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00:24 tcohen night everyone, havea  nice weekend
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07:56 drojf morning
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10:10 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
10:11 drojf even the bot has a weekend
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11:32 kivilahtio drojf: human bots dont
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11:45 drojf kivilahtio: true ;)
11:47 kivilahtio drojf: So what are you working on?
11:49 drojf some kind of evaluation survey thing for my webinar participants, and preparing something to show to a library interested in koha next week
11:49 drojf and you?
11:49 kivilahtio Rewritin the Overdue smodule
11:49 kivilahtio it is a huge load of work :)
11:49 drojf that sounds like a lot of fun ;)
11:49 kivilahtio it is
11:49 kivilahtio very interesting
11:49 kivilahtio I am learning writing Acceptance tests using Cucumber
11:49 kivilahtio[…]:Manual::Tutorial
11:50 kivilahtio I thought I will just rewrite the finding, queueuing and sending parts, but I have to rewrite everything to be able to make test cases
11:50 kivilahtio it is just so shitty to put behaviour into the controller scripts, like
11:51 kivilahtio but my Koha::Object and Koha::Cahce -driven new module will be so cool
11:51 kivilahtio I hope somebody will like it
11:51 drojf i bet they will :)
11:52 kivilahtio but it is very challenging and interesting to rite something to be future -extendable and easily maintainable along the Koha's master
11:53 kivilahtio currentl I am shopping for engagement rings :)
11:53 kivilahtio found a good pair!
11:53 drojf oh. congratulations
11:53 kivilahtio thank you :)
11:54 drojf i want to take a deeper look into translation stuff when i have more time
11:54 kivilahtio drojf: I have some good ideas
11:55 kivilahtio drojf: we should make it possible to translate using the web interface. Like when you are normally using Koha, you could enter into a translation mode where all html would be injected iwth translation identifiers, then we could make changes directly.
11:55 drojf i'd like to hear them :)
11:55 kivilahtio drojf: It would be sooo much better than the current system
11:55 drojf yes i have thozught about that too. that would be very cool
11:55 kivilahtio drojf: Most of the time is spent on looking at the correct transaltion entry in the .po-files
11:56 kivilahtio I donät think it will bee too difficult
11:56 drojf i want disambiguation options
11:56 drojf it's not really nice at the moment
11:56 kivilahtio drojf: also, the .po-files should be more spearated. The same translation keys are shared between many different views and that causes a lot of confusion, especialyl when Koha doesnät respect a uniform terminology for business objects
11:57 kivilahtio we could easily have one .po-file for each template file
11:57 kivilahtio then we would never have to bother with "City" having been translated differently in different contexts
11:59 kivilahtio We could use some kind of a translation bufferin the DB where whe buffer trnaslation changes. and then the misc/  will take the DB buffer and put it into .po-files and update the temnplates
11:59 kivilahtio I think the translator script already extracts the translateable bits, so we can use the same script to analyse template files before printing them to the user and put trnaslation identifiers as element attributes
12:00 drojf there is some kind of context thing too. msgctxt, we just don't use it. i think pootle understands it
12:00 kivilahtio If there was a context-thing, it would be super better
12:00 kivilahtio then we could have everything in one file
12:00 kivilahtio which is a good idea, if we can separate contexts
12:00 drojf i have to see how translations are actually prepared nowadays
12:00 kivilahtio translation tools could more easily auto-translate new strings
12:01 kivilahtio I think we could have a super awesome translation interface in Koha in no time :)
12:01 drojf we would have to see if separating contexts by module or something would be enough. it's hard to giess with ~40 different languages ;)
12:02 drojf *guess
12:02 kivilahtio it would be so awesome to just be able to CRUD directly to the interface
12:02 kivilahtio well atleast the U-part :)
12:03 kivilahtio you could have the original english text as tooltip
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12:04 Oak @later tell cait[…]me-a-wall-of-meme#.cbGvVMEvnl
12:04 kivilahtio gotta start my workday
12:04 kivilahtio nice talking!
12:04 kivilahtio drojf: I hope your presentation goes well.
12:05 drojf i'm not sure how many would use it. it would be cool to check and make quick changes, but i think most larger translation parts are done directly in the po files without web interface, as it takes much longer there
12:05 drojf thanks. goof luck with weekend workday too :)
12:05 drojf *good
12:06 drojf (and the rings ;)
12:06 Oak rings? getting maried?
12:06 kivilahtio Oak: kinda :)
12:06 kivilahtio
12:06 Oak kinda :-D
12:06 kivilahtio I guess I donät have a choice anymore
12:07 kivilahtio its not what you think :)
12:07 Oak heh. congratulations.
12:07 kivilahtio Oak: it is mostly scary
12:08 Oak but totally worth it.
12:08 kivilahtio Oak: I have the feeling :)
12:09 Oak :)
12:09 kivilahtio many people have recommended it for me
12:09 kivilahtio so it must be something quite good
12:10 Oak you'll have to work on it. it's not like getting an icecream.
12:11 Oak but yes. i hear it's the way to go. it's good. first couple of years may be tough.
12:11 Oak "tough" is not the word.
12:11 Oak it'll just need time adjusting to one another.
12:18 drojf caffeine something something *mumbles*
12:24 Oak time for a nap
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13:01 kivilahtio thanks for the tip Oak
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14:53 mveron Hi #koha
15:19 wnickc Hi
15:23 mveron Hi wnickc
15:25 wnickc hi mveron
16:14 kivilahtio bye #koha
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19:56 bag bonjour
19:57 drojf hi bag
19:57 bag hi
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