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00:03 chris gah still down :(
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00:09 wajasu Got koha installed. Transformed legacy db to MARC21 format. When importing is there a way to get an item record (or holding?) to show up without manually adding an item?
00:09 chris if they are in the 952 tag in the marc
00:09 chris they will show up
00:10 chris if you are using
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00:11 chris heya nod
00:12 wajasu OK I'll look in there.  Thanks.  I've been using the staging import.
00:19 wajasu Since I am doing a initial library import, should I prefix my ISBNs with 978?  Or write/wait for a tool in koha that would do that (calculating the check digit etc)?  I'm using marcedit to get better biblio data.
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00:20 chris i think there is a tool to do that already
00:21 wajasu i'll look for it. thanks again.
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00:24 * chris_n2 adds a "quote of the day" feature to his opac and wonders if there might be some others interested in it
00:25 chris yeah, i could see people liking that
00:37 nod hi
00:42 chilts hello nod :)
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01:08 chris this makes me happy
01:10 chris this makes me sad[…]we-have-data.html
01:10 chris so it evens out
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01:18 chris_n2 so how do I get a properly formatted sql timestamp out of C4::Dates?
01:18 chris_n2 $date->output('sql') gives me something like: 20100125    201533
01:19 chris_n2 rather than 2010-01-25 19:54:06
01:22 chris iso
01:22 chris try $date->output('iso')
01:23 chris_n2 better, but can I get the time as well?
01:25 chris lemme check
01:25 * chris grumbles still no
01:26 chris_n2 so much for the cloud ;-)
01:26 chris nope
01:26 chris_n2 should we be able to produce a date with time?
01:26 chris ah i lie
01:26 chris_n2 normally I'd say that's bad
01:26 chris_n2 but given the circumstance
01:27 chris yeah, only with the sql format
01:27 chris_n2 so why when I do an 'update foo set timestamp = $date->('sql')' does the timestamp end up being 00-00-00 00:00:00?
01:28 chris is timestamp a column of type timestamp?
01:29 chris_n2 yup
01:29 chris you'll be fighting mysql then
01:30 chris mysql updates that column automagically
01:30 chris_n2 I can do this:
01:30 chris_n2 update foo set timestamp = '2010-01-25 19:54:06'
01:30 chris_n2 and all is well in the world
01:31 chris_n2 but is there another type that would be better suited to manually tracking the date of change
01:32 chris yes definitely
01:32 chris datetime
01:32 chris timestamp is some magical mysql thing, it changes everytime that row is changed
01:32 chris its great for a last modified type idea
01:33 chris_n2 I'll switch to datetime and see if that does what I want
01:33 chris_n2 tnx
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01:55 chris_n2 interesting, does not appear to produce a correct sql date time format
01:55 chris_n2[…]/en/datetime.html
01:59 chris maybe it follows the standard, not mysql?
02:00 chris actually extending the iso format to have iso_time
02:01 chris would be best, because iso 8601 is the actual standard
02:02 chris_n2 I'm sure in the long haul meeting the standard is what we want
02:03 chris_n2 I just cannot imagine how this is working atm... unless we don't have any datetime fields
02:03 chris_n2 surely we must be formatting dates in sql format somewhere, though
02:04 chris probably just storing it with iso .. there isnt much that actually cares about the time
02:09 chris_n2 actually ANSI SQL is the same as MYSQL's recommended format
02:09 chris_n2 YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
02:10 chris_n2 for some reason, adds additional space between the date and time
02:10 chris_n2 and omits the delimiters
02:14 chris yeah, you'd have to ask atz why
02:50 nod chris: i signed up to volunteer on the wiki btw
02:51 chris yay !!
02:51 chris thanks
02:51 nod im happy to be told, we need this done etc.
02:51 chris excellent
02:51 nod and i have a car
02:51 nod even tho i dislike them :)
02:52 chris :) that may come in handy
02:52 chilts nod: yeah, I dislike your car too, even though it came in handy on Saturday :)
02:53 nod heh
02:53 nod chilts: i can also obviousl do web stuff if required
02:54 chilts nod: it's Python ... but all contributions gratefully received
02:54 chris_n2 g'night #koha
02:54 chris cya chris_n2
04:46 masonj gak, the route from my box on telstra-wellington to is via L.A
05:05 wajasu OK to get items created I need 925 related fields.  What is the minimum?  925$a branchcode,  925$p barcode, 925$y koha item type?  I don't have barcode in my source librarymaster db.
05:39 wajasu i see wants the itemtag which may be defined by a link->marc_db entry
05:39 wajasu will try tomorrow, gnight
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06:38 chobbs Quick question - I have ~96K MARK records in my current ILS, and they imported cleanly into Koha (yay!). If I turn on BiblioAddsAuthorities, will Authorites be created using the Stage MARC for Importing?
06:39 chobbs Assuming I re-import, that is.
06:40 chris im pretty sure thats a no, but im not 100% sure
06:40 chris why dont you try importing 10 say
06:40 chris and see
06:40 chobbs Well, that makes sense :)
06:40 chobbs I
06:41 chobbs I'm not sure what format Koha wants for import of Authorities, and was hoping I could kill two birds with one stone so to speak :)
06:46 chris *nod* makes sense, cant hurt to give it a try with a small amount of records
06:46 chobbs Hmmm. Is there even a tool for importing authority records? And if not, would it be safe/wise/OK to muck about in the back-end DB? I don't even see a table that jumps out at me as being for authorities :/
06:47 chris yeah there is and
06:47 chris cli tools
06:47 chris in misc/migration_tools
06:48 chobbs beautiful, thank you!
06:50 * chobbs just notices that those files are mentioned in the readme... jeech
06:55 chris yeah, but who reads those :)
06:56 Ropuch Morning #koha
06:59 chobbs chris, Actually, i was following it pretty religiously to get koha up on my ubuntu.karmic server, but started playing instead of reading once I was able to log into admin :)
07:00 chobbs I actually did hte marc import into a virtualbox edition of koha, but am now building what will be the production server in my VMWare env.
07:01 chris sweet
07:01 chris whereabouts in the world are you? im guessing west coast usa?
07:01 chobbs Was frankly really surprised it was as easy as it was to export MARC from our existing ILS - yeah, California.
07:02 chris yeah some systems do it right ... the trick is pretty much always the circulation and borrower data
07:03 chobbs Borrower data we're already exporting from our student info system (we're a K-12), so that should be straightforward. Circulation will be the only potentially challenging bit.
07:03 chris cool
07:04 chobbs And the existing ILS has some reasonable capability for export of flat-files. So I'm hoping it won't be too painful to extract holding info.
07:05 chris ahh yeah if you can get it out, then a bit of munging and you'll get it in ok
07:06 chobbs Is there an item import util as well? Or wil be in the db for that?
07:07 chris ahh what you want to do, is get the item data into the 952 fields in marc
07:08 chris then will create items as you go
07:09 chobbs Hmmmm. Talking over my head a bit now :) But I'm willing to read up on it. Sounds like maybe I'd need to manipulate the exported MARC records to incorporate my item info? Then import it as a whole?
07:10 chris thats the ticket
07:10 chobbs good deal
07:11 chobbs unless I get ridiculously lucky and my existing ILS will do it for me, but I can't imagine they'd make it that easy to migrate away from them :)
07:11 chris :)
07:11 chris lots of people have done it using marcedit
07:12 chobbs you mean this?[…]it/html/index.php
07:13 chris yep
07:14 chobbs Alright, more reading :)
07:24 chobbs So 952 is a repeatable field in the MARC record, right? So if i had five copies of a title, I would have five 952 p$ entries, five 952 b$, etc., for that record?
07:24 chris exactly right
07:25 chobbs Do i need to distinguish between the five items in any way, or just load them sequentially?
07:25 chobbs ie:
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07:25 chobbs 952 p$ 1234 952 p$ 1235 952 p$ 1236 952 b$ ABC 952 b$ DEF 952 b$ GHI
07:26 chobbs would that put barcode 1234 at library ABC?
07:33 chris ah i think it has to be grouped
07:34 chobbs ahh, so 952 $p 1234 952 $b ABC 952 $p 1235 952 $b DEF and so on
07:35 chris yeah i think so
07:35 chris we need a librarian to check with :)
07:35 chobbs that gives me enough to start experimenting with then :)
07:35 chobbs lol, that's certainly not me!
07:35 chris i think they are all asleep, europe will be waking up soon though
07:36 chobbs I need to head off myself - one of thes e dys I'll connect at a reasonable hour :)
07:36 chobbs s/dys/days
07:36 chobbs too tired to type well :)
07:39 chris :)
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07:43 chobbs Thanks for the help Chris, I'm guessing I'll be back soon. Have a good night.
07:45 chris cya later
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07:58 Peach hi all
07:59 chris hi Peach
07:59 Peach short question about mysql update script please
08:00 Peach what's the difference between and and if our koha installation is already 3.00.01 and want to update to 3.00.04 for example which one do we run
08:08 chris neither
08:08 chris and you dont want to go to 3.0.4 you want to go 3.0.5 which is the latest stable
08:09 chris don't ask me why thats not linked to from the site, as my rant about liblime holding everyone hostage may offend :)
08:09 Peach i know just an example but you mean i don't need to run anything? the structure is the same?
08:09 chris you do the upgrade (are you running standard of dev install?)
08:09 thd-away is now known as thd
08:09 chris then the web installer will kick in
08:10 chris and take over updating the databsae for you
08:10 Peach nope this time i'm talking about a standard install sorry
08:10 chris right so get the new tarball
08:10 chris unpack
08:10 chris run perl Makefile.PL --prev-install-log /path/to/koha-install-log
08:11 chris koha-install-log will be somewhere in the old dir
08:11 chris make
08:11 chris make test
08:11 chris sudo make upgrade
08:11 Peach ah! i see. thanks a lot! :D
08:12 chris once that is done, when you go to the website it will redirect you to the upgrade bit
08:12 Peach :) now that's convenient. i used to think koha is a pain to install
08:13 chris theres lots worse ... but it certainly could be easier
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08:14 Peach alright i'll get back to work now. thanks a lot, chris!
08:17 chris no problem
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08:42 chris mark_osborne++
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10:30 chris http://theopensourceschool.blo[…]in-free-beer.html
10:34 * chris goes to bed
10:36 Ropuch Night chris
10:59 kf night chris
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11:39 pongtawat Hello Koha
11:41 pongtawat I have some question about Koha translation web, is anybody here could help me?
11:43 kf perhaps I can
11:43 pongtawat Thank you :)
11:43 kf I translate Koha to German
11:43 pongtawat I wonder how pootle process Contributors and Sumissions count?
11:43 kf chris (Chris Cormack) ist translation manager for more difficult questions
11:43 pongtawat My friend just upload a Thai translation for Intranet 3.0.x
11:44 kf and it hasnt set counts?
11:44 pongtawat But it didn't count her sumissions
11:44 pongtawat I think so.
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11:45 pongtawat Actually she is also the one who upload most initial translation for OPAC for 3.0.x.
11:45 kf hm I noticed that too, I think it only sets the counts when translating in web interface
11:45 kf but its not important for the translation
11:45 pongtawat That doesn't shown up as count too.
11:45 pongtawat Oh....
11:45 pongtawat But it is quite important for us.
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11:46 kf perhaps its best you ask chris about it
11:46 pongtawat Could you please tell me how can I reach him?
11:46 kf he is sleeping now - he is in new zealand
11:46 pongtawat Oh...
11:46 kf or write him an email on koha-translate
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11:47 pongtawat Thank you, I will try.
11:49 kf its only about the counts right? the translations got in?
11:49 pongtawat Yes, I think so.
11:49 kf ok :)
11:49 pongtawat It is now only 3696 words that need attention, not some 4x,xxx :)
11:50 pongtawat BTW, how do we prepare translation for 3.1 / 3.2?
11:50 pongtawat The messages translated in 3.0 are not automatically transfered to 3.1?
11:50 kf there will be an update and a call for translations once we get near release I think
11:51 kf they will, but there will be fuzzy strings you will need to check again and new strings
11:51 pongtawat I see.
11:51 pongtawat Thank you :)
11:52 kf you can look at German - I already have files for 3.2 (thx to chris :) ) because we have installations with 3.1
11:53 pongtawat Oh 100% translated!
11:53 pongtawat Great job!
11:53 pongtawat We will catch you :)
11:53 kf thx, but 3.0 was almost translated when I started
11:54 pongtawat It seems that contributors stat are not there for German too
12:00 kf uploaded fiels and old pootle version did not have those counts I think
12:01 kf fiels = files
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12:23 nengard is git seriously still down??
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12:52 gmcharlt nengard: alas, yes - but to be resurrected on github if this lasts much longer
12:52 nengard okey dokey
12:52 nengard If you do that - could someone include instructions on how we change our current branches so that we can get the info from github ... or is it just follow the instructions I got from hdl and put in the newsletter
12:55 gmcharlt nengard: I'll write something up - a variation of hdl's instructions will work fine if the github thing is just a temporary need, but we'll have to do something else if stays down for the count
12:55 nengard got it
12:55 nengard and thanks!!
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12:59 fallor hi all :)
13:01 kf gmcharlt: I support nengard, instructions for github would be great if its necessary to change
13:01 gmcharlt kf: I prefer to make people guess ;)
13:01 gmcharlt no seriously, I'll write somethingup
13:02 kf just wanted to say its a good idea and that I would be happy about it too :)
13:02 gmcharlt :)
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13:09 fallor where does this come from in OPAC: Helsinki&​n=&rft.series=&rft.genre=">
13:09 fallor strange...
13:10 fallor that's a place of publication, obviously, but what's with all the mess??
13:13 gmcharlt fallor: that stuff is COinS, i.e., an embedded OpenURL used for record linking and Zotero support
13:15 nengard i wanted to add an agenda item to the next community meeting - but it looks like the only one on the calendar is a community handoff meeting - do we not have a general meeting scheduled?
13:16 gmcharlt it's first wednesday if February
13:16 gmcharlt i.e., 2/2
13:16 nengard that's labeled as a community handoff meeting on the wiki
13:16 nengard not a general meeting
13:16 nengard[…]rc_meetings:start
13:17 chris_n g'morning
13:18 gmcharlt nengard: may have a schedule conflct then - at the Jan 13th meeting, I called the next general meeting at 11:00 UTC on 2/2
13:18 nengard yup - i saw that in the transcript - that's why I'm confused :)
13:18 gmcharlt probably should move it then - two meetings on one day is too much
13:18 gmcharlt and I think the community meeting got scheduled first
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13:21 chris_n gmcharlt: maybe 2/9?
13:21 gmcharlt makes sense
13:22 chris_n it seems we've been running them a week apart
13:25 chris_n shall I drop a note to the list concerning the change?
13:25 nengard yes please - do you want me to add it to the wiki?
13:25 gmcharlt please
13:26 chris_n sounds good
13:27 gmcharlt chris_n nengard anybody: can you confirm that you can clone
13:28 hdl_laptop hi all
13:28 owen joined #koha
13:28 Ropuch gmcharlt: Permission denied (publickey).
13:28 Ropuch fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
13:30 gmcharlt Ropuch: ah, right - please try git://
13:30 fallor gmcharlt: er... why does it show up like that in OPAC?
13:30 nengard[…]etingnotes10feb09
13:30 Ropuch gmcharlt: works for me
13:30 owen Hi all.
13:30 gmcharlt fallor: it may be a glitch in the template
13:30 chris_n gmcharlt: works fine here too
13:30 gmcharlt does that show up for every bib search?
13:31 * chris_n greets owen
13:31 jwagner Good morning all
13:31 kf hi jwagner
13:32 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: ok for me too
13:33 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: cool
13:33 gmcharlt send me your public key so that you can push to it
13:33 gmcharlt also, if you have a github account, let me know and I'll make you a repo collaborator
13:34 hdl_laptop I have one
13:34 hdl_laptop laurenthdl
13:34 tekonivel 0
13:34 nengard chris_n I made the meeting at 11 UTC becuase that was the time we had agreed on for the old meeting ... but you put 19 in the email .. which should it be?
13:34 fallor gmcharlt: it shows up in the search result list when the search is done with location
13:34 chris_n opps
13:34 chris_n I'll correct the email
13:35 fallor for example:[…]
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13:36 chris_n nengard: corrected
13:36 owen fallor: What version of Koha are you using?
13:36 gmcharlt I see what hte problem is - the search highlighting is inserting itself in the COinS - bug, shouldn't be doing that
13:37 fallor owen:
13:42 nengard woo hoo --  http://www.librarytechnology.o[…]  congrats BibLibre and Libriotech
13:44 Ropuch Nice
13:45 jwagner Congrats to BibLibre and Libriotech!
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13:46 * owen is trying to duplicate fallor's problem
13:47 * owen 's COinS info doesn't include like fallor's does
13:48 fallor well this system is a bit of a strange bird
13:48 fallor most of the data is imported from voyager
13:49 fallor which has been troublesome to say the very least ;P
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13:49 gmcharlt fallor: most likely, an upgrade to 3.0.5 would resolve the problem
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13:51 jwagner gmcharlt, I just had a very unpleasant flashback :-(  For quite a while with Unicorn problems, Sirsi's primary response was "an upgrade to the next version would solve the problem."  At least with Koha, the odds are that it really will :-)
13:51 fallor gmcharlt: will that be a lot of work?
13:51 gmcharlt fallor: no, should be simple unless you have lots of customizations to code or OPAC templates
13:51 fallor opac-templates have been customized a bit, so that'll be lost then? :(
13:52 gmcharlt jwagner: ain't that always the way of things :) in this case, though I'm pretty confident - the search highlighting was changed between 3.0.0.? and 3.0.5
13:52 gmcharlt fallor: actually, there is something else to try first - turn off the OpacHighlightedWords system preference
13:53 nengard gmcharlt bug 3589 talks about that
13:53 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3589 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, OpacHighlightedWords sys pref does nothing
13:53 fallor well, that seems to be off ?!
13:54 nengard owen patched it, but not sure if it's in the version you're all working on
13:54 fallor so how does it do hilighting anyway
13:54 fallor ah, ok :)
13:54 owen I don't think my patch is even in HEAD yet
13:54 fallor that does nothing indeed
13:54 gmcharlt right - the syspref in question should work in
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13:55 fallor well it doesn't
13:56 fallor also another thing: how can we get 110a to show up as "by"
13:57 fallor (i.e. as author)
13:58 fallor this is really important with music
14:00 jwagner fallor, do you have XSLT sysprefs turned on for OPAC?  (both results & display)?  The 110 will show as an author with XSLT on; not sure about it if XSLT is off.
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14:00 gmcharlt fallor: you wouldn't happening to be running 3.*01*.00.107?
14:02 fallor gmcharlt: well, not unless the about-box of koha is lying about it ;)
14:02 gmcharlt fallor: just checking :)
14:03 gmcharlt fallor: since you've customized the opac-templates already, a temporary fix would be to edit opac-results.tmpl and remove the COinS tagging
14:04 fallor jaiks! turning on XSLT does indeed seem to work, but clicking on any of the search results returns: production mode - trapped fatal error
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14:05 fallor well, it doesn't actually work then... :D
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14:06 fallor but 110a shows up correctly
14:06 fallor actually it fixed the coins problem too
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14:07 fallor now there is just this "fatal error" problem
14:07 jwagner It would fix the coins problem -- that seems to be a template error, and XSLT/non-XSLT use different screen files.  Why you're getting an error is a different problem :-)
14:07 fallor any ideas on that?
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14:09 jwagner The reason it's throwing the error is because there is no biblionumber attached to the title in the search.  Now why THAT is, I don't know.  But if you hover over a title in the results list, down at the bottom on the status line each title ends in ?biblionumber= with no number.  The system has to have the biblionumber to go to the item.
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14:11 nengard k - gotta run and teach a webinar - be back this afternoon
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14:14 fallor it says biblionumber=
14:15 fallor it's blank
14:16 fallor it used to work when XSLT pref was off, what broke it now
14:16 jwagner That's the problem -- it should say biblionumber=12345 or whatever.  I don't know why it's not picking them up.  Anyone else?  Would a zebra rebuild help?
14:16 fallor we're no using zebra on this config at all
14:16 hdl_laptop jwagner: no, could be an xslt issue
14:17 hdl_laptop maybe biblionumber is not taken for the correct tag/subfield
14:17 fallor hdl: how do i check that?
14:17 jwagner OK, I'm out of my depth then with no-zebra.  Is this a Unimarc system?
14:17 fallor nope, it's marc21
14:18 fallor (albeit a bit modified version of marc21 to accomodate old finmarc/marc21-fin records)
14:18 fallor (we used to have two national formats before)
14:19 fallor (which was insane to begin with, but that's beside the point ;))
14:22 fallor PROBLEM WITH RECORD at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 65., referer:[…]
14:23 fallor Can't "next" outside a loop block at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 65., referer:[…]
14:23 fallor that's in log
14:24 fallor biblionumber seems to be linked to 090c
14:24 fallor (in marc links)
14:27 fallor in liblime demo-system it seems to be 999c
14:27 jwagner No, the biblionumber is the internal database key number -- it links the biblio record to the other tables.  It might also be stored in the MARC, but the system is trying to read the key from the table.
14:28 fallor out system doesn't even have 999c
14:30 gmcharlt fallor: the bibliomnumber gets copied to the MARC record - the specific tag and subfield is specified in the MARC framework
14:31 gmcharlt fallor: can you paste/link to the MARC view of one of your bibs?
14:32 fallor no, unfortunately not, because all I get is this production mode trapped fatal error in OPAC
14:33 fallor i can copy/paste it somewere of course
14:33 fallor actually i'll just switch the xslt thingys off for a while
14:33 fallor that's probably more simple
14:35 fallor[…]l?biblionumber=23
14:35 fallor here's one
14:35 fallor 090 fields don't show up in it because they're hidden of course
14:35 fallor but biblio.biblionumber is in 090c, like i said
14:39 fallor[…]
14:40 fallor maybe this is more useful
14:51 hdl_laptop you have to tweak XSLT so that it recognizes biblionumber is in 090$c.... Or recreate the database with correct configuration file
14:52 hdl_laptop at the beginning of your XSLT for detail, you probably make use of 999 and not 090$c
14:52 fallor hdl: how do i do that?
14:53 hdl_laptop edit the koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/en/xsl​t/MARC21*(Results|Details).xsl
14:53 fallor ok, let' see...
14:54 hdl_laptop search for tag="999"> <subfield code='9'>
14:54 hdl_laptop And change tag subfieldcode to the correct values 090$c
14:55 fallor ok, done
14:56 fallor do i need to do something more?
14:56 chobbs left #koha
14:56 fallor no, i don't
14:56 hdl_laptop have you done that for both results and Details ?
14:56 fallor nope
14:56 hdl_laptop ou should then
14:56 fallor i did that for results
14:56 hdl_laptop ;)
14:56 fallor so for details also
14:57 hdl_laptop ok check your results then
14:57 hdl_laptop to see if it works now
14:58 hbank left #koha
14:58 hdl_laptop fallor: looks fine now
14:58 fallor seems to work now :)
14:58 fallor yep
14:58 hdl_laptop you can browse
14:58 hdl_laptop ok. Same action for Details and commit
14:59 fallor did that already, so it should be fine now
14:59 fallor thanks :)
15:07 wajasu joined #koha
15:31 Colin left #koha
15:35 wizzyrea fallor: as an aside, I wouldn't base anything that koha does on the LibLime demo version. It's totally different.
15:42 francharb joined #koha
15:42 francharb left #koha
15:50 wizzyrea boo no cait
15:50 wizzyrea I have kind of a strange issue, possibly SIP related
15:51 wizzyrea so we have a library using self checkout and checkin chutes. They are RFID.
15:51 wizzyrea in this library only, we occasionally get items that have dual reported statuses, checked out and availab
15:51 wizzyrea le
15:53 wizzyrea it's obviously a staus sync issue, but where is it coming from
15:53 wizzyrea ?
15:55 wizzyrea thought: could it be network related... we are connecting to SIP over the internet, could a hiccup in the network result in an incomplete SIP transaction?
15:55 wizzyrea thus causing the sync issue that gives us dual statuses?
15:56 * wizzyrea is feeling lonely
15:59 owen Hi wizzyrea
15:59 * owen doesn't know SIP from a sippy cup
15:59 wizzyrea it's ok :)
16:00 wizzyrea owen, do you think that I should do a separate widget for koha logins or roll it into the one I have already done?
16:00 wizzyrea (to put login boxes onto WP blogs)
16:01 wizzyrea i'm thinking either the one-stop koha widget (one widget to rule them all) or a separate widget for koha search and login
16:01 wizzyrea maybe I'm not being clear
16:02 owen I guess I'd probably do a separate one
16:02 owen They're separate on our site:
16:02 wizzyrea so drag/drop koha search, drag/drop koha login
16:02 wizzyrea I suppose that's more flexible. I'll do that.
16:02 wizzyrea wordpress widgets are fun >.>
16:12 * jdavidb waves at wizzyrea, so she won't feel lonely.
16:12 wizzyrea :D hai
16:13 wizzyrea I do sometimes like to think about problems "out loud"
16:13 wizzyrea I have my best revelations that way
16:15 jwagner wizzyrea, Colin's done a lot of work on SIP and RFID for us.  He doesn't seem to be online right now -- check with him when he reappears.
16:15 jwagner Your problem sounds suspiciously familiar.
16:18 wizzyrea jwagner: thanks, I will ask him
16:18 wizzyrea there aren't all that many SIP users out there, sadly
16:19 wizzyrea anybody know what happened to the project?
16:19 jwagner We're still fighting one bug with the SIP/RFID setup, but he's got a lot of fixes already.
16:20 gmcharlt wizzyrea: openncip is essentially the SIP2 support for Koha and Evergreen
16:20 gmcharlt it doesn't actually implement NCIP, though despite the name
16:20 gmcharlt at present, Koha's SIP2 support is essentially a fork of OpenNCIP
16:21 wizzyrea sweet, I love truth in advertising
16:21 gmcharlt which we'd like to get merged back in
16:21 gmcharlt time permitting, etc.
16:21 wizzyrea right
16:21 wizzyrea and that site is owned/maintained by LL
16:21 wizzyrea so do we know where that stands?
16:22 gmcharlt presumably would be transferred to PTFS
16:22 gmcharlt the code itself is hosted on sourceforge
16:23 gmcharlt and dfjiander has been the primary person work on it over the years
16:23 wizzyrea so NCIP is not technically supported in koha yet?
16:23 wizzyrea or is that a wrong reading
16:23 gmcharlt NCIP isn't supported by Koha
16:24 wizzyrea okies, something to work towards then :)
16:25 gmcharlt do you have a specific need for NCIP support, out of curiosity/
16:25 wizzyrea not yet, but people are asking about it on the LL users list, there's quite a bit of confusion
16:25 wizzyrea acronym phobia
16:26 owen Ohio libraries (although not NPL in particular) could use NCIP support to interface with the statewide resource sharing system
16:26 wizzyrea yes, kansas the same
16:26 wizzyrea and texas
16:26 wizzyrea in kansas you can use either sip2 or NCIP
16:26 wizzyrea currently we are using SIP2
16:27 wizzyrea to interface with the AutoGraphics resource sharing system
16:27 wizzyrea AGENT
16:27 gmcharlt is there a union catalog sitting on top of that AGENT system?
16:36 wizzyrea I believe so
16:36 schuster joined #koha
16:37 wizzyrea aww, schuster, you just missed our enlightening discussion of sip2 and NCIP
16:38 owen " Use of uninitialized value in string eq at /home/oleonard/kohaclone/opac/ line 469"
16:38 owen Does that mean the variable being compared by the 'eq' is uninitialized?
16:41 Colin joined #koha
16:43 wizzyrea hi colin
16:43 Kivutar left #koha
16:44 kf wizzyrea: there aren't all that many SIP users out there, sadly < dont forget our small library :)
16:44 wizzyrea i remembered you :D
16:45 wizzyrea but was looking for cait lol
16:45 wizzyrea i always forget
16:45 kf ;)
16:45 wizzyrea sneaky lady ;)
16:46 wizzyrea do you ever get dual statuses, kf?
16:46 jdavidb owen:  that's what it or other of the elements is uninitialized.
16:46 kf dual statuses? sorry, just started reading back
16:46 wizzyrea right, where an item is both checked out and available
16:46 nengard joined #koha
16:47 jdavidb owen:  for expressions of the form ($foo eq $bar), it's a pain, since you have to figure out *which*.
16:47 wizzyrea an example of the type of problem this causes: the holds queue looks at one status, the OPAC display looks at a different one
16:47 wizzyrea so you could have a checked out item appearing on a hold queue list
16:47 kf I saw that once
16:47 owen First put the book in a box with a radioactive isotope, then build an interface to Koha that circulates based on the decay of that isotope.
16:48 kf but I think it was not the self checks fault
16:48 Colin Hi (belatedly)
16:48 wizzyrea the only thing common to our incidences of this happening is that all of the items went through our self-check library
16:48 kf can I search for this items in my database?
16:48 wizzyrea usually through the chute
16:49 wizzyrea the check-in chute, I should say
16:49 wizzyrea the only thing that fixes it is to return and re-issue the item
16:49 kf ok, so perhaps it was the self check. I saw it once while testing, never saw it again and was nt able to reproduce it. But I think jwagner also experienced this phenomenon (not sure, but I did talk to somebody else about it)
16:50 wizzyrea A birdie told me that maybe colin was working on it?
16:50 chris_n owen: what version?
16:50 Colin wizzyrea I've seen it
16:50 * jwagner chirps
16:50 wizzyrea Colin: is there a bug for it in bugzilla?
16:50 * chris_n 's line 469 is blank
16:50 * wizzyrea thinks to add one if not
16:51 kf hm, I think a sql report to look for items with two statuses would be good to check
16:51 chris_n definitely uninitialized :-)
16:51 wizzyrea yes, it would
16:51 kf not sure I can produce one
16:51 wizzyrea there are two places that the status is kept right, marcxml and ...
16:51 Colin No, because I'm not sure how reproduceable it is
16:51 kf items
16:51 wizzyrea Ah
16:52 owen chris_n: I'm working off of biblibre/3.2_community
16:52 wizzyrea so you could find all items that had statuses that didn't match in marcxml and items
16:52 kf there is a boolean field, something like onloan
16:52 kf must be xml then
16:52 kf items cant have 2 statuses
16:52 chris_n owen: try changing 'if ($params->{'offset'} eq '') {' to 'if (($params->{'offset'}) && ($params->{'offset'} eq '')) {'
16:53 kf sql report on xml *shudders*
16:53 wizzyrea
16:53 owen chris_n: Actually I think the check for eq '' is incorrect. Earlier in the script the variable $offset is initialized like this: my $offset = $params->{'offset'} || 0;
16:53 chris_n or even just 'if ($params->{'offset'}) {' in this case (I think)
16:53 wizzyrea this is what it looks like, 3rd in the list
16:54 wizzyrea that showed up on a pick list this morning
16:54 owen chris_n: line 329
16:54 chris_n owen: 'if (!$params->{'offset'}) {' rather
16:54 wizzyrea sec, redoing that snap
16:54 chris_n right, so ^^ should work
16:54 chris_n opps
16:55 chris_n oh bother
16:55 kf yes, thats what I saw
16:55 wizzyrea
16:55 chris_n 'if ($params->{'offset'} == 0)  {'
16:55 * chris_n uncrosses his eyes now
16:56 kf hm
16:56 kf mom afk
16:56 wizzyrea basehor is the selfcheck library
16:56 owen chris_n: ...assuming the check should be on $params->{'offset'} and not $offset... :|
16:57 Colin If you could open a bug for it, I'm not sure its a purely sip related thing
16:58 wizzyrea <3 I will do that
16:58 chris_n owen: also need to change about  line 490 as well
16:58 wizzyrea and I'm glad to hear you say that, since now I can tell my people something
16:58 wizzyrea instead of "iunno"
16:59 chris_n owen: I'm guessing we want the offset passed in at this point
16:59 schuster wizzyrea - just read it in the history log.  I have that automatically open for the current day so I can catch up!  Not very enlightening.
17:00 Colin My suspicion is there is something that can go wrong in return. Sip is a bit of a victim because it just wants to
17:00 wizzyrea colin: I had thought maybe a network hiccup/incomplete transaction
17:01 Colin return they book  oj or not. The actual return code takes a long and wandering walk
17:01 wizzyrea in which case there's probably not much to be done about it
17:02 Colin There's always something to do, but the more examples we see the better at this stage
17:02 wizzyrea what kind of stuff helps, screenshot wise?
17:02 wizzyrea the kind of thing I did or item pages or...
17:03 wizzyrea I'm not on site at the SIP library, sadly
17:04 Colin What you did plus what the item should show..(are holds or transits involved)
17:04 wizzyrea cool, can do
17:05 kf wizzyrea++ # for catching evil return bugs :)
17:06 wizzyrea colin, I'm going to assign this bug to you, pm me your email addy?
17:06 wizzyrea if that's ok with you
17:07 Colin
17:07 wizzyrea kf: I have observant and anal librarians catching this stuff. I just report/think about it
17:10 wizzyrea colin: thx :)
17:14 wizzyrea bug 4063
17:15 Colin thanks...damn this means testing
17:15 wizzyrea sorry, I'll see what I can do to get more info
17:17 jdavidb wizzyrea: language construct check--are the anal and observant librarians the *same* persons?
17:17 wizzyrea acl mccune src
17:17 wizzyrea acl mccune src
17:17 wizzyrea acl mccune src
17:17 wizzyrea acl mccune src
17:17 wizzyrea acl mccune src
17:17 wizzyrea acl mccune src
17:17 wizzyrea acl mccune src
17:17 wizzyrea acl mccune src
17:17 wizzyrea lol, not necessarliy
17:17 wizzyrea oh my
17:17 wizzyrea that did not work
17:17 wizzyrea sorry >.<
17:18 wizzyrea now we know that mccune is in some range in kansas. whee.
17:18 jdavidb hee hee
17:20 kf wizzyrea: thinking of a comment - I dont even know which version our installation wa sback then :(
17:21 ColinC joined #koha
17:21 schuster speaking of checkins...
17:22 schuster I had an irate librarian call me this morning...  She ran overdues and found 8 items that had been checked in on the shelves as still checked out.  I still think there is a problem with cki
17:23 owen schuster: chris has said he believes that to be so, hasn't he?
17:23 schuster I think maybe the transactions are not completing when the system gets slow and you scan the next item so you see the title on the screen but the transaction didn't complete.
17:23 schuster Yes - I've put in a note for development with my support company, but there is a lot in flux right now.
17:24 schuster Wonder if that may be influencing some of the SIP issues?
17:25 ColinC That's my suspicion.
17:25 schuster So - I have an idea for some community development and wanting comments.  I'm going to build an RFC on the wiki and also maybe contact the Evergreen folks for comment using their tool and see what we come up with.
17:26 schuster - I talked with our perl programmer today and we are going to tweak it some to make it more user friendly and want to tweak it for best use in the long run so may do some screen shots etc...
17:26 Colin left #koha
17:27 ColinC is now known as Colin
17:30 schuster hmmm where to put an RFC since 3.2 is almost complete, 3.4 is down the road and this doesn't change anything in DB structure???
17:32 owen 3.4 development starts really soon schuster, it's not too far down the road for your RFC
17:32 schuster Yeah that's what I was thinking - I'd build the page and then people can comment on it and if it needs to be moved it can be. ;)
17:33 brendan left #koha
17:34 owen Has anyone heard any explanation for why is down? I might be sympathetic if I knew someone was working on it.
17:35 laurence left #koha
17:37 gmcharlt owen: nothing yet
17:38 * owen grumps
17:38 gmcharlt github substitute is ready to go if need be
17:39 chris im partial to gitorious, even though the github developers bought me beer during LCA :)
17:40 chris but either works
17:40 wizzyrea chris, hi
17:40 chris hi wizzyrea
17:41 * chris has some kinda weird flu, with aching ears ... its not pleasant
17:42 * jwagner sends chris some chicken soup
17:43 schuster Shares 5 year olds anibiotics with chris... ;)
17:44 chris heh
17:44 * kf sends nana mint tea (my current favourite :) )
17:45 kf we all want you to get better
17:45 gmcharlt chris: github/gitorious will hopefully just be a temporary thing
17:45 * wizzyrea sends Chris the roasted duck soup from the Thai place up the street... you'll feel better straight away.
17:46 kf :)
17:46 wizzyrea it's what I always get... the garlic and ginger don't hurt either.
17:46 chris gmcharlt: yep, either is fine in that case
17:47 kf ok, time to stop working and go home - bye all :)
17:47 kf left #koha
17:48 brendan joined #koha
17:50 paul_p left #koha
17:52 owen Anyone have opinions about Bug 4061?
17:52 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4061 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Improve OPAC maintenance screen
17:53 chobbs joined #koha
17:53 gmcharlt owen: looks good to me
17:53 jwagner owen, sounds like a good idea
17:53 wizzyrea yea, 2nd
17:53 wizzyrea with the header
17:54 * chobbs is happy. My current ILS exports MARC records with item data intacts - just need to convert from 949 to 952 :-)
17:55 jwagner chobbs, that's not trivial, but it's MUCH better than the alternative :-)
17:55 chobbs That's what I figured!
17:55 jwagner is now known as jwagner_lunch
17:55 Colin owen
17:56 Colin owen: that was a looks good (plus finger trouble)
17:57 gmcharlt owen: finally got an update - seems to have sufferred a hardware failure; ticket has been opened at the colo
17:57 wizzyrea colin: I bet you could reproduce this issue if you put heavy load on your dev server and tried to return with SIP
17:58 wizzyrea colin: the SIP dual status issue, that is
17:58 wizzyrea it's certainly not every return
18:00 saorge_ joined #koha
18:00 Colin wizzyrea: do you think it occurs more often at busy times?
18:01 wizzyrea It's one of the only explanations I can think of that makes it truly intermittent
18:01 wizzyrea we are on a shared hosted system, I have no clue what the load looks like on our server at any given point :(
18:01 wizzyrea but we have lately seen some slowness issues
18:02 wizzyrea plus, you have schuster reporting something kind of similar with web checkins, and his is definitely during busy times, if I understand correctly
18:04 saorge left #koha
18:05 schuster We are self hosted, and the majority of our checkins happen between 7:30 and 9 am then the checkouts the rest of the day.  We are not having issues with checkout though.
18:06 wizzyrea yea, your problem, and mine, are both with check in
18:08 chris back to bed i go
18:14 sekjal joined #koha
18:20 schuster take care of yourself!!
18:20 Colin bye all
18:20 Colin left #koha
18:27 jwagner_lunch is now known as jwagner
18:30 jwagner Too late to catch Colin, but he already knows -- our problems are also with checkin, and during busy times.
18:32 jwagner The site having problems does checkins via the RFID selfcheck (faster than staff doing it through the Koha interface).
18:33 wajasu left #koha
18:34 wizzyrea cool, I added that detail to the bug
19:24 francharb joined #koha
19:24 francharb left #koha
19:33 richard joined #koha
19:33 richard hi
19:34 * chris_n finds hard coded paths in C4::XSLT
19:34 chris_n naughty, naughty
19:36 owen You could always blame the folks who added non-en XSLT support ;)
19:37 chris_n I'd have to blame the folks who added the opacthemes feature ;-)
19:42 wizzyrea ohh snap
19:45 chris_n so why is the C4::XSLT looking for non-existent xml templates in the staff client?
19:45 chris_n ie. intranet-tmpl/prog/en/xslt/M​ARC21slim2intranetDetail.xsl
19:45 owen It's a bug with an existing patch I think
19:46 gmcharlt is back up
19:46 owen Bug 3921
19:46 * chris_n cheers
19:46 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3921 major, P5, ---,, NEW, XSLTdetailDisplay throws error in staff client
19:47 chris_n tnx owen
19:48 owen frederic sent a patch on 2009-12-14 but it didn't get attached to the bug report
19:49 * owen wonders what the fate of that patch was
19:51 * jdavidb looks for dead kittens.
19:52 owen Talk about something you don't want to succeed at!
19:52 jdavidb b'zacly!
19:53 chris_n it does not appear to be in the biblibre community branch
19:53 jdavidb left #koha
19:53 chris_n jdavidb must have went off hunting
19:54 gmcharlt chris_n owen: now in head
19:54 chris_n cool
19:55 jwagner chris_n, so long as he's not hunting for ME....
19:55 chris_n hehe
19:56 wizzyrea koha login widget for WordPress
19:57 wizzyrea I'm contemplating adding a "search my branch only" functionality to the search one, but I'm not sure I can get the branches out of koha automagically
19:58 wizzyrea I'd like to keep it as simple as possible
19:59 owen wizzyrea: Maybe we should add a simple script to Koha which would output branches+branchcodes as XML
19:59 wizzyrea that would be super sweet
19:59 * owen looks around for the magic button for that
19:59 gmcharlt wizzyrea: something in /svc ideally, to go along with the other web services
19:59 wizzyrea hehe
20:00 owen And one for itemtypes, and one for collection codes. And one for ponies.
20:00 jwagner owen, when you find that magic button, let me know.  I have lots of other uses for it too.
20:00 wizzyrea i mean, I really want the widget to only require the OPAC url for configuration purposes
20:01 wizzyrea I think that's information that anybody can get
20:01 gmcharlt actually, a read-only web service to just dump rows from various tables as JSON or XML could be done quickly
20:01 owen ...says the man with the biggest fullest plate of any of us.
20:01 owen Speaking of magic buttons:
20:02 gmcharlt owen: just trying to give you and Liz ideas on how to do it ;)
20:02 cait joined #koha
20:02 jwagner One wish, and he wasted it on that???
20:02 wizzyrea it's a good idea
20:03 jwagner Whatever happened to, oh, world peace, or teleportation as a form of mass transit, or being able to eat endless amounts of chocolate without gaining weight???
20:04 * wizzyrea requires examples, can anybody point to an available script that does something similar?
20:04 brendan left #koha
20:04 wizzyrea (i'm a do it learner)
20:04 gmcharlt wizzyrea: take a look at /svc/bib_profile
20:05 wizzyrea (shameless stealing learner, more accurately)
20:05 wizzyrea gmcharlt: thanks
20:07 brendan joined #koha
20:08 wizzyrea XML::Simple is what outputs the XML?
20:09 gmcharlt yes
20:11 wizzyrea ohh, ty this *is* a good example
20:12 magnus joined #koha
20:13 wajasu joined #koha
20:13 chilts wizzyrea: good artists copy, great artists steal :)
20:13 chilts apparently
20:15 * chris_n holds his breath and invokes the web installer
20:15 chris_n and it works.... at least for now :-)
20:16 cait hi #koha :)
20:17 schuster need an sql to count the number of 856 tags I have in the MARC record anyone?
20:17 wizzyrea heya cait
20:18 nengard left #koha
20:18 cait hi wizzyrea :)
20:31 thd is now known as thd-away
20:45 CGI351 joined #koha
20:46 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: about?
20:47 CGI351 Hello i'm having trouble uploading marc records to Koha the library was using ISIS and now wants to use Koha, do you have any ideas so that we can import those records?
20:50 cait Normalservice  lieferbar  bis Ende März
20:50 cait oh sorry, wrong window :)
20:51 wizzyrea man I hate it when that happens
20:51 cait oh yes
20:51 wizzyrea 351, I'm not familiar with ISIS, sorry
20:52 cait *sigh* but this time its just: normal service - delivery until end of march - at least nothing really embarassing
20:52 CGI351 how did you imported MARC to KOHA?
20:52 owen CGI351: Were you able to export MARC data from ISIS?
20:52 wizzyrea we had a talented team of migration specialists who we paid to massage the data into place
20:53 jwagner left #koha
20:55 CGI351 no, we are trying to use MarcEdit to change them to MARC
20:55 owen CGI351: What version of Koha?
20:56 CGI351 3.0
20:58 owen CGI351: Once you've created a valid MARC file using MarcEdit you can import it using the "Stage MARC Records for Import" tool
20:58 owen[…]l_en/ch02s08.html
20:59 CGI351 I tought I had done that but when I import the file there are no items attached to it
20:59 owen Are you sure there are items in your MARC file?
21:00 CGI351 yes I think so
21:01 CGI351 hen i opned the file in marcedit the items are there
21:01 chris_n schuster: this might get you started: SELECT count(*) FROM biblioitems WHERE (ExtractValue(biblioitems.marcxml, '//datafield[@tag="952"]/subfield[@code]'));
21:02 schuster Incorrect file format 'proc'
21:03 schuster OK thanks for the starter  - I'll try and read through that to build something useful.
21:06 owen schuster: That query worked on my test system, but it was really slow. FYI.
21:06 magnus left #koha
21:07 chris_n owen: I imagine so if you have many bibs
21:07 schuster owen did you change from 952 to 856? or???
21:07 gmcharlt owen: now that HEAD is synced up, and will remain so, please patch against head now
21:07 chris_n how long did it take to execute, for curiosity
21:08 schuster hmmm interesting that it works on yours and not mine.
21:08 owen gmcharlt: Thanks for the update gmcharlt, will do.
21:08 chris_n gmcharlt++ # HEAD is synced up
21:08 wizzyrea gmcharlt++
21:08 cait gmcharlt++
21:08 owen chris_n: 23.44 seconds to return a count of 13233 out of 13397 total lines in biblioitems.
21:08 chris_n schuster: I'm not 100% sure that the numbers returned are accurate at this point either
21:09 chris_n owen: does that number match the number of items you have?
21:09 * wizzyrea wonders if we are going to kill now :)
21:09 owen chris_n: No
21:10 chris_n I did't think so
21:10 schuster playing with launchpad -
21:10 chris_n mine doesn't either
21:10 CGI351 left #koha
21:11 wizzyrea what's with the sudden interest in Launchpad?
21:11 wizzyrea I think I must have missed something over the weekend...
21:13 wizzyrea anything to worry about here?
21:13 wizzyrea
21:18 schuster Evergreen doesn't have a bug tool or a tool to talk about enhancements...  There was discussion that bugzilla wasn't very friendly dealing with enhancements so I was just playing...
21:19 wizzyrea do you mean koha?
21:19 wizzyrea ah, you must have been talking with vtl then
21:20 wizzyrea I asked about it ages ago, people don't like it b/c it's not free/open enough
21:20 owen wizzyrea: See Lori Ayre's email to the koha list on 2009-01-21
21:20 wizzyrea Ah
21:23 wizzyrea yikes, I was way behind on the list
21:23 owen Yeah wizzyrea you might be 3 or 4 wheel-reinventions behind by now ;)
21:23 wizzyrea haha
21:24 wizzyrea I was too busy reinventing my own wheels I guess
21:24 schuster she's into widgets...
21:24 * wizzyrea does have a bit of a love affair with WordPress going on right now, I hope you'll understand
21:25 cait :D
21:25 schuster We are soooo into making Koha more friendly - that some of the developer/enhancement tools maybe need some TLC...???  You may know how to make the page jump but I can barely get the text in!
21:26 schuster Not wanting to start anything just commenting.
21:26 cait schuster: tlc?
21:26 schuster Tender Loving Care
21:26 schuster ie improvement
21:26 cait thx :)
21:27 owen schuster: Do you mean making Koha itself more friendly, or Koha development more friendly?
21:27 chris the interesting part of that thread is the reply from dbs
21:28 chris who says umm ... EG is already doing something
21:29 owen Reinvented wheels for all!
21:29 chris gotta spend the grant someway
21:30 collum left #koha
21:30 wizzyrea true enough
21:30 wizzyrea wb chris
21:30 chris thanks
21:30 chris typical we get gorgeous weather, too hot, when i have a fever
21:31 schuster both...  - Yes I see Evergreen is doing something with it - just trying to explore options...wb?
21:31 schuster both owen...
21:31 owen wb = "Welcome Back"
21:33 owen ghsyat
21:33 owen ( = Going Home, See You All Tomorrow)
21:34 chris :)
21:34 owen left #koha
21:35 schuster AS you can see my texting ability lacks...
21:35 wizzyrea or you're not terribly lazy, like me.
21:39 sekjal when my acquisitions staff place an order for a second copy of an existing material, the budget gets hit twice, once for new copy and once for the old copy at the new copy's price.
21:39 sekjal has anyone run into this kinda stuff before?
21:39 sekjal (running
21:55 sekjal left #koha
22:08 schuster left #koha
22:42 brendan @wunder 93117
22:42 munin` brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 12.1�C (2:37 PM PST on January 26, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011.1 hPa (Rising).
22:42 cait @wunder Konstanz
22:42 munin` cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is -5.0�C (11:00 PM CET on January 26, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: -8.0�C. Pressure: 30.54 in 1034 hPa (Falling).
22:43 wizzyrea @wunder 66047
22:43 cait brrr
22:43 munin` wizzyrea: The current temperature in Lawrence Live-Courtesy of the Khoury's, Lawrence, Kansas is 2.4�C (4:40 PM CST on January 26, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: -4.0�C. Windchill: 2.0�C. Pressure: 30.17 in 1021.6 hPa (Rising).
22:43 wizzyrea ooh, above 0!
22:47 brendan @quote random
22:47 munin` brendan: Quote #14: "joetho: I only looked for missing ccodes- not dysfunctional orphans." (added by wizzyrea at 04:31 PM, July 09, 2009)
22:48 brendan wizzyrea I beat you have added the most quotes
22:48 wizzyrea hehe
22:48 wizzyrea yea well
22:48 wizzyrea[…]ha-search-widget/
22:48 wizzyrea I made a wp widget so there
22:48 brendan sorry bet not beat (I would never - so embarrassed)
22:48 wizzyrea I haven't been authenticated with munin in a while
22:49 brendan yeah I just read back through them
22:49 wizzyrea lol
22:49 wizzyrea i bet there are some funny ones
22:49 wizzyrea @quote random
22:49 munin` wizzyrea: Quote #45: "<CGI988> sekjal - you are a genious!!!!! asking me about the browser!!!! yes it's the #$%$#%$#ing IE was messing my cataloguing, oh I hate miscrosoft, the evil!" (added by gmcharlt at 02:00 PM, November 05, 2009)
22:49 wizzyrea Ahh, I remember that day
22:49 brendan the evil !
22:49 wizzyrea he was like "It's koha!" and we're like, "It's your browser!!"
22:49 wizzyrea ./facepalm
22:50 wizzyrea @quote random
22:50 munin` wizzyrea: Quote #7: "Snow_Fox: a rift opens in space the information is shuffled to dev_hyperspace rift then closes" (added by wizzyrea at 11:28 AM, June 18, 2009)
22:50 wizzyrea ah I miss that guy, he was funny
22:51 brendan heh
22:51 brendan @quote random
22:51 munin` brendan: Quote #18: "<pianohacker> nitpicking synergy FTW" (added by gmcharlt at 01:35 PM, July 24, 2009)
22:51 wizzyrea hehehe
22:51 wizzyrea it's like taking a tour through all of our favorite funny days
22:51 brendan wonder who has @quote more gmcharlt or wizzyrea
22:51 wizzyrea @quote random
22:51 munin` wizzyrea: Quote #19: "<chris> i just want to yell things like don't kick the ball, pass it and Feed the backs" (added by jdavidb at 08:11 AM, July 27, 2009)
22:52 brendan heh - that's a good one
22:52 wizzyrea @quote get 21
22:52 munin` wizzyrea: Quote #21: "<owen> I think we need more quotes!" (added by jdavidb at 12:18 PM, August 06, 2009)
22:52 wizzyrea @quote get 23
22:52 munin` wizzyrea: Quote #23: "<gmcharlt> /msg munin register nick password" (added by wizzyrea_ at 12:25 PM, August 06, 2009)
22:52 wizzyrea smrt
22:53 wizzyrea erg, it thinks I'm registered but I guess I'm not identified
22:53 wizzyrea so it won't let me do stuff
22:54 brendan bummer
22:56 cait time to sleep here - good night all :)
22:56 brendan night cait
22:57 cait left #koha
23:00 wizzyrea gnite cait
23:01 CGI303 joined #koha
23:01 CGI303 left #koha
23:08 bebbi joined #koha
23:08 richard is now known as rich-away
23:10 bebbi left #koha
23:31 davi left #koha
23:43 davi joined #koha
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23:58 davi joined #koha

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