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00:22 eythian @wunder nzwn
00:22 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 22.0°C (1:00 PM NZDT on March 04, 2015). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 69%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011 hPa (Steady).
00:44 wizzyrea dcook - see facebook
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00:53 dcook wizzyrea: Hmm?
00:53 wizzyrea GO GO
00:53 dcook What is it that I'm looking at?
00:53 dcook Ah, there's another notification..
00:53 dcook Haha
00:53 dcook I'm not allowed to leave the country :p
00:53 wizzyrea noooooo
00:53 dcook Otherwise... it would be oh so tempting
00:53 wizzyrea oh right.
00:53 wizzyrea curses.
00:53 dcook Is it the sort of thing trea would be interested in?
00:54 dcook Or is Mogwai too mainstream? :p
00:54 wizzyrea he doesn't know mogwai (neither do I)
00:54 wizzyrea LOL!
00:54 dcook O_o
00:54 dcook I thought trea knew everything about all music!
00:54 dcook Letting me down here trea
00:54 wizzyrea ... I'm sure he'd be flattered to know that you thought that.
00:54 wizzyrea he does know uncommonly much.
00:54 dcook I was led to believe in the past that he was a omniscient musically :p
00:55 dcook It was a good show
00:55 dcook Only time I've ever used ear plugs in my life though
00:55 dcook Of course, I probably should've used them for many many other shows when I was younger...
00:55 eythian I always use earplugs
00:56 dcook eythian: You're a wise person
00:56 dcook What on earth was I just doing...
00:56 * dcook can only think "Mogwai is playing in Wellington" now...
00:57 wizzyrea mua ha ha ha ha
00:57 dcook wizzyrea: Scottish post-rock for what's that worth
00:57 wizzyrea post-rock means next to 0 to me :P
00:57 dcook Good lights too. I usually dislike the light shows at concerts, but it was pretty good
00:57 wizzyrea < saw orbital once, not sure I've gone to a superior show since.
00:58 dcook Man I haven't listened to orbital in ages... need to revise my playlist
00:58 wizzyrea
00:59 dcook Man, KEXP is the best
01:00 dcook This is one of my favourites:[…]atan/2qhIZZ?src=5
01:00 dcook It's over 16 minutes long though... so it's a bit of a thing
01:00 wizzyrea *can't talk, listening to orbital*
01:00 dcook Much shorter but also great:
01:00 dcook Hehe
01:00 * dcook puts on orbital too
01:01 dcook Oh nose!
01:01 dcook Friend of a friend's radio show is going on right now...
01:02 wizzyrea also dj'ing from ipads. I may never get used to that.
01:02 dcook Boo FBi radio... why does your online music player fail me...
01:04 eythian anything that's not a link to a .m3u, .ogg, .mp3, or similar is probably a failure by default.
01:04 * dcook shrugs
01:04 dcook Found a different link which worked
01:04 dcook
01:07 dcook Oh! C4::Auth... that's what I was going to look at
01:21 eythian[…]config-generator/
01:22 rangi oh cool
01:22 eythian on of these days we should use that to update the ssl config on our sites
01:22 rangi myup
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02:15 eythian[…]y-to-be-believed/ <-- ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
02:16 wizzyrea lolllll
02:20 eythian 3.16.08 packages published
02:35 eythian[…]will-shut-june-1/ <-- what the shit
02:35 eythian oh, there's a migration path.
02:36 eythian new master packages uploaded
02:36 rangi annoying
02:36 rangi thats where i keep all my stuff
02:36 eythian yeah, me too
02:36 rangi ah well, at least its agpl3
02:37 rangi maybe ill just set up my own instance
02:37 rangi gitlab isn't horrible at least
02:37 eythian I've never actually used it
02:38 rangi they use it at waikato uni
02:38 wizzyrea aw
02:38 rangi its kinda opencore which i dislike
02:39 rangi and MIT expat license
02:40 rangi yeah i think ill set up my own gitorious .. or at least try
02:44 rangi also kinda glad we kept our own git server for koha
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02:54 dcook Yeah, I'd been thinking about looking more at Gitlab and Gitorious...
02:54 dcook I use Gitolite at the moment for my own servers..
02:56 dcook Ah, Gitlab runs on top of Gitolite?
02:58 rangi we run gitolite for
02:58 rangi its really solid
02:58 dcook I certainly have no complaints
02:58 rangi the only issues we run into is lack of ram
02:58 rangi but thats not it's fault
02:58 gmcharlt ... tends to be its downfall :)
03:27 eythian[…]p-spocking-5-bill <-- dcook
03:36 * Francesca_ waves
03:36 rangi hi Francesca_
03:36 Francesca_ Virtual machine up and running now
03:36 rangi cool
03:37 Francesca_ mouse started working after managing to install ubuntu
03:37 Francesca_ any websites that need doing?
03:38 Francesca_ I might just go and do some stuff on the dashboard otherwise
03:38 rangi your first task would be to get hea running on the virtual machine
03:38 Francesca_ hmmm
03:38 rangi
03:38 Francesca_ how would I do that?
03:42 Francesca_ Just gotta set up a ssh key first
03:42 Francesca_ and then I can clone it to my desktop in the vm
03:43 * wizzyrea is surprised you need an ssh key to clone
03:43 rangi well you'll want the key to push your changes eventually
03:43 wizzyrea I don't use gitorious though.
03:43 wizzyrea much.
03:44 rangi what you want to do is fork it in github first
03:44 rangi then clone your fork
03:44 wizzyrea oh github
03:44 * wizzyrea is doubly surprised
03:44 rangi  <-- like aleisha did
03:46 Francesca_ I have a fork in github
03:46 rangi cool
03:46 rangi so yep set up your ssh key
03:46 Francesca_ I already had one from last time
03:46 rangi and then clone it using that
03:46 Francesca_ just setting up the ssh key now
03:46 rangi sweet
03:46 * Francesca_ really needs to install irc in the vm
03:46 rocio left #koha
03:47 Francesca_ right key set up
03:47 Francesca_ just adding it now
03:48 eythian xchat is a pretty easy to work with IRC client.
03:49 Francesca_ yeah
03:49 eythian the vm will probably be most useful if you fullscreen it and pretend OSX doesn't exist.
03:49 Francesca_ I already have an irc client for mac
03:49 eythian[…]k-html-is-an-std/
03:49 Francesca_ so currently I am switching between mac and the vm so I can talk here
03:50 eythian yeah, I'd install xchat to stop hopping back and forth all the time :)
03:50 wizzyrea Francesca_: you should know that eythian gives very good advice.
03:50 wizzyrea :)
03:51 Francesca_ definantly
03:51 Francesca_ I'm just installing x-chat for the vm now
03:51 wizzyrea coolio
03:51 Francesca_ then I can fullscreen and pretend that mac doesn't exist
03:51 wizzyrea it's really gonna be easier on you that way :D
03:51 eythian also, that way you don't have to deal with OSX being annoying and maccy :)
03:52 wizzyrea hehehe
03:52 Francesca_ lol
03:53 Francesca_ I shall return when x-chat is installed
03:53 wizzyrea farewell, sweet francesca
04:00 francesca joined #koha
04:00 * francesca waves
04:00 francesca I'm back
04:01 rangi and im leaving :)
04:03 francesca see you later
04:04 dcook I keep thinking I used to use xchat..
04:04 dcook Then switched to Hexchat for some reason
04:05 francesca I had to use hexchat on windows cas x-chat isnt free for windows
04:05 dcook Ah, that's it
04:05 francesca but I'm using x-chat azure or something for mac
04:05 * dcook has a windows machine at work
04:05 * dcook waits for the boo-hiss
04:05 eythian boo-hiss
04:05 dcook :)
04:07 francesca I'm back on xchat now for my vm
04:08 dcook wizzyrea: I think you need to have a SSH key set up if you're using ssh to clone?
04:08 eythian
04:08 dcook I work with Github so infrequently that I can't recall my setup..
04:08 dcook Maybe I do have it as HTTPS to clone and SSH to push..
04:09 dcook bahah
04:09 francesca I thought you needed ssh to clone and push
04:09 dcook It's very possible
04:10 francesca but i usually work with gitorious so not totally sure
04:11 dcook Hmm, looks like I have it setup to use SSH for both
04:11 francesca thats what I've go I'm pretty sure
04:14 dcook Mmm left over quesadillas
04:15 eythian wahanui: sidewalk is a footpath for crabs
04:15 wahanui OK, eythian.
04:16 dcook O_o
04:16 * francesca is amused at what you can do with the bots
04:16 mtompset joined #koha
04:16 dcook Bots are pretty great
04:17 francesca definantly
04:17 mtompset No, you're great, dcook. :P
04:17 dcook Whoa, I almost confessed personal nerd stories about bots back in the '90s
04:17 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
04:17 dcook yo mtompset
04:17 eythian wahanui: boten anna
04:17 wahanui eythian: huh?
04:17 dcook Thanks for the compliment :p
04:17 * francesca waves at mtompset
04:17 mtompset Greetings, francesca dcook eythian. :)
04:17 dcook Actually, there was a trivia bot I used to interact with in the '90s which was rather great
04:17 dcook It's how I learned how to type quickly
04:17 * dcook got annoyed by everyone else typing the answers he knew before he could type them out :p
04:18 mtompset I know I could have written a better test plan, but adding "var and" to a bunch of things doesn't get my test plan writing juices flowing.
04:18 mtompset Anyone want an easy patch? :)
04:18 * francesca is waiting for brackets to install
04:18 mtompset bug 13787
04:18 eythian wahanui: boten anna is <reply>
04:18 wahanui OK, eythian.
04:18 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13787 minor, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , Clean up noisy koha qa tool warnings
04:19 * dcook looks at his inbox and thinks that bugzilla is going to have to wait a while
04:19 eythian dcook: there's a video for you
04:19 mtompset I know a bot!
04:19 mtompset Great video.
04:21 francesca question: does anyone know how you copy the contents of an ssh key to clipboard using a terminal window command?
04:21 eythian you just cat the file
04:21 eythian ~/.ssh/ most likely
04:22 francesca cat the file?? not sure I understand
04:22 eythian then select it with the mouse
04:22 eythian cat ~/.ssh/
04:22 eythian assuming that's the filename
04:22 francesca that did it
04:22 pianohacker back
04:23 dcook Whoa! pianohacker: isn't it like bazillion o'clock?
04:23 pianohacker still 4 or 5 hours until bedtime :)
04:23 dcook 9:23pm, eh? Perhaps not bazillion...
04:23 dcook You go to sleep much later than I do O_O
04:23 dcook On a week day at least...
04:24 francesca pianohacker: I like your username
04:24 pianohacker joys of being a college student... both sarcastically in that I have a lot to do and non-sarcastically in that tomorrow begins at noon
04:24 pianohacker thanks francesca :)
04:24 francesca how does one hack a piano I wonder
04:24 eythian axe
04:25 pianohacker I always like to think the piano is electric
04:25 dcook hehe
04:25 dcook eythian: Or chainsaw
04:25 francesca ahhh I acidentally fullsized my terminal window
04:25 dcook My wife almost persuaded me to get a piano for our place, as it was being threatened by people with chainsaws
04:26 dcook Alas, I refused. I'm sure the piano never even knew it had been hacked.
04:26 francesca lol
04:26 eythian I helped move a piano once. It was quite a mission
04:26 francesca how do I make the terminal window shrink?
04:27 francesca oh its ok
04:27 francesca I unshrunk it
04:27 dcook eythian: My sympathies go to past you
04:27 dcook It looked like it would've been quite the ordeal
04:28 dcook We also have really narrow stairways
04:28 * dcook didn't want to go
04:28 dcook Also, neither of us play the piano
04:28 dcook Just saying
04:28 pianohacker you don't see professional refrigerator moving companies, or professional mattress moving companies, but people can make good money moving pianos just because it's so much work
04:28 pianohacker (and so easy to mess up)
04:28 mtompset Greetings, pianohacker
04:28 pianohacker yo mtompset
04:28 francesca pianos are hard to move
04:28 francesca my piano came from auckland
04:28 pianohacker especially long distances, with humidity and whatnot
04:29 pianohacker what kind of piano?
04:29 mtompset I think dcook and pianohacker use the same greetings script. :P
04:29 dcook mtompset: O_o
04:29 francesca the poor movers then had to cart it up a steep path and several steps
04:29 dcook Ah
04:29 dcook I see
04:29 pianohacker mtompset: O_o
04:29 dcook lol
04:29 * mtompset laughs.
04:29 francesca pianohacker: piano is a bernstein
04:29 mtompset So which one of you is Anna? :P
04:30 pianohacker upright or grand?
04:31 francesca upright
04:31 francesca we don't have anywhere enough room for a grand
04:32 pianohacker yeah... or possibly the floor strength :)
04:32 francesca hmmm quite possibly
04:32 pianohacker My piano teacher had a Steinway concert grand that was a joy to play on (still the best piano I've ever played) but required special floor supports to be installed
04:33 francesca wow
04:33 francesca my dad has a kawai upright
04:33 francesca I prefer the bernstein which lives at my mums
04:33 francesca but theres a really nice grand (or baby grand) yamaha (I think) that lives at the music school
04:34 francesca thats the best piano I've played so far
04:34 pianohacker I haven't played on either brand, but there are definitely some uprights that sound a lot tinnier and harpsichordy than others
04:34 pianohacker yeahhhhh I've heard yamaha makes great grands
04:34 * francesca is installing git
04:34 pianohacker for now, I'm sticking to my halfway decent casio weighted electric...
04:34 francesca Sweet
04:34 francesca hea-app is all set up now
04:35 francesca sounds cool
04:35 francesca I have a keyboard in my room
04:35 francesca the piano at my mums was lucky. it was my grandfathers, left to my aunt but she didnt have the space at her flat in auckland so it came to me
04:36 pianohacker what kind? (and hea-app sounds cool, I heard mutterings about it at the last hackfest or kohacon '13 but that was a while back)
04:36 pianohacker very nice
04:36 francesca the keyboard is a yamaha
04:36 francesca non-weighted keys
04:37 francesca hea-app looks very cool
04:37 francesca I just have to figure out how to get it to run
04:37 francesca maybe I'll ask rangi tomorrow or something
04:38 pianohacker francesca: out of curiosity, are you a new contributor/librarian? Can't say I've seen you around these parts before (though I'm not here much these days)
04:38 dcook So I've been getting tons of phone calls and emails today... so I made a crack about it being a full moon out
04:38 pianohacker I'm Jesse Weaver, by the way, a programmer with ByWater Solutions and recovering college student
04:38 dcook Ah wait this is March
04:39 pianohacker we not allowed to have full moons in march?
04:39 dcook I guess the full moon is tomorrow
04:39 dcook pianohacker: I thought it was yesterday, but I was looking at February :p
04:39 francesca pianohacker: yes and no. I've been doing stuff for koha as a volunter for almost a year now I guess
04:39 francesca but I've only just cloned into hea-app
04:39 francesca and I only switched to mainly irc work this year
04:40 pianohacker francesca: ah, okay. I have seen your name pop up a few times, come to think of it. Good to meet you :)
04:40 francesca you too
04:40 dcook francesca has definitely been around a while
04:40 francesca I did the academy back in 2014
04:40 pianohacker dcook: shows how much a ghost grad school has made me...
04:40 eythian pianohacker: francesca is one of our vict^Wacademy students who hung around :)
04:40 francesca or was it 2013..
04:40 dcook Well, timezones and such too
04:40 pianohacker sweet!
04:41 dcook francesa: I'm thinking maybe it was 2013?
04:41 dcook Because wasn't there just a 2014 academy recently?
04:41 francesca makes more sense that way
04:41 francesca oh it was the 2013/2014 academy
04:41 francesca the recent one was the 2014/2015 academy
04:41 francesca I had a friend doing that
04:42 dcook Mmm
04:42 mtompset heintzman piano... That's what I played growing up.
04:42 dcook francesa: Did you do much with computers before the academy?
04:42 francesca I did computing at school
04:43 * dcook is so envious
04:43 francesca i was good at webpages and stuff
04:43 dcook I did a "computers" class in high school... and it was basically me just doing the administration's computer work
04:43 dcook yay free labour...
04:43 * dcook is from a rather remote country town though
04:43 dcook errr was*
04:43 mtompset The action was so light to the touch. These Yamaha and other pianos I played... I didn't like the touch.
04:43 francesca pianohacker: since you've introduced yourself its my turn
04:43 dcook Sydney isn't so remote..
04:43 francesca I'm francesca (obviosuly) first year music student at Victoria uni in wellington
04:44 francesca also I like to build/fix/design websites for fun
04:44 mtompset performance or compositional, francesca?
04:44 francesca I wanted to do performance
04:44 francesca but i didnt get in
04:44 francesca so I do music studies
04:44 francesca and then I do all of the fun web stuff at koha
04:44 pianohacker mtompset: it's always a tradeoff; you're balancing between having such heavy action that your hands get tired and such light action that you can't precisely control loudness
04:45 pianohacker francesca: cool! That's why you're so familiar with pianos :)
04:45 francesca lol yeah
04:45 francesca its one of my instruments
04:45 pianohacker what else do you play?
04:45 francesca I also sing, and play the recorder
04:45 francesca i auditioned for classical voice at uni
04:46 pianohacker very cool
04:47 francesca where abouts in the world are you pianohacker?
04:47 eythian <-- beware of talking to people who are far away
04:48 pianohacker hahahaha yup that's a classic
04:48 pianohacker on the same level as hunter2 imo
04:48 francesca hahaha thats funny
04:48 francesca pianohacker: i might also show up as Francesca_
04:48 pianohacker francesca: I'm over in Colorado in America, thus dcook's comments about my bedtime :)
04:49 pianohacker you're in Australia, I'm guessing?
04:49 francesca Nope
04:49 francesca NZ
04:49 dcook hehe
04:49 mtompset pianohacker: You didn't scroll back. :P
04:49 eythian geez, pianohacker
04:49 wahanui pianohacker is a Dune fan, it seems.
04:49 eythian that's such an insult!
04:49 dcook Better than calling her Australian, I guess :p
04:49 francesca hold on I'm just gonna switch back to mac
04:49 francesca definantly
04:49 francesca never call me an australian
04:49 pianohacker dammit, shows what happens when I assume from vague knowledge of ISPs...
04:49 dcook francesca: I'm originally from Canada, so I sort of get it :p
04:49 pianohacker sorry :)
04:50 francesca my step-fathers from canada
04:50 eythian oh, you saw telstra :)
04:50 pianohacker yup
04:50 dcook pianohacker: I've made the same mistake
04:50 francesca pianohacker: all good :)
04:50 dcook Telstra is everywhere O_O
04:50 mtompset I'm Canadian and I'm in Canada (now) :)
04:50 eythian the brief history is saturn -> telstra -> telstraclear -> vodafone
04:50 eythian so now telstraclear doesn't really exist here any more
04:50 pianohacker mtompset: I'm in my home state, even, only two hours from my hometown... guess we're the boring ones
04:50 mtompset Well, I'm going to watch some netflix and go to sleep.
04:50 Francesca_ joined #koha
04:51 pianohacker eythian: ah but their tlds and ip blocks move on
04:51 eythian oh, I think there was paradise in there somewhere too.
04:51 * Francesca_ has switched back to mac
04:51 eythian yep
04:51 mtompset I'm in the house I was in during highschool! :P
04:51 pianohacker haha nice
04:51 mtompset I'm more boring than you, pianohacker. :P
04:52 francesca brb all, i'll talk to you all back on my mac os
04:52 pianohacker I guess I'll have to concede defeat
04:52 mtompset Have a great day (24 hour period), everyone. #koha francesca eythian pianohacker dcook even you silly bot, wahanui. :)
04:52 wahanui mtompset: excuse me?
04:52 mtompset You're excused, wahanui. :)
04:52 wahanui mtompset: excuse me?
04:53 dcook Hmm, yep, rather far from home these days
04:53 dcook And no idea when I'll be back O_O
04:53 Francesca_ right I'm back
04:53 Francesca_ hahaha I'm really pleased with my quit message
04:54 Francesca_ I'll have to set that on mac as well
04:54 pianohacker oh no, a doctor who fan in #koha
04:54 pianohacker whatever shall we do
04:54 Francesca_ you'll survive
04:54 Francesca_ when I was at the academy I explained the doctors regeneration cycle on here
04:55 pianohacker heh, nice
04:55 Francesca_ it was fun
04:58 * Francesca_ is surprised at how quickly everyone has gone silent
05:00 * Francesca_ waves goodbye
05:01 Francesca_ see ya later #koha, pianohacker it was fun talking to you
05:01 pianohacker bye Francesca_ :)
05:04 dcook Phone calls and emails
05:04 dcook They'll get a person every time
05:05 dcook I've said it before and I'll say it again, I need a minion
06:07 dcook Wow, apparently Firefox can't properly render some PDFs...
06:07 dcook Prints out gibberish :S
06:07 dcook Works fine if you use an Adobe plugin though
06:07 dcook Anywho, later folks
06:07 dcook pianohacker: Hope you don't have to stay up too late... even if the day does start at noon :p
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07:45 reiveune hello
07:52 drojf good morning #koha
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08:01 bag #accounts-rewrite
08:01 bag cait
08:01 bag khall: ^^^^
08:01 bag ashimema ^^^^
08:01 bag Joubu ^^^
08:02 bag I don’t think we can have a hangout - internet is too slow
08:03 ashimema I'm here.. though not very awake.. Amelia kept me up all night (and most of yesterday for that matter), so i've not got very far with getting back up to speed
08:03 bag ok ashimema - rest up
08:04 cait @wunder Marseille
08:04 huginn cait: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 9.0°C (8:30 AM CET on March 04, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.21 in 1023 hPa (Steady).
08:04 cait @wunder marseille
08:04 huginn cait: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 9.0°C (8:30 AM CET on March 04, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.21 in 1023 hPa (Steady).
08:04 ashimema feels like there's a real lag here..
08:04 cait i guess i am back
08:04 ashimema I'm happy to chat though.. perhaps squeeze in chat throughout the day if we're struggling with tinterweb
08:04 cait but not sure how stable this is
08:05 bag mainly what I was looking for - if anyone had any idea on how we could present the accounts rewrite - patch series etc  - in a better manner
08:05 bag yes ashimema big lag here
08:05 codavid joined #koha
08:07 cait ok, joining the chat room
08:07 cait should we kind of try to do it now... set a time after lunch?
08:07 ashimema Hows about we leave that #accounts-rewrite chat open today and talk as an when the connections get less laggy..
08:07 cait bit worried if we do during the day it will get a bit hard to pay attention
08:08 cait dpavlin just promised working internets :)
08:08 ashimema at the moment for me, I'm getting 10 or so messages at a time.. or with relevant timestamps attached, but it aint half confusing trying to work out who was replying to who
08:08 ashimema lol
08:09 dpavlin 
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08:11 magnuse bonjour gaetan_B
08:11 gaetan_B bonjour magnuse
08:11 gaetan_B ça va ?
08:12 bag amelia++
08:13 magnuse cet bon!
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08:20 matts hi !
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08:41 sophie_m2 hi #koha
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08:50 matts hello ashimema ! I've seen that you wanted to QA Bug 12887... There's no patch for it yet, but you can QA Bug 13507, which is signed-off, if you want to :)
08:50 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12887 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , User logged out on refresh after CAS authentication
08:50 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13507 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, matthias.meusburger, Signed Off , Add intranet support for CAS authentication
08:52 sophie_m joined #koha
08:53 reiveune joined #koha
08:59 akafred Koha in Docker (with Docker intro): My slot at 10 am has been hijacked! :) Trying again at 2 pm. cc: fridolin, khall
09:01 nengard joined #koha
09:05 Joubu dpavlin: did you open a new bug report for plack stuffs?
09:07 tcohen joined #koha
09:08 cait trying to give some notes about the elastic search presentation
09:08 cait please feel free to correct any mistakes
09:08 cait kind of introductory slides now
09:09 atheia joined #koha
09:09 cait morning atheia
09:09 atheia morning :-)
09:09 cait koha gruppo italiano, 3 libraries in rome
09:10 cait lobbying for funding
09:10 cait and organize events
09:13 dpavlin Joubu: not yet.
09:14 dpavlin I got side-tracked by facets encoding problem today, but I will open it later today if nobody beats to to it....
09:16 drojf asking again if someone in marseille would care to share their microphone for the presentations/discussions :P
09:16 ashimema drojf, I think their internets isn't really good enough for that..
09:17 ashimema unless of course anyone has a dial in phone conference thingy we could use to listen in ;).. but that still relies on someone's phone line
09:17 drojf i think phone line would have been possible :D never looked into that
09:19 drojf hm yes i see a lot of ping timeouts again when i scroll back
09:19 ashimema ;)
09:29 codavid joined #koha
09:30 cait it's been a bit of struggle to stay online this morning :(
09:44 JesseM_ joined #koha
09:44 atheia` joined #koha
09:45 cait1 joined #koha
09:45 nengard_ joined #koha
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09:54 pianohacker joined #koha
09:54 magnuse joined #koha
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10:02 nengard joined #koha
10:04 sophie_m joined #koha
10:05 tcohen joined #koha
10:05 cait joined #koha
10:05 cait ...and we are back
10:09 dpavlin Joubu: ok, plack bug 13791 is now live :-) attach your code there :-))
10:10 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13791 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Plack out of the box
10:18 magnuse_ dpavlin++ Joubu++
10:19 fridolin joined #koha
10:26 Brendon joined #koha
10:47 ashimema joined #koha
10:56 tcohen bonjour
10:56 wahanui privet, tcohen
11:03 JesseM joined #koha
11:08 Joubu dpavlin: patch sent on bug 13793
11:08 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13793 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , The installer does not output the result of the update using Plack
11:08 Joubu dpavlin: does bug 13789 ready to be tested?
11:08 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13789 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, dpavlin, NEW , facets with accented utf-8 characters generate double encoded links
11:10 tcohen_ joined #koha
11:18 dpavlin Joub
11:18 JesseM_ joined #koha
11:20 bag bug 11559
11:20 dpavlin dsadasdsadsa
11:20 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11559 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jweaver, Needs Signoff , Professional cataloger's interface
11:21 dpavlin Joubu: no, bug 13789 is just XSS security hole for now. We are using [% SET foo = foo _ 'bar' | url %] in our code, but it doesn't do anything :-\
11:21 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13789 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, dpavlin, NEW , facets with accented utf-8 characters generate double encoded links
11:32 indradg joined #koha
11:36 magnuse joined #koha
11:59 cait joined #koha
12:02 cait1 joined #koha
12:09 JesseM joined #koha
12:23 tcohen dpavlin:
12:23 tcohen available?
12:27 jwagner joined #koha
12:29 magnuse joined #koha
12:32 alex_a joined #koha
12:34 dpavlin tcohen: yap.
12:35 tcohen naming schema for the files
12:35 tcohen you said you didn't like plack.${interface}
12:36 dpavlin I was just wondering if word "port" should be part of filename, but it's probably not needed
12:36 magnuse @seen ashimema
12:36 huginn magnuse: ashimema was last seen in #koha 3 hours, 16 minutes, and 56 seconds ago: <ashimema> ;)
12:38 gaetan_B joined #koha
12:39 cait1 guess we don't have a lucky day today
12:43 meliss joined #koha
12:45 sophie_m joined #koha
12:54 gaetan_B tcohen: do we have a release date for 3.20 ?
12:55 gaetan_B around the end of may it seems ?
12:56 NateC joined #koha
13:04 barton joined #koha
13:05 cait1 22nd usually or around that
13:10 francharb joined #koha
13:19 collum joined #koha
13:29 talljoy joined #koha
13:33 Dyrcona joined #koha
13:40 francharb Hi all
13:42 talljoy morning!
13:49 cait1 morning talljoy :)
13:49 talljoy hiya cait!
13:51 magnuse bonjour talljoy
13:51 talljoy hola magnuse!
13:55 carmen joined #koha
14:24 nengard joined #koha
14:36 cma joined #koha
14:39 amyjeankearns joined #koha
14:39 alex_a_ joined #koha
14:47 dpavlin Joubu: Bug 13789
14:47 wahanui hmmm... Bug 13789 is just XSS security hole for now. We are using [% SET foo = foo _ 'bar'
14:47 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13789 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, dpavlin, Needs Signoff , facets with accented utf-8 characters generate double encoded links
14:47 barton joined #koha
14:47 dpavlin really? irc bot now has a opinion about my patch?!
14:47 * dpavlin ignore this -- it was part of commit message :-)
14:51 barton joined #koha
14:59 tcohen joined #koha
15:05 bag magnuse: HI
15:05 wahanui kia ora, bag
15:05 bag[…]t_state_of_plack_.28March_2015.29
15:05 magnuse bag: HI
15:15 fridolin joined #koha
15:22 nlegrand Hey #koha !
15:26 clrh hey nengard :)
15:26 nengard hi
15:26 nengard oh - you meant hey nlegrand
15:26 nengard :)
15:33 rocio joined #koha
15:34 magnuse hiya nlegrand
15:41 laurence joined #koha
15:44 nlegrand :)
15:47 fridolin left #koha
15:50 francharb hi nengard, are you available to talk about this :[…]_bug.cgi?id=12446
15:50 huginn Bug 12446: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, simith.doliveira, In Discussion , Enable an adult to have a guarantor
15:50 francharb ?
15:50 nengard i'm here
15:50 francharb :)
15:50 khall me too
15:51 francharb cool
15:51 francharb what really bug me
15:51 francharb it's not adding a feature to this feature
15:51 francharb a swith to display the guarantor information, why not
15:51 nengard But it is.  Right now Koha can't add adults as guarantees and so with this new patch you add new functionality
15:52 nengard and it will upset many libraries
15:52 nengard new functions need on/off switches
15:52 khall which cannot be turned off
15:52 francharb but it feels like we are trying to patch something quickly that should be done on a bigger scale
15:52 francharb nengard, I just did
15:52 francharb I tested on master
15:52 khall that's just how it is, I've been in the exact same situation many times
15:52 jajm_ khall, tcohen, Joubu, ... here is a POC of a REST API implementation with Mojolicious and its Swagger plugin:[…]olicious-rest-api
15:53 nengard I'm confused francharb
15:53 francharb khall,
15:53 khall jajm: that's fantastic!
15:53 nengard I love your feature - but it can't be on for everyone, it's something i know will upset many public libraries in the USA
15:53 nengard It shouldn't be too hard to add an on/off option for libraries who don't want this
15:53 francharb nengard, khall, we are going to add what you want
15:53 nengard cool!
15:53 francharb but can we just talk briefly on this
15:54 francharb because there is something for the community
15:54 francharb on the development guide line
15:54 nengard okay
15:54 khall francharb: you can see an example of this on bug 9303
15:54 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9303 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , relative's checkouts in the opac
15:54 francharb I just want your point of view
15:54 khall we can't let something into master in a half-baked manner
15:55 francharb khall, as a developer, do you think its a necessary evil (if i may say so)
15:55 khall in this example I had a perfectly functional feature, but it needed much extra work to make it into master ( which it hasn't yet )
15:55 francharb adding small feature that should be maybe done on a bigger scale
15:56 nengard Adding that feature will cause a huge uproar as it stands now :( so it's an evil that many libraries can't afford
15:57 nengard I see how it would be useful to academic libraries - but public libraries will find it confusing, unecessary, and in the way
15:57 nengard they will ask how to turn it off and right now I can't do that
15:58 francharb I understand, I have the same query, could you remove the alternate address, etc.
15:58 francharb I understand where it comes from
15:58 khall francharb: unfortunately the qa standard for koha isn't "push now, patch later" it's "patch now, push when it's ready"
15:58 francharb I agree we should do something
15:58 nengard i can remove the alternate address using the borrowerunwantedfields system preference
15:59 nengard i cannot remove the guarantor that way because it will remove it from children and adults
15:59 nengard and libraries want it on children
15:59 francharb nengard, does it remove the block title as well?
15:59 nengard yes
15:59 francharb I just learned something ahah
15:59 francharb ok
16:00 francharb khall, it's not about patching later
16:00 francharb it's about, what sounds to me part of another feature
16:01 francharb but like nengard said, we can already hide the other parts by hiding every field
16:01 francharb I thought you could't remove a block of information but just fields in this block...
16:01 drojf joined #koha
16:02 bag wow jajm - that’s nice
16:02 khall francharb: the simple fact is that the patch negatively affects some users in a way that cannot be disabled. Until it can be enabled only for certain types of patrons it cannot pass qa.
16:02 nengard francharb, you can't link adults to adults now - not really. the 'feature' you speak of is a bug. if you link a child to an adult and then change the child to an adult the adults are still linked - but i see no other way to do it
16:02 dpavlin tcohen: WRT/ plack -- you will probably kill me (or something ;-) but I'm NOT running two plack processes for intranet and opac
16:03 nengard it's a patch that's adding a feature that exploits a bug :(
16:03 dpavlin tcohen: with some creative ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse it's possible to run just one plack for both opac and intranet
16:04 drojf hi again
16:04 francharb khall, like I said, we will add a swith in the patron categorie. What was worring me is that, I had the feeling we were about to do something that should have be done differently
16:04 francharb nengard, I'm on a patron card (adult)
16:05 francharb I click the "add children" button
16:05 francharb change the patron categorie to an adult category
16:05 wahanui francharb: that doesn't look right
16:05 francharb save
16:05 francharb It works on my installation
16:05 francharb then, you can see the guarantor and guarantee information on each card
16:06 francharb to me something was missing, we added it. to you, it was a bug from the beginning
16:06 nengard that's exploiting the bug ....
16:06 francharb we should not have been able to save it
16:06 khall no, the switch was actually my idea. That will be more than satisfy our requirements.
16:07 nengard must run
16:07 nengard left #koha
16:07 francharb khall, do you have to go as well?
16:07 francharb I just have a last question to implement this correctly
16:08 francharb On the patron category page, there will be a new button like "display the edit garantor information box" : yes | no
16:09 francharb by default, we will have "yes" for child and professional categories
16:09 francharb if yes, we display the edit guarantor box on the patron edit page
16:10 francharb khall, do you agree?
16:10 francharb is it what you had in mind?
16:10 amyk joined #koha
16:13 khall francharb: that is exactly what we have in mind
16:13 francharb Perfect!
16:13 wahanui perfect is the enemy of good
16:14 francharb I'm going to comment and reassigne the issue to simith
16:21 barton joined #koha
16:25 codavid left #koha
16:31 cait joined #koha
16:31 tcohen_ joined #koha
16:32 alex_a joined #koha
16:33 sophie_m joined #koha
16:38 reiveune joined #koha
16:41 barton joined #koha
16:52 laurence left #koha
17:07 barton joined #koha
17:18 cait left #koha
17:29 reiveune bye
17:29 reiveune left #koha
17:35 JesseM joined #koha
18:23 wnickc joined #koha
18:58 laurence joined #koha
19:02 magnuse joined #koha
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19:42 mtompset joined #koha
19:43 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
19:58 jmsasse joined #koha
20:02 mtompset Did anyone else get the you're disabled email message?
20:03 mtompset "Your membership in the mailing list Koha has been disabled due to excessive bounces..."
20:04 mtompset_ joined #koha
20:05 mtompset_ joined #koha
20:05 mtompset Serves me right for upgrading my VirtualBox while on IRC. :)
20:05 drojf hi mtompset. i didn't
20:05 drojf (get such an email)
20:06 mtompset Did you reply to any list emails?
20:06 drojf yes
20:06 drojf but on koha-devel, not on the main list
20:07 wnickc joined #koha
20:07 rangi you'd only get that if it had 10 bounces from you
20:08 drojf i'd blame hotmail
20:10 rangi heh more bug statuses when people can't even use the ones we have consistently
20:10 rangi that'll work well :)
20:11 drojf that's what i was thinking ;)
20:11 JesseM joined #koha
20:15 jmsasse talljoy: you got your ears on?
20:15 wnickc anyone know why searching for "Indridason" doesn't work to pull up "Indraðason"? I know they are different characters, but "Bronte" seems to pull up "Brontë"
20:15 * talljoy listens
20:15 talljoy whats up jmsasse
20:16 jmsasse Dani and I were to have a conf call at 2 today.
20:16 talljoy ok
20:16 jmsasse talljoy: haven't heard from her yet.
20:16 talljoy i just pinged her.  i had her working on a project.  my apologies.  she is calling now
20:17 jmsasse thanks : )
20:17 talljoy sorry about that.
20:17 jmsasse no problemo
20:19 rangi wnickc: it's to do with the charmaps in the icu stuff
20:21 drojf wnickc: do you have that in your icu file?
20:21 drojf oh i should scroll down all the way. nevermind :D
20:25 wnickc thanks rangi and drojf
20:26 amyk_afk joined #koha
20:47 meliss joined #koha
20:57 cait joined #koha
20:58 cait1 joined #koha
20:59 * cait1 waves
21:01 wnickc hi cait
21:30 drojf good night #koha
21:34 eythian hi
21:39 cait1 hi
21:52 jmsasse Hi cait
21:53 cait1 hi jmsasse
21:53 cait1 :)
21:54 jmsasse cait: Sind Sie im Frankreich?
21:54 cait1 ja :)
21:55 cjh_ :D
21:55 jmsasse Viel Spass?
21:57 eythian http://elasticsearch.koha.cata[…]rderby=HeadingAsc <-- the beginnings of authority support in elasticsearch
21:57 eythian (paging doesn't work yet, that's expected, along with many other things :)
21:58 wizzyrea heh, "used in 0 records " clicked > comes back with a record
21:58 eythian yep
21:58 wizzyrea I assumed that fit in under "many other things"
21:58 eythian that's because to count the number of biblios in use, koha actually goes and runs a search for each one.
21:58 wizzyrea ;)
21:58 eythian I haven't built that yet :)
22:01 cait joined #koha
22:06 tcohen joined #koha
22:07 tcohen hi barton
22:08 barton evening tcohen!
22:08 * dcook waves
22:08 barton eythian: w00t!
22:09 barton hi dcook!
22:09 rangi scoreboard updated
22:09 dcook yo barton :)
22:11 cait woohoo :)
22:12 eythian wahanui: scoreboard
22:12 wahanui rumour has it scoreboard is at
22:13 eythian wahanui: what is the saddest thing
22:13 wahanui the saddest thing is, like, http://cooleycooley.blogspot.c[…]iest-unicorn.html
22:13 eythian wahanui: what is the saddest thing
22:13 wahanui the saddest thing is probably[…]orecasts_edit.png
22:13 eythian wahanui: what is the saddest thing
22:13 wahanui hmmm... the saddest thing is[…]-comic-written-by
22:14 eythian wahanui: what is the saddest thing
22:14 wahanui the saddest thing is[…]orecasts_edit.png
22:14 eythian wahanui: what is the saddest thing
22:14 wahanui the saddest thing is[…]70836-isee-3.html
22:14 eythian wahanui: what is the saddest thing
22:14 wahanui the saddest thing is[…]-comic-written-by
22:14 eythian wahanui: what is the saddest thing
22:14 wahanui i guess the saddest thing is
22:14 eythian damnit, pretend it was the one about the whale
22:14 eythian[…]find-lonely-whale
22:25 dcook O_O
22:26 dcook Oh snap
22:26 dcook Poor unicorn..
22:34 NateC joined #koha
22:44 BobB joined #koha
22:50 cait left #koha
22:58 eythian https://tugboatannie.bandcamp.[…]-space-around-you <-- in case anyone likes the sort of easy-going alt/indie rock sorta stuff, this is pretty good.
23:14 tcohen dpavlin: i've solved the configuration for plack
23:15 mtompset tcohen: Why not use the kohadev box?
23:15 mtompset plack set up by default.
23:16 tcohen yes but that's not what I'm trying to do
23:16 tcohen mtompset: thanks anyway
23:16 mtompset plack?
23:16 wahanui Plack is a FastCGI thingy that works with Koha. See for more information.
23:17 tcohen we are working on plack out-of-the-box plack support on packages installs
23:17 tcohen that's it
23:18 dcook tcohen++
23:18 dcook That would be awesome :)
23:18 dcook eythian: Any recommendations or is it all good?
23:21 tcohen we are preparing the ground for it actually
23:21 tcohen adminsitration scripts, default configurations, koha-create tweaks, koha-plack tool, etc
23:21 dcook That's great :)
23:22 dcook I keep thinking about trying to get a few of our sites set up on Plackc
23:22 dcook Plack*
23:22 dcook Just no time :S
23:22 * dcook blames the upcoming full moon
23:23 tcohen dcook: maybe just upgrade them to 3.20 in may? =D
23:24 dcook We don't use packages though :(
23:24 tcohen ah, that's a pity
23:24 dcook Such a pity
23:24 dcook Slowly but surely I'm trying to push that way though
23:27 dcook Hehe. I had forgotten about this one ->
23:28 dcook eythian: in case you want to hear the songs Mogwai played on Monday night --->!/play[…]ch+2015/104579711
23:28 tcohen mogwai++
23:28 dcook no doubt
23:29 * dcook hasn't made his daily mogwai post yet... :p
23:29 dcook eythian: Still time for you to grab a ticket to see them :p
23:31 tcohen night everyone
23:49 papa joined #koha

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