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00:27 wizzyrea get the popcorn is <reply>
00:27 wizzyrea get the popcorn
00:27 wahanui
00:27 wizzyrea yuss.
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01:37 druthb aw, nuts.  http://googlereader.blogspot.c[…]oogle-reader.html
01:40 drojf druthb: in case you are getting a key to use google translate with pootle, could you get the key for apertium too please?
01:40 druthb okie dokie. :)
01:40 drojf yay \o/
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02:18 wajasu whilst setting up overdue notices (koha v10.2) i historically have "The Library" <> in KohaAdminEmailAddress  and that works.
02:18 wajasu but my mails have
02:19 wajasu so i looked at overdue and see branchemail and i have that filled in as  so that is being used instead.
02:20 wajasu one issue is the web page doesn't seem to handle   double quotes for the KohaadminEmailAddress
02:20 wizzyrea 10.2?
02:21 wajasu yes
02:21 wizzyrea 3.10.2?
02:21 wahanui i think 3.10.2 is released on the same date right?
02:21 wajasu yeah.
02:21 wizzyrea phew, I was confused there for a minute :)
02:22 wajasu another issue is I noticed my template contains the branchemail.  and since I put  "The Library" <>    the template substitution gobbled up the part in <>
02:22 wizzyrea I have never known anyone to put in anything other than a bare email address in KohaAdminEmailAddress
02:22 wizzyrea I think you're the first.
02:23 wajasu :)
02:23 wizzyrea the first I know of, anyway
02:24 wizzyrea i'm actually not surprised that it doesn't work.
02:24 jcamins It's not supposed to work.
02:24 jcamins That'd be pretty cool, but it definitely is a space for e-mail address.
02:25 wajasu since the branchemail is taken and my librarian wants emails sent with the   "The Library" showing, AND would want the  showing too, i am stuck.
02:25 wizzyrea @quote get 123
02:25 wahanui
02:25 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
02:26 jcamins A patch could make that work easily enough.
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02:27 wajasu yeah.
02:27 wizzyrea yep, if you want your particular 123 addressed, you'd better be prepared to send a patch :)
02:27 jcamins It's just that's not how the feature has been supposed to work.
02:27 FCCAP hello all, is there anyone around who might be able to answer a quick question?
02:27 * wizzyrea looks around
02:27 jcamins And if you want it in in 3.12, the patch needs to be submitted by the end of the day Friday.
02:27 jcamins ask?
02:27 wahanui Don't ask to ask, just ask.
02:27 wizzyrea sure.
02:27 FCCAP lol, can do, each IRC is a bit different on protocol is all...
02:28 wajasu i'll just have them clear the branchemail and   type it in iterally inthe notice.  and let overduenotice pick up the KohaAdminEmailAddress.
02:28 wizzyrea works if you only have one branch. :P
02:28 jcamins wajasu: and that's even easier. :)
02:28 wizzyrea FCCAP: we're the friendly sort of IRC
02:29 FCCAP I'm looking at setting this up for a church, my question is this, they have a paid linux based webhoster, would it be possible to run this on that, or is it an application that requires an nix executable to be run on server.  I only ask because the church is very small (prob 150 books) and not a lot of a funds for a dedicated computer.
02:29 jcamins Probably not possible.
02:29 FCCAP I like the friendly type, it's right up my ally.
02:30 wizzyrea probably not possible :( but - you might consider one of the live cd's
02:30 FCCAP I host my site on the same hoster system so I thought about looking into it tonight to see if it would be something I could setup as a test, but I thought I would check with the experts before I go thru the steps
02:30 wizzyrea for that it would take really very extremely modest hardware
02:30 wizzyrea 150 books is eensy
02:30 wajasu i did fix bug 2249, but its not really a priority.
02:30 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2249 major, P3, ---, gmcharlt, RESOLVED REMIND, Error in
02:30 wajasu whoops
02:31 wajasu bug 2499
02:31 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2499 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, cnighswonger, Needs Signoff , Improvement on text wrapping algorithm needed
02:32 FCCAP well, the system that is there would most likely handle it, the only concern I have is the memory, it's currently only got 512MB ram, but a potentially bigger concern would be that the librarian is somewhere nearing her 70's and I'm not sure introducing her to linux (even for browsing would be something that would be feasible)
02:32 wizzyrea have you looked at the demos at all?
02:32 jcamins You don't necessarily need root access, but you do need the ability to run non-PHP/Perl/whatever software.
02:32 wajasu if there was a bug you really need signed off by friday, tell me.  i think i am up for 1 or two.
02:33 wizzyrea anything feature-y
02:33 FCCAP ok so that does answer that then, it's not something that would be strictly a web based with a mysql database access that I could configure that way.
02:33 wizzyrea bug 6739
02:33 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6739 major, P5 - low, ---, chrish, Needs Signoff , expired patrons not blocked from opac actions
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02:34 wizzyrea wb kathryn
02:34 wizzyrea bug 9811
02:34 FCCAP one more quick question, are there any issues with basic automatic bar code scanners that I should be on the lookout for?  I have to admit, my experience in ILS has been 4 years with Polaris ILS in a Public Library and Evergreen ILS as IT Admin
02:34 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9811 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Patrons search improvements
02:34 kathryn :) it's not a sign that I've finished...
02:35 wizzyrea nope, if you can scan into a text box, it will work with koha
02:37 FCCAP excellent, I like the compatibility....thank you all kindly.  If I can convince the Church to go with this, I'll get it all setup, and then I look forward to being an active member of the community to help out others as well.  You all are def of the kind IRC folk.  I need to get my proposal written up for them now.
02:37 wizzyrea good luck :)
02:37 wizzyrea live cd?
02:37 wahanui live cd is not always recommendable or available on sourceforge can i use it?
02:37 wizzyrea erm, not helpful wahanui.
02:37 wizzyrea forget live cd
02:37 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot live cd
02:37 FCCAP I didn't really find any specs listed, is there a min or recommended mem requirement?  The current system is an Athlon 2000+ with 512, I know that will support debian, but what about the ILS?
02:38 wizzyrea you know, for the size you've got, probably 1 gig would be better, but it should work on 512.
02:38 FCCAP yea I'm not real big on live cds unless it's just something to run as a temp thing, maybe a demo or something
02:38 wizzyrea might be tight though.
02:39 wizzyrea tight and/or slower than you might like.
02:39 FCCAP ok I'll give it a shot with the 512, and then in 2 weeks I'll be getting the rest of my gear down here (just moved 16 hours away), and I'll have plenty of memory to upgrade if needed
02:39 wizzyrea *nod*
02:39 wizzyrea also, I'd go with the packages for your install
02:39 wizzyrea much easier than a tarball
02:39 FCCAP well this church has an average age of like 65+ so slower might be better, we are in central florida, so it's mainly comprised of Snow Birdds
02:40 wizzyrea hehe
02:40 FCCAP oh yea GIT, would be my install method
02:40 FCCAP thank you all again for the advice and guidance, I look forward to our next meeting.
02:40 wizzyrea hm, i'd still probably go with packages for production and use git for your development box >.>
02:40 * wizzyrea sighs
02:41 wizzyrea bugs is also http://devopsreactions.tumblr.[…]ter-a-new-release
02:41 wahanui okay, wizzyrea.
02:41 wizzyrea bugs?
02:41 wahanui bugs is found at Please fix any bugs you find. :) or reporting them is helpful, too.
02:42 wizzyrea new release is http://devopsreactions.tumblr.[…]ter-a-new-release
02:42 wizzyrea new release?
02:42 wahanui it has been said that new release is http://devopsreactions.tumblr.[…]ter-a-new-release
02:42 wizzyrea forget new release
02:42 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot new release
02:42 wizzyrea new release is <reply> http://devopsreactions.tumblr.[…]ter-a-new-release
02:42 wizzyrea new release?
02:42 wahanui http://devopsreactions.tumblr.[…]ter-a-new-release
02:42 wizzyrea yep.
02:45 wizzyrea using git instead of packages for production is <reply>[…]kuTgjp1qz4rgp.gif
02:47 wizzyrea the most common incoming request is <reply>
02:59 BobB wizzyrea lol
02:59 BobB how'd you get that photo of our sys admin?
02:59 BobB :0
03:00 trea ha
03:03 wizzyrea :D
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04:11 wajasu does that add course reserves need more signoff?
04:11 jcamins Yes.
04:12 * jcamins leaves.
04:12 * wajasu leaves
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05:20 cait morning
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07:16 * magnuse waves
07:16 magnuse wow, i sure got the voting thing wrong...
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07:33 drojf good morning
07:35 wizzyrea mornin
07:35 rangi i thought it was this morning too magnuse
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07:36 wizzyrea what the meeting?
07:36 wahanui the meeting is at 6, so I need to leave in about two and a half hours.
07:36 rangi the voting
07:36 wahanui the voting is broken[…]#v40_feat_vot_ext
07:37 magnuse ah, not just me being confused then ;-)
07:37 magnuse wahanui: forget the meeting
07:37 wahanui magnuse: I forgot meeting
07:37 wizzyrea forget the voting
07:37 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot voting
07:38 drojf so i am not crazy, i thought that too
07:38 magnuse or we are all crazy...
07:39 drojf mass hysteria
07:39 magnuse eeeek
07:39 drojf :)
07:39 magnuse so wizzyrea moves to nz and immediately there is a drought?
07:39 wizzyrea ikr.
07:40 wizzyrea and massive snow storms in kansas.
07:43 magnuse ooh, even more spooky
07:43 drojf woah a huge piece of ice just fell from the roof and passed my window. yay sunshine
07:43 magnuse maybe you could spend a summer holiday here in norway some time? ;-)
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07:45 magnuse bonjour sophie_m
07:45 magnuse @wunder marseille
07:45 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 2.0°C (8:30 AM CET on March 14, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 52%. Dew Point: -7.0°C. Windchill: -6.0°C. Pressure: 29.53 in 1000 hPa (Steady).
07:45 magnuse gah!
07:46 sophie_m yep, as you say ;-)
07:46 alex_a bonjour
07:46 wahanui privet, alex_a
07:46 * magnuse makes a note of bringing his skis to the hackfest
07:46 sophie_m but it should be better this WE magnuse
07:46 magnuse yay!
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07:47 wizzyrea what do you need snow?
07:48 wizzyrea or less of it.
07:48 * magnuse has plenty of snow now
07:48 reiveune hello
07:48 * magnuse was hoping to find spring on the shores of the mediteranean
07:48 wizzyrea oh I know what the problem is - moving to NZ drastically reduced my carbon footprint, so my lack of CO2 output is totally throwing off the global climate. That must be it.
07:49 wizzyrea </nonsense>
07:49 magnuse wizzyrea: that sure sounds like  scientific explanation!
07:49 wizzyrea of course that was probably offset by the plane ride I took to get here in the first place.
07:50 magnuse hehe
07:51 magnuse how is your nz carbon fottprint smaller than your us one, wizzyrea?
07:51 wizzyrea no cars, more walking, less trash, more recycling
07:51 wizzyrea less stuff.
07:52 wizzyrea more locally produced food (< 300km-ish)
07:52 wizzyrea (some comes much further, but a lot more is local, especially seasonal vegetables)
07:55 magnuse wizzyrea: yay!
07:55 magnuse nz++
07:56 * magnuse starts looking for an alternative to google reader
07:56 wizzyrea awful. Really irritated about it.
07:57 drojf somehow i read that everywhere i go. you're all slaves to google :P
07:58 magnuse guilty!
07:58 wizzyrea meh, it's a product I've used for years, and like.
07:58 * magnuse too
07:58 wizzyrea i'm tempted to go all hipster on you and say I used it before it was cool.
07:58 magnuse hehe
07:58 drojf »look, that centralized service of that spying corporation. how can something like that suddenly shutdown?« :P
07:58 rangi its one of the few ones that didnt track you, hence why they are killing it
07:59 drojf rangi: ah, that makes sense
07:59 magnuse anyone know a good, free software, web-based alternative?
08:00 * magnuse starts dreaming of a collaborative feed reader for library people, again
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08:04 drojf rangi++
08:05 rangi
08:05 rangi disclaimer never actually tried it
08:05 rangi but it is gplv3
08:06 wizzyrea hm that looks interesting
08:06 rangi yup
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08:07 magnuse yeah, that sounds promising
08:08 magnuse the name even sounds like some place in norway :-)
08:09 drojf heh true
08:10 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
08:10 huginn drojf: The current temperature in Berlin Tegel, Germany is -4.0°C (8:50 AM CET on March 14, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 80%. Dew Point: -7.0°C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009 hPa (Steady).
08:10 rangi @wunder nzwn
08:10 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 17.0°C (8:00 PM NZDT on March 14, 2013). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Rising).
08:11 drojf just 21° more. that's nothing
08:11 drojf i got sun :)
08:11 drojf as long as i don't leave the house it seems like a nice spring day here
08:14 magnuse @wunder boo
08:14 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is -6.0°C (8:50 AM CET on March 14, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 86%. Dew Point: -8.0°C. Windchill: -13.0°C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1004 hPa (Steady).
08:14 magnuse boo
08:16 drojf :)
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08:19 christophe_c hello #koha
08:19 cait joined #koha
08:20 drojf hi christophe_c
08:20 drojf guten morgen cait
08:20 cait good morning drojf
08:20 cait christophe_c: how is the weather project?
08:22 christophe_c hello drjf cait
08:24 christophe_c cait windy today but by the way sunny ;-)
08:24 cait good :) work some more on it :)
08:24 cait @wunder marseille
08:25 huginn cait: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 3.0°C (9:00 AM CET on March 14, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 45%. Dew Point: -8.0°C. Windchill: -5.0°C. Pressure: 29.53 in 1000 hPa (Steady).
08:27 christophe_c yep cait I am working on it ;-)
08:27 cait christophe_c: that's not so warm.... but I had lots of snow the last 3 days... so i won't complain
08:27 asaurat actually, the forecasts predict a very rainy week :p
08:28 rangi get inside and work!!
08:28 rangi :)
08:28 asaurat hehe
08:28 cait rangi: tsk.
08:28 cait :)
08:28 christophe_c you know cait, yesterday afternoon => 14° but with the wind the temp. drops
08:28 cait @wunder leipzig
08:28 huginn cait: The current temperature in APRSWXNET Willi-Bredel-Strabe DE, Leipzig, Germany is -7.2°C (9:03 AM CET on March 14, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 85%. Dew Point: -9.0°C. Windchill: -13.0°C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009 hPa (Steady).
08:29 cait @wunder Konstanz
08:29 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is -4.3°C (9:25 AM CET on March 14, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 86%. Dew Point: -6.0°C. Windchill: -4.0°C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa (Steady).
08:29 cait ugh
08:29 asaurat[…]LFML-1-26127.html
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08:29 drojf strabe :D
08:32 cait drojf: huh?
08:32 drojf (09:26:04) huginn: cait: The current temperature in APRSWXNET Willi-Bredel-Strabe
08:33 drojf it does the ß>B>b thing
08:34 cait ah
08:34 cait interesitng
08:34 wizzyrea oh hey, europeans - bug 9745
08:34 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9745 trivial, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , Don't nuke translated permissions with changes introduced in bug 9382
08:35 wizzyrea just don't want it to get missed.
08:35 wizzyrea before release
08:36 wizzyrea because I don't want to be responsible for nuking your translated strings :P
08:37 cait hehe
08:37 cait it's on my list indeed
08:37 cait drojf: could you sign off maybe?
08:37 rangi wizzyrea: will probably not go to the cricket tomorrow, looks like england will bat all day, and i dont want to pay $43 to watch them bat
08:43 * magnuse does not want rangi to go all batty
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08:43 * cait read bat and was thinking dadadadadada batman!
08:44 rangi heh
08:44 * wizzyrea totally doesn't understand cricket but believes you when you say it would be a suboptimal experience
08:45 * wizzyrea is keen to learn tho
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08:50 drojf cait1: no signing off for me, got other problems to solve, sorry
08:50 rangi yep, we can go to one that will have a bit more happening and costs a bit less as a good learning one
08:51 cait1 hm sorry
08:51 cait1 got kicked out
08:51 cait1 guess my batman comment was lost too?
08:51 drojf the apertium channel talks in complete computerlinguist gibberish <3
08:51 rangi nope saw that
08:52 wizzyrea nope, I laughed
08:52 cait1 drojf: that's ok - was just hoping to speed it up :)
08:52 cait1 drojf: you have strange taste :)
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08:55 cait1 t
08:55 tanzi hi im trying to edit the view of .I want to add an <a href ..> to this view. where should i edit?
08:56 tanzi i opened addbooks.tmpl
08:56 cait1 hi Viktor :)
08:56 tanzi couldnt find where to edit
08:56 tanzi new to TMPL usage
08:57 tanzi have some perl knowledge
08:57 tanzi Please help..
08:57 tanzi hi cait1 can u help me
08:58 cait1 tanzi: what exactly do you want to do?
08:58 wizzyrea you want to look in koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/pr​og/en/modules/cataloguing/
08:58 wizzyrea you should find an
08:59 * cait1 hands drojf frog pills
08:59 cait1 we were discussing terry pratchett earlier
08:59 wizzyrea that's where you'll put you <a href="...">link</a>
08:59 cait1 ook
08:59 rangi you shouldnt be seeing .tmpl files
08:59 rangi what version of koha tanzi?
08:59 wizzyrea right only tt
08:59 cait1 as bugzila don't want to open for me... could someone tell me abut bug 9711 - lookng for the information if it should work with xslt or normal view
09:00 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9711 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , OPACPopupAuthorsSearch  ugly in CSSR
09:00 tanzi Koha version:
09:00 wizzyrea ah
09:01 wizzyrea same place but addbooks.tmpl
09:01 wizzyrea and where on the page are you trying to stick it?
09:01 * wizzyrea missed the "I opened that"
09:02 Viktor hi cait1
09:02 cait1 ah never midn - I think I got bugzilla open now
09:02 wizzyrea cait: it doesn't say
09:02 wizzyrea afaict
09:02 tanzi actually i want to set my custom framework as default
09:02 rangi thats a pretty old version of Koha
09:02 tanzi when i add
09:02 cait1 wizzyrea: hm. I will try normal view
09:02 cait1 can't see anything happen in xslt
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09:03 rangi hi paul_p
09:03 cait1 hi paul_p
09:04 tanzi is it possible to upgrade my koha to the recent stable version by keeping the older version as it is
09:04 rangi ??
09:05 tanzi i want to upgrade without any damage to the code and the db
09:05 rangi so you want to change it without anything changing? the answer then is no
09:06 tanzi i will backup my db
09:06 wizzyrea always a good plan
09:06 tanzi but how to backup the code?
09:06 tanzi it is not as simple like backing up one single directory
09:07 tanzi i am not sure where th koha code is distributed..
09:07 tanzi in the filesystem
09:07 tanzi is everythig in the /usr/share/koha?
09:07 tanzi when i search for keyword koha i find this
09:08 tanzi i am correct?
09:10 tanzi hey..
09:10 tanzi anybody there?
09:11 cait1 Joubu: around?
09:12 tanzi anybody there to tell me which directory to backup my installed koha code in Debian 6 before upgrading to a newer version
09:12 tanzi of koha
09:14 drojf tanzi: have you made local changes to your koha? or do you mean your koha data in general?
09:14 drojf to backup the data in general, you would save the sql, not the koha code
09:14 drojf if you have local changes in the codebase you are on your own
09:17 slef tanzi: depends how you installed it.
09:19 tanzi ok then while upgrading ,will the new db be compatible with the newer one so that i be able to import older data to the upgraded db
09:20 tanzi i mean will the new db is compatible with older db structure?
09:20 wizzyrea yes, it should work
09:20 slef tanzi: yes, as long as you run the upgrade script(s), it will change the older db to the new one.
09:20 slef or actually, I think it may prompt you on first admin login, as long as you're upgrading from a version after 3.4
09:21 cait1 tanzi: koha will upgrade the db structure for you
09:21 wizzyrea no, 3.2
09:21 slef wizzyrea: as in, after 3.4.0
09:21 wizzyrea as in, he's running 3.2
09:21 wizzyrea :)
09:21 cait1 slef: why would it not prompt before? didn't it always?
09:21 slef wizzyrea: oic. Will need to run the items converter too.
09:21 cait1 like always since I can remember - which is 3.2 alpha or so :)
09:21 wizzyrea yeap
09:21 slef cait1: it doesn't run the items converter does it?
09:22 wizzyrea newp
09:22 wizzyrea not automatically.
09:22 cait1 not automatically
09:22 cait1 heh
09:22 cait1 never.
09:22 wizzyrea WINNING
09:22 slef wizzyrea: the kiwish lessons are working, then?
09:22 rangi the packages do
09:22 rangi so there
09:22 wahanui i guess so there is no way we can enable it I think
09:22 cait1 rangi: I think they prompt - but you have to run
09:22 cait1 them
09:22 rangi nope
09:22 * wizzyrea has always said yeap and newp :P
09:23 * slef gets into the longest argument with git about a QA
09:23 * wizzyrea sympathises
09:23 cait1 hm.
09:24 Joubu cait1: hello
09:24 tanzi ok thank you, that was my first useful IRC, thankyou all, by4now tk core of koah :-)
09:24 wizzyrea we tend it every day ;)
09:25 tanzi c u all again
09:25 wizzyrea good luck
09:26 * slef junks the QA
09:26 * slef tries to do the mental gymnastics to rebase it
09:28 sophie_m left #koha
09:33 slef Changes submitted for bug 9103
09:33 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9103 major, P5 - low, ---, fridolyn.somers, Signed Off , should use AutoEmailPrimaryAddress syspref
09:48 cait1 Joubu: sorry... on at train. I wanted to ask you about 9711 - but probably won#t make much sense to try and figure that out right now with bad internet connection
09:51 cait1 but looking at anothe of your bugs now :)
09:51 Joubu cait1: yep I saw your comment, I will try to provide a better test plan
09:52 cait1 Joubu: I am sorry - not trying to be difficult there - just really couldn't get it to show up
09:52 cait1 must be missing osmething
09:52 cait1 I tried normal and xslt and made sure the pref was turned on
09:56 tanzi hi
09:56 tanzi i ve come with another doubt ;-)
09:57 tanzi i want to know whether i could print the result of my search output.
09:59 tanzi itried to add my search output to a list and print it, but when i add to list i can add it only page by page to a list.
10:00 tanzi Any help for printing the search list,please
10:04 cait1 tanzi: maybe try exporting it into one of the provided formats
10:04 cait1 or use a csv profile -b ut that feature is only available in versions 3.6+ I think
10:09 sophie_m joined #koha
10:47 slef "PTFS Europe have also just added an inter-library loan capability to Koha."  Anyone know about that?  I'm not spotting it in git log.
10:47 slef bug 7317 is also pretty idle
10:47 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7317 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, sarah, ASSIGNED , Add an Interlibrary Loan Module to Circulation and OPAC
10:49 drojf slef: they wouldn't accidentally have added that to this similar named system by that similar named company?
10:50 slef drojf: I simply don't know.  The above is from a seminar advert sent to UK librarians.
10:52 slef wondering if/how to respond
10:52 cait1 slef: interesting.
10:52 wahanui interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
10:54 drojf interesting indeed
11:03 cait1 @wunder Kontanz
11:03 huginn cait1: Error: No such location could be found.
11:10 slef @wunder Konstanz
11:10 huginn slef: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 0.0°C (12:00 PM CET on March 14, 2013). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 45%. Dew Point: -8.0°C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011 hPa (Rising).
11:10 slef @wunder EGYM
11:10 huginn slef: The current temperature in Flick's, Weeting, United Kingdom is 5.1°C (11:00 AM GMT on March 14, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 2.0°C. Windchill: 5.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Rising).
11:10 wizzyrea Flick's Weeting - is that where they shot 'A Bug's Life'
11:11 slef wizzyrea: EGYM should be RAF Marham. Not sure why wunder doesn't like it.
11:11 wizzyrea still, not so bad at 5 - perhaps a bit cold for march.
11:13 slef @wunder EGYD
11:13 huginn slef: The current temperature in Cranwell, United Kingdom is 4.0°C (10:50 AM GMT on March 14, 2013). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: -2.0°C. Windchill: 1.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
11:13 slef wizzyrea: 5 with a windchill of 5 = 0
11:14 wizzyrea boo wind.
11:14 wizzyrea though I'm rather becoming affectionate towards wind.
11:14 slef wizzyrea: lot of it about here.  Few hills.
11:16 mtate joined #koha
11:17 slef @wunder EGSF
11:17 huginn slef: The current temperature in Yaxley, Peterborough, United Kingdom is 7.8°C (11:14 AM GMT on March 14, 2013). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 52%. Dew Point: -1.0°C. Windchill: 6.0°C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Steady).
11:18 slef @wunder EGCL
11:18 huginn slef: The current temperature in Gedney Hill, Spalding, United Kingdom is 4.3°C (11:01 AM GMT on March 14, 2013). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: -0.0°C. Windchill: 4.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
11:18 slef that's the nearest station
11:19 slef I rarely remember the code, though.
11:20 cait1 wizzyrea: why are you awake? :)
11:20 slef @wunder EGBV
11:20 huginn slef: Error: No such location could be found.
11:21 wizzyrea hm
11:21 wizzyrea just because I guess
11:21 slef @wunder EGBT
11:21 huginn slef: The current temperature in Potterspury, Towcester, United Kingdom is 4.8°C (11:13 AM GMT on March 14, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 71%. Dew Point: 0.0°C. Windchill: 5.0°C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Falling).
11:21 slef That's some way from EGBT, but bizarrely exactly where I was looking for.
11:25 * magnuse would be interested to know more about the ill capabilities
11:27 cait1 wizzyrea: go to sleep! ;)
11:27 cait1 bbl all
11:28 magnuse slef: there is branch in their repo:[…]tree/3.8.ptfs_ILL
11:29 wizzyrea it's still crackly it's so new
11:29 jwagner joined #koha
11:30 slef magnuse: groan.  So they've developed it for koha, but not bothered to add it to koha.
11:30 wizzyrea ..yet
11:31 slef wizzyrea: yet.  But still advertise that they have.
11:31 magnuse and they have until tomorrow to get it into 3.12...
11:31 wizzyrea kek.
11:32 magnuse and it looks like it is based on 3.8...
11:32 slef magnuse: oooh, maybe I should reply and point that out.
11:32 drojf slef: please do
11:32 wizzyrea it's 2 versions behind at this point - f they only finished it a month ago that kind of explains that.
11:32 slef magnuse: yeah, but one commit talks about fixes for 3.10, so it might not be as straightforward as that.
11:33 magnuse ah
11:33 wizzyrea it looks like they have code in there from as recently as 3 months ago
11:33 magnuse i just looked at the name of the branch
11:33 magnuse yeah 3.8.8
11:35 wizzyrea db updates stop at 3.8.7
11:36 wizzyrea oh wait never mind there's the 3.8.8
11:36 wizzyrea further down than I was lookin :)
11:37 magnuse and there is lots of stuff that is just new, so getting it up-to-date with master might not be that hard
11:38 drojf so, get started. that's gonne be a long day :P
11:39 indranil joined #koha
11:39 indradg joined #koha
11:40 * magnuse has other fish to fry
11:40 drojf fishpizza fryday? :)
11:43 slef drojf: kebabs
11:43 magnuse drojf: nooo, don't mess with the pizza!
11:44 drojf there was a fish kebab near my old flat. it smelled horrible, i never tried it
11:44 drojf fish kebab place, not one kebab :)
11:45 magnuse lol!
11:49 tcohen joined #koha
11:50 slef wahanui: kebabs?
11:50 wahanui are so awesomely delicious they will make grown men weep.
11:50 slef furry
11:54 drojf lol
12:01 tcohen morning #koha
12:03 wizzyrea running from git in production?
12:03 wizzyrea hm.
12:04 wizzyrea[…]out-in-late-april
12:04 wizzyrea[…]?resize=500%2C317
12:04 wizzyrea sorry the 2nd
12:06 Dyrcona joined #koha
12:11 * magnuse used to run from git in production
12:13 * Dyrcona runs from git in production.
12:13 Dyrcona But that's a different software.
12:14 drojf what i picture when i read this is: »OMG, it's git in production, let's run!«
12:15 jcamins wizzyrea: isn't it a bit late for you?
12:15 tcohen maybe its the 3.10.x branch from git
12:15 wizzyrea mmm yep
12:16 jcamins And I thought I saw a PR from ByWater about PTFS Europe's ILL code at some point.
12:16 wizzyrea[…]e=player_embedded
12:17 oleonard joined #koha
12:18 jcamins Myshkin just came running over and jumped on my lap when I turned on that video.
12:19 jwagner joined #koha
12:19 wizzyrea[…]e=player_embedded
12:20 oleonard wizzyrea, what are you doing up?
12:20 wizzyrea causing trouble, wreaking havoc
12:20 wizzyrea also, good morning
12:20 oleonard Hi :)
12:21 jcamins Myshkin just acted out the penguin falling off a cliff.
12:22 wizzyrea hahaha
12:27 Viktor joined #koha
12:31 cait joined #koha
12:32 * cait waves
12:34 cait1 joined #koha
12:35 * oleonard waves back to cait and cait1
12:35 cait1 ... running out of battery soon too :(
12:36 tcohen joined #koha
12:38 jcamins cait++ # for finding longstanding bugs in the authority linker
12:42 cait1 jcamins: oups
12:42 cait1 found a power outlet
12:42 cait1 :)
12:43 cait1 jcamins: do you have a patch ready for my latest complaints? :)
12:43 cait1 because I am about to start testing on a new bug right now :)
12:43 jcamins I do.
12:43 cait1 oh yay
12:43 jcamins Writing a commit message now.
12:44 jcamins Actually, you found longstanding bugs in SimpleSearch *and* in the authority linker.
12:44 cait1 cool
12:44 jcamins Also one new bug.
12:44 cait1 ah
12:44 cait1 that was the linker thing I noticed?
12:44 cait1 I thought it was my weird data again :)
12:44 jcamins The linker thing was longstanding.
12:44 jcamins It is.
12:44 cait1 *sigh*
12:44 jcamins However, there is a situation where weird data can crash the linker.
12:45 magnuse cait++
12:45 cait1 guess the data is good for something then... good for testing
12:46 cait1 not sure i really deserve that karma
12:46 cait1 Joubu: still around?
12:46 jcamins Myshkin has learned that if he starts gagging like he's going to vomit he gets attention.
12:46 cait1 jcamins: and you hurry up - we are on our way into the black forrest with bad internet connectiona nd lots of tunnels ;)
12:46 jcamins This is not a trick I approve of.
12:47 cait1 lol
12:48 jcamins Attached.
12:51 cait1 that was fast :)
12:51 cait1 waiting for my database right now.... loading dump after testing the renewal patch
12:51 * cait1 gives myshkin some attention
12:51 tcohen we could add to the crowdfund the task of extending coverage of unit tests
12:52 jcamins tcohen: that would be excellent.
12:53 magnuse i think we need a wiki page for brainstorming...
12:54 oleonard All the crowdfunding dollars are going now to funding a Google Reader replacement :P
12:54 cait1 lol
12:54 jcamins oleonard: hehe.
12:54 cait1 in koha? ;)
12:54 magnuse heh
12:54 magnuse yeah, gotta have a feed reader in koha
12:54 magnuse then an email client
12:55 cait1 jcamins: did you notice we reached the 6th qa follow-up? :P
12:55 oleonard Then a WYSIWYG HTML editor
12:55 indranil joined #koha
12:55 jcamins Facebook just told me that I am a failure because I have 259 friends and my wife has 500-something and my brother almost 1000.
12:55 cait1 LOL
12:55 jcamins cait1: it's because I write 1-line QA follow-ups.
12:55 cait1 facebook still thinks I am norwegian
12:55 cait1 becuase one out of my 4 friends is
12:56 magnuse hehe
12:56 jcamins Hehe.
12:56 cait1 the ads are amusing
12:56 cait1 jcamins: so i am supposed to try running the linker again, right?
12:56 Joubu cait1: yep, i'm back
12:56 cait1 for athe authorpop thing - xslt or normal view?
12:57 cait1 because I only get a by line and never ever an additional authors line in current master  and I have subjects in 689
12:57 jcamins cait1: yes please.
12:57 jcamins 689?
12:57 cait1 jcamins: will try without first and see if my manually linked one works now
12:58 jcamins cait1: yeah, I'd like to try both.
12:58 cait1 jcamins: germany decided to put subject chain subjects there
12:58 Viktor joined #koha
12:58 cait1 not going to argue with you about that :)
12:58 cait1 first test looks good
12:59 jcamins Oh, those crazy Germans.
12:59 cait1 i am testing with a saint - it shoud just work, right? :)
12:59 Joubu ssh koha-qa.local
12:59 cait1 benedictus de nursia
12:59 Joubu oops
13:00 cait1 :)
13:00 * cait1 sends Joubu cookies
13:00 Joubu thanks :)
13:00 cait1 jcamins: manually linked authority works nicely
13:01 cait1 checking the linker now
13:01 jcamins Pasword:
13:01 * jcamins waits for Joubu to enter his password. :P
13:01 cait1 ah
13:01 cait1 interesting
13:01 wahanui well, interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
13:01 cait1 it does something now,but it doesn't look so promising
13:01 jcamins Probably not so good.
13:01 Joubu jcamins: simply "toto" :)
13:01 cait1 oAuth error: Unsupported Use attribute (114) Match-heading Bib-1
13:02 jcamins cait1: on every record?
13:02 cait1 weird data?
13:02 cait1 it looks like
13:02 cait1 I don't see anything else
13:02 jcamins I usually get that about a half dozen times when I run the linker, not every time.
13:02 edveal joined #koha
13:02 cait1 well for the first 1500 it seems pretty much that
13:02 cait1 werid data?
13:02 jcamins Hrm. I suspect it may be.
13:03 cait1 i am runnign with -v -l now
13:04 jcamins Oh, I just thought a problem with my patch...
13:04 cait1 hm still running
13:04 jcamins You're going to get warnings.
13:04 cait1 hm?
13:04 cait1 you found one you mean?
13:04 jcamins About trying to compare undefined variables.
13:04 jcamins *thought of
13:05 cait1 so I can stop the complaining script for now? :)
13:05 jcamins Yes.
13:06 cait1 ok
13:06 * cait1 waits
13:06 * jcamins messes around with his data so it will look like cait's.
13:06 cait1 :P
13:06 cait1 you got my data
13:06 jcamins Yes.
13:06 cait1 you could just use that for your testing :)
13:07 jcamins I just remembered that.
13:07 cait1 heh
13:07 jcamins Ah-ha...
13:07 cait1 uhoh
13:07 cait1 if you want you can give me a new patch without the linker patch
13:07 cait1 part
13:08 cait1 because i am about to pass qa on the query parser
13:08 jcamins You bet!
13:09 cait1 but if you fixed the linker in another bug... I woudl be grateful of course :)
13:09 jcamins :)
13:10 jcamins I think I may have a fix...
13:10 cait1 cool
13:10 cait1 I will revert the last patch then?
13:11 jcamins I'll split the last patch, first.
13:12 cait1 hm
13:12 jcamins Wait... yeah, just revert the last patch and I'll squash my new fix together.
13:12 cait1 *confused* :)
13:12 jcamins So, yes. Revert the last patch, and look at something else while I'm confirming my fix against your data.
13:12 jcamins Which is weird. :P
13:13 cait1 ok :)
13:13 cait1 I won't apologize for my data
13:13 cait1 it has lots of useful information.
13:16 cait1 we are in heidelberg now :)
13:16 cait1 @wunder Heidelberg
13:16 cait1 and the snow is gone and we got sun!
13:16 huginn cait1: Error: No such location could be found.
13:16 tcohen
13:16 cait1 huginn: tsk.
13:16 huginn cait1: downloading the Perl source
13:16 cait1 tcohen++ :)
13:20 cait1 @wunder Heidelberg, Germany
13:20 huginn cait1: The current temperature in Heidelberg, Germany is 2.0°C (2:12 PM CET on March 14, 2013). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: -4.0°C. Windchill: -2.0°C. Pressure: 29.82 in 1010 hPa (Rising).
13:20 cait1 getting warmertoo :)
13:29 magnuse tcohen++ - you beat me to it :-) (and i took the liberty of unindenting the list)
13:29 cait1 Joubu: you tested today on master?
13:32 Joubu cait1: 9711 ?
13:32 cait1 yep
13:32 Joubu no, I tested on my old local branch
13:32 Joubu I will rebase it
13:33 cait1 Joubu: never mind :)
13:33 cait1 normal view!!
13:33 wahanui normal view is ok now
13:33 cait1 I am looking at a really ugly detail page now :)
13:34 Joubu cait1: cool :)
13:34 cait1 ... and now it's pretty :)
13:34 cait1 I will switch templates and the pref and if it's ok it's passed q
13:35 cait1 a
13:39 tcohen bgkriegel's patch for bug 9610 *should* make it into 3.12
13:39 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9610 enhancement, P1 - high, ---, bgkriegel, Signed Off , Spanish translation of MARC21 default bibliographic framework
13:45 oleonard Would the need for a fix for Bug 7518 be eliminated by approval of Bug 9239?
13:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7518 normal, P3, ---, fridolyn.somers, Needs Signoff , searches with quotation marks don't work
13:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9239 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Signed Off , Koha should share Evergreen's QueryParser module for parsing queries
13:46 jcamins oleonard: not necessarily.
13:46 jcamins I'd probably push 7518 anyway, even though it's a no-op.
13:48 oleonard no-op?
13:49 datadoctor joined #koha
13:49 datadoctor Good morning!
13:49 jcamins oleonard: it won't do much.
13:50 jcamins However, when QP is disabled, it could be of use to someone.
13:50 tcohen can someone point me to an explanation of the assertion "Plack needs persistence"?
13:51 jcamins tcohen: Plack is a persistent environment.
13:51 jcamins It loads the code ocne.
13:51 jcamins *once
13:51 jcamins That's the entire point.
13:53 * tcohen is trying to process your response
13:54 jcamins Basically Plack compiles all the Perl code when it is started (or when something is first called), and keeps the compiled form in RAM.
13:55 nengard joined #koha
13:55 tcohen jcamins, still don't get the relation with persistence
13:56 jcamins That's what persistence is.
13:56 jcamins The code and variables persist.
13:56 jcamins What are you thinking of when you say "persistence"?
13:56 jcamins I suspect probably the problem is that you're thinking of something else when you hear "persistence."
13:57 maximep joined #koha
13:57 nengard left #koha
13:58 tcohen I wasthinking of a persistence layer, which could be provided by an ORM
13:58 jcamins That's something else.
13:58 tcohen not "dealing with the fact that code is loaded just once and as variables persist in time we need to take care of it"
13:58 jcamins Closely related, but when we talk about persistence being required for Plack, we're talking about variables and code.
13:59 cait joined #koha
13:59 cait hmpf
13:59 tcohen thanks jcamins for the clarificatio, i'm going to think of some example scenarios to get the whole idea
14:00 cait jcamins: any news?
14:00 edveal joined #koha
14:01 jcamins cait: I may have found a bug.
14:01 cait oh ok
14:01 cait finding them is good
14:01 jcamins I'm checking now.
14:02 jcamins I have a suspicion that our Zebra config may be wrong, and have always been wrong.
14:02 cait I would not be totaly surprised
14:02 cait in which area?
14:02 jcamins I think Match-heading may be defined wrong.
14:03 jcamins And since I copied the definition from Match, that means Match is wrong, and since Match is just another name for Heading...
14:03 cait investiage and letme know
14:03 cait I am going to tackle some smaller things until then and as long as internt connection permits
14:04 jcamins Sounds good. :)
14:08 * oleonard petitions chris_n to remove saved/shared Bugzilla searches for 3.2.x and 3.4.x
14:14 tcohen (reverse-i-search)`koha-qa.': ~/git/koha-qa-test/ -c 1 -v 3
14:14 tcohen oops :-S
14:15 gmcharlt @later tell bag I found this in my comment spam today, and though you might find this amusing: "bag is sheer novelty, so buy it on pure emotion if it speaks to you."
14:15 huginn gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
14:17 Dyrcona gmcharlt: Sounds like something that sloganizer would come up with.
14:18 gmcharlt to my surprise, I'm inordinately fond of seeking out the "treasures" in comment spam feeds
14:30 magnuse gotta have a hobby :-)
14:32 tcohen refactoring happens to be boring
14:32 jcamins tcohen: it does indeed.
14:32 Viktor joined #koha
14:33 magnuse kia ora Viktor
14:33 * cait likes to tidy up things... but she is a librarian after all
14:33 Viktor kia ora magnuse
14:34 Viktor (Looking up what I just said :)
14:34 magnuse Viktor: still time to get a signoff or two into 3.12, or even a bugfix :-)
14:36 tcohen jcamins, I'll remove oldRecord from ModZebra as is only used for NoZebra
14:36 jcamins tcohen++
14:36 magnuse Viktor: it's a maori greeting :-)
14:37 Viktor magnuse I would like that, but there's always to much other stuff going on :/ But - the workshop this week gave some good input on ideas that are easy to implement. Like mouseover text that would be helpful. I might be able to make that happen as a start :)
14:37 Viktor magnuse phew :)
14:38 magnuse Viktor: that would be cool! but remember that the deadline for new features in 3.12 is tomorrow, while bugs can be fixed for another month or so :-)
14:39 Viktor magnuse: Will shoot for 3.14 then. Sorry I missed the meeting here yesterday.
14:40 Viktor magnuse: They actually came up with quite a few ideas on how to streamline the workflow in the staff interface.
14:40 oleonard Viktor: Look at the Bootstrap options if you're looking to add tooltips, popovers, etc.
14:41 Viktor oleonard: Will look into that - thanks! But as of now I don't even know what it means :)
14:41 oleonard[…]p/javascript.html
14:42 oleonard Viktor: Feel free to file enhancement bugs for things you think would be improvements even if you don't have time now to send fixes
14:43 magnuse yeah, that's a really good idea!
14:44 oleonard Joubu: I'm confused about which page gave you an error when you tested Bug 9466
14:44 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9466 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Failed QA , Use DataTables on saved reports page
14:44 Viktor oleonard magnuse: So that would enable me to make customizations without changing the community code?
14:45 oleonard Viktor: If what you're talking about are improvements they should be made to community code
14:45 Viktor oleonard magnuse: While also making it possible to integrate it into the main code if the community likes what we come up with?
14:45 magnuse the community generally likes good ideas :-)
14:46 magnuse Viktor: "that would enable me" - what do yu mean by "that"?
14:47 Joubu oleonard: directly on reports/
14:47 Viktor magnuse : That = using bootstrap to add stuff without having to mod the .pm files
14:47 Joubu oleonard: js/datatables.js (which contains the dt_add_type_uk_dates js function) is loaded on condition
14:48 Joubu oleonard: l.30 should be [% IF (dateformat == 'metric' and saved1) %]
14:49 Joubu else the an undefined function is called
14:49 Viktor magnuse: The easiest fix they want is a mouseover for the tabs of the search-box with the keyboard shortcuts for that tab. If it's already there we were'nt able to trig that mouseover-event.
14:50 edveal joined #koha
14:50 Viktor magnuse: Another one is moving the box with a patrons loans, holds etc to the top of the "patron details" page. They need that information all the time and have to scroll to see it.
14:51 Viktor magnuse: simple enough stuff. Just changing how stuff is displayed - but adds a lot of speed to their workflow.
14:51 magnuse nice
14:52 magnuse Viktor: i think with jquery you can fix things without changing code. with bootstrap it would more have to chenge the code
14:52 Viktor magnuse: Aha.
14:53 lds joined #koha
14:54 Viktor Think I'll write RFCs for these things and provide a starting point that people can improve on. I know how to write the code in HTML/CSS, but not what the best way is to make Koha output it :)
14:55 drojf if it is "drastic" layout changes i guess it is nothing that will go into the code because people will say "oh no that thing has always been down there and now it is up there, oh my god why?"
14:55 magnuse Viktor: if it's just changing js and html, it should be just a question of changing the templates
14:55 magnuse Viktor: seen this?[…]ki/JQuery_Library
14:55 wahanui I haven't seen 'this', magnuse
14:57 oleonard Got it Joubu, thanks
14:57 Viktor Thanks magnuse - had forgotten about it!
14:58 Viktor drojf You have a point there.
14:58 magnuse drojf, Viktor: the way to get around that is to regulate the new layout with a syspref...
14:59 Viktor drojf - But I still think I'll try to suggest the thing I think more people might benefit from. I'm a little hesitant to do a lot of DOM-modding after a page is loaded.
14:59 drojf magnuse: true, but that might eventually lead to a lot of sysprefs for moving fields around.
15:00 magnuse drojf: sure
15:00 drojf (not trying to talk you out of it, i like layout improvements a lot)
15:00 Viktor magnuse Might side with drojf there.
15:00 drojf just my experience that a lot of people turn mad if something moves a few pixels away :D
15:00 magnuse hehe
15:01 Viktor :-) Recognize that yes...
15:01 Viktor magnuse drojf But how do you feel about adding sysprefs for adding customizations that are specifically for sweden?
15:02 magnuse btw, i completely agree that it seems awkward to have the checkouts at the bottom of the patron details page! :-)
15:02 magnuse Viktor: good question. not possible to make them more general?
15:02 Viktor It is, in't it? Especially since you have a "patron summary card" up at the left anyway.
15:02 jcamins What makes them "specifically for Sweden"?
15:02 drojf Viktor: it is nothing that is inherently swedish
15:02 drojf yes
15:02 drojf that ;)
15:03 magnuse are you thinking about the validating swedish "person numbers" thing?
15:03 drojf THAT would be very swedish
15:03 Viktor jcmins : Stuff like date formats, address formats, cover image vendors, syncing records with our national library, syncing patron addresses with our goverment database.
15:03 drojf a koha account for everyone, together with the person number :D
15:03 Viktor magnuse Oh - and that too!
15:04 magnuse person number = social security number, according to google translate
15:04 Viktor Or could it be done with some sort of "custom settings file" that you could download?
15:05 Viktor magnuse Yep it should translate to that. But it is a bit different from country to country I think.
15:05 drojf Viktor: those are little things in a lot of different places and i think it should just go into main koha, like the other date forms, cover image sources etc
15:05 magnuse when you set up the web installer to work for swedish you can have it load "swedish" syspref settings
15:05 drojf not sure what the government stuff is supposed to do :)
15:06 magnuse yeah, i'd say get it all in there as long as it doesn't trip others up
15:06 Viktor magnuse - Having "settings for sweden" to chose during install would be glorious.
15:06 drojf that would be an installer thing to do after you put all the other stuff in the regular places i think
15:07 Viktor drojf magnuse : I think you guys just sorted this out. We'll get everything in the main code and add a "enable settings for sweden" choice.
15:07 magnuse Viktor: here are the "norwegian settings" that you can choose when you run the web installer for norwegian:[…]a9db53125;hb=HEAD
15:07 magnuse Viktor: yeah, in general, i think that is the way to go
15:07 drojf i agree. we saved sweden!
15:07 drojf :P
15:08 magnuse yay!
15:08 Viktor :D
15:10 Viktor Going away to blog a bit about our little interaction here :)
15:10 magnuse Viktor++
15:11 * magnuse shields his eyes from the light coming from the lightbulbs above Viktor's head
15:11 Viktor-away :) :)
15:12 gmcharlt lightbugs++
15:12 gmcharlt er, NEED MORE COFFEE
15:12 gmcharlt lightbulbs++
15:12 oleonard lightningbugs++
15:15 magnuse lightbugs are probably easier to solve than hardbugs
15:16 gmcharlt @quote add <magnuse> lightbugs are probably easier to solve than hardbugs
15:16 huginn gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.  Quote #237 added.
15:17 magnuse yay!
15:20 magnuse if anyone is curious about what sorts of other things Viktor is pondering, i can recommend running this through google translate:[…]ch-att-hoppas-pa/
15:20 magnuse s/pondering/pondering adding to koha/
15:27 tcohen how relevant is the file installer/data/Pg/kohastructure.sql ?
15:27 jcamins tcohen: not.
15:27 tcohen (is it even maintained?)
15:28 jcamins Nope.
15:28 oleonard Viktor-away: Bug 7843. At least there's a bug for it :)
15:28 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7843 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Create RSS for OPAC news
15:30 drojf »Koppling till MTM (Gamla TPB)«. i thought that meant the pirate bay :/
15:30 Viktor drojf We have two TPB - One from the government with loads of audio-books as mp3 (Daisy). And the other one :)
15:31 Viktor Neither one is legal for people in general to download from.
15:31 jcamins Hehe.
15:31 drojf d'oh
15:31 Viktor I'm working on cleaning up the text from google translate. But only got like 25% through before having to do other stuff.
15:32 magnuse other_stuff_to_do-- ;-)
15:32 Viktor But - there is now a blogpost at[…]tings-for-sweden/ about our little chat. Thanks for all the help :)
15:32 jcamins Viktor: do you have any patches in Koha yet?
15:32 jcamins If not, you have two months for fixing a bug. :)
15:33 jcamins (and you can be a committer for 3.12:)
15:34 oleonard And sign-offs, don't forget those!
15:34 Viktor jcamins - No. Well - I've had magnuse do the stuff I can't. Which he does very well :) But I'm hoping to get at least a &nbsp; or something in there one day. A bug might be the thing :)
15:34 jcamins Yes, lots of opportunity for signoffs!
15:34 magnuse yep!
15:35 Viktor Will look into that - but not promising anything until it's done :)
15:35 jcamins You can do it!
15:35 jcamins Yay Viktor1
15:35 jcamins *!
15:37 Viktor I might bug you here about if I'm pushing the right butting if I actually do manage to get over the initial barrier and make a try (there is no try yes I know?)
15:37 Viktor LOL _button_
15:38 magnuse Viktor: that's why we are here :-)
15:38 Viktor magnuse :)
15:38 magnuse the first thing to do for both signoff and writing patches is to get a dev-install up and running
15:38 tcohen INSTALL.fedora7 jcamins?
15:40 smeagol joined #koha
15:40 drojf Viktor++ # soon-to-be developer :)
15:40 magnuse Viktor: probably in a vm, unlesss you run debian/ubuntu (i seem to recall you wrote about running koha in a vm in the "is it good enough" report... and with the packages it has become a lot easier)
15:40 smeagol Hi..would anyone know why I'm getting this message on my SIP server? "Use of inherited AUTOLOAD for non-method ILS::Transaction::Checkin::dt_from_string() is deprecated at /home/koha/kohaclone/C4/SIP/ILS/Transaction/ line 57."
15:41 Viktor magnuse Yep - I did run it in VirtualBox. Will have to reinstall on the new computer.
15:41 magnuse Viktor: cool. and it will be easier now than it was then :-)
15:42 Viktor drojf : I could title myself dev if we talk about HTML/CSS/Javascript and some Python/PHP/ASP. But it's been a while. And Koha-dev is still a long way to go. But I do want to learn.
15:43 drojf Viktor: that's all we ask ;)
15:43 drojf kidding, we don't ask anything
15:43 drojf but it would be cool!
15:43 Viktor drojf - Yes it would! Learning Perl would be great even if only to be able to understand more of what's going on.
15:44 Viktor drojf :)
15:44 jcamins tcohen: out of date, I think.
15:44 magnuse Viktor: and you don't have to learn Perl - there is plenty to do with templates, js, sample data, xslt etc etc
15:45 jcamins Lots and lots and lots.
15:45 jcamins However, we're all for people learning Perl. :)
15:45 magnuse yeah, sure!
15:45 magnuse perlpower to the people!
15:45 tcohen are stopwords from the NZ world?
15:45 jcamins tcohen: yes they are.
15:46 Viktor magnuse jcamins: Good news! :)
15:46 * jcamins hums "A new Argentina, the voice of the Perl is heard..."
15:46 Viktor jcamins tcohen : Is it possible to add your own stop word list as a librarian?
15:47 drojf Viktor: you are doing the swedish translation with professional translators, right?
15:47 jcamins Viktor: no, because stopwords do not work at all.
15:47 magnuse yeah, forget stopwords :-)
15:48 Viktor drojf : Correct! We updated opac sv just recently. Are waiting for the funds to translate the staff interface. Should be here any day now,
15:48 drojf Viktor: in the end, will there be the translated files, or will there also be some kind of swedish_librarianese dictionary, glossary or whatever?
15:48 magnuse Viktor: ah, i thought that was already in progress...
15:49 tcohen git rm koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/​modules/help/admin/
15:49 magnuse yeah, any stopwords related stuff is a leftover from NoZebra, i think?
15:49 Viktor magnuse: I have the company standy to start it. The funds that we recently got were for customizations, Pubsubhubbub, communication about the project, evaluation of the project and salaries for the people working with the project.
15:50 magnuse Viktor: ah
15:50 smeagol Hi..would anyone know why I'm getting this message on my SIP server? "Use of inherited AUTOLOAD for non-method ILS::Transaction::Checkin::dt_from_string() is deprecated at /home/koha/kohaclone/C4/SIP/ILS/Transaction/ line 57."  It was working the other day..
15:50 Viktor drojf : Only translated files as we planned it.
15:51 Viktor drojf: But it sounds like a interesting idea. I guess you could pick apart the translation with some script magic and build your own dictionary(?) I don't know how complex it is to parse the .po files though. But it seems like a quite basic file format.
15:51 drojf Viktor: i suppose they will do something like that anyway to stay consistent, maybe you could ask to get it if it is possible (and does not add any cost)?
15:51 tcohen #koha, can you mention words that recall nozebra for you?
15:52 Viktor magnuse: Nozebra. Aha - understand.
15:52 jcamins tcohen: "problem"
15:52 drojf Viktor: yeah i am beginning to think about a machine translation support thing with a librarianese dictionary
15:52 jcamins "nuisance"
15:52 jcamins "annoyance"
15:52 jcamins :P
15:52 tcohen c'mon
15:53 drojf Viktor: and if you would have a company that does one for your translation, i would already have one non-english version to play with ;)
15:53 Viktor drojf: Interesting thought. I've noticed there is a lot a "script leftovers" in the .po files.
15:53 cait joined #koha
15:53 cait hmpf back
15:54 Viktor drojf: Cleaning those up would be great, but "suggested translation" being generated would be even better.
15:54 magnuse was someone (rangi?) talking about pootle talking to google translate the other day, or did i dream it?
15:54 jcamins magnuse: he was.
15:54 Viktor drojf: I'll look into it!
15:54 drojf magnuse: yes. but screw google. there is also apertium support
15:54 Viktor Hi cait
15:54 drojf Viktor: cool :)
15:54 jcamins drojf: apertium?
15:54 slef apertium++
15:54 drojf foss translation tool. that might suddenly find its way into my thesis
15:55 drojf since i looked at it yesternight :D
15:55 slef I like it but its coverage is sadly patchy.
15:55 drojf slef: DIY
15:55 cait hi Viktor :)
15:55 slef drojf: what part of me looks like a linguist?
15:56 drojf slef: everyone is a linguist :)
15:56 Viktor A highlighting/indexing question - I've noticed when trying boolean operators that using 'or' works well but that Koha highlights the 'or' in the results.
15:56 drojf as a linguist, i should not be saying that
15:56 drojf :D
15:56 jcamins Viktor: "or" doesn't actually work entirely, just as a head's up.
15:56 jcamins And, yeah, it's annoying.
15:56 jcamins bug 9239 starts fixing it.
15:56 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9239 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Signed Off , Koha should share Evergreen's QueryParser module for parsing queries
15:57 jcamins :)
15:57 slef jcamins: PTFS-Europe haven't been in touch with you about their inter-library loans thing, have they?
15:57 cait and we are getting really close now :)
15:57 jcamins slef: no, but I think ByWater had a PR about it?
15:57 Viktor jcamins : I see! We found that it seems like or is interpreted as "stuff I need to truncate search for" sometimes.
15:57 cait jcamins: hm might think about EDIFACT?
15:58 slef EDIFACT... one of two topics that make my heart sink
15:58 slef RFID being the other one
15:58 jcamins RFID?
15:58 wahanui i think RFID is all sep, what makes it hard is when the rfid system does retarded things that mean you need to decode the results
15:58 magnuse sep?
15:59 jcamins RFID shouldn't have much to do with Koha.
15:59 slef I've code for 3.0 or 3.2 for both of those, unpublishably tainted and no money to purge it.
15:59 slef jcamins: it depends if the staff systems need to drive the tagging hardware themselves.
15:59 jcamins Viktor: "or" has unusual precedence, so sometimes all it does is mess up truncation.
15:59 chris_n oleonard: petition granted
16:00 oleonard Thanks :)
16:00 cait jcamins: there is such a think as "full integration"... but it's noa fun thing to do
16:00 slef jcamins: if it's all speaking SIP or similar, no worries.
16:00 cait jcamins: rfid devices at the circ desk and telling them to what to do with the tags
16:00 tcohen how should I handle 1) table deletion 2) sysprefs deletion for the nz removal?
16:01 slef cait: yeah like block/unblock security
16:01 jcamins Eww. That sounds unpleasant.
16:01 cait yep
16:01 magnuse tcohen is planning to remove new zealand?!?
16:01 Viktor jcamins : Will the new parser mean that CCL is replaced as syntax for searches? Yay for fixing broken parsing!
16:01 cait that would be the most needed part I think
16:01 slef the RFID stuff did have a release, actually.
16:01 cait then write the barcode to the tag... etc.
16:01 jcamins Viktor: yes.
16:01 Viktor jcamins: ok.
16:01 cait slef: but the worst is probably dealing with multipart stuff
16:02 jcamins Viktor: though a follow-up will make it possible to change the operators to whatever you want.
16:02 jcamins or/and/not/etc.
16:02 slef cait: oh yeah, staff note is all you could do when we were doing it.
16:02 magnuse cait: plent of duct tape is the best way to deal with that!
16:02 cait heh
16:02 jcamins Or a staple gun.
16:03 magnuse hellz yez!
16:03 cait I can see that course you take is having some effect :)
16:03 jcamins Just attach all the parts to the patron, and next time they come in, they'll still be together.
16:03 Viktor jcamins: Sound good! Will the indexes also be affected - stuff like "ti:queen" ?
16:03 cait lol
16:03 jcamins Viktor: no.
16:03 jcamins Well, sort of.
16:03 jcamins Viktor: that is, all the existing index names will remain the same.
16:03 melia joined #koha
16:03 jcamins But it'll be easy to change them, unlike the way it is now.
16:04 Viktor jcamins: I like it!
16:04 cait it is to like :)
16:04 magnuse search rewrite?
16:04 wahanui search rewrite is[…]earch_Rewrite_RFC
16:04 Viktor fait indeed!
16:04 cait feel free to give the bug a test run - I am testing right now, but the more we test the better :)
16:04 Viktor cait indeed
16:04 Viktor Have to run! Thanks for the help!
16:04 cait hm jcamins: we got to 11600 this time
16:04 jcamins cait: and failed? :(
16:04 cait yep
16:05 magnuse have fun Viktor!
16:05 cait some shiny new error - you know you want to fix it!
16:05 cait loking for th erecord now
16:05 jcamins I already fixed that one.
16:05 jcamins I must've squashed it out.
16:05 jcamins Sorry!
16:05 * magnuse has some other fish to fry, in the kitchen
16:05 cait yum
16:05 cait have fun :)
16:05 cait and see ya monday! (love saying that)
16:07 reiveune bye
16:07 reiveune left #koha
16:09 * drojf goes for a walk to sort out all these crazy ideas
16:09 cait :)
16:09 cait have fun too!
16:09 drojf :)
16:11 magnuse cait: see ya! :-)
16:13 slef the iceweasel Tools menu entry that let me log out of http auth has gone since I last used it - anyone know where?
16:15 cait not using iceweasel sorry
16:19 slef iceweasel is pretty much firefox without the non-free bits
16:20 slef ah found it, it's moved to the History menu
16:21 slef mjkaye helped me find it :)
16:22 cait :)
16:29 laurence left #koha
16:35 cait hm
16:35 cait so how does git bz attach a range ?
16:35 cait 15 patches....
16:36 * jcamins heads into the city.
16:36 jcamins cait: I use git bz attach HEAD^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ... git bz attach HEAD
16:36 jcamins That's not the correct way, it's just how I do it.
16:36 jcamins You can do something with tildes.
16:36 cait ah
16:36 cait nah, if it's good enough for the rm
16:37 asaurat left #koha
16:37 cait and you wanted to go to the city.
16:37 cait hm into
16:37 christophe_c left #koha
16:42 cait argh
16:42 cait jcamins: you won't like this
16:42 cait QueryParser.t failed
16:43 cait @later tell jcamins take a look at the testing summary
16:43 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
16:47 ambz joined #koha
16:48 ambz greetings to all
16:49 ambz i am planning to write a minor extension to customize koha for my needs... i was wondering if there are any documents or design doc or something like a code overview or walkthrough...
16:49 ambz i couldn't find one so far
16:51 JesseM joined #koha
16:56 ambz anyone here?
16:56 wahanui anyone here is probably familiarized with the script?
16:56 tcohen hi ambz
16:56 oleonard wahanui: forget anyone here
16:56 wahanui oleonard: I forgot anyone here
16:56 ambz hi tcohen
16:58 ambz wow, the git stats indicate almost 8 million lines of perl code
16:58 ambz 8-)
16:58 ambz i never imagined that the koha codebase would be so huge
16:59 melia joined #koha
17:00 ambz oh sorry, that includes lines of code in non pl files too
17:03 oleonard What are you wanting to customize ambz ?
17:05 ambz well, for cataloging, i want to be able to query oclc xisbn (the free oclc service) and display those results to the user
17:06 ambz Then if a user selects a particular record from the results, I want to convert that into MARC and put that into the catalog
17:06 ambz So I want an ISBN --> MARC import utility
17:08 oleonard I thought you had to pay to get MARC records from OCLC
17:09 ambz Of course, if the ISBN lookup fails, I have to fall back to z39.50 (which isn't likely to work since there aren't any good z39.50 servers in India) and then I fall back to creating a MARC record from scratch... does this sound right?
17:09 ambz Yes, you have to. But they offer an ISBN lookup for free.
17:10 ambz Example:[…]&fl=*&format=json
17:11 ambz I have to convert that JSON response to MARC... well as much as possible.
17:13 ambz I don't even need an API key to query the xisbn service :)
17:14 ambz Does this idea seem feasible?
17:15 oleonard No idea :) But if you want to start working on a contribution to Koha, this is required reading:[…]Control_Using_Git
17:15 oleonard Also[…]eptance/Rejection
17:18 ambz cool
17:19 ambz is there a wiki or docs or anything to orient a new developer to the codebase?
17:21 oleonard Not that I know of, but browse around the wiki
17:24 ambz alright. thanks.
17:28 bgkriegel joined #koha
17:31 tcohen hi bgkriegel
17:31 bgkriegel hi
17:31 wahanui hello, bgkriegel
17:31 bgkriegel thanks for the sign
17:31 bgkriegel hi wahanui
17:32 tcohen u r welcome, we are pleased @ koha-es to see your work get into master soon
17:33 bgkriegel with a bit of luck :)
17:41 jcamins ms_access--
17:41 oleonard Wow, it's been a while since I had to say that, thankfully
17:41 jcamins Lucky you.
17:41 jcamins Right now I'm fixing a report that it spat out.
17:43 jcamins Step 1: globally remove tabs, which were used for all layout.
17:44 jcamins And while I'm at it, ms_word--
17:45 jcamins I would like to indent the first line of all paragraphs.
17:46 jcamins I figured out how to do it.
17:48 jcamins Is this _really_ the program used by non-computer literate people for word processing?
17:51 cait joined #koha
17:52 drojf jcamins: it is, to make sure they never want to learn any other computer things after that
17:55 jcamins windows--
17:58 drojf windows--
17:58 drojf @karma windows
17:58 huginn drojf: Karma for "windows" has been increased 1 time and decreased 26 times for a total karma of -25.
17:59 drojf i bet the increase was for real windows in a building
17:59 drojf is there karma-blame? :)
18:00 cait heh
18:01 cait logs? :)
18:01 cait @karma drojf
18:01 huginn cait: Karma for "drojf" has been increased 74 times and decreased 3 times for a total karma of 71.
18:01 drojf w00t
18:01 drojf i think all decreases were done by mtompset ^^
18:02 tcohen if the world is free and open, why do we need windows and gates? (old joke)
18:03 drojf hehe
18:06 cait why did he decrease you?
18:07 drojf i think i did it with him once as a joke and immediately increased it again but he was not amused
18:08 oleonard Do not mock the power of the -- !
18:09 magnuse @karma <!
18:09 huginn magnuse: Karma for "<!" has been increased 9 times and decreased 125 times for a total karma of -116.
18:09 drojf hehe
18:09 drojf poor <!
18:09 drojf <!++
18:09 magnuse :-)
18:09 magnuse 621509
18:10 magnuse oops :-)
18:10 drojf <!++<! # fish to fry
18:10 drojf well, maybe it was fried already
18:12 magnuse it was, and it was nice
18:14 * drojf excitedly watches the jqueryparser race in his bugzilla inbox
18:15 jcamins drojf: hehe.
18:16 jcamins ms_access--
18:16 jcamins It looks like it exported only a small portion of my data.
18:20 jcamins Confirmed.
18:21 drojf :(
18:21 tcohen can anyone that hates NoZebra enough sign on bug 7440? I'm about to post a follow-up for
18:21 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7440 major, P3, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , Vestiges of NoZebra should be removed
18:22 drojf that poor nozebra. no place amongst the zebras, no place in koha
18:23 tcohen heh
18:25 gerundio joined #koha
18:47 tcohen what happens to bugs opened for unmaintained releases like 3.2?
18:47 cait they go wontfix I would think
18:47 rangi tcohen: check if it is still is a bug on master, if not, mark resolved fixed and say 'it works in master'
18:47 cait ^^
18:48 cait good morning rangi
18:48 tcohen thanks rangi, and good morning!
18:52 drojf1 joined #koha
19:02 jcamins tcohen++
19:02 tcohen ?
19:02 jcamins tcohen: bug wrangling!
19:02 tcohen oh, that, thanks
19:03 tcohen was looking for nozebra / stopwords related bugs
19:06 jcamins AAAAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!
19:06 jcamins ms_access--
19:09 drojf kill it with fire?
19:10 jcamins drojf: funny you should mention that.
19:10 jcamins We decided a migration is in our near future.
19:10 * jcamins pounds his head on the desk.
19:11 drojf migration to a new desk?
19:31 kathryn joined #koha
19:37 ambz joined #koha
20:00 edveal joined #koha
20:03 trea joined #koha
20:03 * cait puts cookies in #koha to stop the quiet
20:04 trea huzzah
20:04 cait hah!
20:06 drojf yay
20:09 Guest1795 hi peeps
20:10 drojf hi Guest1795
20:10 * wizzyrea waves again
20:10 drojf hi thewizzyreaformerlyknownasguest
20:11 cait drojf++
20:12 drojf for making fun of wizzyrea? i can do that more often if it leads to karma
20:12 wizzyrea hehe
20:16 sophie_m joined #koha
20:26 dpavlin joined #koha
20:27 tcohen bye #koha
20:27 jcamins wizzyrea: you switch e-mails back and forth on a single repo?
20:31 wizzyrea naw, I should set my hope laptop up differently. But I don't see why you couldn't
20:31 jcamins wizzyrea: you could, it'd just be a nuisance.
20:31 wizzyrea to me or to anyone else?
20:32 jcamins You.
20:32 * wizzyrea doesn't much mind a little nuisance.
20:32 jcamins You could have a bash alias that set it up, but that'd be yet another thing to try and remember.
20:40 samuel joined #koha
20:42 samuel hi everybody
20:43 cjh samuel: good morning :)
20:43 cait hi samuel and cjh
20:44 cjh cait: good.. evening I guess for you
20:44 cait yep
20:45 samuel good evening for me too :-)
20:55 JesseM_away left #koha
21:02 dpavlin joined #koha
21:16 * cait waves at dpavlin
21:23 eythian hi
21:26 cait hi eythian :)
21:26 eythian @wunder nzwn
21:26 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 19.0°C (10:00 AM NZDT on March 15, 2013). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 68%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Falling).
21:27 eythian hmm, well over a month of no rain now.
21:27 wizzyrea sunday. Sunday.
21:27 wizzyrea supposed to rain sunday-tuesday
21:28 eythian which is annoying, as I have to spend most of Sunday standing outside :)
21:28 wizzyrea oops.
21:28 wizzyrea not that it requires much prodding to not do it, but I haven't even been doing laundry.
21:28 eythian[…]ex.html?hpt=hp_t2 <-- you people should visit us.
21:28 eythian heh
21:30 wizzyrea supposed to start in the afternoon though I guess
21:30 wizzyrea clouds are pretty today.
21:31 cait germany and switzerland rank high too - I guess YOU shoudl come visit :)
21:32 eythian cait: already have!
21:32 eythian and we still win :)
21:32 cait again! ? :)
21:32 cait heh
21:34 cait @wunder Konstanz
21:34 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is -3.1°C (10:30 PM CET on March 14, 2013). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 92%. Dew Point: -4.0°C. Windchill: -3.0°C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Rising).
21:34 cait @wunder Marseille
21:34 huginn cait: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 4.0°C (10:00 PM CET on March 14, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 49%. Dew Point: -6.0°C. Windchill: -3.0°C. Pressure: 29.59 in 1002 hPa (Steady).
21:35 eythian that's cold, I don't want to go to cold :)
21:35 trea schema?
21:35 wahanui schema is tracked in git. or found at
21:42 * cait passes qa on bug 9239
21:42 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9239 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Passed QA , Koha should share Evergreen's QueryParser module for parsing queries
21:43 cait eythian: it will warm up soon!
21:46 * jcamins does a happy dance.
21:49 cait that's all? :)
21:49 jcamins cait: it's a very dramatic happy dance.
21:50 cait lol ok
21:50 jcamins I was just tap dancing on the ceiling, to the irritation of our upstairs neighbors.
21:50 cait lol
21:50 cait just remember to send that big bribe of fudge we agreed on ;)
21:50 jcamins Hehe.
21:51 edveal left #koha
21:57 wizzyrea logs
21:57 wizzyrea logs?
21:57 wahanui it has been said that logs is
22:00 indranil @wunder kolkata
22:00 huginn indranil: The current temperature in Kolkata, India is 25.0°C (3:20 AM IST on March 15, 2013). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 89%. Dew Point: 23.0°C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Falling).
22:03 eythian[…]-drought-declared <-- it is officially too dry here.
22:03 cait Is there a status we coudl use for bugs that are blocked by another?
22:03 hankbank joined #koha
22:04 jcamins cait: that's a good idea.
22:04 cait looking at 7703 right now, which is the oldest bug in the signed off queue
22:04 cait it depens on a bug that has failed qa
22:07 rangi i can make a BLOCKED status
22:07 jcamins Sounds good to me.
22:08 magnuse +1
22:09 rangi hows that?
22:10 cait +1 from me
22:10 cait let's try that
22:11 cait rangi: did you already do it?
22:11 rangi yep
22:11 cait hm
22:11 cait don#t see it
22:11 cait th patch I am looking at is signed off
22:12 cait 7703
22:12 cait oh uch
22:12 cait it's 9336 sorry
22:12 cait but don't see the statusas an option there
22:12 wizzyrea refresh?
22:13 cait I did
22:14 cait do you see it on bug 9336?
22:14 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9336 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Don't let un-holdable records prevent holdable records from being held in Intranet for multi-holds
22:14 * magnuse does not see it
22:14 * rangi does
22:14 rangi at the bottom after resolved
22:14 * magnuse sees it now
22:14 rangi try a shift-refresh just to make sure
22:14 magnuse yeah shift-refresh did it for me
22:15 cait now i see it :)
22:15 cait and used it
22:16 magnuse yay!
22:17 rangi yay bug 9239 passed qa
22:17 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9239 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Passed QA , Koha should share Evergreen's QueryParser module for parsing queries
22:18 wizzyrea \o/
22:18 wizzyrea '`'`'`'`'`'`
22:19 wizzyrea \o/
22:19 wizzyrea confetti
22:19 magnuse woohoo
22:20 magnuse now comes the tricky bit - will jcamins push it?
22:20 wizzyrea HAHA oy.
22:20 wizzyrea :)
22:20 jcamins Hehe.
22:20 jcamins Chances are good.
22:20 magnuse yay! ;-)
22:20 cjh oh awesome, Koha and Evergreen sharing!
22:21 magnuse yeah, that is cool!
22:21 wizzyrea hence the confetti :)
22:21 jcamins It'll be even cooler when QueryParser is split out into a separate CPAN module.
22:21 magnuse how easy will it be to share future enhencements?
22:21 magnuse ah, yeah, that will make sharing easier!
22:21 jcamins magnuse: once it's split into a separate CPAN module, easy.
22:22 magnuse yay
22:22 magnuse anyone working on that?
22:22 * jcamins did it, but we're trying to get consensus on the Evergreen side about what they want to go into master, and then I'll update the code to that before publishing version 0.1.
22:23 magnuse jcamins++ bigtime!
22:23 wizzyrea oh yea, jcamins++
22:24 magnuse oh btw jcamins, i meant to ask you: could you run some magic rm script to generate a list of bugs that have been pushed to master during your reign, as a reminder of things we might want to test during the hackfest, and maybe point out any you feel deserve extra attention?
22:24 magnuse that would be super cool
22:24 jcamins Sure.
22:24 magnuse if it's not too much work
22:24 jcamins It's not.
22:24 magnuse yay
22:28 jcamins You could even do it, as practice for when you're RM for 3.16. :)
22:28 jcamins I'll just use the release notes script.
22:29 magnuse lol
22:29 cait rangi
22:29 cait rangi++
22:29 cait splinter review
22:29 cait is fun
22:30 wizzyrea splinter review sounds like a spy movie
22:30 trea doesn't it
22:30 trea IN A WORLD....
22:30 wizzyrea *snicker*
22:30 * wizzyrea totally heard the guy in her mind
22:31 magnuse jcamins: which script would that be?
22:31 * jcamins builds an entire release since he cleaned out all the stale release directories a few days ago.
22:32 magnuse wizzyrea: is he actualy sitting next to you too? ;-)
22:32 cait :)
22:32 jcamins magnuse:[…]ac0e6a825;hb=HEAD
22:32 cait ok - going to bed :)
22:32 cait magnuse: it's late for you too btw
22:32 cait :)
22:32 cjh heh
22:33 cait bye all and cya tomorrow!
22:33 cait left #koha
22:33 magnuse jcamins: ah, cool
22:33 wizzyrea yes, actually he is. Across the room, really. But I meant the guy who does the voice overs for movie trailers.
22:34 magnuse wizzyrea: ;-)
22:34 wizzyrea why does the word movie look weird to me.
22:35 magnuse wizzyrea: not sure i want to know ;-)
22:35 wizzyrea my computer just tried to spellcheck me on it!?
22:35 eythian it does that
22:35 eythian I've noticed that before too
22:35 wizzyrea wtf.
22:36 eythian I think that wherever the standard dictionaries are sourced from, they don't include that word
22:36 jcamins Movie?
22:36 eythian yeah
22:36 wizzyrea bizarre
22:36 wizzyrea movie
22:37 * wizzyrea adds it to the dictionary
22:37 wizzyrea there that's better.
22:37 jcamins I haven't built a full release in a while.
22:38 magnuse for me, the spell checker in ff used to not recognize the norwegian word for "some" - totally weird!
22:39 magnuse jcamins: good to get some practice, then? ;-)
22:39 jcamins magnuse: yeah.
22:39 jcamins I think my automatic installer is broken at the moment.
22:43 magnuse :-(
22:48 magnuse g'night/day #koha!
22:50 wizzyrea later magnuse
22:55 eythian wahanui: catalyst migration toolbox is at[…]migration-toolbox
22:55 wahanui OK, eythian.
22:57 jcamins Hm.
22:57 jcamins So it looks like it is no longer possible to automate logging into Koha.
22:58 eythian howso?
22:58 jcamins As of 3.10.0+, the submit button does not submit the form.
22:58 jcamins I guess maybe we use javascript to submit the form when the button is clicked?
22:59 wizzyrea or to check for double submits?
23:00 wizzyrea maybe? not like that would matter.
23:00 jcamins Seems like a pretty major accessibility issue.
23:00 jcamins Oh well.
23:02 * jcamins will add a warning to his release script to note that installation cannot be tested on recent versions of Koha.
23:02 rangi opac side too?
23:02 rangi cos if so thats a major bug
23:02 eythian that does sound like a bad thing
23:02 jcamins rangi: I don't know, I haven't tried.
23:03 jcamins I have an empty database that I can't populate because the script won't submit.
23:04 melia left #koha
23:04 jcamins I would think not, because folks at Catalyst were testing the interface with a screen reader, and if the screen reader correctly interprets the regular login button, it must not be an issue.
23:06 wizzyrea yea I didn't observe julius having trouble with it
23:07 jcamins Yeah, based on how completely the submit button fails to do anything I am thinking it would be a problem for screen readers.
23:07 jcamins Actually...
23:07 maximep left #koha
23:07 jcamins I don't think the button is even showing up!
23:08 melia joined #koha
23:08 eythian jcamins: we all are the folks at catalyst :)
23:08 cjh IIRC when Julius was using forms he would always step through the elements, eventually on to the button, and then press the enter key (rather than pressing from within the input elements)
23:08 jcamins cjh: but that means he was able to locate the button.
23:09 cjh yes, and login.
23:09 cjh he tabs through the elements of the form.
23:09 cjh I have some notes from the session about problems encountered, I can double check that there wasn't anything about the login form.
23:10 jcamins So assuming my understanding of what this script does is correct, the problem is probably specific to the installer.
23:10 rangi ahh
23:10 rangi we wouldnt have tested that with the screen reader
23:11 jcamins Of course not.
23:14 jcamins Oh well.
23:14 jcamins I tried to troubleshoot it.
23:17 jcamins Okay, updated so it won't break the release process.
23:17 jcamins (where "it" = the fact that the webinstaller doesn't work)
23:17 tcohen joined #koha
23:18 jcamins So the current script in the release-tools repo exactly matches what I use.
23:44 papa joined #koha

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