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13:13 SirStan are there docs on how to moev from nozebra to zebra?
13:51 Kivutar slef: have you read my comment on[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3144 ?
13:51 munin Bug 3144: normal, P5, ---,, NEW, anti-spam for opac-suggestions
14:50 wizzyrea @quote
14:50 munin wizzyrea: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
14:50 wizzyrea @quote random
14:50 munin wizzyrea: Quote #1: "<pianohacker> resolve, rather, I doubt it needs lotion" (added by gmcharlt at 03:05 AM, May 31, 2009)
14:50 wizzyrea @quote 3
14:50 munin wizzyrea: I suck
14:51 pianohacker @quote get 3
14:51 munin pianohacker: Quote #3: "< bignose-work> the only constant in climate over the next several decades will be that the climate doesn't match what you just got used to." (added by chris at 01:55 AM, June 12, 2009)
14:51 wizzyrea AH thanks
14:51 wizzyrea @quote get 5
14:51 munin wizzyrea: Quote #5: "<jwagner> Why is it every Koha rock I turn over produces a zillion (metaphorical) ants, each with a new question????" (added by kf at 01:13 PM, June 12, 2009)
14:51 wizzyrea @quote get 7
14:51 munin wizzyrea: Error: There is no Quote with id #7 in my database for #koha.
14:51 wizzyrea @quote get 6
14:51 munin wizzyrea: Quote #6: "gmcharlt: kf: hold requests are a plot to sell more aspirin ;)" (added by wizzyrea at 04:13 PM, June 16, 2009)
14:52 wizzyrea yes, that's the one I was looking for
14:52 wizzyrea lol
14:52 kf lol
14:54 wizzyrea we just discovered that "return all" from moremember doesn't trigger holds
14:55 wizzyrea it will transfer items home
14:55 wizzyrea (invisibly)
14:55 wizzyrea but not trap holds
14:55 wizzyrea ewps
14:55 wizzyrea hence, aspirin
14:55 wizzyrea :)
14:55 pianohacker Oh god the returns code
14:55 wizzyrea >.<
14:55 wizzyrea don't say that!
14:55 gmcharlt hastur
14:55 gmcharlt hastur
14:55 gmcharlt ...
14:56 SirStan how do I enable a fasceted search on the side of the koha search ersults window?
14:56 pianohacker Even the returns screen that _works_ is a twisted nightmare
14:57 Snow_Fox
14:57 pianohacker gmcharlt: beetlejuice?
14:57 Snow_Fox he is kinda inhabiting that atm
14:57 gmcharlt pianohacker: indeed
14:58 pianohacker SirStan: I believe there's a Facets option under the Searching tab in Global System Preferences (though you'll need Zebra for it to work)
14:58 SirStan pianohacker: is there an easy roadmap to go from nozebra to zebra?
14:59 pianohacker SirStan: Mainly, just install Zebra and index your database
14:59 kf no option, its just there, but perhaps only with zebra
14:59 SirStan i installed zebra-- but i thought when i installed koha i said 'dont use zebra'
14:59 pianohacker SirStan: It's easy to switch
14:59 wizzyrea there is a syspref iirc
15:00 SirStan oh wow.
15:00 pianohacker Just disable the NoZebra syspref on the Cataloguing tab
15:00 SirStan its just working.
15:03 kf I think faceted search cant be turned off - at least there is no syspref in searching
15:04 kf perhaps its somewhere else
15:04 pianohacker kf: You might be right
15:05 pianohacker There might not be a syspref
15:05 pianohacker SirStan: How do you mean?
15:13 SirStan How do I mean what
15:14 pianohacker that its just working
15:14 SirStan i mean -- i typed 5 commands, one syspref, and zebra is running.
15:14 SirStan impresive
15:15 pianohacker Oh, cool
15:16 SirStan i say that -- but now my searches arent working
15:22 kf g
15:22 kf perhaps you have to reindex
15:22 kf using
15:27 SirStan when i run koha-zebra-daemon start
15:27 SirStan shouldnt something happen?
15:27 SirStan a process rns in the background .. anyting?
15:27 pianohacker It should; does ps ax | grep zebrasrv show anything ?
15:27 SirStan n
15:27 Snow_Fox a rift opens in space the information is shuffled to dev_hypersapce rift then closes
15:27 Snow_Fox :-P
15:28 wizzyrea @quote add Snow_Fox: a rift opens in space the information is shuffled to dev_hyperspace rift then closes
15:28 munin wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.  Quote #7 added.
15:29 Snow_Fox heh
15:29 SirStan nothing occurs.. no process.. no logs.. nothing
15:29 pianohacker SirStan: Try running sudo -u koha zebrasrv -f <path to koha-conf.xml>
15:30 pianohacker That'll run it in the foreground, with the correct privileges
15:30 SirStan cmd not found.
15:30 pianohacker Huh
15:31 pianohacker How did you install zebra?
15:31 SirStan ah i didnt.
15:31 SirStan so - how does one -- install it
15:31 pianohacker SirStan: What distro are you on?
15:31 SirStan ubuntu
15:32 pianohacker Okay. I believe there is a package you can install (you can find it with apt-cache search zebra)
15:33 atz i'm cleaning returns code now... for what should have been a simple thing
15:34 SirStan pianohacker; there used to be :(
15:34 pianohacker atz: returns are never simple; I remember trying to duplicate returns functionality in AJAX before eventually just giving up and showing a popup window
15:34 SirStan i wrote the Ubuntu install docs on the wiki.
15:34 pianohacker Ack, it disappeared from the repo?
15:34 SirStan one sec
15:35 SirStan Get:3 hardy Release [3454B]
15:35 SirStan im using indexdata..
15:35 SirStan ah..
15:35 pianohacker SirStan: It might be easier to install from source
15:35 SirStan its idzebra-2.0 now
15:35 SirStan god no
15:38 SirStan the zebra startup script needs to be fixed quite a bit
15:38 pianohacker The one packaged with Koha, or the one that comes with the package?
15:38 SirStan he one that comes with koha
15:38 SirStan doesnt produce any usable errors/notiecs
15:39 SirStan silently failing is horrible
15:39 gmcharlt SirStan: feel free to send a patch
15:43 SirStan :)
15:43 wizzyrea is there only one place to set the outgoing email address for an entire koha system?
15:43 wizzyrea that notices get sent from?
15:43 pianohacker wizzyrea: You should also be able to set it per-library, in the libraries and groups screen
15:43 wizzyrea right, but in some of our libraries it is set, but not working... hm
15:44 pianohacker Is it not working for some kinds of notices, or for all of them
15:44 wizzyrea well overdues, specifically
15:45 wizzyrea (is the only one I have evidence for, currently)
15:45 wizzyrea the only thing that I can see wouold be different
15:46 joetho wizzy and I should compare how that works when you have indep branches turned on (me) and off (wizzy)
15:46 wizzyrea is that the libraries in question have addresses
15:46 wizzyrea instead of
15:47 wizzyrea (I mean, this is kind of anecdotal, hard evidence I don't have)
15:47 joetho "some work and some don't" sounds like a smtp problem
15:47 wizzyrea but at quick glance it *appears* to be the case
15:47 wizzyrea no, by not work I mean
15:47 wizzyrea some libraries with defined email addresses come from the default address
15:47 wizzyrea the messages come* that is
15:48 wizzyrea the ones that are sending via the default address *seem* to be
15:48 wizzyrea addresses
15:48 wizzyrea so I wonder if it's something to do with all the dots
15:48 wizzyrea but that's wild speculation
15:51 gmcharlt @google HTTP 501
15:51 munin gmcharlt: HTTP Error 501 Not implemented Explained: <>; HTTP/1.1: Status Code Definitions: <[…]fc2616-sec10.html>; How to solve HTTP 501/ HTTP 505 error ? - Yahoo! Answers India: <[…]0921235411AAagdpx>; HTTP 501 – Status Code Definition definition - SEO (1 more message)
15:55 danny @marc 245
15:55 munin danny: The title and statement of responsibility area of the bibliographic description of a work. [a,b,c,f,g,h,k,n,p,s,6,8]
15:55 danny thats very cool
15:57 eb_inLibro @marc 080a
15:57 munin eb_inLibro: unknown tag 080a
15:57 eb_inLibro @marc 080
15:57 munin eb_inLibro: A number taken from the Universal Decimal Classification scheme. (Repeatable) []
16:05 danny @marc 080 a
16:05 munin danny: unknown field/subfield combination (080/a)
16:06 danny @marc 245 a
16:06 munin danny: Title
16:07 Sharon
16:08 kf @marc 001
16:08 munin kf: The control number assigned by the organization creating, using, or distributing the record. The MARC code for the organization is contained in field 003 (Control Number Identifier). []
16:08 kf very cool
16:10 kf @google lake of constance
16:10 munin kf: Lake Constance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <>; Lake constance travel guide: <[…]erg/lakeconstance>; Lake Constance (lake, Europe) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia: <[…]20/Lake-Constance>; Lake of Constance Holidays and Hotel Information: (2 more messages)
16:12 kf bye #koha - off from work for 1 week now :)
16:21 SirStan chris: around?
16:23 schuster Hey that MARC thing is way cool!
16:23 schuster @marc 856
16:23 munin schuster: The information needed to locate and access an electronic resource. The field may be used in a bibliographic record for a resource when that resource or a subset of it is available electronically. In addition, it may be used to locate and access an electronic version of a non-electronic resource described in the bibliographic record or a related electronic resource. (Repeatable) (1 more message)
16:26 danny @more
16:26 munin danny: Error: That's all, there is no more.
16:27 danny @marc 856
16:27 munin danny: The information needed to locate and access an electronic resource. The field may be used in a bibliographic record for a resource when that resource or a subset of it is available electronically. In addition, it may be used to locate and access an electronic version of a non-electronic resource described in the bibliographic record or a related electronic resource. (Repeatable) (1 more message)
16:27 danny @more
16:27 munin danny: [a,b,c,d,f,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,​q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z,2,3,6,8]
16:27 danny munin++ very cool
16:27 munin danny: downloading the Perl source
16:28 SirStan @marc 952
16:28 munin SirStan: unknown tag 952
16:32 Snow_Fox is it me or is munin missing a few characters
16:33 Snow_Fox oh wait
16:33 Snow_Fox nm
16:33 Snow_Fox <- nooberific
16:37 schuster danny - Thanks for the more I was sitting here wondering how to get that!  Too bad it doesn't have the indicator information too!
16:39 danny ah, glad I could help, it was something I was trying to figure out as well :)
16:41 saintmike hi im new to koha and i wanted to know if there is a way to automatically populate the page if i initially came from page...
16:42 pianohacker saintmike: No, there isn't
16:42 pianohacker It's kind of annoying that you have to fill in, say, the homebranch for every single item, even when they're all entered together
16:43 pianohacker You might try looking for a related bug on , voting for it if there is one, or creating one if there isn't
16:46 saintmike pianohacker : cause i wanted to fill the details of page so that it would be easier to alter what is necessary...i would not want to rewrite every details, that should not be altered...
16:47 pianohacker saintmike: Are you trying to create new items, or edit existing ones?
16:47 saintmike id like to edit existing items...
16:47 pianohacker Ahh, okay. Then all you have to do is click the edit link at the far left
16:47 pianohacker Sorry for the misunderstanding
16:49 saintmike do you mean the "Edit biblio" button?
16:49 pianohacker One sec
16:50 pianohacker Okay, so from the "Normal" ( page, click on Edit, then Edit items
16:50 pianohacker Then, click on the blue edit link for the item in question (I'm assuming you're on Koha 3.0; are you on 2.2?)
16:52 saintmike well im using koha229 for windows?
16:52 pianohacker Okay then. Let me figure out how you would do that on 2.2.9
16:55 saintmike there is a folder icon on the right side and i clicked it...i think i got it...
16:55 saintmike would this feature still available in version 2.2.8 in debian OSes?
16:57 pianohacker It should be, though there's no reason to use 2.2.9 on a non-windows system
16:57 pianohacker 3.0.2 is much more pleasant
16:59 saintmike okay...may i ask what is the difference between 2.2.8 and 3.0.2?
16:59 pianohacker Many, many new features, not to mention bugfixes
16:59 pianohacker Nicer looking interface
17:01 saintmike can i import the existing database which is from 2.2.8 to 3.0.2?
17:01 pianohacker Yes
17:01 pianohacker
17:02 pianohacker Also
17:02 joetho what exactly are "virtual shelf entries"?
17:02 pianohacker joetho: Presumably, items on a virtual shelf, but what are you quoting?
17:03 joetho as relates to local item information in a koha marc record
17:04 saintmike pianohacker : is there a link where i can see the interface for 3.0.2?
17:05 joetho liblime demo?
17:05 pianohacker saintmike:
17:06 joetho you are so obedient, pno
17:06 joetho heh heh heh
17:06 pianohacker joetho: Don't get any ideas, mr. rubber cheesecake
17:06 joetho I was hoping you had forgotten that.
17:07 joetho hmmm, how to change screennames in irc...?
17:07 pianohacker /nick my_new_screen_name
17:07 saintmike pianohacker : thanx...
17:07 pianohacker saintmike: Not a problem. Good luck
17:08 pianohacker has links to documentation, and live OPACs for many libraries running Koha; good resource
17:09 saintmike what's the default username and password for this demo?
17:10 pianohacker liblime/liblime
17:17 saintmike pianohacker : thanx again.......
17:19 schuster Oh shucks I was going to remind saintmike - there isn't a windows version is there?
17:27 atz gmcharlt: would appreciate any thoughts on patchset for returns
17:28 atz i think i dealt w/ all the messy conditionals (outside SIP)
17:35 gmcharlt atz: I'll take a look, but don't expect to get to until the evening
17:36 atz it's ok, i just know how central returns is to real operation
17:36 atz so i feel a bit out of place revising it when my focus is really on SIP, even if the code was begging for it
17:41 pianohacker schuster: He mentioned debian, so I think he's going that route
19:00 chris morning
19:01 joetho afternoon
19:01 pianohacker good mornafternooning
19:02 joetho slaving away in these windowless dungeons has predictable results.
19:03 pianohacker working_at_home++
19:37 chris how are you liking quassel liz?
19:38 liz I think I like it
19:39 SirStan hey chris -- you around?
19:40 pianohacker SirStan: He might be busy - could I help you with something?
19:40 liz chris: it has some advantages over colloquy, that's for sure
19:41 SirStan pianohacker: i wanted to follow up with something from yesterday.
19:41 pianohacker ah
19:41 maja I am installing Koha on opensuse 11.0 . I have some issues . can anyone help?
19:41 SirStan no queston; added info.
19:41 SirStan maja: ask away.
19:41 chris yep im semi here, sup SirStan ?
19:41 SirStan chris: remember I was bitching about the language modules loading slowly yesterday?
19:42 chris yep
19:42 SirStan chris: I turned on mysql logging -- an this is the query log for a single hit to the opac --
19:42 chris did you see the pastebin thing i did?
19:42 SirStan no!
19:42 chris 2 secs
19:43 maja SirStan: I am modifying koha-httpd.conf according to instructions but I cannot restart apache since it always says that modeule rewriet is not there although there is word reqrite in apache modules section
19:43 chris
19:43 SirStan maja: do you have mod_rewrite enabled?
19:44 chris SirStan: it almost halved the execute time, so you might want to try it out
19:44 SirStan chris: doing so now!
19:44 SirStan pre-benchmarking
19:45 maja SirStan: yes, of course
19:45 chris (i have all the languages enabled tho, so your mileage may vary (i was testing it on the koha i use for testing translations))
19:45 SirStan maja: what is the error message (exactly)?
19:46 SirStan chris: how does Memoize know when the cache is dirty?
19:46 maja SirStan: for example it says that there is syntax error on line 7 in koha-httpd.conf where I put Listen 8080 as it was requested
19:46 SirStan maja: can you please pastebin the exact errors.
19:47 chris SirStan: you can tell it to expire
19:47 SirStan chris: so somehow memoize maps itself infront of the called function?
19:47 chris yep
19:47 chris and when you call the function with the same arguments
19:48 chris it gives you the result, rahter than re executing the function
19:48 chris this is just a test
19:48 pianohacker maja: Is that Listen 8080 inside the <VirtualHost> block? It needs to be before it
19:48 maja SirStan: Ok, thanks, just a second
19:48 chris the real patch would probably use Memoize::Expire and Memoize::Memcached
19:49 chris (to provide persistence and expiration)
19:49 chris by default, memoize caches to memory, so it expires when the script ends
19:49 chris which actually is very useful in a lot of places in koha
19:50 chris fredericd has been doing some good work with that
19:50 maja pianohacker: thanks, I corrected it works
19:51 pianohacker maja: Cool
19:51 SirStan chris: 500% gain
19:51 chris[…]-June/003771.html
19:51 chris SirStan: awesome :-)
19:51 SirStan chris: just kidding.
19:51 SirStan I didnt have MLDBM
19:52 SirStan the error comes up 500% faster than the results diod though
19:52 pianohacker Hahahaha
19:52 chris ahh, yeah i used MLDBM because it can serialise objects
19:52 chris but in reallife i will probably use memcached, then i can use different caching namespaces, so multiple koha's dont fight over a file
19:54 SirStan Time per request:       5600.573 [ms] (mean)  -> 4128.802 [ms] (mean)
19:54 SirStan 27% performance gain
19:54 maja pianohacker: When I want to start installation it does not redirect me to file. any advise
19:54 chris cool, thats worth doing properly then
19:55 pianohacker maja: What does it do?
19:55 chris try running it again SirStan
19:55 chris just for kicks please
19:55 SirStan I ran 100 queries, 5 concurrent users.
19:55 chris sweet
19:55 SirStan one sec
19:55 SirStan ill post before|after timings
19:55 chris so i think its worth continuing on the memoize path (did you see fredericd's results)
19:57 SirStan
19:57 maja pianohacker: I see only :"It works!" but it does not redirect me anywhere
19:57 SirStan maja: remove your default vhost file
19:59 chris SirStan: yeah so i reckon we just memoize the bottlenecks, at least the ones it is safe to do so
19:59 chris does it drop the number of mysql queries?
19:59 maja SirStan: I have the same IP in teh both VirtualHost ections and I guess that is an issue. I get, buT I dont have installer started. any advise?
19:59 SirStan chris : one sec
19:59 pianohacker maja: Do you have the same port in both sections?
20:00 pianohacker Often, the opac will be at, say, http://localhost/ and the staff client will be at http://localhost:8080/
20:00 SirStan chris: oddly.. no
20:00 SirStan well -- it probably cuts them in half.
20:01 SirStan so there must be another place to memoize.
20:01 SirStan in the same file
20:02 chris could well be
20:03 maja pianohacker:
20:03 chris could you run the profiler and see what subroutine is the slow one in the languages module now?
20:03 chris and ill go make my son breakfast
20:04 pianohacker maja: try changing <VirtualHost> to <VirtualHost>
20:04 SirStan chris: i tossed three more memoize staements in
20:06 maja pianohacker: thanks, it works, congratulkations, I am looking for password now
20:06 pianohacker maja: Cool. The password will be at the bottom of your koha-conf.xml
20:06 chris SirStan: caching to files also?
20:06 chris (different files of course)
20:06 SirStan chris yea.. langues_get_description and GetAllLanguages
20:07 SirStan cut & paste of your code with a diffrent temp file
20:07 SirStan down to ~15 queries (from 200+)
20:07 SirStan timing now.
20:08 maja pianohacker: yes, it owrks so well so far. Koha will be library system for the Anglo American School.
20:08 SirStan chris: 28% faster. you got the big one. (26% faster with your one chaneg)
20:09 pianohacker maja: Very nice! Did you use the default password during the install ?
20:10 chris SirStan: i went for that one, since it is used on everypage
20:10 maja pianohacker: I used mine that I defined fro teh user and databse, in some cases it was default
20:10 chris there will be specific hogs, for specific pages, that we can tackle next
20:10 pianohacker maja: Okay, cool. Just wanted to check, minor security problem.
20:10 chris but i think C4::Context might be a target for some memoizing
20:11 chris ok, now i really have to make some breakfast before kahu gets mad :)
20:12 pianohacker I made a syspref mutator (C4::Context->set_preference) as part of my new sysprefs editor (in progress) that would be useful in that memoizing work
20:12 maja pianohacker: I logged in teh system. I guess I need to study documentation. But I will fiorstly install it on my laptop so I can study it a bit more
20:13 pianohacker Cool. Have you seen ? Lots of documentation and links to demos and libraries already using Koha
20:13 maja pianohacker: yes, indeed
20:14 pianohacker cool. Gotta promote the website
20:21 maja pianohacker: I will install KOha on my laptop for the sake of exercise ande being able to study it more while I am not in teh school
20:23 Elwell_ maja: virtual machines are wonderful for that
20:25 pianohacker Bah
20:25 SirStan srsly.
20:25 pianohacker windows xp -> vmware -> linux -> _wine_ -> java -> jython
20:25 SirStan ooooh.
20:25 SirStan of course.. by windows xp.. you mean... inside parallels on your macbook
20:26 pianohacker Well, if I had a macbook, of course that's what I would mean
20:26 pianohacker >:)
20:28 SirStan chris: <<, 3.00.02 stock w/ our mods.
20:32 pianohacker You've definitely knocked out the major ones
20:32 pianohacker utf8/xml parsing seem to be the only two remaining large items
20:33 hdl_laptop utf8::SWASHNEW : marc has a way to come around this.
20:43 maja pianohaker: I am now from other computer with nick vedran. I will part as "maja" but I wil stay here
21:04 pianohacker bbl, weekly library trip
21:08 vedran pianohacker: have a nice time :)
21:14 gmcharlt bbl
22:19 vedran I have difficulties reaching during installation. does anyone have teh same issue right now. any advise?
22:48 SirStan use a different source/
22:52 vedran SirStan: ok, it works somehow
23:57 vedran SirStan: I installed Koha on my laptop too so I can present it on various workshops :))
00:01 pianohacker Ah very nice
00:02 vedran pianohacker: teh second installation went smooth. I use opensuse 11.0 and it went very well :)
00:02 pianohacker good
00:06 vedran pianohacker: I will these days start to learn how to use KOha and probably from time to time ask questions here. I hope this is OK.
00:07 pianohacker Hey, that's what we're here fore
00:07 pianohacker *for , rather
00:08 vedran pianohacker: great :)) it is 2.00 AM here so I will go to sleep , but I will be back here these days. :))
00:08 pianohacker Cool
00:08 vedran cya
00:08 vedran :)
02:52 pianohacker good night
03:22 Amit hi chris, Jo, mason
03:22 Amit chris: Cong! south africa out of T-20 world cup
03:25 chris :-)
03:25 Amit chris: what about today match Srilanka vs WI
03:26 Jo Hi Amit
03:26 Jo Hi Chris
03:27 chris could go either way
03:27 chris hi Jo
03:27 Jo hey can i ask yuou a question about koha?
03:27 chris yep
03:27 Jo our issues/circ linux box died.
03:28 chris stink, hardware fail?
03:28 Jo after discussing it with si, i got a new aaa box with xp on it, and a new epson receipt printer.
03:28 Jo yep.
03:28 chris cool
03:28 Jo day before baby was born
03:28 Jo i have the epson printer attached to the new circ box, it prints fine, and is shared on the network.
03:28 chris right
03:29 Jo the bit i can't do is get koha circ module to print to the new printer.
03:29 chris do you know the name of its print queue?
03:29 Jo its a local printer on the new circ box.
03:29 Jo so its share name?
03:29 Jo (was supposed to be a newtork printer with an ethernet jack but turns out not to have one)
03:29 chris if so you go to[…]admin/
03:30 chris ahh no it needs to be set up in the printqueue
03:30 Jo (not sure i understand what you are telling me sorry :)
03:31 chris can you print to it from the workroom
03:31 chris the same way you can to say the returns one?
03:31 Jo ah cool.
03:31 chris or to the laser printer?
03:31 chris if you can it will be the name .. see that url?
03:31 Jo i see that url
03:31 Jo and the list of printers.
03:31 chris the old one used to be called leviss
03:31 Jo yep.
03:31 chris you need to change that to whatever the new one is called
03:32 Jo so i need to add a new one
03:32 chris or add a new one
03:32 Jo so edit levin issues
03:32 chris yeah try that
03:32 Jo may have to add new i think ..
03:32 chris righto
03:33 Jo Thanks for helping)
03:35 chris did it work/
03:36 Jo no yet
03:37 Jo the pc is called CIRCASUS
03:37 Jo the printer sharename is EpsonT70
03:37 chris hmmm
03:37 Jo so is the path:CIRCASUS/EpsonT70
03:37 chris you might need si to set up a printqueue for it
03:37 chris and tell you what the queue is called
03:37 Jo i thought so ..
03:37 chris and then that is what goes there
03:38 Jo but he's just a new baby girl ;)
03:38 chris yep
03:38 Jo i can access the print queue from my desktop
03:38 chris so you can add printers to it?
03:38 Jo
03:38 Jo is that the kind of thing it should look like
03:38 Jo (we should off channel :)
03:38 chris cant see that
03:38 chris thats an internal ip
03:39 Jo yes i can
03:39 chris i cant :)
03:39 Jo lol
03:39 chris only ppl on your lan can see that
03:39 Jo ok
03:39 Jo phew ...
03:39 Jo realised after i hit enter that that was dum thing to do
03:39 chris but yes, you might be able to make a new queue there
03:39 chris for that printer
03:39 chris and then add that queue to koha
03:40 Jo i'm looking at the pattern for the other printers to see the pattern
03:41 chris i think the path you had above looks right
03:41 chris well rightish :)
03:42 chris can you see how the old leviss one is set up?
03:42 brendan heya amit, jo, chris
03:42 Amit heya brendan
03:43 Jo yep - copying that one now.
03:43 Jo its asking what kind of device
03:43 Jo i'm picking its an lpd/lpr host or printer
03:43 chris worth a crack
03:43 Jo or it could be a windows printer or SAMBA
03:44 Jo probably the latter
03:44 chris yeah
03:44 chris if you can see it from your windows machine
03:44 Jo now it wants a device uri
03:44 chris then its likely to be SAMBA
03:45 chris im thinking \\CIRCASUS\EpsonT70
03:45 Jo yep me too
03:46 Jo whats a PPD file?
03:46 chris its the printer description file
03:46 Jo like a driver file?
03:47 chris yep like that
03:47 Jo ok - i have that
03:47 chris you might not need it, you can often just pick the generic
03:50 Jo its droppinmg me into an admin screen
03:52 chris sounds plausible
03:52 chris is there an option to print a test?
03:53 chris actaully dont do that
03:53 chris if it works it will try and print a page to the receipt printer .. which will waste a bunch of pape
03:53 chris r
03:53 Jo sure.
03:53 Jo just trying it again
03:53 chris did it give you a queuename?
03:54 Jo no .
03:54 Jo its giving examples of a format for the uri (using the samba option)
03:54 Jo examples:  http://hostname:631/ipp/
03:54 Jo    http://hostname:631/ipp/port1
03:54 Jo or  ipp://hostname/ipp/
03:54 Jo    ipp://hostname/ipp/port1
03:54 Jo or  lpd://hostname/queue
03:54 Jo or  socket://hostname
03:54 Jo    socket://hostname:9100
03:55 Jo i think it might be lpd://CIRCASUS/EpsonT70
03:55 Jo (we need a windows expert ...
03:55 Jo Brendan and Amit are clever boys - come on lads - step up!)
03:56 Amit hmm Jo
03:56 Jo Hi
03:56 Jo the spac to enter the devioce uri has smb preentered
03:56 Amit sure i will come
03:56 chris ahh
03:56 chris smb://CIRCASUS/EpsonT70
03:56 Jo (thats a clue yes?)
03:56 chris try that
03:58 Jo ok -0 this is driving me batty
03:58 Jo i have to choose a make manufacture: i select epson.
03:58 Jo and then continue
03:59 chris yep
03:59 Jo and now we wait ...
03:59 Jo and still waiting
03:59 Jo f i sent you privately the url and login and password etc to carnaby can you acces this?
03:59 chris see my message
03:59 chris :)
04:13 brendan sorry Jo -- off on another computer
04:14 brendan looks like chris is on top of it
04:20 Jo well we are trying ..
04:32 Amit hi greenmang0
04:33 greenmang0 Amit:
06:08 Amit chris: DPL catalog is available is on hindi please select hindi languages
06:32 brendan Good night #koha
06:38 Amit hi nicomo
06:39 nicomo hello Amit
06:39 nicomo 'morning all
08:00 slef morning
08:01 slef Kivutar: yes, I read it. My comment was 20 minutes before you mentioned it, unless bugzilla's timezones have got me again :)
08:15 Amit hi slef
09:08 chris evening
09:10 hdl_laptop hi chris
09:40 davi__ hi
10:11 Amit hi davi
10:13 mahesh_c Hello
10:13 Amit hello mahesh
10:14 mahesh_c Can i use koha with SSHA encrypted password (in ldap)?
10:14 davi hi Amit
10:15 mahesh_c Hello Amit ..
10:32 Amit hi galen
10:32 gmcharlt hi Amit
10:46 Elwell_ right - has anyone done any developer analysis of the svn / git logs?
10:46 gmcharlt Elwell_: concerning what?
10:46 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: about?
10:46 Elwell_ feeling up for a challenge since I managed to produce http://andrewelwell.blogspot.c[…]tats-munging.html this morning
10:47 Elwell_ showing which developers stay with a project and which (ahem, like me) chuck in a single patch and give up
10:47 gmcharlt there's still time, Elwell_ :)
10:48 gmcharlt I haven't done that sort of timeline analysis
10:48 gmcharlt but would be interesting
10:51 Elwell_ OK I'll stick it on the TODO_list_from_hell then
10:51 Elwell_ (guess who spent this morning hacking on a script rather than Real Work :-)
10:51 gmcharlt heh
10:51 gmcharlt you know, you got a bad deal if you sold your soul for a TODO list ;)
10:52 Elwell_ rememberthemilk. Nuff Said.
11:06 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: ?
11:06 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: did you see my comment for bug 3334?
11:06 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3334 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, circ/ missing in 3.0.x release tarballs
11:07 hdl_laptop No I had not
11:08 hdl_laptop But my patch fixes the problem.
11:09 gmcharlt true, but I think the patch can be improved slightly before it's submitted for HEAD and 3.0.x
11:12 hdl_laptop here you are
11:20 Amit hi hdl
11:56 Amit by galen have a nice weekend

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