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15:33 slef I meant using the "forgot your password" link would work
15:33 gmcharlt ok
15:37 liz_nekls chris: re your question of ages and ages ago
15:37 slef liz_nekls: he's on a plane. email may be safer
15:37 liz_nekls Ah fair enough
15:38 liz_nekls I knew that too >.>
15:38 liz_nekls faceepalm
15:38 liz_nekls so I checked, apparently the intranetuserjs doesn't work on templates not in the prog directory
15:38 liz_nekls or custom templates
15:46 owen Yeah, liz_nekls, there are probably many bugs relating to non-prog templates
15:48 owen A quick search turns up 74 instances where the prog directory is referenced in the scripts and templates
15:49 owen ...which is partly because we can't believe anyone would be enough of a masochist to create their own templates anymore ;)
15:55 slef Is the kudos@ccfls list admin on here?
15:56 owen slef I think that's Kyle Hall?
16:07 slef owen: I don't know.  Is Kyle Hall on IRC?
16:07 gmcharlt slef: very rarely
16:07 gmcharlt and not now
16:18 Headiee hey liz_nekls you using libki right?
16:28 slef gmcharlt: oh. Can someone email him to let him know that the kudos list server is on at least four blacklists? I've got a problem because he's on blacklists and a co-op is currently arguing with me about whether compulsary server-wide blacklist-blocking is evil.
16:29 gmcharlt slef: do you have the name of any of the blacklists in question handy?
16:29 slef What's the largest number of patrons in a koha?
16:30 slef gmcharlt: NOMOREFUNN SORBS(don't know which one yet), Spamhaus-PBL, WPBL
16:30 gmcharlt thanks
16:31 slef I'm still checking those out as part of the argument
16:31 slef Spamhaus-PBL is a PITA which lists all IPs which aren't approved to run mailservers AIUI
16:33 slef[…]90421_073901.html
16:35 liz_nekls headiee: we are not using it quite yet
16:35 liz_nekls hey man, I'm seeing the light
16:35 liz_nekls re: owen
16:36 gmcharlt slef: email sent to Kyle
16:36 liz_nekls got my first jquery thing going yesterday, but of course I can't like, phase that kind of stuff in b/c I'm using custom templates /facepalm
16:36 slef gmcharlt: thanks.  email sent to the co-op
16:38 liz_nekls and yes, I may be a bit of a masochist >.>
16:40 slef liz_nekls: doesn't inflicting javascript on people make you a sadist too?
16:41 Headiee liz_nekls ok, i had it running fine at home on a test machine, now on a different machine it wont log me in, might be cause of the cake version remake
16:44 owen slef, you'll be happy to know that thd held our feet to the fire on your behalf on the javascript issue at kohacon
16:46 slef hehehe
16:48 gmcharlt jdavidb is also interested on working on accessibility problems
16:48 gmcharlt in context of compliance with US section 501 and Americans with Disabilities Act requirements
16:48 slef Great
16:48 slef who's jdavidb?
16:48 gmcharlt David Bavousett
16:48 slef got URL?
16:49 owen
16:49 gmcharlt pardon me, section 508
16:50 slef no, I mean jdavidb
16:50 slef I've seen s508 before. It's like WCAG-1 but worse IIRC
16:50 owen :)
16:50 gmcharlt he used to work for LL, now PTFS - don't know if he has a personal website
16:55 slef oic
18:04 jwagner Who maintains the site?
18:06 gmcharlt hosted by LL; chris, rach, and a couple others can post content to it
18:06 gmcharlt working on migrating to plone
18:07 slef I can edit it AIUI.
18:07 jwagner There's a minor conflict which has been puzzling one of my users on the Koha release number.  The header paragraph on the site says "Koha 3.0.1 Released -- The Koha development team are proud to announce the release of Koha 3.00.01. This is a stable release of Koha 3.0."
18:07 gmcharlt 3.00.01 == 3.0.1
18:07 slef leading 0s are optional after points
18:07 jwagner Note different usage of 3.0.1 and 3.00.01.  The download file is named koha-3.00.01-stable.tar.gz, and when you're in Koha, the about says
18:08 slef erm, about shouldn't say that
18:08 slef should be AIUI
18:08 jwagner I told them it meant pretty much the same thing, but they were very much confused, & not familiar with the optional zero thing.  Can usage be standardized on the page?
18:08 gmcharlt right - version numbers that start with 3.01 (aka 3.1) are from the current development branch
18:09 gmcharlt the specific version number corresponding to koha-3.00.01-stable.tar.gz is IIRC
18:09 jwagner slef, I've never seen the AIVI ending, just variations on the ending .0xx number.
18:09 slef AIUI = as I understand it
18:11 slef I'm not going to add extra zeroes to the headline release numbers.  I think it's quite common that 3.00.01 would be the same as 3.0.1
18:11 jwagner Oh, sorry, I'm not up on abbreviations :-(  Anyway, one of my servers says the above, and another (just reloaded clean Saturday) says
18:11 liz_nekls lol@slef
18:11 gmcharlt right, those are from the 3.1/3.2 stable branch
18:12 jwagner I don't really care what we call it, but can we standardize usage?  A lot of people looking at aren't developers and won't have a clue that This equals That.
18:12 gmcharlt jwagner: sure, it can be improved
18:12 gmcharlt but keep in mind that were are talking about two separate verisons
18:12 gmcharlt the 3.0.x stable version
18:13 gmcharlt and the 3.1.x unstable, that will become 3.2.0
18:13 slef I don't think understanding that leading 0s vanish is a developer-skill-related issue.
18:13 gmcharlt somebody who is downloading and installing from the distribution announced on the home page is on the stable release
18:14 gmcharlt whereas your databases are tracking the development branch
18:14 jwagner gmcharlt, I tried explaining it pretty much that way but they were still confused.  Maybe a helpful footnote somewhere denoting the differences?  We can keep the secret decoder ring for the developers :-)
18:15 slef jwagner: please stop insulting non-developers
18:16 jwagner Who's insulting them?  I deal with them every day.  They don't speak the language and that's fine.  It's my job to interpret.  But it would be easier if they were seeing the same thing in different places.
18:17 slef educate, don't interpret
18:28 liz_nekls well, that killed the conversation.
18:29 Headiee yeah
18:29 Headiee liz_nekls did you try the latest git release from libki?
18:30 liz_nekls I actually haven't :(
18:30 Headiee ok
18:30 Headiee im using it with 8w mini pc`s
18:30 liz_nekls Neat!
18:30 Headiee been waiting like 3 years for a decent thing to come up
18:31 liz_nekls can you link the pc's you're using?
18:31 Headiee
18:31 Headiee fram france
18:31 Headiee from
18:31 Headiee theyre a bit to slow but with firefox over network it runs smooth enough
18:32 Headiee also use them for display screens
18:33 liz_nekls that is sweet
18:33 jwagner Sorry, got pulled away for a bit.
18:34 liz_nekls one of our libraries is in a bit of a hardware pinch (6 yr old computers, no money to replace them) and it would be sweet to use libki on them
18:34 liz_nekls on those nettop dealies
18:35 jwagner gmcharlt, different question.  On fixing the corporate template/syspref patch, I updated the description to remove the It's (changed to It is).  I need to do that in the unimarc_standard_sysprefs.sql as well, right?  Where you wanted to remove the language check was in the entry?
18:35 liz_nekls we were looking at the MSI AD1900
18:35 liz_nekls AE1900
18:35 Headiee liz_nekls yeah but do they have a dealer in your area
18:35 liz_nekls idk :( but we're ok ordering over the internet
18:36 Headiee liz_nekls looks sweet also that msi
18:36 liz_nekls headiee you're in france?
18:37 Headiee no netherlands
18:37 liz_nekls AH.
18:37 Headiee but i ordered 2 off them and 1 seems to have "cold boot" problems
18:37 liz_nekls do your patrons like them?
18:37 liz_nekls ew
18:37 liz_nekls that's not so cool
18:37 Headiee yeah
18:37 Headiee but i kinda neglected to fix it with the guys
18:37 Headiee i probably could have returned it
18:37 liz_nekls hate it when that happens
18:37 Headiee :)
18:37 liz_nekls :D
18:37 Headiee yeah me to
18:38 liz_nekls "oh, i'll do that tomorrow"
18:38 liz_nekls ...
18:38 liz_nekls ...
18:38 Headiee then i put m on the im not touching you today shellf :P
18:38 liz_nekls LOL
18:38 liz_nekls yessir
18:38 liz_nekls er
18:38 Headiee but i wanna get a 6 package
18:38 Headiee and use 3 for internet
18:38 Headiee and 3 for display screens
18:38 Headiee we use amarok to play music, dont know if you use it
18:38 liz_nekls we have a debate here going on whether patrons would be able to adjust
18:38 liz_nekls to the "non windows" experience
18:39 Headiee but i wanna display on the upper floor what music is being played and serve covers and lyrics
18:39 liz_nekls oh neat!
18:39 Headiee liz_nekls libki uses xfce which is neat to minimalize into a working desktop
18:39 liz_nekls I run easy peasy on my netbook and I think that would be a fantastic interface for patron computers
18:40 Headiee "windows" companys are also trying to make online virtual desktops
18:40 Headiee easy peasy?
18:40 liz_nekls it's ubuntu for netbooks
18:40 Headiee ah
18:40 Headiee hmm it might run in linutop
18:40 liz_nekls has this really sweet desktop overlay (can't remember what it's technically called... application launcher? something) that is insanely easy to use
18:40 liz_nekls yea, it might
18:40 Headiee its ubuntu as well afaik
18:41 Headiee maybe libki can be used with it to
18:41 Headiee showing the timer somewher enice
18:41 liz_nekls i'm sure it can, only requires php/cake right?
18:41 Headiee i have a friend who hacks stuff for me
18:41 slef mmm xfce... I remember being sysadmin on CDE workstations. Not fun.
18:41 Headiee he made a barcode ticket generator for libki
18:41 liz_nekls i'm not so keen on virtualizations
18:42 Headiee slef probably cause you wanted more power!
18:42 Headiee :D
18:42 Headiee my patrons only want firefox
18:42 liz_nekls MOAR POWAH
18:42 Headiee which causes the problem of javascript/flash
18:42 Headiee still not running smoothly on heavy sites
18:42 Headiee bbl out for a smoke
18:43 slef Headiee: nah, just that CDE was far fiddlier than xfce and looked similar
18:43 slef problem of javascript/flash?  power consumption?
18:44 liz_nekls probably performance
18:45 slef gmcharlt: which Dr Who are you up to there?
18:45 gmcharlt last series of David Tennant, but not the specials that started running this year
18:46 gmcharlt I would happily pay the BBC TV license fee to get them the same time as you
18:46 jwagner But, but, gmcharlt, Doctor Who is a state of mind, not a day of the week!!!  (Speaking as someone who has a pretty much complete run of episodes from First Doctor through Fifth Doctor.)
18:46 owen Has the new Doctor started in UK?
18:46 slef just get a uk server and proxy get_iplayer through it
18:46 jwagner A friend of mine has mysterious sources for getting the new specials pretty much as soon as they air in the UK.
18:46 slef owen: no. Three 10th dr specials this year IIRC.
18:46 gmcharlt of course, but I'd happily pay to ensure that there's more and more Who
18:47 slef owen: one of three has aired; one in summer I think and I expect the last one is Christmas
18:48 slef some early stuff simply doesn't exist any more
18:48 slef tapes lost/destroyed
18:48 gmcharlt owen: I would love there to be complete seasons on DVD, but on the other hand I appreciate the good job the BBC has done with the extras
18:49 gmcharlt the extra time is worth it
18:49 slef jwagner: well, they splatter north-west europe with MPEG-2 copies of it by multiple methods (DVB-S and DVB-T), so it's not hard to get a copy
18:49 jwagner gmcharlt, did you see my earlier question on the sysprefs patch?
18:50 gmcharlt jwagner: on channel?  I must have missed it
18:50 slef [19:35]<jwagner> gmcharlt, different question.  On fixing the corporate
18:50 slef template/syspref patch, I updated the description to remove
18:50 slef the It's (changed to It is).  I need to do that in the
18:50 slef unimarc_standard_sysprefs.sql as well, right?  Where you
18:50 slef wanted to remove the language check was in the
18:50 slef entry?
18:51 gmcharlt slef: thanks
18:51 jwagner slef beat me to it.
18:51 gmcharlt jwagner: answer to your question is yes, I was talking about
18:51 liz_nekls re shockwave/flash vs. netbooks yea, it is kind of "heavy" on the atom hardware. It doesn't work as well as it does on a "normal" computer
18:51 slef by the way, the eleventh doctor is from the same county as me and went to the same university as me.  Meanwhile, I can see Torchwood's home from my office... on a clear day... with binoculars.
18:52 slef liz_nekls: gnash not shockwave.  Still power-hungry.
18:52 jwagner OK, I've fixed the files.  Still a novice at this git stuff -- in theory I should be able to squash the two together.  Theory is great...  I'm having to work on something else right now, so it may be a day or two before Theory meets Practice.
18:52 liz_nekls yes, the software that supports the formerly always known as shockwave content on the web.
18:53 gmcharlt I always get nervous when Theory and Practice are in the same room - the results are not always pretty ;)
18:53 Headiee liz_nekls well some website put like 3 bad coded players into a page
18:53 Headiee and then it gets confused
18:53 slef on the UK-US airdates: I'm surprised BBC has Heroes only 1 week behind NBC
18:54 liz_nekls oh I'm with ya headiee
18:54 liz_nekls lol gmcharlt
18:55 gmcharlt slef: interesting.  BBC willing to pay NBC more to get Heroes sooner than SciFi/BBC American the other way to get Doctor Who, perhaps?
18:55 owen I'm surprised to hear that slef. Just as I'm surprised the BBC doesn't realize that folks are going to get their Dr. Who ASAP no matter what continent they'r eon
18:56 owen Ah, gmcharlt's probably got it
18:56 Headiee only UPC has the right to show bbc 3/4 prime and such here
18:56 slef yeah, a week means that it's easier to wait for broadcast than to proxy a copy off of hulu
18:57 slef Headiee: surely you're in the satellite footprint?  Where in NL roughly?
18:58 Headiee friesland :) northern part
18:58 Headiee yeah but dont have a sattelite system
18:58 slef
18:58 slef oh well... BBC is there FTA if you get one... unlike nasty NOS
19:02 liz_nekls fyi, runescape runs fine on the eee platform (lol)
19:02 Headiee liz_nekls no really... thats why most of our patrons didnt play anymore
19:02 Headiee cause runescape didnt go smooth
19:02 liz_nekls it seems to work on my eee...
19:02 liz_nekls but I"m in normal def not hi def
19:02 Headiee yeah those linutop machines have a light intel chipset
19:03 liz_nekls mine's got an atom
19:03 liz_nekls which I thought was the same thing
19:03 liz_nekls but maybe not?
19:04 liz_nekls we're looking at the eeebox hardware
19:05 liz_nekls eetop, apologies
19:05 Headiee :)
19:18 liz_nekls hmm... I'm sure some of my librarians would be thrilled if Runescape suddenly "didn't work" anymore
19:18 Headiee haha
19:18 liz_nekls I personally always try to make the patrons happy, but they... sometimes they don't care so much
19:19 Headiee im not in a library though
19:19 Headiee :)
19:19 liz_nekls because runescape != educational use
19:19 Headiee yeah
19:19 Headiee we provide the service to extend things
19:19 Headiee not to make a playground
19:20 liz_nekls you're not in a library, but some folks in the US want to make libraries the community playground... funny that
19:20 liz_nekls :D
19:20 Headiee :)
19:20 liz_nekls (I'm for it)
19:20 Headiee yeah but games can be played elsewhere
19:20 Headiee or for a short period
19:20 liz_nekls all true
19:21 liz_nekls i'm glad that my job is only to put the infrastructure in place, not make the supporting policy
19:22 Headiee i do everything
19:22 gmcharlt I can imagine an eat your vegetables sort of thing
19:23 gmcharlt you must spend five minutes of timing searching the boring OPAC we've given you
19:23 gmcharlt to get 15 minutes of play time on the library Wii
19:25 liz_nekls LOL
19:28 gmcharlt owen: what's the hash of the commit for the correct 3119 patch
19:30 owen b759186eb6566d9656b5571664beb73f98e3cce9
19:30 gmcharlt thx
20:01 JoeTho is there a server problem or something at liblime this afternoon? Anyone listening? -Joe in Kansas
20:02 owen JoeTho, everything seems to be okay for us at NPL
20:12 gmcharlt JoeTho: what's the problem?
20:15 JoeTho I sent a note to support@liblime- we are noticing all sorts of little problems, slow indexing / re-indexing???
20:15 JoeTho And I realize this isn't exactly the right forum for this.
20:18 gmcharlt JoeTho: hmm - I know that there was some reindexing going on in the CKLS database earlier today
20:30 liz_nekls we haven't seen any issues here... or no reported issues rather
20:30 liz_nekls @joetho
20:52 richard morning
21:18 chris hi richard
21:19 richard hiya chris
21:19 richard u still in the us?
21:19 chris yep, still in texas
21:20 chris flying in 2 hours
21:49 liz_nekls gmcharlt re: sip2 enhancement quote... did you mean that there is internal LL review or that NEKLS has the quote for review?
21:50 liz_nekls chris: hope you have a safe and boring flight home.
21:50 liz_nekls (I always wish for flights to be boring because exciting flights usually mean something bad happened)
21:50 chris heh thanks
21:50 chris yep, it's a good point
22:51 pianohacker Good evening
23:31 gmcharlt liz_nekls: the former
23:50 pianohacker About to start off a conversation on switching template modules on koha-devel. Wish me luck, and I'd like lilies for my gravestone
00:20 brendan good luck pianohacker!
00:20 pianohacker brendan: thanks
00:20 pianohacker You have any opinion on the matter? I'm currently gunning for template::toolkit
00:21 brendan heh at the moment now --  
00:22 brendan whoops -- no not now.
00:22 brendan I've used the template::toolkit before -- but I forget where...
00:23 brendan or am I thinking html::template
02:14 pianohacker Good night, all
03:16 Amit hi chris, brendan, mason
03:16 brendan Hey Amit -- how you doing
03:16 Amit i m fine what about u
03:16 brendan I think chris is flying back to NZ right now
03:16 Amit and how is kohaconf
03:17 brendan was excellent
03:17 Amit trying pazpar2 with koha
03:17 brendan cool
03:18 brendan let me know how it goes
03:18 Amit ok
03:19 mason heya amit, brendan...
03:19 Amit heya mason
03:19 brendan hello mason
03:26 mason ive been poking at Owen's 'recent-items-list' feature..
03:26 mason
03:27 mason after a tidy-up , its nearly ready to commit back it to
03:35 Amit mason: this is stable koha demo
03:35 mason nah, just a dev koha of mine...
03:36 Amit for images ( u uses php code)
03:37 mason no, a perl version of owens feature..
03:37 mason
03:42 Amit mason; right now i m working on css
03:42 Amit my koha installation is one
03:42 Amit but opac is different to each library
03:43 mason cool, i understand...
03:43 mason im still learning css too ;)
03:43 Amit i have set some env variable in koha-httpd.conf
03:43 Amit too
03:44 Amit <VirtualHost localhost:8081>
03:44 Amit   ServerAdmin  webmaster@linux-2rqj
03:44 Amit   DocumentRoot /home/kohaclone/opac/htdocs
03:44 Amit   ServerName linux-2rqj:8081
03:44 Amit #  ServerAlias
03:44 Amit   ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/koha/ "/home/kohaclone/opac/cgi-bin/opac/"
03:44 Amit   ScriptAlias /index.html "/home/kohaclone/opac/cgi-bin/opac/"
03:44 Amit   ScriptAlias / "/home/kohaclone/opac/cgi-bin/opac/search"
03:44 Amit   ScriptAlias /search "/home/kohaclone/opac/cgi-bin/opac/search"
03:44 Amit   ErrorLog /var/log/kohaclone/koha-opac-error_log
03:44 Amit #  TransferLog /var/log/kohaclone/koha-opac-access_log
03:44 Amit   SetEnv KOHA_CONF "/etc/kohaclone/koha-conf.xml"
03:44 Amit   SetEnv PERL5LIB "/home/kohaclone/lib"
03:44 Amit   SetEnv OPAC_CSS_OVERRIDE "cce.css"
03:44 Amit   SetEnv OPAC_SEARCH_LIMIT "branch:CCE"
03:44 Amit   Options +FollowSymLinks
03:44 Amit   ErrorDocument 400 /cgi-bin/koha/errors/
03:44 Amit   ErrorDocument 401 /cgi-bin/koha/errors/
03:44 Amit   ErrorDocument 403 /cgi-bin/koha/errors/
03:44 Amit   ErrorDocument 404 /cgi-bin/koha/errors/
03:44 Amit   ErrorDocument 500 /cgi-bin/koha/errors/
03:44 Amit #  Rewrite Rules
03:44 Amit   RewriteEngine On
03:44 Amit #  Uncomment to turn on rewrite logging
03:44 Amit #  RewriteLog /var/log/kohaclone/koha-opac-rewrite.log
03:44 Amit #  RewriteLogLevel 1
03:44 Amit   RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} (.*?)(?:[A-Za-z0-9_-]+)=&(.*)
03:44 Amit   RewriteRule (.+) $1?%1%2 [N,R,NE]
03:44 Amit   RewriteRule ^/bib/([^\/]*)/?$ /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail\.pl?bib=$1 [PT]
03:44 Amit   RewriteRule ^/isbn/([^\/]*)/?$ /search?q=isbn:$1 [PT]
03:44 mason eep..
03:44 Amit   RewriteRule ^/issn/([^\/]*)/?$ /search?q=issn:$1 [PT]
03:44 Amit <Directory /home/kohaclone>
03:45 Amit        Order allow,deny
03:45 Amit        Allow from all
03:45 Amit </Directory>
03:45 Amit </VirtualHost>
03:45 Amit SetEnv OPAC_CSS_OVERRIDE "cce.css"
03:45 Amit   SetEnv OPAC_SEARCH_LIMIT "branch:CCE"
03:45 mason eeep..
03:45 Amit like this
03:45 Amit but not working
03:45 Amit and made css also
03:45 mason amit, ;)
03:46 Amit mason: please give me url
03:46 Amit got it
03:50 Amit mason: have u seen
03:50 Amit mason:
03:52 mason sorry, back..
03:53 Amit i think some changes in javascript too
03:53 mason your 'OPAC_CSS_OVERRIDE' are new variables?
03:54 mason or standard koha variable?
03:54 Amit new
03:54 mason ok...
03:56 mason looks like a nice idea...
03:57 Amit but not working
03:58 mason oh well.., keep hacking at it :)
05:04 Amit mason: i have done
05:05 Amit multi_opac
05:16 hdl_laptop Amit: hi
05:16 Amit hi hdl
05:16 hdl_laptop Is koha working out of the box with pazpar2 or have you hacked it so that it could work ?
05:17 Amit means
05:17 hdl_laptop In fact what do you mean with "trying pazpar2 with koha" ?
05:18 mason hdl, i think Amit means he is experimenting with koha+pazpar2
05:19 hdl_laptop I have tried to build a pazpar2 server on multiple zebra instances and query them with Koha But had no luck with that.
05:19 mason i havent set up pazpar2 yet, so i cant give any advice :/
05:20 hdl_laptop pazpar2 in koha is used only for FRBRizing editions
05:20 Amit Mr. Satya trying pazpar2 with koha in my team
05:20 Amit right now he is not there coming couple of hours
05:21 mason your team has success with  pazpar2 yet, Amit?
05:21 mason hi hdl  :)
05:21 hdl_laptop with saying trying pazpar2 with koha what do you mean ? Do you mean have koha with a pazpar2 setup so that Editions are FRBRized ?
05:21 hdl_laptop hi mason
05:22 hdl_laptop or do you mean more ?
05:23 Amit mason: we are trying that..we did the local setup successfully but have problem with z39.50
05:24 mason ah, cool - that sounds like a good start!
05:24 hdl_laptop Amit, from what I read, it seems that pazpar2 is not acting as a z3950 server.
05:25 hdl_laptop But rather as a SRU/SRW server
05:28 Amit hdl: we are getting-----<IfModule mod_proxy.c>
05:28 Amit ProxyRequests Off
05:28 Amit <Proxy *>
05:28 Amit AddDefaultCharset off
05:28 Amit Order deny,allow
05:28 Amit Allow from all
05:28 Amit </Proxy>
05:28 Amit ProxyVia Off
05:28 Amit ProxyPass /pazpar2/search.pz2
05:28 Amit LogLevel Debug
05:28 Amit Alias /pazpar2 /usr/local/share/pazpar2/
05:29 Amit </IfModule>
05:29 Amit [Wed Apr 22 01:23:47 2009] [error] (110)Connection timed out: proxy: HTTP: attempt to connect to ( failed
05:29 Amit [Wed Apr 22 01:23:47 2009] [error] ap_proxy_connect_backend disabling worker for (
05:29 Amit [Wed Apr 22 01:23:47 2009] [debug] proxy_util.c(1873): proxy: HTTP: has released connection for (
05:29 Amit
05:29 Amit and we are getting this error: [error] (110)Connection timed out: proxy: HTTP: attempt to connect to ( failed
05:29 Amit [Wed Apr 22 01:23:47 2009] [error] ap_proxy_connect_backend disabling worker for (
05:29 Amit [Wed Apr 22 01:23:47 2009] [debug] proxy_util.c(1873): proxy: HTTP: has released connection for (
05:29 Amit
05:45 mason Amit, paste your config and error log stuff into, not IRC  ;)
05:45 Amit ok
05:45 Amit sory i forget
05:46 mason no problem, my friend
05:48 Amit mason, hdl :
08:28 slef gmcharlt: "# Zebra Configuration FAQ - trival change to test openID" and I started looking to see how Zebra supported openID now :-D
09:45 Amit hi kf
09:48 soul9 does someone know how to back up the biblio frameworks?
09:56 slef soul9: backup the mysql database
09:57 slef I think you could probably narrow it to particular tables with a bit of care, but backing up the whole thing is simplest.
09:58 hdl_laptop soul9:  backup biblio_frameworks marc_tag_structure and marc_subfield_structure and you're set.
09:59 soul9 ah:)
09:59 soul9 good, thanks
11:16 gmcharlt slef: yes, it's amazing how many protocols Zebra supports :-)

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