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00:13 dcook @quote get 123
00:13 wahanui
00:13 huginn dcook: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
00:14 dcook ^so much
00:52 mtompset That was a strange don't drink and drive commercial.
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01:03 mtompset Was that a blip or a kick?
01:03 eythian graviton fell over
01:04 mtompset blip it is. :)
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01:06 dcook eythian++
01:07 dcook For[…]bleshooting_Zebra
01:07 dcook Ran into that "dom./home/robin/koha-dev/etc/zebra​db/biblios/etc/dom-config-marc.xml" thing again
01:07 eythian ah yep
01:07 dcook Nasty that
01:11 mtompset comments are only at the biblio level?
01:15 eythian OPAC comments? If so, yes.
01:15 dcook hmm something else appears to be up as well..
01:16 dcook Hmm needed a Zebra restart as well it seems
01:17 eythian yes, it will need that
01:17 dcook Hmm can not handle -a -x -r?
01:17 dcook This is a non-Debian 3.8 though... so maybe it's just old
01:18 dcook Well, it is old.
01:18 eythian you can't do -a -x iirc
01:18 dcook It looks like you can but you shouldn't :S
01:18 dcook As it won't work
01:19 eythian I think the debian script stuff actively removes the -x for authorities
01:19 dcook I wonder why it can't handle it...
01:19 dcook Zebra limitation?
01:19 dcook Or us limitation?
01:21 dcook Oh well. DOesn't matter atm
01:23 eythian dunno.
01:23 eythian you're the zebra expert.
01:23 eythian @marc 856
01:23 huginn eythian: The information needed to locate and access an electronic resource. The field may be used in a bibliographic record for a resource when that resource or a subset of it is available electronically. In addition, it may be used to locate and access an electronic version of a non-electronic resource described in the bibliographic record or a related electronic resource. (Repeatable) (1 more message)
01:23 eythian @more
01:23 huginn eythian: [a,b,c,d,f,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,​q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z,2,3,6,8]
01:40 mtompset 856? Why is someone looking at 856? :)
01:41 mtompset Thanks for the answer, eythian. :)
01:41 mtompset (regarding comments for OPAC)_
01:41 eythian because I was wanting to know if $CLIENT was using it wrong or if I was going crazy
01:41 eythian turns out it's most likely the former.
01:42 mtompset whispers bug6874 (856$u)
01:42 mtompset :)
01:42 eythian bug 6874
01:42 wahanui bug 6874 is epic
01:42 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6874 enhancement, P3, ---, julian.maurice, ASSIGNED , Attach a file to a MARC record (Was: File upload in MARC)
01:42 eythian no, I don't particularly care about that at the moment.
02:15 eythian @wunder nzwn
02:15 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 24.0°C (3:00 PM NZDT on March 05, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 61%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 29.71 in 1006 hPa (Steady).
02:19 dcook @wunder syd
02:19 huginn dcook: The current temperature in Sydney, New South Wales is 23.0°C (1:11 PM AEDT on March 05, 2015). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Steady).
02:20 dcook Whoa
02:20 dcook That's different
02:20 eythian not raining there?
02:20 dcook Nopes
02:20 dcook Blue skies
02:20 dcook As for authorities, it's a Koha thing rather than a Zebra thing with the authorities :p
02:20 dcook At least, that's how it seems to me
02:21 dcook At a glance
02:21 * dcook is happy enough just not using -x
02:21 dcook More emails to go so no time to look into it too much
02:21 eythian I'm not surprised, I don't expect that zebra sees biblios and authorities as particularly different things
02:21 dcook Only if there are config differences in the files, me thinks
02:53 mtompset Okay. bug 1985 is back in order. :)
02:53 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1985 enhancement, P3, ---, olli-antti.kivilahti, Needs Signoff , Email notification of new OPAC comments
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03:33 * Francesca waves
03:33 Francesca hi #koha
04:19 eythian hi
04:19 wahanui hey, eythian
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04:46 mtompset Did I say 1985 was in order before? I went on a coding spree with it. It's really in order now. Wheeeeeee! :)
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05:22 Francesca rangi are you around?
05:28 eythian Francesca: he went home a while back, so it's possible but unlikely.
05:30 dcook Haven't seen rangi around heaps lately... mind you I've been super busy lately myself..
05:32 eythian he's been here, but we're super flat out
05:33 dcook Full moon... just saying
05:33 dcook Seems to be a thing
05:34 eythian hmm, my watch doesn't have phase of the moon on it.
05:34 * dcook should start tracking support calls against full moons
05:34 eythian I should fix that.
05:34 dcook I think it's a full moon tonight
05:34 dcook So tonight should be the worst?
05:34 eythian though, in our case, we've been busy since the start of the year.
05:34 dcook Well, there have been several full moons...
05:34 dcook :p
05:34 dcook Nah, it's been a rather busy time for a while now
05:34 eythian that's how homeopathy started, dcook.
05:34 dcook Did you know that kinesiology is crazy?
05:34 dcook Or rather, "applied kinesiology"?
05:35 dcook Since "kinesiology" is actually biology and physics?
05:35 dcook I feel like we've talked about this before..
05:35 dcook Probably around a previous full moon
05:35 dcook ;)
05:35 eythian I don't really know what applied kinesiology does
05:36 dcook Nor do you want to
05:36 dcook I'd love to know why trying to remove a restriction is causing all sorts of chaos in my 3.14...
05:36 dcook It's due to a local mod though so I'll just have to stumble about on my own
05:37 eythian "Koha Gruppo Italiano" always sounds like the title of a song to me.
05:38 dcook I read it as "Koha Grappa Italiano", so I think of alcohol
05:41 eythian never enjoyed grappa
05:41 dcook Me either
05:41 eythian but I've only tried it once
05:41 dcook I've only ever tried the home-made stuff I think
05:41 dcook I don't know how I'm not blind
05:42 Francesca I shall leave you incredibly busy people to it....I'm supposed to be working on a uni assignment
05:42 Francesca But its much more fun staying and chatting here
05:42 eythian Francesca: enjoy :D
05:43 dcook It is more fun staying and chatting here :)
05:43 Francesca see ya later eythian, dcook, #koha
05:43 dcook I swear it keeps me sane sometimes
05:43 dcook laters Francesca
05:43 eythian bye
05:43 dcook I'm coming for ya..
06:12 mtompset dcook: keeps you sane? Dude, you're already nuts. :P
06:17 dcook It's true... #koha does drive me nuts sometimes :p
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06:18 drojf morning #koha
06:19 dcook hey drojf
06:19 drojf hi dcook
06:23 mtompset Greetings, drojf.
06:23 mtompset by the way, before I leave. Why did you say you were going after :)
06:24 mtompset ^you^dcook^
06:24 dcook No concern of yours :). It's a local issue.
06:24 drojf hi mtompset
06:25 mtompset how do you know it isn't non-local? :P
06:26 dcook Oh, I'm fairly sure. Admittedly, I need to investigate it more, but it's for a client with a particular local change. Everyone else seems fine who doesn't have that local change.
06:26 dcook Ergo, fairly certain. But, I'll let you know :p
06:26 dcook Could certainly be wrong
06:27 drojf we all want that local change now :P
06:27 dcook But it's 5:26pm and I should've left approximately 26 minutes ago
06:27 dcook drojf: Haha. It requires a lot of changes before it would be community worthy
06:27 mtompset Okay. Well, I beat 1985 into submission, it's 1:26AM and I should have been in bed 1.5 hours ago. :P
06:27 dcook I'm also not sure it's actually implemented 100% correctly, but I wasn't in charge of that momd...
06:27 dcook mod*
06:27 drojf it's only 5:26pm, lots of time ^^
06:27 dcook hehe
06:27 dcook Errands and chores to do :p
06:28 drojf :)
06:28 dcook I think we have dinner guests tomorrow, so need to whip the house into shape
06:28 mtompset Have a great day (24 hour period), everyone. #koha dcook drojf. :)
06:28 dcook laterz
06:28 drojf see you mto
06:28 * dcook still isn't gone yet though :p
06:28 drojf too fast
06:28 dcook Having issues restoring a 3.14 database...
06:28 dcook Not sure whether that's a mysql permissions thing or a data thing or what..
06:28 drojf why? local changes? *hides*
06:29 dcook hehe
06:29 dcook You never know..
06:29 drojf you should :P
06:29 dcook hehe
06:30 dcook I'm not the only one who manages the systems
06:30 dcook Which means sometimes I find things in a bit of...
06:30 dcook Well just unexpected configurations
06:30 dcook Like permissions accidentally being revoked and such
06:30 dcook I wanted that to be the problem now, but I don't know..
06:30 drojf teamwork will do that :D
06:30 dcook Yeah, damned teamwork! :p
06:33 dcook The permissions in MySQL look OK... so not sure why it's not working..
06:36 dcook Hmm... think I have an idea now..
06:36 dcook Yay one down!
06:38 drojf :)
06:39 drojf so what was the problem?
06:39 dcook Not 100% on the MySQL one
06:39 dcook I often use the GUI tools for doing backups/restores
06:40 dcook I imagine there was something that wasn't being dropped properly so when it went to do the restore it ran into a conflict of some kind
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06:40 dcook I think it was foreign key related in some way
06:41 dcook Actually, yeah...
06:41 dcook I think it tried to drop something which shouldn't be dropped until after another table is dropped or some such
06:41 dcook Should drop before doing a restore anyway..
06:41 dcook yo cait
06:41 cait hi dcook
06:41 dcook And the other problem is definitely local... and related (of course)
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06:43 dcook Hmm, I see
06:43 dcook if ( $ENV{HTTP_REFERER} =~ /moremember/ ) {
06:44 dcook It's not coming from moremember though... so it's getting redirected undesirably
06:44 dcook I think I'll just have ot fix that local mod... (which is an Athens authentication thing)
06:44 dcook Wanted to work on that for a whiel now...
06:44 dcook Anywho, home time!
06:44 dcook later cait and drojf :)
06:45 drojf see you dcook
06:45 drojf hi cait
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06:48 cait1 hi drojf
06:48 cait1 not totally awake yet
06:48 drojf coffee? :)
06:55 cait1 eythian++
06:55 cait1 drojf: ew
06:55 drojf mate? :D
06:58 cait1 they are all drinking it now here
06:58 cait1 it's spreading fast
06:58 cait1 tcohen brought a lot of yerba
07:00 drojf heh
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07:37 marcelr hi #koha
07:38 drojf hi marcelr
07:38 marcelr hi drojf
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08:21 matts hi !
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08:43 bag bug 12399
08:43 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12399 minor, P5 - low, ---, veron, Passed QA , opaccredits printing at top on printable version
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09:08 BibIN helo i watched this video and it talks about the possibilety to add bib number as matching roles ... how can i do that ?
09:10 dpavlin Joubu: I think that Bug 13789 is ready -- it also fixed sort by in interanet which was broken because of bad encoding, so I feel good about it :-)
09:10 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13789 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, dpavlin, Needs Signoff , facets with accented utf-8 characters generate double encoded links
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09:13 Joubu dpavlin: ok :)
09:14 Joubu dpavlin: did you test with different versions of Encode?
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09:38 Joubu khall: What about my comment on bug 12357?
09:38 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12357 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Enhancements to RIS and BibTeX exporting
09:39 BibIN Helo i dont find this (found it in documentation) Record matching rules are used when importing MARC records into Koha.  Get there: More > Administration > Catalog > Record Matching Rules
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09:41 tcohen morning!
09:42 BibIN morning
09:47 nengard BibIN, maybe you don't have permission to access the administration area?
09:47 drojf BibIN: what version of koha are you running?
09:47 drojf ah good point. what nengard says
09:47 nengard or that ^^
09:47 drojf :D
09:47 nengard jinx :)
09:47 BibIN
09:47 drojf :)
09:47 BibIN did find the rules
09:48 BibIN probably have to add field 999 $d to add bibnumber
09:48 BibIN or not :OP
09:53 BibIN might be $c
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10:29 matts Hey everyone ! Both CAS patches (12887 and 13507) are now signed-off and are waiting to be QA'ed ! Save the kittens ! :)
10:31 magnuse nice!
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11:08 magnuse khall: re: bug 10937. trello says "Kyle Hal moved this card from Needs QA to "Assigned / Failed QA", but the status on the actual patch is "Signed off"
11:08 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10937 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, maxime.beaulieu, Signed Off , Option to hide and group itemtypes from advanced search
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11:12 nengard magnuse it was probably a mistake ;)
11:15 magnuse nengard: as long as we get it right in the end... ;-)
11:15 nengard khall doesn't have sounds on his laptop so he never checks here
11:15 nengard :)
11:28 magnuse nengard: ah, would you mind poking him about it?
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12:23 jenkins_koha Starting build #642 for job Koha_Docs (previous build: FIXED)
12:24 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #642: SUCCESS in 3 min 12 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/642/
12:24 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: testing
12:30 magnuse_ the followup on bug 12291 is an easy signoff :-)
12:30 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12291 minor, P5 - low, ---, fridolyn.somers, Needs Signoff , Replace the acronym HTML tag with abbr
12:33 nengard_ @later tell bernardo I have created a 3.18 branch for the manual - can you email me the new links to the HTML files I can't find them in my emails
12:33 huginn nengard_: The operation succeeded.
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12:46 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #643: FAILURE in 10 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/643/
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12:48 nengard_ morning meliss
12:48 meliss morning nengard_
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12:54 alex_a khall: Rest API with Raisin (If you want to take a look):[…]s/raisin_rest_api
12:55 khall alex_a: I'll take a look at that!
12:56 alex_a thx
13:00 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #644: STILL FAILING in 10 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/644/
13:10 nengard dpavlin now you can sign off for me :)
13:15 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #645: STILL FAILING in 10 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/645/
13:19 nengard No it's not!!!
13:19 nengard :)
13:19 nengard All I did was add a space :) it can't be failing
13:30 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #646: STILL FAILING in 10 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/646/
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13:36 nengard dpavlin, 13795
13:38 bag dpavlin: done
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13:40 dpavlin bag++
13:40 magnuse git bz attach is giving me this: UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xe2 in position 656: ordinal not in range(128)
13:41 bag you got skillz magnuse
13:41 magnuse is there anything that can be done, except reovme the offending char from the commit message?
13:42 cait1 update your git-bz!
13:42 cait1 yay academy students!
13:45 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #647: STILL FAILING in 10 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/647/
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13:49 magnuse thanks cait1 and academy students!
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14:00 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #648: STILL FAILING in 10 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/648/
14:10 alex_a akafred, my email:
14:14 francharb good morning all
14:15 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #649: STILL FAILING in 10 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/649/
14:16 francharb khall, hi! Has anyone already translated your offline circulation tool in french?
14:22 jenkins_koha Starting build #650 for job Koha_Docs (previous build: STILL FAILING -- last SUCCESS #642 2 hr 1 min ago)
14:22 jenkins_koha Yippee, build fixed!
14:22 wahanui o/ '`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`
14:22 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #650: FIXED in 1 min 27 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/650/
14:22 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: Revert "testing"
14:22 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: test
14:22 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: Revert "test"
14:22 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update for 3.20
14:30 Joubu dpavlin: please don't hate me, I found another bug...
14:33 khall francharb: I don't believe so, but I'd be willing to help if you want to try!
14:33 cma joined #koha
14:33 francharb khall, yes I want to!
14:34 khall francharb: there is a tool for translating qt5 applications call Qt Linguist. The documentation for translating qt5 apps starts here:
14:36 francharb khall, cool. I'll start from here.
14:36 magnuse bug 12488 needs some attention from someone who knows their mysql. it makes the -d switc on unusable
14:36 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12488 trivial, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , -d option should use DELETE instead of TRUNCATE
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14:43 Joubu fredericd: around?
14:56 dpavlin Joubu: is it too much to ask for another look at Bug 13789 ? ;-)
14:56 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13789 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, dpavlin, Needs Signoff , facets with accented utf-8 characters generate double encoded links
14:57 Joubu dpavlin: of course, I will :)
14:58 dpavlin Joubu: please break it again (if you can ;-)
15:00 Joubu dpavlin: Are you enjoying to fix unicode issues? :p
15:00 dpavlin sure! by now it's almost masohistic pleasure....
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15:16 Joubu dpavlin: sorry, it works
15:17 dpavlin Joubu++
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15:32 jenkins_koha Starting build #310 for job Koha_Master_U14 (previous build: SUCCESS)
15:34 jenkins_koha Starting build #321 for job Koha_Master_D7 (previous build: SUCCESS)
15:34 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 11395: DBRev <[…]205a5ae9f22754de4> / Bug 11395: A control field is a field with tag < 10 <[…]519a9039cdc87222a> / Bug 11395: Raise an alert if control field is used <[…]ff;h=1079f971e3bc
15:38 jenkins_koha Starting build #298 for job Koha_Master_D6 (previous build: STILL FAILING)
15:44 jenkins_koha Starting build #246 for job Koha_Master_U12_MariaDB (previous build: SUCCESS)
15:44 jenkins_koha Starting build #321 for job Koha_Master_U12 (previous build: SUCCESS)
15:44 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 13635: Unimarc - On editing a notice, the title should be displayed <[…]ac44bba223d891610>
15:58 Joubu It would be nice if someone from the QA team has a look at bug 10363. khall and me cannot do it...
15:58 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10363 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , There is no package for authorised values.
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16:06 jenkins_koha Starting build #322 for job Koha_Master_D7 (previous build: SUCCESS)
16:12 jenkins_koha Starting build #311 for job Koha_Master_U14 (previous build: SUCCESS)
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16:27 drojf pretty quiet today *whispers*
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16:35 talljoy drojf: ssshhhhhhhh
16:36 talljoy jcamins you in today?
16:36 drojf oops :/
16:36 drojf :D
16:36 talljoy heh
16:37 jcamins As much as I ever am.
16:37 talljoy heh
16:37 talljoy is there an rfp or bz ticket for working other "Linker Options"?
16:37 jcamins Nope.
16:38 talljoy i got a library keenly interested in that.
16:38 jcamins I added that because adding hooks early is generally a good idea.
16:39 talljoy ill pitch a development to her then.  see if she bites.
16:40 talljoy thanks jcamins!
16:41 talljoy did the 'broader term' linker option ever get fixed?  i understood it did not work perfectly.
16:41 jcamins It never worked at all.
16:41 jcamins It wasn't really supposed to, either.
16:41 jcamins I mean, not for LCSH.
16:42 jcamins It worked fine for what it was designed for, which was non-precoordinated headings where authority control was only on $a.
16:43 jcamins (this isn't how LCSH works, for anyone who can't follow my stream-of-consciousness responses)
16:44 talljoy right.
16:44 talljoy so for a local subject heading it would work?
16:44 jcamins Most likely.
16:45 talljoy ok.  i may set up a test site for her to look a this.
16:45 talljoy thanks!
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17:05 talljoy joubu are you in?
17:18 cait gone for beer
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19:44 wnickc 3VSPI025529875
19:44 wnickc hah, this is not for checking in
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21:17 rickx hi guys
21:18 rickx could someone tell me how can I include a subfield of  the more_subfields_xml in the holding information OPAC
21:23 rickx must be entered as code directly in the file?
21:29 rickx I see that in the file in the module cataloging staff, this is no problem because they show everything through a FOREACH item_loo IN item_loop
21:41 rickx someone who can help me
21:41 rickx ??
21:41 eythian hi
21:41 pianohacker joined #koha
22:10 rickx ??
22:14 wnickc Hi rickx
22:14 rickx Hi wnickc
22:15 wnickc I think a lot of people are at the heckfest in Marseille so no in the right time zone to help
22:15 wnickc I don't knwo the answer off the top of my head, but would suggest trying the listserv whenever you can't find someone available in here
22:15 wnickc lists?
22:15 wahanui try 'listserv', wnickc
22:16 wnickc listserv?
22:16 wahanui try 'mailing list', wnickc
22:16 wnickc mailing list?
22:16 wahanui mailing list is at[…]ha-mailing-lists/
22:16 wnickc takes me three tries every time
22:17 eythian haha
22:17 rickx I understand thank you very much for the info
22:22 BobB[…]_bug.cgi?id=11395
22:22 huginn Bug 11395: new feature, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Batch modifications for records
22:22 BobB woot woot!
22:23 BobB joubu ++
22:26 dcook :D
22:32 JesseM joined #koha
22:33 dcook is sure an interesting file...
22:33 dcook Half-way between a service and a regular script...
22:34 eythian there's a few that do both
22:34 dcook It seems to do neither?
22:34 dcook You throw some parameters at it, and then depending on the HTTP_REFERER, it will redirect to another page
22:35 dcook I suppose I do have a script like that..
22:35 dcook Well, except the HTTP_REFERER bit
22:35 eythian ah referer. The most misspelt and unreliable of headers.
22:35 dcook hehe
22:36 pianohacker O_o
22:37 * pianohacker offers chocolate and the desperate pleas of a frazzled 22 year old to push bug 12272 so we can avoid such craziness in the future
22:37 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12272 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jweaver, NEW , Refactor C4::Service API into Koha::Service class
22:37 dcook ^
22:37 dcook Yeah, I'd love a proper Koha::Service class
22:38 dcook pianohacker: You should've gone to France!
22:38 * eythian grumbles about having to rewrite his stuff
22:38 dcook eythian: That would be frustrating :(
22:38 eythian eh, necessary anyway
22:38 eythian not the end of the world.
22:38 pianohacker dcook: next year, when I'm no longer in school
22:38 cait joined #koha
22:38 eythian hi cait
22:39 eythian go to bed.
22:39 cait hi eythian
22:39 dcook Yeah, necessary, but I feel those grumbles
22:39 cait heh soon
22:39 dcook pianohacker: :D
22:39 * dcook hopes Australia makes him a permanent resident so that he can travel abroad again some day
22:39 pianohacker eythian: yeah... the old class was written by some numbnut who hated OOP, so backward compatibility isn't really an option
22:39 eythian heh
22:39 pianohacker but services in the new API are really pretty :)
22:39 eythian yeah, that's good :)
22:40 eythian dcook: you can't even go to NZ?
22:40 pianohacker hi cait
22:40 cait hi pianohacker :)
22:41 dcook eythian: Nopes :(
22:41 eythian bugger
22:41 dcook I suppose I could if I spent a bunch of money on special temporary visas
22:41 dcook But that's just... nope
22:41 eythian yeah
22:42 dcook Oh well. I think the minimum waiting period will have elapsed in a month
22:42 eythian <-- neat music video
22:42 dcook So hopefully I'll hear back between 1-4 months from now...
22:42 eythian ah right
22:42 pianohacker wait, what? You can't leave the country if you're not a resident?
22:42 dcook pianohacker: Not while my PR is being considered
22:42 dcook It's... weird
22:42 pianohacker how does that work? And were you denied on your last application?
22:42 dcook Nope
22:42 * pianohacker wonders if the US is the same way
22:42 dcook It's complicated
22:43 eythian I think it's a rule to ensure you're sticking it out, and not doing it for other reasons, or something like that.
22:43 eythian I guess.
22:43 pianohacker ^ immigration law? naw
22:43 dcook At the moment, I have two visas
22:43 dcook I'm allowed to leave on one, but not on the other
22:43 pianohacker *blinks* ow
22:43 eythian a lot of visas aren't reentrant, too
22:43 dcook If my visa were declined, the visa I'm allowed to leave on would be removed I think
22:43 eythian that's pretty common
22:43 dcook But the other one, which you're given when y ou apply for PR, doesn't let you leave
22:43 dcook Or it gets removed
22:43 dcook So if I leave the country and my application is declined, I'd have to leave immediately
22:43 pianohacker eythian: yeah, guess it does makes sense for that. Just had never heard of that
22:44 pianohacker dcook: fingers crossed, then.
22:44 dcook eythian: that is a neat video
22:44 dcook pianohacker: No doubt
22:44 dcook As is, if it's declined, I'll have 30 days to do something
22:44 dcook But it'll probably be accepted
22:44 dcook But anything is possible, right?
22:45 dcook The uncertainty blows... and then start thinking about it from the perspective of people who aren't educated, don't have English as a first language, etc.
22:45 dcook Immigration is hard :/
22:45 pianohacker yeah...
22:45 dcook But worst comes to worst, I still come from a pretty rad country :)
22:46 dcook And there's always another application
22:46 dcook So not the end of the world :)
22:46 dcook Actually, while on the topic, American emigrants have it the worst
22:47 dcook They get taxed on world wide income in America even after they've emigrated
22:47 dcook I'm sure most if not all must be covered by foreign tax credits, but still...
22:49 wizzyrea only two nation-states in the world tax the worldwide income of their residents. one is a fascist state run by lunatics, the other is eritrea.
22:50 dcook hehe
22:50 wizzyrea s/residents/citizens/
22:50 chrisvella joined #koha
22:50 pianohacker that always threw me for a loop... would you have to renounce your citizenship or something to avoid that?
22:51 * dcook thinks that's how that goes
22:51 pianohacker jeez.
22:51 wizzyrea yes, you would have to do that
22:51 wizzyrea and then face a lifetime of being hassled at the border to the US
22:52 wizzyrea and it used to be pretty cheap, $500, to renounce
22:52 wizzyrea now it's something like 13k
22:52 eythian wow what?
22:52 pianohacker what?!
22:52 pianohacker that's asinine
22:52 dcook Wow...
22:52 eythian Early termination fee? :)
22:52 wizzyrea haha
22:53 wizzyrea it may not be that much. I don't want to spread misinformation - let me look it up
22:53 dcook But misinformation is the best!
22:53 dcook At least that's what I was told...
22:54 wizzyrea In 2008, Congress enacted the Heroes Earnings Assistance and Relief Act that imposes a penalty—an "exit tax" or expatriation tax—on certain people who give up their U.S. citizenship or long-term permanent residence.[35] Effective June 2008, U.S. citizens who renounce their citizenship are subject under certain circumstances to an expatriation tax, which is meant to extract from the expatriate taxes that would have been paid had they
22:54 wizzyrea remained a citizen: all property of a covered expatriate is deemed sold for its fair market value on the day before the expatriation date, which usually results in a capital gain, which is taxable income.[36] Eduardo Saverin, a Brazilian-born co-founder of Facebook, renounced his U.S. citizenship just before the company's expected initial public offering; the timing prompted media speculation that the act was motivated by potential U.S.
22:54 wizzyrea tax obligations.[27]
22:54 pianohacker _wow_
22:55 wizzyrea oh sorry, it's 2,350 up from 450
22:55 wizzyrea plus whatever you have that could be taxed as above.
22:55 dcook Mmm Canada has the capital gains tax as well
22:55 pianohacker still $2350 higher than it should be
22:55 dcook Yay for being poor!
22:55 wizzyrea you guys elected them. :P
22:56 pianohacker weren't you in the US in 2008? ;)
22:57 wizzyrea Yep, but not in 2012
22:57 pianohacker ah okay
22:58 pianohacker That is really rather spectacular. The foreign taxation stuff also can't be much fun for you or trea...
22:58 wizzyrea there are agreements between certain nations
22:58 wizzyrea it's not terrible.
22:58 wizzyrea for NZ
22:58 pianohacker ah, I guess that's something :/
23:01 dcook Same with Aus
23:01 dcook Although it can be tricky for students
23:01 dcook Like...
23:01 dcook While I was considered a Canadian resident, I made income in Australia and paid tax in Australia
23:02 dcook That was considered taxable income in Canada, but because there's a tax treaty, I could claim foreign tax credits
23:02 dcook But... the tax agency took my student tax credits before the foreign tax credits...
23:02 dcook And student tax credits are super valuable...
23:03 dcook So I was annoyed by the tax folks taking all my student tax credits when it would have actually been fair if they took the foreign tax credits
23:03 dcook ... I may have also considered studying international tax law after working at a private law firm that had a sizeable tax department...
23:03 dcook The amount of resources available on "tax shelters" is staggering
23:04 JoshB joined #koha
23:13 dcook Interesting... checkauth() things you're in the opac unless you tell it you're not...
23:13 dcook hmm
23:14 dcook And doesn't say it's in the intranet...
23:19 dcook Hmm is only used in "koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/​includes/"
23:20 dcook So I'm thinking it's an intranet only script...
23:20 dcook And since it's using checkauth() rather than the service auth... I'm just going to sneak in a little "type => 'intranet'" into that bad boy...
23:20 dcook Or whatever the equivalent is..
23:22 dcook Ahh... master already has it
23:22 dcook master++
23:22 dcook @master
23:22 huginn dcook: I suck
23:22 dcook @karma master
23:22 huginn dcook: Karma for "master" has been increased 1 time and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 1.
23:23 * dcook really needs to check master more often...
23:23 dcook oleonard++
23:24 pianohacker oleonard++
23:24 dcook Seriously, oleonard is a champion
23:24 dcook He needs to inherit a fortune so that he can tour the world and not be so far away though :p
23:24 dcook Or win the lottery
23:24 dcook That would work too
23:32 dcook eythian might like these:
23:32 dcook "Teen pregnancies drop significantly after age 19."
23:32 dcook "Skydiving without a parachute is a once in a lifetime experience."
23:57 wizzyrea @wunder nzwn
23:57 huginn wizzyrea: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 20.0°C (12:30 PM NZDT on March 06, 2015). Conditions: Light Rain Showers. Humidity: 78%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 29.24 in 990 hPa (Steady).
23:57 wizzyrea light rain. oh weather underground you are funny.
23:59 dcook @syd
23:59 huginn dcook: I've exhausted my database of quotes
23:59 dcook @wunder syd
23:59 huginn dcook: The current temperature in Sydney, New South Wales is 22.0°C (10:39 AM AEDT on March 06, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 22%. Dew Point: -1.0°C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Steady).

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