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12:10 chris morning
12:11 paul_p morning chris !
12:11 chris hi paul, sleep well?
12:12 paul_p chris: yep. time to go to bathroom, then lunch now (nahuel still sleeping)
12:14 chris yep shower for me then breakfast
12:17 kf good morning texas :)
12:41 slef davi yoyo
12:42 davi hi slef
12:42 davi restarting X
12:42 davi sorry
12:42 slef np
12:43 slef just wondered if all was well in the state of davi
12:43 davi hardware sucks :P  First mainboard, now ATI graphic driver :P
12:43 slef amen!
12:56 chris morning gmcharlt
13:00 chris morning gmcharlt :)
13:00 eiro hello all
13:00 gmcharlt hi chris
13:00 gmcharlt hi eiro
13:00 gmcharlt still getting myself situated this morning
13:00 chris sleep well gmcharlt ?
13:00 chris hi eiro :)
13:01 eiro perl question: sub x { my $foo = qr{foo|bar}; /$foo/ }; x;x;x;x
13:01 eiro is $foo compiled 4 times ?
13:02 chris hmm good question, i don't know off the top of my head
13:02 eiro i tried perl -O=Concise -e 'sub x { my $foo = qr{foo|bar}; /$foo/ }; x;x;x;x' but i have to admit that i didn't understood :)
13:02 eiro that's why i want to use a closure.
13:04 jdavidb Mornin', gmcharlt, nahuel.
13:04 gmcharlt hi jdavidb
13:06 chris hi jdavidb
13:06 eiro m//o to compile only once ( from perlop )
13:06 chris ahh of course
13:07 nahuel hi :)
13:08 eiro i remeber this modifier but i thought it was deprecated for a while ... at least in the while (<>) { say if /foo/ } case
13:11 slef Oracle buying Sun (Sun bought MySQL a while ago IIRC).  slashdot linked to which now says "Content Server Request Failed. Server is too busy to handle request." to me.
13:11 slef[…]d=09/04/20/128246
13:12 chris yep time to ressurect the postgres work (which i was planning to anyway)
13:12 chris of course using DBI::Class would make the move easier too
13:14 eiro did you choose an orm ?
13:15 chris not yet, the idea is people to do some prototyping
13:16 jdavidb SAP has modified MaxDB's "community" license to not be very open; I was hoping to play with that as an alternative to MySQL, but it doesn't seem very likely I will.
13:16 slef is orm 4.0 stuff?
13:16 chris yes
13:16 chris eiro: until we can find a clear winner
13:17 hdl_laptop chris: still in TX ?
13:17 hdl_laptop hi gmcharlt
13:18 eiro i played with lot of and have my idea on the best one ... but moose is required to i think we can't use it as long as koha use CGI mode
13:18 chris yes, hdl_laptop i am eating breakfast with paul and nahuel
13:18 eiro but i feel i'm alone to be affraid of CGIs, so ...
13:19 chris well i am typing and they are eating :)
13:19 chris we also discussed mod_perl
13:19 chris i think we need some prototypes/proof of concepts
13:21 chris eiro:[…]devweekendprogram
13:22 chris tried to take notes, but was busy talking also
13:22 eiro :)
13:27 hdl_laptop chris: is DBI::Class better choice than DBIx::Class ?
13:27 hdl_laptop has there been any tests on that ?
13:28 chris sorry DBIx::Class
13:29 chris seems to be the current winner
13:29 hdl_laptop mmm so typo on the wiki.
13:47 chris ok coffee time :)
13:47 nicomo nahuel : entered bug 3144 (recaptcha)
13:57 slef commented on kohabug 3144 suggesting anti-spam instead of recaptcha
13:59 nicomo slef: reCaptach does have substitute for the visually impaired
13:59 nicomo see
14:00 slef nicomo: as a visually-impaired person, I tell you it doesn't work.
14:00 slef the substitute is a hearing test, isn't it?
14:00 slef hearing tests have a higher failure rate than eyetests
14:01 slef and then you get people like me who also both impaired eyesight and hearing
14:01 slef so please use anti-spam before resorting to ability discrimination
14:02 nicomo slef come on I'm not "resorting to ability discrimination"
14:02 nicomo I was merely suggesting a solution
14:03 nicomo but what i'm perfectly happy with you edit
14:03 nicomo and to tell you the truth couldn't care less which solution we end up using
14:03 slef thanks... I think too many web devs reach for recaptcha when they want antispam
14:03 nicomo as long as it provides the functionality
14:04 nicomo yes they do
14:04 nicomo for good reasons
14:04 slef because they don't realise that eyetests and hearing tests are ability discrimination
14:04 nicomo i do realize this
14:04 slef no, because it's easier
14:04 slef it's lazy
14:04 nicomo yes, eh eh that was my point
14:04 slef it's anti-social and unjust
14:04 nicomo ease and lazyness are "good" reasons
14:05 jdavidb Naah...assume cluelessness, not malice.    I get that all the time, with my mobility issues.  
14:05 slef they should not override non-discrimination
14:05 nicomo jdavidb: ++
14:06 slef jdavidb: I try to. BTW, google use a wheelchair by their eyetests to offer a hearing test instead... bizarre.
14:06 jdavidb People don't think about problems that don't relate to them pretty directly, much of the time, unless they're paid to do so, or have a passion for that sort of thing--and the vast majority don't.
14:06 nicomo jdavidb: not that easy
14:06 slef I spotted a good captcha bug yesterday: "Human test: is this website red or green?"
14:07 nicomo because for instance recatpcha *claims* to have solutions for the impaired
14:07 jdavidb Clearly, someone didn't think about color-blindness, slef...
14:07 slef nicomo: I think, last I checked, if you actually go into the research papers from recaptcha, they admit that impaired access is an unsolved problem.
14:08 slef nicomo: but that seems to be missing from the headlines
14:08 jdavidb nicomo: sure...they assume good-faith on the part of recaptcha, and it might even have been built in good faith as an attempt to have a solution...  but the attempt fails, apparently.
14:08 nicomo yes it does, indeed
14:08 slef recaptcha has made me think that CMU may be evil
14:19 hdl_laptop slef: are you talking about french CMU ?
14:20 liz_nekls chairman wow... monday morning cage fight GO
14:20 slef hdl_laptop: no,
14:21 slef liz_nekls: ?
14:21 slef hdl_laptop: are the org behind IIRC
14:22 liz_nekls just surprised to walk into such a debate so early (well, early for me anyway) on a monday
14:23 slef hdl_laptop: frenchies are among the leading captcha-debunkers IIRC. was published in France
14:23 slef liz_nekls: ah, it's mid-afternoon here.  I've had Monday morning avalanche already.
14:27 liz_nekls hee
14:32 gmcharlt back on channel - hopefully wifi won't keep bouncing up and down here
14:32 slef gmcharlt: you and davi ... it's yoyoday.
14:37 elwell /ignore #koha JOINS PARTS QUITS works for me :-)
14:53 slef et tu, brendan?
14:57 chris back
15:06 chris we have taken over the breakfast room
15:06 chris all you can hear is the sound of the cleaner mopping, and typing
15:07 jdavidb That meeting room was just a bit crowded and stuffy on Saturday; I was thinking of the breakfast room, at one point.
15:08 chris yeah there is a bit more space .. yesterday was about the right amount of people for the meeting room
15:09 jdavidb If a couple of people want to go off in a corner to hack on something (as I saw atz doing on Saturday), there really wasn't quite enough room for that in the board room.  Breakfast room would be ample for that.
15:14 chris this is true
15:14 chris lots of power points also
15:16 slef blah - PTFS ran a seminar last Friday almost within line-of-sight of my office - now I'm getting to hear about it :(
15:17 slef I'm in a deep blue funk. I think I'll buy stuff online to alleviate it ;-)
15:18 jdavidb Good idea!
15:28 slef that didn't work.  I'll try moving some money around instead
15:28 jdavidb slef:  If moving some my way would make you feel better, that can be arranged!  ;-)
15:43 liz_nekls_ can someone tell me if[…]5948a840b7951b9d4 was supposed to work across all dropdowns that list branches?
15:43 liz_nekls_ or just certain ones?
15:45 hdl_laptop it seems it is dealing with only ones.
15:45 hdl_laptop liz_nekls_: I think I sent a patch for other pages.
15:46 liz_nekls_ link? if you have a moment?
15:47 gmcharlt liz_nekls_: it's part of the way, but not all the way
15:47 liz_nekls_ k, we found an instance in the cataloging where that same fix will need to be applied
15:48 gmcharlt that plus the patch that hdl_laptop is talking about should fix the problem
15:48 gmcharlt liz_nekls_: 2664?
15:49 liz_nekls_ that, and additionally they are sorted nonsensically (name vs. code)
15:51 liz_nekls_ i added that to the bug, gmcharlt
16:03 chris morning schuster
16:03 atz[…]cs/git-reset.html
16:03 caj thanks
16:10 liz_nekls_ chris: you still in the states?
16:12 chris yep, its 4.12am at home :) i leave tomorrow
16:12 liz_nekls_ Ooh
16:13 liz_nekls_ so are you getting on home-time?
16:14 chris not yet, maximising my time left with the developers, i hope it wont be 3 years again until im with paul again, but just in case, making the most of it :)
16:14 liz_nekls_ hehe good idea
16:29 chris hi sekjal
16:30 sekjal hello.
17:00 schuster Paul and Chris still online?
17:00 chris yes
17:00 slef chris was
17:00 slef hehe
17:00 schuster Have you all done lunch or what are your plans?
17:01 chris ahh no plans as of yet
17:01 schuster OK didn't want to drive over and nobody there...  are you all planning to work more this afternoon?
17:03 schuster I'll head that way then see you in say 15?
17:04 chris yeah, those of us who are left, galen, joe and cory have to drop the rental car back by 3.30
17:04 chris but there will be 5 of us left
17:04 chris sounds good
17:04 schuster ok see you shortly.
17:40 caj see everybody from the airport - if wireless works
19:08 chris and then there were 5
19:15 jdavidb Hi, paul_p!  :)  It was great meeting you at KohaCon!
21:08 liz_nekls is very quiet
21:53 liz_nekls I am SO SAD that owen is not here right now
21:58 liz_nekls does anybody know... if you have custom templates will the intranetuserjs work?
21:58 liz_nekls (as in, you have templates not in the prog directory)
22:03 chris and then there were 5
22:03 chris hmm up arrow fail
22:07 chris liz_nekls: not sure, can u try it and see?
22:19 Headiee hi, by any change someone using the libki system?
22:19 Headiee chance
22:19 Headiee or luck
22:19 Headiee :)
22:31 Sharon liz-nekls went home, but she left excited about intranetuserjs
22:32 Headiee ok, cause i almost have it running
22:32 Headiee but not quite yet
22:57 nahuel
22:59 chris cool
23:00 Sharon wordpress rocks almost as much as koha
23:00 chris :)
23:04 nahuel but
23:04 nahuel quiet strange we didn't heard about them before
23:04 chris ahh i have heard of them before
23:04 nahuel they have some koha installations
23:04 nahuel ah ok
23:04 nahuel didn't know
23:04 nahuel :)
23:04 nahuel chris, i'm walking over your hears :)
23:05 nahuel ears
23:05 chris[…]oha-users-groups/
23:06 chris but it is not unusual to find new groups
23:06 nahuel yep
23:06 nahuel but it's strange they're not taking part of the "official" project
23:06 nahuel and keep inside of their network
23:07 chris lots are doing that, koha-taiwan etc, i think we want to add a page to the site listing user groups
23:07 chris and encourage them to keep in touch
23:09 Sharon Chris I'm a notorious note taker
23:10 nahuel chris++
23:10 chris you are invited to all my meetings then :)
23:10 Sharon Just finished a HUGE post for our member libraries about 60+ patches we just got
23:10 chris awesome, about the post and the 60+ patches
23:12 Sharon took 4 of us 6 hours to go through them all for testing and so Liz could explain what template changes she had to make
23:13 chris thats a lot of patches
23:14 chris <-- still one of my fave photos in the ones tagged kohacon09
23:16 Sharon they look like ants!  We were with Kathryn that day, so I think she took some pics, too.
23:18 chris cool, im so glad she managed to get her camera back
23:19 Sharon well, it's 6 here, so I'm going home.  Safe journeys.
00:43 pianohacker hello
03:07 chris hello pianohacker :)
03:18 pianohacker Ah, hello !
03:19 pianohacker If you're still awake, no, in northern texas
03:19 pianohacker Will finish drive tomorrow
03:19 pianohacker What have you been up to?
03:20 Amit hi chris, mason
03:21 pianohacker hi, amit
03:21 Amit hi pianohacker
03:24 chris pianohacker: shopping mostly, and a little bit of hacking
03:24 chris not many of us left, and we all fly out tomorrow
03:24 pianohacker Yeah
03:25 pianohacker Have you and paul found the requested items for your wives? :)
03:25 chris i think paul didnt find a watch he liked, but i have all mine :)
03:25 Amit hi chris
03:25 pianohacker Hah, should be safe to return home then
03:26 chris yep :)
03:28 chris right time for some sleep, so i dont fall asleep in the airport somewhere and miss a flight
03:29 chris cya in a couple of days
03:32 pianohacker Sorry, system crash
04:41 Amit hi greenmang0
04:41 greenmang0 Amit:
04:41 Amit yes
04:54 pianohacker Good night, all.
10:46 Amit hi any one configure pazpar2?

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