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12:11 chris[…]1/in/photostream/
12:23 ebegin Anybody noticed that the file doesn't exist but is refered by returns.tmpl?
12:26 gmcharlt ebegin: not sure what you mean - there's ./circ/
12:27 eiro chris, gmcharlt: thx for replies
12:29 ebegin gmcharlt, hmmm, let me downle check... It doesn't seem to be there in 3.00.00 nor 3.00.01...
12:30 ebegin Is is possible that this file is not packaged in the tarballs?
12:31 gmcharlt ebegin: you're right, it's not in the 3.0.2 tarball, even though it is in the 3.0.x branch (and master) in the git repository
12:32 gmcharlt chris++
12:32 chris heh
12:32 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: about?
12:33 chris right sleep time for me
12:33 gmcharlt g'night
12:33 ebegin g'night chris!
12:33 hdl_laptop yes
12:34 hdl_laptop omg
12:34 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: bizarre, isn't it
12:35 gmcharlt at any rate, another thing to fix for 3.0.3
12:35 hdl_laptop not only bizarre
12:35 gmcharlt but I'm curious how the heck it happened
12:44 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: I've opened bug 3334
12:44 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3334 blocker, P5, ---,, NEW, circ/ missing in 3.0.x release tarballs
12:46 gmcharlt nahuel: about?  did you see the chat and emails regarding bug 2893?
12:46 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2893 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Allow the staff to force loaning of not for loan documents
12:46 nahuel Hi
12:46 nahuel Yes I did
12:46 nahuel well, I didn't make any change in circulation module
12:46 nahuel if you see my patch
12:46 nahuel I just add a condition of syspref
12:46 nahuel and add a "confirm"
12:47 nahuel I think this bug was already present
12:47 ebegin Is dead?
12:47 nahuel I use the value from $item->{notforloan}
12:47 nahuel ebegin, no
12:47 ebegin ok... just longer that usual to load i guess.
12:49 gmcharlt nahuel: yes, I know what the patch does
12:50 gmcharlt what I want to know is whether for the original request
12:50 gmcharlt there was a reaon to only consider the item's notforloan flag
12:50 nahuel ah no
12:50 gmcharlt and not the notforloan flag from the item's item type
12:50 nahuel there is no reason amha
12:50 nahuel just I didn't want to change the circ module comportment
12:51 gmcharlt ok, then I'll do a patch so that both cases can be overriden by the same syspref
12:51 nahuel I think "GetItem()" function should replace notforloan flag if itemtype is defined as "notforloan"
12:52 gmcharlt nahuel: unfortunately, it's not quite that simple yet, as the item-level notforloan is currently also used for an item's on order status
12:52 gmcharlt though the on-order status really ought to be moved to a new item column
12:52 nahuel hmmm ok
12:53 nahuel complicated
12:59 ebegin gmcharlt, hdl_laptop, I confirm that the hold-transfer-slip.tmpl are not part of the tarball either
13:00 hdl_laptop ebegin: will fix it
13:01 |Lupin| please, is it possible to remove all the biblio records from koha ? is it enough to just empty the biblio, biblioitem and item tables ?
13:01 gmcharlt |Lupin|: that should be sufficient
13:02 |Lupin| gmcharlt: okay, thanks a lot
13:04 ebegin hld, is there a way to get the fr-FR version of hold-transfer-slip.tmpl somewhere?
13:09 |Lupin| Just out of curiosity: how are templates transformed into HTML pages ? Are they given to a koha script that does this ?
13:10 gmcharlt |Lupin|: each CGI script uses a HTML::Template::Pro object that loads the applicable template
13:10 gmcharlt and also passes the actual data to the $template object
13:10 gmcharlt once the script has finished its processing
13:11 gmcharlt the HTML is generated by H::T::Pro  parsing the template and plugging in the data supplied by the script
13:11 |Lupin| wow
13:12 |Lupin| thanks a lot for the clarification gmcharlt
13:13 |Lupin| I just did a bulkmarcimport of 1 marc record in an empty koha. This returned a few warnings, the log is 700 bytes. May I paste it here ?
13:14 gmcharlt |Lupin|: pastebin is preferable, but if the log is short, go ahead and post it here
13:14 |Lupin| thanks
13:14 |Lupin| easier for me than pastebin
13:14 |Lupin| .Use of uninitialized value in length at /usr/local/stow/koha-3.00.​01-stable/lib/C4/ line 3130, <GEN11> line 1.
13:14 |Lupin| Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at /usr/local/stow/koha-3.00.​01-stable/lib/C4/ line 2527, <GEN11> line 1.
13:14 |Lupin| Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at /usr/local/stow/koha-3.00.​01-stable/lib/C4/ line 2527, <GEN11> line 1.
13:14 |Lupin| Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at /usr/local/stow/koha-3.00.​01-stable/lib/C4/ line 2527, <GEN11> line 1.
13:14 |Lupin| Use of uninitialized value $1 in addition (+) at /usr/local/stow/koha-3.00.​01-stable/lib/C4/ line 2538, <GEN11> line 1.
13:15 |Lupin| 1 MARC records done in 0.0336489677429199 seconds
13:15 ebegin hdl_laptop,  is there a way to get the fr-FR version of hold-transfer-slip.tmpl somewhere?
13:17 gmcharlt |Lupin|: that's in the NoZebra indexing code - if the records appear to be properly indexed, the warnings are probably benign, if annoying
13:18 |Lupin| gmcharlt: okay, so there is nothing special to do about them ?
13:18 gmcharlt |Lupin|: as long as the records are loaded and index OK, no
13:19 |Lupin| gmcharlt: okay, good to know, thanks
13:22 ebegin Anybody knows what is happening with the web site editing capabilities?  I still can not edit a How-tos assigned to my user...
13:41 hdl_laptop ebegin: file sent
13:42 ebegin hdl_laptop, file received :) thanks.
13:42 ebegin Did you have to generate it or they are available somewhere?
13:44 hdl_laptop i had generated it.
13:46 |Lupin| could someone please explain me what biblio, biblioitem and item are ? (or give me a pointer to something I could read) ?
14:41 |Lupin| hmm
14:42 |Lupin| when doing a search in the OPAC I get this:
14:42 |Lupin| Can't call method "as_usmarc" on an undefined value at /usr/local/stow/koha-3.00.​01-stable/lib/C4/ line 2119.
14:45 |Lupin| and it seems that the two records previously imported are not there (not a zebraproblem since koha does not use it).
14:45 atz yeah, whatever value is in marcxml is invalid or missing
14:45 atz so when koha tries to parse it into an object, it fails
14:46 atz then when a call is made on the object, you get the error
14:46 |Lupin| atz: okay, but what should I do so that my records get imported by bulkmarcimport ?
14:46 atz um, give it valid MARC records
14:47 atz MARC::Lint is good a picking up problems
14:47 |Lupin| atz: well I thought they were valid, they are coming from the national library here in France
14:47 atz frequently encoding is a problem
14:47 atz where the record advertises itself as being in one encoding but really is in another
14:48 |Lupin| atz: actually I did not use it because as far as I understood it could understand onl MARC 21, whereas here we use UNIMARC
14:48 |Lupin| perhaps I'm wrong here ?
14:48 atz i'll check
14:48 |Lupin| atz: thanks !
14:51 atz |Lupin|: not sure...[…]/lib/MARC/
14:51 atz the examples all use USMARC
14:51 atz but it doesn't say it is required
14:51 |Lupin| k
14:52 |Lupin| I tried passing one file to yaz-marcdump and it seems okay
14:52 gmcharlt nearly all of the problems that MARC::Lint will pick up will be specific to MARC21, not UNIMARC
14:53 |Lupin| gmcharlt: do you mean that MARC::Lint is useless in the case of UNIMARC ?
14:54 gmcharlt |Lupin|: except for very basic structural problems, yes
14:56 |Lupin| gmcharlt: I read the MARC record and it seems very good, is far as I can say at least, so I don't know what I could do... the only problems reported at import are the warnings I showed here previously
14:56 |Lupin| hmm actually biblio has 5 items so searching in the OPAC should find something...
15:01 |Lupin| actually when I'm doing a quick search, although there is a word in the search box, koha says that no research criterion has been provided
15:16 atz |Lupin|: make sure the search term doesn't have a colon in it
16:11 CGI290 Beginner in need of help with OPAC for high school instance of Koha.
16:12 pianohacker CGI290: What's up?
16:12 CGI290 Can anyone help me?  Our catalog imported fine into Koha but the OPAC returns no results for any search on the front end.
16:12 pianohacker Zebra is probably not set up
16:12 CGI290 I don't have any experience with the Zebra db.
16:12 atz you have just asked the most frequently asked question.  welcome!
16:13 pianohacker We need to link that in the topic
16:13 CGI290 Sorry.  Is there an FAQ or community doc that has help with that.
16:13 pianohacker Let me see if I can find some docs, not a problem :)
16:13 CGI290 I've googled but kind of hit the same results all the time.
16:14 atz yeah, a lot of threads where people ask something similar.   the job is ./misc/migration_tools/ -b -a -z
16:14 atz (if you are using zebra)
16:15 CGI290 Ok.  I did follow the basic setup for the debian postcard install (recommended install procedures that is) that came with the Koha distro readme.
16:15 atz CGI290: you probably want to look at the example crontab
16:15 atz and schedule the indexing to recur automatically
16:15 atz the main thing to remember is that when you search you don't search "the database", you search the index
16:16 CGI290 Ok.  
16:16 CGI290 That makes sense.
16:16 atz check out misc/cronjobs/crontab.example
16:16 atz it has an example for rebuild_zebra
16:17 pianohacker CGI290: Do you have Zebra installed and running? (Just wanted to be sure)
16:17 CGI290 Ok.  Will do.  I will start there with these instructions.  I iwll check back in with results.
16:18 pianohacker CGI290: Cool, good luck
16:18 CGI290 To the best of my knowledge, I did install zebra and it should be running.  School ended, and I'm onto this project once again so it's been about 2 months since I've had a look at this server.
16:18 atz ah, fun...
16:18 CGI290 Thanks!  My librarian will be so happy if I can get this going and then I can move onto project number 4 for the summer!
16:18 atz good luck
16:33 rhcl we're back![…]9,0,2400615.story
16:34 atz hey, at least you weren't the guy in the elevator
16:41 rhcl Yea. Now I'll probably be charged with buying everybody a UPS for their own computers.
16:42 rhcl $150/ea X 50 computers. Hey, my budget can handle that no problem.
16:50 |Lupin| till soon all, time to go back home
17:14 CGI290 Ok, atz, I've run the rebuild and I know zebra is running.  The rebuild did not return any errors.  I try to search both the backend and OPAC and still get no results.  Something's definitely not pointing at the right db, I'd think.
17:14 atz do you have multiple koha's on the system/?
17:15 CGI290 no.  Just the one instance.
17:15 atz hrm... then it must be connected to the DB OK or it would crash immediately
17:15 atz the OPAC would crash I mean
17:18 CGI290 Is it possible that the DB is not imported correctly?  The librarian said that she got it staged and imported correctly.  Once the MARC Records are imported, is there another step?
17:18 danny CGI290, any errors in the opac error log?
17:18 atz CGI290: frequently people are confused about the steps
17:18 atz importing is one thing, staging into the catalog is another
17:21 CGI290 In the Manage Staged MARC Records it shows the records as imported.  
17:21 CGI290 This is where I'm starting from in regard to getting Koha to return search results.  have i put the cart before the horst here?
17:21 atz # of bibs and items?
17:21 atz no, that's fine
17:21 CGI290 10844
17:22 atz CGI290: and if you view the list of things imported, and click on a title, the detail page displays OK?
17:23 atz that would confirm that the MARC record can be parsed by koha
17:23 atz (it's the link on the bib number on the rightmost column)
17:25 CGI290 Ok.  In reviewing the koha-opac-error_log I'm finding that the db host is unknown
17:27 CGI290 yes, I'm able to review the record and it's details (book name, author, associated bar code)
17:28 CGI290 Am I correct to assume that I've configured the db host incorrectly?
17:36 danny CGI290, what I have found the most when I am setting up Koha is that it is problems with the zebra daemon not running
17:36 danny try running this command "zebrasrv -f /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml"
17:36 danny make sure that points to your koha-conf.xml file
17:37 danny and see if you can search then
17:37 pianohacker and if it is running, you can kill the existing instance and run it that way, which will give you some semi-helpful debugging output
17:44 CGI290 Do I need to stop Zebra first?  I got an error that Zebra was already running.
17:45 danny yes, you would need to stop it first
17:51 CGI290 Ok.  trying that....
17:53 CGI290 Right now it's hanging on 'Starting server zebrasrv pid=31904'
18:07 saintmike hi joetho!!!can you help?
18:08 saintmike does somebody know how to edit to populate data from the database?
18:10 CGI290 Ran command, still got same results.  That is, no records found.
18:10 saintmike Hello?
18:12 wizzyrea saintmike: sometimes it takes a min for ppl to answer ;)
18:14 saintmike wizzyrea : is there a way to populate the page, so that the end user wont need to write the same entries?
18:15 CGI290 Danny, this is the error in the koha-opac-error_log "DBI connect('rhskoha:host','kohaadmin',...) failed: Unknown MySQL server host 'host' (1) at /usr/share/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac/ line 572, referer: http://rhskoha/cgi-bin/koha/
18:17 saintmike is there a way to populate the page, so that the end user wont need to write the same entries?
18:24 wizzyrea saintmike: that's not my area of expertise, sorry
18:25 saintmike Is there a way to populate the page, so that the end user wont need to write the same entries?
18:34 rhcl wizz: did any of you guys loose power this am?
18:37 wizzyrea mmm no, not that I'm aware of
18:38 wizzyrea rhcl: you're (and everyone else, if they want :P) invited to #kohakansas on freenode
18:38 rhcl News reports were saying the outage extended down around Olathe and south of Lawrence.
18:40 wizzyrea hmm. I didn't hear about it
18:50 joetho yo LIZ!!!
18:50 joetho earth to liz!
18:50 joetho calling LIZ!
18:50 joetho knock knock
18:50 joetho tap tap tap
18:51 joetho whoops wrong channel. Please excuse me.
18:57 wizzyrea roflmao
18:59 wizzyrea here's an earworm for you:
19:02 joetho saintmike: I wonder if you are trying to do something manually that would traditionally be done through the user interface.
19:04 pianohacker I think what saintmike is asking asking asking asking asking is if there is a way to default certain fields on the to what was just entered
19:04 pianohacker The answer is no, but I think I heard rumors that someone else was asking about that
19:05 pianohacker (... asking asking ASKING asking ...)
19:09 wizzyrea (ASKING Asking asking...)
19:10 chris pianohacker++
19:10 CGI290 Pianohacker, any insight as to why i can't search on my database?
19:10 wizzyrea zebra started?
19:10 CGI290 Or anyone.  I'm getting a little frazzled here.
19:10 wizzyrea indexes done?
19:10 CGI290 Yes.  zebra's running.
19:10 CGI290 Can you elaborate on indexes done?  
19:10 wizzyrea Ah
19:11 wizzyrea 1s
19:11 chris DBI connect('rhskoha:host','kohaadmin',...)
19:11 pianohacker CGI290: I think I see what's going on
19:11 wizzyrea oh nm... diff prob
19:11 chris looks like your config is wrong
19:11 pianohacker Try clearing the kohaspsuggest system preference
19:11 CGI290 Right.  I know the password's are correct
19:11 pianohacker is trying to connect to a nonexistent database (probably a default value along the lines of host:user:password:database)
19:11 hdl_laptop CGI290 : UNIMARC ?
19:12 hdl_laptop CGI290:  MARC21 ?
19:12 CGI290 MARC21
19:12 hdl_laptop Which version ?
19:12 pianohacker So just remove the contents of the kohaspsuggest system preference, and things _should_ work
19:12 chris yeah what pianohacker said :)
19:12 chris pianohacker++ #again
19:12 pianohacker Also, is anything showing up on the console where you're running zebra when you perform a search?
19:13 CGI290 no error messages other than it can't return a result.  Where do I find the kohaspsuggest system pref?
19:14 pianohacker Under the OPAC tab in Administration -> Global System Preferences
19:14 hdl_laptop admin system preference
19:14 CGI290 found it...
19:17 CGI290 No results match your search for “au,wrdl: bauermc-itype:BK� in Rockhurst High School Library Catalog
19:17 CGI290 searched on author name "bauer"
19:18 pianohacker Try just searching for "au,wrdl: bauer"
19:19 chris and you have run eh?
19:19 CGI290 Should I try it again?
19:20 pianohacker Sure, but without the mc-itype:BK at the end
19:21 wizzyrea was what I was thinking of
19:25 CGI290 Ok.  I'm running again.  This time I thnk it's actually doing something as it hasn't completed in less than one second.
19:26 chris you can run it with -v
19:26 chris and it will tell you what it is doing
19:29 chris[…]-zen-of-community   <--- good read
19:38 atz gmcharlt: pls comment whether you think GetItemIssue in would be a problem if fixed to do what the POD says
19:39 atz and return undef instead of a weird partial hashref when itemnumber isn't in issues
19:39 CGI290 re-ran it with -v and it's exporting biblio now......
19:40 chris thats a good start
19:45 pianohacker success?
19:45 CGI290 That was it.  thanks so much!  Rockhurst High School and the library and IT dept thank you!
19:45 CGI290 yes success!
19:45 pianohacker Yay! Not a problem, very glad it's working
19:46 joetho Rockhurst in Kansas CIty? no way!
19:46 CGI290 thanks.  i'm sure I'll be back.  Yes.  RHS in KC.  We left follett because they're expensive and we got on board with Koha this spring.  Just now getting back to config to prepare for implemantation.
19:47 wizzyrea CHI290 lol we're in Lawrence
19:47 wizzyrea come join us in #kohakansas on freenode
19:47 wizzyrea ;)
19:47 joetho plug into our users group too
19:47 wizzyrea is where the midwest nerds hang out
19:47 wizzyrea no kidding
19:47 CGI290 ok will do!  
19:47 CGI290 what school in Lawrence?
19:47 wizzyrea we're at Northeast KS Library System
19:48 wizzyrea NEKLS
19:48 wizzyrea
19:49 CGI290 very cool.  I saw some people talking about St. Joe and saw the link for and figured there were some locals here.
19:49 CGI290 small world huh?
19:49 wizzyrea Def. :D
19:52 CGI290 thanks again for all of your help everyone.  I'm outta here.  
19:52 pianohacker k, see ya
19:55 joetho snort. who knew.
19:56 pianohacker koha_in_schools++
19:57 pianohacker Especially well-funded schools that might sponsor development :)
19:57 chris :)
20:03 brendan hey #koha
20:03 brendan wizzyrea - I see you are slowly building an army of nerds!  
20:03 pianohacker Hi, brendan
20:03 brendan wizzyrea++
20:03 brendan heya pianohacker
20:03 chris pianohacker:[…]px?ArticleId=7839
20:04 pianohacker chris: cool
20:07 wizzyrea hehe NERD ARMY
20:07 wizzyrea much nicer than nerd rage
20:07 joetho AND... "...they have hired a (Koha) programmer..."  ; )
20:09 joetho pnohack: how did you know Rockhurst was a wellfunded school? It is a private Catholic high school, btw. Not sure how "well-funded" that is these days
20:10 pianohacker Hmm. Wikipedia says endowment of $4.5 million, but not sure how that measures up
20:10 chris joetho: yep thats mason .. you will see him in here :)
20:25 SirStan I am working with 3.00.02 -- and it seems extremely slow due to UTF8/language support ( -- profile of the main cgi script).  The consumer portal takes a second to generate, and a search takes two sections (timed via wget on the server).
20:25 SirStan Is there a way to disable UTF8/dynamic language support?
20:26 pianohacker Ah, yes, I remember trying to optimize  and running into that
20:27 SirStan it takes like 10 seconds for a librarian to updaet a books barcode due to each page in the opac admin taking nearly 2 seconds to display.
20:27 chris the output of that subroutine was the first thing i cached, when i was working with memcached
20:27 pianohacker I think the main two speed problems are a. that koha has to reload everything (config file, system preferences) on each request, since it is based on CGI and b. That each request has to load so many different js. and css. files
20:28 pianohacker Even if you have your Expire: header set right, just the number of requests will slow you down on the frontend
20:28 chris SirStan: putting expires headers on the css and js files
20:28 SirStan I am doing timings with wget
20:28 chris yep .. there is a big bottleneck on the getlanguages
20:28 SirStan not end user browser
20:28 SirStan so no css/js
20:29 chris SirStan: do you have any languages set in the systempreferences?
20:30 SirStan under waht section
20:30 SirStan I18N/L10N, language
20:30 SirStan only en is set
20:31 chris _build_langauges_arrayref
20:32 SirStan i dont hseem to ahev that
20:32 chris is what used to be the bottleneck
20:33 SirStan with 5 concurrent users, each hit takes 5 seconds.
20:34 chris yep
20:35 chris there is no easy fix
20:37 pianohacker chris: Actually, I've been meaning to ask; you mentioned circular dependencies as a barrier to FCGI and similar models, do you know a simple way to find what these circular dependencies are? (especially given a data file like
20:38 chris not so much fastcgi
20:38 chris but mod_perl2
20:39 chris if you have an circular references, the garbage collector cant clean up properly
20:39 chris thus you get memory leaks
20:39 chris in a cgi, its ok, perl ends
20:40 chris in mod_perl, it just grows
20:40 chris there are modules to find circular references, but no simple easy one hit
20:40 chris basically you need to run it as mod_perl, with something like Apache::SizeLimit
20:41 chris watch logs, find leaks, kill them, rinse and repeat
20:41 SirStan are there any thoughts on a koha daemon?
20:41 chris (the size limit is so it doesnt go OOM when you arent watching :)
20:42 SirStan or for most people do they just get a quad xeon machine to run koha reasonably fast
20:42 chris i planned to write one for circ in 2005
20:42 chris SirStan: the biggest/easiest win is to make Koha mod_perl2 sage
20:42 chris safe too :)
20:43 gmcharlt chris: well, PerlRun safe anyway
20:43 SirStan ./make with-no-foreign-lang-support
20:43 gmcharlt chris: ApacheRegistry safe may be a big win, but not an easy one
20:43 chris for some definition of foreign :)
20:43 chris english is foreign for the majority of the world
20:44 chris gmcharlt: true, easier than a daemon i think tho :)
20:44 SirStan excuse my ignorance -- does fast_cgi spawn instanecs of a perl script, let them load, and ahve them wait for input
20:45 SirStan eh.. that wouldnt make sense would it
20:45 chris SirStan :)
20:45 SirStan :)
20:46 chris yeah im not sure how it works, basically like pianohacker said, we take a big hit reconnecting to the db, rereading config (thats the xml::simple calls)
20:46 chris for every page
20:46 SirStan it seems as though .3 seconds of my execution time is related to UTF8 and language loading
20:46 SirStan 33%
20:47 pianohacker If we want to prioritize, which would be more effective; Perlrun/FCGI/etc support or memcached support?
20:47 chris id go Perlrun first
20:47 SirStan pianohacker: memcache wouldnt helpmuch would it?
20:47 gmcharlt SirStan: there are some hotspots where it would
20:47 SirStan There is limited session data that gets carried around.
20:47 gmcharlt help significantly
20:47 SirStan gmcharlt: oh?
20:48 pianohacker SirStan: Notably, if I understand correctly, it would fix your UTF8 problem
20:48 gmcharlt it's not the session, it's some things like MARC framework data that amount to expensive to extrzct from DB config stuff
20:48 chris SirStan: the config is reread and parsed from xml
20:48 SirStan Someone liked java when they did that
20:49 richard hi
20:50 chris pianohacker: the reason i say Perlrun is that would make our code better anyway, and it also be much easier to spot caching hotspots
20:50 SirStan spent 24.1ms making 480 calls to DBI::st::fetchrow_hashref, avg 50µs/call
20:50 SirStan dear unicode support.
20:50 SirStan make less database calls.
20:50 chris its not the unicode support doing
20:50 chris that
20:51 SirStan that table has 131 entries.
20:51 SirStan why is it called 400 times
20:52 chris yes caching on C4::Languages is a win on almost every page
20:52 chris since that data doesnt change much at all
20:55 chris hmm where are we still using Date::Manip?
20:55 chris getting rid of that cant hurt either
20:55 SirStan keep in mind this isnt dev, its the latest release code.
20:55 chris yep
20:56 chris If you look in CPAN, you'll find that there are a number of Date and Time packages. Is Date::Manip the one you should be using? In my opinion, the answer is no most of the time. This sounds odd coming from the author of the software, but read on.
20:56 chris Date::Manip is written entirely in Perl. It's the most powerful of the date modules. It's also the biggest and slowest.
20:56 SirStan mhm
20:56 SirStan i thought it would break everything
20:56 chris so short answer is, there is lots of places to optimise
20:57 chris SirStan: speed it up any?
20:57 SirStan nope.
20:57 chris yeah its still making the calls
20:57 chris i bet
20:57 SirStan im sure
20:57 chris just getting no results
20:57 SirStan now i need to restore that table <g>
20:58 chris which is why not making the calls is a better idea, fetching that whole table in one hit, then sticking it in a hash or something, and use that rather than keep querying it
20:58 chris maybe ill have a go at that today
20:58 SirStan chris: can you easily export your language_descriptions table for me?
20:58 chris i can do one better
21:00 chris do you still have your tarball?
21:00 SirStan yup
21:00 SirStan i also have a backup of the db
21:00 chris if you look in installer/data/mysql/en/mandatory
21:00 chris subtag_registry.sql
21:00 SirStan lovely.
21:01 SirStan imported -- thanks,.
21:01 chris np
21:02 chris i cant promise i will get anything done today (have a 17 old baby and 2.5 year toddler to deal with too) but ill try to get a patch done to speed up C4::Languages
21:05 wizzyrea ok, I have kind of a weird and funny (uh oh) issue
21:08 wizzyrea LOL
21:08 wizzyrea it's not that bad
21:09 SirStan You rock Chris.
21:09 wizzyrea so I"m looking at Last Seen in all of it's incarnations
21:09 wizzyrea its*
21:10 wizzyrea the and last seen values are different, depending on what happened with the item
21:10 wizzyrea this seems strange
21:10 wizzyrea seems to show the last issue date
21:11 wizzyrea seems to show the last status change
21:11 SirStan chris: performance q #2 - is it normal for a marc import to run at 2 records/second w/o zebra?
21:11 wizzyrea (as an aside, doesn't seem to be accurate, but that's separate I think)
21:12 pianohacker SirStan: Maybe; have you tried misc/migration_tools/ Useful for your first major import
21:12 SirStan pianohacker: no .. i used the gui
21:12 chris ahh gmcharlt might know the answer for that better than me
21:13 pianohacker That should be doable, though if you can make it not in the background, it would be easier
21:13 chris SirStan: are you using nozebra? I would strongly recommend using zebra if speed is a concern
21:14 SirStan chris: ill take speed where I can get it :).  it just seemed odd taht records were only importing at 2/sec.
21:15 SirStan anyways.. if you can make languages not horribly slow; id love you still.
22:02 joetho liz- that would explain some of the weird results I was getting with a report last month. We worked and workd on it and I will have to dig up the solution
22:11 chris SirStan|AFK: you around?
22:11 chris i have a dodgy hack, to speed things up while i fix things properly
22:11 chris line 267, in C4/
22:12 chris just put a
22:12 chris return;
22:12 chris there
22:13 chris id be interested to see if you get the same kind speed increase i get (halved execution time)
22:13 gmcharlt chris: ya'know, this may be another case where Memoize can give a quick improvement
22:13 chris (it disables you being able to choose other languages for the opac/intranet .. but sounds like you dont need that anyway)
22:13 chris gmcharlt: hmmm yeah i think you are right
22:14 gmcharlt most of the public functions in C4::Languages are side-effect free (or at least, enough for memoize's purposes)
22:15 chris ill give that a crack, be good learning experience
22:32 Jo morning
22:32 pianohacker Good morning
22:44 brendan morning jo
22:47 CGI573 [Tue Jun 09 11:19:34 2009] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers:
22:47 CGI573 [Tue Jun 09 11:19:34 2009] [error] [client] Can't locate Date/ in @INC (@INC contains: c:/usr/koha229/intranet/modules C:/usr/lib C:/usr/site/lib .) at c:/usr/koha229/intranet/modules/C4/ line 7.
22:47 CGI573 [Tue Jun 09 11:19:34 2009] [error] [client] BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at c:/usr/koha229/intranet/modules/C4/ line 7.
22:47 CGI573 [Tue Jun 09 11:19:34 2009] [error] [client] Compilation failed in require at c:/usr/koha229/intranet/modules/C4/ line 27.
22:47 CGI573 [Tue Jun 09 11:19:34 2009] [error] [client] BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at c:/usr/koha229/intranet/modules/C4/ line 27.
22:47 CGI573 [Tue Jun 09 11:19:34 2009] [error] [client] Compilation failed in require at c:/usr/koha229/intranet/modules/C4/ line 29.
22:47 CGI573 [Tue Jun 09 11:19:34 2009] [error] [client] BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at c:/usr/koha229/intranet/modules/C4/ line 29.
22:47 CGI573 [Tue Jun 09 11:19:34 2009] [error] [client] Compilation failed in require at c:/usr/koha229/intranet/modu​les/C4/Circulation/ line 35.
22:47 CGI573 [Tue Jun 09 11:19:34 2009] [error] [client] BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at c:/usr/koha229/intranet/modu​les/C4/Circulation/ line 35.
22:47 CGI573 [Tue Jun 09 11:19:34 2009] [error] [client] Compilation failed in require at c:/usr/koha229/intranet/modules/C4/ line 30.
22:47 CGI573 [Tue Jun 09 11:19:34 2009] [error] [client] BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at c:/usr/koha229/intranet/modules/C4/ line 30.
22:47 CGI573 [Tue Jun 09 11:19:34 2009] [error] [client] Compilation failed in require at C:/usr/koha229/opac/cgi-bin/koha/ line 7.
22:47 CGI573 [Tue Jun 09 11:19:34 2009] [error] [client] BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at C:/usr/koha229/opac/cgi-bin/koha/ line 7.
22:47 CGI573 [Tue Jun 09 11:19:53 2009] [error] [client] script not found or unable to stat: C:/usr/koha229/opac/cgi-bin/koha/favicon.ico
22:47 CGI573 [Tue Jun 09 11:20:15 2009] [error] [client] script not found or unable to stat: C:/usr/koha229/opac/cgi-bin/koha/favicon.ico
22:47 CGI573 [Tue Jun 09 11:36:31 2009] [error] [client] script not found or unable to stat: C:/usr/koha229/opac/cgi-bin/koha/favicon.ico
22:47 CGI573 [Tue Jun 09 13:29:24 2009] [error] [client] script not found or unable to stat: C:/usr/koha229/opac/cgi-bin/koha/favicon.ico
22:47 CGI573 Hello, I've successfully installed Apache, MySQL, Perl and Koha. But when I try to access Koha (we're supposed to type 'intranet' or 'opac' into the url of our browser to access), I get an Apache Internal Server Error. Here's are the last few lines of the opac-error log.
22:47 chris gmcharlt:  time wget
22:47 atz cpan install Date::Calc
22:48 chris real    0m0.898s
22:48 chris then i added
22:48 chris my $filename="/tmp/translated";                                                                                                              
22:48 pianohacker CGI573: We're happy to help with your problem, but if you need to paste errorlogs in the future, please use
22:48 chris tie my %cache => 'DB_File', $filename, O_RDWR|O_CREAT, 0666;                                                                                
22:48 chris #memoize ('getTranslatedLanguages', SCALAR_CACHE => [HASH => \%cache]);
22:48 CGI573 oops, sorry.
22:48 chris without the #
22:48 pianohacker </persnicketyness>, not a big deal
22:48 chris real    0m0.525s
22:49 pianohacker What atz said :)
22:49 chris thats a decent win :)
22:49 atz nice... almost half
22:50 chris so ill do it a bit nicer
22:50 chris not hardcoding in /tmp etc :)
22:50 chris and i think probably should have an expires in there somewhere too
22:51 CGI573 Hi pianohacker. I've installed Apache, MySQL, Perl and Koha and when I type in "intranet" or "opac" I get a internal server error, but before I get that I see the welcome to koha for a split second. Any ideas from the error log what went wrong?
22:51 pianohacker Try installing the Date::Calc module, using CPAN:
22:51 pianohacker $ sudo cpan install Date::Calc
22:51 pianohacker What distro are you on? There might be a package
22:52 pianohacker Oh, never mind, sorry
22:52 CGI573 Sorry, I'm not very tech savy. where would I go to install the "date...." you mention? is there a url?
22:52 pianohacker Let me see how you would do that for windows
22:53 CGI573 much appreciated, thanks :)
22:54 chris do we have a tmp dir as a as a syspref or config variable or anything?
22:56 pianohacker CGI573: How did you install Perl?
22:59 CGI573 um, I got it from (fuzzy because I did this a while back), but I did change the path to c:\usr\ like the instructions say to.
23:01 pianohacker CGI573: So you started here?
23:01 pianohacker (Just trying to figure out where to point you)
23:02 CGI573 yep, that's where I went to get my info.
23:02 pianohacker Okay.
23:02 pianohacker So if you start a Command Prompt, then run cd \usr\
23:02 pianohacker Then run dir
23:02 pianohacker Is there a bin directory in there?
23:07 CGI573 Sorry, I went to the "start" menu on windows, then to "run" then typed in "cmd" then typed in "cd\usr\" and hit enter I get an "system cannot find the path specified" ...
23:07 pianohacker Hmm. That's odd.
23:08 pianohacker Try running cd .. , then cd .. again, then cd user
23:08 pianohacker cd usr, rather
23:08 pianohacker Those two cd .. command should get up to C:\
23:10 CGI573 I get the same error.
23:10 pianohacker Is your prompt currently C:\>
23:12 CGI573 no it's J:|
23:12 pianohacker Ahh. Run C: (just type it in to change drives, gotta love DOS)
23:12 pianohacker Then run cd \usr\
23:12 pianohacker then dir
23:14 CGI573 Oh okay :) This time I get on the third line, "....<DIR>   bin...." so I think this is the bin directory you are talking about?
23:15 pianohacker Yup
23:15 pianohacker Try cd bin
23:15 pianohacker Then cpan
23:16 CGI573 Now I have "cpan shell -- CPAN exploration and modules installation (v1.7602) ReadLine support enabled"
23:16 pianohacker Very nice. Try running install Date::Calc
23:17 pianohacker Actually, did you install the "Activeperl 5.8.x modules for Koha" from ?
23:18 CGI573 I think I did v5.8.8.817
23:18 pianohacker Okay then
23:20 CGI573 I have a prompt now. It says "Bit::Vector Shall I follow them and prepend them to the queue of modules we are processing right now? [yes]" What am I installing by the way?
23:20 pianohacker You want to answer yes
23:20 pianohacker It's code used by Koha to deal with dates
23:22 CGI573 Now I get "Running make install...make had returned bad status, install seems impossible" cpan>
23:23 pianohacker Are there any errors that pop up after "install Date::Calc"?
23:29 CGI573 immediately after the install command, there are a few lines like
23:30 CGI573 "storable loaded ok"...useragent loaded ok...then later it says there's a new version avial..
23:30 pianohacker ok, all normal
23:32 CGI573 I just went to the browser and typed opac and intranet and still get the error message :(
23:34 pianohacker Try running force install Date::Calc
23:34 pianohacker Not strictly correct, but worth a shot
23:35 CGI573 say yes to the bit::vector thing again?
23:35 pianohacker Yup
23:36 mason heh
23:36 mason heya jesse
23:36 pianohacker Hi, mason :)
23:36 pianohacker You wouldn't happen to know anything about the 2.2.9 windows installer, would you?
23:36 SirStan|AFK do devs run debian; ubuntu; or other?
23:36 pianohacker I think debian is the most common
23:37 CGI573 Same deal w/ the "make" issue
23:37 pianohacker Koha is the best supported on that distro, but you can use it on others; the servers at the library I work at use Arch
23:37 mason i know more than i wanna know about koha on windows, which isnt much ;)
23:38 pianohacker CGI573: Are you sure you installed the extra modules, and not just ActiveState Perl? I'm beginning to think I know what's wrong, and it could be tough to fix through this route
23:38 brendan pianohacker++
23:39 CGI573 I can uninstall Perl and install clean if that's what I should do. Where do I go to get these "extra modules" that you speak of?
23:40 pianohacker
23:40 pianohacker Third link on the right of the page
23:40 pianohacker *right part, rather
23:42 pianohacker Okay, this scares me:[…]enial-of-service/
23:42 CGI573 OH crap....I don't think I installed this because I thought I did a "full" install of Koha.
23:43 SirStan|AFK does koha actually run on windows now?
23:43 pianohacker SirStan|AFK: Well, 2.2.9 does
23:43 sirStan why even bother running an ancient ver
23:43 CGI573 actually, I should be fine cause the koha link above it says it includes the extra modules
23:44 pianohacker Hmm
23:44 pianohacker Yes, you should be...
23:44 sirStan is tehre any tangable benefit to koha on windows?
23:45 pianohacker sirStan: You don't have to install Linux, is pretty much it
23:45 sirStan but you need to install windows ?
23:45 sirStan id prefer the later.
23:45 pianohacker me too, but not every sysadmin feels the same way
23:46 CGI573 I'm just trying to work with what I've got :)
23:46 pianohacker Hey, I'm all for pragmatism
23:48 CGI573 I unfortunately need to go, thanks so much for your patience and generosity Pianohacker. I think I'll have to come back some other time to finish this. Based on today's run through, is there a quick way to start off where we leave off case I run into someone else. just so we don't reinvent the wheel. some techie speak that will help?
23:48 pianohacker Hmm
23:49 pianohacker The Date::Calc module is installed, and can't be found, or can't be installed; one of the two
23:49 CGI573 okay, thanks again! Have a great day/evening...
23:49 pianohacker Not a problem; good luck!
23:52 pianohacker Wow, this has been a very busy support day
23:52 pianohacker Good night, all
23:54 chris sirStan:
23:55 chris i dont like the hardcoded filename, so i need to fix that before i can send a patch also a need an option to flush the cache
23:56 chris but it does will a decent performance boost if you want to try it out
23:56 chris will=win
00:16 chris in koha news, rachel the kaitiaki has had her baby
00:17 mugwump it's Baby Boom 2.0!
00:17 mugwump in other news, abortions are down
03:33 Amit hi Jo, chris, mason, brendan
03:33 Amit good morning #koha
03:33 Amit hi Richard
03:41 mason morning amit
03:41 Amit heya mason
04:36 brendan heya amit
04:36 Amit heya brendan
05:15 chris back
05:18 Amit hi chris
05:20 brendan amit - what is happen in the t20
05:20 Amit today 1 semi final between South Africa vs Pakistan
05:21 Amit tommorrow 2nd semi final bt Srilanak vs westindies
05:21 brendan who do you like to win?
05:24 Amit My fav South Africa
05:24 brendan South Africa over ?
05:24 brendan sri lanka
05:24 Amit south africa vs pakistan
05:24 Amit today match
05:24 brendan ok
05:25 brendan so who do think South Africa will meet in the final match
05:25 Amit I think Srilanaka
05:25 brendan ok
05:26 brendan so between south africa and srilanaka
05:26 brendan who wins?
05:27 Amit South Africa
05:27 Amit my fav
05:27 brendan cool
05:27 Amit any new from your side
05:27 chris i hope south africa lose
05:27 Amit why Chris?
05:27 chris i hate their captain
05:27 Amit Smith
05:27 Amit hmmm
05:27 brendan who's the captain
05:28 Amit but southafrica is strong as compare to othere
05:28 brendan also -- chris hate is a strong word
05:28 Amit graeme smith south africa captin
05:28 brendan maybe dislike is better
05:28 Amit hmmm
05:28 chris oh no, i hate him :)
05:28 brendan awesome!
05:28 Amit so your fav chris Srilanka
05:29 chris i dislike the australian captain :)
05:29 Amit i m also
05:29 Amit i have hate aus team
05:29 Amit i hate aus team
05:29 brendan I like the word dislike
05:30 brendan so graeme smith
05:30 Amit means breandan
05:30 brendan the captain
05:30 Amit so u like SA captain
05:30 brendan of south africa
05:31 brendan no -- I'm trying to figure out who he is
05:31 chris yes
05:31 brendan ok -- off to google graeme smith
05:31 Amit chris which team is your fav
05:31 chris i would like the west indies to win
05:31 chris but i dont think they will
05:32 chris i think south africa probably will
05:32 brendan chris -- what happens when I don't find out anything bad about him?
05:32 chris hehe
05:32 chris you can make up your own mind :)
05:32 brendan deal
05:32 Amit brendan:
05:32 brendan thank you amit
05:33 brendan oh man -- first comment -- he's younger than us
05:33 brendan err... me
05:33 Amit hee
05:34 brendan quick question -- is he batsman ?
05:34 Amit yes he is batsman
05:34 Amit he is opener
05:34 Amit chris: i m right
05:34 brendan explain opener -- does that mean the best player ?
05:35 brendan in baseball -- you bat your best player third
05:35 Amit opener means to open the innings
05:35 Amit means first player to play the first ball
05:36 brendan ok chris -- I've read what I need to have read to agree -- I hate him too
05:36 chris usually the number 3 and 4 batsman are the best
05:36 chris in test cricket anyway
05:36 Amit i agree with chris
05:36 chris 1 and 2 are there to not protect them from the new ball
05:39 brendan ok -- that is very similar to baseball -- the best hitter is number 3
05:40 chris i was going to say, to not have to score tons of runs, but to stay there long enough for the ball to get a bit older
05:43 brendan so what your saying is -- a batsman that is very good at striking the ball --- actually the best on team at striking the ball
05:43 chris the best at not getting out
05:44 brendan so true in basebal
05:44 chris and 3 4 and 5 are the best at scoring runs
05:44 brendan true in baseball
05:44 brendan how many are in a line-up
05:44 chris 11
05:44 chris but you bat in pairs
05:44 brendan wow
05:44 chris so you only need to get 10 out
05:44 brendan how do you not win ever game
05:45 brendan not ever   == every
05:45 chris you are playing against time in the case of test cricket (5 days)
05:45 chris or number of overs in odi and t20
05:46 brendan the biggest problem I have with time -- is that it gives everyone time to recover...  
05:46 chris in t20 your best batsman are often 1 and 2
05:46 chris because there are only 20 overs each side
05:46 chris so 120 bowls
05:46 brendan Chris - you are excellent with your job -- when you've had enough time to sleep
05:47 brendan so 120 bowls --
05:48 brendan I agree -- that's much more pressure -- you are correct
05:48 Amit brendan: i m seeing your website bywater
05:49 chris in test cricket, you are wearing the ball down (as well as the bowler)
05:49 brendan so a batter must face most of those bowls -- where as where I am coming from -- only three to eight bowls a game
05:49 chris (they use the same ball for at least 90 overs (540 bowls)
05:49 brendan I always forget that
05:50 Amit chris: u have a lot of knowledge about cricket
05:50 chris i have spent many a day watching cricket :)
05:51 Amit hmm me too
05:52 fredericd chris: For your tmp cache file, there is something equivalent for authorities...
05:52 fredericd Take a look at, around line 661
05:52 brendan amit -- so bywater site is a work in progress -- thanks for taking a look..
05:52 chris ahh you using memoize ?
05:53 Amit brendan: your website in joomla
05:53 brendan nope it's mambo
05:53 chris ahh hardcoded path there too
05:53 fredericd chris: For memoize, yes, I'm testing. It works very very well
05:54 chris yeah, by caching that language function i halve the execution time for
05:55 fredericd really?... I would like to test...
05:56 Amit brendan: mambo is similar to joomla i think
05:56 chris chris@ubuntu:~/git/koha.git$ time wget
05:56 chris real    0m0.905s
05:56 chris without memoize
05:57 chris real    0m0.558s
05:57 chris with it
05:57 brendan yes amit -- i think mambo is the same as joomla -- just a little bit before
05:57 chris fredericd: i will send you a patch
05:57 Amit hmm
05:57 chris so you can try it
05:58 brendan chris - I've been following along with along with that whole conversation all day -- mind sending me a patch
05:58 fredericd chris: thanks. I have my hands now on NYTProf. I will profile OPAC result page with your page and publish results for review.
05:58 fredericd with you patch
05:58 chris will do brendan
05:59 chris on their way
06:00 chris now i have to go bath kahu, back later
06:00 brendan sweet :)
06:01 fredericd bye chris, and all
06:03 brendan received - thanks  
06:13 Amit brendan: have u converted marc21 to text via perl script
06:52 chris back
06:52 chris fredericd: let me know if it works for you
06:53 chris what i have to add to it, is an expiry
06:54 chris so that its not cached forever (altho that subroutine very rarely returns a different result, its only if you add a new language)
06:55 chris the nice thing is that if it cant find the memoized data, it falls back and just runs the subroutine
06:55 Amit chris: is there any option form MARC21 to flat text conversion directly
06:55 chris not that i know of Amit
06:56 Amit i m using by this
06:56 Amit use MARC::XML;
06:56 Amit   $x = MARC::XML->new("myxmlfile.xml","xml");
06:56 Amit   $x->output({file=>">mytextfile.txt","ascii");
06:56 Amit but it is not converted show conversion only xml to xml
06:56 Amit any idea
06:58 kf good morning #koha
06:58 Amit hi kf
07:23 Amit hi nicomo
07:23 nicomo hi Amit hi all
07:23 chris hi nicomo and kf
08:40 chris wow, quebec is unstable tonight
08:43 nicomo chris: they're thinking about secession of networks maybe, but hesitating about it
08:43 chris heh
09:55 magnusenger Is it just me, or does a MARC21 tag called 01e look a little odd?
09:55 magnusenger It's called CODED FIELD ERROR (RLIN)
09:56 magnusenger and can be found on lines 201 + 539 here:[…]FAULT.sql;hb=HEAD
09:57 magnusenger It's not listed here either:[…]hic/bd01x09x.html
10:03 veki is there any possibility to instal Koha for windows with xampp?
10:06 veki I see that during the installation process it search for Apache on predetermined locations. Maybe it should be good to enable teh user to point location of required files
10:21 nicomo magnusenger: around?
10:28 magnusenger nicomo: yes
11:09 gmcharlt magnusenger: it's not standard MARC21; it's a custom field that was once used by the RLIN bibliographic utlity
11:10 magnusenger ok, and it's actuallu called 01e?
11:11 gmcharlt magnusenger: yep, I think that was the actual tag
11:12 gmcharlt although it's unlikely that you'll run across any records that use it
11:16 Amit hi galen
11:17 gmcharlt hi AMit

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