IRC log for #koha, 2009-04-18

All times shown according to UTC.

Time S Nick Message
13:36 nahuel hi
13:39 danny hi nahuel and all
14:37 nahuel during kohacon there is no people :p
14:38 danny lol
14:38 danny they are all talking face to face, it is very odd
14:38 nahuel hehe
15:27 hdl_laptop Happy Kohacon
15:28 danny hdl_laptop are you here?
15:28 hdl_laptop unfortunately no.
15:29 hdl_laptop But BibLibre is well represented
15:29 danny ah ok, yes I have seen Paul and Nahuel
15:41 k12linux A bit more bandwidth would be nice.  Maybe 28.8k or something fast like that.
15:41 nahuel k12linux++
15:41 nahuel but i think the storm isn't inocent
15:42 k12linux as long as wireless/internet stays up the rest is ok
15:44 nahuel the light just got a little problem ;p
15:45 k12linux nod.  We may have to hold the next session by laptop light
15:46 nahuel ahah
18:14 chris2 still on the couch cait1?
19:20 nahuel :)
21:53 nahuel_ :)
21:54 nahuel_ all the people is tired
22:13 chris heh yep
22:13 chris at least my voice is coming back
22:18 chris hey brendan
22:18 brendan heya chris
22:18 brendan I'll be there close to 6!
22:18 brendan ready for some baseball!
22:19 chris excellent, there should be a few of us all meeting in the lobby round then :)
22:28 chris hey jo
22:50 rach howdy
05:55 cait chris: no, went to bed early yesterday - but now i'back on the couch ;)

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