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03:14 Amit heya chris
03:17 wasabi yo amit
03:17 Amit heya mason
03:17 wasabi hey hey
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07:13 magnus g'day #koha
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07:28 chris hi magnus
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07:32 kf good morning #koha
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07:39 chris hi kf and paul_p (and paul__p too)
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07:44 kf hi chris :)
07:44 kf and paul_*
07:51 magnus hiya chris, kf, paul_p et al
07:52 paul_p hi chris, kf & magnus
07:52 kf hi magnus
07:53 kf robin++
07:53 paul_p chris : hdl started to rebase biblibre/master against community/master, and ... it's really a huge job... (will require probably weeks)
07:53 chris yup
07:53 chris what i would do
07:54 chris format patch against koha/master
07:54 chris then checkout a koha/master branch, an apply the patches for a feature set
07:54 chris then you have that feature rebased, and move on to the next
07:55 chris otherwise you have to rebase the whole branch, then we just have to split it up anyway
07:55 chris and if you put the patches up in directories .. i can help apply them on branches
07:56 chris even if the dirs are just your bug track number
07:56 chris
07:57 chris like that, but with more directories of course :)
07:58 chris something like
07:58 chris and in there 0001-something.patch 0003-something.patch 0102-something.patch
07:59 chris then i will be able to do some in my evenings
08:12 paul_p chris, you made a spelling mistake isn't it ? it's format patch against *biblibre*/master, then checkout koha/master, then... ?
08:18 chris no
08:18 chris you format your patches against koha/master
08:18 paul_p how do you do a format-patch against koha/master ?
08:19 chris git format-patch koha/master
08:19 chris if koha is the name of your remote
08:19 paul_p you can do that ? how will git take care of the conflict ?
08:19 chris its making patches
08:20 chris it wont have any conflicts
08:20 paul_p ah, ok, I understand now.
08:21 paul_p we will also have some patches from community/master already included in biblibre/master, they won't be formatted I hope, as they are already in both branches
08:23 chris yep, git is pretty smart about that
08:29 chris is what i plan to use to try and help track patches for 3.4
08:30 chris so people can see where their patches are at, are they in the waiting for qa pile, or waiting for me pile, or rejected
08:31 magnus chris++
08:34 kf chris++
08:34 kf feedback++
08:36 chris i might add some more directories
08:36 chris maybe apply_to_3_2
08:37 chris ill talk with chris_n about that
08:45 chris and of course any suggestions you guys have :)
08:52 magnus next irc meeting scheduled for 19:00 UTC+0 on the 1 September 2010, but no page on the wiki yet, or am i missing something?
08:52 chris the 1st?
08:53 magnus looks like it:[…]10-08-11#i_484091
08:54 chris ahh that was the meeting i missed, no wonder i dont rememebr
08:54 chris[…]g,_11_August_2010
08:54 chris ill link the transcript there
08:54 chris and send out an email
08:55 chris unless you want to send out the mail (reminder one)
08:55 magnus i missed that too - it was my birthday... ;-)
08:58 magnus chris: feel free
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10:37 kf chris: around?
10:38 chris yup
10:38 kf ah :)
10:38 kf will you send a mail to the translators soon? I was thinking as we are now in feature and template freeze people can start translating
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10:39 chris yep, people have been
10:40 kf perhaps for some languages where people are not so active a reminder would be nice
10:41 chris yeah ill try to get time to send one in the next few days
10:44 kf great :)
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13:38 mib_w0pb7 greetings colleagues, just checking if there are any Koha users based in Zimbabwe?
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13:47 kf *sighs* impatient
13:47 kf Adamson Nyoni Library, theological college of zimbabwe
13:48 kf http://www.librarytechnology.o[…]
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13:50 ivanc hi all
13:50 kf hi ivanc
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14:27 jcamins Hello, #koha
14:28 kf hi jcamins :)
14:29 ivanc hi kf
14:29 sekjal morning, jcamins
14:31 jcamins I see there's a meeting tomorrow at 3.
14:31 kf no, it's at 9 ;)
14:32 jcamins I'll try to show up when my wristwatch says 3. ;)
14:37 kf jcamins: would you like to see the place of publication in opac and intranet?
14:38 jcamins Hm.
14:38 jcamins Sure, why not?
14:39 kf ok, just testing if this change is ok .)
14:39 kf and you are a cataloger
14:45 kf :)
14:45 kf reva asked about it too and our library, I will send a patch
14:49 tcohen hi, i've just noticed that fields appear unsorted
14:49 tcohen is there a fix for that?
14:50 kf hm, they are sorted in my dev installtion from current head - by subfield code
14:51 wizzyrea I've been meaning to talk about that table
14:51 kf tcohen: which version are u using?
14:51 tcohen 3.0.6
14:51 kf hi wizzyrea
14:51 wizzyrea (the entry order is fine)
14:52 kf tcohen: sorry, I don't have a 3.0.x installation to test, in HEAD (3.2 to be) it seems ok to me
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14:53 tcohen i'll try to figure it out, perhaps its a problem with our translation
14:53 kf Gesenius, Wilhelm,  F. C. W. Vogel, Description: ; Leipzig, , 1921 : xix, 1013, [1]p. ; 25cm. Freihand <- from staff result list - looks a bit strange, doesn't it
14:53 kf ?
14:54 tcohen i'll have to do some researh on how that list is constructed
14:55 wizzyrea oh, and hi KF
14:55 jcamins tcohen: are you talking about the list of items on the screen, or the fields for adding a new item?
14:56 jcamins Because the former seems to be sorted by itemid, which is really irritating.
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14:56 tcohen jcamins: i'm talking about the "add item" form
14:57 wizzyrea oh yes, jcamins, that bugs us too
14:57 jcamins Okay, then, yes, on recent builds of 3.1 that works fine for me.
14:59 wizzyrea but I would still like to talk about the order of the columns on
14:59 wizzyrea >.>
14:59 wizzyrea many of my librarians loathe that the most useful information is way to the right
15:00 jcamins I completely understand where they're coming from.
15:00 wizzyrea I recognize that it's in subfield order, and some might like that
15:01 jcamins Huh. Do you know, I never realized that.
15:01 wizzyrea in our libraries though, seeing "withdrawn" or Lost or Classification scheme really rates much lower than Ccode, shelving location, current/perm location, call number, and barcode
15:02 wizzyrea and itype
15:03 wizzyrea If I had a choice on how to order them, I would do it as follows: barcode, call number, ccode, itype, home location, current location, shelving location, the rest
15:04 * jcamins thinks that sounds like a very nice order
15:05 kf wizzyrea: nice, but perhaps not easy to do without breaking the configuration from frameworks
15:06 jcamins Could you do it with jQuery?
15:06 kf jcamins: rows are much easier than columns
15:06 jcamins Oh. :(
15:06 jcamins I guess that makes sense.
15:06 kf I did delete some columns from the z39.50 result screen
15:07 kf it's just more complicated, but I think it's possible, just not for me :(
15:08 jcamins Why did I create a Framework called "ZZ Delete this framework"?
15:08 wizzyrea Columns are easy to delete in jquery
15:08 wizzyrea or hide
15:09 kf wizzyrea: how do you do it?
15:09 wizzyrea 1s i'll shar
15:09 wizzyrea e
15:09 wizzyrea now this is not specifically related to koha
15:10 pastebot "wizzyrea" at pasted "column removing jquery" (3 lines) at
15:10 kf oh, I have to test this
15:10 kf looks much easier than my solution!
15:10 wizzyrea now, I didn't do any checking for values
15:10 wizzyrea because I just wanted to nuke the column
15:10 kf not sure this is necessary
15:11 kf perhaps owen knows how to move columns
15:11 wizzyrea well, I bet it's similar to removing them
15:11 wizzyrea you maybe just assign a new index?
15:11 wizzyrea kf now you've got me thinking...
15:13 kf wizzyrea: I tried to google it, but without success
15:13 kf we wanted the import column in z39.50 search results at the beginning
15:13 wizzyrea kf: see pm
15:13 kf it still looks complicated :)
15:13 wizzyrea very
15:14 kf hm it involves click
15:14 kf perhaps a solution for drag and drop?
15:16 wizzyrea looks like there are jquery plugins for this operation
15:16 wizzyrea[…]ble-manipulation/
15:16 wizzyrea specifically #9
15:17 wizzyrea for the purposes of additem
15:17 wizzyrea or #14
15:18 kf wizzyrea: your solution works great for my problem
15:19 wizzyrea \o/
15:21 tcohen i've just added a "sort" in the relevant perls' foreach and its working properly
15:21 tcohen sending a patch
15:25 kf tcohen: sort by what?
15:25 tcohen by subfield number, alphabetically
15:25 tcohen ?
15:26 kf ah
15:26 kf sorry
15:26 tcohen kf: sorry, I hadn't read what you where proposing
15:27 kf ah, I was not proposing, just commenting on the code wizzyrea showed me
15:27 tcohen ah, I was wondering what would our librarians prefer
15:28 kf we were discussing to resort the columsn with jquery to get the more important columns at the beginning
15:28 tcohen so I handled your comments as a question :D
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15:28 jcamins Where is the documentation on suppressing items in the OPAC?
15:32 jcamins I know there's something somewhere.
15:33 jcamins Ah, it's OpacSuppression.
15:34 sekjal jcamins: and the trick is you have to have at least 1 biblio marked as suppressed before you turn OpacSuppression on
15:34 sekjal otherwise stuff breaks
15:35 ivanc I leave by
15:35 ivanc left #koha
15:36 jcamins sekjal: Okay. I will create the record first, then. Does our server already have the suppress index configured?
15:37 sekjal jcamins: it should, but I'll double check
15:38 sekjal yes
15:39 jcamins Thanks!
15:40 sekjal jcamins: gladly
15:43 sekjal I just had an idea for how to make circulation permission MUCH more configurable an extensible!
15:44 kf sounds dangerous ;)
15:44 sekjal s/permission/rules/
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15:46 sekjal right now the rules table gives a field for each known rule, like fine, finedays, maxissueqty, etc.
15:46 sekjal and we have to have 5-6 other tables to keep track of other kinds of rules
15:47 sekjal plus, we've still got a ton of system preference level rules, like "noissuescharge" and "globalduedate" that can't be confirmed to the individual combo of itemtype/branchcode/patron category
15:47 kf allowonshelfholds...
15:48 kf sekjal: what is what you want to do? Now I am curious :)
15:49 sekjal so, how about this: we change the data structure around so we have branchcode/itemtype/categorycode, then a 'key' (named like sysprefs) and a value
15:49 sekjal basically, make issuing rules like system preferences
15:49 kf I think we would need a real good interface for that
15:49 sekjal agreed; the interface we have now isn't sufficient
15:50 sekjal perhaps a 6th column indicating what page/tab/group the preference belongs to
15:50 kf so you can see all values for a branch/itemtype/category, show which values are inherited from default values
15:50 kf sorting
15:50 kf the interface we have makes me load everything via swl
15:50 kf I make so many mistakes manually adding or changing rules
15:51 kf sekjal: I think your idea is great
15:52 kf ok, I especially like the part about adding more global sys prefs to the matrix
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15:53 sekjal then we could change individual rules, like fine charging interval, without having to reenter all the preferences for that combo
15:53 sekjal oh, and we should have a test tool: you put in the branch/item/patron combo, and it tells you all the rules as they are currently configured
15:54 kf yes, or show all settings for all combinations for 1 sys pref
15:54 kf hm, you know what I mean...
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16:10 sekjal sorry, had a quick meeting there
16:10 sekjal yes, the tool should also be approachable from that direction
16:11 sekjal either "give me all the rules for this combo" or "give me all the combos for this rule"
16:11 sekjal we do this, and Koha will be that much better for consortial setups
16:11 wizzyrea I like things that are better for consortial setups
16:11 wizzyrea >.>
16:12 kf wizzyrea: me too :) makes koha more flexible in a lot of ways
16:12 kf not only for consortia - allowonshelfholds in circ matrix can solve my closed stacks problem for example
16:12 sekjal I think this makes 4 RFCs I've got to write up and get on the wiki...
16:12 kf sekjal++
16:13 kf I can't help much with programming - but will try to do a lot of testing for 3.4
16:13 sekjal oh, wait, 5 if I count redoing Notices
16:13 kf redoing notices?
16:13 kf can't wait to see what you want to do... we have really problems with that
16:14 wizzyrea kf what kind of problems?
16:14 sekjal first idea is to split between event-driven notices (like checkins, checkouts and holds available) and time-driven notices (predue, due, overdue, library events)
16:14 kf oh, don't make me start
16:15 wizzyrea >.<
16:15 kf German libraries are doing it different
16:15 kf weekly interval
16:15 wizzyrea oh that
16:15 kf grace period the time between due date and first fine, not accounted for findes
16:15 kf send notice at the same day the fine was set
16:15 kf is set?
16:15 kf things like that
16:16 kf I was going to work on that last week - but I am really slow and other things kept me away from it :(
16:17 kf fredericd: I think I send a patch for your bug 5188
16:17 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5188 normal, P5, ---, frederic, NEW, Refining members search by category doesn't display a categories list
16:17 kf not sending notices on holidays
16:17 kf ok, now I am done :)
16:25 kf ok, have I scared everybody away now? :)
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16:26 * jcamins peeks out from underneath the table
16:27 sekjal kf: so, are your fines that are accrued for that night not being factored into your nightly notices?
16:27 kf not sure I understand you
16:28 kf what we want is set the find and send the notice, with the fine mentioned
16:28 kf for every book
16:28 sekjal kf: ah, okay
16:28 sekjal so have the fine be a value that can be parsed into the notice
16:28 kf and we would like to send them divided into 1st, 2nd and 3rd notices
16:29 kf at the moment everything is mixed together and there is no way you can have them send out at the same day
16:29 kf sekjal: you can do that now with work chris_n did, although I have a open bug report for that with a problem noone else seems to have, but I can reproduce on all our different isntallations
16:30 kf but 4904
16:30 kf bug 4904
16:30 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4904 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, katrin.fischer, ASSIGNED, Problem with printing fines in overdue notices
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16:30 kf ideally we would like to have different fines for every notice
16:31 kf 1.50 1st, + 3.00 2nd  + 4.50 3rd something like that
16:34 sekjal hmmm, okay
16:34 kf yep, it must sound strange :)
16:35 kf it is a real problem for us, because most academic libraries in my state work like this, not easy to explain you can't do that
16:37 kf don't think too much about it
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16:53 jcamins Does anyone know how frameworks are ordered in the "New Record" dropdown?
16:56 sekjal is now known as sekjal_a
16:58 kf jcamins: never thought about it
17:02 jcamins I guess probably most people don't use enough frameworks for it to be confusing.
17:03 kf bbl for the meeting
17:03 kf oh, the meeting is tomorrow
17:03 kf left #koha
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17:35 cait hi #koha
18:11 rhcl Our receipts are printing out the library card number instead of the patron name. Where is that selection made?
18:14 cait rhcl: you cant configure the receipts - which receipts are you speaking about?
18:18 rhcl just that ... the receipts for items checked out. Surely this can be changed somewhere--even if it's hard coded
18:18 rhcl Seems like that should be a configurable item...
18:18 cait ah, email notifications?
18:19 rhcl no no, a patron walks up to the circ desk, checks out a book, and gets a receipt
18:19 cait slips are not configurable
18:19 cait you will have to look at the code
18:19 rhcl well, they should be
18:19 cait but I wonder why the patron name is not there
18:19 rhcl don't know
18:20 rhcl IMHO there should be a layout editor for receipt slips--let you config what info (name, date, et al) and the place on the slip (top/bottom) you want it
18:21 cait yeah, there should
18:21 cait but sadly, there isn't at them moment
18:22 rhcl wonder what it would take to get that learning perl?
18:24 cait to change the template, you will not need much, will be harder to write the editor
18:24 cait what is perhaps the reason noone has done it yet
18:27 rhcl ah, I'll bet one of the good coders on here could have that done in less than an hour. For just a simple line printer there would be very little formatting.
18:27 rhcl not like writing OO Writer from scratch
18:28 cait I think its printing a html page now
18:29 cait so the proble is not formatting, but make that part editable with place holders for variables like the notices module does
18:29 cait and 1 hour is not very much, to plan what you want to do, write good code, test it
18:30 rhcl[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3246    tnx wizzyrea
18:30 munin Bug 3246: enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Looking for a way to customize the patron slips (receipts)
18:33 rhcl I wonder how munin parsed the bug from the link I posted...just a simple "bug" and "3246?" This line should test that idea.
18:33 wizzyrea normally you have to have the bug and the number together
18:33 wizzyrea and, it detects bug url's
18:34 wizzyrea so if you say bug 3246
18:34 rhcl icic
18:34 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3246 enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Looking for a way to customize the patron slips (receipts)
18:34 wizzyrea 3246
18:34 wizzyrea doesn't work, obviously
18:36 rhcl bug.......3246
18:36 * chris_n walks in contentedly munching a chocolate chip cooking
18:36 rhcl well, share some dude
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18:36 * chris_n passes the bag around
18:36 rhcl ah, thanks
18:37 wizzyrea woot cookies!
18:37 chris_n however, the virtual kind are not really as tasty ;-)
18:37 wizzyrea I just had a lovely snack of carrots, grapes, cheese, and pretzels :P
18:37 * chris_n wonders if one could use quantum mechanics to send cookies via email?
18:37 mib_8t7mr Hey guys.....I got some help form you yesterday regarding a slow full display page in Koha, recommened to run the cleanup script to clear session table
18:38 mib_8t7mr The things is the script isn't anywhere on the installed system, which is a little strange. Should it be OK for me to use the script from a 3.0.6 install against the 3.0.5 install?
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19:05 sekjal_a is now known as sekjal
19:42 * wizzyrea wonders if chris is up yet.
19:44 mib_8t7mr Hi Wizzy, I got disconnected earlier.....yesterday you were suggesting I run a cleanup database script to clear the session table. This script doesn't exist on 3.0.5 but would the 3.0.6 on be OK?
19:45 wizzyrea I really have no idea, sorry :(
19:46 mib_8t7mr OK. Thanks anyway
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20:06 chris Yeah on the bus
20:07 chris And yes that script should be fine, back up your db first though :)
20:07 chris Wizzyrea: what's up?
20:11 wizzyrea I had a question about a thing but gmcharlt helped me :)
20:11 wizzyrea is that vague enough, lol
20:11 chris Heh
20:12 * chris wanders off for a haircut
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20:26 richard hi
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20:41 wizzyrea anybody from biblibre around?
20:42 wizzyrea I know it's wicked late there
20:42 wizzyrea @later tell paul_p did you need your vendor listing updated on to reflect your office move?
20:42 munin wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
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21:03 chris back
21:04 richard hey chris
21:14 sekjal I was reading an old convo from a while back about an error with
21:15 sekjal I'm seeing the error:  Right truncation not supported ZOOM at /home/koha/kohaclone/C4/ line 242
21:15 sekjal ccurry was asking about this last year
21:15 sekjal I can't find a resolution in the chat logs
21:15 sekjal does anyone recall this, and (hopefully) the solution?
21:16 chris not ringing any bells sorry
21:17 sekjal I just ran this script on another server, and it went fine (though it took 12 hours)
21:17 sekjal in theory, I'm working with the same code on this machine
21:18 sekjal though some underlying services could be different, and the data certainly is
21:20 chris syspref thing?
21:22 sekjal queryautotruncate is set to automatic
21:23 chris on both?
21:23 sekjal no, only on the failing system
21:23 chris ahhh
21:23 sekjal just changed it and tried again
21:23 sekjal same error
21:23 chris *fingers crossed*
21:26 sekjal maybe it's my version of Zebra
21:28 sekjal which doesn't seem to want to apt-get upgrade....
21:28 sekjal ah well, too late in my day to keep pounding at it
21:28 sekjal will try again tomorrow
21:30 sekjal goodnight, #koha!
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22:29 chris oh hey look, its Shiny :)
22:30 darling Shiny !
22:30 richard with a capital S, no less
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22:35 wasabi oooh, so Shiny....
22:53 Shiny 'sup?
22:53 Shiny oh wow -- i hae so many friends here
22:54 Shiny i was working on this mykoha thing -- and since i was waiting for it to compile, i decided to lurk here
22:55 Shiny what you folks do here all day?
22:56 chris mostly its pretty quiet this time of the day, with only the nzers around, but it gets busy overnight with europe, india and the US
22:56 chris meeting on here tomorrow round 7am nztime too
22:56 Shiny oh, that's tomorrow?
22:56 Shiny i saw the email, that's how i discoverd this channel
22:57 Shiny of course.. UTC is a day behind
22:57 Shiny you have to be awake and coherent at 7am?
22:57 anitsirk and in front of a digital device ;-)
22:57 chris :)
22:57 Shiny i can top that.. OLPC have voice conferences at 3am NZ time.
22:58 chris youch!
22:58 Shiny very
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22:58 anitsirk 3 am meetings / presentations are awesome as long as they don't happen too many times
22:59 Shiny at least the phoen call is cheap then
22:59 chris anitsirk: not so awesome when your voice wakes up your 2 kids, who wake up your wife
22:59 chris least irc is quiet :)
23:00 anitsirk no that's true. chris.
23:00 anitsirk esp. in the small apartments that are around here in wellington

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