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06:41 zen hello
06:44 zen how can i integrate two koha servers?
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09:06 chris ptfs--
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09:58 kmkale hi all
10:00 chris hi kmkale
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10:04 cait hi #koha
10:04 kmkale hi cait
10:05 chris hi cait
10:05 cait hi kmkale and chris :)
10:14 kmkale chris I am still facing the "No copies are available to be placed on hold" issue. Been through all the default circ settings stuff, old emails and your patches. I am on
10:18 chris hmm dont know what else to suggest then, except to say that it is working in my libraries
10:18 kmkale just upped to 145 by git. same prob
10:19 chris its gotta be a rule or something then
10:19 cait kmkale: what does your circ rule look like?
10:19 kmkale wait I will paste these somewhere.
10:23 pastebot "kmkale" at pasted "Circ rules" (41 lines) at
10:25 cait not easy to see without the column names
10:27 kmkale humm how do you suggest I paste it?
10:28 pastebot "kmkale" at pasted "Circ rules" (5 lines) at
10:28 pastebot "kmkale" at pasted "Circ rules" (42 lines) at
10:28 kmkale did it again with the column headings
10:29 kmkale also some of the sysprefs pertaining to holds I saw in past emails on this issue
10:30 cait thx
10:32 cait hm
10:32 cait you reservesallowed is 0 in must rules
10:32 kmkale yes but I am testing with item which has 2 reserves and 5 holds
10:32 kmkale the CD item type
10:33 cait it's a bit irritating, if you leave fines 0 or maxissueqty 0 its not limitied, for reservesallowed it means 0
10:33 cait cd and category?
10:33 kmkale Family's Delight 1 month   CD / DVD
10:34 cait "FD-1";"CD";NULL;"0.000000";NULL;"0.000000";"0"​;"0";"0";NULL;NULL;"1";"15";"0";"0";"SNEHNAGAR"
10:34 cait perhaps check your circcontrol and reserveccontrol settings
10:34 kmkale sorry above was 2 renewals and 5 holds
10:34 cait or change this rule
10:35 cait perhaps it uses this branch's rule
10:35 kmkale ok right now I am in a different branch called Pune
10:36 kmkale so should't the default rule apply? "*";"*";NULL;"0.000000";NULL;"0.000000";"​0";"0";"0";NULL;NULL;"2";"15";"2";"5";"*"
10:36 cait the user is from registered at Pune?
10:36 cait what is your setting for ReservesControlBranch?
10:38 kmkale ReservesControlBranch     Check the Patrons Home Library to see if the patron can place a hold on the item.
10:38 kmkale the patron I am trying to place hold on behalf on is from a 3rd branch
10:38 cait I had problems with these settings one, peraps you can try some combinations
10:38 cait sorry, a lot of typos today
10:40 kmkale ok let me try putting sp[ecific rule for that branch and see how it goes
10:40 kmkale thanks cait
10:41 cait no problem, hope you can get it to work
10:42 kmkale its confusing for me to say the least
10:49 kmkale hey know what, placing a specific rule for that branch solved it. so why is the default rule not coming into mplay?
10:51 cait kmkale: no idea
10:52 kmkale cait thanks
10:52 cait hm
10:52 cait perhaps the reservesallowed is not used from the default rule?
10:52 cait sounds like a bug
11:00 kmkale but I saw a lot of mails between chris and owen and nicole et al specifically saying we need to place a default all rule for users to be able to mplace holds
11:04 cait hm, don't know
11:04 cait I never use default rules
11:04 kmkale thats a good idea
11:04 cait they were always cuasing probles in the other ils I support, so do every possible combination now
11:05 kmkale lots of work that
11:05 cait I load them from a excel table I send to the library to fill out
11:06 cait via sql directly into issuingrules
11:08 kmkale wah! anather good idea
11:08 kmkale :)
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11:18 cait :)
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17:55 rhcl @seen sekjal
17:55 munin rhcl: sekjal was last seen in #koha 2 days, 20 hours, 18 minutes, and 22 seconds ago: <sekjal> and now is that time.  cheers, #koha!
17:55 rhcl @seen brendan
17:55 munin rhcl: brendan was last seen in #koha 4 days, 10 hours, 31 minutes, and 41 seconds ago: <brendan> have a great day all :)
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20:16 chris morning
20:17 cait morning chris
20:21 chris[…]n10_Social_Events
20:21 chris start planning cait :-)
20:22 cait :)
20:22 cait I plan to make the most of my 10 days :)
20:22 chris excellent
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20:23 richard hi
20:23 chris hi richard and hdl
20:24 hdl hi chris
20:24 cait hi richard and dl
20:24 cait hdl
20:25 chris hdl, you are going on the road trip too eh?
20:25 hdl yes
20:25 chris cool
20:25 * chris is trying to keep a track of everyone so i have some idea who is in wellington when
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20:27 cait :)
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20:27 chris wb richard
20:28 richard random firefox crash
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20:33 pentarex hey guys
20:33 pentarex how i can enable zebra
20:33 pentarex in koha after i made my choose to not enable it
20:33 pentarex ?
20:33 chris do you use debian?
20:33 pentarex yea ubuntu
20:34 chris cool, follow the INSTALL.debian file, specifically the bits about zebra
20:34 pentarex ok chris just one more question
20:34 chris then when you have that all set up, switch it to use zebra in your system preferences
20:34 pentarex can getrecords can not work because i didnt enable zebra
20:34 pentarex sorry for my bad english
20:34 chris what version of Koha?
20:34 pentarex 3.2
20:34 pentarex beta
20:35 chris right, yeah i think getting zebra going is your best bet
20:35 pentarex 10x
20:35 pentarex and do you know something about integrating koha with drupal via sopac
20:35 pentarex ?
20:35 chris starting around line 205 in INSTALL.debian is where you want to look for setting up zebra
20:36 chris i dont, but hdl if he is around might
20:39 * chris heads off to a meeting
20:39 pentarex 10x chilts
20:39 pentarex ops
20:39 pentarex 10x chris
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21:09 pentarex guys i have made one record named Harry Potter
21:09 pentarex but when I search it
21:09 pentarex it says like this
21:09 pentarex No results found
21:09 pentarex No results match your search for 'kw,wrdl: Harry Potter'.
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21:15 * darling resists suggesting cloak of invisibility as problem
21:17 darling pentarex, does some zebra thing need to run for that to work? I'm short a coffee but this sounds familiar'
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21:51 pentarex i disable zebra
21:51 pentarex and now its ok
21:51 pentarex where is my marc records
21:51 pentarex saved ?
22:13 wasabi pentarex:  bibitems.marcxml column
22:13 wasabi biblioitems.marcxml
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22:26 pentarex wasabi: where is this ?
22:26 pentarex in which folder ?
22:28 cait pentarex: table biblioitems in te database
22:29 pentarex aha
22:29 pentarex because
22:29 pentarex in the INSTALL.ubuntu file
22:29 pentarex it says
22:29 pentarex i quote " $ misc/migration_tools/ -file /path/to/marc.iso2709" where how i can do that
22:29 cait that's for iporting records
22:29 pentarex how i can do it
22:29 pentarex can you tell me
22:30 cait the script is used to import a marc file
22:30 cait marc21 is standard, so you don't need an option for that
22:30 cait export your environment variables
22:30 cait start the script wit -file option
22:30 pentarex ok but my ilsdi dont want to get records from my DB
22:30 cait if you want to use matching rules it gets a bit more difficult
22:31 cait ?
22:31 pentarex w8
22:31 pentarex[…]e=GetRecords&id=1
22:31 pentarex it says only
22:31 cait you already have records imported to koha?
22:31 pentarex <GetRecords></GetRecords>
22:31 cait than probably oyu only need to reindex
22:31 pentarex i create one catalog i mean
22:31 pentarex from catalog - new item
22:31 pentarex book
22:31 cait you can also use te export tool under tools to export marc records
22:32 cait not sure whwat you want to do
22:32 pentarex i want to harvest from sphinx
22:32 pentarex but it says no record found
22:32 pentarex its about integrating koha to drupal via sopac
22:33 pentarex but first i want to try this before i go on
22:33 cait not sure how to do this, sorry
22:33 pentarex yeah np
22:33 pentarex how i can reindex you say?
22:34 cait if you use zebra it's with -b for bibliographic as option
22:34 pentarex i dont use zebra
22:35 pentarex rebuild_nozebra ?
22:35 pentarex Can't locate C4/ in @INC  :?
22:35 cait never done that
22:35 cait export your environment varialbes for koha
22:35 pentarex ok
22:35 cait perl5lib and .. the one I dont know now :)
22:36 pentarex export PERL5LIB=/usr/share/koha/lib
22:36 pentarex Unknown option: b
22:36 pentarex ./ reindex MARC bibs and authorities if NOT using Zebra ("NoZebra").
22:37 cait I never had a koha without zebra
22:37 pentarex damn so  zebra is cool :D
22:37 pentarex hmm i wonder how i can enable it right now
22:37 pentarex from sys pref
22:37 pentarex i will try
22:37 cait afaik a bit more is needed
22:38 pentarex yeah
22:38 pentarex i ve add it to
22:38 pentarex init.d
22:38 cait because you did not get te options during installation
22:38 pentarex and make it to run like cron
22:38 cait have you looked at te koha xml conf file?
22:38 cait I think you might miss some settings tere
22:38 pentarex what should i look for
22:39 cait sorry, really not sure
22:39 pentarex ok
22:39 pentarex i will try from my sys prefs
22:39 cait peraps google, I think tere were problems like yours on the mailing list
22:39 cait activating zebra after install
22:41 pentarex ok i will try to unninstall koha
22:41 pentarex and then install it again
22:41 pentarex i hope its not hard process
22:41 cait perhaps it's enough to rerun
22:41 cait peraps try tat first
22:42 cait and select zebra
22:42 pentarex and should i install SRU config ?
22:42 cait m
22:42 cait hm
22:43 cait never used it - so it's up to you
22:43 cait :)
22:43 pentarex ok
22:43 pentarex its not important
22:43 pentarex what is it for ?
22:44 cait a way to make searches by url afaik
22:45 cait[…]/Retrieve_via_URL
22:45 pentarex 10x
22:48 pentarex hmm
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23:21 wasabi pentarex: what you are attempting to do, is a job for an experienced programmer
23:23 wasabi concentrate on installing a koha-3.0.6 install with zebra first
23:25 wasabi oops, reading back, thats what pentarex is attempting to do... :) , sorry
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