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05:36 Amit heya brendan
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06:06 greenmang0 hello #koha
06:07 greenmang0 is there any logging system in koha which will show user activity logs
06:07 greenmang0 ??
06:49 jack idk
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06:58 jack anybody here?
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07:33 chris evening
07:34 Ropuch Morning
07:34 Ropuch ;>
07:34 chris greenmang0: the short answer is yes, the long answer involves asking you what type of user and what type of activities
07:38 chris[…]_open_source?pp=1
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07:42 chris hi magnus
07:42 magnus hiya chris
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07:42 chris hows norway? :)
07:43 magnus cold and white
07:44 magnus and slowly, slowly waking up to the fact that there is now a FOSS alternative in the ILS marketplace... :-)
07:45 chris hehe
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07:53 Ropuch hehe
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08:54 greenmang0 chris: what i am looking for is... when a particular user logs in he/she searches catalogue... adds books to his / her list... and what not... i want to track all these activities...
08:55 greenmang0 chris:  tracking user activities on per user basis
08:55 chris no we dont track opac users
08:56 chris apart from the apache users log
08:56 greenmang0 chris: so at the end i can check what kind of books are searched, popular books and all
08:56 chris that would have to be an opt-in option
09:00 greenmang0 chris: okkk
09:05 nahuel slef, hi
09:06 greenmang0 hdl_laptop: hello :)
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09:07 hdl_laptop greenmang0: you could add a tool such as awstats for that
09:11 greenmang0 hdl_laptop: oh.. awstat looks aw3s0m3
09:12 greenmang0 hdl_laptop: i will give it a try :)
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10:11 Genji hiya all, it seems all my stuff is utf8 set... db, apache, perl, and linux itself... but i get utf8 "\xD9" does not map to Unicode at /usr/lib/perl/5.10/ line 162. anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
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11:47 Amit heya Genji
11:47 Amit check your paraser.ini
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12:21 IrmaCalyx Hi all
12:22 IrmaCalyx "Introduction to Free Software" free t/book 2 download� - Well written - Comprehensive - Easy 2 read!
12:23 IrmaCalyx g'night (11:20pm in Sydney)
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12:46 nengard IrmaCalyx that link isn't working for me ...
12:47 nengard the correct link is:
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13:27 owen-away Hello #koha
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13:27 * owen ditches last week's leftover status
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13:41 nengard hello owen
13:41 owen Hi nengard. I got your email about labeling commits to biblibre-community.
13:42 owen I had to wait til I got back to work to find the answer because I didn't have it in my brain.
13:47 nengard hehe - no prob at all
13:50 owen Dang, now I can't find it in my bash history. I think my VM got forcibly restarted by Windows
13:51 Genji amit: check my parser?
13:52 Genji ParserDetails.ini is set to Xml;;sax.
13:52 owen Here it is nengard, add " --subject-prefix=biblibre/3.2_community" to your git format-patch command
13:52 Genji it only errors while searching.
13:53 nengard thanks owen
13:53 owen down?
13:55 jdavidb appears to be down, owen.
13:56 * owen can only hope it's because it and gmcharlt are having some quality time together
13:56 * jdavidb chuckles
13:57 hdl_laptop nengard: owen you could add aliases.
13:58 hdl_laptop
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14:18 hdl_laptop @seen pianohacker
14:18 munin` hdl_laptop: pianohacker was last seen in #koha 1 week, 3 days, 16 hours, 39 minutes, and 21 seconds ago: <pianohacker> hi wizzyrea_with_awesome_son
14:18 hdl_laptop oh....
14:19 Genji how do i hide a marc field from view in opac marcdetails?
14:19 owen hdl_laptop: I think pianohacker uses too many variations of his nick for that to be accurate
14:19 hdl_laptop @seen pianohacker|work
14:19 munin` hdl_laptop: Error: 'pianohacker|work' is not a valid nick.  That nick is too long for this server.
14:20 hdl_laptop @seen "pianohacker|work"
14:20 munin` hdl_laptop: Error: 'pianohacker|work' is not a valid nick.  That nick is too long for this server.
14:20 hdl_laptop munin`: damned
14:20 munin` hdl_laptop: Error: "damned" is not a valid command.
14:22 jdavidb @seen pianohackr|work
14:22 munin` jdavidb: pianohackr|work was last seen in #koha 1 day, 20 hours, 22 minutes, and 37 seconds ago: <pianohackr|work> Yes, those do work. At least some of them have automatic expiration, almost all of them have an ad-infested interface, and many require registration, but they _do_ work
14:22 * jdavidb wiggles his eyebrows.
14:24 Genji anyone know how hide a field in marc view in opac?
14:25 hdl_laptop have you tried the admin with hidden value at mode than 1
14:25 hdl_laptop ?
14:25 Genji hmm? no?
14:25 Genji where do i change this?
14:26 owen Genji: That's in MARC Frameworks -> Marc Subfield Structure -> subfields constraints
14:26 hdl_laptop yep
14:26 owen You'll have to click the "show more constraints" link to display it. Check the help for that screen for details on how the numeric hidden values work
14:31 chris_n hi everyone
14:33 owen Hi chris_n, thanks for the clearfix link
14:33 owen I'll have to check my "stock" version
14:34 chris_n yeah, I was searching around for more info on the clearfix stuff and came across that one
14:34 * chris_n has been in a crash course on web creation this past week or so :-P
14:36 schuster web creation - what are you creating chris_n?
14:36 schuster I thought Al Gore did that!  hahaha...
14:37 schuster Anyone play with in the /misc/cronjobs folder?
14:38 owen Not yet schuster, I was saving that for our next family game night.
14:39 chris_n lol schuster :-)
14:39 schuster ooo... owen - I want to be the red race car PLEEEAAASEE...
14:39 * chris_n makes plans to attend
14:40 schuster hmmm might take that pl to a perl programmer I know and see what he can tell me... hmmmm....
14:41 Genji i set the marc 21 url field to 6.. !opac..and its still showing.
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14:46 Genji everyone elses dns went down?
14:47 Genji i can't access any international sites it appears.
14:47 nahuel all is working well :)
14:47 Genji eh. guess xnet's international gateway went down.
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14:49 chris_n magnus: I have a z3950 server exposed on tcp on my windows install of 3.2
14:49 chris_n and it seems that I used the stock line in the koha-conf.xml
14:49 * chris_n tries to look
14:50 magnus chris_n: tha'ts weird, i alwayd get a 404 if i just remove the comments
14:50 magnus always, even
14:51 owen Genji: I get the same result. The hidden value doesn't seem to be working the way I would expect it to
14:52 Genji owen; looks like i have to go hash massaging, to delete the url?
14:52 nengard when you all resolve this - let me know so I can update the documentation accordingly
14:52 pastebot "chris_n" at pasted "koha-conf.xml for Win32 Koha 3.2 and z3950 on tcp" (196 lines) at
14:52 chris_n magnus: ^^
14:53 chris_n I'm not sure what other issues might be involved on doing tcp on a *nix box, however
14:53 magnus hm , you have the comments in place:
14:53 magnus <!-- <listen id="publicserver" >tcp:@:9999</listen> -->
14:53 chris_n no, these two lines are what do it:
14:53 chris_n <listen id="biblioserver" >tcp:localhost:9998/bibliosocket</listen>
14:54 chris_n <listen id="authorityserver" >tcp:localhost:9999/authoritysocket</listen>
14:54 chris_n but I assume that they would do it for a public server if I changed the id to "publicserver"
14:54 magnus a ha, so you run the *biblioserver* on tcp, hm that's probably one solution then
14:55 chris_n right, I have to on Win32 as it does not support sockets
14:55 magnus i see
14:55 magnus but it says "can run all servers on tcp, but the unix socket is faster" at the top, so i thought it better to run on a socket when possible...
14:56 chris_n I think that is true
15:05 chris_n magnus: I think the silver bullet here is the info after the port: 9998/bibliosocket
15:05 chris_n it looks like you were missing that in the line in your post to the list
15:05 chris_n 9999/bibliosocket, even
15:06 chris_n and I think the '@' need to be an address, but I may be wrong
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15:22 Topic for #koha is now Next Community meeting 2nd Feb 2010 at 1900 UTC
15:23 collum mbreeding just posted 2nd "Library going to Koha" announcement of the day
15:24 nengard anyone having trouble with
15:24 chris_n magnus: sorry, you are right, you do have to have another config section for the third server
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15:27 magnus chris_n: yeah, that's what i thought... ;-) thanks for having a look
15:28 magnus nengard: yep
15:28 nengard k
15:28 nengard good to know i'm not alone
15:29 owen Should we report the outage to Clay?
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15:32 schuster gmcharlt first maybe as he was going to do that merge and make the beta 3.2 available today???
15:33 gmcharlt schuster: trying to - suggest talking with cfouts first
15:33 gmcharlt re
15:34 schuster ok there we have it....  so who want to contact Clay?
15:35 gmcharlt schuster: I have
15:37 schuster gmcharlt is always sooo good to us...
15:37 schuster gmcharlt ++
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15:41 owen hdl_laptop: intranet-tmpl/prog/*/modules/help/bull/ is obsolete isn't it?
15:42 magnus nengard++ # for what looks to be turning into an awesome manual
15:42 hdl_laptop should be serials at least
15:43 hdl_laptop But maybe it should be deleted
15:43 owen There are help files in help/serials
15:44 nengard thanks magnus
15:44 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: I agree, it's likely completely out of date by now
15:44 nengard working on adding the cc license to it now
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15:58 nengard i missed something - are the serials help files okay?
15:58 nengard I think i updated them recently
15:59 owen nengard: There are some obsolete templates from when serials help files were in a "bull" directory.
15:59 moodaepo @wunder 56001
15:59 munin` moodaepo: The current temperature in South on Monks, Mankato, Minnesota is -6.9�C (9:55 AM CST on January 25, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 91%. Dew Point: -8.0�C. Windchill: -16.0�C. Pressure: 29.33 in 993.1 hPa (Rising). Blizzard Warning in effect until midnight CST tonight...
16:04 nengard who do we contact to get up and running again?
16:05 gmcharlt nengard: I've emailed cfouts
16:05 owen nengard: gmcharlt contacted cfouts already
16:05 nengard thanks gmcharlt and owen
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18:03 wizzyrea I did something good: a wordpress widget that lets you easily add a koha search box to your blog/site
18:04 wizzyrea I'll make it public soon (like, later today or tomorrow)
18:04 wizzyrea here's what it looks like on the front end:
18:05 sekjal wizzyrea++.  Neat!  I'll probably pick that up for my personal site once I get it going again
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18:07 owen Neat wizzyrea!
18:07 nengard woo hoo
18:08 owen wizzyrea: And I like your definition of "soon"
18:10 hdl_laptop @later tell kivutar nice wordpress widget
18:10 munin` hdl_laptop: The operation succeeded.
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18:14 chris two
18:15 chris hmm early in the mornig
18:15 chris lots of good koha news though :)
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18:19 CGI399 hello. can anyone tell me how to install koha virtual appliance i have the download
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18:28 Nate Hi everybody!
18:29 nengard does anyone know what bug 4060 is about? what course reserve system?
18:29 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4060 critical, P1, ---,, NEW, System does not calculate fine.
18:31 sekjal nengard:  must be a LEK thing
18:31 nengard sekjal - off to mark the bug as invalid then
18:34 cait joined #koha
18:34 cait hi #koha
18:35 hdl_laptop hi cait
18:36 gmcharlt nengard: have you been seeing very many LEK bugs?
18:36 nengard gmcharlt - that's the first I came across
18:36 nengard let me rephrase - that is the first I knew was LEK related -- there may be others that are less obvious still waiting to be reviewed
18:45 gmcharlt of course - can't ask you to tell me what you don't know that you don't know :)
18:53 chris there was another
18:53 chris i marked invalid too
18:54 Ropuch Good evening #koha
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18:55 chris[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4001
18:55 munin` Bug 4001: normal, P3, ---,, RESOLVED INVALID, Please Confirm Checkout challenge does not check in book
18:56 chris ok bus time, back to work after a week of conference and a long weekend .. this is gonna hurt
18:56 chris :)
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19:06 owen Wait...LEK has bugs?
19:06 * jdavidb chuckles.
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19:09 pianohacker mornin'
19:09 pianohacker Is 3.2 development at the moment happening on biblibre_community?
19:10 owen Hi pianohacker. That's what I was told.
19:10 gmcharlt pianohacker: biblibre_community will be the primary source for the big-ol-merge
19:10 pianohacker cool
19:10 gmcharlt especially since is out of commission at the moment
19:11 owen biblibre++ # for 3.2_community and keeping me productive today
19:11 pianohacker hrm, that it is. Thanks owen, gmcharlt
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19:27 nengard hi pianohacker - long time no see
19:27 pianohacker hi, nengard
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19:31 seneca anyone know what "control number identifier" is used for?
19:32 cait which field is that?
19:32 seneca it's in the marc records...
19:32 cait code for the organization whose control number is contained in field 001
19:33 cait I may be wrong, but I think 001 is the control number and 003 is its source - for our data something like DE-576
19:35 cait[…]/lite/lbd003.html
19:36 seneca OK - As we are just moving to koha from another system, we've imported our entire database
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19:37 seneca in our imported records, the data for "control number identifier is KToSCC
19:37 seneca no one here knows what that references ;)
19:38 seneca I'm wondering if the data in that field matters as far as consistency goes
19:38 owen seneca: Googling "KToSCC" is interesting
19:38 cait Sagebrush Corporation, Cataloging Department
19:38 cait[…]ns/org-search.php :)
19:39 seneca Koha wants now to auto fill that field with our new branchcode (OhDaMVS) but will having records with two "control number identifiers" break anything?
19:39 owen Looks like it's automatically inserted by Athena
19:39 seneca that makes sense, owen, since the old system was sagebrush/winnebago/spectrum
19:39 cait hm I hope not, I think we have both in our database
19:40 owen OhDaMVS = Miami Valley School, Dayton OH ?
19:40 seneca you got it ;)
19:40 cait koha branch and union catalog codes
19:40 seneca so it probably doesn't matter - that's cool
19:40 seneca we'll be able to tell what was imported and what was added new into Koha
19:41 owen Wow that MARC code list says my library's Org Code was created in 1975. Cool!
19:42 seneca thanks for the help, everyone
19:42 seneca I'm starting to really love the Koha community!
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19:46 cait I think we all do :)
19:46 seneca FLOSS ftw
19:49 seneca Anyone know where Koha keeps the "control number identifier" data that it auto-adds when filling out new marc records?
19:50 seneca Nevermind, found it
19:50 chris left #koha
19:51 seneca As I was testing the auto-fill out, I realized the auto-fill had a typo in it. :)
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20:18 owen Man, the staff client's hold request template is a maze.
20:19 pianohacker <shiver> yes...
20:20 * owen thought he might try to sort out Bug 2918, now he's not so sure
20:20 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2918 major, P3, ---,, NEW, No Place Hold Button if AllowHoldPolicyOverride OFF
20:20 wizzyrea
20:25 owen Yay wizzyrea
20:26 wizzyrea :) I said soon.
20:27 seneca yeah, nice!
20:29 pianohacker bye, all
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20:29 nengard wizzyrea are you going to put that up on wordpress too? is there a place for wordpress widgets on the official site?
20:30 wizzyrea nengard: I was contemplating that
20:30 nengard it would be great - for those who are silly and don't know that NEKLS does awesome things :)
20:30 wizzyrea it's basically just a plugin, so I suppose it could go on the WP site
20:31 wizzyrea we had people copy/pasting code snippets into text boxes, this will be much easier
20:32 nengard it rocks!!!
20:32 wizzyrea ^.^
20:34 nengard also - on a side note - KLOW has some good press coming in my new book
20:38 wizzyrea yay!
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21:47 russ chris :[…]on2010:volunteers
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21:53 chris ta russ
21:57 chris still down?
21:59 cait good night :)
21:59 chris night
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22:21 gmcharlt chris: afraid so
22:24 * chris_n2 is glad for clones
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23:05 moodaepo @wunderr 56001
23:05 munin` moodaepo: Error: "wunderr" is not a valid command.
23:05 moodaepo @wunder 56001
23:05 munin` moodaepo: The current temperature in South on Monks, Mankato, Minnesota is -10.9�C (5:00 PM CST on January 25, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 90%. Dew Point: -12.0�C. Windchill: -22.0�C. Pressure: 29.48 in 998.2 hPa (Rising). Blizzard Warning in effect until midnight CST tonight...
23:05 wizzyrea @wunder 66044
23:05 munin` wizzyrea: The current temperature in Channel 6 Downtown, Lawrence, Kansas is -0.5�C (5:03 PM CST on January 25, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 57%. Dew Point: -8.0�C. Windchill: -6.0�C. Pressure: 29.87 in 1011.4 hPa (Rising).
23:05 wizzyrea ooh rising
23:05 moodaepo Kansas++
23:05 moodaepo Minnesota--
23:06 wizzyrea Awww
23:06 wizzyrea but the wind chill is owie cold
23:06 wizzyrea not as cold as yours, but still
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23:06 moodaepo Yup it's all in the wind
23:07 moodaepo Well time to head home 'very slowly'.
23:07 wizzyrea good luck, stay safe
23:21 * chris_n2 will take any snow that others do not want ;-)
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23:30 Nate goodnight #koha
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23:57 chris apropos the perceptions thread on the mailing list
23:57 chris[…]-not-science.html

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