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00:00 dcook Yep, clear as
00:00 pianohacker okay, it's time to log out for the day... good night koha
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00:14 wizzyrea later
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00:36 dcook Who doesn't love debugging Java...
00:37 rangi everyone
00:37 wahanui i think everyone is doin' the hot new dance the Cracked Out Kitty Tail Shiver
00:37 dcook It burns us, precious
00:37 dcook "Oh, I want to make this one little change. Guess I need to re-compile my whole app..."
00:37 dcook Template change at that..
00:37 dcook Actually, I'll cut off the rant there :p
00:40 eythian
00:40 eythian dcook: everything in javaland should do incremental compiling
00:40 eythian ant and eclipse both do, I know that.
00:41 dcook Hmm, I had heard of eclipse doing that, that's true..
00:41 eythian actually, I'm now not 100% sure on ant. It's been a long time since I've used it on anything big.
00:42 dcook I'll keep that in mind for next time
00:43 dcook I'm hoping I can fix this just with configuration..
00:43 dcook Hmm, nearly there..
00:47 dcook Yay, configuration solved it for today
00:58 eythian ttps:// <-- woah
01:00 dcook That's sweet there is a time parameter!
01:05 dcook Jeez...
01:13 ibeardslee wow
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02:34 * Francesca waves
02:35 eythian hi
02:36 Francesca hey eythian
02:37 Francesca hey range I've got hea-app cloned to my desktop now
02:37 Francesca ahh rangi sorry
02:37 Francesca stupid auto-correct
02:38 Francesca how do I get hea-app up and running?
02:38 eythian Francesca: he's not here atm, may be online later, not sure
02:38 Francesca oh right
02:39 Francesca thanks eythian
02:39 Francesca I'll stick around for a bit and see if he comes online
02:40 wizzyrea Francesca: tehre's a wiki page somewhere about it lms if I can find it
02:41 Francesca right
02:45 wizzyrea yeah the readme on github is all you've got. Even I'd have to just sit down and work out how to get that going.
02:45 Francesca I googled it and couldn't find the wiki page
02:46 Francesca it just brings up all the github stuff
02:49 Francesca is this the right page[…]ohaUsageStat_RFC?
02:55 wizzyrea yeah, but it's not helpful
02:56 wizzyrea if we were to figure out how to do it, we would want to be sure that we wrote down the steps
02:56 wizzyrea and put it on the hea wiki on github
02:56 wizzyrea or on the koha wiki somewhere
02:56 wizzyrea because it could use some documentation
02:57 wizzyrea also, if you can pop in after 8-9 pm tonight
02:57 wizzyrea you mght be able to catch the french folks who wrote it
02:57 wizzyrea and they could help (if you can't catch rangi)
02:57 Francesca hmm
02:58 Francesca I'll stick my head back in later and see if I can catch ether rangi or the people who wrote it
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03:04 Francesca see you later, for now. I might come back later
03:11 wizzyrea ttyl :)
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04:36 * Francesca waves
04:36 Francesca I'm back
04:36 Francesca anyone know if rangi is online?
04:46 dcook Haven't seen 'im since this morning
04:46 dcook online that is
04:47 dcook But I've barely been here myself..
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05:23 dcook hey ashimema, papa
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07:22 drojf good morning #koha
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07:41 matts hellow !
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07:54 bag @later tell frido[…]hobbit-esque.html
07:54 huginn bag: The operation succeeded.
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08:18 Joubu1 hi #koha
08:18 Joubu1 since bug 11395 is pushed, it could be nice to see bug 13606 tested :)
08:18 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11395 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Batch modifications for records
08:18 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13606 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Batch modification for records is limited to ~500
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08:36 cait good morning
08:36 cait akafred: did you have a good trip back home?
08:36 cait ashimema: are you alive again?
08:41 akafred cait: Yes, thank you, very uneventful trip :-) But still took 8-9 hours door-to-door.
08:41 cait ah, about the time it will take me too :)
08:42 matts cait, cait cait, what about using your CAS skills this morning ? :)
08:43 cait i have to work on something else first
08:43 cait but it's on my list
08:43 cait after lunch maybe? I will be around all day today, leaving tomorrow
08:43 matts Meow (says the CAS kitty)
08:43 matts Oh, I'm leaving right after lunch
08:44 cait oh
08:44 cait ok, just let me look at this thing first ok?
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08:45 matts cait, no problem. First things first :)
08:46 matts hi andreashm. Here is the quite rare Separation Split-Cd :
08:46 matts[…]e/release/3766749
08:46 nlegrand hey #koha!
08:46 matts
08:47 * Francesca waves
08:47 nlegrand cait what is the difference between bug 13647 and bug 13558 ?
08:47 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13647 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , On-site checkouts: Allow library to specifiy due date
08:47 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13558 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , In-house checkouts: optionally allow library to choose due date
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08:47 Francesca hello #koha
08:47 andreashm matts: merci
08:47 Francesca is there anyone here who ether works on hea-app or knows how to set it up?
08:47 matts And if you wanna drop an ear to what I do, it's there, andreashm :
08:48 fridolin hie all
08:50 cait Joubu: ^ Francesca
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08:51 Joubu Francesca: yes, me. Did you have a look at the wiki page?
08:51 Francesca I found a wiki page
08:51 Francesca but it didn't have any info on how to set it up once you clone it to your desktop
08:52 andreashm matts: listening now
08:55 Francesca Joubu:  this is the page I was on earlier[…]ohaUsageStat_RFC?
08:56 andreashm matts: this is the band I was talking about yesterday.[…]tic-Terror-Attack
08:57 matts andreashm, okay, will listen ! There also was a band with 13 something ?
08:57 andreashm And this:[…]r/release/2760578
08:58 andreashm Oh yeah, DS-13
08:59 andreashm[…]3-Demon-System-13
08:59 matts Oh, Fireside, okay, I've some songs of them from this compilation :[…]n/release/3788138
08:59 Joubu Francesca: yep
08:59 Joubu Francesca: you need to clone the 2 repos
08:59 Francesca I think I've got one cloned
09:00 Francesca whats the other one?
09:00 wahanui the other one is more of a surprise (second ed of a quite famous book on GPS)
09:00 Joubu hea-ws is used to upate the data, hea-app is the wabapp
09:00 Joubu webapp
09:00 Francesca ok
09:00 Francesca I have hea-app
09:00 Francesca I'll just clone hea-ws
09:04 andreashm matts: sounded really good - I'm impressed!
09:04 matts andreashm, by the Separation Split-CD ?
09:06 andreashm no, your music!
09:06 andreashm I'll save the seperation songs for later.
09:07 fridolin HFK15 : i propose to work on GRS1 removal this morning
09:08 fridolin we need some librarians
09:08 fridolin (we have cookies)
09:08 matts andreashm, oh, that's nice to hear, thanks :)
09:09 drojf matts: like it too, good start in the day :)
09:10 Francesca Joubu: I've got both cloned
09:10 matts \o/
09:10 Francesca how do I get it set up and running on my desktop now?
09:16 Viktor If I was hypothetically preparing to hire a dev that for something like 6 months that might not have worked with Koha before - how specific do you think I should be with what he/she should know?
09:17 Viktor Is Perl, SQL, HTML(5), CSS, jQuery enough?
09:17 Viktor (Besides being comfortable in a LAMP environment)
09:17 bag fridolin:[…]hobbit-esque.html
09:17 Joubu Francesca: you need to create the database and create the schema (inserting schema.sql in the hea-ws repo), then start the webservice and the app
09:18 Francesca uhhhh not sure I know how to do that but ok
09:19 fridolin bag: Awosome :D
09:19 fridolin (awesome)
09:19 Joubu Francesca: sorry I won't have the time to provide a step by step instructions today
09:20 Francesca no worries
09:20 Francesca I might see if I can catch rangi tomorrow or something
09:20 Francesca I'm about to head to be anyways
09:20 fridolin HFK15 : change, i will work this morning on Koha+ArchLinux
09:21 Francesca night #koha, Joubu thanks for your help
09:22 drojf Viktor: i think that depends a lot on what you want the person to actually do :)
09:24 Viktor drojf True :) I'm planning to have this hypothetical person do some increasingly large patches + signing off on others patches
09:25 Viktor drojf But I'm also thinking that some of the things that might require better knowledge of Koha could be done by regular Koha vendors.
09:26 drojf Viktor: but i suppose you have some specific things in mind. like, certain aspects/features of koha. not all parts need the same aount of knowledge of the same stuff.
09:26 drojf sorry i think i'm talking gibberish, need more caffeine :D
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09:28 drojf well yes, you might be better off paying people that work with koha on a regular basis if it is only a short time employment (like 6 months) anyway
09:29 Viktor drojf: I'm sort of hoping to get someone that could to some of the things that take me to long to do by myself since I'm not really a programmer.
09:29 drojf or you grow some koha offspring that you plan to keep someone for longer :)
09:30 drojf lol i really can't write :D
09:30 Viktor The sneaky side of the whole thing is of course to get more people up on the market here so people feel more secure using Koha :)
09:31 Viktor And since I plan to use both regular Koha-vendors and to hire someone I think I can use whatever strenghts the one we hire have.
09:31 drojf i should expand to sweden ^^
09:32 Viktor Maybe you should :)
09:32 drojf Viktor: btw are you going to joensuu in may?
09:33 Viktor I want to in order to talk to people. But since it's a quite general program I might decide it's not worth the trip.
09:35 Viktor But I've hinted at people who want to have an introduction that they should go.
09:35 drojf for me it would also be more about meeting some koha people. and a nice trip north :) not sure yet
09:36 Viktor Going to the hackfest was very nice. Both for working besides some really skilled people and the social dimension. It was also the first time I met Stockholm university, Oslo and Vaara at the same time :)
09:37 drojf yeah. i could not go to marseille unfortunately. and i can't afford a trip to nigeria. so finland would be kind of the only koha trip that may be possible for me this year
09:38 Viktor Then it sounds like a good plan. Meeting the people is anyway half the point of going somewhere.
09:38 drojf indeed
09:40 Viktor BRB
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09:43 mveron Hi #koha
09:43 drojf hi Viktor
09:43 drojf hmpf
09:43 drojf sorry
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09:43 drojf hi mveron
09:43 Viktor Hi mveron
09:43 drojf to use autocomplete, start with the right letter :D
09:44 mveron Hi Viktor and drojf
09:44 mveron :-)
09:44 mveron @wunder Allschwil
09:44 huginn mveron: The current temperature in Wetter Allschwil, Allschwil, Switzerland is 7.6°C (10:44 AM CET on March 06, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 52%. Dew Point: -2.0°C. Windchill: 8.0°C. Pressure: 30.66 in 1038 hPa (Steady).
09:45 mveron me /was reading back - is there more imformation about Joensuu?
09:46 * mveron should put his glasses...
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09:46 mveron Hi cait :-)
09:48 cait hi mveron :)
09:48 cait Viktor: hm but you want a local person, right?
09:48 mveron Still in Marseille?
09:49 cait not sure if that's a thing, but maybe contibutions to other open source software projects? (but Koha might be too specific)
09:49 cait finding someone with perl knowledge might already proof a little hard :)
09:49 cait mveron: leaving tomorrow morning :(
09:49 drojf mveron: i don't know much. kivilahtio said it's going to be one day in english, one in finnish and one day a trip to nature ;) and the audience is going to be libraries, but we could do some (english language) fun things too. just not sure how many people from here are actually going
09:49 Viktor cait: Yes I'm afraid that even Perl might be a bit steep so additional demands might make it hard to get applications
09:50 Viktor cait: But they don't have to be local as long as he/she is prepared to travel here a few times for meetings.
09:50 mveron cait: I'm sorry that I could not make it to Marseille. Maybe I go to Joensuu instead.
09:50 * drojf would travel to sweden ^^
09:50 * bag too
09:51 cait sweden for kohacon? :)
09:51 bag YAY
09:51 cait i think Europe next year could be an options
09:51 drojf could?
09:51 mveron Kohacon in the North would be nice! (But in Sommer time...)
09:51 cait last one was edinburgh, than we had US, Argentina... and now Nigeria
09:52 Viktor A Europe event would be great.
09:54 andreashm Someone (possibly more than one) from Stockholm Univ will go to Joensuu at least.
09:54 drojf andreashm: cool
09:55 Viktor We might not have much money next year, but trying to apply for it might be worth a shot.
09:56 Viktor We do a somewhat large nordic conference here every third year so I think we have people that could help organize.
09:57 andreashm cait: I see stuff has happened to bug 12768... is it in QA now, and I should stop looking at it?
09:58 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12768 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, simith.doliveira, Signed Off , Replacement cost and processing fee management
09:58 Viktor Looks like it andreashm - sweet!
09:58 drojf i'd like a kohacon above the arctic circle. with northern lights please :)
09:59 andreashm (I still want to tinker a little, and look at some things... so I understand... how do I update the patch in git?)
09:59 Viktor I think it should be git checkout -b testing12768 to create a new branch
09:59 andreashm (and yes, I'm to tired to go over and ask... my head hurts) =)
10:00 Viktor And git bz apply 12768 to install the patch on the new branch
10:00 andreashm I already have it installed since before... just redo git bz apply then?
10:01 Viktor andreashm: I see. Then I'm out of my depth :)
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10:01 cait andreashm: checking
10:01 Viktor No swimming in the deep end :) Even if I tend to fool around trying to figure things out and break my git insall
10:02 cait andreashm: best would be to create a new branch - easiest
10:02 cait and apply the changed patch
10:02 cait andreashm: and you shouldn't party os hard :)
10:02 andreashm ah ok, thanks. should be able to do that. (damn that pastis)
10:02 drojf and delete the old branch if you dont need it anymore. or you will end up having a million of those
10:03 drojf "git branch -D branchname" i think
10:04 Viktor That was way pragmatic :)
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10:09 mveron cait: What do you think, has Bug 4041 a chance to make it for the next release?
10:09 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4041 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, veron, Signed Off , Address Format as a I18N/L10N system preference
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10:10 andreashm no, my brain is not working. how do I get off the brnach first (so I can delete it later)?
10:11 mveron andreashm: git checkout master
10:11 andreashm ah, too easy. thanks!
10:11 mveron :-)
10:12 Viktor running "git branch" or "git status" also gives you interesting information without switching.
10:12 mveron ... and git diff
10:13 drojf andreashm: if you create a new branch you should automatically be switched to that one
10:13 cait mveron: i think good, we still got a lot of time
10:13 cait andreashm: but before creating a new one, always switch back to master first :)
10:14 mveron andreashm: git grep 'string to find' is helpfull as well while working on patches
10:14 andreashm I created a new one without going back to master... oh well, guess I'll delete that one and make a new one after (*noob troubles*)
10:15 cait andreashm: it will be alright :)
10:15 cait git branch (list your branches) git branch -D branch names... will delete branches
10:15 cait i am also too lazy to alk over to you ;)
10:15 wahanui okay, cait.
10:15 * mveron struggled with git as well. Cait helped a lot. Cait ++
10:15 drojf switch back to master before switching to another branch? why?
10:16 andreashm cait: good, then we are at the same wave-length! =)
10:16 cait drojf: before creating a new one
10:16 cait because else you will branch out from the one you were on
10:16 drojf i don't think i do that ^^
10:16 cait do you do git branch -b checkout origin/master? i always leave off the last bit
10:16 drojf ah but i create branches with git checkout -b name origin/master
10:16 cait ah yeah
10:16 drojf oh yes
10:16 cait then you don#t need to switch back
10:17 drojf you scared me for a second :D
10:17 cait timtowdi
10:17 drojf :)
10:18 cait iam actually going to ventour out to qa cas patches now
10:18 cait wsih me luck
10:18 mveron Good luck, Cait :-)
10:19 nengard dpavlin, if you want .... you can sign off on the new patch on 10703
10:19 nengard :)
10:20 andreashm best of luck, cait!
10:21 cait thx!
10:22 clrh cait: I think you will like my last twit ;)
10:29 cait clrh++
10:39 nlegrand cait: hey! are you here?
10:39 cait yes :)
10:39 cait i like the idea to have a circulation rule for on-site
10:39 cait but i am also working on a patch to make it possible to set the date individually - first step
10:39 wahanui okay, cait.
10:39 nlegrand cool :)
10:40 nlegrand cait: if we can have the circulation rule we are very interested by bug 13558 or bug 13647
10:40 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13558 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, RESOLVED DUPLICATE, In-house checkouts: optionally allow library to choose due date
10:40 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13647 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Failed QA , On-site checkouts: Allow library to specifiy due date
10:40 cait i think htis could be a first step
10:40 cait and then we could also have a circ rule
10:41 cait for setting the standard due date it uses when yo not manually change it
10:41 nlegrand cait: if you're not on it, I can try it :)
10:41 cait i am on it right now :)
10:41 cait jonathan failed me (with good reason)
10:41 nlegrand cool :)
10:41 matts cait++ :)
10:41 cait but i am going to make a follow up
10:42 nlegrand cait: which one is the good bug? 13647 I guess?
10:42 nlegrand Ha !
10:42 cait ....47
10:42 nlegrand didn't see the duplicates :)
10:42 nlegrand Ho already a patch?
10:42 nlegrand sorry, i should open my eyes more :).
10:42 nlegrand going to try it then ^^
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10:45 cait nlegrand: failed qa, wait a little longer for my follow up :)
10:46 nlegrand ^^
10:47 matts cait, did you try the smallest patch also ?
10:48 cait i am getting distracted
10:48 cait but i am working on getting there
10:48 cait impatient!
10:48 matts :)
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11:01 clrh I would be glad to hear how you feel the use of trello for this hackfest #hfk15 - should we keep it for next year ?
11:03 cait clrh: i like it
11:03 cait but maybe we need to remind people about using it a bit more :)
11:04 matts clrh, trello is great for hackfest imho
11:05 matts It really allows to keep track of what is being worked on
11:05 matts and have a big picture
11:06 clrh cait: yeah
11:06 clrh 33 cards done and I see a lot of moves
11:07 clrh I think the calendar and "due date" was use a little (not for everything but it was a way to say "I want to talk about this tomorrow)
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12:08 pastebot "Joubu" at pasted "# uncomment me if you want to" (8 lines) at
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12:57 bag @later tell ashimema[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7736  I’m looking forward to signing off on that bug - as long as you all fix up those few little spots :)  Thanks man!
12:57 huginn bag: The operation succeeded.
12:57 huginn Bug 7736: new feature, P5 - low, ---, colin.campbell, Failed QA , Edifact QUOTE and ORDER functionality
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13:02 gaetan_B bye all, see you next year in Marseille !
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13:26 francharb good morning
13:35 sophie_m hello francharb :)
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14:51 mveron Hi again...
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15:13 clrh Needs Signoff... -> 46
15:13 clrh Signed Off...... -> 7
15:13 clrh Passed QA........ -> 31
15:13 clrh Failed QA....... -> 14
15:13 clrh Doesn't apply.... -> 5
15:13 clrh In Discussion... -> 8
15:13 clrh differences between begin and end of the week :)
15:16 dpavlin hooray for everybody involved!
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15:52 brendan_ I got some power back
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15:59 brendan_ yay we are under 100 bugs needing signoff :)  Good week hackfesters
15:59 mveron Marseille ++
15:59 brendan_ over 200 kittens saved :)
16:00 * drojf saved 9 kittens without even being there :D
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16:01 drojf woah cait saved about a million
16:03 brendan_ I’m not sure the scoreboard is up to date either
16:05 drojf it seemed pretty laggy
16:07 drojf @later tell jcamins i assume you are not working on bug 5362 anymore? ;)
16:07 huginn drojf: The operation succeeded.
16:08 cait drojf: it's not automated - rangi updates it at night
16:09 drojf oh. he carries all the kittens around manually? that must be the cutest job ever :D
16:10 jcamins bug 5362
16:10 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5362 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, NEW , Simple (non-MARC) cataloging interface
16:10 jcamins That is correct.
16:11 drojf and sad
16:12 jcamins Using a MARC-based ILS for non-MARC data doesn't make sense, really.
16:18 drojf having a simple interface that turns "normal" fields into MARC to use it in a MARC-based ILS does make some sense to me
16:20 jcamins It doesn't make no sense, but a non-Koha interface ultimately made way more sense.
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16:33 * magnuse waves from TRD
16:34 drojf the raisin doughnut? that sounds great
16:34 brendan_ hi magnuse
16:34 brendan_ @wunder TRD
16:34 magnuse brendan_: HI
16:34 wahanui kia ora, magnuse
16:34 huginn brendan_: The current temperature in Trondheim, Norway is 7.0°C (5:20 PM CET on March 06, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 49%. Dew Point: -3.0°C. Windchill: 4.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Falling).
16:34 brendan_ @wunder boo
16:34 huginn brendan_: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 4.0°C (5:20 PM CET on March 06, 2015). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 1.0°C. Windchill: -1.0°C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009 hPa (Steady).
16:34 brendan_ @wunder sba
16:34 huginn brendan_: The current temperature in Santa Barbara, California is 10.0°C (7:53 AM PST on March 06, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 59%. Dew Point: 2.0°C. Pressure: 30.17 in 1022 hPa (Rising).
16:34 magnuse that's not very hot?
16:35 brendan_ not very hot
16:35 mario joined #koha
16:36 brendan_ @wunder 93111
16:36 huginn brendan_: The current temperature in Eastern Goleta Valley, Santa Barbara, California is 16.3°C (8:36 AM PST on March 06, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 36%. Dew Point: 1.0°C. Pressure: 30.17 in 1022 hPa (Rising).
16:36 magnuse comfortable
16:36 brendan_ weird magnuse 93111 is like 1 KM from SBA
16:37 brendan_ gut there is a 6.3 diff ?
16:37 brendan_ odd
16:37 magnuse well, if the interwebs says it, it's gotta be true!
16:37 brendan_ oh well - how much longer till you are home magnuse ?
16:37 brendan_ hi mario
16:38 mario Hi brendan_
16:38 magnuse hi mario
16:38 mario hi magnuse
16:39 magnuse brendan_: 6 more hours, almost
16:39 magnuse mario the wine guy, eh? someone has been singing your praises :-)
16:39 brendan_ yes mario is THE wine guy
16:39 mario oh man
16:40 brendan_ wow magnuse long day
16:43 * cait waves to magnuse
16:44 brendan_ hi cait
16:46 * magnuse waves to cait
16:46 cait magnuse: home yet?
16:46 cait we are going to leave the office soon, it's very sad
16:46 magnuse brendan_: yup. left the hotel at exactly 07
16:46 cait having a last crepes dinner later tho
16:47 magnuse cait: nope, waiting at trondheim airport
16:47 cait brendan_: see ya later
16:47 cait aaah
16:47 cait safe travels!
16:47 magnuse at home at maybe 23:20
16:47 magnuse thanks
16:47 cait left #koha
16:47 magnuse you too
16:47 magnuse and enjoy the crepes, folks!
16:48 magnuse nso = 100. yay!
16:49 mveron cait: best crepes are with goat cheese and fig jam  :-) I had it in Sothern France a couple of years ago...
16:49 brendan_ hmm I thought it was under 100 magnuse
16:49 * brendan_ checks
16:50 brendan_ man went back up
16:53 magnuse ouch
16:53 magnuse 100 is stil pretty good
16:53 magnuse the wiki says 101 at the end of the hackfest, btw
16:54 brendan_ maybe around 3pm it was 99
17:01 magnuse ooh, should have ended it then :-)
17:02 * magnuse will try to get the odd signoff done now again
17:02 magnuse if we could round up some funds to pay someone to test things like bug 5010 then that would be excellent
17:02 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5010 normal, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , Fix OPACBaseURL to include protocol
17:02 brendan_ on it!
17:02 * magnuse would chip in
17:02 magnuse yay!
17:03 brendan_ well raising funds part
17:03 brendan_ :P
17:05 mveron magnuse and brendan_: Dashboard says 100 at the moment...
17:06 drojf heh that's a nice test plan there on that bug
17:15 magnuse drojf: feel free to dig in ;-)
17:25 * magnuse needs some food, bbiab
17:26 mveron Good daytime, #koha
18:06 wnickc joined #koha
18:09 brendan_ heya cait or dpavlin - ginny is a little slow - so we will probably be like 10~15 minutes late
18:28 wmnickc joined #koha
18:29 magnuse joined #koha
18:37 * magnuse waves again
18:40 * wmnickc waves back
18:43 amyk joined #koha
19:26 ashimema_ joined #koha
19:30 magnuse kia ora ashimema
19:43 * magnuse wanders off to catch the last plane home
20:38 hector joined #koha
20:44 hector hi koha community. Just testing the IRC with ChatZilla
20:46 hector hi mveron are you ther yet
20:48 meliss joined #koha
20:52 drojf hi hector, seems to work :)
21:08 hector hi drojf, yepp work properly
21:09 cjh joined #koha
21:14 brendan_ joined #koha
21:17 cjh joined #koha
21:29 brendan_ joined #koha
21:45 hector left #koha
22:14 cabber joined #koha
22:14 cabber driving me nuts - how to comment out lines in reports?
22:15 cabber have tried /* ...*/, #, two dashes, but no luck ...
22:18 wmnickc -- with a space afterwards works for me
22:19 wmnickc so does /* ... */
22:20 cabber hmmm ... not for me. the code is at the end of the report but wouldn't have thought that should matter. will try moving it
22:20 wmnickc mine is too, just commenting out the WHERE statement
22:20 wmnickc worked with all three
22:21 cabber nope, didn't work
22:21 wmnickc koha/mysql veersion?
22:23 cabber 3.16.04 /  Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.1.73
22:24 wmnickc me too
22:25 cabber oh well :-)  will put in a ticket to bywater ...
22:32 wmnickc where's your library cabber?
22:34 wmnickc oh, missed him
22:36 drojf1 joined #koha
22:37 edveal Anyone have a few minutes to help me pars through some jQuery that is full of html single and double quotes alone with a coupe of apostrophes? My eyes are crossing!
22:39 wmnickc I'll help if I can
22:40 edveal http://paste.koha-community.or[…]submit=Format+it!
22:40 edveal Thanks wmnickc
22:41 drojf left #koha
22:42 edveal wmnickc I think it is in the link portion.
22:43 edveal I found it.
22:44 wmnickc at the link?
22:45 wmnickc I was just staring, see how you got lost
22:46 wnickc joined #koha
22:58 wnickc bye #koha
23:22 JoshB joined #koha

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