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03:12 Amit heya chris
03:12 chris hi Amit
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04:01 chris hey rachel
04:03 rachel hi chris
04:03 chris get a cupcake?
04:04 rachel and everyone else :-)
04:04 rachel I did thanks - man that was some run on the neo cupcakes
04:04 robin chris: actually, a jquery upgrade to 1.4.2 might be a good first-thing for 3.4 development, so that way there's plenty of time to find and fix issues.
04:05 chris yeah, good idea robin
04:05 * rachel is trawling for PR Fodder - big/interesting/important libraries using Koha
04:05 rachel the ones in brazil?
04:05 chris ahh
04:05 chris Delhi public
04:05 chris i use that one often
04:05 robin chris: it's a bit of a trip there
04:06 rachel what was the national library -
04:06 chris rachel:  <-- argentinian national library
04:06 chris  <-- a bunch of african countries parliamentary libraries
04:07 chris http://www.librarytechnology.o[…]rance&Type=Public
04:07 chris check out the second graph there
04:07 rachel Bonza thank you
04:08 rachel and is that just biblibre?
04:08 chris thats just for france
04:08 chris so yeah, just biblibre
04:08 chris tis pretty cool that by number of libraries its the 2nd most used library system
04:09 rachel Yeah nice
04:09 chris for a nice image
04:10 chris
04:10 chris screenshot of that might be cool
04:10 chris (takes a while to load)
04:10 rachel cheers
04:11 robin funny how there's no Canada on that map
04:11 robin oh,
04:11 robin no, I was looking at the wrong line
04:14 chris heh
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04:29 * rachel waves to Paul
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07:22 chris evening
07:22 paul_p hi chris & al
07:23 magnus hiya chris, paul_p & #koha
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08:21 jransom Reminder: Koha Committee Meeting 9am NZ time 31st August.
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08:55 cait hi #koha
08:56 chris hi cait
08:58 magnus hi cait
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09:20 cait hi chris and magnus :)
09:41 Amit heya cait, davi
09:44 cait hi Amit
09:47 davi hi Amit
09:48 davi Have been the AGPLv3+, GPLv3+, and <stay as now> re-licensing options
09:49 davi already added to wiki or somewhere to review
09:49 davi and later vote
09:49 davi ?
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12:35 magnus wow :-(
12:37 cait :
12:37 cait :(
12:43 wasabi ... considering that PTFS still wont publicly acknowledge, they seem busy registering many DNS variations
12:44 wasabi $ whois
12:44 wasabi $ whois
12:44 wasabi $ whois
12:45 wasabi all registered to PTFS, all point to nowhere... :(
12:46 magnus as opposed to, registered by calyx, which points to
12:47 magnus oh well, must try not to waste too much adrenalin on it...
12:47 wasabi yes, correct magnus!
12:47 schuster good idea.
12:48 wasabi i discovered this myself on satuday
12:48 cait *sighs*
12:48 wasabi i think its worth a discussion on the koha lists, myself
12:49 wasabi people need to know this stuff david
12:49 schuster I don't disagree...
12:50 wasabi its not OK or 'just business', its unacceptable behavior
12:50 cait wasabi: it makes me sad, I am past angry
12:50 cait ok, time to go for me, I get my new passport for nz today :)
12:51 cait bye all
12:51 magnus bye cait
12:52 wasabi cool, see you soon :)
12:52 paul_p wasabi, it's better to have /us/net pointing nowhere tha pointing to !
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12:52 paul_p and every irc regular knows that we can't trust ptfs managers (but can trust ptfs developers, that are on the channel everyday)
12:53 magnus yeah, i don't envy the developers...
12:54 paul_p right ! fortunatly, ptfs if a "big" company, so devs have no daily relations with the boss... (fortunatly, or unfortunatly, hélas...)
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12:56 wasabi i imagine PTFS management are still deciding if they will redirect their variants back to, and get away with it...
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13:03 wasabi paul_p:  i dont trust anyone that works for a company that is blatantly attempting to destabilize the project, period
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13:05 paul_p wasabi, you can trust jwagner  & druthb when they ask or give help. And i't always a technical things. Because they are devs & really don't know anything about the strategy their bosses does or plans.
13:05 paul_p @jwagner++
13:05 munin paul_p: Error: "jwagner++" is not a valid command.
13:05 paul_p jwagner++
13:05 paul_p druthb++
13:06 jcamins Morning, #koha
13:17 wasabi paul_p:  i think they *do* know about the strategy/plans of their bosses
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13:17 wasabi i mean, we all know...
13:18 wasabi you/me, everyone else that cares, and wants to be informed about whats happening
13:18 paul_p wasabi, nope, we don't know. We see what they do, we listen what they say, we read what they write, but ... it's inconsistent : facts are not related to writings or speech. So we don't know. The only thing we know is that we can't trust them...
13:19 ivanc hi all
13:19 wasabi heya ivanc
13:19 * paul_p realize wasabi is mason who loves sushis... ;-)
13:20 wasabi yeah, click ;)
13:20 wasabi thats why i know...
13:21 wasabi ... as i worked for liblime, so i was privy to a lot of internal email and info
13:22 paul_p LL <> ptfs, jane (that I met in Dallas) told me it's much different in ptfs.
13:22 paul_p it's really a top-down management.
13:22 * sekjal is catching up on all the latest news... ::sigh::
13:23 wasabi oh, heya sekjal
13:23 sekjal hey, wasabi
13:25 wasabi PTFS aggressiveness to liblime seemed to work successfully
13:25 wasabi ... in that liblime sold-out to PTFS
13:26 wasabi its just a pity that PTFS seem to be applying the same aggressive-method to the koha-project itself
13:26 paul_p wasabi, are you sure ll sold-out ? isn't it also a problem of kados behaviour ? when you resigned, it was not due to ptfs iirc !
13:26 wasabi i didnt resign sweetie ;)
13:27 paul_p ???
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13:28 wasabi sweetie means 'dear friend'
13:28 wasabi NZ slang
13:30 wasabi anyhoo, back to some work now....
13:30 paul_p wasabi, yes, I understand sweetie.
13:30 wasabi ah
13:30 paul_p what I don't understand is "i didn't resign" !
13:30 * paul_p thought you all 3 resigned !
13:31 wasabi aah, well... i didnt :)
13:31 wasabi no, just 2
13:31 paul_p and you ? you were fired ?
13:31 wasabi no :)
13:31 paul_p so you're still a LLer :D
13:31 wasabi i was..  'let go'
13:32 paul_p wow... 'let go' does not exist in france :D
13:32 wasabi i werked for 1 extra month, to help complete some client go-lives
13:35 wasabi ok.... happy cybersquatting people, im off
13:35 sekjal later, wasabi!
13:36 ivanc hi wasaby :)
13:36 wasabi paul_p:  i notice '' is current available for purchase!
13:36 wasabi $ whois
13:36 paul_p lol
13:37 wasabi hmmm, where is my visa-card?!?!?!!!
13:37 wasabi omg!
13:37 wasabi ha ha , i joke ;)
13:37 * paul_p comes to NZ in oct. Why do you think I come? I'm on the way to buy catalist. and next year, we will buy google & maybe microsoft too
13:37 wasabi and me too!
13:38 magnus oh no, paul_p is loosing it... ;-)
13:42 ivanc I've a problem with the creation of different language ( opac )  italian and german
13:42 ivanc I've try with this : ./ install -i /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-tmpl/prog/en -o /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-tmpl/prog/it-IT -s /usr/share/koha/misc/translator/po​/it-IT-i-opac-t-prog-v-3000000.po
13:42 ivanc but without success any idea?
13:49 magnus ivanc: not sure i have any ideas, but what version are you running and do you get any error messages?
13:50 ivanc manguns: the koha version is the 3.00.06
13:50 ivanc i try to run it in /usr/share/koha/misc/translator
13:51 ivanc and the error is Use of uninitalized value in hash element ( the same error ) if i download the .po files from internet
13:52 ivanc the directory /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-tmpl/prog/it-IT is empty
14:02 magnus hm, afraid i can't be of much help there... maybe someone else?
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14:06 ivanc magnus tnks: the question is, this is the right command to create/generate more languages?
14:09 magnus ivanc: i think so. there is a new script called just translate in HEAD:[…]e96a6e5a9;hb=HEAD but this is not in 3.00.06:[…]fba02e537877b401d
14:12 ivanc magnus: tnks ! is sensate to try in my version?
14:14 magnus should work on 3.00.06...
14:20 ivanc magnus: tnks
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14:21 nengard anyone want to come over and get me a snack? :)
14:25 magnus sure! ;-)
14:26 jcamins nengard: depends... is there enough for me to have a snack too? ;)
14:26 nengard absolutely
14:26 nengard :)
14:26 nengard plenty of food in the house - just too much effort for me to get up and get it back to a seat when on crutches :)
14:27 jcamins Then I'd be happy too.
14:27 jcamins Sadly I'm in NYC and I can't leave the library unattended.
14:27 nengard LOL
14:27 nengard it's just a 2 hour train ride :) 4 hours of a closed library
14:28 wizzyrea jcamins: how was the wedding?
14:28 nengard alright .. up I get ... be back eventually :)
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14:28 jcamins wizzyrea: Wonderful!
14:28 wizzyrea |o?
14:28 wizzyrea \o/
14:28 wizzyrea I mean
14:28 wizzyrea (yay)
14:28 jcamins I was wondering what that was.
14:29 wizzyrea it's a lil person with their arms up "YAY!"
14:31 jcamins Yeah, I recognized the second one.
14:31 jcamins The ring is going to take a while to get used to, though, I think.
14:32 magnus congrats! you get used to it, eventually... ;-)
14:32 jcamins As is the word "wife."
14:32 jcamins Thanks.
14:38 nengard it's actually surprising how quickly it becomes the norm - both the ring and the new labels :)
14:39 nengard and congrats from me too :)
14:39 jcamins I can see how that could be... it wasn't much of an adjustment to go from "girlfriend" to "fiancee" in December.
14:39 jcamins Thanks.
14:41 nengard also - how did I not know you were so close jcamins?
14:42 nengard I'm terrible at remembering names and locations ;) hehe
14:43 jcamins Well, when we met a few years ago, I had just returned to the States from Afghanistan.
14:44 jcamins A lot of people associate me with "far away," after my many jaunts abroad. ;)
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14:51 jcamins Oh, by the way, if anyone finds they want a very simple "Image library" feature integrated into Koha, there's a branch in my github repository.
14:53 jcamins "Image library" makes it sound like a much fancier feature than it is.
14:53 jcamins If anyone needs a feature that adds the display of images listed in 856's to Koha, there is a branch in my github repository.
14:53 jcamins ^ better description
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15:04 mib_gjeh2 Hello - would anyone help me with a strange slowness problem when opening a record in the admin page?
15:10 ivanc mib_gjeh2: I do not know if I can help you, but I'm here, I am not a developer Koha, but I'm trying to use
15:17 mib_gjeh2 Thanks! Basically, when we login to the Admin client and run a search the first screen comes back fine. However, if we select any title the next screen takes about 60 seconds to open!
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15:20 nengard jcamins that sounds like a neat feature - you should submit it to HEAD
15:20 nengard mib_jhej2 i think someone on list said to try and disable javascript to speed things up ... but i might be mixing up things i've read (my head is on cold meds right now)
15:21 wizzyrea I wonder what kind of hardware you are running on mib_gjeh2
15:22 jcamins nengard: I plan on submitting all my changes, although it may take a bit.
15:22 nengard cool (not the taking a bit part - but the submitting part) :)
15:26 jcamins I believe very strongly in open source. And more practically, I like it when people who are smarter than I am improve features I want. ;)
15:26 mib_gjeh2 Its a bog standard i686 debian install on a HP DL 380 G4 server
15:26 mib_gjeh2 32 it
15:26 mib_gjeh2 bit
15:27 wizzyrea have you tried disabling the javascript?
15:27 wizzyrea (because otherwise it might be a mysql performance thign)
15:27 wizzyrea thing*
15:27 mib_gjeh2 no....can you help me out there? Is that on the client side?
15:27 wizzyrea yep, in your web browser
15:27 wizzyrea also, IE or firefox or chrome or...
15:27 wizzyrea what are you using?
15:28 mib_gjeh2 firefox....had problem with IE so only firefox
15:28 wizzyrea[…]g-javascript.html
15:29 mib_gjeh2 its a very small database to be a mysql issue, I think!
15:29 wizzyrea[…]MDDhkG-AyGE9dQ6rA
15:29 wizzyrea yikes
15:29 wizzyrea
15:29 wizzyrea is nicer
15:31 mib_gjeh2 OK, I will take a look......thanks
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15:55 cait hi again #koha
15:56 rhcl_kell Hello!
15:56 jcamins Hello cait
15:56 cait hi rhcl_kell and jcamins :)
15:57 rhcl_kell Today our library is going live with Koha!
15:57 * wizzyrea cheers
15:57 jcamins Yay!
15:57 wizzyrea congrats :)
15:57 * druthb waves to cait
15:59 cait hi druthb :)
16:00 jcamins cait: did you get your passport?
16:00 cait yep
16:00 cait with an ugly biometric photo in it :)
16:06 jcamins That's the best kind.
16:07 jcamins I got one of the last non-"smart" passports from the US.
16:07 mib_gjeh2 Hey,. I tried disabling Javascript in the browser but the problem remains!
16:11 wizzyrea bummer.
16:11 wizzyrea do you have xslt detail display on or off?
16:11 jcamins mib_gjeh2: I don't really have any suggestions, but what version of Koha are you using?
16:11 wizzyrea in your system preferences?
16:12 jcamins And are you using Zebra?
16:12 mib_gjeh2 3.0.05 - can't upgrade just due to OS issues
16:13 jcamins OS issues?
16:13 mib_gjeh2 Yes, we are using Zebra....was thinking or rebuilding the indexes but not sure that would make a difference.
16:13 mib_gjeh2 Sorry, more OS dependancies
16:13 mib_gjeh2 modules that Koha above 3.0.05 require conflict with other modules running on the system
16:13 jcamins Ah.
16:14 wizzyrea oh, never mind. 3.0.6 doesn't have the xslt detail display in the intranet (I think)
16:14 mib_gjeh2 3.0.5?
16:14 wizzyrea or whatever 3.0.x version
16:14 wizzyrea you are using
16:15 wizzyrea how many items do you have on this bib?
16:15 wizzyrea lots?
16:15 mib_gjeh2 Ah.....wondering about the index rebuild? Or the mysql preformance issues, are there any housekeeping tips you can recommend?
16:16 mib_gjeh2 It's any bib, not just one......all bibs take the same time to display
16:16 wizzyrea the indexing should only affect the results
16:16 jcamins mig_gjeh2: how long have you had the server running?
16:16 wizzyrea do they all have lots of items on them? (lots = more than 100)
16:16 jcamins I'm wondering if it could be the session table.
16:16 wizzyrea ^^
16:17 mib_gjeh2 A while, we did reboot today though - no change. No big bibs (certainly none near 100 items attached)
16:17 mib_gjeh2 session table?
16:17 mib_gjeh2 Should I trunc it?
16:17 jcamins Yeah. Every single connection gets a row in the session table.
16:17 jcamins That's what I was going to suggest.
16:17 mib_gjeh2 does it purge on reboot?
16:17 jcamins I think there's a script that can do that for you.
16:17 jcamins No, it's persistent.
16:17 mib_gjeh2 is it a system table or a koha table?
16:18 jcamins misc/cronjobs/
16:18 mib_gjeh2 NICE!
16:18 jcamins It's a Koha table.
16:18 mib_gjeh2 I will take a look, sounds like it might be promising! - thanks!
16:18 jcamins Actually, use that to clean up the zebraqueue, too, while you're at it.
16:18 jcamins We had problems when our zebraqueue had 500k rows.
16:19 mib_gjeh2 will do......I shall let ye kind people know how I get on.......
16:19 jcamins Good luck!
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16:29 mib_gjeh2 Just a quick one......any suggestion on the number of days to use when doing the cleanup of Zebraqueue?
16:31 druthb Most of our sites that use that feature use 7-10 days, mib_gjeh2.
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16:37 mib_gjeh2 Thanks!
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16:51 wizzyrea what does the constrainttype field in the reserves table denote?
16:51 cait wizzyrea: just guessing, show title level and item level holds?
16:52 wizzyrea doesn't seem to
16:52 sekjal wizzyrea: as far as I know, it's not used currently
16:52 wizzyrea it looks to me like the only difference between an item level and a title level hold is that item levels start with an itemnumber
16:52 sekjal it's just universally 'a', or it's broken
16:52 wizzyrea where title levels start out with NULL
16:52 wizzyrea sekjal: thanks
16:52 sekjal wizzyrea: correct.
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17:28 ivanc tnks for all bye
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17:28 jcamins Does anyone happen to recall the standard for how tightly packed books should be on library shelves?
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18:04 LibraryGu Hullo
18:04 LibraryGu How is progress on the 3.2 release?
18:08 gmcharlt LibraryGu: awaiting a few final bug fixes
18:10 LibraryGu Oh cool.
18:11 LibraryGu I wonder if there will be a live install CD
18:20 gmcharlt LibraryGu: yep, I imagine so
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18:20 chris wasabi++
18:22 LibraryGu wasabi??
18:22 LibraryGu Oh Ubuntu?
18:23 chris no, its someones nickname, nothing to do with the live cd, i was just reading scrollback
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19:17 * chris_n decries the advent of more stupidity
19:23 * wizzyrea nods
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19:30 LibraryGu chris_n: whose?
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19:31 chris_n LibraryGu: a reference to what chris was reading that wasabi wrote about
19:32 chris Back from the bus stop
19:33 LibraryGu Cheeky
19:36 chris Gotta love bip
19:39 jcamins chris: Books-in-Print?
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19:39 chris Naw the software I'm using to do irc proxy
19:39 chris Larsw put me on to it
19:39 jcamins Ah.
19:41 jcamins Whoops... looks like LC is having some encoding issues.
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19:42 chris Morning antisirk
19:42 chris You are at work early
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19:51 joetho Hello Koha
19:52 anitsirk hello chris and joetho. good morning. yep. got in early today. and as you can see, i can connect to the channel again. it wouldn't let me yesterday at all.
19:53 chris Yeah I think I know why
19:53 chris Too many from the same ip
19:55 chris Ill see if we can get that upped
19:57 * chris is on the bus
19:58 chris I should show you how I do that on your phone
20:00 chris Right my stop, be back after coffee
20:01 anitsirk cool. sounds great. enjoy your coffe, chris.
20:08 joetho Chris and I have coffee together sometimes.
20:08 joetho <---round the clock coffee drinker
20:08 wizzyrea hehe
20:08 chris heh
20:08 chris back
20:09 joetho hey Chris
20:09 joetho are you about ready for a nice cold beer?
20:09 joetho Sure you are.
20:09 chris in about 8 hours time
20:09 wizzyrea can I bring beer into NZ with me? Not that i'd need to, but say I wanted to bring *special* beer
20:09 joetho but give the little guy his breakfast first.
20:10 chris yes you can
20:10 wizzyrea wooo!
20:10 * wizzyrea contemplates which of the fine local brews to pack to bring to chris ;)
20:10 wizzyrea since I owe him a lot of beer
20:10 wizzyrea a LOT
20:10 chris you can bring as much as you want, but over a certain amount you have to pay duty
20:10 joetho really. But no rutabega?
20:11 chris Liquor: Six bottles (4.5 litres) of wine, port or sherry or 12 cans (4.5 litres) of beer. Plus three bottles (or other containers) each containing no more than 1125mls of spirits, liqueur, or other spirituous beverages.
20:11 chris is the duty free allowance
20:11 wizzyrea aha, ty
20:12 wizzyrea and peanut butter. lol.
20:12 wizzyrea goldfish crackers.
20:16 anitsirk yummy. unfortunately, you can't bring the carob bars from a coop with you as they are not sealed but sold loose.
20:18 chris wizzyrea: laurel is off to the US next monday, so we wont need a huge peanut butter, and goldfish cracker supply, she will undoubtedly bring tons back :)
20:18 wizzyrea hehehe
20:18 chris and twizzlers
20:18 wizzyrea oh right i forgot about that
20:18 wizzyrea about her trip
20:18 wizzyrea tell her to wave as she flies over kansas. Well, she probably won't
20:18 wizzyrea actually
20:18 wizzyrea she can wave in our general direction
20:19 chris lax to pittsburgh, dunno where that goes
20:19 chris she might be about ready to throw the kids out at you by that point
20:19 chris will be about 30 hours into the journey
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20:28 richard hi
20:31 darling joined #koha
20:34 joetho the Kansas Attorney General once arrested people on an airliner passing over Kansas because they were breaking the stringent Kansas liquor laws.
20:35 jcamins joetho: that sounds apocryphal.
20:35 jcamins Regardless, good night, #koha
20:35 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
20:40 joetho 3.2 by 2011
20:40 joetho 322011
20:40 joetho 342021
20:44 hdl Hi
20:46 chris hi hdl
20:47 BobB joined #koha
20:50 jo joined #koha
20:51 jo morning all
20:51 jo just getting george in
20:52 hdl hi jo
20:53 jo hiya
20:54 jo committee meeting in #kohacommittee
20:55 chris jo: everyon is in in #kohasubcom
20:55 jo ah
20:55 jo there you go
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20:56 hdl Hi schuster
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21:57 larsw chris, bip is nifty, isn't it?
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22:48 chris larsw: it sure is, how is sydney?
22:51 robin larsw: watch out for the spiders. and jellyfish. and dropbears. and scorpians. and platapuses. and sharks. and australians. and snakes.
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22:53 chris hi LBA
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