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00:15 genji slow day..
00:34 pianohacker night
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03:53 Amit heya brendan, chris
03:53 brendan heya Amit
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04:39 Amit hello i m unable to install Graphics::Magick  via CPAN
04:39 Amit any idea?
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04:41 robin why are you unable to install it?
04:45 Amit robin it's require Method::Signatures
04:46 Amit but in this module there is no Makefile.PL
04:46 robin are you using cpan to install it?
04:46 Amit i have try both cpan/manual
04:52 robin Method::Signature seems to have a lot of dependencies, did they all install successfully?
04:53 Amit Method::Signature creates a problem
04:55 Amit robin: any idea?
04:55 robin not really, I also get errors attempting to install it.
04:55 robin Can you just install the distros libgraphics-magick-perl?
04:56 Amit i have already install this module by rpm
04:57 robin then why are you trying to install it again?
04:57 Amit but is show a error while generating a patron card
04:58 Amit [Tue May 25 09:51:42 2010] [error] [client] Can't locate Graphics/ in @INC (@INC contains: /opt/kohaclone /usr/lib/perl5/5.10.0/i586-linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/5.10.0 /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.1​0.0/i586-linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.10.0 /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.​10.0/i586-linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.10.0 /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl .) at /opt/kohaclone/patroncards/ line 24., referer: h
04:58 Amit ttp://localhost:8081/cgi-bi​n/koha/patroncards/
04:58 robin Well, when you installed the RPM, did it install Graphics/ in one of those locations?
04:59 Amit robin: I think it's require CPAN module also
05:00 robin well, if there's a distro package, it'll take the place of the CPAN module.
05:00 Amit hmm
05:01 Amit so which is the better way CPAN or RPM
05:01 robin RPM if you can
05:01 Amit k
05:14 robin chris: why, when adding a patron, is zip code mandatory?
05:16 chris you can make it not be
05:17 chris you can make whatever you want mandatory
05:17 chris i forget where
05:17 chris somewhere in admin :)
05:19 chris system preferences
05:19 chris in the patrons tab
05:19 chris BorrowerMandatoryField
05:19 chris i love searchable sysprefs
05:19 chris pianohacker++
05:21 robin ah, cool
05:24 robin "Expiration date:  00/02/0" -- that'll be MySQL and it's inifinite wisdom, right? :)
05:24 chris :)
05:25 chris mysql takes the gigo mantra to the limit :)
05:25 robin heh
05:34 robin chris: is it normal for it to sit for a long time after hitting "Stage for Import"? Last time I tried, I don't remember it taking this long.
05:35 robin Oh, it had worked, it just hadn't told me.
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06:24 cait morning #koha
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06:42 Amit robin: it's work
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07:16 chris robin: yeah i think there is a bug with the js, that reports back
07:17 cait hi chris
07:21 chris hi cait
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07:31 cait I saw the tweets about hlt - grats :)
07:37 chris thanks
07:38 magnus yeah, the hlt opac is looking good! and so is the kete integration. congrats!
07:39 chris richard and walter at katipo did tons too
07:40 * chris likes it that 2 companies in 'competiton' collaborated together to do it
07:40 chris coopetition as paul_p would say
07:46 magnus coopetition++
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07:55 eiro aurelie_v, wb :)
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07:55 eiro oh ? i'm desapointed
07:56 paul_p eiro: lol
07:57 * paul_p laptop has problems, so working with spare computer we have, fortunatly !
07:57 chris :)
08:13 hdl_laptop chris: congratulation
08:13 hdl_laptop s
08:14 chris thank you, the librarians did all the hard work
08:17 paul_p chris: why are you congratulated ? (laptop down, so no twitter, no rss, ... maybe I should know ;-) )
08:18 chris
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08:22 paul_p chris : /me working on a presentation of Koha history (for a conference organised by the SAN-Ouest Provence). I'm sure you already have something !
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08:27 chris ahh yep
08:27 chris there are a couple of things useful for that
08:27 chris[…]docs/history.txt;
08:28 chris  <-- early history
08:29 chris
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08:35 chris that help?
08:37 cait oh, comments still not moderated?
08:39 chris try[…]nd-Isnt-67309.asp
08:39 chris i know there are some other comments waiting to be moderated too
08:39 chris they aren't very fast at moderating
08:41 paul_p thx chris (was already working with history.txt, and 1638 interesting !)
08:47 cait chris: thx
08:47 cait :)
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10:01 chris[…]derstorm-warnings
10:05 magnus batten down the hatches!
10:31 cait chris: is there a problem with pootle?
10:35 chris looks like it, it seems to run for a few days then explode
10:36 cait its running, although slow
10:36 cait but I cant see the projects or access the po files
10:37 cait from my account I see the quick links to opac and staff files, but Im told that I have no rights to access them
10:37 chris
10:37 cait You don't have permission to access this page.
10:37 chris hmm weird
10:37 mason chris, stick munin on it... ;)
10:38 cait I logged out, still same message
10:38 chris when did you last look at it?
10:38 mason ...its a grate way to troubleshoot a fritzy box
10:38 cait uh, last week
10:39 mason (erm, after a weeks worth of history :/ )
10:40 chris naw wouldnt have told me anything in this case
10:41 chris this is purely an application error
10:45 mason ah, so it is... i thought it was thrashing..
10:46 mason perhaps cait's translate account has been removed...
10:47 chris nope
10:47 mason whew, thats good news
10:47 chris its crashing whenever it tries to check permissions
10:47 chris yeah, cos that would mean someone had hacked my server at home
10:48 mason *nods*
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10:52 cait1 t
10:56 chris hmm no idea what its doing
10:58 cait1 its late for you, no hurry. just wanted to let you know
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10:59 cait1 t
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11:27 chris can you edit anything now?
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11:31 cait1 really slow internet connection today *sigh*
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12:17 chris cait_lunch: cant figure it out, but the translations are all there at least, i will try again tomorrow
12:18 owen chris: I don't know how you can get by on so little sleep!
12:18 * owen is an in-bed-by-10 kinda guy
12:19 chris owen: theres a quiet room at work
12:19 chris with couches
12:19 chris :)
12:19 owen siestas++
12:20 chris ok, bed time
12:20 chris night all
12:21 chris (i have 7.5 hours before kahu wakes :))
12:22 gmcharlt good morning
12:23 owen Hi gmcharlt
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12:42 hdl_laptop hi gmcharlt
12:42 gmcharlt hi owen hdl_laptop
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12:57 owen Average out mubai and bodo and you've got a pretty nice day ;)
12:58 greenmang0 owen: yeah :)
12:59 greenmang0 owen: in some parts of my states today's temperature is 48.7
12:59 greenmang0 my state*
13:00 * owen would melt
13:00 collum @wunder 41011
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13:03 jwagner Morning all.  Got an indexing question for you.  There are indexes like mc-ccode or mc-itype which allow you to search more than one code.  Would it be possible to set up an mc-branch index and search more than one branch at a time?
13:18 jdavidb @wunder 20817
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13:30 owen I notice with the new Bugzilla I'm prompted to download patch attachments rather than being able to view them in my browser.
13:30 owen Is that something that can be configured differently?
13:31 owen A mime-type setting or something?
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14:06 jwagner @quote random
14:06 munin jwagner: Quote #38: "<owen> Holy Bugzilla activity explosion, Batman!" (added by ricardo at 10:00 AM, October 07, 2009)
14:09 gmcharlt owen: try now
14:10 owen Thanks gmcharlt
14:16 jdavidb @quote random
14:16 munin jdavidb: Quote #74: "<owen> chris: Not to mention the cute kid quote AI you've been developing. that takes a lot of cycles" (added by gmcharlt at 09:11 AM, May 18, 2010)
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15:19 libtek Anyone know if it is possible to override blocks in koha?  I don't want to disable them, but if we want to override them, maybe even through an elevated user, can it be done?
15:19 owen Depends on the block
15:20 owen ...and I'm not sure which permissions are in 3.0.x and which are only in 3.2...
15:20 libtek How about, for example, you have an item that doesn't circ.  Sometimes we will loan it.  Is there a way to do this?
15:22 cait I think you can override taht
15:23 cait not sure if its a granular permission or every staff member can do
15:24 owen I can't override a "not for loan" item in 3.2 with superlibrarian privileges
15:24 libtek Neither can I.  I was wondering if I was missing a special setting somewhere.
15:25 wizzyrea I know this is one of the ptfs features
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15:30 libtek what is ptfs?
15:30 mle ptfs is a company
15:30 libtek ah
15:32 wizzyrea they just submitted a bunch of features/patches/fixes for inclusion in 3.4
15:42 cait owen: strange
15:48 cait libtek: sorry
15:48 cait bye all!
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15:59 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: just sent you a patch for XSLT
15:59 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: yep, looks like I beat you to the punch
15:59 hdl_laptop Yes. But mine does much more.
15:59 gmcharlt I'll look at the patch you sent me privately and see if there are bits I can incoporate
15:59 hdl_laptop Do you want me to rebase ?
16:00 hdl_laptop I sent you privately in order to see whether I should go on and write sysprefs and update database.
16:00 hdl_laptop Or just leave that up for 3.4
16:01 gmcharlt I will handle it
16:01 gmcharlt considering that your patch includes bogus stuff like a use of LWP::Simple, I'll just take it apart and rebuild it manaully
16:01 gmcharlt I'll submit the results to the patches list
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16:02 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: is LWP::Simple Bogus ?
16:03 gmcharlt considering that none of its methods are *used* in the places where your patch adds it
16:03 gmcharlt yes
16:06 gmcharlt also, 3920 is *already* fixed in HEAD
16:09 gmcharlt I've just opened enhancement bug 4813 for XSLTResultsDisplay to be fully implemnted in 3.4
16:09 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4813 enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, implement XSLTResultsDisplay
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17:14 libtek Question...I am tinkering with exporting patron records from our current system to import into Koha.  Is there any functionality that is broken either with reports or notices if I put the street number with the rest of the address?
17:15 brendan shouldn't be it's a text field
17:16 libtek Wasn't sure.  I don't usually see the address separated from the street number.
17:17 owen libtek: That is entirely optional
17:17 owen You'd only want to use that if you were to always use street number + street type
17:17 jwagner It's more of a European setup -- US libraries don't usually do it that way.  Depends on your data & where you are : -)
17:18 jwagner hey, owen, since you're here -- there's no way to limit jquery statements by branch is there?  Say you have separate OPACs for different consortia branches?
17:19 jwagner I can't think of a way to apply a jquery that wouldn't affect all of them.
17:19 owen Not unless there was some evidence of the current branch in the page which you could check
17:20 jwagner That's a thought.  Don't have a request for that right now, but I was thinking about customizations & that suddenly popped into my mind.
17:20 owen We really need a well-thought-out method for handling multiple opac configurations
17:21 jwagner Yes, _please_  I was doing some experimenting today with the current setup.  I managed to make it search multiple branches and multiple ccodes (my current requirements), but it's REALLY clunky
17:21 libtek One more question - If a patron has a physical address and P.O. Box, which address should go where, and will Koha know to use the P.O. Box when creating notices?
17:22 jwagner I couldn't get it to use a remote server stylesheet, but I don't know if that would work once my patch for that is in place.
17:22 owen libtek: Around here we've been told to always put the PO box first or it won't get delivered to the right place
17:22 owen Koha only cares about address1 and address2, it doesn't care what you put in them
17:23 libtek So the alternate address is ignored by the system, as far as notices go.  That's only for staff to reference, right?
17:24 jwagner libtek, yes, so far as I know.
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18:37 wizzyrea_away nekls actually suppresses the street number field
18:37 wizzyrea_away using juery
18:38 wizzyrea_away *query even
18:41 gmcharlt koha-commit emails now working again
18:41 brendan gmcharlt++
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19:18 wizzyrea owen: about?
19:18 owen Yes
19:18 wizzyrea lol, mibbit tester again
19:19 munin Announcement from my owner (gmcharlt): kohagit
19:19 wizzyrea I'm curious about the syspref for the intranet navigation
19:19 wizzyrea it doesn't seem to style the links the same when you put a URL in there?
19:19 wizzyrea
19:19 wizzyrea is there a philosophical reason for that
19:20 wizzyrea I do notice that it's not in a <li> tag
19:21 wizzyrea and I suppose, now that I think about it, you probably don't want to require entries there to be automatically enclosed in a <li>
19:21 wizzyrea um
19:21 wizzyrea never mind I think I answered my own question >.<
19:22 owen Happy to be of service!
19:22 wizzyrea lol
19:22 wizzyrea sorry for the distraction.
19:23 owen In my test install it seemed like I needed to adjust the width of #toplevelnav in order to keep the menu from wrapping.
19:23 wizzyrea I just added the <li> around it and now it looks right
19:23 wizzyrea sorry, that was dumb. 30 seconds worth of firebug and I knew why it was doing that.
19:24 wizzyrea how many items do you have up there?
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19:29 gmcharlt @kohagit
19:29 munin gmcharlt: fix a common "developement" typo <[…]6f417bdfe97f085bc> bug 4377: ensure HOLD_PRINT letter added during installation and upgrade (DBrev 135) <[…]02f10cd2063bdb32f> bug 4311: respect OPACXSLTResultsDisplay <http://git.koha- (14 more messages)
19:32 munin New news from kohagit: fix another link to
19:38 hdl_laptop @kohagit
19:38 munin hdl_laptop: fix another link to <[…]9795b040ce048f470> / fix a common "developement" typo <[…]6f417bdfe97f085bc> / bug 4377: ensure HOLD_PRINT letter added during installation and upgrade (DBrev 135) <http://git.koha- (15 more messages)
19:54 munin New commit from kohagit: Bug 4199: Adds ability to print routing slip. Patch 2. <[…]ff70144d2a87e762e> / Bug 4199: Adds ability to print routing slip from serials-collection. <[…]2619b11ac1d97ce37> / Bug 4805: Fixes multiple subscriptionid's being passed to serials-collection. <http
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19:55 gmcharlt @more
19:55 munin gmcharlt:;a=commitdiff​;h=b1ed3af63350d0d754fb309644b3d57be707041b> / bug 4018: remove duplicate unAPI link when XSLT bib details display on <[…]2cefaba2a9bc03ebd> / Install the admin scripts. <http://git.koha- (14 more messages)
19:55 gmcharlt @more
19:55 munin gmcharlt:;a=commitdiff​;h=a9f918a8aef2dd985206deb4fc333a885ada3ec5> / Make koha-create be able to handle manual database creation. <[…]fd78bc55a71bea858> / Add support for a remote mysql server. <http://git.koha- (13 more messages)
19:55 gmcharlt @more
19:55 munin gmcharlt:;a=commitdiff​;h=df6767467b90bb5706a8ce975f9c11f04e9f23cb> / Use /etc/mysql/koha-common.cnf instead of the Debian one. <[…]e27fce7ed5be188d2> / Add koha-foreach, a script to run a command for each Koha instance. <http://git.koha- (12 more messages)
19:55 gmcharlt @more
19:55 munin gmcharlt:;a=commitdiff​;h=cfd5fae5a336688194acee558d53b2ed83245e30> / Centralize creation of Koha instance dirs. <[…]cdcfa2b0a161fcb50> / Add scripts to start, stop, restart Zebra, and rebuild its indexes. <http://git.koha- (11 more messages)
19:55 gmcharlt @more
19:55 munin gmcharlt:;a=commitdiff​;h=2e626be90cc84d703a9e47f0402252b91b69b1d3> / Add koha-upgrade-schema, a script to upgrade the database schema. <[…]b0c7434e83ca661c7> / Add koha-dump-defaults, a script to dump a defaults file. <http://git.koha- (10 more messages)
19:55 gmcharlt @More
19:55 munin gmcharlt:;a=commitdiff​;h=b69b670d63ff72d7aa818374f892ba887d82212f> / Add koha-reset-passwd, a script for resetting a user's password. <[…]8eced7e6865e58734> / Add koha-enable, a script to re-enable a Koha instance. <http://git.koha- (9 more messages)
19:55 gmcharlt @more
19:55 munin gmcharlt:;a=commitdiff​;h=321300b4f7683f53a60d0326e27a952142510151> / Add koha-disable, a script to disable a Koha instance. <[…]2023413a94df63ceb> / Add koha-restore, a script to restore a Koha instance from a dump. <http://git.koha- (8 more messages)
19:55 gmcharlt @More
19:55 munin gmcharlt:;a=commitdiff​;h=01bd539cab1255df63e5369838247d0df5d9b2ab> / Add koha-list, a script to list all Koha instances. <[…]03f2923a715bf20e2> / Add koha-dump, a script to dump a Koha site. <http://git.koha- (7 more messages)
19:55 gmcharlt @more
19:55 munin gmcharlt:;a=commitdiff​;h=41b1bfcab7324ebca2d47a09335b0c09f5fab173> / Add koha-remove, a script to remove a Koha instance. <[…]8fe7c6422f406602d> / Add koha-create, a script to create a new Koha instance. <http://git.koha- (6 more messages)
19:55 gmcharlt @more
19:55 munin gmcharlt:;a=commitdiff​;h=1285d5a1330e7fbce919275e21620219fa7155d0> / Add koha-post-install-setup, a script to be run by sysadmin post-install. <[…]158351d045412d0de> / Replace dependencies on koha-dev-env with list of packages. <http://git.koha- (5 more messages)
19:55 gmcharlt @More
19:55 munin gmcharlt:;a=commitdiff​;h=6340d2246859b3784bb922c8af7b0bbc6ca0db92> / Split off koha-common. <[…]66b450b514894a119> / Set version number in debian/changelog to indicate upcoming 3.2. <[…]f475f6cd4ae1acd6a> / (4 more messages)
19:55 gmcharlt @More
19:55 munin gmcharlt: Convert debian/copyright file to the DEP5 format. <[…]29e3f3d3fe6c0e4d0> / Switch to native source format. <[…]4478bfab74896339a> / Bugfix: Install old yui stylesheets, since Koha needs them. <http://git.koha- (3 more messages)
19:55 gmcharlt @More
19:55 munin gmcharlt:;a=commitdiff​;h=704754db0cc328808cae74bc98a55f959f78d875> / Bugfix: Create the jquery.js symlink for opac to the right target. <[…]8a3a35ea21825400a> / Bugfix: Remove Debian packaging files remaining from old packaging effort. <http://git.koha- (2 more messages)
19:55 gmcharlt @more
19:55 munin gmcharlt:;a=commitdiff​;h=2bce655e2d3307aebcaa9bb0553b2907cfb0fcaf> / Bugfix: Remove pointless executable bits from sql files. <[…]2125ff65377741ae5> / removed unconditional warn introduced in previous patch <http://git.koha- (1 more message)
19:55 gmcharlt @more
19:55 munin gmcharlt:;a=commitdiff​;h=a2ad21ac9e006514764fc828630a893d3c29f689>
19:55 gmcharlt whew
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19:59 gmcharlt owen: I'm curious to hear your thoughts on bug 4523
20:00 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4523 enhancement, P5, ---, chris, NEW, - possibility to show / hide the filters menu
20:01 owen I agree with your comment that it would seem odd to have a control here but nowhere else
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20:02 owen I'm not sure why this particular instance needs to be hidden, but I don't manage budgets so I don't know how this page can work in the real world
20:02 gmcharlt saving horizontal space?  dunno
20:03 gmcharlt I'm thinking that if we go in for something like this, besides doing it consistently, we'd need better styling to make it clear what the link was doing
20:04 owen I've never found what I felt like was a good implementation of this kind of thing
20:04 owen I think it's always awkward
20:07 gmcharlt maybe a second layer?  click a link for more/advanced options, it shows up?
20:07 gmcharlt ... but if you do that, you'd want to make sure that if you set a filter, that you could continue to see what the filter values in effect are
20:08 * wizzyrea is reminded about the usability study she'd like to do/have done
20:09 wizzyrea dumb question: what area of collegiate study does usability fall under?
20:09 wizzyrea Computer Science?
20:09 owen navel-gazing
20:09 wizzyrea snarktastic!
20:09 gmcharlt wizzyrea: quite a few areas, actually
20:09 wizzyrea so if I were looking for a usability class that could potentially do a study as a project
20:09 gmcharlt arts and design, computer science, psychology, etc.
20:10 * wizzyrea gazes lovingly at her navel
20:10 gmcharlt as far as course titles to look for
20:10 jwagner_meeting is now known as jwagner
20:10 gmcharlt usability, of course, but also interaction design
20:10 wizzyrea how is it that you know absolutely everything, gmcharlt?
20:10 gmcharlt human-computer interfaces
20:10 jwagner a lot of project management areas deal with usability and process.   Especially things like Six Sigma
20:10 wizzyrea I"m going to start calling you "gmcharltopedia"
20:10 wizzyrea aha
20:10 wizzyrea yes, thanks
20:10 gmcharlt my brain is my own!  it's not a wiki!
20:10 gmcharlt ;)
20:11 wizzyrea lol... you'll notice I didn't call you wikigmcharltopedia
20:11 jwagner You Are Not A Number!  You Are A Free Wiki!
20:11 gmcharlt riffing on what jwagner says, it can verge into pure management theory
20:11 gmcharlt e.g., time-and-motion studies
20:11 wizzyrea aha, so several areas to look
20:11 * wizzyrea goes to look at the local university
20:12 * owen must leave, but will try that patch tomorrow and see if it inspires him
20:12 owen left #koha
20:14 wizzyrea these seem promising
20:14 wizzyrea will email these people and see what they say
20:14 wizzyrea probably not next semester, but maybe next year
20:15 gmcharlt yep, looks like you're on the right track
20:15 gmcharlt particularly if the two intructors listed also have grad stduents
20:16 wizzyrea 2nd looks like grad level class to begin with
20:16 gmcharlt right, which is good
20:16 gmcharlt but if you get a grad student involved in doing usability work for Koha as a thesis project
20:16 gmcharlt *much* more free labor
20:16 gmcharlt ;)
20:16 wizzyrea hehe
20:17 wizzyrea ^^ is what I'm looking for
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20:37 richard hi
20:49 chris morning
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20:59 JimmytheGeek Good afternoon
20:59 larsw joined #koha
21:00 JimmytheGeek I'm getting this error when I try to visit my site initially:
21:00 JimmytheGeek Software error:
21:00 JimmytheGeek Can't locate in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/share/koha/lib /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.10.0 /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.10 /usr/share/perl/5.10 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 27.
21:00 JimmytheGeek BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 27.
21:01 JimmytheGeek Where can I find, or did something not install properly?
21:01 bgkriegel joined #koha
21:02 chris looks like yeah you didnt install YAML
21:02 wizzyrea have you installed YAML?
21:02 wizzyrea doh
21:02 chris what os are you running?
21:02 JimmytheGeek Debian Lenny
21:03 JimmytheGeek I must have missed something in the Install.x file
21:04 JimmytheGeek is this a sudo apt-get install fix, or do I need to go back a few steps
21:04 wizzyrea sudo apt-get install libyaml-perl or somesuch
21:04 JimmytheGeek ok
21:04 wizzyrea at this point most of your problems are going to be perl modules you've missed.
21:05 JimmytheGeek Cool. Thanks, wizzyrea
21:05 wizzyrea larsw: you've been super busy, awesome
21:05 wizzyrea larsw++
21:07 JimmytheGeek Now it's can't locate HTML/Template/ Another apt-get?
21:07 wizzyrea probably a cpan
21:07 wizzyrea sudo cpan -i HTML::Template::Pro (I think)
21:07 wizzyrea (somebody please correct me if I'm wrong)
21:08 larsw JimmytheGeek, if you haven't installed it yet, installing the apt-file package is super-useful for that; you can then do this: apt-file search HTML/Template/ and it will tell you which package, if any, contains the file
21:08 wizzyrea ^^ good tip
21:09 wizzyrea larsw++
21:09 larsw wizzyrea, thanks for you incs, I try to be useful
21:10 wizzyrea you are definitely useful
21:10 wizzyrea :D
21:10 * wizzyrea learns something useful from larsw almost every day
21:23 JimmytheGeek Great tip, larsw. I'll use it for sure. @wizzyrea - your command was correct. I'm going to have to do these step by step it looks like.
21:23 JimmytheGeek I am Chuggington
21:52 gmcharlt larsw: regarding  C4/Installer/, would you think it a good or bad idea to record the Debian packages that supply the given Perl modules there
21:55 larsw gmcharlt, ideally the mapping from Perl or CPAN module to Debian package would be automated, I think; not sure if it is entirely feasible, so adding debian packages manually to the list would be ok with me
21:55 wizzyrea oh, chrome has firebug-like functionality built in
21:55 * wizzyrea didn't know that
21:55 chris it does now
21:55 wizzyrea that's neat
21:56 larsw gmcharlt, we'd need to optionally specify the Debian package version as well, since it is not always the same as the cpan module version, for example
21:56 gmcharlt larsw: yeah, you can guess the Debian package name 90% of the time, but not always
21:57 gmcharlt as far as the hash is concerned, I'm thinking something like debian => package-name as the default
21:57 gmcharlt and debian-lenny => foo, debian-squeeze => baz
21:58 gmcharlt if necessary to specify a different package name for a particular debian release
21:58 gmcharlt and a boolean debian_use_testing if it's known that stable doesn't have the minimum version required
21:58 JimmytheGeek any idea where the module is in the CPAN
21:59 JimmytheGeek specifically the one that belongs in MARC/File/ ?
22:01 gmcharlt JimmytheGeek: the module is MARC::File::XML
22:01 gmcharlt currently[…]/MARC/File/
22:01 larsw gmcharlt, I'm worried that adding more abstraction on top of the Debian packaging is going to a) make things difficult to change for a non-Koha person (when Koha gets uploaded to Debian) and b) will blow up and end up requiring a lot of complexity to handle all different scenarios
22:02 larsw gmcharlt, would it be acceptable to not generate the dependency list in debian/control automatically, but have the debian package build check it against checking if a Debian package contains a perl module should be possible
22:06 JimmytheGeek thanks gmcharli
22:07 JimmytheGeek sorry, gmcharlt
22:07 gmcharlt larsw: here's an example of what I have in mind
22:07 gmcharlt
22:08 gmcharlt and we could add convenience routines to extract the list of Debian packages for the purpose of feeding into debian/control
22:09 gmcharlt my main goal is to have a single place that encodes all (Perl) dependency information
22:09 gmcharlt obviously things like mysql, etc., would have to be accounted for by the packagers separately
22:09 gmcharlt but there are *far* fewer such dependencies than there are perl module deps
22:10 JimmytheGeek This would appear, to me anyway, to be an 'oh SHIT!' moment:
22:10 JimmytheGeek Access denied for user 'kohaadmin'@'localhost' (using password: YES) at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 697.
22:10 larsw I'm for keeping things in one place, but against making the packaging hard for a generic Debian developer to understand
22:12 larsw gmcharlt, but let me think about this and get back to you?
22:13 gmcharlt larsw: sure thing
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