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00:23 brendan I think it will be a few months until I can compete with you again - chris
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01:13 braedon hey, anyone around in here?
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03:41 Amit hi brendan
03:41 Amit good morning #koha
03:43 brendan hi amit
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03:50 thd chris_n2: what is the relation of chris_n to chris_n2?
03:52 thd chris_n2: how do I tell which is the real you?
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05:01 wajasu Continuing my transform from a legacy catalogue database to koha, I wonder if I should format all the call numbers to no have spaces between the logic breaking points.  The spaces had been added so the spine label would print and break on space.  Should I store it without spaces and design a new spine label accordingly with koha or leave them in?
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05:39 brendan night #koha
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06:47 Ropuch Morning #koha
07:13 Amit heya Ropuch
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11:16 chris_n2 thd: I'm both; chris_n is at work and chris_n2 is at home
11:17 chris_n2 usually I'm chris_n2 after 1630 EST
11:17 chris_n2 and chris_n after 0800 EST
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12:00 zico hi
12:00 zico i have just deleted one item record... it`s deleted
12:01 zico but... if i search that... it even comes...and when i click on that... it shows "Error 404..."
12:01 zico why it isn`t deleted completely?
12:03 Amit heya
12:03 Amit zico
12:03 Amit zico: rebuild your zebra
12:05 slef erm, nahuel, hi (from Monday morning)
12:07 slef chris:[…]-not-science.html comment #2 is a bit harsh
12:10 Amit heya slef
12:10 slef Amit: hi. biab, sorry
12:13 zico Amit: i rebuild zebra with -b -w
12:13 zico but, nothing changed
12:13 Amit with -b -z option
12:13 Amit Zico: run with -z option
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12:22 nahuel hi slef
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12:47 slef hi nahuel - did you want anything in particular?
12:48 nahuel yep
12:48 nahuel you made the offline circ on koha3.0 ?
12:48 nahuel isn't it ?
12:52 slef no, kyle did that one
12:52 slef I'm interested in it but have not yet had chance to look at it (oh, so often)
12:52 nahuel héhé
12:52 nahuel Some user of us found some problems with it
12:53 slef I've spent lots of time on various pieces of failing network hardware so far this week :-(
12:53 nahuel héhé
12:53 nahuel ok thanks
12:53 slef post to katipo list and ask where to send bugs?
12:54 chris_n zico: -r -a -b should do it
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13:06 hdl_laptop hi
13:06 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: around ?
13:07 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: yes
13:07 hdl_laptop hi gmcharlt
13:07 hdl_laptop I saw that master branch is kicking alive GREAT.
13:07 gmcharlt had a question for you - I'm about to pull in the last of the new_acq fixes and branch off 3.2.x - please confirm which branch to pull from
13:08 hdl_laptop I just rebased a koha_biblibre_master on your official_master
13:08 hdl_laptop I could send the patches onlist if you want
13:09 CGI562 Hello, can anyone help with a problem i am experiencing?
13:09 hdl_laptop s/your official_master/ the official master/
13:10 CGI562 I have installed Koha but i am at the same time having problems with loading ebooks on it
13:11 CGI562 cant i load ebooks and ejournals within koha system?
13:12 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: ?
13:12 hdl_laptop CGI562: you have to have a different repository and management for those at the moment
13:13 hdl_laptop CGI562: you can add link to those ressources in a subfield but Koha is an ILS not a ERM.
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13:17 zico chris_n: thanks chris, it`s working now
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13:18 chris_n g'morning owen
13:18 owen Hi
13:18 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: I'll pull from koha_biblibre_master
13:19 hdl_laptop ok.
13:19 hdl_laptop It is the uptodate 3.2 for us.
13:19 chris_n is anyone using the xslt features in opac and successfully displaying 505$t ?
13:21 jwagner chris_n, I don't recall trying for the 505$t, but looking at the MARC21slim2OPACDetail.xsl file, it should show if indicator 2 is 0.  You should be able to modify that file to show it regardless of the indicator.
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13:22 chris_n jwagner: that's what I thought, however regardless of the indicator the tag does not display :-(
13:22 chris_n I suppose I'll have to go into debug mode
13:23 jwagner You could try adding t to the line <xsl:with-param name="codes">au</xsl:with-param>
13:23 chris_n 505$t displays fine under the "Title Notes" tab in though, so it must be the xml
13:24 chris_n I'll try that and see what's up
13:24 jwagner ? Where were you trying to make it show?  All the 5xx fields show in that Title Notes tab and I've had limited success trying to make them appear elsewhere.
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13:30 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: I'm not seeing a koha_biblibre_master on git://
13:30 hdl_laptop it is named master
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13:36 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: tons of merge conflicts - please give me a branch I can pull from
13:37 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: you should see 3.2_biblibre appear.
13:38 hdl_laptop It is the official/master with koha_biblibre_master on top
13:38 hdl_laptop Hoping that the rebase was ok
13:41 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: it needs work before I can merge it, mostly in
13:41 gmcharlt please review changes from colin re update database fixes
13:41 hdl_laptop those changes should be taken into account.
13:42 hdl_laptop It is a rebase on top of master.
13:42 gmcharlt and fix the ersatz extra "" and ersatz ''
13:42 gmcharlt a rebase is not completely magical - you still have to ensure that changes the make sense
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13:44 CGI562 how do you link/specify a file from your local system with Koha?
13:45 gmcharlt CGI562: you can add an 856 field to a bib record pointing to the resource, assuming it's available over the web
13:45 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: Just saw those two ersatz.
13:46 chris_n jwagner: when xslt is enabled in the detail view, a 'Contents:' tag is displayed directly below the 'Related Subjects' tag
13:46 hdl_laptop And also the diff on updatedatabase.
13:46 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: Is a patch fixing those on top ok ?
13:46 CGI562 i am new to koha and i have some pdf files on my system that i want to paths into koha
13:47 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: yes, I can pull again when you have it ready
13:47 CGI562 what do you mean by 856 field to a bib record
13:47 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: this branch was not meant to be out today.
13:47 gmcharlt ?
13:48 gmcharlt do you want me to hold off pulling from it?
13:48 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: i wanted to have it tested.
13:48 gmcharlt hdl_laptop++
13:49 gmcharlt CGI562: a bibliographic record stores information about a title you have in the catalog.  Koha stores bib records in somethign called MARC format
13:49 CGI562 gmcharlt, please give me insight into what you mean by 856 field to a bib record
13:49 gmcharlt and MARC uses numeric tags to identify fields
13:49 gmcharlt if you're using the US/Australian/Canadia/British/etc of MARC called MARC21
13:49 gmcharlt tag 245 holds the title, for instance
13:49 CGI562 i am all ear
13:50 gmcharlt tag 856 is designated for a URL
13:50 gmcharlt so if you have a PDF located at for example
13:50 gmcharlt you can add an 856 to a bib record with that URL in a subfield $u
13:50 CGI562 ok
13:50 gmcharlt and Koha will display that bib in the catalog interface with a hyperlink
13:51 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: how long, then?
13:51 hdl_laptop So that I will try to have it for tomorrow
13:52 owen Just updated to the latest HEAD and I'm getting this error from admin/ Can't locate C4/ in @INC
13:52 gmcharlt ok
13:52 CGI562 where is your pdfs directory located on your system? Is it at the koha document root or what is the koha document root?
13:53 CGI562 gmcharlt, where is your pdfs directory located on your system? Is it at the koha document root or what is the koha document root?
13:53 gmcharlt that's essentially up to you - you can configure Apache to create a directory for them
13:53 gmcharlt I would recommend keeping them outside of the Koha document root, actually
13:54 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: re owen's query, is there a new_acq equivalent to GetLocalCurrency()?
13:54 CGI562 ok
13:55 CGI562 gmcharlt, thanks, i shall try your recommendations and get back to you. But are you always online?
13:56 gmcharlt CGI562: heh - no, but there are always lots of people on #koha
13:56 schuster When it comes to MARC records there are several of us here that might be able to help you - he was just faster on the draw today!
13:56 jwagner Also see the LC standard for MARC records at[…]hic/ecbdhome.html
13:57 schuster Or you can post to koha-discuss or koha-dev and you will get responses to questions on the forum.
13:57 schuster goodone jwagner...
13:57 gmcharlt koha-discuss? what list be that?
13:58 gmcharlt CGI562: the Library of Congress has a tutorial on MARC as well -
13:58 gmcharlt schuster: the main koha mailing list I assume, not a new list actually called koha-discuss?
14:01 schuster Yes gmcharlt the general mailing list - it comes up for me as koha-discuss -
14:02 gmcharlt owen: I've pusehd a patch that should fix that problem
14:02 owen Thanks gmcharlt
14:03 gmcharlt @later tell pianohacker will you have a chance to update the new sysprefs page for the new_acq and other new preferences?
14:03 munin` gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
14:17 owen gmcharlt: I'm still getting the same error after updating
14:20 gmcharlt owen: still complaing about C4::Bookfund?
14:20 owen Oh, sorry I'm not paying attention well enough. Now it's complaining about
14:21 CGI562 please, is this link for koha related problems alone or general programming problems?
14:21 gmcharlt owen: sorry - try again
14:22 owen CGI562: Which link? The Koha mailing list? It's for Koha related problems.
14:23 owen Now it's "Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at /home/oleonard/kohaclone/admin/ line 46."
14:25 gmcharlt owen: is there an active currency defined in your database - currency where active = 1?
14:25 schuster CGI562 - if you have specific programming issues there is a list for development as well -
14:25 owen gmcharlt: No
14:26 schuster go owen go owen...  We know you can do it!!  Blaze the trail for the rest of us thank you!
14:30 * jwagner hands schuster a cheerleader's pom-pom :-)
14:30 gmcharlt pictures, please
14:32 schuster http://image.orientaltrading.c[…]g?resize(120x120) - I don't have a good picture of owen or I'd work up something better...
14:33 schuster
14:33 gmcharlt owen: third time's a charm, hopefully
14:33 jwagner Heh.  I'll settle for detailed notes from owen :-)
14:34 CGI562 thank you everybody, i will be back some other time, let me try the adding of records on koha as recommended by gmcharlt.
14:34 owen "Global symbol "$currency" requires explicit package name at /home/oleonard/kohaclone/admin/ line 48."
14:36 * gmcharlt redefines "third" to mean "fourth"
14:36 gmcharlt try again
14:36 owen Success
14:37 owen Yay new system prefs!
14:37 gmcharlt owen++ # you're one patient dude
14:38 jwagner Yay owen!
14:38 owen What am I supposed to do, storm off in a huff? :)
14:38 gmcharlt there would be precedent for that ;)
14:38 jwagner Some of us (cough cough) have been known to do that....
14:39 * chris_n throws xslt out the window
14:40 jwagner chris_n, I hope it was a high window!
14:40 owen :D
14:40 chris_n hehe
14:40 * jdavidb storms off in a huff, just for practice.
14:40 chris_n I figure there is either a bug in the style sheet or in XML::LibXSLT
14:41 chris_n but don't have time to a) learn xslt foo and b) debug Koha's xslt foo
14:41 schuster I usually just get a headache from banging my head on the monitor or desk - why won't this work why won't this work...  What am I doing wrong...
14:41 jwagner Which version, and what are you doing? (Still trying for the 505$t?)
14:42 chris_n jwagner: ver: HEAD
14:42 chris_n and still trying fro 505$t
14:42 chris_n the parsed xml record has the $t subfields formatted exactly as other subfields
14:43 chris_n but after the template is applied they magically disappear
14:43 * chris_n mistakenly thought that using xslt would be easier than modifying templates :-P
14:44 jwagner I dunno then -- haven't really looked at HEAD.  Is this for staff or OPAC side, incidentally?
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14:44 chris_n well, they do not disappear entirely, because the conditional evals true so the "Contents" tag is displayed, just not the subfield data
14:44 chris_n OPAC
14:45 chris_n but when turned on it appears to affect staff client as well
14:45 * chris_n wonders if it is safe to rebase now?
14:47 gmcharlt chris_n: the branch has stabilized for the moment - hdl_laptop will have some new_acq stuff for me to pull tomorrow, but other than that and bugfixes, HEAD is now 3.2-alpha-candidate
14:47 gmcharlt obviously, practice good Git hygiene and merge into a new branch first before trying to merge in your feature branches
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14:49 chris_n gmcharlt++
14:50 schuster OK so I have a question - if I have a database say 3.0.32(LL release numbers) can I take that database and  load it into 3.0.100?
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14:50 kf hi #koha
14:51 Colin gmcharlt: nice to see HEAD above water
14:51 gmcharlt schuster: if LL hasn't made too many changes in the 3.0.x series, it would be worth trying, but *only*, I repeat, *only*, in a test database
14:59 schuster have to get a good backup first!  ok thanks - yes test only!
14:59 owen Uh oh, no Amazon dev key system pref anymore?
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15:00 owen AWSPrivateKey
15:04 owen Or is it just not listed?
15:04 gmcharlt owen: likely just not listed
15:05 gmcharlt note that admin/systempreferences was *not* removed, so it provides a gateway to more advanced or less common config settings
15:05 owen But the old method for adding a new system pref doesn't work anymore, correct?
15:06 gmcharlt you can still add them, but they won't automatically show up in the new interface
15:11 chris_n gmcharlt: don't they show up under "Local Use" or has that changed?
15:14 gmcharlt chris_n: looking at it, it appears they should
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16:08 jwagner owen++ for lots of bug fixes/reports today
16:09 owen Cleaning house!
16:09 jwagner Can you come over to my place???
16:09 owen :P
16:16 owen Using single-serving git branches + careful bug reporting = much better patch tracking
16:18 slef the word for the day is nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh
16:18 slef :)
16:18 jwagner You're having one of those days too, huh?
16:19 slef that, only more so
16:19 slef one of our members is offlined by broken network kit
16:19 slef one of our clients is moving their servers and the first we knew was when our monitoring console lit up like a xmas tree
16:20 slef sure there's other stuff too but my mind is blotting it out to save me going nuts
16:21 jwagner Ouch.  Sounds painful :-(
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16:26 kf jwagner: hi jwagner, have a little time?
16:26 kf little bit of time? cant think or speak English today
16:26 jwagner sure, I just may not have much brain to go with it....
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16:44 owen gmcharlt: If I submitted a patch that doesn't seem to have made it into HEAD by now is it safe to say I should resumbit it?
16:44 gmcharlt no, just email me the link to it
16:46 owen The link to the Bugzilla page?
16:47 schuster can we have bug 3607 recatagorized from enhancement to an actual bug?
16:48 gmcharlt owen: that or the mail archive link
16:50 schuster I'm almost giddy over 3394...  Did that make it into 3.2?
16:50 gmcharlt @bug 3394
16:50 munin` gmcharlt: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3394 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, items batch edition
16:50 gmcharlt yes
16:51 chris_n @bug 3607
16:51 munin` chris_n: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3607 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Lost item returned credit to borrower - but can't resolve credit
16:52 schuster Just made my day...  can't wait to play and test it.
16:53 schuster Is there a way to safely clear logs that were turned on for circ/cataloging tracking?
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16:58 schuster I'm making a list of my favorite @ munin commands...
16:58 * jwagner wonders if there's a way to mingle git blame with munin commands....
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17:01 schuster @wunder 75074 - now Friday will be a whole different wunder.
17:01 munin` schuster: The current temperature in Brookview, Plano, Texas is 14.0�C (10:44 AM CST on January 27, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 45%. Dew Point: 2.0�C. Pressure: 29.53 in 999.9 hPa (Rising).
17:03 kf ColinC: the King's Fund library opac looks really nice :)
17:04 owen kf, what's the link?
17:04 kf
17:06 ColinC Yes. All their own work, we can't take any credit for it
17:06 jwagner Stylesheet changes?
17:07 kf I like the effect of the background pictues
17:07 ColinC Yes, bringing it in line with their other web pages
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17:08 jwagner I've putzed a little bit with some stylesheet changes through the syspref.  (background color of toolbar, etc.)Someday I'm going to have to learn how to do a major change.  If owen ever teaches a class, I'll be the first to sign up :-)
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17:09 ColinC if Owen teaches a class there will be a stampede to sign up
17:09 kf
17:09 owen It'd be fun to do a class that was a case-study on a particular customization job
17:09 kf thats our most customized opac so far
17:09 jwagner owen, I have some candidates :-)
17:10 jwagner kf, looks nice!
17:11 kf thx :)
17:12 magnus ColinC: lookin' good! what's the "advanced features" link at top right?
17:12 ColinC kf: It's a nice looking site
17:13 kf I tried, but some things are still missing (text and pictueres on start page)
17:13 kf yes, I wondered about the advanced features too :)
17:15 nengard Woo Hoo!! pianohacker's new sys prefs module is in HEAD!! I love it!!
17:15 nengard I have so much documenting to catch up with now that we have so many new commits
17:15 ColinC advanced features takes you to the user login page
17:16 ColinC they are looking to integrate some of their other searches there
17:16 magnus nengard: yours is a never ending task... :-)
17:16 nengard magnus - i know it sounds crazy - but i kind of like it that way - always something to do :)
17:17 magnus ColinC: i see, just curious...
17:17 magnus nengard: we like it that way to - it means koha is moving in the right direction: forward ;-)
17:18 ColinC I think they want to give their registered users access to some electronic resources
17:18 nengard the other thing i have to do now is test all of my bugs and close them
17:18 nengard everyone - remember to do that so that we don't have a bunch of open bugs that are actually fixed
17:18 magnus ColinC: that's an interesting thought
17:19 magnus ColinC: but would being logged in give access to the resources, or would it just display links to resources that are controlled by IP or something similar?
17:20 Ropuch `We're thinking about soemthing similar
17:20 Ropuch I mean: electronic resources for LAN & logged users outside it
17:21 ColinC It would give access. Possibly to a seach the xxx docs
17:21 magnus cool
17:22 jwagner Having some functionality built into Koha that can check for user login & display links/pages accordingly would be useful, and the bones are already there -- you don't see the Place Hold link until you log in, for instance.
17:23 jwagner It would be nice to define that for other elements.
17:23 kf ok, time to go home - bye koha and a nice morning/day/evening :)
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17:25 jwagner It would also be useful to have some kind of structure where sites could define what they wanted to appear on their masthead, for example, without customizing the file.  A list of entries with links, that the inc file could run through & display based on login status if desired.
17:25 magnus jwagner: any particular elements you are thinkng of?
17:26 jwagner Coming from the Unicorn world, we had the ability to define gateway elements, like predefined searches, links to home page, links to subscription databases, etc.  Depending on the settings in the gateway element, the link would show up without customizing the actual page file.
17:28 jwagner Right now in Koha, sites can put things in the OPACNav or block sysprefs, but they only show on the main page.  To get a link to show on every page requires customizing the file.
17:29 magnus ah, i get your point
17:29 jwagner Giving the individual library more control over the display, without the need to customize the code.
17:30 chris_n jwagner: how about a syspref to override the default masthead with a user-supplied one?
17:31 jwagner Maybe not all the masthead (no problem with keeping the search box, etc.) -- just a way to add links to it painlessly.
17:31 owen There is a system pref for specifying a custom include folder
17:31 owen intranet_includes
17:31 jwagner owen, how would that work?  Am clueless in that area :-)
17:32 owen I've never tested it myself, but as I understand it you specify a custom directory there, and any include file you put there overrides the default one
17:32 jwagner intranet_includes would be just staff client, correct?  No equivalent for OPAC?
17:32 jwagner Ah, kind of like the Unicorn pages_custom directory tree.
17:32 owen Oh yeah.. Hm.
17:33 * owen wonders what change the the intranet prompted that preference but not the same in the OPAC
17:34 jwagner Would need to check the code, but I've run into a couple of sysprefs that control both staff & OPAC.  Maybe this is one?
17:35 jwagner I might take a look at that, though.  I've customized the masthead for a couple of sites, which is going to cause problems with upgrades.  If I could copy off those custom versions & replace the default one, that would make life easier.
17:38 jwagner But I think I'll go have lunch first....
17:38 jwagner is now known as jwagner_lunch
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17:41 * owen concludes that the intranet_includes preference is a recipe for disaster
17:42 jwagner_lunch Why so?
17:45 owen I don't know how it's *supposed* to work, but trying it out resulted in *no* includes working correctly
17:53 hdl_laptop jwagner_lunch: owen we could also load custom js files to add custom links rather than changing templates.
17:54 chris_n so what is the difference between that and using the 'themes/opacthemes' preference?
18:06 owen is now known as owen-away
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18:17 jwagner_lunch is now known as jwagner
18:17 jwagner I've never tried the themes setting -- what does it do?
18:20 chris_n jwanger: basically you duplicate everything from, say, koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog to koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/foo
18:20 chris_n then 'foo' will show up in the select list for 'opacthemes'
18:21 chris_n where you can select it and that template set now applies
18:21 chris_n the same is true for staff 'themes'
18:24 jwagner Sounds complicated.  You have to duplicate everything, even if you only want to customize a few things?
18:25 chris_n it is the best way currently if you want to do things like mess with
18:25 chris_n of course you can run over git and simply deal with merge conflicts by hand when they occur
18:26 jwagner That's what we've been doing -- maintain a branch with the customizations & deal with merge conflicts as needed.
18:26 jwagner If there's a better way, I'm all ears :-)
18:34 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: chris_n I have some errors in kohastructure.sql owed to creator_batch
18:34 hdl_laptop ERROR 1064 (42000) at line 1027: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'USING BTREE, KEY `branch_fk_constraint` (`branch_code`), KEY `item_fk_constr' at line 9
18:34 nengard owen around?
18:35 magnus_ joined #koha
18:41 magnus left #koha
18:42 francharb joined #koha
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18:43 davi joined #koha
18:43 chris_n hdl_laptop: kohastructure.sql from HEAD loads fine here
18:43 hdl_laptop chris_n : which  mysql version ?
18:44 Ropuch I have some issues when upgrading from 3.00.5
18:44 hdl_laptop chris_n it is all about USING BTREE
18:44 hdl_laptop Ropuch: which ?
18:44 chris_n hdl_laptop: BTREE is not important here, you can remove it if that is the issue
18:45 chris_n mysql here is 5.1
18:45 hdl_laptop I can... But I think it SHOULD be remove since that causes issues with mysql5.0
18:45 hdl_laptop and i have seen no information about change in mysql version required for Koha.
18:47 chris_n I agree... it was an unintentional mistake due to the fact that I'm running over 5.1
18:48 hdl_laptop chris_n I FULLY understand.
18:49 chris_n I'm glad someone caught it
18:49 hdl_laptop and it is why 3.2 will be ALPHA released soon. and not officially released :D
18:49 hdl_laptop i am glad to have caught this.
18:49 * chris_n would like more people to beta the label and card creator :-)
18:50 * chris_n finds it interesting that XP Home has an administrator account with no default password
18:51 jwagner XP Home had security holes you could drive a Mack Truck through, if I remember correctly.  I run XP Pro with lots of other security on top.
18:51 jwagner (no, I have no plans to go to Windows 7 yet)
18:51 Ropuch hdl_laptop:
18:52 chris_n jwagner: this is on a student laptop... infected with various nasties.... I wonder why... ;-)
18:53 jwagner Gee, I dunno....  One of my lifelong (well, at least 20+ years) dreams has been to get Bill Gates in a damp, dark cellar and have a little chat with him.
18:53 hdl_laptop Ropuch you went to 3.2 and not 3.0.5
18:53 hdl_laptop hehe
18:54 hdl_laptop you should checkout branch 3.0.x and not master branch
18:55 Ropuch hdl_laptop: I as actually testing upgrading from 3.0.5 to master (if only budgets would upgrade without errors, i would switch to 3.2 in no time)
18:56 hdl_laptop you spoke about 3.0.5  not 3.2
18:56 Ropuch I said "when upgrading _from_ 3.00.5"
18:56 Ropuch Oh, nevermind, simple misurdenstanding [;
18:57 Ropuch *misunderstanding
18:58 hdl_laptop oh. those errors are quite understandable, since 3.2 got its own updatedatabase and there are duplicate fields
19:00 Ropuch I managed to get rid of duplicates & synatx errors, but other things are beyond my perl/sql understanding
19:01 Ropuch Gosh, another misspelled word
19:02 francharb1 joined #koha
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19:03 owen-away is now known as owen
19:04 schuster jwagner - what you and owen were discussing earlier about custom themes that is what we are doing here in plano with Elementary, Middle School, High School pac accounts
19:04 magnus_ i get the USING BTREE error doing a fresh install from head, on mysql 5.0.51a-24+lenny2
19:04 schuster - elementary - Middle School - Owen did most of the setup for the templates and we just tweak as we go.
19:05 rhcl joined #koha
19:07 jwagner schuster, so you have replicated the opac-tmpl tree for each one?
19:08 owen schuster's setup is called a "multi-opac" setup, and it's not done with alternate themes, only alternate CSS
19:09 jwagner Oh, yea, I think we talked about this once before.  That's easier to manage.  I'm trying to visualize how the themes setup would work with upgrades -- do you have to upgrade each tree manually?
19:09 chris_n magnus: you need to remove the USING BTREE directives from kohastructure.sql beginning about line 1027 or so
19:09 chris_n magnus_ too
19:09 owen Trying to maintain an alternate set of templates is a bitch. I've done, it; I don't recommend it.
19:10 magnus_ is now known as magnus
19:10 magnus thanks, chris_n
19:10 jwagner How did you do the little tabs across the top?  Separate .inc file & just add a call to it into the template?
19:11 owen jwagner: It's all done with the opacheader system pref, but the alternate stylesheets show and hide different sections of the header
19:11 chris_n magnus: I think hdl_laptop is formatting up a patch to remove those directives, so that should go away shortly
19:12 magnus chris_n: sounds like a good idea ;-)
19:12 jwagner owen, neat.  So all the code for the little tabs, plus the labels & links, all goes in the syspref?
19:12 jwagner That actually would be a good approach to what I was talking about earlier -- a site-defined list of links to appear on every page.
19:31 nengard left #koha
19:32 magnus i got rid of the BTREEs but now i get this: ERROR 1064 (42000) at line 1047: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'UNIQUE KEY `image_name_index` (`image_name`) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf' at line 6
19:32 magnus 44 tables have been created
19:32 francharb2 joined #koha
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19:35 chris_n magnus: the second schema load was on an empty database?
19:35 magnus yep, i droped the whole database and then recreated it
19:36 magnus dropped, even
19:37 chris_n check to be sure you still have a comma at the end of line 1051
19:38 chris_n ie. PRIMARY KEY (`image_id`),
19:39 magnus chris_n: i think that was it. you rock!
19:40 * chris_n breaths a sigh of relief :-)
19:41 richard joined #koha
19:47 magnus chris_n: yup, got all the way through the installer now, thanks for helping
19:47 francharb joined #koha
19:48 schuster Question on holds - is there an easy way to get the select a specific copy button set as the default rather than first available?  Or which template etc... would I have to edit to change that?
19:49 chris_n magnus: np, always glad to help (especially when the hangup is in my code) ;-)
19:50 magnus chris_n: and this time the error was mine - so you wasn't to blame at all... ;-)
19:52 thd chris_n: Is chris_n2 there?
19:53 chris_n heh, chris_n is present atm
19:54 thd chris_n: are you chris_n2 at home or in some other context?
19:54 chris_n at home
19:54 * chris_n thinks one should be able to log into the channel with the same nick from multiple locations
19:54 francharb left #koha
19:55 thd you could log in with the same nick from multiple locations if you logged in to one remote system from more than one location
19:56 thd One option would be to use an IRC proxy such as bip
19:56 chris_n as in vpn and remote desktop?
19:56 chris_n or?
19:57 magnus thinks chris does something like that
19:57 * chris_n betrays his lack of irc knowledge
19:57 thd I like bip myself
19:57 chris_n and bip is what sort of software/creature/foo?
19:58 thd Unfortunately, my ISP does not provide good remote access to my home system running bip without business level service.
19:58 thd bip is an IRC proxy
19:58 chris_n ahh... I'll have to take a look sometime
19:59 magnus ?
19:59 thd There is an older IRC proxy but it has not had much development recently
20:00 thd I adopted bip because the project does not seem to be stagnant
20:01 Ropuch Screen + irssi  is the best irc duet ever ;>
20:02 thd At one time, the Debian package was missing the helpful configuration script.
20:02 thd Ropuch: you can use irssi or any other client with bip
20:03 thd bip has much better logging facility than irsssi
20:07 jdavidb left #koha
20:14 chris_n is 500$a not repeatable by the loc standard?
20:15 gmcharlt use the source :)[…]oncise/bd500.html - 500 tag is repeatable, subfield $a within a 500 is not
20:15 chris_n ahh... so NR means "Not Repeatable"...
20:16 * chris_n was looking here:
20:16 gmcharlt yep
20:40 thd chris_n: repeat the field 500 instead of the subfield $a or find a better more purpose specific specific notes field instead of repeating the 500.
20:48 magnus left #koha
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20:53 Nate left #koha
21:07 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: patches on updatedatabase done
21:07 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: branch ready to pull?
21:07 hdl_laptop still need some testing
21:08 hdl_laptop I was some rebasing crap.
21:08 hdl_laptop I saw even.
21:27 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: seems that authorised_values link has been removed from master
21:28 nicomo joined #koha
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21:28 gmcharlt sigh - have you identified the offending commit?
21:33 owen left #koha
21:33 brendan joined #koha
21:33 hdl_laptop not yet
21:34 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: Can you confirm members/ and members/messaging is the same ?
21:36 collum left #koha
21:37 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: about authorised values, it was just moving the link
21:37 hdl_laptop not removing it
21:37 hdl_laptop so it is ok
21:37 gmcharlt members/ seems redundant, but you're the one who added it :)
21:39 schuster left #koha
21:40 nod re using same nick from different locations, using irssi in a screen session on a box somewhere works pretty well
21:49 brendan left #koha
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22:36 chris_n2_ is now known as chris_n2
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23:07 moodaepo @wunder 56001
23:07 munin` moodaepo: The current temperature in South on Monks, Mankato, Minnesota is -12.1�C (5:00 PM CST on January 27, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 78%. Dew Point: -15.0�C. Windchill: -21.0�C. Pressure: 30.11 in 1019.5 hPa (Rising). Wind Chill Advisory in effect from 9 PM this evening to 10 am CST Thursday...
23:12 chris_n2 @wunder 28334
23:12 munin` chris_n2: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 7.0�C (6:02 PM EST on January 27, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 46%. Dew Point: -4.0�C. Windchill: 7.0�C. Pressure: 30.27 in 1025 hPa (Rising).
23:12 chris_n2 looks like you'd better throw another log on the fire moodaepo
23:15 chris_n2 gmcharlt about?
23:16 moodaepo chris_n2: You betcha : )
23:16 moodaepo @wunder 93117
23:16 munin` moodaepo: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 15.8�C (3:12 PM PST on January 27, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 69%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 29.87 in 1011.4 hPa (Steady).
23:17 moodaepo Well it's nearly the usual...twice as worse as it's for brendan
23:18 * moodaepo goes off to brave the wicked winds.
23:20 * chris_n2 hopes moodaepo fares well
23:21 chris_n2 it seems that the 'Subject(s)' links are malformed
23:21 chris_n2 ie. http://kohadev.localhost/cgi-b[…]
23:22 BobB joined #koha
23:22 chris_n2 should be http://kohadev.localhost/cgi-b[…]
23:26 chobbs joined #koha
23:29 chris_n2 bbl
23:39 gmcharlt chris_n2: hi

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