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00:04 nod chris: you see all that talk about SMS's on nzoss?
00:04 nod School Management Sytems that is
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01:14 chris nod: my brain is pretty fried, ill try to catch up tomorrow
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01:40 Steven hi...anybody there?
01:40 Steven i m using Koha2.9
01:41 Steven how come my Koha system didnt calculate overdue fine autimatically....eventhrough i have done the setting for issuing rules and there is 1 book is overdue
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01:43 Steven can anybody help me
01:47 Steven anybody there
01:48 chilts sorry Steven, I can't help ... there are others around though (but remember, irc is a non-interactive messaging system, people might be away or busy) :)
01:48 chilts someone will answer if they can :)
01:50 Steven thzx
01:50 Steven you have this problem?
01:52 chilts not to my knowledge, though I do know that 2.9 is an older version of the software, there are newer versions which you might want to try
01:55 Steven i know....just tat my college is running under Windows platform
02:10 Steven anyone can guide me on fines running scripts
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02:45 chris_n2 gmcharlt: sorry, my question was regarding the search url's given above
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03:37 Amit hi chris
03:37 Amit morning #koha
03:43 masonj hiya amit
03:43 Amit heya mason
03:44 masonj long time no chat, how is everything over there?
03:44 masonj busy with much koha stuff?
03:44 Amit mason: yes after long time everything is fine here
03:44 masonj i have just started playing with koha3 on a debian AMD64 dual-core box
03:45 masonj you have already done this AMD64, yes?
03:45 masonj 1 year ago, even?
03:45 Amit yes i have already done on 64bit OS
03:46 Amit on centos
03:46 masonj centos AMD64?
03:46 Amit no Centos 64 bit OS
03:46 Amit not on AMD64
03:46 Amit what about koha performance with AMD64
03:48 masonj aaah...
03:48 masonj CentOS-5 x86_64 (AMD64 and Intel EMT64) architectures.
03:49 masonj centos x86_64  = debian AMD64
03:49 Amit Intel
03:49 Amit ok
03:51 masonj i have not started benchmarking 32bit and 64bit systems yet
03:51 Amit ok
03:51 masonj im curious to see if there are any performance improvements to 64bit koha
03:52 masonj i will get back to you with my results ;)
03:54 masonj fyi:
03:54 Amit k
03:57 richard hey masonj and Amit
03:57 masonj heya richard
03:57 richard how long have had koha set up on the AMD64 box?
03:57 masonj bout 2 days ;)
03:58 richard :)
03:58 masonj twas a *very* easy setup tho
03:58 si hlt has been on amd64 koha for a while
03:59 masonj i was expecting to compile the yaz/zebra stuff myself at least, but no..
03:59 si lets you address more RAM, and they have > 4GB RAM on their servers
04:01 masonj i wanna see what the difference is between a 32bit-PAE install, and a AMD64 install
04:01 masonj performance wise... which i can actually do now :)
04:03 Amit heya richard
04:04 Amit heya si
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04:52 brendan night #koha
04:52 brendan :)
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05:52 Steven anybody there?
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05:58 Steven nybody
05:59 Steven anybody
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06:06 Amit hi steven
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06:11 Steven cant help me
06:12 Steven can u?
06:12 Steven i m wondering how come my koha 2.9 didnt generate the overdue fine automatically...
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06:25 Steven i m wondering how come my koha 2.9 didnt generate the overdue fine automatically...
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20:39 Topic for #koha is now Next Community meeting 2nd Feb 2010 at 1900 UTC
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20:45 brendan hi
20:45 chris_n wb #koha
20:46 chris :)
20:46 chris_n heya chris
20:46 chris_n feeling any better?
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20:46 brendan heya chris
20:47 chris a bit, still pretty crappy, but getting better
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20:47 pianohacker Hello again oceania
20:47 * chris_n munges through C4::Search
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20:48 chris_n complaining bitterly as I go
20:48 pianohacker no other way to do it, that's a grubby module
20:48 chris_n chris: you up to a question?
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20:50 wizzyrea Ahh, it's like putting on your slippers
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20:51 * walter hangs out in #koha for a little
20:51 moodaepo wizzyrea++
20:51 walter not something i do very often
20:51 wizzyrea it's a shame really
20:51 wizzyrea ;)
20:51 brendan hi walter
20:51 chris_n wizzyrea++
20:51 chris_n hi walter
20:51 walter hey brendan and everyone
20:51 gmcharlt hi walter
20:51 wizzyrea what'd I do?
20:52 chris_n @quote add <wizzyrea>  Ahh, it's like putting on your slippers
20:52 munin chris_n: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
20:52 walter i'm usually hanging out in #kete and #katipo, of course
20:52 wizzyrea Oh THAT
20:52 chris_n wow, sorry munin
20:53 gmcharlt @quote add <wizzyrea>  Ahh, it's like putting on your slippers
20:53 munin gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.  Quote #52 added.
20:53 chris chris_n: yep whats up?
20:53 jwagner So nice to have everyone back :-)
20:53 brendan @wunder 93117
20:53 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 16.3�C (12:46 PM PST on January 28, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 9.0�C. Pressure: 29.99 in 1015.5 hPa (Falling).
20:54 chris_n chris: C4::Search... about line 1099
20:54 chris yep
20:54 chris_n you submitted a patch that commented out $query =~ s/:/=/g;
20:55 chris_n this causes a bunch of links in to break
20:55 chris_n so
20:55 chris_n $query =~ s/(?<=(ti|au|pb|su|an|kw|mc)):/=/g;
20:55 chris_n appears to be a more tolerable workaround
20:55 chris that's better
20:55 chris yup
20:55 chris_n do you see any problem if I submit that change?
20:56 * chris_n thinks it is preferable to the many code changes required otherwise
20:56 gmcharlt still breaks a lot of stuff
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20:56 chris nope, that seems like a much nicer one, the original problem broke any searches that had : in them
20:56 chris_n and the query parser ought to be fixed
20:56 gmcharlt as any other ccl indexes that people may have built permalinks off of would still be broken
20:56 chris_n gmcharlt: but less stuff than before :-)
20:56 chris yeah, the whole C4/Search is slated for a rewrite
20:57 jwagner chris or chris_n, is this going to solve the problem of searching for a title like 3:10 to Yuma?  (can't search if it has the colon in it)?
20:57 chris jwagner: it fixed that
20:57 chris_n I'm not sure I've caught all of the limit operators or not
20:57 jwagner YEAH!!!!!
20:57 chris but it broke other stuff
20:57 chris the other stuff is what we are trying to fix
20:57 jwagner Oh, well, win some/lose some....
20:58 chris_n gmcharlt: do you agree that this is a less havoc-wreaking fix then the former?
20:58 jwagner But the _end result_ is going to be a fix for the 3:10 type search, right?  (she said hopefully)
20:58 chris yep
20:58 jwagner to quote wizzyrea: Squeeeeeee
20:58 chris_n lol
20:59 chris it was pretty hugely broken, in that anything with a : couldnt be searched on
20:59 gmcharlt chris_n: it is, but none of our options are particularly good
20:59 wizzyrea !!!
20:59 wizzyrea my work here is done.
20:59 * wizzyrea has passed on her memes, and now has no reason to exist
20:59 jwagner Don't worry, I'll hand them right back.
20:59 * gmcharlt waggles finger at chris, though - breaking OPAC search links, though?
20:59 chris_n then I'll submit this fix and mark the other patch as deprecated
21:01 chris cool thanks, yeah that second patch (the quick comment out) was ill advised
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21:03 chris that whole query parser is just a big mess
21:04 gmcharlt chris: who's lined up to redo C4::Search?
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21:04 chris no one has been crazy enough to volunteer yet
21:05 cait hi all
21:05 chris im thinking it would be better split into 2 modules
21:05 chris one being the parser, another that does the search
21:05 gmcharlt s/lined up/silly enough to be standing around so that we can dragoon them into/
21:06 gmcharlt + possibly a URL rewriter to handle old style search links - I suspect that as part of rewriting the parser, we'll have to constrain the syntax it accepts a bit
21:07 chris yeah i think a tighter syntax that is more consistently parsed is the win
21:07 * chris_n runs out of the room screaming
21:07 chris heh
21:07 imp :D
21:07 cait :)
21:08 imp is there a formal definition of the /language/ the parser should be able to parse?
21:08 chris_n imp: all of them :-)
21:08 gmcharlt yeah, there are several - CCL itself is ill-defined
21:08 gmcharlt there's CQL
21:09 gmcharlt there's the Google-style type syntax that most people *really* want
21:12 * imp wrote a parser for a programming language at the uni
21:12 cait swp?
21:12 imp but i never wrote anything big in perl
21:13 chris sounds like imp just volunteered to me
21:13 chris :)
21:13 cait poor imp
21:13 chris_n hehe
21:13 imp cait: nope, "programming languages and compilers", the practical exercise
21:13 jwagner I definitely heard that too!
21:13 cait he has to learn for an exam, dont help him to avoid it
21:14 imp cait: pssst ;)
21:14 cait ;)
21:14 imp :D
21:14 chris_n in exactly what information is this line supposed to convey: Availability:  Copies available:  Jones Library (1), Jones Library (1),
21:16 gmcharlt branch (number items not checked out, lost, or missing)  - although duplication is odd
21:16 chris_n exactly
21:17 chris_n the logic is out of sync with the display
21:17 chris_n searchResults counts each item available separately regardless of if it is a duplicate copy or not
21:18 * chris_n adds another item to the fix list of C4::Search
21:19 imp just remind me next week and i'll take a look if it's something possible to do for me
21:20 chris cool
21:21 chris_n bbl
21:21 hdl_laptop chris_n:
21:21 hdl_laptop again,
21:22 hdl_laptop nahuel sent fixes for the C4/Search on 3.0
21:23 hdl_laptop bug 3584
21:23 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3584 major, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Set a default index to search on.
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21:23 hdl_laptop But it hard codes all the ccl rather than getting it from the files.
21:23 chris hi pmlozeau
21:24 pmlozeau hi chris
21:24 hdl_laptop sorry... was back reading logs.
21:24 pmlozeau finally learning and understanding how irc works
21:24 chris :)
21:24 pmlozeau yep total newb
21:25 hdl_laptop chris_n: maybe this kind of thing is what you want to do.
21:25 hdl_laptop[…]0163ed9f87d0ab540
21:26 hdl_laptop But indeed, C4::Search needs serious work
21:27 hdl_laptop getting facets and process of items for status out of the getRecords would be first step
21:29 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: chris I am really really concerned about C4::Search.
21:29 hdl_laptop But redesign would be really really not trivial.
21:30 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: yeah, redoing it is not an option for 3.2 - we'll have to keep the spit-and-bailing-wire going
21:30 hdl_laptop I can see two modules at least. Query and Engine with submodules.
21:30 gmcharlt but I agree that it would be nice to have it be a priority for 3.4
21:31 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: I would not even scare everyone out of 3.2 with such an idea ;)
21:32 hdl_laptop I think it would be good to be able to discuss such things with more ppl...
21:32 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: possible could break it down further - QueryParser, Search, Search::Zebra, Search::NoZebra (if we must ;), Search::Solr, etc. + ResultsFormatter
21:32 chris yeah
21:32 jwagner hdl_laptop, hackfest or virtual hackfest?
21:33 chris monolithic_modules--
21:33 hdl_laptop jwagner: should be organised with some virtual rooms.
21:33 hdl_laptop Circulation - Serials - items - Search engine.
21:34 jwagner There ought to be some way to schedule regular virtual hackfests.  Not everyone is going to get to NZ for Kohacon, and any regional meetings aren't going to include everyone.
21:34 hdl_laptop And planned by order of priority
21:34 hdl_laptop and complexity
21:34 hdl_laptop I forgot DBIx::Class
21:34 hdl_laptop TT2.....
21:34 hdl_laptop Well days are only 24 hours ;)
21:35 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: you forgot C4::TimeMachine
21:35 jwagner and C4::CloneDeveloper
21:35 cait hdl_laptop: yes, someone should rewrite that... need more hours
21:35 cait ;)
21:36 chris c4::search is rapidly moving to my top priority for 3.4
21:36 hdl_laptop jwagner: developer is one thing, brain somtimes seems to be other one ;)
21:36 imp just get everybody on a plane and let's travel with the sun -> more hours per day ;)
21:36 chris but the good thing is it isnt contigent on any of the other work
21:36 chris ok im going to get some more sleep, try to shake off this flu
21:37 hdl_laptop Well... speaking of TimeMachine.... My inner machine is going down for some rest see you ;)
21:37 wizzyrea yes, I encourage this
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21:59 schuster Owen gone yet?
21:59 schuster catch him tomorrow...
22:00 schuster @later tell owen - can you look at bug 2930?  Is this something that is a template change or???  It is an enhancement, but would seem to be fairly easy.
22:00 munin schuster: The operation succeeded.
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23:23 Topic for #koha is now Next Community meeting 2nd Feb 2010 at 1900 UTC
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23:28 masonj .
23:28 chris lets hope telstraclear dont bust their routes again
23:29 brendan and we're back
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23:30 masonj i was all set to send a ranty email to the list, bout TC... looks like i wont need to now
23:31 chris_n masonj: at least not for the next minute or so ;-)
23:32 imp maybe somebody should put the freenode channel here into the topic too?
23:33 imp or is the irc server really unreachable, even for the ones on the same network?
23:34 rhcl For US libraries needing a Koha server, or maybe even for vendors to suggest to library clients for a server to minimize costs...
23:35 rhcl this might be one option...[…]y_name=Sun&Page=1
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23:39 rhcl If you can work with Solaris 10 anyway. :)
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23:39 imp rhcl: the hardware sounds great :) (and i guess it's loud as hell :D)
23:40 rhcl Well, I just ordered two. I'll let you know. :)  But I have a server room that's already loud.
23:40 imp ok :D
23:41 rhcl But yea, the specs are pretty decent.... 8 GB of memory, dual SCSI drives, dual Opteron CPU's, DVD...
23:41 rhcl just need to add a data disk
23:42 imp my experience is, the older sun products are loud and at the lower frequency range, the new ones are /screaming/ more or less higher ;)
23:42 rhcl Well, nothing can be as bad as the old Compaq G1's and G2's.
23:43 imp dunno, never heard one :D
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23:52 CGI899 hello all, We are doing our first import into koha and want to know about how long does it take to import the file into koha?

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