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12:44 nahuel_ wake up all !
12:44 nahuel_ it's time to wake uuup !
12:45 cait hi nahuel
12:45 nahuel_ hi cait
12:45 cait dev weekend starts now?
12:45 nahuel_ Well before we need some big breakfast
12:45 nahuel_ after yesterday night alcohol :p
12:45 cait :)
12:45 cait how was the baseball game?
12:45 nahuel_ really interesting
12:46 nahuel_ (and strange:p)
12:46 nahuel_ but funny
12:46 cait g
12:47 nahuel_ what about you?
12:48 cait sitting on couch and waiting for texas to wake up ;)
12:48 cait hope I can be at kohacon next year
12:48 nahuel_ hehe
12:48 nahuel_ Me too :)
12:48 cait followed twitter and flickr and blogs... really wanted to get some info about new acq - but heard only that its awesome...  :)
12:49 nahuel_ ahah
12:49 nahuel_ I think you can ask paul and soul9 some more informations
12:49 cait i have to try that
12:49 cait and I still hope the session was recorded
12:50 nahuel_ I think it was
12:50 cait nice to hear that
12:50 cait :)
12:50 nahuel_ you should ask to david for records
12:51 cait hope they will get online soon, but I think everybody will need a little time to recover :)
12:52 nahuel_ I think yes
12:52 nahuel_ well it's the breakfast time
12:53 cait :)
12:53 cait see you later then
12:53 nahuel_ see ya
13:08 nengard good morning #koha
13:14 gmcharlt good morning
13:18 k12linux 'mornin
13:19 k12linux the KohaCon 2009 developer meeting has begun
13:19 k12linux :)
13:23 k12linux First notable quote of the day, "Oh come on computer!"
13:29 nengard adding more chairs to the meeting for for dev meeting :)
13:33 chris morning
13:38 jdavidb nengard: If you get out of that fluffy chair, owen is liable to take it.  Better watch him close.  ;-)
13:38 nengard jdavidb: thanks for the tip :)
13:39 owen I'm more likely to be jumping up... as soon as the coffee arrives
13:39 k12linux Coffee is in the back of the room
13:41 gmcharlt starting introductions
13:41 gmcharlt people here
13:41 gmcharlt thd (Thomas Dukleth)
13:42 gmcharlt nengard (Nicole Engard)
13:42 gmcharlt chris (Chris Cormack)
13:42 owen Did you see how I skipped introduction there ? ;)
13:43 nengard owen we'll come back to you :)
13:43 gmcharlt owen: very clever
13:43 gmcharlt danny (Danny Bouman)
13:43 gmcharlt Cory Jaeger
13:44 gmcharlt pianohacker (Jesse Weaver)
13:44 gmcharlt paul_p (Paul Poulain)
13:45 gmcharlt jwagner (Jane Wagner)
13:45 gmcharlt jdavid (David Bavousett)
13:48 gmcharlt Dave Goldfind (sp?)
13:48 LibDave is Dave Goldfein (with correct spelling)
13:48 caj Goldfein
13:48 gmcharlt LibDave (thanks and apologies)
13:48 gmcharlt Agnes
13:49 gmcharlt owen (Owen Leonard)
13:52 gmcharlt BWS Johnson
13:52 caj gmcharlt (Galen Charlton)
13:55 caj Proposed topics...
13:56 caj decision process for patch conflict resolution
13:56 caj tips&tricks
13:56 caj intro to hacking koha
13:56 caj git
13:57 caj bug severity & priority
13:58 caj -- into to koha hacking and submitting patches
13:58 caj thd volunteered pual_p to present
14:00 caj can someone familiar with Koha take over notes... I'd like to concentrate on this part
14:01 jdavidb I got it, caj.
14:02 jdavidb unless someone else wants to, natch.  :)
14:02 owen Hey Sharon_, get home okay?
14:03 Sharon_ Howdy Owen, an hour delay, but was home by midnight
14:03 gmcharlt atz (Joe Atzberger) arrived
14:03 gmcharlt paul_p is now giving an introduction to Koha's structure for new developers
14:06 jdavidb (except you, nengard.  you have to pay attention.)
14:08 pianohacker brb breakfast
14:16 brendan Goodmoring #koha and dev's
14:17 chris hey brendan
14:18 gmcharlt hi brendan
14:22 nahuel_ hi hi
14:23 cait good morning
14:23 pianohacker morning cait
14:24 cait :)
14:29 gmcharlt hi cait
14:30 gmcharlt pianohacker: or C4::Koha
14:30 gmcharlt sysprefs are a good place to try out an OO framework
14:30 nahuel_ pianohacker, it's seems to be great in C4::Context...
14:30 gmcharlt yeah, I meant C4::Context
14:30 nahuel_ well there is the "preference()" function
14:31 pianohacker Context is probably the lesser of two mishmashes
14:34 nahuel_ chris, great !
14:39 nahuel_ which can be the name about the different ways to calculate renews ?
14:39 nahuel_ RenewCalculation?
14:46 eiro hello guies ...
14:47 eiro is Moose entering in koha ? (galen talked about a OO framework)
14:47 gmcharlt hi eiro it's being considered
14:47 gmcharlt far from decided
14:48 gmcharlt there's a growing consensus that an OO framework would be useful
14:48 gmcharlt does need more discussion
14:48 nahuel hi eiro !
14:48 gmcharlt Moose is an example
14:48 nahuel paul_p means : KISS concept :)
14:48 nahuel Keep It Simple and Stupid
14:48 gmcharlt but we'd need to decide which framework to use
14:48 nahuel :)
14:48 nahuel gmcharlt++
14:48 nahuel gmcharlt, are you agree with my syspref name ?
14:49 eiro i played with lot of them (did Joe told you about you discution in providence ?)
14:49 gmcharlt nahuel: which syspref?
14:49 eiro
14:49 nahuel eiro, <nahuel_> RenewCalculation?
14:49 gmcharlt eiro: he gave me a summary
14:50 eiro that was the slides i used
14:50 nahuel gmcharlt, about the renew calculation
14:50 nahuel if we use "today" or "datedue"
14:50 eiro the pb with koha is the CGI mode! please don't choose moose as long as we can't do without it
14:51 eiro concider Mouse or Coat instead
14:51 eiro adn definilty: KiokuDB beats every (perl)? orm !
14:52 gmcharlt nahuel: I suggest RenewDueDateMethod (or RenewDueDateBasis)
14:52 nahuel ok
14:52 nahuel let's go for this
14:52 eiro (for koha at least)
14:52 eiro
14:53 nahuel heu
14:53 nahuel what's this eiro ?
14:53 nahuel it's an orm example ?
14:54 eiro no: the article in wich i explained why ORMs sucks in koha
14:54 eiro s/in/for
14:54 nahuel ho ok
14:54 nahuel :)
14:55 nahuel but what's sqhelp ?
14:55 eiro and SQHelp is the helper i initially wrote for koha to let us time to choose the way to abstract persistance
14:56 eiro gmcharlt didn't want it but i use it for my own usage and i love it
14:57 eiro (it's not as easy to use as an ORM but it drops tons of LOC)
14:57 nahuel LOC ?
14:57 eiro lines of codes
14:57 nahuel oh i think this is not important :) mr oneliner :)
14:57 nahuel just be working
14:58 nahuel and easy to do
14:58 nahuel (my point of view:) )
14:58 eiro it's very important for one reason: as we centralize the access in some libs , we can debug anywhere
14:58 nahuel the number of lines is not the big problem
14:58 nahuel of course :)
14:59 nahuel but the problem is the architecture, not the number of lines
14:59 nahuel s/number/count/
14:59 eiro please see that the fact to use mysql_lastid everywhere in the code makes the things painfull to port to another dbms
14:59 nahuel well :)
14:59 nahuel we must une an orm :)
14:59 nahuel use
15:00 nahuel we're agree :)
15:00 eiro no ... we're not :)
15:00 nahuel tss
15:00 eiro but do what you want: i don't give a shit anymore :->
15:00 nahuel tsss
15:01 nahuel give your point of view!
15:01 eiro i did ... lot of times :)
15:02 nahuel :)
15:02 nahuel "just do it :)"
15:02 eiro the first important and big step for me would be to try to port koha to a MVC framework in order to deal with a modern way to communicate with a httpd
15:03 eiro "koha is slow" ? guess why ? 3 letters ...
15:03 eiro C . G . I .
15:04 eiro so ... WE for me ...
15:04 eiro cya all and good coding party
15:04 nahuel hehe
15:05 nahuel eiro, don't think it's cgi
15:05 nahuel :)
15:05 nahuel too much session deals
15:05 nahuel too much sql requests
15:05 nahuel too much js and external files
15:05 eiro that's the only part of the pb!
15:06 eiro we're bad on dealing with sessions and MVC frameworks does it well
15:06 nahuel yep
15:06 nahuel of course
15:06 nahuel :)
15:06 nahuel it's done for this
15:06 nahuel (and a lot of other stuffs)
15:07 eiro no maintained env. no bytecoded
15:09 eiro it's time consumming create an complete env for a CGI. that's one of the reason php bet perl in late 1990: because lot for perl programmers continues to use cgis as php when php can bytecode the sources and share mysql pools between requets
15:09 eiro 2009: koha still does it!
15:10 chris of course those some php programmers used global variables and all got hacked, so we dont want to do that part of copying php :-)
15:10 nahuel ahah
15:10 nahuel it was only bad php devs
15:11 nahuel you can do the same in perl
15:11 nahuel in python
15:11 nahuel in java
15:11 nahuel and any other language
15:11 eiro sharing mysql pools is one of the part that are now used by every langages
15:12 nahuel :)
15:12 eiro nahuel, sure! but only in a kept alive env ... so not in CGI
15:30 caj php made it easy for bad coders to code web apps... hence more crackable php sites in general
15:36 jdavidb As a side note to the browser-compat discussion, has there been much attention at all to accessibility?    I suspect the OPAC would only marginally pass current section 508 requirements.
15:38 nahuel caj, because it's easy to set up in shared hosting
15:38 nahuel not because the language is easy
15:58 chris hi nicomo
15:58 nicomo hi chris
15:58 nicomo how's the coughing?
15:59 nicomo (sad tell of the internet that i know here and now (saturday 6pm france)
15:59 nicomo that you're coughing in TX saturday what? 11am?
16:04 chris hehe yes
16:04 chris too much talking
16:06 paul_p hi nicomo
16:06 nicomo hi paul_p
16:20 nengard oops - how did I close this?
16:20 nengard I'm back :)
16:20 nengard jdavidb - procede with picking on me
16:33 jdavidb nengard:  with pleasure.  
16:34 jdavidb nengard:  remember how dead-slow my Eee was yesterday?   been working on it--much better, and Koha is making on it right now.
16:34 nengard jdavidb: awesomeness
16:54 paul_p nahuel: didn't you do something about :[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=813 ?
16:55 nahuel paul_p, no I don't add the shelves comments
16:55 nahuel didn't
16:55 nahuel should I ?
16:57 nahuel <= open source twitter like (it's better to be independant from third parts :))
17:00 jdavidb nengard, chris:  got koha running on the EEE with Easy Peasy 1.0 (Ubuntu Intrepid, on a diet)  very much faster than the thumb drive VM
17:03 paul_p jdavidb: and it's fast enough to be useable ? wow, I never thought it could work !
17:03 pianohacker Quite nice
17:03 pianohacker Do you happen to have a toaster?
17:04 jdavidb paul_p:  very much so.  snag me at a break and come play with it.  Insert yourself as a patron or something; there's nothing in there right now.
17:04 jdavidb pianohacker:  no, I don
17:04 paul_p lol: @all = "you know you're a geek when you chat with someone in the same room as you :D"
17:04 jdavidb don't, even.
17:06 chris :)
17:24 owen Looking at Bug 3132: When adding a guarantor for a professional patron should we show the "relationship" choice? This has to be the same for Professionals and Child patrons, so they'd be very different options
17:25 owen Or is the relationship between professional patron and organization understood?
17:26 jdavidb owne:  I would think that's pretty intuitive, but not necessarily a *given.*  Consider the case of a federal employee vs contractor.  See them in the hall (or at the circ desk) and it would not be obvious.  If it was important, though, they'd be creating different patron categories.
17:27 jdavidb owen, even....  sheesh.
17:28 nahuel for information, some people of biblibre are playing with python doing a marc editor, for the moment is just a work in progress project, which enable only to read the marcxml and iso2709 files, but it'll be able to modify/write records, url is :
17:28 owen jdavidb: Yeah, I was thinking about a similar possibility, like the difference in a university between faculty and staff
17:28 nahuel for the moment it's just a "proof of concept"
17:28 nahuel the use interface will be rewrite
17:29 jdavidb owen:  right.  if they have the same borrow privs, it might be useful, but not crucial, prolly.  If they have different borrow privs, it'll be moot.
17:30 owen I'm going to leave it out, and leave it up to the person who puts it back in to solve the problem of how to offer different relationship choices to C and P patrons
17:31 jdavidb owen:  sounds like a plan.
17:55 caj tabs rawk
19:37 jdavidb dev meeting restarting:  gmcharlt is wrapping up the git discussion.  Hackfest to follow, I think.
19:53 nengard hackfest is beginning
19:54 pianohacker (notwitter) Working on the systempreferences editor once again for the KohaCon hackfest
19:56 nahuel pianohacker, open source twitter like :)
19:56 nahuel it uses :
19:57 pianohacker Remember reading about that, thanks :)
20:00 nahuel :)
20:00 nahuel non-open webapps are bad :p
20:02 jdavidb Hi, liz_nekls!
20:18 gmcharlt pushed fix for bug 908 - thanks paul_p
20:18 gmcharlt pushed fix for bug 918 - thanks paul_p
20:20 gmcharlt pushed patch for bug 1545 - thanks chris
20:22 gmcharlt pushed patch for 3132 - thanks owen
20:45 gmcharlt pushed patch to batchRepairMissingBiblionumbers - thanks nahuel
21:02 brendan anybody know of a quick way to show a list of all the bugs in bugzilla
21:02 brendan may have missed that...
21:04 chris i just make a saved search of[…]g&email2=&bugidty
21:05 chris so you can save that
21:05 chris in bugzilla mine is "all open bugs"
21:06 brendan chris that works, thanks
21:10 gmcharlt pushed patch for bug 946 - thanks paul_p
21:22 gmcharlt pushed patch for 3102 - thanks brendan
21:33 brendan gmcharlt on patch 3102 -- should I use your recommendation from bugzilla instead of the patch I sent before...  This deals with "localization" compared to "location"
21:33 brendan I also vote for location over localization
22:26 owen dev weekend day 1 winding down... time to find dinner!
22:27 pianohacker definitely dinnertime
23:17 gmcharlt brendan: go ahead and send a patch using "Location" - note that I've already pushed your first 3102 patch
23:17 brendan Ok will do thanks gmcharlt
01:19 chris back from dinner
04:25 chris evening nahuel, good dinner?
04:25 nahuel chris, !
04:25 nahuel hey
04:25 nahuel where are you ?
04:25 chris in my room
04:25 nahuel I think it was the best dinner I had in texas !
04:25 chris ohh cool, where did you go?
04:25 nahuel And it was the better steack I didn't eat for a long time
04:25 nahuel in a great steack house in dallas
04:26 chris excellent
04:26 nahuel it was expensive
04:26 nahuel but really really really good
04:26 brendan it was a good dinner, nahuel
04:26 brendan hey chris
04:26 nahuel yes
04:26 chris hey brendan
04:26 nahuel a really great
04:26 nahuel one
04:26 brendan one of the best steaks I've ever had
04:26 nahuel me too
04:27 nahuel and the evening was pretty cool
04:27 chris darn, sounds like i picked the wrong night to go shopping
04:27 nahuel like yesterday night
04:27 nahuel :)
04:27 nahuel héhé
04:27 nahuel chris, you've still tomorow
04:27 brendan ah -- nothing is better than live baseball
04:27 chris heh
04:27 nahuel huhu
04:28 chris[…]and-good-friends/
04:28 nahuel you're wrong :)
04:28 nahuel there is another one people :)
04:29 brendan chris what is Korerorero ?
04:29 chris it means discussion/talking in maori
04:29 brendan oh course
04:30 brendan that's seems pretty obvious now
04:30 nahuel brendan, when are you leaving ?
04:30 brendan tomorrow around noon (12:00)
04:30 nahuel ah
04:30 nahuel you're going to mexico ?
04:30 brendan new mexico -- the state next to texas
04:31 brendan to the west of here
04:31 nahuel aaaah ok
04:31 brendan texas is probably as big as france
04:31 nahuel what will you do there ?
04:31 brendan so basically I'm traveling to another country
04:31 nahuel just for fun ?
04:31 brendan visit a friend - and go hiking
04:32 nahuel cool :)
04:32 brendan looking for birds too.
04:32 nahuel you're lucky
04:32 nahuel I would do the same :)
04:32 nahuel travel all over the time
04:32 brendan cool
04:32 brendan I love to travel, so I agree
04:32 nahuel but i have not my licence :p
04:32 brendan ok -- good night all
04:32 chris good night
04:33 nahuel well :) good night brendan
04:33 nahuel see you tomorow so ?
04:33 nahuel before you leave
04:33 brendan I could teach you to drive in a few hours nahuel
04:33 nahuel hahaha
04:33 brendan the roads are so big and straight here
04:33 nahuel yes but in france the licence is a little bit hard
04:33 nahuel harder than in usa to obtain
04:33 brendan that's because you have to take the test in french ;)
04:34 nahuel ahah
04:34 nahuel well you're driving well
04:34 brendan thanks
04:34 nahuel ahah
04:34 nahuel good night brendan
04:34 nahuel see you tomorow
04:34 nahuel and good night others
04:35 nahuel I'm going to sleeeep
04:35 brendan good night nahuel chris and all others
04:35 nahuel :)
04:35 nahuel too tired
04:35 chris yep me too, cya in the morning
04:38 nahuel see ya
09:02 Samuray hi
11:55 tajoli I'm tring to use IRC as first time
11:56 tajoli But I leave because is too early in Texas

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