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00:23 gmcharlt chris: upshot: Koha compares quite well to Janium; Koha's functionality is pretty much equivalent to Janium but offers, well, freedom
00:23 chris yep, i used google translate too :)
00:24 * gmcharlt has slightly more spanish than that, although not by much :)
00:24 chris :)
00:24 chris one for nengards zotero bibliography
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00:25 gmcharlt yep
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02:53 brendan @quote random
02:53 munin brendan: Quote #13: "<atz> ricardo: ask and ye shall receive.... eventually, ye shall stop asking." (added by gmcharlt at 04:31 PM, July 09, 2009)
02:59 brendan @eightball will the Mets win tomorrow?
02:59 munin brendan: Of course.
02:59 brendan yes
03:02 gmcharlt @eightball were you paid to say that?
03:02 munin gmcharlt: The answer is def-- oooh! shiny thing!
03:05 pianohacker How very appropriate for a raven
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03:46 Amit heya chris, brendan
03:47 brendan heya Amit
04:27 pianohacker Hi brendan and Amit
04:27 Amit heya pianohacker
04:28 brendan heya pianohacker
04:29 brendan I'm going to be in Colorado in Golden around the 12 or 14th of June
04:29 brendan if you're not to far away - I take you out for dinner or something
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07:06 Ropuch Morning #koha
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07:34 CGI692 dear all
07:35 CGI692 csv to marc21 data conversion or data migration any kind of tools or utility in koha ?
07:36 brendan csv to marc21 - try looking at MARCedit first - not a koha tool - but very useful
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07:39 robin oh, just missed it.
07:39 robin I've written one.
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08:31 cait hi #koha
08:32 brendan heya cait
08:41 cait hi brendan
08:43 brendan time to sleep :)
08:43 brendan night all
08:56 cait night brendan :)
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09:25 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 4817: Point to README.Debian in koha package description, postinst output. <[…]12f122d87849d8251>
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10:04 * chris gets back from the official launch at HLT
10:11 cait hi chris
10:11 cait how did it go?
10:12 Amit heya cait
10:12 cait hi Amit
10:13 chris good thanks
10:16 * cait finishing translation of marc21 default framework :)
10:18 chris cool :)
10:20 cait all other sql files are already done, after marc21 I can start testing :)
10:20 chris sweet
10:37 Ropuch Hi chris
10:42 chris hi Ropuch
10:44 Amit heya Ropuch, chris
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11:05 cait hi Ropuch :)
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13:24 jwagner Awfully quiet around here this morning....
13:25 jwagner @quote random
13:25 munin jwagner: Quote #12: "<owen> Every time you check in a book a little video loads and Nancy Pearl recites her capsule review of it." (added by gmcharlt at 02:36 PM, July 06, 2009)
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13:28 cait @quote random
13:28 munin cait: Quote #66: "<paul_p> shame on koha, mySQL & user !" (added by jwagner at 10:39 AM, March 04, 2010)
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13:33 gmcharlt good morning
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13:42 jwagner morning, gmcharlt
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13:45 wizzyrea_away good morning
13:46 jwagner morning, wizzy
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14:00 jdavidb @quote random
14:00 munin jdavidb: Quote #60: "<owen> My 9-month-old may not be walking yet, but she's got great bib control." (added by gmcharlt at 12:31 PM, February 19, 2010)
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15:10 sekjal Turbomarc:[…]-xml-marc-records
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15:14 gmcharlt sekjal: yep, that looks promising
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15:46 jdavidb @quote_random
15:46 munin jdavidb: Error: "quote_random" is not a valid command.
15:46 jdavidb @quote random
15:46 munin jdavidb: Quote #68: "gmcharlt: which probably means that library schools ought to rename Cataloging 101 to Identification and Avoidance of Rabbit Holes 101" (added by wizzyrea_laptop at 03:17 PM, March 10, 2010)
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15:50 eiro hello guys
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15:52 wizzyrea_lab bug 2830 -- anybody even looked at this one?
15:52 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2830 critical, P3, ---, henridamien, NEW, Hold not removed when "trapped" item on hold shelf is checked out to a different patron in the holds queue
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16:02 jcamins Does anyone know if there's been any work on bug 4162?
16:02 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4162 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Inventory Tool Fails Silently
16:03 jcamins Oh, never mind. User error.
16:03 wizzyrea_lab bug 3265: also kind of a big deal
16:03 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3265 major, P5, ---, gmcharlt, RESOLVED FIXED, LOST status not  changed after issued item is checked in
16:04 gmcharlt wizzyrea_lab: and fixed, it would seem
16:04 wizzyrea_lab gmcharlt: i was unable to get this to work on this morning's head :(
16:05 wizzyrea_lab it removes the lost status, but doesn't change it to available
16:05 wizzyrea_lab it's empty
16:05 wizzyrea_lab so no status
16:06 gmcharlt hmm - reopen it then, please - nengard had closed it, but w/o comment
16:07 wizzyrea_lab ya
16:07 jcamins Does the lost status depend on the user defining magic authorized values? We had issues with not-for-loan statuses.
16:07 wizzyrea_lab ok
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16:14 wizzyrea_lab no I don't think so, not in this case
16:14 wizzyrea_lab it works exactly right, except that it doesn't change the status from "Lost" to "Available"
16:15 jcamins Oh well. It was a nice idea.
16:15 jcamins :)
16:15 wizzyrea_lab sadly, it works perfectly in our production install :((
16:15 gmcharlt wizzyrea_lab: I'll take a look
16:25 wizzyrea_lab gmcharlt: i updated the bug
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16:30 * jdavidb waves to owen.
16:30 * owen wanders in finally
16:34 owen collum available?
16:35 collum what's up
16:36 owen I wondered if you were still working (on and off) on Bug 2889, and if so would you accept its assignment?
16:36 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2889 minor, P3, ---, oleonard, NEW, templates should use loop_context_vars __odd__
16:36 collum NP.  I usually fix tables as I find them.
16:39 collum I have assigned it to myself.
16:39 owen Thanks, that helps me get a better picture of what's on my list
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16:55 * jdavidb peers quizzically at octothorpesarus.
16:56 octothorpesarus hi
16:56 jdavidb Hi.  Welcome. :)
16:56 octothorpesarus I'm just going to lurk here for a bit while I do some searching.
16:57 jdavidb It's fairly quiet today, but you're welcome to lurk.  If you come up with any questions, lots of helpful folks are here, and no need to ask permission, just toss your question out there.
16:58 wizzyrea_lab ^^ what he said
16:58 * owen admires wizzyrea_lab's lab coat
16:59 * owen pets wizzyrea_lab's labrador retriever
16:59 * wizzyrea_lab whines a little
16:59 * jdavidb finds his way out of wizzyrea_lab's labyrinth.
17:05 owen "item" is a reserved word in Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8's implementation of javascript.
17:05 owen FYI
17:06 * owen thanks google
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17:11 brendan found a dollar on the ground on my way to the office - pretty cool
17:12 owen Breaking news: profits are up for Koha support companies!
17:12 brendan heh thanks owen
17:13 owen You're doing better than I was yesterday. I started my day by accidentally running over a chipmunk.
17:16 octothorpesarus Is it possible to have the web server running to rewrite*) to$1 ?
17:20 octothorpesarus I ask because links such as http:/​koha-devel/2009-May/009531.html are currently redirected to http://lists.koha-community.or[…]/mailman/listinfo.
17:21 octothorpesarus Many search engines have indexed.
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17:53 jwagner wizzyrea, catching up on things -- re Bug 2830 -- is that similar to Bug 3792?
17:53 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2830 critical, P3, ---, henridamien, NEW, Hold not removed when "trapped" item on hold shelf is checked out to a different patron in the holds queue
17:53 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3792 normal, P3, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Checking out on-hold item to someone else replaces item-level hold with next available
18:20 wizzyrea_lab they are not the same thing
18:20 wizzyrea_lab in the code they might be related
18:21 jwagner OK, wasn't sure & was curious
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18:29 CGI020 hello
18:29 CGI020 i need help
18:29 owen Go ahead CGI020
18:30 CGI020 can any body help me how to take report via 2.2.9 windows
18:30 CGI020 for overdue charges
18:30 owen jwagner: Strange, I exported that record from the Hartford catalog that you showed me yesterday in conjunction with Bug 4821...
18:30 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4821 major, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, With multiple 5XX fields, the font display gets progressively smaller
18:30 owen Viewing the record in my test system doesn't show the same issues
18:31 CGI020 i have seen but after that what to do to generate overdue charges
18:31 owen CGI020: I don't know if we can help you. 2.2.9 is very old, and none of us use the Windows version
18:32 CGI020 what is corntp file
18:33 owen CGI020: Do you mean crontab?
18:33 CGI020 so on whic linux version koha is working fine?
18:33 CGI020 yes i mean crontab
18:34 CGI020 it says that you edit the file script and paste it in crontab
18:34 owen
18:35 owen ...but Windows doesn't have cron.
18:35 owen I don't know what Windows users do.
18:36 wizzyrea_lab task scheduler
18:39 Bupl So I have a question regarding the catalog - we're just getting started with koha, and have started entering records in.  The problem is that when we search the catalog, no results appear, even though we know that we entered the record in.  Any ideas?
18:40 wizzyrea_lab[…]on/faq/searching/
18:40 wizzyrea_lab consult that
18:40 wizzyrea_lab :)
18:40 CGI020 please help to generate overdue charge it is instructed as "Fines are calculated by the script, located in misc directory. Ask your administrator to put this script in crontab, after midnight, to have fines calculated every night
18:40 CGI020 i am using 2.2.9 koha
18:41 CGI020 how to do above job for overdue charge
18:43 * wizzyrea_lab doesn't work with the windows version, sorry
18:44 jwagner owen, was off on another screen -- what version did you try & did you have XSLT on?
18:44 jwagner I imported that same record into my current head system & saw the same problem.
18:45 owen Latest head, XSLT on, don't see it.
18:45 * jwagner mutters something about darned gremlins....
18:47 owen There was obviously problem enough that gmcharlt submitted a proposed fix for it
18:47 owen ...I just wonder why we're seeing such different results
18:47 jwagner Well, now the gremlins are biting me -- looks OK today.  But I definitely saw the problem yesterday there.  Sigh.
18:48 jwagner I might do a line-by-line comparison of that section of the current XSLT & the site where I saw it.
18:48 jwagner Did any of the updates from yesterday touch XSLT?
18:48 jwagner I remember updating several times yesterday.
18:55 owen This XSL template reads like the history of a comic book monster: Absorbed by: Absorbed in part by: Split into .. and ... Merged with ... to form ...Changed back to:
18:55 jwagner Sounds like a serial record....
18:56 owen And the monster's name was... fghkdlmor!
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18:56 CGI020 please tell me can i use ubuntu for koha
18:57 octothorpesarus Sure you can.
18:57 CGI020 if yes will it works with desktop version or server version
18:57 wizzyrea_lab owen lol
18:57 CGI020 i wanted to use desktop version of ubuntu
18:59 CGI020 "Fines are calculated by the script, located in misc directory. Ask your administrator to put this script in crontab, after midnight, to have fines calculated every night" means this instruction will not work for windows version
18:59 owen CGI020: You could investigate wizzyrea_lab's suggestion to use the Windows task scheduler
18:59 CGI020 and ultimatly we can not generate overdue charges on windows?
19:00 hdl_laptop owen: about your patch on smart-rules... why not use Jeditable query rather that coding what you did. for want of time ?
19:03 owen hdl_laptop: Because it seemed like a simple solution, without adding extra dependencies. I'm all for adding inline editing
19:04 owen My preference would be to do it in a somewhat systematic way
19:04 hdl_laptop Well, Jeditable looks like a good dependency to add.
19:05 wizzyrea_lab use the force, hdl
19:05 hdl_laptop And would allow us to generalise that kind of solution... What prevented us from doing it is time. But we wanted to.
19:05 wizzyrea_lab sorry, that looked like "jedi table" to me
19:06 owen hdl_laptop: I was inspired to seek a client-side-only solution, but I'm in no way opposed to something like Jeditable
19:06 hdl_laptop I am ... your father.
19:06 owen NOOOOOOOOOOO!
19:06 CGI020 hello wizzyrea_lab
19:06 hdl_laptop LOOOL
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19:07 CGI020 hi wizzyrea
19:07 CGI020 please help
19:07 hdl_laptop owen so when we have time to devote to that. We shall do.
19:07 CGI020 Fines are calculated by the script, located in misc directory. Ask your administrator to put this script in crontab, after midnight, to have fines calculated every night" means this instruction will not work for windows version
19:08 owen hdl_laptop: The hard part, from my point of view, is setting up the back-end to accommodate that kind of solution
19:08 CGI020 simply tell me whether fine calculation will work with 2.2.9 wndows or not?
19:08 hdl_laptop owen: we did some thing to use SQLHelper to edit issuing rules. And that would help a lot for that purpose.
19:08 * gmcharlt awaits hdl_laptop's UI RFC for that
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19:08 hdl_laptop 3.2 ? Or 3.4 ?
19:09 gmcharlt 3.4
19:10 CGI020 how to get whole process steps by steps to activate the ovrdue charging facility on windows 2.2.9
19:10 hdl_laptop[…]lation_parameters
19:10 hdl_laptop should be included in that page.
19:11 hdl_laptop (and already is.... )
19:11 hdl_laptop don't wait too long)
19:11 hdl_laptop ... for RFC
19:11 CGI020 let me check thx
19:11 hdl_laptop CGI020: I was not answering you.
19:12 CGI020 ok
19:12 hdl_laptop it was meant for gmcharlt
19:13 gmcharlt CGI020: I don't think there are that many people around in this channel who use the windows port of Koha
19:13 gmcharlt CGI020: you may have better luck on this mailing list - http://lists.koha-community.or[…]stinfo/koha-win32
19:14 CGI020 ok thx
19:16 owen gmcharlt: When you investigated Bug 4821 yesterday, we you able to reproduce what jwagner was seeing?
19:16 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4821 major, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, With multiple 5XX fields, the font display gets progressively smaller
19:16 gmcharlt owen: in the staff client
19:16 gmcharlt the OPAC appeared to have same oddity in the DOM tree, but may not have had the 80% font-size rule in the CSS
19:17 jwagner No, the font-size is in the OPAC css.  I'm not sure why I saw it yesterday but not today, unless you pushed something in between that touched OPAC XSLT
19:17 * owen does see it in the staff client
19:18 jwagner Or maybe I'm just hallucinating :-)  (Always a possibility these days....)
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19:24 wizzyrea_lab on, if you are logged in as a specific branch, it always defaults to that branch, and you have to expand the [+]  to change to any
19:24 wizzyrea_lab is that a syspref?
19:24 wizzyrea_lab or is that just behaviour we'll have to train out of
19:25 owen Oh, never noticed that!
19:25 wizzyrea_lab so say
19:25 wizzyrea_lab if you're in fairview, and you want to find the smith in meadville, you can't
19:25 wizzyrea_lab until you expand and set it to any
19:25 wizzyrea_lab I think it should default to any
19:25 wizzyrea_lab you should have to pick it
19:25 owen I agree 100%
19:26 owen Maybe unless IndependantBranches is on? I'm not sure if that is relevant
19:26 wizzyrea_lab well I'll double check, but I don't believe we have that on
19:27 chris nope it happens with or without
19:27 wizzyrea_lab no, indybranch is off
19:27 owen No, I mean it should default to any unless IndependantBranches is on
19:27 gmcharlt broadly speaking, that could be both a matter of policy (e.g., indybranches) and staff user preference
19:28 wizzyrea_lab yea, I'd prefer that a syspref were governing tha behaviour, but by default I think it should pick any
19:28 chris i think the current behaviour is unexpected, certainly i didnt realise that was happening until now
19:28 chris i agree
19:28 * wizzyrea_lab might have a religious feeling about it
19:29 chris or at least say something like 'search results for smith in levin'
19:29 gmcharlt wizzyrea_lab: I'm actually thinking a bit further ahead - in terms of a mechanism for staff user preferences
19:29 wizzyrea_lab ok, whew.
19:29 wizzyrea_lab I was about to get all righteous on you
19:30 gmcharlt wizzyrea_lab: but if we added staff user prefernces, you can be righteous  ... and so could anti-wizzyrea ;)
19:30 wizzyrea_lab we don't want dupe patrons, we need (NEED) it to search all by default
19:30 wizzyrea_lab ya
19:30 gmcharlt e.g., the obvious counter-example is small library consortium that has both schools and PLs
19:31 wizzyrea_lab I agree with you
19:31 wizzyrea_lab we are on the same team!
19:31 wizzyrea_lab \o/
19:31 chris how  about for now, ie 3.2
19:31 chris independantbranches = on, default to your branch
19:31 chris off, default to any?
19:31 wizzyrea_lab ^^ yes, plox
19:32 gmcharlt this isn't a regression from 3.0.x, correct?
19:32 gmcharlt or is it?
19:32 chris i dont have a 3.0 running near me so can't check
19:32 chris it feels like it is though
19:32 wizzyrea_lab um um... well it wouldnt be from the one we have
19:32 wizzyrea_lab unless I"m not understanding what you mean
19:32 chris well you have 3.1 something
19:33 gmcharlt wizzyrea_lab: to clarify what I'm asking - what does it do for you now in production?
19:33 wizzyrea_lab on our 3.0.1 it defaults to all libraries (any)
19:34 chris whats your actual version number in the about?
19:34 wizzyrea_lab and you can only order by surname, none of the other options are existent. one sec.
19:34 * chris is pretty sure its 3.001.something
19:34 chris not 3.00.01
19:34 wizzyrea_lab
19:34 wizzyrea_lab right, sorry
19:34 chris yeah so its been introduced in the last 12 months
19:35 gmcharlt ah, then it might be a regression (regression = used to work, doesn't now)
19:35 wizzyrea_lab well
19:35 wizzyrea_lab I think it's a function of the expanded search options
19:35 wizzyrea_lab and the hiding thereof
19:35 wizzyrea_lab but yes
19:35 wizzyrea_lab it used to work that way, and doesn't now
19:36 wizzyrea_lab and it should be dependent on indybranches
19:36 wizzyrea_lab (indy branches are really fast. ZOOM)
19:37 chris and a nzer wins them quite a lot
19:37 chris :)
19:37 chris wizzyrea_lab: depending on how much work jo has for me today i might be able to do a fix for that
19:37 wizzyrea_lab oh yea, how's it going at HLT?
19:37 wizzyrea_lab good? bad? ugly?
19:37 chris had the official launch last night
19:38 chris went well
19:38 wizzyrea_lab squeee!
19:38 jwagner Congrats!
19:38 chris we are finding a few little things, mostly to do with data conversion, but nothing too bad
19:39 chris no problems circulating, or collecting fines etc .. ie everything core works
19:39 chris and people LOVE the opac
19:39 chris so thats great
19:39 chris thanks jwagner
19:39 wizzyrea_lab woot!
19:40 jwagner chris, refresh my memory -- did you take them to current head?
19:40 chris yep
19:40 chris current head + recommendations ... which will be in 3.4
19:40 collum left #koha
19:40 jwagner Great!  Keep us posted on stability etc.
19:40 wizzyrea_lab ^^ super
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19:41 brendan congrats chris, HLT and jo
19:41 gmcharlt HLT++
19:41 chris and richard and the katipods
19:41 chris they did the lovely design work
19:41 brendan and richard and katipods++
19:41 chris plus all the static pages
19:42 chris
19:42 chris i like this one :)
19:42 wizzyrea_away Cute!
19:42 jwagner What's the OPAC URL?
19:43 jwagner Or is that it?  Sorry, missed the search box
19:43 wizzyrea_away
19:44 jwagner Purty!
19:48 hdl_laptop WOWOWOW.... Congratulations
19:49 wizzyrea_away I know, it's gorgeous. I'm totally jealous. ;)
19:50 hdl_laptop owen wizzyrea_away reading logs.
19:50 hdl_laptop I have a patch for the problem on filtering patrons.
19:50 wizzyrea_away woo hoo!
19:50 wizzyrea_away hdl_laptop++
19:52 hdl_laptop I can send it onlist.
19:52 hdl_laptop Congratulations chris.
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19:54 chris eek bus time
19:54 chris back in a bit
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20:13 hdl_laptop wizzyrea_away: sent on list help yourself
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20:20 chrisdroid Well that was weird
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20:30 octothorpesarus s
20:34 richard joined #koha
20:34 richard hi
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20:42 chris morning richard
20:42 albertos hi all
20:42 richard hi chris
20:42 richard hi albertos
20:42 albertos can i ask a question about authorities?
20:43 albertos ok...i 'll go for it...
20:43 albertos and if someone... wants to help :-)
20:43 albertos i recently got invovled with koha
20:43 albertos and i installed v 3.0.06
20:43 albertos everything seems ok
20:43 albertos i migrated some data from another lib
20:44 albertos all went ok so far
20:44 albertos but...
20:44 albertos when i try to search authorities
20:44 albertos i get this error: oAuth error: Unsupported Use attribute (114) Heading Bib-1, referer ...
20:44 albertos i found a quick fix...
20:44 albertos with modifyin some file and change the header,,
20:44 albertos rebuilded zebra...
20:45 albertos but.. still same error...
20:45 albertos any help?
20:46 chris i dont use authorities sorry :(
20:47 hdl_laptop left #koha
20:47 albertos no prob...
20:47 albertos no prob
20:47 albertos someone?
20:55 sekjal left #koha
20:57 albertos left #koha
20:59 magnus joined #koha
20:59 francharb left #koha
21:07 octothorpesarus Anyone know if the 3.1+ branch supports LDAP authentication by binding to the server as the user vs anonymous?
21:14 wajasu joined #koha
21:15 gmcharlt octothorpesarus: yes, it's a supported option
21:34 Wendy joined #koha
21:40 brendan left #koha
21:49 brendan joined #koha
22:21 brendan @eightball you think the mets will win tonight?
22:21 munin brendan: Naturally.
22:22 jo joined #koha
22:23 wajasu left #koha
22:27 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
22:41 wajasu joined #koha
22:46 davi left #koha
22:58 larsw joined #koha
23:19 magnus g'night #koha
23:19 magnus left #koha
23:40 eiro can someone tell me when this message appears:
23:40 eiro PARAM:LOOP:next_loop:hash pointer was expected but not found
23:55 Nate joined #koha
23:58 gmcharlt error in a H::T::Pro loop - value passed to the template is not an arrayref of hashrefs for whatever variable is referenced in the tmpl_loop

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