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01:49 chris afternoon
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03:41 pianohacker hello
03:59 genji hiya.. anyone got an example of usage of PazPar to federate .. or join two resultsets together?
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06:24 cait good morning koha
06:45 pianohacker Good morning cait :)
06:52 cait hi pianohacker
06:53 cait :)
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08:18 chris hi cait
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08:59 Genji hiya all. yay. my first commit using git. okay, now how do i fast forward, and find my changes still present in the file? git checkout to 3.0.6, and looking at the file... the changes were removed..
09:01 chris[…]_Git#See_changes_.27origin.27_Git_repo_from_your_branch
09:08 Genji hmm.. it takes ages to rebase huh?
09:09 Genji and takes 100 percent of cpu...
09:09 cait hi chris
09:09 chris will for you, since its been ages since you did it
09:09 cait and hi Genji
09:10 chris you rebased the 3.0.x branch eh?
09:12 Genji git checkout the 3.0.x branch... git checkout until the only changes in, was my changes... put the file into its place.. git add'ed that one file.. git commited... git checkout to the head of 3.0.x... found it didn't work.. git checkout back to my commit, git rebase origin/3.0.x just finished and......
09:13 Genji patch failed.
09:13 Genji patch does not apply.
09:13 chris if you checkout then yes, it will give you a clean one, your change wont be there
09:13 Genji merge conflict.
09:13 chris yep
09:14 Genji yeah... so, i have to do it myself eh?
09:14 chris to be expected there have been about 2000 changes
09:14 chris you could try checking out head of 3.0.x, then cherry-pick your change
09:14 chris fix the conflict and git add, git commit it
09:20 Genji okay, how do i remove my commit?
09:22 chris[…]cs/git-stash.html
10:07 Genji eh. okay... how do i just reset my repo, and .git directory, back to the 3.0.6 branch, without redownloading the entire thing, so my commit is gone from log.. from the file..from the .git.. completely gone, and everything back to a fresh 3.0.6 pull?
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11:34 Genji ah.. git reset --hard worked.
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13:23 cait chris++ # for telling me how to apply patches
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15:24 albertos hi all
15:24 albertos if someone is available
15:24 albertos i cant find a solution to this problem
15:24 albertos i installed koha
15:24 albertos kai imported some unimarc records
15:24 albertos from another program
15:25 albertos when i search something... koha can find it
15:25 albertos but only if i search only while using "Library Catalog"
15:25 albertos when i select "Title" or anything else...
15:25 albertos nothing is found
15:25 albertos pls.. help
15:28 albertos anyone?
15:32 cait hi albertos - not sure I can help you :(
15:32 albertos hi cait
15:32 cait have you selected unimarc during install?
15:32 albertos yeap
15:33 albertos do u want to see the online version?
15:33 cait ok, perhaps I get an idea
15:33 albertos k
15:33 albertos
15:34 albertos use as "search term" -> απο
15:34 albertos greek chars
15:34 cait ah, you are greek
15:34 cait do you use icu indexing?
15:34 albertos xm...
15:34 albertos help me here...
15:34 albertos i installed libicu
15:35 albertos but... there is something more to do?
15:35 cait and you changed the files of zebra?
15:35 albertos changed? how?
15:35 cait we had indexing problems with hebrew characters, without icu, so perhaps you need to configure koha to use icu indexing
15:35 albertos oh
15:35 albertos where ?
15:36 albertos can i do this?
15:36 cait not an expert here, because my colleague did the configuration, but perhaps I can find you a link
15:37 albertos sure... waiting
15:39 cait
15:39 cait not sure this will solve your problem, perhaps you should also try to change the settings for search in administration
15:39 cait turn off the advanced search features like querystemming, autotruncate and fuzzy search
15:40 albertos ok
15:40 albertos i'll try
15:40 cait i would try this first, because some indexes seem to beworking
15:40 cait for example su (subject)
15:41 cait and au for author
15:42 cait when you using the links in the records
15:43 albertos ok
15:43 albertos trying to read
15:43 albertos and understand...
15:43 albertos :-)
15:43 albertos thanks
15:44 cait sorry I cant help more,
15:45 cait there are not so many developers online on weekends, perhaps try again on monday or write an email to the mailing list
15:49 albertos ok
15:50 albertos thank u
15:54 cait is now known as cait_afk
16:10 albertos cait... no luck
16:11 albertos thanks anyways
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17:26 jdavidb brendan here, or does he have a life?
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17:53 cait_afk hi jdavidb
17:54 cait_afk how are you?
18:14 cait_afk t
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20:36 richard hi
20:42 chris hiya richard
20:42 richard hi chris
20:42 * richard reads that paul reynolds has died
20:42 chris yeah :(
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20:58 chris wow .. awesome
20:58 chris
20:58 richard cool
20:59 chris ptfs bring the old lists back up
20:59 chris minus devel
20:59 chris actually i lie
21:00 chris that might be just biblibre turned them back on by accident
21:00 chris will email
21:02 chris they did turn back on on purpose though
21:07 reed how on earth they can imagine that's a good idea? freaky
21:08 chris yeah i really have no idea, changed the download links on the old koha site, and remove the link to the new wiki .. its like they are trying to make everyone dislike them
21:08 reed even I can't figure out how ptfs thinks they benefit from screwing with bugs
21:08 chris maybe its an exit strategy
21:11 chris i would have thought with all the work they have to do, the last thing they would want to do is pick unnessecary fights
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21:29 brendan
21:30 brendan just posting so it's in the log and everyone can look at that one too
21:30 chris yup, thats the real one :)
21:30 brendan well it seems the jwagner is the best at using bugs.koha
21:31 brendan so hopefully she does double duty (or just bugs.koha-c )
21:31 brendan would be a shame it she was told not to post bugs to the correct spot
21:31 chris it'll depend on wether she is allowed to
21:31 chris yeah
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21:41 jdavidb howdy, #koha.
21:41 chris heya jdavidb
21:41 chris hows sunday evening
21:42 jdavidb Going well.  How's your Monday?
21:42 brendan heya jdavidb
21:42 brendan I have a life ;)
21:42 jdavidb hi, brendan!  :)
21:42 * jdavidb doesn't, much.
21:43 brendan was playing on my baseball team (that's my fun for the week).... but I ended up pulling my calf in the first inning
21:43 chris jdavidb: so far so good, nothing cropped up that coffee can't fix anyway
21:43 brendan so sat this one out (except that one inning)
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21:43 brendan ah jdavidb you've got a life if you're here
21:44 brendan go koha++
21:44 brendan oh yeah chris - I'm still interested in the nginx demo at some point
21:44 brendan so I think the ball is in your court for setting up sometime
21:44 brendan but it maybe best if after the release of 3.2
21:44 chris ah yep,
21:45 jdavidb chris, I was trying to get to, but it just keeps timing out.
21:45 chris ahh my bad
21:45 chris 2 secs
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21:52 chris that is, if i can manage to connect to my router at home
22:07 chris ssh port forwarding ftw
22:07 chris try now jdavidb
22:08 larsw I've been thinking that it would be practical for me to have a hosted server (possibly virtual) in NZ, since pig times to Finland are a bit long
22:09 larsw but that's entirely off-topic for #koha, I realize afterwards
22:09 chris :)
22:10 jdavidb no go, chris; still just not going for it.
22:11 chris this page works eh?
22:15 jdavidb Now they're both working!   just a little draggy now, is all (it *is* halfway around the planet, after all)
22:15 brendan chris feed it over nginx ;)
22:16 chris yeah :)
22:17 chris any faster now?
22:17 jdavidb yup!  :)
22:17 chris cool
22:17 brendan yup wicked fast here
22:17 chris was gdm being a pig
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22:30 jdavidb ugh...gotta go finish cooking up lunches for the week, and put away laundry.  fun fun.  See y'all tomorrow!
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22:49 genji having committed my patch to my repo on the head of my 3.0.x branch.. how do i  now update my branch with the latest patches from the 3.0.x branch with keeping my patch?
22:49 genji git checkout origin/3.0.x makes my patch disappear.
22:49 brendan git checkout will change your batch
22:50 brendan[…]Control_Using_Git
22:51 brendan reading through that will help and maybe give you an idea of what you want
22:51 brendan git rebase origin/3.0.x  (you'll see that about half way down the page
22:52 brendan but really that is a useful read
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23:48 genji with 3.0.6, can one supress a certain field/subfield from marcdetail in opac?

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