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00:32 dcook gmcharlt++
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03:11 twb I have a koha 3.14.09 server set up by some subcontractor, on debian 7.  I belatedly applied some security upgrades, and now I'm getting an email from cron that I don't know how to deal with.
03:11 twb
03:12 eythian you probably don't have mysql running
03:12 eythian sudo service mysql-server restart
03:12 eythian or something along those lines
03:12 eythian oh, just mysql, not mysql-server
03:13 twb OK thanks, trying that now
03:13 eythian it probably went down for the updates, and for some reason didn't start up again.
03:13 eythian I would also expect that your koha isn't working, with the same error
03:14 twb I can see mysql running in ps
03:14 twb I'll restart its service for good measure
03:14 twb is that "corrupt" line normal?  I am used to postgres.
03:15 rangi thats fine, it checks everytime
03:15 twb OK, lemme try to remember how to get to koha...
03:16 rangi you can check /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/
03:16 twb OK I just ran "koha-rebuild-zebra -q k1" as root by hand and that didn't give an error.
03:17 twb Maybe it was just that the cron job happened to run partway through the upgrade earlier
03:17 rangi most likely
03:17 eythian that is quite possible
03:18 twb OK I will stop freaking out :-)
03:18 rangi speaking of upgrades, one day in the future you'll want to upgrade koha itself too :)
03:18 rangi but id do that on a test server first
03:18 rangi 3.14.09 is fairly old now
03:18 twb har har test server
03:19 twb The site only has one librarian and they really only use it for OPAC, so koha doesn't get much love
03:19 rangi 3.14.x is still maintained but only for a few more months
03:19 twb I'll mention it to $boss
03:19 rangi however there have been a couple of security releases since 3.14.09 .. the latest is 3.14.13
03:20 twb OK
03:20 rangi we usually maintain each major release for 18mths
03:21 rangi so we currently have 3.14, 3.16, and 3.18 being supported
03:21 rangi (we do six monthly feature releases and monthly(ish) maintenance ones)
03:21 rangi when 3.20 comes out in may, 3.14.x will be out of support
03:21 rangi hope that makes some sense
03:26 twb Yeah, no worries
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04:47 mtj hey, remember how the 'opacsmallimage' syspref was removed from boostrap..
04:48 mtj ive attempted to add that style into a koha
04:49 mtj i wonder if its worth adding a working version back into koha?
04:52 mtj my version is a bit hacky, atm - but basically seems to handle the responseive stuff ok
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05:48 eythian @wunder nzwn
05:48 eythian oh
05:48 eythian missing huginn
05:48 dcook :O
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06:42 drojf morning
06:51 * magnuse waves
06:53 magnuse eythian still around?
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06:54 magnuse kia ora cait
06:57 drojf hei magnuse
06:58 magnuse moin drojf
07:01 * dcook waves
07:03 magnuse hiya dcook!
07:03 magnuse time to pack up, eh?
07:03 dcook You know it!
07:03 dcook Late in this morning due to long post office lines
07:04 dcook Have a system going live tomorrow as well so last minute touch ups..
07:04 magnuse ah, cool!
07:04 magnuse fingers crossed!
07:04 dcook :)
07:12 * magnuse will probably finish a migration this week too
07:12 magnuse waiting for the old system to export the data
07:15 dcook \o/
07:15 * dcook is not debating whether to go to the gym or play on computers at home after spending 9 hours on computers at work
07:15 dcook is now debating* :p
07:18 drojf are there compters at the gym?
07:18 drojf *compters
07:18 drojf orrr
07:18 * drojf goes back to bed
07:19 dcook It would be sweet if we could train while programming...
07:19 dcook The body works out, and the brain does the programming :D
07:19 dcook I could see that leading to some sort of weird split personality thing though...
07:19 magnuse i have heard of people who have those walking machines in front of their desks...
07:20 dcook I occasionally go on my phone when I'm doing legs :p
07:20 dcook But need to focus a bit more when running or using arms
07:20 magnuse google for "walk desk"
07:22 liw[…]-3d-pr-1617261060
07:22 dcook Oh, I was just thinking of you, liw!
07:23 dcook hehe
07:24 dcook The regular hours thing is interesting
07:26 dcook Oh man... yeah I still have hard disks from 2002...
07:37 drojf any reason why koha-gitify would not work on jessie?
07:38 magnuse can't think of any
07:38 magnuse what happens?
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07:39 drojf oh. it's a lot of 403 forbidden errors when i try to open koha
07:40 reiveune hello
07:40 wahanui salut, reiveune
07:41 magnuse bonjour reiveune
07:41 magnuse drojf: that sounds weird
07:41 drojf sounds like wrong permissions
07:42 cait bbiab
07:50 drojf i chmodded all to 755 in the dev directory, did not help though. i can't recall having this before and that was as much patience as i can bring up on a monday morning
07:53 magnuse if you create a regular instance, does that have the same symptoms?
07:53 magnuse or is it just the gitified instance?
07:54 drojf no regular instance worked fine and after gitify it#s broken
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08:03 drojf oh, maybe this[…]eturns_403_errors
08:03 alex_a Bonjour
08:03 wahanui hello, alex_a
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08:06 drojf yep. fixed
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08:09 sophie_m hi #koha
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08:11 fridolin hie all
08:13 drojf i would have put it on the wiki, but i fail to see what page it would go on, as we have something between two and hundred different pages dealing with git/dev setups but gitify is only mentioned for ubuntu
08:13 drojf and i don't have time to fix all the wiki pages that annoy me
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08:22 marcelr hi #koha
08:22 drojf hi marcelr
08:22 marcelr :)
08:24 drojf mirko@jessie:~/koha$ sudo PERL5LIB=/home/mirko/koha KOHA_CONF=/etc/koha/sites/koha/koha-conf.xml perl misc/search_tools/ -v -d
08:24 drojf Indexing biblios
08:24 drojf 978 records indexed.
08:24 * drojf sqeaks
08:24 drojf squeaks even
08:25 drojf what's wrong with my 'u'? :/
08:25 drojf eythian++ #elasticsearch
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08:27 drojf so, now that i have that working elasticsearch branch, what is the fun part about it?
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08:27 magnuse drojf: that it looks and works as identical to zebra as possible
08:28 magnuse ;-)
08:28 cait oh you got it orking?
08:28 magnuse drojf++ eythian++
08:28 drojf magnuse: meh :P
08:28 cait Joubu: did you see bug 13836?
08:28 drojf cait: yes. only took like all yesterday evening and and some more this morning ;)
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08:29 cait drojf: heh
08:29 drojf but i had to start from scratch installing a jessie vm and all
08:36 drojf searching for 'house': with zebra 17 result, with elasticsearch 8
08:37 drojf looks like es only searches the title
08:40 cait ah
08:40 cait yeah i guess there isa lot to test and find
08:42 magnuse yeah, it's early days
08:42 magnuse i guess part of the attraction is that once the basics are working, future tweaking will be easier and have more documentation
08:43 drojf the mapping looks really handy, compared to what you have to do with zebra. (at least if it's really only the sql i am looking at right now)
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09:09 gaetan_B hello
09:09 wahanui hello, gaetan_B
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09:18 cait marcelr: good to know it's not only me
09:18 cait marcelr: problem with the web installer
09:18 marcelr hi cait
09:19 cait @later tell ashimema could you take another look at bug 13531 - i am not sure if i tested correctly
09:19 cait aaah no huginn
09:20 magnuse who do we poke?
09:20 cait hm not sure maybe gmcharlt
09:20 magnuse yes, according to
09:20 magnuse bots?
09:20 wahanui
09:21 ashimema bug 13531
09:21 ashimema ack.. no huggin
09:22 cait morning ashimema
09:22 cait i am also looking for someone to qa the sip patches
09:22 wahanui okay, cait.
09:22 cait those are a bit stuck (as usual)
09:22 ashimema morning cait
09:23 cait bug 13411 for example
09:23 cait written by khall, tested by bensinober
09:24 ashimema it's still crazy times here i'm afraid cait..
09:24 magnuse bensinober++
09:24 ashimema I'm struggling to fit everything in :(
09:24 cait i understand, just throwing that out there
09:24 magnuse yeah, let ashimema focus on ill ;-)
09:24 ashimema I'll try to get colin to squeeze it in.
09:24 cait thx
09:24 cait i'd be ok to pass qa if colin says it's fine
09:24 ashimema alex is my ILL man.. i've bascially left it to him for aobut 2 months now magnuse..
09:25 cait he did a good job at the hackfest :)
09:25 ashimema right now I'm still on cash management, online payments and our other product rebus:list
09:25 cait presenting it
09:25 ashimema :)
09:25 ashimema the work is going fast on it..
09:25 ashimema we've got bugs coming in thick and fast on our github repo and he's fixing them as fast as his fingers can type code ;)
09:26 cait :)
09:26 cait hope the fingers don't catch fire then
09:26 ashimema :)
09:27 ashimema did he submit an RFC yet?
09:27 ashimema I can't remember..
09:27 cait yep
09:27 ashimema I know I still need to do one for cash man
09:29 ashimema dbic is awesome.. we should really be using it to it's potential :(
09:29 ashimema the more I use it in my other project the more powerful I realise it is..
09:33 magnuse yeah alex seems do be doing a fine job on the ill
09:34 magnuse
09:35 ashimema He's a real asset to my team.. can't sing his praises enough :)
09:35 ashimema very lucky to have him
09:35 cait atheia++
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09:40 magnuse yeah atheia++
09:41 magnuse and great timing too ;-)
09:41 cait he must have sensed us talking about him :)
09:42 atheia Yeah, I don't know how that happened :-)
09:42 atheia G'morning:-)
09:42 cait good morning :)
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10:01 magnuse tjänare Viktor!
10:01 magnuse hired a koha hacker yet? ;-)
10:01 Viktor Hej Magnuse
10:02 Viktor Not yet :) But I've had at least one engineer (civilingenjör - don't know the english title) who has declared he will apply
10:02 Viktor I do of course hope to have so many great candidates to chose from that it will be a bother :)
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10:15 mveron Hi #koha
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10:27 atheia morning mveron
10:27 mveron Hi atheia
10:28 cait mveron: i think that might be it - ch vs. de
10:28 mveron cait: I'm testing...   :-)
10:46 mveron cait: I tested with locale set to de_DE.UTF-8, prove t/Prices.t passes.
10:54 cait marcelr: did yu see the alllowonshelfholds bug?
10:54 marcelr which one?
10:54 wahanui i think which one is that? The fixed navbar?
10:54 cait marcelr: bug 5786
10:54 cait bit different to your dev, but it will allwo to set opacitemholds in the circ matrix - so force item level holds by itemtype
10:54 marcelr passed qa..
10:54 wahanui passed qa is the queue jcamins should watch
10:54 cait yeah this one has a long story
10:55 cait but it seems working very well now
10:55 cait i think it's really a good and needed enh
10:55 marcelr ok
10:55 marcelr i will wait with my report 13839
10:56 cait i really miss huginn
10:56 cait gmcharlt: ping?
10:56 wahanui Using deft allegory, the authors have provided an insightful and intuitive explanation of one of Unix's most venerable networking utilities.[…]oks/dp/0448421658
10:58 cait ... does someone know how to differentiate between sammelwerk and zeitschrift by chance?
10:59 drojf is sammelwerk an english word? :)
10:59 cait no :)
11:00 cait serial and traced series? :)
11:00 cait but it's ok... I am investigating
11:00 drojf i bet marc has a nice letter somewhere hidden in a control field ;)
11:00 cait that's my hope
11:01 cait and i also hope it's indexed.... might not be so ucky there
11:02 drojf but do you mean something like herausgeberschrift by sammelwerk? or something else?
11:03 cait mehr sowas wie eine gezähte reihe
11:03 cait im unterschied zu einer zeitschrift
11:03 cait sorry, i am language confused today
11:03 drojf :D
11:04 cait 008 - for serials - pos 21 - type of continuing resource
11:05 cait not indexed
11:06 drojf monographic series vs. periodical?
11:06 cait hm yeah seems so
11:06 drojf do the index in elasticsearch ;)
11:06 cait the xslt checks for != m
11:08 kivilahtio cait: can you check Bug 12671 for everybodys sake
11:08 cait it's on my list
11:09 cait but i try to work through them bugs first then enh by age
11:12 cait lunch time
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11:42 gaetan_B bye!
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12:01 jcamins cait: 008/21
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12:24 tcohen morning!
12:27 magnuse ¡hola tcohen!
12:28 tcohen hola magnuse
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12:30 tcohen cait: around?
12:32 cait here now
12:32 cait jcamins: thx :)
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12:58 tcohen hi sophie_m
13:00 sophie_m hi tcohen
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14:38 chris_n tcohen: what data does jenkins run tests over?
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14:44 chris_n anyone else know?
14:45 * chris_n goes off in search of a donut
14:49 cait chris_n: i think all the sample data from the web installer
14:49 cait maybe some more than that, but that shoudl give you the basics
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15:02 chris_n cait: I just did a fresh install with the sample data, but it appears to have no biblios or items
15:02 * chris_n wonders what he did wrong
15:03 chris_n those tables are empty
15:03 cait i thik that's correct
15:03 cait some of the tests create records/items
15:04 cait did you see the newer tests in db_dependent? they create the data in a transaction that is rolled back in the end
15:04 cait it makes things quite easy
15:04 cait no need to clean up after your tests
15:06 chris_n cool, thanks
15:06 * chris_n hands cait a donut
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15:09 cait Reserves.t should have some examples i think
15:10 tcohen chris_n: it uses a clean database with all the sample data
15:14 kivilahtio Does anybody know a good module for comparing two objects for sameness? eg. thay have the same array and hash values?
15:15 kivilahtio and same object class?
15:15 kivilahtio a bit like java Comparable?
15:15 kivilahtio I guess I could add a subroutine to Koha::Object to do that
15:15 kivilahtio but I would rather not hack it on my own
15:17 kivilahtio hmm got it
15:23 fridolin sse u
15:23 fridolin (see u)
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15:27 mveron Bye #koha
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15:29 chris_n tcohen: tnx
15:31 tcohen kivilahtio: you could check what is_deeply does
15:31 kivilahtio Test::Deep is very good
15:31 kivilahtio tcohen: thanks for the tip!
15:41 bag morning all
15:43 drojf looks like there haven't been much nominations
15:44 drojf oh the meeting is in two days, i thought was tomorrow. plenty of time then
15:56 Joubu tcohen, cait: Is the issue with permissions solved?
15:56 Joubu (and Hi #koha!)
15:58 cait Joubu: hm don't think so
15:58 cait Joubu: marcelr ran into the ame problem it looks like
15:58 tcohen Joubu: i've been on another stuff today, sorry
16:07 barton good $TIME_OF_DAY koha!
16:12 barton I just tried and failed to import a marc file under head ( ... it tells me that the records imported correctly and are staged, but when I click on the 'manage staged records' link, the filename is blank, there are no staged records displayed, and the import_batches hasn't been updated.
16:12 cait ew
16:13 barton cait yeah. that was my reaction too.
16:14 barton morning bag!
16:14 bag morning barton
16:17 jeff WRITE "Good "; GREETING_TIME; ", "; LOGIN_NAME
16:18 barton cait: I just tested a khoadevbox that I brought up a couple of days ago -- I was able to import the same file under
16:20 barton .. I'm going to upgrade that instance to HEAD and see if I run into the same issue, just to prove that it's not a configuration thing.
16:23 cait barton: sounds good
16:26 barton well ... s/HEAD/master/
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16:38 reiveune bye
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17:30 drojf how is the order of available languages determined in the opac?
17:30 cait drojf: hm i thimk it's the sequence from the pref
17:31 drojf it looks like that, but how is the sequence from the pref determined then? :)
17:32 drojf it's neithr alphabetical (name or code) nor order of installation
17:32 drojf *neither
17:32 cait i think it amends/removes or something
17:32 cait i think it's a comma separated string
17:33 cait bbiab
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18:50 barton|lunch cait: I finally got a chance to test marc import -- it worked fine... so it looks like a configuation issue of some sort.
18:53 drojf i think they are ordered by 'quality'. whatever that may be. completeness. what a weird way to sort
18:57 drojf or maybe that is something different
19:04 JesseM okay I have to run out . bbiab
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19:21 * magnuse gives the evening wave
19:22 * barton takes note of 'the evening wave'. This is a meme he will propagate.
19:29 magnuse yay
19:29 * magnuse likes memes
19:34 drojf and now yo are one
19:34 drojf you
19:40 magnuse ooh
19:50 tcohen bye #koha
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20:16 rangi morning
20:19 magnuse evening
20:19 Dyrcona afternoon. :)
20:21 magnuse ooh, rangi and Dyrcona - now you get to argue about who should merge the Dyrcona-branch of NCIPServer into master ;-)
20:23 rangi heh i probably should, its just a matter of getting time
20:23 magnuse :-)
20:23 * magnuse will send some round tuits when gets around to it
20:24 Dyrcona heh
20:24 Dyrcona They seem to be in short supply.
20:24 magnuse btw last thing i did on friday was i managed to turn a RequestItem call into a hold in koha - man that felt good :-)
20:25 rangi yay!
20:26 Dyrcona yay!
20:26 magnuse looks like our norwegian version of ncip will need some tweaking - i am thinking maybe a separate set of xml templates will tke care of a good chunk of it
20:27 rangi most likely
20:27 rangi i wonder if they will send the actions in norwegian instead of english
20:27 Dyrcona I pondered that, like how to configure something like that for different vendors, etc.
20:27 rangi its perfectly valid according to the standard if they did
20:27 rangi which is why i hate ncip :)
20:28 Dyrcona It's not the only reason, I'm sure. ;)
20:28 magnuse found another small problem too
20:28 magnuse[…]616f;hb=HEAD#l176 should probably be
20:29 magnuse $result = { success => 0, messages => {'ITEM_NOT_FOUND' => 1} };
20:29 magnuse similar to line 159
20:29 magnuse i *think* we are sticking to english
20:30 Dyrcona rangi will probably hate me, too, after he works out the merge. I changed a lot when it comes to the interfaces.
20:31 magnuse yup, we are using english for the content/actions. but it might not be the same words as others, of course...
20:34 rangi yeah
20:34 rangi magnuse: that whole will get rewritten when the restful api comes along further
20:35 rangi but thats a wee way away, so patching it now is good
20:35 rangi Dyrcona: it'll be fine, i rarely hate anyone :)
20:35 magnuse oh, to replace the direct use of subroutines with the rest api?
20:35 rangi exactly
20:35 magnuse ah, interesting!
20:35 rangi then it can sit on a sep machine etc
20:36 rangi that was always part of the plan, but not enough hours in the day to do the api and the ncip server
20:36 magnuse hehe, yeah
20:36 magnuse i hope the rest api has enough wind in its sails to really get somewhere
20:36 magnuse opl are very interested, at least
20:37 rangi i think it will
20:37 rangi its actually easier to write/test than it seems
20:37 rangi because we know how it should behave
20:37 rangi ie, its not a new feature, just a new interface
20:37 magnuse true
20:38 rangi and with Test::WWW::Mechanize
20:38 rangi we can write the tests first
20:38 rangi and code until it passes :)
20:38 magnuse woohoo
20:39 magnuse Dyrcona: do you have a need for having the ils as a ncip client, sending out requests to ncip servers?
20:39 Dyrcona Not right now, no.
20:40 magnuse i do
20:40 magnuse any thoughts on how you would do it?
20:40 magnuse as part of the ils, or as part of ncipserver or as another free standing thing?
20:41 Dyrcona Not sure. I'd probably start a new project.
20:41 magnuse ok
20:41 Dyrcona That might be harder to plug in different backends.
20:41 magnuse ok?
20:42 Dyrcona Well, like, how NCIPServer is supposed to work with Koha or Evergreen or whatever.
20:42 Dyrcona That might be harder with a client. I haven't really thought about it.
20:42 magnuse no problem
20:43 magnuse i still have some time to figure things out :-)
20:43 magnuse writing a client is not very hard though, just a bunch of templates that are POSTed to an endpoint
20:44 Dyrcona Right. I used LWP::UserAgent to smoke test the different requests during development.
20:45 magnuse i have used HTTP::Tiny so far
20:46 rangi i just did this
20:47 rangi curl -X POST -d \@cancelrequestitem.xml --header "Content-Type:text/xml"
20:47 rangi cos im lazy
20:48 Dyrcona heh.
20:48 magnuse i tried to validate the response from ncipserver and got what i thought was a weird result:
20:48 magnuse unknown-1689440:0: Schemas validity error : Element '{}NCIPMessage', attribute 'version': The attribute 'version' is not allowed.
20:48 magnuse unknown-1689440:0: Schemas validity error : Element '{}NCIPMessage': The attribute '{}version' is required but missing.
20:49 andreashm joined #koha
20:49 magnuse it strikes me now that it might be a namespace thing
20:49 andreashm hi all
20:49 Dyrcona magnuse: It is a namespace thing.
20:49 magnuse tjänare andreashm
20:49 andreashm tjenare magnuse
20:50 * magnuse loves it when people who have koha as their dayjob turns up outside office hours
20:50 * cait waves
20:50 cait andreashm: still fighting off the cold - you are still a suspect! :)
20:51 magnuse Dyrcona: you wouldn't happen to know how to fix it?
20:51 Dyrcona 1) Don't validate the output.
20:52 magnuse lol
20:52 Dyrcona 2) alter the xsd so the namespace is not required.
20:52 andreashm cait: oh I'm perfectly innocent (*cough, cough*)
20:52 Dyrcona 3) Add the namespace in the templates.
20:53 Dyrcona I played with 2 and 3 while testing, and found I preferred 2, but your vendor may complain.
20:55 bag magnuse  (nuckles dood) HI
20:56 magnuse yeah, we are a bunch of vendors trying to create interoperable systems - adherence to the xsd is one of the things we have agreed on
20:56 andreashm magnuse: how's the ncip/ill work going?
20:56 magnuse bag: HI & knuckles
20:56 magnuse andreashm: just getting started
20:56 andreashm magnuse: sounds like fun. =)
20:57 magnuse yeah, it is interesting
20:57 * andreashm is waiting for tomorrow and the Koha roundtable talks at the National Library.
20:57 magnuse ah yes, that will be interesting!
20:57 cait oh!
20:57 andreashm magnuse: indeed
20:58 magnuse andreashm: will you report live on irc? :-)
20:59 andreashm magnuse: eh... probably not. bad at keeping notes and talking at the same time. so I'll stick to the talking. =)
21:00 andreashm I'll get Viktor to do that! =)
21:00 cait sounds like a plan :)
21:00 andreashm cait: not sure Viktor will see it the same way though.
21:01 cait hm what about...whoever is not talking in the moment has to report on irc? :)
21:01 magnuse hehe, worth a try :-)
21:25 magnuse have fun #koha!
21:25 rangi cya magnuse
21:35 mtj hi all
21:36 mtj hey rangi, have you got a tic?
21:37 mtj ..i wanted to run a patch past you
21:37 rangi yep
21:41 mtj hiya, just pm-ed you a url
21:48 carmen joined #koha
21:53 Callender joined #koha
21:53 magnuse joined #koha
21:56 eythian hi
21:57 cait hi eythian
22:09 mveron joined #koha
22:12 eythian cait: you need to stop finding issues in ES, I think. How will it every get finished if you make me have to stop and fix things? :)
22:13 cait :P
22:13 cait you know it's not my fault that your code is not perfect yet
22:15 eythian I'm amused by your assumption that it will be at some stage :)
22:16 wizzyrea You and your german notions of perfection.
22:16 wizzyrea ^.^
22:16 wizzyrea <3
22:16 dcook hehe
22:16 cait eythian: i am trying to be nice...
22:16 eythian heh
22:16 dcook cait: tell that to my wife
22:17 dcook She doesn't appreciate me correcting things all the time :P
22:17 dcook cait++
22:17 * dcook is super glad that cait is doing it, as dcook has had no time to help with ES :(
22:17 cait dcook: i am not sure eythian would call it helping ;)
22:18 cait eythian: so did you fix everything?
22:18 eythian not yet
22:18 eythian maybe tomorrow
22:18 cait tsk
22:19 wizzyrea if you could come up with a supply of tuits for him, that'd be great.
22:19 wizzyrea round ones are the best.
22:19 cait heh
22:19 cait i have run out.. temporarily
22:19 wizzyrea it seems to be a global shortage
22:21 cait eythian: just let me know when you are ready for more testing ;)
22:21 dcook Need more students :P
22:22 * dcook needs to breed so he has someone to fetch beer and to test patches
22:22 dcook I really hope my progeny never lookup these IRC logs
22:22 eythian cait: sure :) if I'm lucky, the SSO stuff I'm also working on will remain stuck at their end.
22:22 dcook Unless they've just fetched me beer. Then we can laugh about it :p
22:22 cait heh
22:22 eythian haha
22:30 wizzyrea[…]-science-33574555 number 26 :(
22:30 wizzyrea actually, after 26 it kind of goes into rude territory.
22:31 * dcook is scared just to click
22:31 BobB joined #koha
22:31 dcook Slide 26, or #26?
22:31 wizzyrea number 26
22:31 * dcook facepalm
22:31 wahanui somebody said facepalm was a tiny member of the Arecaceae family whose preference for warm, humid environments makes it a perfect choice for cultivation in the human nasal cavity.
22:31 wizzyrea oh, and slide 26
22:31 wizzyrea las 24
22:32 wizzyrea law
22:32 dcook Haha
22:32 dcook Slide 29 does appear to be a thing
22:32 dcook I don't know why...
22:32 wizzyrea because reasons.
22:32 dcook But so many libraries I've worked in... someone has put barcodes and stamps on celebrity foreheads
22:32 dcook It wasn't librarians though as they don't touch the periodicals...
22:32 wizzyrea defacing celebrities is funny? idk.
22:33 JoshB joined #koha
22:34 * dcook shrugs
22:34 dcook I think it was off limits in the Catholic library I worked in
22:34 dcook That was a great library actually...
22:34 dcook The rules were tough but fair :p
22:35 dcook The librarian there was super nice.
22:35 * dcook still would have preferred to wear his hat indoors though
22:35 chrisvella joined #koha
22:36 dcook Hmm, Library Law #19 might have basis in reality..
23:01 papa joined #koha
23:03 papa joined #koha
23:05 chrisvella joined #koha
23:12 dcook joined #koha
23:47 chrisvella joined #koha

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