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06:42 wasabi hmmm, i just clicked that PTFS have registered and, nice....
06:44 wasabi its a pity PTFS's haven't got round to pointing them to a useful website yet
06:47 wasabi ... i guess they registered the DNS names to sabotage the success of the website, so sad :(
07:14 chris too
07:14 chris they are still openly hostile
07:15 chris their apologists need to stop apologising for them, and force them to change their behaviour
07:20 wasabi id like to write an email to the koha-list about this, this stuff is just unacceptable
07:21 chris yeah, it really is
07:25 wasabi to me, the PTFS are aggressively sabotaging the project
07:25 wasabi its that simple...
07:27 chris yes, it is, they are working all sorts of angles, trademark attacks, domainames, etc, lying blatantly about HLT, saying that Koha code is 'toxic' and to use Harley, and on and on
07:28 chris even things as simple as calling it KOHA, and changing the logo
07:28 wasabi wow, thats a new one?!?
07:28 chris meanwhile still taking bugfixes, advice and help
07:28 chris wasabi: happened at ala
07:28 wasabi ahh..
07:28 wasabi heh, thats funny
07:29 wasabi what was the new logo?
07:29 wasabi lol, thats cute..
07:30 chris[…]8/26/koha-at-ala/
07:30 chris 2 secs
07:32 chris sent to your gmal
07:32 chris i
07:35 wasabi wow, so they have..
07:36 wasabi what a strange game, they play
07:37 wasabi visionary leadership
07:38 chris yeah, what bothers me, is that usually sensible people still dont seem to get it, ptfs arent friends to koha, they are working their best to mess it up. Its just that the community wont let that happen that is stoping it
07:39 wasabi well....
07:40 wasabi .. once the ranking moves up to 1st, the problem should stop, i reckon
07:40 chris yup
07:41 chris some good news
07:41 chris
07:41 wasabi theres still a bunch of people that hit 1st, and wander into here, and the mailing-lists..
07:42 chris wasabi: yeah not so much them, they usually listen, its the ones that defend ptfs
07:42 chris "they have too much to do" etc
07:42 wasabi ahh, i have yet to meet many yet
07:43 wasabi well, this situation of PTFS is *not* just business
07:44 chris nope
07:44 larsw Koha code is toxic? que?
07:45 chris yeah someone was told that when they asked why they couldnt just use koha not harley
07:46 larsw *sigh*
07:46 larsw I need to invent a time machine and go back and re-design humans to not be so nasty
07:48 wasabi oops s/business/busyness/
07:49 larsw "Koha: it's not business, it's personal"
07:50 chris heh
07:50 chris that'd be a good tshirt
07:51 wasabi registering DNS-variants of the officially-elected koha website - and then dev-nulling them, is deliberate
07:51 larsw chris, there's time for making t-shirts for kohacon... *hmmm* :)
07:51 chris oohhh good idea
07:52 chris
07:52 wasabi .. and an old and sleazy trick :/
07:52 larsw wasabi, agree
07:53 wasabi as is the NZ  'koha' trademark attempt
07:53 wasabi busy indeed!
07:54 chris there is a place in courtenay central that can whack up tshirts pretty fast, i should get some designs made
07:56 larsw chris, we've had a few shirts made at the place next to Subway; the guy there is a bit weird, but the shirts were ok and the price was cheap
07:57 chris ahh cool
07:57 chris the one on manners?
07:57 larsw yeah
07:58 chris sweet nice and close
07:58 wasabi will be interesting to see if PTFS stick around after their  google-analystics-graphs start going down
07:58 larsw hey, that's a thing I can do for Koha, I can add a link to
07:58 wasabi ... which will happen after the rank increase
07:59 larsw done
08:00 wasabi perhaps a snappy sale to SCO,  of
08:01 wasabi or they could be great - and give to HLT
08:02 chris we live in hope :)
08:02 wasabi i would, if i was a CEO...  in a similar position...
08:02 chris it is the smart thing to do
08:03 wasabi welll.. at least point it to - as a start!
08:04 wasabi (which is actually admined)
08:04 chris admined?
08:04 chris ahh yeah, actually kept up to date
08:06 wasabi read: by a team of people that ensure that more than half the urls on the home-page arent busted
08:07 wasabi anyhoo... this NZ trademark-stuff has made me a bit wound-up
08:07 wasabi so , i have a little vent, and feel better! :)
08:09 wasabi gotta scoot, thanks for listening
08:10 chris no worries, spotya later
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13:07 jcamins Good morning. In the unlikely event anyone was here, is it possible to use the koha-common utilities with a dev install?
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17:44 CGI341 hello, is anybody to help me in koha
17:45 CGI341 ??
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