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00:09 Steven joined #koha
00:10 Steven hi anyone there?
00:10 Steven i need some help
00:17 nod Steven: dont worry about asking to ask, just ask :)
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00:18 nod you may not get an answer right away but ask it anyway
00:18 IrmaCalyx hi Steven - welcome to #Koha
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00:19 IrmaCalyx You need some help?
00:22 Steven yaya
00:23 Steven can anybody tell come the script cant run for koha2.2.9?
00:23 Steven
00:23 Steven i cant generate the overdue fine for my library
00:27 Steven or is it the script cant run under koha 2.2.9....?
00:35 IrmaCalyx I remember that the fines in 2.2.9 were buggy
00:38 IrmaCalyx Might you be able to upgrade to Koha 3.0?
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00:55 owen Looks like something went wrong with the first two lines of
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02:37 ebegin hi #koha!
02:38 richard hi ebegin
02:38 richard looks like telstraclear have got their act together ..... maybe
02:38 pianohacker joined #koha
02:38 ebegin Still having some problem with the irc server...?
02:39 ebegin Hey pianohacker.  What's up? :)
02:39 richard not so much the server as the isp
02:40 ebegin richard, oups... that's bad
02:40 richard well, they are having problems with a router, apparently
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02:46 Steven do u all have the debug version of for koha 2.0?
02:46 Steven 2.9 sorry
02:47 chris im afraid no one uses 2.2.9 anymore im afraid Steven  .. no one here anyway
02:48 chris maybe the koha-win32 list would be a good place to ask
02:50 richard
02:51 richard actually, might be better
02:51 chris thanks richard, beat me looking them up
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03:05 chris_n g'night
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03:26 brendan hi amit
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03:30 SelfishMan wow, finally reconnected
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03:34 IrmaCalyx Hi
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04:11 ebegin Hi Amit! ;)
04:12 Amit he ebegin
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04:17 * brendan loves it when something finally makes sense
04:34 braedon hmm, anyone know what could cause OPAC to not display any subjects for some(most) books, when they will display in staff client?
04:35 braedon latest git 3.0.x, (was doing it in 3.0.5 also)
04:47 brendan hmmm  do you have XSLT on?
04:48 masonj yeah, thats prolly it...
04:48 masonj XSLT in the opac, no XSLT in staff
04:49 braedon na, XSLT is off
04:49 braedon subjects show in OPAC when XSLT is on
04:49 masonj screenshot?
04:50 masonj in screen?
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04:50 masonj or screen?
04:53 masonj your subject info lives in 600-699 fields, in your bibs?
04:53 braedon yip, subject info is in 650s
04:53 braedon in
04:53 braedon well, sit works in
04:53 braedon not in
04:54 braedon s/sit/it/
04:54 braedon uploading screen somewhere, just a sec
04:56 braedon
04:56 braedon[…]1/5095/staffl.png
05:01 braedon hmm, 6pm
05:01 braedon should have gone home an hour ago
05:02 braedon if anyone has any ideas on the aforementioned issue, i will be back on in half an hour or so
05:03 * braedon waves goodbye to #koha
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05:32 ebegin I'm looking for a reason why my LOST status is not saved... any idea?  I'm using Zebra
05:35 braedon have you checked database values vs authorised values for LOST inkohaadmin?
05:36 braedon s/inkohaadmin/in koha staff interface/
05:37 ebegin Yeah, I checked that.
05:37 ebegin I just found why...
05:38 ebegin Koha doesn't like ALPHA values for LOST
05:38 ebegin I change that for numeric value (0, 1, 2, ...) and it now works like a charm...
05:38 braedon ahh, interesting
05:39 * braedon files that away for later troubleshooting
05:42 ebegin I used the previous system LOST values which was IN, PE, ...
05:42 ebegin Which represents the first letter of LOST word in french INTROUVABLE (Not Found), PERDU (Lost) and so on...
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06:15 pianohacker ebegin: Koha does a lot of numeric comparisons with itemlost; it might even be a numeric field in the db
06:18 ebegin I think that the problem was more related to zebra having a accepting only numeric value.  It's good to know.  I looked a while before figuring it out... :\
06:19 ebegin good night all... it's 1:15am overhere and I have a meeting at 6am... grrrr ;)
06:23 pianohacker good luck and good night
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06:31 pianohacker vokal++ # For sharing development
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06:45 Ropuch Morning #koha
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07:00 braedon evening Ropuch
07:01 brendan night #koha
07:02 pianohacker good evenin'
07:02 Ropuch Hi brendan
07:02 Ropuch Hello pianohacker
07:02 pianohacker Hi Ropuch
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08:33 kf good morning
08:33 chris hi kf
08:34 kf hi chris
08:34 kf feeling better?
08:34 SelfishMan Why does Katipo hate my freedom?
08:36 kf @wunder Konstanz
08:37 kf oh, someone is missing here
08:37 nahuel SelfishMan, why do you say that ?
08:37 SelfishMan I have about 26 hours worth of reconnect attempts to the IRC servers
08:38 SelfishMan I should say that the log only shows the last 26 hours or so
08:38 nahuel hehe I think there is nothing against you
08:38 SelfishMan THEY HATE ME I KNOW IT
08:38 SelfishMan :-P
08:39 nahuel any proofs ?
08:40 braedon logs == proofs
08:40 nahuel ahah not in France
08:41 nahuel you can falsify proofs
08:41 nahuel hmm
08:41 nahuel logs
08:42 braedon ...
08:42 braedon hopefully chocolate
08:42 chris SelfishMan: its not katipo
08:42 chris its one of the big ISP's in nz
08:42 SelfishMan chris: seriously?
08:42 SelfishMan ah
08:42 nahuel chris, what about openbgp ? :)
08:43 chris that has a router that explodes
08:43 chris hopefully they have fixed it for good now
08:43 SelfishMan I even tried tunneling through multiple countries with no luck
08:43 chris its been up and down all day, but us nzers have all been fine
08:43 chris yeah it wont help if the upstream isp cant route your packets
08:44 SelfishMan meh, routing is overrated
08:44 chris underrated is the problem
08:44 chris underrated and badly done lots of the time
08:44 chris not enough peering
08:45 SelfishMan number of peers (assuming there are multiple peers) are usually less of an issue than the cost of a non-preferred route
08:46 chris well if the router between you and your upstream isp goes down
08:47 chris you are pretty much screwed
08:47 SelfishMan I think I'll just blame Cogent
08:47 chris its only due to the fact that katipo connect to their isp through the WIX
08:48 chris that let the rest of us still get to it
08:48 chris since routes to it and advertised on wix
08:49 chris s/and/are/
10:01 si irc still down off site then?
10:02 si if it's still munted tomorrow we might take matters into our own hands
10:02 si and move the irc server to a different block
10:03 chris seems alright now
10:03 chris since about 9pm
10:04 chris @wunder wellington, nz
10:05 chris hmm munin didnt come back, but it looks like the rest of the world did
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11:02 amadan1 joined #koha
11:02 amadan1 Hi Folks.
11:03 amadan1 What is the most stable version of koha that can be put on production?
11:03 nahuel 3.0.5
11:04 amadan1 Has any one put 3.05 on production yet?
11:04 nahuel all our clients :)
11:05 amadan1 which OS if i may ask
11:11 amadan1 Basically. I'm running debian lenny and looking for a production friendly koha version to run for my university
11:16 nahuel Debian is the better
11:16 nahuel :)
11:19 Ropuch Actually ubuntu and all its forks shuold be ok
11:19 Ropuch s/shuold/should
11:19 Ropuch I have production od debian, but before i push any changes/upgrades I'm tesing it locally on Linux Mint / Ubuntu
11:26 amadan1 so would you recommend 3.01, or 3.04
11:26 Ropuch I would recommend 3.05
11:26 Ropuch :)
11:26 chris_n @wunder 28334
11:27 * chris_n pokes munin and says "Wake up!"
11:27 Ropuch ;>
11:27 Ropuch Hi chris_n
11:27 chris_n heya Ropuch
11:30 amadan1 very well then will try it and then set it up in production
11:34 nahuel it's 3.0.5 not 3.05
11:36 amadan1 as in 3.00.05 or 3.0.5?
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12:52 jwagner @wunder 20817
12:52 jwagner No munun???
12:53 kf no munin :(
12:53 jwagner At least the channel is back....
13:01 munin joined #koha
13:01 gmcharlt @quote random
13:01 munin gmcharlt: Quote #9: "pianohacker ponders drumstick->ear as a method of food acquisition...We haven't gone to this good mexican restaurant in a while..." (added by wizzyrea at 04:23 PM, June 19, 2009)
13:02 gmcharlt munin was alive, but apparently gave up trying to reconnect  - I've kicked it
13:02 munin gmcharlt: Error: "was" is not a valid command.
13:02 gmcharlt quiet, you
13:02 paul_p hello world
13:03 pmlozeau joined #koha
13:03 imp @wunder hannover germany
13:03 munin imp: The current temperature in Hannover, Germany is 0.0�C (1:00 PM CET on January 29, 2010). Conditions: Snow. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 0.0�C. Pressure: 29.04 in 983 hPa (Falling).
13:05 jwagner Yay!  munin is back!!!
13:05 jwagner @wunder 20817
13:05 munin jwagner: The current temperature in Potomac, Maryland is -7.8�C (7:53 AM EST on January 29, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 44%. Dew Point: -18.0�C. Windchill: -8.0�C. Pressure: 30.25 in 1024.3 hPa (Rising).
13:05 gmcharlt @wunder 32605
13:05 munin gmcharlt: The current temperature in FoxFire Woods, Gainesville, Florida is 8.9�C (8:03 AM EST on January 29, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 86%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Windchill: 9.0�C. Pressure: 30.13 in 1020.2 hPa (Steady).
13:05 jwagner Thanks gmcharlt!
13:06 jwagner @quote random
13:06 munin jwagner: Quote #23: "<gmcharlt> /msg munin register nick password" (added by wizzyrea_ at 12:25 PM, August 06, 2009)
13:06 jwagner (You miss playing with the toys....)
13:07 gmcharlt nahuel: about?
13:07 nahuel too late :)
13:08 gmcharlt heh
13:09 kf @wunder Konstanz
13:09 munin kf: The current temperature in Friedrichshafen, Germany is 1.0�C (1:50 PM CET on January 29, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain Showers. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: -2.0�C. Windchill: -4.0�C. Pressure: 29.30 in 992 hPa (Steady).
13:10 collum @wunder 41011
13:10 munin collum: The current temperature in Newport Aquarium, Newport, Kentucky is -9.2�C (8:00 AM EST on January 29, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: -16.0�C. Windchill: -9.0�C. Pressure: 30.56 in 1034.8 hPa (Rising).
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13:22 chris_n @wunder 28334
13:22 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 3.1�C (8:17 AM EST on January 29, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 19%. Dew Point: -18.0�C. Windchill: 0.0�C. Pressure: 29.91 in 1012.8 hPa (Rising). Winter Storm Warning in effect from 6 PM this evening to midnight EST Saturday night...
13:28 ebegin @wunder montreal, canada
13:28 munin ebegin: The current temperature in Montreal, Quebec is -18.0�C (8:00 AM EST on January 29, 2010). Conditions: Low Drifting Snow. Humidity: 51%. Dew Point: -26.0�C. Windchill: -30.0�C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Rising).
13:28 ebegin Can you beleive it... it's freaking cold over here!!!
13:29 owen joined #koha
13:30 collum Yep.  I just noticed it is 9.2C in Northern KY, but if feels like 9.0C
13:30 owen Hi all, glad to see we're up and running today
13:31 collum Oops forgot the - signs
13:31 owen I was going to say, collum, you've got a real sense for temperature!
13:32 ebegin collum, Witht he wind factor over here, we fell like -30C.. :\
13:32 jwagner I still can't translate C to F, but it's pretty fricking cold here too!
13:32 jwagner At least they finally (after about two weeks) fixed the heat in my office.  Sort of.  It's at least putting out warmish air.
13:33 ebegin @google -30C = ?F
13:33 munin ebegin: (google <search> [--{language,restrict} <value>] [--{notsafe,similar}]) -- Searches for the given string. As many results as can fit are included. --language accepts a language abbreviation; --restrict restricts the results to certain classes of things; --similar tells Google not to filter similar results. --notsafe allows possibly work-unsafe results.
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13:33 collum jwagner: me neither.  I have to use a converter.
13:33 owen @wunder 45701
13:33 munin owen: The current temperature in Ohio University, Athens, Ohio is -10.6�C (7:57 AM EST on January 29, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 61%. Dew Point: -17.0�C. Windchill: -11.0�C. Pressure: 30.48 in 1032.1 hPa (Rising).
13:33 ebegin (-30) degrees Celsius = -22 degrees Fahrenheit
13:33 jwagner Yep, that's pretty cold all right....
13:34 ebegin Next KohaCon in Montréal... anyone? :)
13:34 owen If it's summer ebegin, I'm there!
13:34 ebegin BTW, in summer, it's ok though :)  We have 30+C
13:34 ebegin :)
13:35 chris_n @google convert -30 Celsius to Fahrenheit
13:35 munin chris_n: Error: You must have a free Google web services license key in order to use this command.  You can get one at <>.  Once you have one, you can set it with the command "config supybot.plugins.Google.licenseKey <key>".
13:35 chris_n sorry munin :-)
13:40 * ebegin wants to introduced inLibro's new librarian, pmlozeau.
13:41 owen Welcome, pmlozeau!
13:41 jwagner Bienvenue!
13:41 pmlozeau thanks / merci !
13:43 Steven joined #koha
13:43 kf welcome pmlozeau
13:44 Steven can anybody guide me on how to debug the in 2.2.9?
13:46 chris_n hi pmlozeau
13:46 chris_n Steven: I'd recommend upgrading to 3.0.5
13:47 chris_n 2.2.9 is very old and basically unsupported
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13:54 owen paul_p: Should all budget planning pages warn you if you do not have an active currency set up?
13:54 kf left #koha
13:55 paul_p hi owen. You're probably right: we should warn the librarian
13:56 * owen will work on that
14:01 gmcharlt welcome pmlozeau
14:06 pmlozeau thanks everyone for the welcoming messages, still trying to figure everything I need to know about the koha community
14:07 jwagner Ain't we all :-)
14:08 ebegin lol
14:09 owen Thanks frederic for fixing the bug
14:09 pmlozeau jwagner: yes indeed :)
14:13 schuster joined #koha
14:16 owen Hi schuster
14:17 owen schuster: I think Bug 2930 is a reasonable modification to make to the template
14:17 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2930 enhancement, P3, ---,, NEW, Put other name on CKO screen
14:17 schuster Hey owen - I was a little out of it yesterday not checking to see how everyone was!  I was too busy to switch to a different IRC.  I have this one automatically come up in the morning along with the logs.  I knew something was wrong when there were only 6 or so lines!
14:18 owen For English speakers I would probably make it ' Firstname MiddleInit "Othername" Surname'
14:18 owen With othernames in quotes
14:19 schuster owen - so that is just a basic circulation.tmpl change or  I'm still learning my way around this...
14:19 owen Not sure without trying it
14:20 schuster Since they "go by" Othername - might it not be better to put "Othername" first in quotes so when the librarian says - hello - looks at the screen quick and says morning jimminy when it should be jim?
14:20 owen I'm curious how the othernames field is used for non-English speakers. paul_p? ebegin? Ropuch?
14:21 schuster I'll play with it on my test server maybe later today...  Since I have your attention...;) is there an easy way to change the default on the pac holds page that defaults to first available to specific copy?
14:22 owen schuster: I don't understand the question
14:22 schuster Due to holds routing and we only want to keep them at their local campus it would be helpful if specific copy was the default so they have to select the copy available at their location.
14:23 schuster This is a modification we will work on in the near future/local only holds, but I have some other development that needs to be done first!  this is a stop gap.
14:24 ebegin owen, I would keep the same you suggested.  I'm speaking for french speaker in North America.  I'm pretty sure it's the same for European people.
14:30 jwagner schuster, your listserv message on importing with patron attributes -- I've not been able to get this to work.  I download the sample spreadsheet with the attribute columns & fill them in, but they don't seem to load.  How are you structuring it?
14:31 owen paul_p: Am I correct in thinking that now that we have can specify and active currency we should be outputting that currency symbol where currency amounts are input?
14:31 paul_p yes, you're right owen
14:31 owen No more hard-coded dollar signs ;)
14:37 paul_p @wunder Marseille, france
14:37 munin paul_p: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 9.0�C (3:00 PM CET on January 29, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 50%. Dew Point: -1.0�C. Windchill: 6.0�C. Pressure: 29.44 in 997 hPa (Steady).
14:46 wizzyrea joined #koha
14:50 owen Hi wizzyrea
14:50 wizzyrea hello hello
14:50 chris_n jwagner: there are a number of anomalies with that "spreadsheet" example :-)
14:50 wizzyrea how is everybody this morning?
14:50 * chris_n did some contract development over the holidays involving patron imports
14:51 chris_n heya wizzyrea
14:51 jwagner chris_n, yeah, I'm finding that out -- off talking to schuster but I'll pick your brains too.  I have two attribute fields, one of which would normally contain a comma.  I tried like "STARTDATE:'January 1, 2010',TRACK:Testing" and also without the single quotes/comma in the date, but it's insisting on loading both attributes into one field.
15:15 jwagner It's gotten awfully quiet all of a sudden :-(
15:18 Colin Someone mentioned spreadsheets - they have that effect
15:20 jwagner s/spreadsheet/csv file/g
15:20 jwagner Does that help?
15:21 chris_n owen: do you find that the more you nest yui grids, there begins to be some issues with correct div placement?
15:21 chris_n jwagner: there are some basic problems with the example format
15:21 chris_n I'd have to look back, but I think some required columns are missing
15:21 owen chris_n: Yes. YUI makes promises about nesting grids that it doesn't keep. I've posted questions about it to the ydn-javascript Yahoo Group and gotten zero replies.
15:22 chris_n among a few other problmes
15:22 chris_n problems even
15:22 jwagner chris_n, I thought it was supposed to download based on the current system's table?
15:22 chris_n owen: do you have a particular fix you apply?
15:22 chris_n jwagner: I don't think it does it correctly
15:23 owen In the case I'm thinking of, I gave up :( That doesn't mean there isn't a possible solution for your specific case
15:24 jwagner chris_n, it does load the attribute data, sort of, and everything else seems to go into the proper fields.  It's just combining both attribute fields into one.  Maybe it's because the field data has a space in it?
15:24 chris_n jwanger: I'll have to go back and look at my emails/notes from the work I did
15:24 chris_n I'll try to do that this weekend
15:24 chris_n but the patron import tool could use some help
15:25 nahuel left #koha
15:26 chris_n incidentally, I was not contracted to fix the problems on Koha's side, only create a workaround for drupal
15:27 chris_n but believe me, I'd love to fix it... now, where is that spare time ;-)
15:29 chris_n owen: it appears I can override the problem with an inline style in this case
15:30 nahuel joined #koha
15:32 * owen hates everything about YUI except the things that it can do that other libs can't
15:33 nahuel hehe
15:33 * nahuel hates how yui is used in koha
15:35 owen nahuel: Like what?
15:35 nahuel like koha use some old yui version
15:36 nahuel but not all yui is in koha
15:36 nahuel you can't use what you want
15:36 nahuel and the koha xhtml/css use yui css not in the right way
15:36 * chris_n wonders if we are considering yui3 when it leaves beta?
15:37 owen nahuel: I agree that we should upgrade YUI to the latest version. I disagree that we should include all of YUI by default.
15:37 nahuel owen, we can't
15:37 nahuel i already tryied
15:37 owen What do you mean?
15:38 nahuel koha templates are not compatibles for css stuffs
15:38 nahuel we should use last version of yui
15:38 nahuel and use the yuiloader !
15:39 chris_n yuiloader?
15:39 * chris_n imagines a tractor with "YUI" on the side
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15:41 owen nahuel: I'd like to hear more about why koha templates are not compatible with YUI css
15:41 nahuel I don't know _why_
15:41 nahuel I just know upgrading to yui 2.8 koha doesn't work as it should
15:41 jdavidb joined #koha
15:42 owen nahuel: Do you mean you tried using the upgraded YUI version and it broke things?
15:42 pmlozeau left #koha
15:42 nahuel owen, yep
15:42 pmlozeau joined #koha
15:42 nahuel a lot of stuffs
15:43 owen nahuel: I had the same experience, which is why the YUI upgrade hasn't been done yet.
15:43 pmlozeau left #koha
15:44 owen At the time I tried it I didn't have time to chase down all the problems.
15:44 nahuel I tryied to fix... but it a real big job
15:44 pmlozeau joined #koha
15:44 owen It's one of the reasons I don't like YUI
15:44 nahuel héhé
15:44 owen ...even though I'm the one that picked it for use in Koha!
15:44 nahuel the bigger problem is that yui was never upgraded
15:45 chris_n sounds like a good candidate for the great 3.4 cleanup release :-)
15:45 nahuel exactly !
15:45 owen chris_n: That's what I'm thinking too
15:45 nahuel we should not convert templates
15:45 nahuel but rewrite them
15:45 nahuel :)
15:45 chris_n I think chris has already been working on some TT conversion
15:46 nahuel we should unify all uses of libs
15:46 chris_n owen: is there a syspref for the opac news feature?
15:46 nahuel and ways to do
15:47 owen chris_n: I think news appears if you've got news, otherwise it doesn't.
15:47 chris_n ahh... tnx
15:47 pmlozeau left #koha
15:48 owen nahuel: Perhaps you could add something to the wiki describing how you would improve our use of YUI?
15:49 nahuel yes I can, but i'm not an expert of UIs
15:51 brendan joined #koha
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16:13 Nate joined #koha
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16:26 owen Hmmm... Thinking about Bug 4078, who is going to be mad at me if the symbol always appears before the number?
16:26 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4078 trivial, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, Display active currency symbol on currency output and input
16:26 paul_p owen: french libraries I think ;-) (nicomo, your opinion ? is this a blocker for us ? I don't think so)
16:27 owen Is the Euro symbol commonly put after the amount? Does that vary from country to country using the Euro?
16:28 nicomo always after the amount as far as i know
16:28 nicomo in the Euro zone
16:28 nicomo But I'll compromise: if you do that bug, I'll be content to not have a $ and have a misplaced €
16:28 nicomo that's a step forward :)
16:29 jwagner I wouldn't mind if it showed, but does the recent acq work and/or this also fix another problem?  When you go in to create a new vendor, the list and invoice prices always default to CAD (because it's first in the pulldown).  Why not make it default to the active currency?
16:29 ebegin But the $ in canada is placed after the number ;)
16:29 owen ebegin: Really?
16:29 ebegin Yep
16:29 * owen gives up and crawls under his desk
16:29 nicomo eh eh
16:30 ebegin Actually, it would be nice to have a format function you know.  '$1,500' is written '1 500 $' over here
16:30 ebegin with a space instead of the comma to separate the thousands
16:31 nicomo yeah, same here: space, no comma to separate the thousands...
16:31 nicomo because the comma is used for the decimals
16:31 nicomo 10 000,50€
16:31 Colin can we use locale settings?
16:31 nicomo ++
16:31 * ebegin agree too
16:32 gmcharlt +1 # using locales
16:32 owen How would that work?
16:33 rhcl is now known as rhcl_brb
16:35 Colin owen: well locales give you rules for formatting monetary amounts etc. and perl can use them
16:35 gmcharlt e.g., Locale::Currency::Format
16:35 Colin I need to reread the perllocale perldoc
16:36 owen Does that help when we're talking about input fields? $ [ text input ] and [ text input ] €
16:38 Colin I think it can parse as well as output currency
16:40 gmcharlt Colin: perllocale covers a lot of useful ground, but not currency formatting - i.e., back to L::C::Format or thelike
16:42 Colin gmcharlt: Yes looking at L::C::Format now
16:43 gmcharlt I think output is easier than parsing - for input, could just use dropdown to select the appropriate currency
16:44 gmcharlt i.e., for a library that deals in both USD and CAD, $123.45 will need qualification anyway
16:44 pmlozeau joined #koha
16:45 owen In that case I'm not sure what the "active" aspect of currencies is for.
16:45 Colin Yes in input people just want digits point digits
16:47 jwagner Maybe instead of trying to position the currency symbol, just a note saying "Active currency is USD or Euro or whatever"?
16:49 Colin Yes most acq librarians are using the 3 digit codes the sign is window dressing
16:51 Colin I tweaked a lot of fao's templates to show (EUR) or (USD) as required
17:04 Colin One Acq question does anyone share my feeling that RRP is obscure and confusing as a label
17:04 owen I'm finding that when I go into the new system preferences page the logged-in-username info at the top of the screen changes from my login to "3127"
17:07 owen the sessions table shows that after clicking on the "" link my "id" has changed to "3127."
17:08 owen well as the "cardnumber" value stored by the sessions table.
17:08 owen Both were correct before opening systempreferences.
17:09 pmlozeau left #koha
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17:31 brendan joined #koha
17:51 brendan @wunder 93117
17:51 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 12.5�C (9:44 AM PST on January 29, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 30.05 in 1017.5 hPa (Rising).
18:02 cait joined #koha
18:02 cait hi #koha
18:03 brendan hi cait
18:12 chris_n hey cait
18:12 chris_n && brendan
18:12 brendan chris_n how you doing today?
18:13 chris_n gearing up for an ice storm :-(
18:13 chris_n @wunder 28334
18:13 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 4.0�C (1:02 PM EST on January 29, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 33%. Dew Point: -11.0�C. Windchill: 1.0�C. Pressure: 30.30 in 1026 hPa (Rising). Winter Storm Warning in effect from 6 PM this evening to midnight EST Saturday night...
18:13 cait hey brendan and chris_n
18:14 cait @wunder Konstanz
18:14 munin cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 0.0�C (7:00 PM CET on January 29, 2010). Conditions: Light Snow. Humidity: 83%. Dew Point: -1.0�C. Pressure: 29.20 in 989 hPa (Falling).
18:18 moodaepo @wunder 56001
18:18 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in South on Monks, Mankato, Minnesota is -15.0�C (12:15 PM CST on January 29, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 69%. Dew Point: -19.0�C. Windchill: -22.0�C. Pressure: 30.46 in 1031.4 hPa (Falling).
18:27 jdavidb @wunder 20817
18:27 munin jdavidb: The current temperature in Potomac, Maryland is -3.8�C (1:23 PM EST on January 29, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 36%. Dew Point: -17.0�C. Windchill: -4.0�C. Pressure: 30.21 in 1022.9 hPa (Rising).
18:29 cait and I thought it was cold here...
18:30 jdavidb It's very chilly here today.  S'posed to get some snow tomorrow, but not much. (I hope.)
18:32 cait we have some, but not so much
18:32 cait makes walking to work a little adventure :)
18:48 wizzyrea @wunder 66047
18:48 munin wizzyrea: The current temperature in Lawrence Live-Courtesy of the Khoury's, Lawrence, Kansas is -6.4�C (12:46 PM CST on January 29, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: -11.0�C. Windchill: -10.0�C. Pressure: 30.32 in 1026.6 hPa (Falling).
18:49 wizzyrea hm, they don't mention the white stuff falling from the sky :/
18:57 sekjal joined #koha
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19:03 sekjal Looking to submit my first script to
19:03 sekjal is there anything I should know first, or shall I just fire away?
19:04 owen Cool, sekjal, what's the script?
19:05 sekjal it reloads the extended attributes for a list of patrons from a flat file.  Ed's post on the listserv reminded me I had it kicking around
19:05 Diego joined #koha
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19:09 sekjal hmmm, though I wonder if I should add the "add/replace" option first.... right now it depends on the user removing unwanted extended attributes from the database on their own
19:12 jwagner sekjal, where were you this morning???  I was trying to troubleshoot loading a patron file with attributes with schuster & chris_n -- I can't get it to work.  Does your patch do it?
19:13 jdavidb left #koha
19:13 sekjal jwagner: sorry, had meetings and InfoDesk shift this morning.
19:13 sekjal but I'm here now!
19:14 sekjal my script just takes in a file with a user identifier, and then a series of extended attributes (code:attribute pairs)
19:14 sekjal we had to reload our extended attributes after migrating because I didn't check the character limit on the 'attribute' field, and some data got lost
19:15 jwagner Darn.  We already do that -- that's how we're doing initial patron loads.  I was trying to get the Tools, Patron Import spreadsheet to work with attributes.  I've never been able to get that to work, and sites need to do regular updates (not just the initial data migration).
19:16 sekjal sorry
19:16 cait I did
19:16 chris the patron importer was written before extended attributes existed
19:16 cait jwagner: we loaded several extended attributes
19:16 jwagner In the .csv file?
19:16 chris i suspect under some cases it might not work
19:16 cait yes
19:17 cait but I dont have the file here :(
19:17 cait it worked like described on the tools page
19:17 cait I can send you an anonymized example on monday - if that still helps
19:18 sekjal I had that experience, too, during our initial migration.  extended attributes got loaded.
19:18 jwagner It won't for me.  I was trying variations on "STARTDATE:'January 1, 2010',TRACK:Testing" -- because the first attribute had a comma, I tried wrapping it in single quotes.  Then I took out the single quotes & comma, then I change it to a string without a space.  Every time it loads both attributes into the same field, not as two separate attributes.
19:18 cait we have to import keys and study as extended attribute fileds and loaded them
19:18 jwagner cait, yes, I'd love to see a sample.
19:18 cait to = two
19:18 cait ok, I ll send me an email reminder :)
19:19 jwagner I do them as separate loads during data migration, but there has to be a way to make the Tools, Patron Import work properly so sites can update their own data.
19:20 cait I deleted the file today from my usb stick :(
19:20 owen I wonder if there is a logical way to to enable item-level holds on biblio records which fit certain conditions? For instance: serials or multi-volume sets
19:21 owen We don't want to enable item-level holds across the board because we think our patrons aren't smart enough to know when to use it
19:22 gmcharlt one can envision a couple ways to do it
19:22 cait I know your problem.. we have them enabled because of serials and closed stacks, but it is a problem
19:22 gmcharlt do it by collection code
19:22 jwagner owen, we're working on a feature that isn't quite a match but might be extended in that direction -- allowing holds on multiple items for certain defined item types.
19:22 gmcharlt or based on selected values from MARC fixed fields
19:22 jwagner The theory is that people want to place a hold on both volume 1 & volume 2 of the DVD set or magazine.
19:23 owen jwagner: exactly
19:23 jwagner I can see how you could add another syspref that says "only allow item level holds for the item types defined in the first syspref" for what you want.
19:23 jwagner Sorry, no bugzilla entry on that yet, but it's about ready to go, I think.
19:24 wizzyrea jwagner: I know that nekls would be interested in development like that
19:24 jwagner The original purpose was for serial issues, but it rapidly got extended to DVDs etc.
19:25 jwagner There's a syspref where you just enter the item types you want to allow.  A patron can then place holds on more than one item for those, but not for anything else.
19:25 owen serial issues, encyclopedia volumes (does anyone use them anymore?) DVDs, VHS tapes
19:25 owen jwagner: So we'd need another syspref that said, "only allow item-level holds on itemtypes which accept multiple item-level holds"
19:26 jwagner Something like that.  Might be an either/or on the current syspref that says allow/don't allow item types, rather than a new one.
19:26 jwagner Change the existing one from a yes/no to a pulldown with choices.
19:26 owen jwagner: does your feature allow you to choose multiple item types?
19:27 jwagner Yep.  The site that's testing it has about 6-8 item types in the list at least.
19:27 jwagner You have to enter the actual itype code, not the description, but that's not a biggie.
19:28 owen That feature would solve a problem we've been living with since before we switched to Koha
19:28 jwagner Patience :-)  It's coming.  One problem we were just discussing today is that all of our development is now based on a version well behind head.  Things would need to get rebased and updated, sigh.
19:29 jwagner (Speaking of the need for time machines to pack more time into the day....)
19:29 * owen cracks the whip
19:29 * jwagner ducks out of the way
19:31 chris jwagner: if you need help with that, i have quite a bit of experience with git doing exactly that
19:31 chris im happy to run a tutorial sometime
19:32 jwagner chris, we might take you up on that.  One possibility is putting things out on our github as an interim.  Still trying to figure out how best to handle it.  And some of the little [expletive deleted]s are still changing & getting revised....
19:32 owen Whip cracking? I'd go to that.
19:32 chris at work we have a git branch for every workrequest, some run for months while production (the main branch) moves ever forward (with the finished branches merged into it)
19:32 * jwagner says Bad owen. Bad.
19:33 chris often the long running topic branches need to be rebased
19:33 chris so i have learnt lots of tricks
19:33 * jwagner invites chris to visit Bethesda for a spell :-)
19:35 chris :)
19:36 chris as soon as the git wrangling video from LCA is online ill send a link to that too, some great tips on there
19:38 jwagner Great.
19:39 chris but the main tip (and this is for the future)
19:39 chris is branch the hell out of it :)
19:40 chris if you have lots of branches, one for each feature or big bugfix
19:40 jwagner Yes, we do that now.  Every feature has its own branch.  The fun comes when we try to put them together.  It's AMAZING how many of them want to touch the exact same template or script.
19:40 jwagner Can you say "merge conflict"??? I thought you could :-(
19:40 * chris_n can :-\
19:40 chris ahh, i have techniques for that too
19:40 jwagner Don't allow the site to have more than one feature?
19:41 cait :)
19:41 chris there are different merge algorithms
19:41 jwagner (That's probably a non-starter, but....)
19:41 chris some work better
19:41 chris often conflicts are whitespace too
19:41 chris which is annoying
19:42 jwagner Yes, I've run into that one as well.
19:42 * chris_n thinks trailing spaces are evil
19:42 chris you can tell git to spaz at you if you have whitespace
19:42 chris ie by default it will warn, you can crank that up
19:42 jwagner Mostly I hover and make sympathetic noises while jdavidb curses and mutters.
19:43 chris_n I have a vimrc entry that strips white spaces on every save
19:43 * owen appreciates that git diff highlights those trailing spaces in loud red
19:44 chris yeah git-config
19:44 chris_n I never could get a script setup as a git hook to do that
19:44 chris has options for telling it the colour to highlight
19:44 chris core.whitespace is the value that you can set to choose what you want to be picky about
19:45 chris git apply --whitespace=error
19:45 chris makes them errors
19:45 chris which means you cant commit them
19:54 owen Speaking of git diff, I'm trying a new editor in my Windows machine today and now git diff is reporting differences that don't seem to be there, i.e. a "changed" blank line
19:54 chris windows characters
19:54 chris its probably a linefee
19:54 chris d
19:55 owen But a line I didn't touch?
19:55 chris yeah
19:55 brendan heh - m$ charges you by the line  (it's called linefee)
19:55 chris sometimes you open something in windows and it helpfully whacks windows linefeeds for ya
19:55 chris did you save?
20:00 chris_n lol brendan
20:01 chris brendan: its probably in their business model somewhere
20:01 * chris_n uses cream on windows
20:01 chris_n which leave the line terminators alone
20:02 * jwagner was just thinking that cream would be tastier on, say, cereal or hot cocoa....
20:02 owen Ha!
20:02 chris was it a ^M ?
20:03 owen The editor wasn't entering Windows linefeeds, it was deleting trailing whitespace without being asked!
20:03 chris ahhh that would also do it :)
20:05 pianohackr|work joined #koha
20:07 owen Hi pianohackr|work
20:07 pianohackr|work Hi owen
20:07 owen pianohackr|work: I assigned you a weird bug today
20:07 owen Bug 4079
20:07 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4079 critical, P5, ---,, NEW, Opening system preferences page causes session to lose information
20:08 pianohackr|work I noticed that. Not sure how the sysprefs editor would do that, but it's worth poking at
20:08 gmcharlt pianohackr|work: my guess is not the editor itself, but the web service calls it issues are scribbling over the session
20:08 chris_n pianohackr|work: is the procedure for adding sysprefs the same as before?
20:09 * chris_n noticed one he added disappeared
20:12 pianohackr|work chris_n: No, it involves YAML tomfoolery now
20:12 schuster So I want to use the in the misc/cronjob folder and we have been tweaking it which I think it looks great.  BUT we have a proxy filter here in the district so any URL it tries to check outside the district it gets a 500 error because the request didn't go through the filter.
20:12 pianohackr|work All that's stored in the DB is name, value and type
20:13 schuster Any suggestions using perl how to push those 856 url's at the command line through a proxy?  I want to take your suggestions back to my perl person who has a few ideas...
20:14 chris_n pianohackr|work: this one disappeared after the merge of the sysprefs work
20:14 jwagner schuster, I'm vague on proxy filters, but can you use a URL prefix that says http go-thru-proxy go-to-real-address?  Then you could embed the prefix in your script.
20:15 chris_n schuster: does your proxy use basic auth or ntlm or digest or __your_flavor__?
20:16 schuster chris_n sorry???  it is websense that's about all I know???
20:16 wizzyrea schuster :/ websense makes baby wizzy's cry
20:17 wizzyrea though that's not your fault
20:17 * owen 's Firefox RAM usage makes him cry
20:17 wizzyrea yes, that too
20:18 chris_n owen++
20:18 chris_n firefox crashes here once a week routinely
20:18 collum left #koha
20:19 chris_n schuster: is your network windows based or *nix?
20:19 schuster chris_n - Novell servers, with XP desktops
20:20 chris_n either way, you could mod the script to handle the auth scheme used, but it would require a bit of work
20:20 schuster hmmm I've sent this on to the perl programmer we have here to see what his suggestions are.
20:21 chris_n a quick google of websense seems to indicate that websense supports multiple authentication schemes, so it could be anything really
20:22 chris_n the easy thing would be for them to put an exception in for the domain(s)/ip(s) of the remote machines
20:23 schuster 856 tags may be pointing anywhere...  will consider this further.
20:23 chris_n owen: have you seen Thunder Bird's RAM usage... 8-O
20:24 chris_n schuster: in that case, an exception for the Koha server's ip might be the simplest route
20:25 cait bye all :)
20:25 schuster Yeah, I'm not sure they will go for that either...
20:26 cait left #koha
20:27 jwagner schuster, why not?  An IP exception is the simplest solution, and it shouldn't be harmful if it's set up properly.
20:28 jwagner I ran a URL checker regularly in one of my previous jobs and we set it up with the IT security folks.  The server itself was permitted to do the URL calls, and I always alerted them when I was going to run it, because the server web traffic would suddenly shoot through the roof & show up on their "potential trouble" monitors.
20:31 gmcharlt schuster: curl supports authenticating to a proxy, so one approach would be to have the link checker fire off calls to run curl
20:31 nicomo left #koha
20:32 gmcharlt the LWP Perl module also can support setting a proxy
20:53 jwagner left #koha
20:54 pianohackr|work owen++
20:55 owen For finally remembering that little arrow? :)
20:55 Nate left #koha
21:21 schuster Cool!!!!  I was able to get other name to pop up on the circ screen, but now I have another question...  I was able to insert "othernames", with the quotes, but if they don't have a "othernames" it is showing the ""
21:22 schuster is there some trickery to not display "" or anything if there isn't an "othernames"
21:26 owen <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="othernames" -->"<!--TMPL_VAR NAME="othernames" -->"<!-- /TMPL_IF -->
21:28 schuster oh, I new owen would have an answer!   giddy...
21:31 schuster schuster owes OWEN!!!  oh that was cool...  I really feel like I can make a difference!!!  This is what open source is all about...
21:31 owen Careful schuster: That's exactly how I got started ;)
21:32 schuster taking notes so that I can do this again for 3.2 and share it with everyone....  that means next step learn git.... yikes.
21:32 schuster I'm on such an odd version of Koha I don't want to commit it yet.
21:33 owen left #koha
21:46 schuster owen has kids...;)
21:46 schuster next week - work on sorting things that are not sorted!  giddy with excitement!
21:47 pianohackr|work watch out, developers
21:47 pianohackr|work we've got a _librarian_ in town
21:47 schuster little green behind the ears on the programming thing, but learning...
21:47 sekjal Koha: feel the rush!
22:07 sekjal left #koha
22:17 saorge_ joined #koha
22:21 schuster ok the rush to go home is on HAPPY FRIDAY!
22:21 schuster left #koha
22:22 saorge left #koha
22:23 chris_n anyone have a cms recommendation? Drupal, Joomla, foo?
22:23 wizzyrea acquisition by ptfs delayed til mid feb.
22:23 wizzyrea fyi
22:23 * chris_n says "hmmmm...."
22:24 wizzyrea chris_n: wordpress, but I'm partial
22:24 wizzyrea CMS of the year, no less.
22:25 chris_n I'll check it out
22:25 wizzyrea what do you want to do?
22:25 wizzyrea or, what's your project
22:25 wizzyrea ?
22:26 chris_n I'm looking a some FOSS CRM software
22:26 chris_n taking a look at CiviCRM atm
22:27 chris_n but it's written in PHP... yuk!
22:27 wizzyrea ohhh I wanted to use this for the NEKLS member directory
22:28 chris_n but I don't think it integrates with wordpress
22:28 wizzyrea yea it may not
22:28 chris_n drupal and joomla
22:30 chris_n we are ultimatily headed for the Koali thing, but looking for an intermediate solution during the interm
22:30 wizzyrea koali... what is it?
22:31 gmcharlt chris_n: Kuali Student?
22:31 wizzyrea Oh oh with the U
22:32 wizzyrea Ahhhhh... looks very useful for colleges/uni's
22:33 brendan wizzyrea -> acquisition by ptfs delayed til mid feb.
22:33 wizzyrea yea, saw that. :( :( :(
22:33 brendan is that printed somewhere? or you heard that from someone
22:33 wizzyrea "you'll get LEK and you'll like it"
22:57 moodaepo e
23:01 wizzyrea and on that note
23:01 wizzyrea http://icanhascheezburger.file[…]-is-on-laptop.jpg
23:28 rhcl_brb drupal drupal drupal
23:30 rhcl_brb joomla makes you twist your mouth in funny ways when you look at things that just aren't quite right and you can't quite figure out why.
23:58 rhcl_brb left #koha

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