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12:05 christian bonjour
12:06 christian bonjour
13:06 cait2 good morning galen
13:07 gmcharlt hi cait2 - how are you?
13:07 cait2 fine, thx. following git you were busy yesterday - enjoy watching it :)
13:09 slef hi all
13:10 cait2 hi slef
13:10 slef is this getting used much for the dev sessions?
13:11 chris a bit slef
13:14 slef "This Account Has Been Suspended"
13:16 chris yeah, bluehost is having issues
13:16 davi hi
13:16 chris and kathryn is near you now, well nearer, in london
13:16 slef coo. For long?
13:18 chris i think only a few days
13:19 slef shame... I'm pretty booked again :(
13:21 gmcharlt hi slef
13:24 gmcharlt hackfest: pushed patches for 2336, 2363, 1731 - thanks paul_p
13:24 gmcharlt hackfest: pushed another patch for 1545 - thanks chris
13:24 gmcharlt hackfest: pushed OPAC focus CSS patch - thanks owen
13:49 gmcharlt hackfest: pushed patches for 3102, 2338, 3136
14:07 gmcharlt tips and tricks being discussed at dev meeting
14:08 gmcharlt nengard is taking notes and will post later, but some highlights
14:08 gmcharlt * chris; running 'git gc' as part of creating a branch makes switching to branches to faster
14:08 gmcharlt * screen (atz via kados and chris)
14:09 gmcharlt * useful FireFox extensions for Koha development
14:09 gmcharlt hackfast: pushed patches for bugs 3138 and 3139 - thanks nengard
14:14 chris
14:14 chris (ack ... which i use more than grep)
14:37 nengard[…]-koha-developers/
14:37 chris[…]devweekendprogram
14:37 chris please edit and add things to this
14:47 chris hello kansas :)
14:56 liz_nekls_ hiyas!
14:58 liz_nekls_ o lol not talking to me
15:00 chris hehe actually i was, just got distractied
15:01 pianohacker fickle
15:02 chris heh
15:02 chris hey liz_nekls_ :) we just finished a bugzilla session
15:02 gmcharlt hi liz_nekls_
15:03 liz_nekls_ i figured y'all were busy. Sad I missed it.
15:03 liz_nekls_ :D
15:03 liz_nekls_ (oi, still speaking texan)
15:04 Sharon_ good morning
15:04 nengard morning
15:05 nengard did you two see bug 1545 :) the fixes are awesome!!!!
15:05 liz_nekls_ i know! I saw that it was done, of course we won't see it for a while on our system
15:05 liz_nekls_ but OMG so awesome
15:06 liz_nekls_ will save us so much time
15:06 liz_nekls_ SQUEEE!
15:06 chris heh
15:06 nengard liz_nekls_ just nag ryan and gmcharlt :) hehe maybe they can get it to you in the next batch of fixes
15:06 Sharon_ I second Liz's squee
15:07 liz_nekls_ >.> they love it when we nag
15:09 Sharon_ have fun all...and safe journeys to anyone traveling today/tomorrow.
15:09 pianohacker Sharon_: Thanks
15:09 pianohacker gmcharlt: Do you know much about the itemcallnumber syspref? Seems like an ancestor of kohalink
15:10 liz_nekls_ i think 3102 was one that I had fixed special in our templates, so thank brendan for me
15:10 liz_nekls_ will further lead us toward the goal of (and this will make ppl here happy) no custom templates
15:11 brendan heya liz_nekls_
15:12 liz_nekls_ oh hai!
15:15 nengard Zotero bug I mentioned:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2432 would love to see this fixed
15:27 nahuel for me this one
15:28 nahuel nengard, zotero doesn't work in xsl ?
15:31 nengard nahuel - nope ...
15:32 nengard nahuel see here:[…]?biblionumber=725 there is no zotero icon in the address bar
15:32 nengard and I have XSL on
15:36 nahuel ok
15:49 nengard just submitted my second template patch :) a little nerve-racking since it's so new to me
15:54 nengard looking at pianohacker's new way of handling system preference definitions!! Love it!!
15:55 slef nengard: can we see it?
15:55 nengard slef -- not sure -- i can take pictures
15:56 slef nengard: thanks. Did I miss a post or were there no kohacon streams or recordings?
15:56 nengard slef they did record the talks - but I don't think they're uploaded anywhere yet
15:56 chris there were video camera's in most (if not all) sessions
15:57 chris s/\'//;
15:57 nengard there were some blog posts and twitter and other aggregators of the conference
15:57 nengard i posted one
15:57 slef I've seen some slideshares, blogs and microblogs
15:57 slef which were pretty interesting
15:57 slef but I've been spoiled by the debian and apache conferences I guess ;)
15:57 nengard slef - here's my stuff:[…]/category/kohacon
15:57 nengard gonna upload the image now
15:58 slef tyvm
15:59 nengard  not sure if it does it justice, but it's a sneak peak
16:00 slef ah, it gets rid of the "Edit" step?
16:00 slef that would be good
16:00 liz_nekls_
16:00 liz_nekls_ did you see the notes at lyb
16:00 slef is there one big "Save" button at the end?
16:00 liz_nekls_ did you see the notes at
16:00 slef I've seen very little about this yet
16:01 liz_nekls_ lol, kiddo says hi
16:01 nengard slef no save button - i missed how it saves
16:01 nengard also the text is all in a file instead of the DB - so you can edit it
16:01 danny yes, slef there is one big Save All button at the end, i saw it
16:01 nengard thanks danny
16:01 slef looking now... sysprefs are one of the hardest things for librarians IME, so I get a bit worried by changes to it
16:01 nengard slef he also grouped them
16:01 liz_nekls_ ooh, pianohacker was busy
16:01 nengard you can't see it on this page
16:01 nengard on this image i should say
16:02 nengard when he's done talking he might be able to tell you more :)
16:03 slef (reading notes) RFID and EDI only in 3.4?  We've RFID running in a basic form in 3.0 and we're working on EDI although publishers are a bottleneck so probably 3.4 is about right for that.
16:04 nengard slef which notes said that?
16:05 nengard about RFID?
16:05 slef[…]on09-and-koha-32/
16:05 gmcharlt slef: yeah, RFID (particularly qua SIP2) is already there - look forward to your patches as well
16:06 slef gmcharlt: when at least one of our new workers is in, I should have time to sync up to 3.0 branch and submit patches
16:06 gmcharlt slef: cool
16:06 slef gmcharlt: I assume we're OK using Danish model until the ISO standard settles?
16:07 slef (I think 3M, 2CQR and TagStar all use it)
16:07 gmcharlt slef: yes
16:07 slef cool
16:11 paul_p nengard: privacy works, except I've a question I want to deal with you. Let's do it after discussion about authorities
16:12 nengard paul_p okay
16:20 nahuel nengard, does it exists an marc21 test database that I can download ?
16:20 nengard nahuel, i'm not sure - does anyone else know?
16:27 pianohacker Back, had to restart after demo (curse you, X11)
16:32 nahuel pianohacker, xrandr++
16:33 pianohacker Ubuntu 8.10 has support for xrandr. Something is wonky with my setup, I believe, since I had to restart to enable multiple screens but not to disable them
16:34 pianohacker Jaunty++, really :)
16:36 nahuel pianohacker, well I have 8.10 and no problem with xrandr
16:36 nahuel my xorg.conf is really simple
16:36 nahuel
16:40 nengard okay - i'm a bit confused about branches - when can I delete branches? I've created a branch before each patch I submitted ... but now what?
16:40 pianohacker liz_nekls_: Hello again
16:40 nengard oh - my question is about git
16:40 nengard not library branches :)
16:40 pianohacker nengard: Probably after the patch has been accepted
16:40 liz_nekls_ hello, took a moment away for a video conference with the s
16:40 nengard pianohacker okey dokey!
16:40 liz_nekls_ spud's grandparents
16:41 pianohacker liz_nekls_: Very nice
16:41 nahuel nengard, you should always use the same git branch
16:41 nahuel not a branch by patch
16:41 nahuel and then to update
16:41 nahuel git fetch && git rebase master
16:42 nahuel and if some local patches as been pushed to master, they will "disapear" from local patches
16:43 pianohacker nahuel: Multiple branches are nice to make sure that you don't have interdependent patches; database updates in particular have this problem
16:44 nahuel well, it isn't easy to manage to much branches
16:44 pianohacker It also helps anyone who follows your repo; a rebase will break git pull and require git fetch; git reset --hard origin
16:44 pianohacker Oh, most definitely
16:44 pianohacker But a few are nice
16:44 nahuel git pull is bad for development branches
16:44 nahuel or you should use git pull --rebase
16:44 nengard I think I might need to talk to someone face to face about this at a later date
16:45 pianohacker well... :)
16:46 nengard lunch time might be a good time
16:46 nengard :)
18:00 chris back from lunch
18:00 danny me too
18:04 nahuel too
18:16 pianohacker Unless anyone objects, I'm going to move some prefs around. There is no reason for RoutingSerials (which _appears_ to add more information to items created by serialsadditems) to be on the Cataloguing tab
18:20 gmcharlt that's fine
19:43 schuster Great blog entries about the conference...
19:47 chris schuster: are you doing up a nice page of links? :)
19:47 nahuel does kohanews bot can report new twitter entries ?
19:52 schuster chris - we are working on putting a page together to link to the wiki... - nahuel - don't know...
19:54 atz FRBR diagram from code4lib...
19:54 chris schuster: awesome
19:55 schuster chris will need your help with all the presentation links/files - I would like to put them on the program page you created if possible.  Still trying to figure out where we may "post" the videos of the presentations when ready...
19:56 chris i wonder if we could make a channel on youtube?
19:56 schuster youtube limits to 10 minutes...
19:56 chris ahh, hmmm
19:56 schuster I'm going to check to see if we can use my district streaming server....
19:56 chris sweet
19:57 schuster If we can't we may have to check google video or if another library has a streaming server they would allow us to post them on.
19:57 chris yeah, might have to do a call out on the list
19:57 schuster Yep.
19:58 chris and yep we can do links from the program, gmcharlt linked his presentation in already
20:00 schuster So we will need to post them somewhere else and link?  or can we upload docs?
20:01 schuster ok thanks... Nice to have you in close proximity...;)
20:09 danny does veoh allow you to upload videos that are longer then 10 min?
20:14 danny oh google video says no duration or size limit
20:14 schuster Yep that was why we were looking at google video...
20:32 slef works well IME - checking limits now
20:34 slef limit 1GB
20:35 slef discriminates against the visually-impaired but looks pretty reasonable otherwise
20:44 mcpuddin Hello, I am new to Koha and am looking into it for an application for a rural school system in Honduras, anyone there to help me answer some initial questions about it?
20:46 mcpuddin 1) Is there any information in the docs about barcodes and scanners?
20:46 mcpuddin 2) Are there any standard templates out there?  Especially ones in Spanish?
20:48 nahuel mcpuddin, there is a full spanish(spain) translation
20:48 nahuel mcpuddin, what do you want to know about scanners/barcodes ?
20:49 mcpuddin where can I get those translated templates?
20:49 nahuel did you get koha source kohe ?
20:49 nahuel code
20:49 mcpuddin I am currently running the debian vm image
20:50 nahuel in the directory : misc/translator/
20:50 nahuel you have the script which translates
20:50 nahuel and the translation files
20:50 nahuel which generates the templates files
20:50 nahuel don't know the vm image
20:51 mcpuddin it was linked on the site,[…]irtual-appliance/
20:51 mcpuddin to install templates, do I follow the instructions in here ?[…]/translation.html
20:51 schuster Scanners are input devices so there is no specific recommendation.
20:52 mcpuddin gotcha, so the scanners would interface with browser itself?
20:53 schuster Yes just like the keyboard as if you typed it.
20:53 schuster Either through USB connection or a keyboard splitter.
20:54 mcpuddin makes complete sense, so the scanner is then completely independent of KOHA
20:54 mcpuddin thanks schuster =)
20:54 schuster Yes
20:55 nahuel for the translation i think you should follow those instructions
20:55 mcpuddin in re: templates, my default install looks like it has no template on there, I haven't found so much documentation on templates, but do I need to download or make my own "skin"?
20:56 nahuel mcpuddin, look at the example in misc/translator/
20:58 mcpuddin haha thats where things are hiding
20:58 mcpuddin i'll give this a whirl and see what comes of it, thanks nahuel
21:06 nahuel ok
21:11 mcpuddin alright, so here is where i'm at.. (i'm running KOHA 3 btw): The templates are located in koha-tmpl/[template_name]-tmpl
21:12 mcpuddin The themes i see are intranet-tmpl and opac-tmpl (which are 2 different themes i can skin koha with), yes?
21:14 mcpuddin (this is where I am confused), in order to switch between either of those themes i need to create a new parameter in my system_preferences called tempalte with the appropriate theme_name
21:17 mcpuddin and once I find the them I want, I run the translation script to turn it into spanish
21:17 mcpuddin am I headed in the right direciton?
21:43 nahuel mcpuddin, non
21:44 nahuel intranet-tmpl are the "intranet templates"
21:44 nahuel and opac-tmpl the opac templates
21:44 nahuel the themes might contain a intranet-tmpl and a opac-tmpl directory
21:44 nahuel hhmmm
21:44 nahuel no scuse :)
21:44 nahuel i'm wrong
21:44 nahuel in intranet-tmpl you have the "prog" template
21:45 nahuel heu prog "theme"
21:46 mcpuddin so there are 2 different types of themes then, one for the intranet (which is like admin area) and one for the opac (which is everyone elses area)
21:47 nahuel exactly
21:47 nahuel :)
21:48 mcpuddin so lets say I were to download a new intranet template
21:48 mcpuddin i would put it in the koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl folder
21:48 nahuel ?
21:49 nahuel there is only one intranet template as i know
21:49 mcpuddin are there more OPAC ones?
21:50 nahuel no :)
21:50 nahuel it's too complicated to maintain
21:50 nahuel else, with xsl template it should be easier
21:51 mcpuddin ah, so people just customize the existing tempaltes to fit their needs?
21:51 nahuel hmm
21:51 nahuel no
21:51 nahuel they uses the sysprefs for headers/footer/etc..
21:51 nahuel which includes code
21:51 caj mcpuddin: it becomes hard to upgrade or maintain
21:52 nahuel
21:52 nahuel mcpuddin, you can take a look to this url
21:52 nahuel owen leonard did some tutorial
21:52 mcpuddin haha
21:52 mcpuddin wow that'll probably answer all my questions by just reading the title of it
21:53 nahuel :)
21:53 mcpuddin thanks again guys for being very helpful =)
21:53 nahuel you're welcome :)
22:31 caj what's the best way to roll back a commit?
22:31 nahuel git reset ?
22:31 caj works for me thanks
23:30 pianohacker dev meeting mostly over
03:32 Amit hi brendan, chris, mason morning
03:35 mason heya amit
03:35 Amit mason: how the weekend
03:38 brendan hey amit
03:39 brendan hey mason
03:41 chris hey brenda, amit
03:41 Amit hi chris
03:42 chris brendan even
03:42 brendan thanks chris
03:43 chris :) in new mexico now?
03:44 brendan yes - 640 miles today!
03:46 chris yikes
03:48 brendan not to bad -- I had some red bull !!!  - plus a bunch of koha thoughts to motivate me!
03:48 chris hehe
03:49 chris only a few of us left for tomorrow now, and most are heading out tomorrow
03:50 brendan dev's meeting still going on tomorrow -- or time for vacation!
03:52 chris some hacking tomorrow, but informal
03:52 chris im gonna do some relaxing for at least half the day
03:52 chris i saw a target that i wanna check out
03:56 brendan later chris -- going to have some fun myself
03:56 chris cool
03:59 mason heya brendan too :)
03:59 mason amit, good weekend thanks
05:11 Amit hi greenmang0
05:12 greenmang0 Amit: morning
05:57 eiro hello koha people
06:05 Amit hi eiro
07:49 Amit chris:
08:57 Amit hi kf
09:35 kf hi A
09:35 kf mit

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