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02:36 eythian hi
02:36 wahanui hello, eythian
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10:38 mveron @wunder Allschwil
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10:40 mveron @wunder Basel
10:40 mveron No weather in Basel
10:41 * mveron waves to drojf
10:43 drojf hi mveron
10:43 mveron hi drojf :-)
10:43 drojf huginn seems to be on vacation, no weather anywhere ;)
10:44 mveron office weather, then
10:44 * mveron is stil busy with bug 13813
10:44 mveron still
10:47 drojf no bug links either
10:47 drojf that's an impressive list
10:47 drojf how many do you have to do alltogether?
10:48 mveron git grep 'C4::Dates'
10:48 * mveron did not count...
10:50 drojf don't have a git vm running atm, but it must be a lot
10:52 mveron Yes, indeed...
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11:45 tcohen morning
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15:24 mveron @wunder Basel
15:26 mveron ...still no weather... :-)
15:29 mveron drojf: 43 done, 100 remaining...
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18:20 * mveron waves to cait and drojf
18:20 * cait waves back
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19:35 D12 Hi everyone, could anyone please tell me if there is a way to add barcode to all the publications Ive added recently? I have added more than 16000 records and they have no barcode. I cant upload them again. Thanks a lot
19:48 mveron @wunder Basel
20:17 bag @weather 93111
20:18 bag @wunder 93111
20:40 cait hey bag
21:00 cait hm
21:00 cait someone seen this? Cannot open log file /home/katrin/koha-dev/var/log/updat​edatabase_2015-03-15T21:59:53.log: No such file or directory at /home/katrin/kohaclone/installer/ line 332.
21:00 cait it happens when i try to run the web installer
21:08 kivilahtio joined #koha
21:14 cait i traced it to the recent change for plack
21:14 cait left a comment on the bug report - bug 13793
21:16 mveron joined #koha
21:17 BobB joined #koha
21:26 wizzyrea cait maybe you need to set your logdir to something writable by plack in your koha conf.
21:26 cait wizzyrea: plac is not used
21:27 wizzyrea my $logdir = C4::Context->config('logdir'); sorry writable by apache.
21:27 cait it just broke my installation
21:27 wizzyrea or syslog.
21:27 wizzyrea or whatever
21:27 wahanui and ever, amen.
21:27 * wizzyrea is quiet now
21:27 cait you are probably right :)
21:27 cait but i didn't want tomake any changes for now - see if this is a bug someone else could run into as well
21:28 cait maybe we need a follow up or so
21:28 wizzyrea it is, if their logdir they've specified in the config isn't writable by whoever needs to write it.
21:28 wizzyrea whoever = the unix user.
21:29 cait it's trying to write in my normal log file directory
21:29 cait but a file that doesn't exist yet
21:29 cait and maybe from a different user?
21:29 cait the other logs are there and filled
21:30 cait wizzyrea: could i get an opinion on bug 10827 maybe?
21:30 cait hm no wahanui :(
21:31 cait it's a holds related bug
21:32 wizzyrea yeah I'm looking at it.
21:32 cait they propose setting waiting for th enext user when a hold is deleted, but i don't ike it because i think it will cause workflow issues
21:32 cait like you might not notice it needs to go on the shelf
21:33 * wizzyrea is going to have to read that bug several times.
21:35 wizzyrea provisionally, yes, I agree with you.
21:51 eythian hi
21:53 cait morning eythian
21:53 wizzyrea oh, actually I don't think they are proposing setting waiting.
21:53 wizzyrea they agree that setting waiting is a thing that only the library can do by checking in an item
21:54 cait hm
21:54 wizzyrea I think.
21:54 wizzyrea maybe I missed something in the very long thread
21:54 cait i was going from the test plan - comment 31
21:55 wizzyrea yeah that's confusing, because in comment 16 they seem to agree that items shouldn't be marked waiting automatically
21:55 wizzyrea 16 -20
21:58 cait yeah it is confusing
22:03 cait ouch
22:03 cait i put 2 holds on a record with the patch
22:03 cait i checked in one item
22:03 cait now both are marked waiting
22:03 cait andi only have a slip for the first of course
22:09 wizzyrea that seems very very wrong.
22:09 cait yes it is
22:11 cait behaviour is def from the patches - without them all is normal *phew*
22:15 mtj hiya #koha
22:16 cait hi mtj
22:16 mtj ..what do people think about adding more id attribs to the opac, to make customising it easier?
22:18 cait hm touched 3 bugs tonight and failed all of them :(
22:18 eythian mtj: generally a good thing.
22:20 mtj the masthead area could use some
22:21 mtj ..some handy ids thru-out it
22:21 eythian also, appropriate use of classes is good
22:21 eythian I'd really like to get one of our designers doing it, but they're always too busy for something that isn't a client project.
22:22 mtj yep. classes too
22:23 mtj hmm, i might try and work on a starter patch for that
22:29 ngourlay joined #koha
22:31 cait eythian: how is the ES? :)
22:32 eythian cait: coming along, authority searching mostly works, I'm about to make it also work if you want zebra now :)
22:36 cait :)
22:36 cait i tried with the test installation
22:36 cait but it didn't seem to always find the records for an authority
22:36 eythian under what conditions?
22:37 cait sec
22:37 eythian also, that might not be quite up to date
22:37 cait this is an example
22:37 cait http://elasticsearch.koha.cata[…]
22:37 cait it says 0
22:37 eythian oh, I see what you mean
22:37 cait but when you click on it, 2 are found
22:38 cait also had some where it was != 0 but didn't find some
22:39 eythian I haven't looked at the details page yet
22:39 eythian It's probably trying to query zebra
22:39 cait hm i think i saw it happending from the result list too
22:39 eythian (though I don't know why it'd say that there's more than zero in that case)
22:39 cait yeah, something with the search is weird
22:40 cait the first result seems ok, the second not
22:40 eythian I think that the search for counting and the search that gives you results are subtly different
22:41 cait eythian: yeah, but also 2 is wrong i think - it should say 1 and find 1
22:41 eythian yeah
22:41 eythian and it does from the results page
22:42 eythian http://elasticsearch.koha.cata[…]rderby=HeadingAsc <-- eg here, for dowd, though it is quite wrong for harvey
22:43 cait anderson and bear don't give me results here: http://elasticsearch.koha.cata[…]rderby=HeadingAsc
22:43 cait also the sorting of the list is odd
22:43 cait it says should be sorted by heading i think, but it's not
22:43 cait and you can tell me to stop poking it :)
22:49 * cait takes the quiet as 'stop poking it'
22:56 eythian sorry, distracted by phone call
22:56 eythian other problems to try to solve.
23:14 mveron joined #koha
23:24 cait mveron: late :)
23:25 mveron cait: Yes, indeed... :-)
23:25 cait you have been super busy today!
23:25 cait determined to get us the normal date format? :)
23:26 eythian iso8601?
23:27 * mveron was re-testing Bug 13836 - still not passing. Mayby some local problem.
23:27 mveron cait: ...busy since a couple of days...
23:28 * dcook wishes he had an extra set of hands for eating while he typed...
23:28 mveron ...and yes, determined. But I need some support...
23:29 mveron dcook: Green smoothies are very handy...
23:29 dcook Oooh, that's true. I'd just need a straw...
23:29 mveron :-)
23:29 dcook Excellent thinking, mveron :)
23:29 * mveron loves green smoothies.
23:30 cait :)
23:31 cait mveron: hope it gets signed off
23:31 mveron eythian: Bug 13813 (if that was the question...)
23:31 cait mveron: might be something local - maybe language setting?
23:31 cait wahanui: test?
23:31 * wahanui does a testing dance
23:31 cait wahanui: why do you now show us the bugs?
23:31 wahanui cait: no idea
23:31 cait s/now/not
23:32 mveron cait: Or version of Numbers package. But it's late, will re-test 13836 tomorrow
23:32 mveron hmm. today...
23:32 wahanui well, today is Thursday
23:32 cait ok - let me know if i can check something
23:32 eythian wahanui: don't listen to her
23:32 wahanui eythian: i'm not following you...
23:32 eythian wahanui: it's not your job
23:32 wahanui eythian: sorry...
23:32 eythian wahanui: tell her to go find huginn
23:32 wahanui eythian: sorry...
23:33 mveron wahanui: Do you need some days off?
23:33 wahanui mveron: wish i knew
23:33 mveron wahanui: If you do not know, you need some days off!
23:33 wahanui mveron: i'm not following you...
23:33 cait okok
23:33 cait so where is huginn? :)
23:34 mveron wahanui: Get some fresh air!
23:34 wahanui mveron: excuse me?
23:35 mveron Good night everybody...  Ot daytime, what ever yo need  :-)
23:35 mveron Or... (Should put my glasses)
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