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13:57 JoeTho Am I in the auditorium listening to Chris and Paul?
14:03 JoeTho hello gmch
14:03 gmcharlt KohaCon 2009 is underway!
14:03 gmcharlt chris is presenting now
14:03 gmcharlt hashtag to follow on twitter is #kohacon09
14:03 kf is following on twitter
14:03 eiro wow! any video streaming ?
14:04 JoeTho Everybody in my consortium needs to be here, listening to how different Koha is compared to the ILS's they are used to.
14:06 gmcharlt eiro: video is being recorded, but not streaming AFAIK - will be a bit of delay before put up
14:06 kf but you are recording - great!
14:07 eiro cool! thx gmcharlt
14:11 gmcharlt Flickr tag is kohacon09 - see for pictures
14:38 kf hi liz
14:39 kf following on twitter - cant believe my colleagues think twitter is useless
14:40 liz_nekls hiyas
14:40 liz_nekls i'm learning to love twitter
14:40 liz_nekls took a while for me to see the usefulness but for this kind of stuff it's fantastically amazing
14:40 liz_nekls for those who don't know you can kohacon09
14:41 kf it is - but time difference is a problem for me g
14:41 liz_nekls or see the coveritlive at
14:48 liz_nekls kf: where are you?
14:57 kf germany
14:59 kf 7h later here
14:59 liz_nekls kf:oi, rough!
14:59 liz_nekls er, oi, rough lol
15:02 gmcharlt slef, if you're about - do you have any recommendations for an open slide sharing service?
15:02 liz_nekls gmcharlt: open how?
15:02 liz_nekls like
15:03 kf I will see the slides - yay :)
15:03 kf only one I know is slideshare
15:03 gmcharlt like, but in open in sense of maximum availability and usability
15:03 gmcharlt may well be the answer, but just wanted to check
18:38 chris2 hey all
18:42 chris2 hey liz, whatcha watching?
18:43 liz_nekls sql reports
18:43 chris2 cool
18:43 liz_nekls you?
18:43 chris2 cataloguing and acquisitions
18:43 liz_nekls ooh
18:44 chris2 it's good to hear the questions, gives us developers hints what people hate/like :)
18:46 liz_nekls I bet
18:46 liz_nekls i should say... i know (lol)
18:47 liz_nekls librarians = very opinionated
18:47 chris2 :)
18:47 chris2 clients = very opinionated :-) it's not just librarians
18:47 chris2 often they expect us to be telepathic also
18:50 liz_nekls oi telepathy
18:55 slef gmcharlt: if you can't use OpenOffice's export to web features, with notes included is as good as I've seen
18:55 slef downloading originals requires a login, which sucks
18:55 slef back after dinner perhaps
18:56 chris2 hmm, i really need to find a power source soon, 20 mins left on my battery
18:58 liz_nekls dallas has some handy outlets
18:58 liz_nekls dallas room*
18:59 chris2 cool thanks liz_nekls
20:15 liz_nekls everybody remembering tto tag their tweets?
21:11 Vanzetti :)
21:12 nahuel hi all
21:21 danny hey #nahuel
21:21 danny err without the #
21:21 nahuel hi
21:57 k12linux And thus the first day of KohaCon 2009 ends
23:00 liz_nekls_ O:-)
23:00 owen Is that your party hat liz_nekls_?
23:06 liz_nekls_ haha!
23:07 liz_nekls_ mmmmmaaayybbbeeee
02:40 nahuel hey :)
02:44 pianohacker Hello!
02:44 nahuel pianohacker: you're in plano ?
02:45 pianohacker We just had dinner together (I'm Jesse)
02:45 nahuel ho !
02:45 nahuel jesse !
02:46 nahuel great
02:46 nahuel tonight it'll be some thunderstorm
02:46 nahuel :s
02:46 pianohacker Ack
02:46 nahuel and tomorow rain
02:46 nahuel too bad after a great day like today
02:47 pianohacker Yeah; they were expecting bad weather, I guess it just got delayed
02:47 nahuel and sun-day they are planning sun-ny ;)
02:48 pianohacker Ah, quite nice! :)
02:48 pianohacker Does that pun work in french, as well?
02:48 nahuel "pun" ?
02:48 nahuel what does it mean ?
02:48 pianohacker Hrm
02:49 nahuel so ?
02:50 pianohacker Wiktionary says calembour, or jeu de mots
02:50 nahuel oh ok
02:50 nahuel no, because sun is "soleil" and sunday is "dimanche"
02:51 pianohacker ah
02:51 nahuel and sunny "ensoleillé"
02:51 nahuel well, english is funny, you can create words
02:52 nahuel (in french too, but for a french it's more funny to create frenglish words)
02:52 pianohacker Hehe
02:53 nahuel don't remember, you're staying for the week-end ,
02:54 nahuel ?
02:54 pianohacker Yes
02:54 pianohacker Might do an informal demonstration of some work I have been doing with AJAX
02:55 nahuel great
02:55 nahuel you're using YUI ?
02:55 pianohacker jQuery actually
02:55 nahuel ok
02:56 pianohacker Could have gone with either, since Koha does use both
02:56 nahuel to perform ajax queries ?
02:56 pianohacker I'm just more familiar with jQuery. Do you have a preference either way?
02:56 pianohacker Koha uses both just for general javascript tasks
02:57 nahuel i prefer yui, it's more ...
02:57 nahuel hmmm evolutive
02:57 nahuel jquery is more like a "tool"
02:57 nahuel yui is like a framework
02:58 nahuel you can approximatly do what you want with all the framework
02:58 pianohacker Yeah
02:58 nahuel (american tv is... not so fun! too much advert!)
02:58 pianohacker I can't argue with you. I don't watch much TV myself
02:59 nahuel me too, but well we're trying american culture ;)
03:00 nahuel ahah now the mighty bush
03:01 pianohacker Oh dear
03:01 pianohacker might be easier if you pretend you didn't see that
03:02 nahuel ahah
03:02 nahuel well paul is "zapping" every 10 secs
03:02 nahuel so we can't see anything
03:11 nahuel well pianohacker
03:11 pianohacker Yah?
03:11 nahuel it's time for us to sleep
03:11 pianohacker That doesn't sound like a half bad idea
03:12 nahuel ahah
03:12 pianohacker See you tomorrow (goodnight paul!)
03:12 nahuel well usually i' go to sleep more later
03:12 nahuel but jetlag make his effect when the sun is gone
03:12 nahuel have a good night pianohacker
03:13 pianohacker (jetlag does suck)
03:13 pianohacker you too

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