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00:59 CGI566 Hi All
01:01 CGI566 am having an issue with the Shelf browser in Koha, the shelf browser is showing some weired images, it is repeating the same image for all the books, does anybody sugest a solution for this
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02:29 brendan @wunder 93117
02:29 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 16.7�C (7:29 PM PDT on May 23, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 38%. Dew Point: 2.0�C. Pressure: 29.91 in 1012.8 hPa (Steady). Wind Advisory in effect until 9 PM PDT this evening...
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03:37 Amit heya chris
03:37 chris hi Amit
03:42 hdl_laptop hi all
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03:43 Amit heya hdl_laptop
03:43 brendan hi amit hdl_laptop
03:43 Amit heya brendan
03:43 hdl_laptop brendan: must be very late for you
03:44 brendan 8:47pm local time
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03:44 brendan so not too late yet ;)
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03:51 pianohacker Hi, brendan
03:52 hdl_laptop hi pianohacker
03:52 pianohacker and hdl
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03:53 pianohacker hey, joetho, what are you doing here this late?
03:54 joetho too weird:
03:54 joetho[…]lopment:git_usage
03:54 brendan hi pianohacker
03:54 pianohacker well, git is weird
03:54 joetho "if you are a developer from, oh, say, the Nelsonvillle library, etc etc"
03:54 joetho last edit was this week
03:55 chris well we could edit it
03:55 chris oh no wait we cant
03:55 pianohacker a template designer from the nelsonville library? Who on earth could that be, scooby?
03:55 chris[…]Control_Using_Git
03:56 chris its been there for a while :)
03:56 chris thats what happens when you let me write stuff
03:57 joetho yes, but the one is being currently edited
03:57 chris  <-- thats an interesting edit
03:57 pianohacker More than good enough; I think most of the active devels at the moment got started from that doc
03:57 chris yeah but who uses that old wiki anyway? :-)
03:57 brendan chris not interesting, wrong
03:57 brendan ;)
03:58 chris joetho: that was edited by a spammer (the git page)
03:58 chris thats why i tweeted this
03:58 pianohacker hrm. ctf?
03:58 chris
03:58 brendan clay
03:58 pianohacker wow, that is weird
03:58 chris under oriders
03:58 chris i bet
03:58 pianohacker yup
03:58 chris just like turning back on
03:59 chris and changing the links for downloading koha on the old koha site
03:59 chris i dont think they can let a week go by without doing something bizzare
03:59 pianohacker there was that oddly passive-aggressive, "disappointed" press release, in the same vein, though that's old news
04:00 chris the vomit comment still takes the cake
04:00 larsw vomit?
04:01 chris[…]-1#comment-181175
04:02 chris joetho: there is spam on the front page of the old wiki now too, links to online betting sites
04:02 larsw ooh, I think I missed that
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04:02 pianohacker chris: is there spam protection for the new wiki, or are we relying on someone watching the recent changes page?
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04:03 chris there is for automated spam
04:03 pianohacker okay, cool
04:03 chris but a human can still put some up (which is what looks like what happend on the old wiki .. it used to happen a bit)
04:03 chris i have rss feeds of the changes, so i usually go revert if i spot any
04:04 chris[…]evisions&id=start
04:04 robin Maybe you should just quietly edit old wiki links to point to pages on the new wiki, so it gets all the google juice
04:04 larsw the cost of freedom (allowing anyone to edit) is occasional vigilance (checking recentchanges for malicious stuff)
04:04 chris well they killed all our logins robin
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04:04 chris so i could make a new one i guess .. but i really dont want to get in a wiki edit war with them
04:04 robin oh, so it's not a public wiki?
04:04 pianohacker chris: dear god, I missed that
04:05 larsw hmm... I can't log in using my openid
04:05 chris actually can you see a link to make a new account?
04:06 chris yeah they kicked at least 4 ppl i know of out .. make that 5 countin you lars
04:06 pianohacker Mine's missing too
04:06 chris make that everyone
04:07 larsw login page does not have a registration button
04:07 chris yeah, and no way to make an account
04:07 chris as i say, a bizarre decision each week
04:09 chris
04:16 chris[…]p?ArticleID=67309
04:16 chris some glaring factual errors in there
04:22 larsw ", the corporate website developed by LibLime" -- I thought the website was created by many people and organisations, over the years, was I wrong?
04:23 chris yeah
04:23 chris liblime shifted it to plone, but most of the content was by others
04:23 chris the list of features, barring marc21 holdings are all in official koha too
04:24 chris and the version number is 3.2.0 ...
04:32 larsw "Choosing an ILS should be an objective process, not a subjective one." -- that is perhaps the most glaring error of all... so many aspects of choosing a complicated software system are not objectively quantifiable that is is _never_ an objective process
04:32 larsw but that's perhaps off-topic, again, for #koha, sorry
04:32 pianohacker Hahahaha you have obviously not seen quite how off-topic we can get ;)
04:33 pianohacker That's actually fairly apropos, relative to some of the other stuff on here
04:33 chris pragmatists often forget that pragmatism is an ideaology too
04:33 larsw pianohacker, I can try to not make it worse, though :)
04:34 pianohacker Right. And yeah, choosing software objectively can be actively dangerous
04:35 pianohacker You'll end up with something that has every feature on your long list
04:35 pianohacker And an "estimated TCO" that falls within your budget
04:36 pianohacker But it's uglier than sin and has an incredibly asinine ui
04:36 chris *nod*
04:40 pianohacker not that I'm talking about, say, most of the popular proprietary ILSs or anything
04:40 mason lol,[…]p?ArticleID=67309
04:40 mason " not on, the official website of the loose worldwide consortium of Koha developers and users"
04:41 pianohacker mason: we were just ragging on that
04:41 pianohacker who's feeling loose today?
04:41 mason damn, i thought we were all tight?
04:42 mason jesse, you and me are still tight, surely... ?
04:42 pianohacker Of course, bro
04:42 mason sweet ;)
04:43 mason secretly, i thought so...
04:43 mason but , was just checkin'
04:43 pianohacker hehehe
04:45 mason 'loose worldwide consortium'
04:46 mason the 'loose worldwide consortium' of facebook users
04:46 pianohacker On that note, I should probably head out, getting a bit late
04:46 pianohacker mason++
04:47 pianohacker night, all
04:47 chris cya pianohacker
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04:47 kmkale good morning all
04:48 chris hi kmkale
04:48 kmkale hi chris
04:52 mason cya jesse
04:52 mason wow, sure was nice to catch-up with an old liblime workmate...
04:53 chris he is good value, his new sys prefs interface rules
04:53 mason hi chris, kmkale
04:55 kmkale hi mason
04:56 mason yep, im greatfull every time i use it, which is often
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05:26 Amit heya mason, kmkale
05:27 kmkale hi Amit
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06:46 CGI152 enable
06:47 CGI152 logout
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08:01 cait good morning #koha
08:05 chris hiya cait
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08:14 cait hi chris
08:14 cait will you comment on the article?
08:15 chris i did, its waiting in moderation
08:15 chris i said those features (except holdings) are in 3.2 and its 3.2 not 3.1
08:15 chris i didnt comment on the site bit
08:16 cait ah ok :)
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09:37 eiro hello koha people!
09:47 chris hi eiro
09:48 cait h eiro
09:52 * mason waves
09:52 eiro wow! mason, chris! long time not reading you.
09:53 eiro how are you, guys ?
09:53 mason v. good here :)
09:53 mason raining, with storm warning..
09:54 chris[…]q=maori+battalion
09:54 mason
09:54 * chris goes to catch a taxi home
09:54 eiro oohhh ... we have our first sunny days of summer here! a shiny blue sky
09:55 mason heh, lets swap!
09:56 eiro no way mason! we just leave a very cold winter :->
09:56 mason and i setup a macbook with ubuntu last week, very happy
09:56 mason alt-tab switching is very snappy with default ubuntu
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09:57 mason faster than iterm+snow-lep switching anyhoo..
09:58 eiro ohhh ... i have to reinstall soon! i'm still under jaunty and it's borring to maintain my own debian packages for perl
09:58 mason wow, so old
09:59 mason ubuntu seems to get better every release
09:59 mason but i digress...
10:00 eiro yup ... btw i really would like to have the time to test another distrib. I really don't like the way ubuntu goes on. nixos and archlinux seems to be awesome
10:00 mason hmm, dont?
10:01 mason actually, the ubuntu/kubuntu thing i just discovered!
10:01 mason meaning i didnt release the difference was gnome/kde
10:02 mason btw, i have not seen nixos or arch, ill try to have a look...
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10:05 eiro well ... archlinux tries a KISS approach the debian derrivatives begun to loose
10:07 mason yeah,
10:07 mason as a desktop goes, i dont even wanna *have to* choose between ubuntu or kubuntu
10:08 mason :)
10:08 eiro :-)
10:09 mason package up a good working dev-stack, and ill use it
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10:09 mason i also want to use what everyone is using too, so if i get stuck i can ask for help :)
10:15 eiro well ... it's our production system and we did lot of stuff on debian. it's the only one reason
10:20 chris back
10:36 cait the new hlt catalog and website look nice
10:40 chris thanks, katipo did the design work, catalyst did the koha upgrade
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11:36 gmcharlt good morning
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11:37 jdavidb Hello, #koha.
11:39 chris morning jdavidb, jwagner and gmcharlt
11:40 chris[…]q=maori+battalion  (2nd load of the page should be faster than the first)
11:40 jwagner morning, all
11:41 cait hi gmcharlt, jwagner and jdavidb
11:41 * jdavidb waves to chris and cait.
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11:48 * cait waves back
11:49 cait :)
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12:00 gmcharlt nahuel: reminder - please remove the https links from http://lists.koha-community.or[…]/mailman/listinfo
12:10 cait is now known as cait_afk
12:11 nahuel gmcharlt, fixed
12:11 gmcharlt nahuel++
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12:15 chris thanks nahuel
12:15 nahuel :)
12:16 owen "Some of the enhancements to Koha currently available only in LibLime's Enterprise Koha include an integrated Zebra search engine" Wha?
12:18 chris heh yeah
12:19 chris someone doesnt quite have his facts right
12:19 owen Not to mention "the official Koha Project release (currently 3.02)" That's what you get for getting all your facts from
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12:33 jwagner owen, what link are you looking at?
12:33 owen[…]nd-Isnt-67309.asp
12:37 mason Q: whats the historical default z39-server *port* ? is there one?
12:38 nahuel mason, grep z3950 /etc/services
12:38 mason
12:38 gmcharlt mason: 210
12:39 mason i was going with 210, ta
12:40 genji wow... ptfs being publically honest..
12:40 genji as upposed to liblime's tightlip. this is cool.
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12:43 chris genji: huh?
12:44 genji liblime, if they released something, would claim things..
12:44 genji ptfs, is doing the opposite. they are contributing.
12:46 * owen wonders how long it takes for comments to get approved on
12:51 genji 3.0.6, hiding marc fields / subfields, works?
12:52 * owen 's comment will probably be rejected as redundantly nit-picking
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12:56 chris heh
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13:12 genji hiya... can someone give me the opendns dns server ip numbers?
13:13 genji seems my isp's dns server is down.. so.. the connections i have open... are the only ones im going to get, unless i use ip numbers.. im thinking..
13:15 jwagner is now known as jwagner_meeting
13:16 bgkriegel genji,
13:17 genji can't get pastebin
13:17 bgkriegel sorry
13:17 genji its a new connection with domain name not cached.
13:17 bgkriegel has address
13:17 genji thanks..
13:17 bgkriegel has address
13:17 bgkriegel has address
13:18 Nate joined #koha
13:21 genji no good
13:22 genji anyone got another dns server ip address?
13:22 joerg joined #koha
13:22 joerg hi
13:22 joerg is koha a NZ based project?
13:22 joerg or is it just the server?
13:24 genji it was born in nz.. and the original developers still support it.
13:24 genji But, its a worldwide phenomena now.
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13:30 bgkriegel genji,
13:30 bgkriegel try
13:31 gmcharlt jwagner_meeting: your account (reported by and CC list membership) is now linked up to all of the relevant bugs in the new BZ
13:32 genji hmm. found something odd..
13:33 genji my router isn't forwarding dns requests anymore...
13:33 genji its not my isp...
13:33 bgkriegel sounds bad
13:33 genji i grabbed my isp's dns... put them into my linux boxes resov.conf..
13:33 genji it worked...
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13:49 gmcharlt owen: could you take a look at koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/​modules/tools/batchMod-del.tmpl
13:49 gmcharlt your patch for 4443 appears to have introduced a structural error in the template logic
13:49 owen Sure
13:50 gmcharlt thanks
13:52 sekjal Are files uploaded to Koha via the GUI encrypted or hashed in any way?
13:53 owen Thanks for the reminder gmcharlt . I saw your note in the bug report but lost track of it in my to-do list
13:53 gmcharlt sekjal: which files?  uploaded how?
13:54 sekjal for example, if a library uploaded a CSV of borrower information with plaintext passwords, would that pose a security risk?
13:55 aurelie_v is now known as paul_p
13:55 sekjal gmchartl: mostly concerned with borrower import information, but really any file uploaded from a librarian desktop to their Koha server via the GUI
13:59 gmcharlt ah
13:59 gmcharlt the "GUI" wording threw me off
13:59 gmcharlt such files aren't encrypted on the server
13:59 gmcharlt if the library is concerned about transport-layer security
14:00 gmcharlt they could enable SSL for the staff interface
14:00 sekjal thanks, gmcharlt.  exactly what I needed to know.
14:16 joerg cool....I have been to NZ last year :) and probably gonna come back for summer in the beginning of next year....
14:17 joerg anyway has anybody tried that 3.0.x virtualbox image?
14:17 joerg just downloaded it because I thought that should be the easiest way to get an impression of koha....
14:17 joerg unfortunately it does not boot (grub reports error 18)
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14:31 rhcl Hi cait
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14:36 libtek Good morning.  I've come in today to find my Koha server unresponsive in the browser.  I can't bring up the web services at all, yet I can ping and remote in just fine.  I've tried restarting apache (sudo apache2ctl restart), but that didn't make any difference.  Anyone have any ideas what to try next?
14:36 libtek I just get a "webpage can not be found" error page.
14:37 libtek For both staff and opac.
14:38 owen libtek: And you were able to reach Koha before?
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14:41 bgkriegel libtek: can be a dns problem?
14:42 wizzyrea says he can ping, but doesn't say if by name or by number
14:42 wizzyrea anything in the apache logs?
14:44 libtek We are not using a dns for this box.  Doing all testing strictly by IP.  IP hasn't changed.  Where would I find apache logs?  Not seeing them in /etc/apache2/
14:44 bgkriegel no, look on /var/log/apache2
14:45 bgkriegel and on /var/log/koha
14:47 libtek I'm seeing many lines in the error.log for apache that say "[error] [client] File does not exist: /htdocs" (72 is my workstation)
14:52 libtek Not seeing anything in the koha error logs since Friday when I was last on.
14:53 wizzyrea it dosn't do anything or it times out with file not found or...
14:53 wizzyrea oh, nm, reading fail
14:53 wizzyrea sudo a2dissite default
14:54 wizzyrea sounds to me like your default site is irritating your koha install
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14:58 libtek Hmmm...I thought I disabled my default site.  I'll try disabling it again....
14:58 libtek already disabled
14:59 bgkriegel and your koha site is enabled? look on /etc/apache2/sites-enabled
15:01 libtek yep
15:04 mason apache debugging is a bitch... :/
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15:05 mason sudo  apache2ctl  -t -D DUMP_VHOSTS
15:06 mason thats the command that helps me find my complex apache-conf errors
15:06 mason and the apache access/error logs files too
15:07 mason helps to reveal fall-thru errors in your apache's vhost blocks
15:08 bgkriegel are things ok to "sudo apache2ctl configtest"?
15:08 pastebot "libtek" at pasted "sudo apache2ctl -t -D DUMP_VHOSTS results" (5 lines) at
15:08 mason ahhhh...
15:09 libtek I'm seeing this "NameVitualHost *:80 has no VirtualHosts"
15:09 mason ''  should be *:80 etc.
15:10 mason 127.* means that you can only access koha via loopback interface?
15:11 mason you should be using the example koha-httpd.conf files
15:13 mason sounds like you just need to remember what to unbreak
15:15 libtek I'll look at the .conf file...
15:17 mason whatever caused the 127.* mod is prolly when it got broke :)
15:19 mason a
15:19 mason b
15:19 mason c
15:19 mason d
15:19 mason e
15:19 libtek questions is, which do I look at..I'm not sure which copy is the active koha-httpd.conf file.  I have 5 that I have found
15:19 mason lol
15:20 mason remove *all* but one ;)
15:20 mason and start with that one...
15:21 libtek any suggestion which one to keep?  Where should it be living?
15:21 mason then you def. know which one is active!
15:21 mason lives in /etc/apache/site-enabled
15:21 mason start with just 1 file..
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15:22 jwagner gmcharlt, thanks for the BZ reset
15:23 mason a config error in the other conf files, can cause weird behaviour in your *correct* config file
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15:24 libtek not here...I have it in the /build/koha-2.00.06/blib/KOHA_CONF_DIR/, and /build/koha-3.00.06/etc/ folders, (also same folders for ver 3.00.02) and then in /etc/koha
15:24 libtek I am assuming it would be the one in /etc/koha
15:24 mason something your conf file can be OK, its another one thats causing the problem
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15:25 libtek I also have a file that came up on the locate /etc/koha/koha-httpd.conf_koha_3_00_02_12.  I am wondering if that was created during the upgrade?
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15:27 bgkriegel libtek: yes, thats the type of renaming of the upgrade
15:27 mason erm, /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/  is the correct dir
15:28 libtek this file is ringing a bell.  I think I had replaced the local address with the actual address of the box.
15:28 bgkriegel may be you need to replace your new koha-httpd.conf with the old one
15:28 mason cp  /build/koha-3.00.06/etc/koha-httpd.conf /etc/apache/sites-enabled
15:29 mason apache2ctl restart ;)
15:29 mason oops, /etc/apache2/sites-enabled
15:30 bgkriegel if prefer to link it, ln -s /etc/koha/koha-httpd.con /etc/apache2/sites-available/koha, and then a2ensite koha
15:30 Oak joined #koha
15:30 mason im appling the KISS method
15:31 mason appling spelling! :/
15:31 libtek the only thing in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled is koha.  Nothing else.  So, I'll put a copy of this file in there, and I'll modify it ensuring the box's address is specifically used, and then restart apache.
15:31 bgkriegel :)
15:33 mason yeah, IP:80 or *:80 should do it
15:38 libtek Can't seem to copy the file to the sites-enabled folder for some reason.
15:38 bgkriegel permissions?
15:39 libtek using sudo.  Shouldn't be an issue.  Not throwing up an error.
15:42 mason ah, just clicked.. its a koha2 and 3 on one box
15:47 libtek I am back up and running.  Thanks guys.  That was good to learn.
15:48 mason nice one! ;)
15:51 libtek I have a logistics question I'd like to ask you guys about types and collections, if you have a moment.
15:56 libtek I know that item type is used to define circulation rules (i.e. checkout length and fines,etc).  However, I notice that in advanced search, you can filter your search by type.  What kinds of types do you use?  How do you deal with things like this:  You have a type called BOOK that checks out for 28 days, but you have a type called NEW that checks out for 14 days.  Do you end up with both of these types in the advanced search?  Se
15:56 cait @karma
15:56 munin cait: Highest karma: "gmcharlt" (145), "chris" (132), and "owen" (108).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-57), "failed" (-39), and "-" (-25).  You (cait) are ranked 26 out of 844.
15:57 libtek Is there anyway to define circulation rules around something other than type?
15:57 jdavidb @karma
15:57 munin jdavidb: Highest karma: "gmcharlt" (145), "chris" (132), and "owen" (108).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-57), "failed" (-39), and "-" (-25).  You (jdavidb) are ranked 12 out of 844.
15:57 jdavidb 12?  wow.
15:57 cait :)
15:57 owen libtek: You can't define circ rules around anything but itemtype, but you can configure collection codes as alternative categories
15:58 owen collection codes don't have any bearing on circulation, but you can set up the opac advanced search to filter on them
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16:00 libtek owen: Is this how you do it?  I saw that, but it just seemed kinda backwards to set collection codes to be the formats to sort by.
16:00 Nate joined #koha
16:01 owen libtek: We have a few broad categories for circulation rules: General, audio-visual, non-circulating
16:01 owen Then we have collection codes to define many genre/audience categories like Adult Fiction, Mystery, Juvenile non-fiction, etc.
16:01 libtek owen?: not to say it is wrong, or that you are backwards ;)
16:02 libtek I see...
16:02 libtek Okay...that gives me something to chew on.  Thanks for the input.
16:03 libtek owen: what is the address to your catalog?  Do you mind me looking at what you've done?
16:03 greenmang0 joined #koha
16:03 owen
16:03 libtek thanks
16:04 Nate left #koha
16:04 owen Personally I think we've got too many collection codes, but revisiting it is too complicated at the moment
16:07 libtek It's great.  Really gives me an idea and direction.  Thanks again.
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16:13 jwagner is now known as jwagner_meeting
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16:17 cait @roulette
16:17 munin *BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
16:17 * munin reloads and spins the chambers.
16:18 moodaepo joined #koha
16:18 jdavidb @roulette
16:18 munin jdavidb: *click*
16:18 cait @roulette
16:18 munin cait: *click*
16:18 jdavidb rats.
16:18 jdavidb @roulette
16:18 munin jdavidb: *click*
16:18 cait @roulette
16:18 munin *BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
16:18 * munin reloads and spins the chambers.
16:18 cait bad day?
16:18 jdavidb less-than-stellar.
16:18 * cait sends some chocolate
16:19 jdavidb thanks. :)
16:22 hdl_laptop jwagner_meeting: not there...
16:37 libtek left #koha
16:37 sekjal joined #koha
16:49 Nate joined #koha
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17:43 pianohacker joined #koha
17:44 pianohacker good morning
17:44 jwagner_meeting a pianohacker sighting!  We've missed you!
17:44 jwagner_meeting is now known as jwagner
17:45 pianohacker Woah there. Hi jwagner
17:49 joetho joined #koha
17:49 jwagner Where have you been, Jesse?
17:50 pianohacker School :P
17:50 joetho Senior in high school? in May?
17:50 pianohacker Just graduated :)
17:50 joetho banquets
17:50 joetho awards assemblies
17:50 joetho pranks
17:51 joetho ditching sixth hour
17:51 pianohacker Ahah, not for this online school hermit. Mainly, they were keeping me busy with, well, schoolwork
17:51 joetho I'm not even close, am I
17:51 joetho getting caught up with three years worth of assignments?
17:52 joetho anyway congratulations.
17:52 jwagner Yes indeed, congrats on the graduation.  Where are you headed next?
17:52 pianohacker Thanks. School of Mines, here in colorado
17:52 * jdavidb waves to pianohacker.
17:52 joetho hey my brother in law went there
17:52 pianohacker hi jdavidb
17:52 pianohacker Oh, hey cool
17:53 jwagner I'm somewhat familiar with New Mexico school of mines, but not Colorado's
17:53 joetho no, he divorced my sister after 35 years of marriage. Don't learn that.
17:53 * gmcharlt sneaks around pianohacker and chains him to #koha
17:53 pianohacker haha
17:53 pianohacker gah!
17:53 joetho Preferences interface.
17:53 * jdavidb adds duct tape to gmcharlt's chains, Just In Case.
17:53 pianohacker you'll never take me alive!
17:53 jwagner gmcharlt, you could accomplish the same thing by assigning all the open bug reports to him.
17:54 * joetho says chains come in many flavors
17:54 jwagner chocolate?
17:54 joetho sure
17:54 pianohacker Hey, chocolate works
17:55 owen Hey pianohacker!
17:55 pianohacker Hi owen
18:10 pianohacker1 joined #koha
18:10 collum owen: just checked infotoday and your and chris' comments were published.
18:12 owen Interesting...the author's response to my comment doesn't seem to have any bearing to what I wrote.
18:13 joetho i noticed that
18:13 collum yep.  I noticed that, as well.
18:13 joetho which is odd, considering what he wrote in the first place
18:13 joetho the world is a funny place
18:14 pianohacker left #koha
18:14 pianohacker1 is now known as pianohacker
18:15 kyle is now known as kyle_away
18:17 libtek joined #koha
18:19 mib_mike joined #koha
18:19 libtek owen: are you available?
18:19 owen Yes
18:19 libtek What version of Koha are you running?
18:20 owen Our library's installation is based on HEAD, but is a few months behind it. Koha reports itself as
18:21 libtek HEAD?
18:21 libtek What is that?
18:22 owen It's one of two main branches of Koha development
18:22 libtek ah...
18:22 owen The stable branch results in 3.0.6. HEAD, the unstable branch, will eventually be 3.2
18:22 owen By the way you can check any Koha OPAC's self-reported version number by viewing source on an OPAC page
18:23 owen You'll see this tag near the top: <meta name="generator" content="Koha 3.0100061" />
18:25 libtek I was trying to figure out why my advanced search screen structure looks different than yours.  I'm noticing that I get an extra line on the limit section that says "Limit type to: match any of the folowing:" just below the line that says "Limit to any of the following:"  I also get a second version coming from who knows what source when I select "[More options]" at the bottom of the screen.
18:26 libtek I'm going to have to look at the files that structure this page.
18:26 owen What version are you on?
18:26 libtek I see the source info.  Thanks for the clue.
18:26 libtek I am on 3.00.06.
18:27 * owen thinks one of these days he'll get a 3.0.x installation running for testing
18:29 libtek /etc
18:29 libtek oops
18:32 pianohacker Heh, at least it wasn't 'Password: '
18:33 libtek I'm not completely:)
18:33 libtek ug!
18:45 chris morning
18:46 pianohacker morning chris
18:49 mib_mike left #koha
18:58 greenmang0 left #koha
18:58 mib_mike joined #koha
18:58 rhcl pianohacker: are you the coder of Powerline?
18:59 pianohacker rhcl: Yes I am
18:59 pianohacker Working on at this very moment, in fact
19:00 rhcl ic. Somebody emailed me about it this AM wanting some help and I was wondering about the status of the project.
19:00 pianohacker rhcl: It's been languishing for a while. I've been working on it in my spare time, but there hadn't been much of that
19:01 pianohacker The previous version is pretty stable, but requires a little work to install
19:01 rhcl Yea, so I gathered from your posts.
19:01 pianohacker Heh, yes
19:02 pianohacker rhcl: However, 0.4 is in the works, and has the potential to be awesome
19:09 joetho left #koha
19:15 jdavidb left #koha
19:15 wizzyrea omg pianohacker!
19:15 * wizzyrea pounces pianohacker with a huge hug
19:18 jwagner That's probably more pleasant than the chains and duct tape that gmcharlt and jdavidb threatened him with....
19:19 pianohacker Hahaha
19:19 pianohacker Hi wizzy
19:20 gmcharlt jwagner: just different kinds of bonding, is all ;)
19:21 jwagner No bondage now, this is a family show.....
19:21 wizzyrea no duct taping of the pianohacker.
19:21 wizzyrea gmcharlt: o. m. g. that was the funniest thing I've read all day
19:22 * pianohacker smiles uncomfortably
19:27 mib_mike left #koha
19:27 jwagner left #koha
19:29 collum left #koha
19:34 mib_mike joined #koha
19:38 wizzyrea @wunder 66047
19:38 munin wizzyrea: The current temperature in Lawrence Live-Courtesy of the Khoury's, Lawrence, Kansas is 29.8�C (2:41 PM CDT on May 24, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 64%. Dew Point: 22.0�C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013.1 hPa (Falling).
19:38 wizzyrea bleh. 64% humidity. Could be worse I guess but still icky
19:39 wizzyrea er
19:39 wizzyrea st-icky
19:42 joetho joined #koha
19:43 owen @wunder 45701
19:43 munin owen: The current temperature in Ohio University, Athens, Ohio is 26.7�C (3:46 PM EDT on May 24, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 48%. Dew Point: 15.0�C. Pressure: 29.97 in 1014.8 hPa (Steady).
19:44 joetho left #koha
19:45 chrisdroid joined #koha
19:46 chrisdroid Gah its disgusting out there
19:46 wizzyrea our nasty hot weather or your nasty cold weather?
19:47 chrisdroid Ill take the hot, its not cold here just wet
19:48 wizzyrea oh I saw snow and thought it must be cold, but that must be further south
19:48 chrisdroid ps I freaking love my phone
19:48 wizzyrea :D
19:48 chrisdroid Yeah we just get the rain
19:48 cait duct tape? bondage?
19:48 * cait fleeing
19:48 * owen is torn: hates the heat, but likes to be able to send the kids out to play
19:48 chrisdroid Lol
19:49 cait bye all
19:49 cait left #koha
19:50 chrisdroid Kahu loves the rain, his mum .... not so much
19:52 nengard joined #koha
19:53 chrisdroid Hi nengard
19:54 nengard hello droid :)
19:54 chrisdroid Heh
19:54 chrisdroid Milestone is too long
19:56 chrisdroid AndChat is the irc app I'm using it doesn't suck
19:57 nengard yeah i have it too
19:57 chrisdroid Tell you what I hate
19:57 nengard but i can't type on the phone that easily
19:57 nengard ?
19:57 chrisdroid The gmail app top posts
19:57 chrisdroid I hate that
19:57 nengard hehe
19:58 chrisdroid You have a hardware keyboard eh?
19:58 owen Yeah, the iPhone mail app is no better in that regard... it's a pain to compose a decent reply
19:59 nengard chrisdroid, no - touch screen only
19:59 chrisdroid I think ill switch my gmail to imap and use k9 mail
20:00 chrisdroid Ahh the hardware keyboard is why I got the milestone
20:01 chrisdroid Can't irc on the bus otherwise :)
20:02 chrisdroid Ahh bus full of wet ppl, I love winter :S
20:07 mib_i618e8 joined #koha
20:08 mib_i618e8 testing the mibbit widget
20:08 mib_i618e8 left #koha
20:08 owen Why do people feel the need to do that?
20:08 chrisdroid Ok time to get off
20:08 wizzyrea to make sure it works, apparently
20:08 chrisdroid Cyas in about 5 min
20:08 wizzyrea l8r
20:09 chrisdroid left #koha
20:09 owen Maybe mibbit employs teams of mibbit-testers to crawl the web and test mibbit widgets
20:09 wizzyrea mibbit testers
20:09 wizzyrea surely there is some job at mibbit that has this title
20:10 moodaepo @wunder 56001
20:10 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in South on Monks, Mankato, Minnesota is 35.1�C (3:10 PM CDT on May 24, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 37%. Dew Point: 18.0�C. Pressure: 29.85 in 1010.7 hPa (Falling). Wind Advisory in effect until 8 PM CDT this evening...
20:11 libtek left #koha
20:13 owen Ciao #koha
20:13 owen left #koha
20:13 brendan @wunder 93117
20:13 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 17.1�C (1:12 PM PDT on May 24, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 54%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 30.05 in 1017.5 hPa (Falling).
20:16 francharb1 left #koha
20:16 chris back
20:19 brendan heya chris
20:19 brendan good morning
20:19 chris hey brendan
20:29 pianohacker Hi brendan
20:30 richard joined #koha
20:30 richard hi
20:34 brendan yo pianohacker
20:34 brendan (spelt it right too)
20:34 brendan :)
20:34 brendan heya richard
20:35 richard hi brendan
20:41 bgkriegel left #koha
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20:42 larsw joined #koha
20:42 jdavidb joined #koha
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20:59 mib_mike hi chris
21:00 mib_mike remember that overstuffed /tmp directory I had Friday?
21:01 mib_mike I decided to follow your reboot suggestion on Monday (today) but delete some cgisess files in the mean time.
21:01 chris yup
21:01 chris that tidy anything up?
21:01 mib_mike I couldn't just rm /tmp/* it gave me an error
21:01 mib_mike too many arguments.
21:01 mib_mike I had to write a shell script to delete files
21:01 mib_mike It ran all night.
21:02 mib_mike In fact by Monday morning, it had only deleted half the files.
21:02 chris yeah, theres something seriously wrong there
21:02 mib_mike So I rebooted this morning.  It took 4 hours to reboot.
21:02 chris holy crap
21:02 chris i think you have HD issues
21:02 mib_mike It got stuck just after the "mount local file system" stage.
21:02 larsw deleting files can be quite slow, especially if there are a lot of them, or they're very big
21:03 mib_mike I figured it was still deleting files.
21:03 chris is it happier now?
21:03 mib_mike Temp is now empty
21:04 mib_mike I just finished running an index and I'm still getting that "MARC: Bad directory/ Bad offsets in data. Skiping rest" message
21:04 mib_mike the fsck during boot came up clean.
21:05 larsw at least on Debian systems, /tmp does get cleaned up right after local filesystems are mounted, so your assumption about deleting files was probably right
21:05 nengard left #koha
21:06 mib_mike After the fact I decided I would have done better to boot from a cd, and remove, and recreate the /tmp directory.
21:06 mib_mike But who would have guessed?
21:07 pianohacker mib_mike: index meaning rebuild_zebra?
21:07 mib_mike Yes, index, meaning rebuild_zebra
21:08 mib_mike I did a google search on "Marc: Bad Directory" and it pointed me here:[…]rc_8c_source.html
21:08 larsw mib_mike, rebooting from cd would not have made removing /tmp any faster, I think
21:08 mib_mike Is this the underlying c code for the zebra indexer?
21:08 pianohacker likely
21:09 pianohacker mib_mike: It looks like you might have a bad MARC buried in your database
21:09 pianohacker Try rebuilding with the -x and -nosanitize parameters
21:09 mib_mike Can you elaborate on those options?
21:10 pianohacker That'll tell it to rebuild using a MARCXML dump, rather than ISO2709. -nosanitize tells it to just dump the saved marcxml, rather than creating it from the MARC record
21:11 mib_mike Aside from maybe getting the indexing to finish, what effect will this have on koha?
21:11 pianohacker Very little
21:12 pianohacker Your rebuilds will be insanely faster
21:12 larsw is there a tool to verify marc records so mib_mike can find the offensive one?
21:13 pianohacker If a bad MARCXML slips into the db, they'll also be insanely broken, but with my library's db created from an import, and some time in koha 2.2 and 3.0, that hasn't happened yet
21:13 pianohacker larsw: There's marclint, but you'd need to narrow it down painstakingly using the marclint tool.
21:13 pianohacker *export tool
21:13 mib_mike chris or someone pointed me to marclint, which takes a bit of scripting to use.
21:14 pianohacker I'm not sure whether it works with batches of records, offhand
21:14 mib_mike what does  "insanely broken" mean, in terms of functionality
21:14 pianohacker Just that the rebuilds will fail
21:14 pianohacker If you have cron and mailing set up, it'd send an error email to you
21:14 mib_mike My rebuilds are failing now, so...
21:14 pianohacker So you have little to lose
21:14 wizzyrea left #koha
21:15 wizzyrea joined #koha
21:15 mib_mike mail is probably set up to go to the wrong place.
21:15 larsw having a tool to verify at least syntactic correctness of records seems like an obvious thing to build, for someone, someday
21:15 pianohacker If marclint works with batches of records, then you could just run it on sets of records using its range options, and gradually narrow it down
21:16 pianohacker larsw: Yeah. Of course, saying such things will lead to a request for a patch :)
21:16 larsw pianohacker, indeed
21:16 * larsw is hoping that it will lead to someone paying his employer to write the, of course ;-)
21:17 pianohacker well, yeah
21:17 mib_mike If I wanted to write that script, I'd run marclint on the marc field of the biblioitems table?
21:17 pianohacker I think marclint just runs on ISO2709 files
21:18 pianohacker So export from koha, then run it on the exported file
21:18 mib_mike Well, yeah, but if it's going to be a web script...
21:19 mib_mike But the marc field is the one to check, right, not marcxml?
21:19 pianohacker Yes
21:19 mib_mike Great.  Thanks again everybody.
21:22 larsw mib_mike, oh, one more thing about /tmp: you should find out what causes the large amount of data there, and fix that, but it might also be practical to run the tmpreaper program (or something similar on non-Debian) to clean up /tmp occasionally
21:24 mib_mike The large number of files in /tmp was caused by setting koha up to use session files rather than a database for session info.
21:24 wizzyrea larsw: it was CGI_SESSx type stuff
21:24 wizzyrea ^^
21:24 larsw ok
21:24 libtek joined #koha
21:24 mib_mike I suppose a warning about running something to clear /tmp periodically if you use session files would be a good thing, but it probably
21:25 mib_mike would have been ignored in this case anyway.
21:25 libtek Anyone running 3.06?
21:26 mib_mike Wow these parameters really do mean a fast rebuild_zebra - I'm already past the point where it used to crash.
21:27 libtek mib_mike: what parameters are you using?
21:28 mib_mike pianohacker just suggested I use -x and -nosanitize
21:29 libtek Is this a rebuild for your crontab or just single use?
21:30 mib_mike I'm doing it manually right now, but my cron job isn't reindexing either, so until I can track down the bad marc, I'll have to switch the cronjob too
21:31 pianohacker mib_mike: If you know exactly when the cronjob started failing (or even close) you can look at the zebraqueue to see which bibs were modified before that
21:31 mib_mike That's a good idea, pianohacker! Thanks again.
21:32 mib_mike By the way, does anybody know if there is any garbage collection in the session database?  I'm not going to have the same problem in my mysql in a few months, am I
21:33 libtek to anyone - I'm trying to find out if there is a way to customize the hold slips for triggered holds for just one library, and not globally.  Is it possible, or am I just dreaming?
21:33 pianohacker There's a cleanup_database script you can use
21:33 pianohacker libtek: I don't think there's much notice customization per-library at the moment
21:34 brendan pianohacker++ ##I think it's your show today - way to go
21:35 libtek hmmm....maybe I can hack the template to output a certain way based on IP?
21:36 pianohacker libtek: I _think_ the logged in user's branch is sent to the template
21:36 pianohacker You can use a bit of tmpl_if expr here, since it's a hack :)
21:36 mib_mike Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in.
21:36 pianohacker hehehe
21:36 mib_mike mf_write: isambD error (4) no more space
21:36 mib_mike Adjust the limits in your zebra.cfg
21:37 mib_mike any clue what limits I need to adjust?
21:37 pianohacker mib_mike: Wow, okay, you have a lot of bibs. There's a few places in the zebra-biblios.cfg file in your koha configuration file where it has things like ':4G'; just increase those
21:38 hdl_laptop chris: there ?
21:39 mib_mike pianohacker: Where is zebra.cfg?
21:41 larsw mib_mike, usually in /etc/koha somewhere (might be called zebra-something.cfg)
21:43 bgkriegel mib_mike, look on /etc/koha/zebradb/zebra-biblios.cfg, the lines begining with register and shadow
21:43 mib_mike Thanks, bgkriegle
21:47 mib_mike O.K. I'm about to "re-run using the -s and -d parameters"  Do I need any other parameters to start at the merging process?
21:47 pianohacker Ah, you might still want the -x and -nosanitize, but nothing else I can think of
21:47 mib_mike check!
21:50 hdl_laptop mib_mike: you could also use the noshadow....
21:50 hdl_laptop iirc it is -w
21:51 hdl_laptop check also that you have anough space on your disk
21:51 hdl_laptop (simple 'sanity' check, but quite usefull)
21:54 mib_mike Do I have to restart the zebra daemon after changing zebra-biblios.cfg?
21:56 pianohacker No, don't think so
21:58 genji joined #koha
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