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02:10 jdavidb howdy, #koha.
02:11 brendan heya jdavidb
02:11 jdavidb :)
02:12 jdavidb <--Dave, the subway fugitive, not a slave to fashion, bongo-boy Bavousett.    And karma to the first person who knows where I stole that.  :P
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03:36 munin New commit(s) kohagit: bug 4816: require authentication for <[…]dd73d56a117c8e210> / bug 4386: fix email hold filled notifications <[…]3ca79af0c7f5c9d2e> / removed needless imports of the YAML module <[…]a=commitdiff;h=ef
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06:35 larsw I would like to add a page to the wiki for the Debian apt repository for Koha packages I am setting up
06:35 larsw what would be a good location?
06:35 larsw just ?
06:38 larsw hmm... Europe is awakening, US is going to bed, and it's past office hours in NZ
06:38 larsw not the best time to ask
06:39 larsw I'll go for /Debian and let someone rename if it is a bad idea
06:40 hdl_laptop larsw: hi
06:40 larsw hi, hdl_laptop
06:40 hdl_laptop maybe wiki/Packaging/Debian could be a better idea
06:41 hdl_laptop or add a category Packaging ?
06:42 larsw hmm
06:42 larsw I'm not sure if a category for installation instructions might not be better
06:43 larsw I'll leave the text on for now, and will ask for suggestions on the wiki page when nengard is awake
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06:54 eiro hallo koha people
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06:59 Amit heya eiro
07:04 eiro hi amit
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08:24 chris cait: do you have a sec?
08:24 chris can you test pootle for me?
08:25 cait hi chris
08:25 cait sure
08:25 chris thanks
08:26 cait I saw the projects when I was not logged in, after login they are all gone and I get the "You don't have permission to access this page." message
08:29 chris hmm ok
08:29 chris so the opposite heh
08:29 * chris tries again
08:30 cait hm better than yesterday
08:30 cait never saw the projects yesterday
08:43 chris now?
08:44 * chris loves this
08:45 magnus yep, that is super-cool
08:45 chris especially this bit
08:45 chris Length of README files
08:45 chris ----------------------
08:45 chris This README file is silly long, but hopefully all the important
08:45 chris stuff is at the beginning.
08:45 chris :)
08:45 magnus :-)
08:46 chris magnus: lars is finnish ... so sorta a neighbour (although he lives here now :))
08:47 magnus heh, the name did sound kind of familiar :-)
08:48 magnus would you please give him a pat on the back from me next time you see him? he's doing some great work (i know nothing about deb packaging, but i can tell we are getting closer and closer to "apt-get install koha", which i know is a cool thing! ;-)
08:50 cait chris: sorry, testing now
08:53 cait chris: now I dont see the projects logged out and logged in :(
08:53 cait gives the error message
08:54 chris dang
08:54 chris magnus: i just did an apt-get install koha .. and it worked :)
08:56 magnus chris: i did one a few minutes ago, on a vm i used for something else earlier, and had a couple of problems. trying on a new vm now, to see if i can reproduce them
08:56 chris it'll need to be running squeeze
08:58 magnus yup
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09:01 chris cait: ... how about now?
09:04 Amit heya magnus
09:04 magnus hi Amit
09:06 chris (as user Cait)
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09:07 chris and maybe try as katrin too
09:07 Oak heya chris
09:08 chris hi Oak
09:14 nahuel lars++ :)
09:18 cait chris: dont know the password for Cait
09:19 chris ahh but can you see them not logged in?
09:19 cait yes
09:25 cait ok, im confused, let me test again
09:30 chris :)
09:32 chris i think ive managed to fix the db ... mostly
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09:37 cait chris++ #for fixing pootle
09:38 chris mostly fixed
09:38 chris but working again :)
09:39 cait thanks chris!
09:40 chris np, i learnt lots about django and sqlite doing it
09:41 cait always look on the positive things :)
09:43 cait its nice to be at my father's, but dont get much done :)
09:43 cait ok, wrong window *sigh*
09:43 cait :)
09:44 magnus chris: did you have trouble starting apache after apt-get install, because mod_rewrite isn't enabled?
09:45 chris ahh no, but i would have
09:45 chris (i already had mod_rewrite enabled)
09:45 chris thats worth reporting to lars
09:46 magnus hm, should that be files as a bug or just replied to his mail on the list?
09:46 magnus s/files/filed/
09:47 chris might be good to file them in and assign them to lars (he is in there )
09:48 magnus ok, will do
09:49 chris there is a packaging component, whack it under there
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10:01 cait not sure how to translate "Change Service Requested" in hold print notice
10:02 cait not sure what the meaning is
10:05 cait hm.
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10:26 reed hellow, I accidentally made a patch for bug4460 and now I'm slightly confused about the submission process
10:26 reed I send it to the patches list? or attach to the bug?
10:26 reed both?
10:28 chris both
10:29 reed cool
10:29 reed also,[…]Control_Using_Git
10:29 reed is ref'ing the old mailing list address
10:29 chris ahh ill fix that
10:29 chris and then change the priority on the bug to patch-sent
10:29 reed ok
10:34 chris accidental_bug_fixing++
10:38 reed was fun
10:39 reed what version of git has a 'send-email' option?
10:39 reed mine don't
10:40 reed am using 1.5.6
10:40 reed lenny machine (reedzig)
10:42 chris git-mail i think
10:42 chris apt-get install git-mail (or git-email)
10:43 chris debian packages them separately, git-core then git-whateveritis
10:47 magnus chris: does selecting a version make sense when reporting the mod_rewrite-bug?
10:55 chris not really, but i would note the package number
10:55 chris in the notes
10:57 magnus um, where would i find that?
10:59 chris ahh
11:02 chris apt-cache policy koha
11:06 magnus wow, i sure learn something new every day with koha! thanks!
11:06 magnus that would be something like 3.2~git20100526180903.b4291124
11:06 chris yep that works
11:06 magnus great, thanks
11:07 magnus chris++
11:07 reed chris, yes, was git-email package, tq
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11:20 gmcharlt larsw++
11:21 magnus larsw++ # hear, hear!
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11:29 jdavidb mornin', #koha.
11:30 cait morning jdavidb
11:30 magnus g'day jdavidb
11:31 jdavidb :)
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11:44 reed chris, had a look at the br tag escaping for amazon reviews -- is getting tangled w/ the template html escaping; would be simpler to sort at same time as a swtich to template toolkit
11:56 cait "A few sample libraries, and library categories, including examples of the hardcoded types, CU, IS, PE." - hardcoded types for libraries?
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12:12 jwagner gmcharlt, online?
12:12 gmcharlt hi jwagner
12:12 jwagner Morning.  I'm trying to test the fix for Bug 4386 but I'm now not getting any hold notice at all, print or email.  Can someone else test this one too?
12:13 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4386 blocker, P2, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, New print notice feature not obeying email address for hold notices
12:13 gmcharlt jwagner: anything in the message queue table?  and does the borrower have any messaging preferences set?
12:14 jwagner No, I triggered two holds this morning and nothing showed up in the message queue at all.
12:15 jwagner Hang on, just spotted something else to check.
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12:17 jwagner Never Mind :-)  Somehow enhanced messaging preferences got turned off on this system -- dunno how offhand, I'm the only one who uses it.
12:18 jwagner Now that that's fixed, it did properly generate an email hold.  Let me test another user record without an email address.
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12:20 jwagner Yep, that works.  Must be too early in the morning for coherent testing....
12:21 jwagner I am getting an error when trying to edit messaging settings via the Edit link from patron details -- Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /home/k32/kohaclone/C4/ line 185.
12:22 owen I think there is a bug report for that
12:22 jwagner Works OK if I edit message settings by editing the full patron record.  Is that a new one?
12:22 owen We were talking about it the other day at least, so it has been confirmed
12:23 jwagner I'm finding Bug 4508 about can't edit patron attributes that way
12:23 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4508 major, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, can't edit patron attributes using little edit link
12:24 jwagner Almost identical error message.  I'll add this into that bug report unless you'd rather I opened a separate one.
12:24 gmcharlt use the same bug
12:24 gmcharlt all of a piece, I wager
12:25 jwagner Done.
12:28 jwagner owen, we were talking the other day about adding more tags into places in the opac to be able to use jquery to hide things.  I've had some requests to hide the search strategy entry -- the mc-itype part of this kind of string: � mc-itype:BK or mc-itype:MU� returned 4336 results.
12:28 jwagner I looked at that & adding a div tag split up the line.  What's the preferred tag to use if you just want to put an ID on a section?  I found that an <a id='strategy'> works, but I don't know if that's kosher.
12:29 gmcharlt try a span
12:29 owen Yup
12:29 jwagner <span id='strategy'> ?
12:30 jwagner Is that something that would be generally useful?  I modified the line so that it reads Search � mc-itype:BK or mc-itype:MU� returned 4336 results.  That way when you hide the strategy, it reads Search returned 4336 results.
12:30 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Set upload target to squeeze-dev. <[…]c82d97577da1ce399> / Update README.Debian for koha-common with post-install setup. <[…]11bcf2b8d78b83507> / Update README.Debian for koha.deb package. <[…]mmitdiff;h=14ad50
12:31 owen Sounds useful to me
12:31 jwagner OK, there's a few odds & ends of places where I'd like to add some tags.  I may send a patch in later with those.
12:33 gmcharlt jwagner: generally speaking, pretty much any part of a Koha page that is semantically distinct from another part can benefit from having a div/span ID or CSS class assigned to it
12:33 jwagner There's still a few places in the OPAC that don't have them, but a lot of places in staff mode.  And I'm getting some really weird requests to hide things lately :-)
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13:24 jwagner Drat.  What's the address to send patches to?
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13:28 magnus
13:29 magnus[…]rest_of_the_world
13:29 jwagner Thanks.
13:29 magnus np ;-)
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14:04 hilongo Hello #Koha  :)
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14:08 wizzyrea jwagner: I whole heartedly approve of adding tags to things
14:10 hilongo can anyone tell me which is the las version of Koha 3.0.6 ... I did a git fetch some days ago and I have in the 'About Koha' page... Is it right?
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14:16 gmcharlt hilongo: the tagged 3.0.6 should be
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14:20 jwagner wizzyrea, so do I :-)  There are still a lot of areas in staff site that need tags....
14:27 wizzyrea yea, I just added one that has been hacking on me for a while
14:27 wizzyrea around the text "no holds allowed"
14:27 wizzyrea in the search results
14:27 wizzyrea in the opac it says "no items available" which is more correct
14:30 * wizzyrea squees a little
14:30 wizzyrea (it's the tiny victories.)
14:31 * jwagner thinks sometimes those are the only victories possible....
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14:44 wizzyrea here's a tiny one:
14:44 wizzyrea mostly just for my reference
14:47 jwagner wizzyrea, does an item record exist for that title?  Being able to place holds on titles w/out items (on order) has been one of my wishful-thinking projects.
14:47 wizzyrea yep
14:48 wizzyrea you can still place a hold if you click through
14:49 jwagner Ah.  Goes back to the problem of how you define "available", right?
14:49 wizzyrea kind of.
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14:50 wizzyrea I still think I'm right, by the way. :P
14:50 wizzyrea but I don't feel like fighting about it
14:50 jwagner Did I miss something?
14:50 wizzyrea oh, mailing list shenanigans ;)
14:51 wizzyrea nothing important
14:51 wizzyrea :)
14:51 jwagner Oh.  Been just skimming messages lately -- tied up on stuff....
14:51 sekjal wizzyrea: I can see both sides of the thread, but i think I fall on yours
14:52 wizzyrea I am open to discussion about it though, there may be a better way. But I still think I want one field that computes definitively "yes, available" or "no, unavailable"
14:52 wizzyrea it may have to be, as joe suggests, a new metric "available for ILL"
14:53 sekjal item permissions is what this is sounding like
14:53 wizzyrea If I read what he was saying correctly, yea, it kind of does
14:53 wizzyrea i'm not sure how other ILS's handle that
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14:54 munin New commit(s) kohagit: (MT #2565) fix aqplan csv export, and turn off debug <[…]072f497c6217c77b4> / bug 4508: fix crash when editing patron attributes or message prefs <[…]8657fe8582f25b230>
14:54 wizzyrea I still think the onus for computing availability should be on the library ILS, instead of on the ILL system. The ILL system doesn't know what your rules are, it's like throwing a rabbit a carrot, you don't expect the rabbit to grow the carrot.
14:55 sekjal well, we could handle it like we do with staff permissions, compute a code number based on what the item can/cannot do
14:55 wizzyrea the real rub in our system is that it does all of this through z39.50
14:56 wizzyrea instead of SIP
14:56 wizzyrea it only checks member status through SIP
14:56 wizzyrea (our system = the statewide autographics)
14:57 wizzyrea the idea of item permissions sounds complicated, but it seems like that might be the only way to go
14:58 gmcharlt wizzyrea: sekjal: c.f. a *long* debate about this during the DLF ILS-DI committee work
14:58 * jwagner thinks gmcharlt is being a busy bee today -- 3rd time I've had to do a git pull on my current head server this morning!
15:00 gmcharlt which has been revived, recently -
15:04 wizzyrea oh wow
15:05 wizzyrea well I suppose we should get involved with it, or ask someone at the state level to.
15:05 wizzyrea though
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15:05 wizzyrea I think the goal in kansas is to ditch AG all together
15:05 wizzyrea and go with an open solution
15:05 wizzyrea >.>
15:05 wizzyrea <.<
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15:11 owen AG ?
15:12 wizzyrea autographics agent
15:12 wizzyrea pick your AG
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16:07 * jdavidb_ pokes his clone.
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16:16 jwagner jdavidb has the cloning module working????
16:19 owen Naw, his clone disintegrated after just one poke!
16:20 jwagner Back to the debugging board....
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16:44 gmcharlt owen: re Cindy's patch, is 'dialog alert' the correct class?
16:44 owen yes
16:47 gmcharlt thanks
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16:58 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Added "dialog alert" class to "No Results Found" message on the patron <[…]56d3073276209061e>
17:02 owen I never feel entirely sure something has been committed until I get a tweet, an email, a new item in my feed reader *and* a message from munin.
17:03 gmcharlt multi-model communication FTW!
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17:08 * owen friends munin on Facebook
17:09 jwagner munin has a Facebook account?
17:09 munin jwagner: Error: "has" is not a valid command.
17:09 jwagner Oh, hush.
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17:19 wizzyrea gmcharlt should come teach coms at KU
17:19 wizzyrea >.>
17:20 gmcharlt heh
17:20 wizzyrea Chat, Forums, and MUD's!
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17:46 eiro hello koha people
17:47 eiro does $query->param( foo => 12 ); interact with the output header in any way ?
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18:10 jwagner I know I've seen this before, but I can't find a bug report.  Should be fairly old by now.  Creating a staff user, then trying to set superlibrarian permissions.  When I try to save the permissions, I get an error about patron does not exist.  (The patron does exist & can be searched, I just can't set permissions.)  Ring any bells with anyone?
18:11 owen I haven't seen that before jwagner, does it happen every time?
18:12 jwagner Not every time/every server, but I know I've seen it before in mainstream Koha.
18:18 * owen can't duplicate it with a new staff user
18:21 * owen sees a weird glitch in Chrome:
18:27 owen Hmm... resaved the include file and now diff tells me there was a U+FEFF there "ZERO WIDTH NO-BREAK SPACE"
18:30 jwagner owen, we thing the permissions thing may be a database problem.  Never Mind for now....
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18:35 jcamins jdavidb: Car Talk, with Click and Clack the Tapper Brothers (just noticed that in the log)
18:35 jdavidb jcamins++
18:36 jdavidb :)
18:36 * owen Googled it, so it didn't count. Had to Google it because it was driving me crazy. Heh...driving.
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18:36 wizzyrea it's only a short walk
18:37 owen :P
18:37 jdavidb The credits at the end of the show are always hilarious.
18:37 hdl_laptop hi all
18:37 wizzyrea hi hdl
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18:52 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Whitespace removal, removal of U+FEFF character <[…]f09e68789621bb76c>
18:53 * gmcharlt sends telegram to owen, just so that he's absolutely sure
18:54 * owen wondered why there was a guy in a gorilla suit knocking on his door
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18:59 eiro i come back with my question about $cgi->param: can someone help ?
19:00 CGI448 hi, we recently installed koha and are starting to enter records into the catalogue, however, whenever we search the catalogue for the items, no results are returned. Could someone help us with this problem?
19:01 eiro CGI448, is zebra running ?
19:01 wizzyrea CGI448:
19:01 wizzyrea[…]on/faq/searching/
19:01 CGI448 yes, we have zebra running
19:01 eiro CGI448, wizzyrea did well :)
19:02 gmcharlt eiro: I wouldn't expect that foo->param(bar=>baz) would do anything other than set a parameter value
19:03 CGI448 thanks, we'll check out the searching documentation and see how that goes
19:04 eiro gmcharlt, so can you explain why use the $query object insteed of a %param hash ?
19:04 wizzyrea good luck. Also, is the active website of the project.
19:04 wizzyrea since I see you came in from ;)
19:04 gmcharlt eiro: you need to give a little more context for that question to make sense :)
19:05 wizzyrea[…]faq/searching/#18 likely this faq is the one that will point you the most in the right direction
19:07 eiro gmcharlt, i mean: it seems that $query->param(qw/ foo bar /) is just a way to make foo globally available in the script. I don't see another usage but i just have to carre about the CGI mechanism.
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19:08 eiro gmcharlt, i think you did anwser: i don't carre if it doesn't interact with the cgi answer
19:08 eiro thanks
19:09 gmcharlt eiro: I see - and I thnk that is not a good way of passing data around in a script
19:10 gmcharlt either explicitly use package-level variables, store in the context if appropriate, or pass parameters around between routines
19:11 gmcharlt but overloading the CGI query object is an obfuscation
19:11 gmcharlt that would break the instant somebody wanted to add a new query parameter
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19:31 jwagner owen, online?
19:32 owen For 45 remaining minutes.
19:33 jwagner In opac.css, results_summary is set to font-size 85%.  That's having an unfortunate result in records with extremely long 5xx fields.  Each successive paragraph gets smaller & smaller until they're unreadable.  Any reason not to take out that 85% & put at 100%?  Local change to 100% fixes problem.
19:34 eiro gmcharlt, sure! i don't want to use it by myself: i try to know why this technique is heavily used in some parts of koha
19:34 owen jwagner: Do you have an example online I could see?
19:34 gmcharlt eiro: namely?
19:35 eiro gmcharlt, C4::Auth +196 for exemple
19:35 gmcharlt eiro: $template->param( CAN_user_updatecharges     => 1 ); ?
19:36 eiro oops ... +196 means 'at line 196'
19:36 eiro gmcharlt, arf sorry
19:36 jwagner owen, just sent you a screenshot.  See also http://hartford.waldo.kohalibr[…]blionumber=302822
19:36 eiro i seen it elsewhere. I try to find where
19:36 jwagner That's a Waldo site, but I have the same problem in current head -- changing the stylesheet setting fixes the problem.
19:37 owen Cool... it's like the opening crawl to Star Wars in reverse
19:37 jwagner If you have excellent vision....
19:37 jwagner I don't know what else results_summary does.
19:37 owen A more important question is why all these "results_summary" spans are nested instead of successive
19:38 jwagner This is coming from the XSLT file, if that makes a difference.
19:38 gmcharlt yeah, it's the nesting that's the problem
19:38 owen Sounds like it might be a bug in some of the logic in the XSLT
19:39 jwagner So the font change is a workaround, but not the source of the problem?
19:39 gmcharlt right
19:39 eiro gmcharlt, sorry: i don't find it again. perhaps iwas just wrong
19:39 jwagner Starting roughly line 476 of MARC21slim2OPACDetail.xsl in current head
19:40 gmcharlt eiro: ok.  not saying that it hasn't happened at all, but it's not a common pattern in Koha by any stretch
19:41 owen jwagner: With CSS, the "85%" refers to whatever the is above that element in the "cascacde," so if you have one results_summary inside another, it's 15% smaller each time
19:41 owen Sorry...whatever the *font-size* is for the element above it in the cascade
19:42 jwagner That's what I figured was happening.  And it gets SMALLER and smaller and downright tinier :-)
19:42 eiro gmcharlt, so i have another error in my script :'(
19:42 eiro btw: time to sleep for froggies! cya all and thanks for help
19:43 owen jwagner: An alternate workaround, if 100% is too small, would be to specify a fixed font-size in your client's stylesheet: 12px or 10px or whatever.
19:43 owen But a bug should be filed for that problem.
19:44 gmcharlt jwagner: nobody every gets past the first couple 5xx anyway ;)
19:44 jwagner Not legibly....
19:44 jwagner I can file a bug, not sure I can fix the problem.
19:45 wizzyrea right?
19:45 gmcharlt go ahead and file - I can't think of a good reason for the results-summarys to nest like that, regardless of what you do with the stylesheet
19:45 gmcharlt wizzyrea:
19:45 Nate left #koha
19:45 wizzyrea ty ty
19:47 jcamins What's really strange about that bug is that if you look at the HTML source, the <span/>s don't look particularly nested.
19:47 jcamins At least, that's what I find really strange about it.
19:47 owen jcamins: The do in Firebug
19:48 jcamins I guess this is a sign that I need to use Firebug and not "View Source."
19:49 gmcharlt jcamins: unless you can read Lisp w/o having to count parentheses, firebug is usually better for determining the structure of DOM trees ;)
19:50 nengard joined #koha
19:50 nengard hello everyone - say hi to new Koha librarians :)
19:50 nengard they're watching you on the big screen
19:50 brendan heya nengard
19:50 wizzyrea hi koha librarians!
19:50 * gmcharlt waves to the invisible crowd
19:50 Nate joined #koha
19:51 wizzyrea welcome to the party :)
19:51 Nate Hiya Acton!
19:51 brendan hiya Acton
19:51 Nate left #koha
19:51 sekjal hello, Acton!
19:52 jwagner Bug 4821
19:52 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4821 major, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, With multiple 5XX fields, the font display gets progressively smaller
19:52 jwagner owen, gmcharlt, there's the bug entry.  (And a demo of munin for the invisible crowd!)
19:52 nengard k - logging off - back to work :)
19:52 nengard left #koha
19:53 owen Aw man, we didn't even get to show off how we check the weather all day long
19:53 jwagner or random quotes!
19:53 owen @wunder 45701
19:53 munin owen: The current temperature in Ohio University, Athens, Ohio is 28.9�C (3:45 PM EDT on May 26, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 38%. Dew Point: 13.0�C. Pressure: 29.79 in 1008.7 hPa (Steady).
19:55 jwagner left #koha
19:59 wizzyrea bug 2941
19:59 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2941 normal, P3, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Transfers cannot be canceled once initiated.
19:59 wizzyrea is this still broken?
20:00 * owen hasn't heard of any fix :(
20:00 owen Transfers are almost as much of a mess as holds
20:01 * owen gets closer to a js-based fix for Bug 4354
20:01 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4354 minor, P5, ---, paul.poulain, NEW, Cannot edit existing issuing rules
20:03 brendan @wunder 93117
20:03 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 18.9�C (12:58 PM PDT on May 26, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015.1 hPa (Rising).
20:15 * owen heads out, seeing as how jwagner will not see he's leaving 3 minutes early
20:15 owen left #koha
20:16 ianB joined #koha
20:23 ianB_ left #koha
20:29 richard joined #koha
20:29 richard hi
20:30 jcamins left #koha
20:38 jdavidb left #koha
20:45 chris morning
20:45 gmcharlt hi chris
20:48 chris heya gmcharlt
20:48 chris i love waking up to a bunch of commit messages, and no new dramas  :-)
20:49 chris wow, whatever mail client rohit uses ... it needs some \n ;)
20:52 brendan heya chris
20:54 chris[…]biblionumber=1391
20:54 chris check out the recommendations .. they are starting to get really good
20:55 chris and it seems everyone reads the simpsons comics ;)
21:01 larsw joined #koha
21:03 jdavidb joined #koha
21:06 davi left #koha
21:10 moodaepo @wunder 56001
21:10 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in South on Monks, Mankato, Minnesota is 26.3�C (4:09 PM CDT on May 26, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 28%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Pressure: 30.13 in 1020.2 hPa (Rising).
21:12 chris hi jdavidb and moodaepo
21:13 jdavidb heya, chris.
21:13 moodaepo howdy chris
21:13 moodaepo left #koha
21:14 moodaepo joined #koha
21:16 Wendy joined #koha
21:27 sekjal left #koha
21:27 wizzyrea re: 2941 I think it might be fixed
21:27 wizzyrea I just tested it
21:27 wizzyrea and... it seems to work?!
21:28 Nate joined #koha
21:28 gmcharlt bug 2941
21:28 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2941 normal, P3, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Transfers cannot be canceled once initiated.
21:28 wizzyrea that is to say, the current locations seem to be correct
21:29 wizzyrea the process seems to proceed in a way I would expect
21:30 wizzyrea bug 3270 also seems to be working
21:30 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3270 major, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Cancelling a hold request after transfer initiated orphans item
21:32 wizzyrea I'm going to check it again
21:32 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: will work on the two blockers for the weekend
21:32 gmcharlt hdl_laptop++
21:38 ianB left #koha
21:39 wizzyrea 3270 definitely seems like it's at least partially fixed
21:40 wizzyrea at least you don't have to manually set the current location, it updates correctly now
21:40 wizzyrea (sharon's comment)
21:44 dpavlin left #koha
21:45 brendan any comments on Bug 4468
21:45 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4468 critical, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, checkin with checkbox doesn't activate holds
21:46 brendan should that be updated to blocker?
21:46 * brendan sees it as a blocker
21:46 gmcharlt brendan: no
21:46 gmcharlt that never worked
21:46 brendan ok - it's the same thing for the CheckIn tab on the searchbar
21:46 gmcharlt say what?
21:47 * brendan tries
21:47 brendan next to the koha logo on the staff-side
21:47 brendan that search bar -- if you highlight the Check In tab
21:47 brendan and return there it doesn't activate holds - IRC
21:48 gmcharlt works for me
21:48 * brendan double checks
21:49 reed joined #koha
21:49 brendan what do you know it worked :)
21:50 brendan updates my bugfile in my head
21:51 Nate left #koha
21:54 eiro allez /na
21:54 eiro oops, sorry
21:54 hdl_laptop good night eiro
21:54 eiro hdl_laptop, can't sleep :)
21:55 eiro i woke up
21:55 wizzyrea haha, eiro, was that your cheek typing hello?
21:55 eiro wizzyrea, no. it was a keystroke shuffle
21:56 wizzyrea hehe
21:56 hdl_laptop brendan: we did some things on circulation. You could test and its master branch
21:56 hdl_laptop and those holds messages are showing up now.
21:57 brendan cool thanks hdl_laptop - I'll take a look
22:02 hdl_laptop brendan: this branch is still under development. But it is a quite  fresh rebase of Univ_Lyon3 branch
22:03 eiro can i see the result of format-patch (to know what will be sent bit send-email )
22:04 hdl_laptop vi *.patch
22:05 hdl_laptop brendan: and yet, I think it is getting quite stable... (For a new install)
22:05 eiro *patch(N) is empty :(
22:07 eiro my git format-patch must be wrong. i'll read the doc
22:11 chris yeah eiro it writes it to the dir you are in
22:11 jdavidb left #koha
22:12 eiro i forgot to specify origin
22:13 chris that'd do it :)
22:15 eiro yup :)
22:30 eiro trying to configure the git send-to now
22:31 wizzyrea is now known as wizzyrea_away
22:47 nengard joined #koha
22:56 nengard left #koha
23:08 genji joined #koha
23:11 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
23:22 Johnindep joined #koha
23:30 hdl_laptop good night folks
23:31 gmcharlt g'night
23:31 eiro +1
23:31 eiro :)
23:33 chris night france :)
23:40 hdl_laptop left #koha
23:59 chris
23:59 chris will have to ask one of the spanish koha users to translate that ;)
23:59 Wendy left #koha
23:59 chris spanish speaking ones anyway

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