #vote Yes
10:22 slef #link
10:22 irma #vote yes
10:22 joann Nicole has ben confirmed by Brendan - so yes - they are all wiling
10:22 drojf #vote yes
10:22 joann #vote yes
10:22 thd #vote Yes
10:23 khall #vote yes
10:23 gaetan_B joined #koha
10:24 slef #showvote
10:24 huginn Yes (12): Joubu, magnuse, davidnind, joann, nlegrand, andreashm, irma, BobB, khall, kivilahtio, thd, drojf
10:24 bag #vote yes
10:24 cait you need a capital Y
10:24 slef waiting for 3 more or for about 1 minute
10:24 cait for it to count
10:24 drojf nope
10:24 slef cait: nope, see irma and joann
10:24 drojf i didn't
10:24 cait ah, ok
10:24 cait sorry, misread
10:25 paul_p #vote Yes
10:25 slef #vote Yes
10:25 slef #endvote
10:25 huginn Voted on "Endorse bag rangi BobB paul_p gmcharlt nengard as signatories?" Results are
10:25 huginn Yes (15): Joubu, magnuse, davidnind, joann, nlegrand, andreashm, irma, slef, BobB, khall, bag, kivilahtio, paul_p, thd, drojf
10:25 slef Would any of the signatories like to #info what they see as the next community-involving step, please?
10:25 bag next step…  we need volunteers for the subcommittee to establish “bylaws” etc…  I volunteer to put out a call for those volunteers
10:25 slef The agenda says " Signatories and community to develop the rules and guidelines for deciding on grants, etc " but I think (hope!) that not all that will happen in this meeting.
10:25 bag sorry
10:26 bag #info next step…  we need volunteers for the subcommittee to establish “bylaws” etc…  I volunteer to put out a call for those volunteers
10:26 slef np bag
10:26 magnuse bag++
10:26 paul_p bag = you can put my name on the volunteers list
10:26 gmcharlt ditto
10:26 bag great thanks paul_p and gmcharlt
10:26 slef #action bag to put out a call for volunteers. There is space on to use
10:26 BobB #info also, Next Steps in this should be an agenda item for the next IRC meeting
10:27 slef I'll add that
10:27 * gmcharlt is also willing to commit to act as secretary to the group and provide public updates during the rule-making disucssions
10:27 joann #info Joann Ransom (THT) will get the MOU signed by everyone nd filed online somewhere, establish a ban\k account, and a paypal donate button :)
10:27 davidnind gmcharlt++
10:28 slef done
10:28 slef please give non-paypal ways if you can
10:29 BobB THT and Jo +++
10:29 cait gmcharlt++
10:29 * slef is still sore about kohacon12 funds getting frozen for weeks
10:29 bag THT++
10:29 slef gmcharlt++
10:29 joann I am absolutely open to those as well . Paypal is quick and immediate solution, other options can be folded in.
10:29 bag joann++
10:29 cait tht++
10:29 slef joann: other NZers are more likely to know what works. I know I can use stuff aimed at the UK which doesn't work outside the EU.
10:29 magnuse community++
10:30 slef banks--
10:30 thd I would hope that those drafting rules will publish the draft rules and request further comment possibly before adopting them.
10:30 slef thd: and publish the bloody source code ;)
10:30 slef any last #info or shall we close this meeting?
10:30 thd I take it as given that rules can always be patched if bugs are found.
10:31 joann thd++
10:31 slef you've got until the end of the radio news bulletin, maybe1 minute
10:31 joann awesome everyone.
10:31 slef then I'm closing if nothing is being recorded :)
10:32 slef yes, thanks all... it's been... well, painful, but I think we're getting a stronger step forwards for it...
10:32 davidnind BIG thanks to those involved to date in working through setting this up
10:32 paul_p have a good day/night/afternoon/evening/morning every one
10:33 BobB good night
10:33 davidnind joann++
10:33 wahanui I watch you sleep.
10:33 slef #agreed <davidnind> BIG thanks to those involved to date in working through setting this up
10:33 slef #endmeeting
10:33 Topic for #koha is now Nominations for 3.22-roles are open:[…]ki/Roles_for_3.22 | Welcome to the IRC home of Koha | Code of conduct -[…]/code-of-conduct/ | Please use for pastes | Installation guide for Koha is
10:33 huginn Meeting ended Wed Mar 18 10:33:12 2015 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
10:33 huginn Minutes:        http://meetings.koha-community[…]-03-18-09.59.html
10:33 huginn Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community[…]5-03-18-09.59.txt
10:33 huginn Log:            http://meetings.koha-community[…]18-09.59.log.html
10:33 * slef posts that to the agenda
10:33 bag thanks everyone
10:34 * bag decides if I climb back into bed or just starts working for the day
10:34 davidnind slef++
10:34 slef done
10:34 slef bag: depends if you have anything to do this evening
10:35 slef or if hallucinations wouldn't be a problem doing them
10:35 kivilahtio you are welcome!
10:35 bag Sonja is making quiche tonight - not sure if I want to miss that or not ‘)
10:36 m23 joined #koha
10:39 magnuse joann++ BobB++ slef++
10:39 gmcharlt bag: oooh, egg pie!
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10:40 cait can we get a sign off for bug 13863 please?
10:40 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13863 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Datatables paging for cities and search history pages is broken
10:41 bag I can look at that one cait
10:43 * magnuse wanders off in search of a scanner and some food
10:44 drojf scan me some food too, please
10:44 m23 joined #koha
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10:48 thd kivilahtio: Continuing about indexing ...
10:48 davidnind left #koha
10:48 m23_ joined #koha
10:49 thd kivilahtio: The problem with indexing edition statements is that they are transcribed according to cataloguing rules.
10:50 kivilahtio thd: I am all ears while I am testing the Edition index
10:50 thd kivilahtio: Transcribed elements are not normalised in the form of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.
10:51 kivilahtio thd: Shoudldn't that be something the cataloguer should worry about when he puts stuff in the field 205, it is not the indexers issue?
10:52 kivilahtio thd: You search what you have?
10:52 cait kivilahtio: i think the rule is that you don't normalize, but use what's on the cover or so
10:52 cait might be wrong tho
10:52 thd kivilahtio: A great work would be to both index the transcribed statement and add an index for normalised values.  Normalising all possible edition statements is an unbounded problem but some normalisation would be helpful for catalogue users.
10:53 m23_ joined #koha
10:53 kivilahtio thd: I am sorry, but that goes beyond my knowledge of Zebra. I tried dabbling with the XSLT-transformers buit it is not fun
10:53 kivilahtio thd: I understand that you would like to have the values in the MARC Record somehow search-normalzied
10:54 kivilahtio thd: I will provide the index. Somebody else can work from there. Bear in mind that we are havin ElasticSearch support at the end of this year, so I am optimistic taht it will solve a lot of these problems we now have. Including making pre-indexing filtering easier
10:54 thd kivilahtio: As cait describes.  The proper procedure following cataloguing rules would be to follow cataloguing rules when cataloguing and have the automation system generate additional fields as needed which normalise values based on what the cataloguer has entered.
10:55 kivilahtio thd: yes, like having a sane sorting index for the edition statement :)
10:55 thd kivilahtio: exactly ;)
10:56 thd kivilahtio: The problem of data normalisation is independent of the indexing system used.
10:57 kivilahtio thd: I cant remember how it was done in ES integraton, but I hope that it doesnt use the Zebra-way or even closely touch the Zebra configuration and XSLT-files
10:58 kivilahtio not saying that XSLT is bad, but I would like to have something more easily testable
10:58 m23 joined #koha
10:59 thd kivilahtio: Normalisation really entails adding additional normalised fields somewhere to supplement existing fields in the original bibliographic record.
11:01 thd kivilahtio: Machine testability for all cases of textual data is tricky.
11:01 kivilahtio thd: atleast you can try :)
11:01 kivilahtio thd: I thikn it is entirely testable for one MARC Field
11:01 kivilahtio give or take a couple subfields
11:01 kivilahtio i put in this marc field, i get this marc field out
11:02 kivilahtio then i send that marc field to the index
11:02 kivilahtio have a couple of different edition variations to cover
11:02 kivilahtio godo enough
11:03 thd kivilahtio: On the general problem of normalisation and machine readability in bibliographic records, there is ongoing work by RDA working groups to fix some problems such as having machine readable extent statements.
11:03 kivilahtio sorry, certainly I don't know enough to be afraid :)
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11:05 thd s/by RDA/for RDA under CC:DA, Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access/
11:06 cait @seen oleonard
11:06 huginn cait: oleonard was last seen in #koha 2 weeks, 4 days, 17 hours, 11 minutes, and 19 seconds ago: <oleonard> That's very strange squash. I'm sorry, I don't know what's going on.
11:06 thd kivilahtio: Fearlessness is important ;)
11:07 kivilahtio thd: I know, we wouldn't be anywhere without it. Too many libraries fear to make the leap.
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11:18 * thd sleeps again
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12:29 tcohen morning
12:29 tcohen where's everyone?
12:29 wahanui i heard everyone was doin' the hot new dance the Cracked Out Kitty Tail Shiver
12:29 magnuse here!
12:30 * tcohen breathes relieved
12:30 wahanui well, breathes relieved is not his fault
12:30 tcohen
12:30 cait hi tcohen
12:30 tcohen hi cait magnuse
12:31 tcohen will try to reload the IRC client
12:31 m23_ joined #koha
12:32 magnuse someone please kick me back into work mode?
12:33 * Joubu sends kitten's pictures to magnuse
12:36 m23 joined #koha
12:38 * magnuse tries some music
12:38 magnuse Joubu: not helpful :-)
12:39 cma joined #koha
12:39 cait i need a signoff still :)
12:39 cait magnuse: you knw yo uwant to
12:41 cait bug 13863 - super easy
12:41 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13863 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Datatables paging for cities and search history pages is broken
12:44 magnuse sure, right after i have done a ton of other things... ;-)
12:54 gaetan_B joined #koha
12:55 cait magnuse: i'd like to have it in 3.18 actually
12:56 cait oh
12:56 cait it is signed off now
12:59 edveal joined #koha
13:00 cait Joubu: any news on the broken web installer? just ran into it again trying to qa :(
13:06 mario joined #koha
13:09 paul_p joined #koha
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13:29 magnuse @wunder boo
13:29 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 6.0°C (2:20 PM CET on March 18, 2015). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 57%. Dew Point: -2.0°C. Windchill: 4.0°C. Pressure: 30.36 in 1028 hPa (Steady).
13:29 magnuse ah, nice to have you back huginn
13:30 tcohen joined #koha
13:30 tcohen morning
13:38 Joubu cait: I asked tcohen during the hackfest if the permissions were ok, and he told me yes.
13:39 Joubu cait: actually we don't have a lot of choices. If we agree with the idea, we should change the permissions to this directory, it they are wrong
13:39 Joubu cait: note that the dir used is the one defined in the logdir entry of the koha conf
13:39 Joubu cait: you can change it if needed
13:40 Joubu it's not used somewhere else
13:40 tcohen joined #koha
13:41 cait Joubu: the other logs write there without problems - but it cannot create the file
13:41 cait in any of my environments
13:41 cait i think we need to change something there as currently it just breaks the installer
13:42 Joubu cait: yes, the permissions need to be changed
13:42 tcohen the fact that the apache process runs with a different user… we cannot avoid it
13:43 cait Joubu: i think it's used for other things if you are running a dev install - i think the eval does rm something... it looked dangerous
13:44 Joubu the rm removes a file created before
13:46 cait hm not sure - it looks like it would not work because it's missing the time stamp bit
13:47 cait it's confusing to me
13:47 nengard joined #koha
13:48 magnuse kia ora nengard
13:48 Joubu cait: the time stamp bit?
13:49 cait it's the same file it created earlier, right?
13:49 cait i think i misread
13:49 Joubu cait: actually I remove the file if it is empty
13:49 cait the file name has a timestamp as part of it - i thought it woudl delete the file from the last intaller run
13:49 nengard hi magnuse
13:49 cait i think i don't quite understand how it works
13:49 nengard and #koha
13:50 Joubu no, the redirections of stdout and stderr are done in 2 separated files (updatedatabase_TIMESTAMP.log and updatedatabase-error_TIMESTAMP.log)
13:50 Joubu if one is empty (i.e. no error or no success), it is removed
13:50 Joubu just to avoid an empty file
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14:15 * barton waves the morning wave.
14:17 barton I just had one of our partners report an intermittent issue that I hadn't run into before -- when they print the holds queue, and it spans multiple pages, sometimes only page 1 will print. It's not a diacritics issue, according to the partner. Anyone ever see anything similar?
14:23 tcohen joined #koha
14:31 cait barton: hm there have been bugs about only printing the first page... but not sure if it was holdsq ueue
14:33 barton cait ... good to know. I'll broaden my search.
14:36 barton do we have any way of tracking intermittent issues, community wide? that would be a powerful trouble-shooting tool.
14:40 sophie_m barton: Bug 10108 ?
14:41 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10108 major, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, CLOSED FIXED, can't print more than one page of overdues
14:42 cait intermittent?
14:43 Joubu Does someone know if C4::Debug is useful or just a vestige?
14:43 barton cait: yes. Sometimes they can print all pages.
14:43 Joubu @later tell rangi "Do you know if C4::Debug is useful or just a vestige?"
14:43 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
14:44 barton cait: I did find this: Bug 8751 - printable version of holds queue printing different pages
14:44 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8751 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , printable version of holds queue printing different pages
14:45 barton that might or might not be relevant.
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15:12 codavid joined #koha
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16:03 reiveune bye
16:03 reiveune left #koha
16:08 cbrannon joined #koha
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16:17 NateC joined #koha
16:18 alex_a joined #koha
16:26 cait hm 3.18 borrower import is very slow
16:26 cait timed out on me for 3.000 borrowers :(
16:27 nengard eek
16:27 cait yeah, split it up now... but not happy
16:30 alex_a joined #koha
16:41 Viktor joined #koha
16:48 edveal joined #koha
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17:39 cait left #koha
17:52 nengard just did a git pull on my koha and got an error i've never seen when trying to upgrade:
17:52 nengard Cannot open log file /home/nengard/koha-dev/var/log/upda​tedatabase_2015-03-18T12:52:13.log: No such file or directory at /home/nengard/kohaclone/installer/ line 332.
17:57 bag nengard: it’s a recently pushed patch - I think eythian made some adjustments to the patch
17:57 nengard so - how do i upgrade then
17:57 bag look for logging the updatedatabase as a bug
17:58 bag run it from the commandline nengard ?
17:58 nengard grumble :)
17:59 nengard what's that command?
17:59 bag ./installer/data/mysql/
17:59 bag if you are using git dev install (that is)
18:07 cait joined #koha
18:07 * cait waves
18:29 nengard_phone thanks bag that worked
19:16 cait hm no tcohen
19:41 drojf first full translation for 3.18.5 \o/
19:42 drojf translation server is really slow now
19:43 drojf downloading the file to test with 5k/s
19:46 m23_ joined #koha
19:49 cait drojf++
19:51 wnickc joined #koha
19:59 cwhitehouse joined #koha
20:00 cwhitehouse Hi is someone available to ask a few very simple Koha questions to?
20:00 wnickc Sure
20:01 cwhitehouse ok great
20:01 mtj morning #koha
20:01 * mtj waves to cwhitehouse, wnickc
20:02 * wnickc waves back
20:02 mtj drojf: awesome news on the translation stufff  :0)
20:02 cwhitehouse I am helping the Butte County Library with a few questions. They are Using Koha that is reemotely installed and managed by a hosting company called bywatersolutions
20:03 mtj interesting.. ->[…]esto-turns-thirty
20:04 cwhitehouse Patrons use their library card number to check out books are those library cards valiudated through Koha or is bywatersolutions handling that seperatly?
20:05 cwhitehouse I ask because they want to offer seveal links through their website but they would like Patrons to have to validate with their library card before they have access and I am just starting to look at ways to accomplish this
20:06 wnickc cwhitehouse: checking out books should be handled directly through koha
20:06 wnickc other sites can use SIP to validate through koha
20:06 cait or ils-di - there are a few options for authentication
20:06 cait but sip is pretty common
20:06 wnickc there are probably some bywater folks around here
20:07 wnickc they have a channel too #bws-partners
20:07 cwhitehouse ok so theoretically I could find a script compatible with Koha's sip connection to use to validate a valid library card before they could access the protected page?
20:08 cait hmmm maybe not a ready made one
20:08 cait sip is pretty library specific
20:08 wnickc thanks cait, meant to be more inclusive
20:08 cait but you could program something - maybe ils-di would be a bit easier there
20:09 cait cwhitehouse:[…]supported_by_Koha
20:10 Brendon joined #koha
20:10 Brendon Exit
20:11 cwhitehouse Ok Thanks for the info. I had the library staff who usually handles bywater support requests to put in a request for me to talk to someone in their support team but I thought I might as well ask here. I am not a programmer just a network technician that supports their staff network but its possible if bywater does not have a solution thewy could always hire someone to write the needed script for them.
20:11 cwhitehouse Thanks for all of the info I really appreciate it. I'll go check in on the bywater IRC channel
20:12 cwhitehouse left #koha
20:12 drojf1 joined #koha
20:14 rangi morning
20:14 cait morning rangi
20:15 rangi @later tell joubu just a vestige .. Koha::Log or something should theoretically take its place
20:15 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
20:18 rangi heh that confused me for a minute I thought it was butte montana
20:19 drojf morning rangi
20:19 cait ah, me too
20:26 wnickc joined #koha
20:34 dac joined #koha
20:39 bren joined #koha
20:41 wizzyrea also, just reiterating that *design is important*
20:44 rangi yup
21:00 andreashm joined #koha
21:02 BobB joined #koha
21:07 eythian hi
21:10 eythian[…]ew-erotic-e-book/
21:21 wnickc I would be more comfortable in a world with less proof of rule 34
21:27 bag anybody have an idea of the next general meeting?
21:27 bag general meeting?
21:27 wahanui general meeting is when?
21:29 bag got it - thanks wiki
21:30 eythian don't keep it to yourself bag
21:31 bag 8 April 2015 at 19:00 UTC
21:31 rangi hmm someone should probably email about the roles for 3.22
21:31 bag I can do that rangi
21:31 rangi awesome thanks
21:31 bag let me finish my first email and then I will do that
21:31 eythian wahanui: general meeting is 8 April 2015 at 19:00 UTC
21:31 wahanui ...but general meeting is when?...
21:32 eythian no wahanui, general meeting is 8 April 2015 at 19:00 UTC
21:32 wahanui okay, eythian.
21:32 bag not fast - but sometime today
21:54 bag rangi: done
21:55 cait bag++
21:56 cait did you send your other email too?
21:56 talljoy joined #koha
21:56 bag I am working on that one cait
21:56 cait ok :)
21:56 bag I’ve got a draft - I’m going to let it sit for another 30 minutes and then reread it
21:56 bag see if it makes sense
21:58 rangi thanks bag
21:58 rangi bag++
22:05 drojf i thought we'll vote in may
22:07 drojf it says so in the agenda too ;)
22:12 cait hm the routing list slip has a badly formatted date
22:12 cait and i can't locate the code for it? gr.
22:16 ngourlay joined #koha
22:16 JoshB joined #koha
22:23 drojf night
22:26 bag Ginny just ran in and said - Hi birdie daddy…  today she is a baby bird
22:26 rangi heh
22:26 bag ever changing animal that one - the imagination has kicked in
22:28 wizzyrea this is a phase that may or may not end :)
22:29 sophie_m joined #koha
22:34 tcohen joined #koha
22:34 tcohen hi
22:34 wahanui hello, tcohen
22:36 dac Being a bird would be sweet!
22:36 dac Depending on the bird... you can walk, swim, and fly
22:36 dac Sounds like a super species to me
22:36 dac Just saying
22:38 tcohen hi dcook
22:39 dcook hey tcohen :)
22:44 cait hi tcohen :)
22:44 bag I would choose the super power of flying over swimming
22:45 bag birds are the one animal that are everywhere - every habitat etc
22:46 eythian tardigrades moreso
22:50 dcook Good ol' tardigrades
22:52 cait night #koha
22:52 mario left #koha
22:53 eythian hi cait
22:53 eythian bye cait
22:54 cait left #koha
23:01 cait bye eythian :-P
23:01 eythian weirdo :)
23:02 tcohen disturbingly busy day
23:05 dcook lol
23:18 bag cait: done
23:18 bag oh whoops cait is gone
23:25 NateC joined #koha

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