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13:58 jwagner nick jwagner jwagner_away
15:21 jwagner Is someone around who's familiar with the famfamfam/silk/*.png images?
16:56 nick hello
16:57 nick managed to install koha 3 under ubuntu 8
16:57 nick all working fine
16:57 nick i can't add a patron though
16:57 nick under Patrons
16:57 nick "+ New" does not work
16:58 JoeTho Hi Nick
16:59 nick hello JoeTho
17:00 JoeTho I'm not sure if I can help you with this- have you used an older version before?
17:00 nick first time koha
17:00 nick a looged into
17:00 JoeTho I would troubleshoot by seeing if you can alter anything at all.
17:01 nick under Patrons --> + New
17:01 nick does not work
17:01 nick managed to add Acquisitions
17:01 nick i can add a "List"
17:02 JoeTho Hmm. what happens when you try to add a patron +New?  anything at all?
17:02 nick nth happens
17:03 nick it seems the button is broken
17:03 nick do i have to do sth before adding a Patron?
17:03 nick maybe i am missing sth
17:04 nick i am trying to follow those instructions:[…]k3-on-u810-8.html
17:05 gmcharlt nick: that button uses JavaScript and the YUI library - do you have JavaScript disabled or no net access from the Koha you've installed Koha on?
17:06 JoeTho gmcharlt: conference call in about an hour, correct?
17:06 nick under acquisitions the buttons do work
17:06 nick same as list
17:07 nick just under Patrons
17:08 nick under Acquisitions --> + Vendor and + Order work just fine
17:08 nick maybe, i am missing sth
17:09 nick i noticed under Administration
17:09 nick Patron Categories
17:09 gmcharlt JoeTho: yes - with Dan Sweeney
17:09 nick do i need do add one first so i can add Patrons then?
17:09 jdavidb nick:  I betcha that's it.
17:10 gmcharlt indeed, if you don't have any categories defined yet, it won't work
17:10 nick ok, i will try it, thank u
17:11 nick can i get here any guideness on how to start with koha?
17:12 nick i should have added a Patron Category in order  to add a Patron
17:13 nick following only one site for details is not enough :S
17:13 nick someone has to look for more than two sites so he can manage
17:14 nick jdavidb and gmcharlt
17:14 nick u were right guys, thank u
17:40 Sharon Has anyone else tested bug/enhancement 2908 and found that the email cart (basket) works, but emailing a list (shelf) doesn't?
17:56 hdl_laptop nick: have you entered any categories for patrons ?
17:58 gmcharlt Sharon: emailing lists works for me in HEAD
17:59 gmcharlt how is it failing for you?  is the email form not appearing, or are emails not being sent?
17:59 Sharon Gmcharlt I'll send a support request about it, then in case is a problem with our installation
18:06 jwagner Sharon, I just tested sending a list, and it came through fine here, on a system I built from last Saturday.
18:07 Sharon Thanks, I'm alerting our vendor
18:16 Sharon gmcharlt Emails are not being sent, instead of a confirmation form I just get a blank entry form again
18:19 Sharon Liz is going to look into it, too.
18:25 JoeTho Ours has never worked.
18:26 JoeTho Let me clarify: emailing a list has never worked. Koha itself just started to quit working in the last 36 hours or so.
18:46 liz_nekls ours is totally working
18:47 liz_nekls was a problem with the template (I know you're all shocked to hear this)
18:47 liz_nekls (the send list/cart/shelf thing)
18:48 liz_nekls and the koha installer is a whole lot better documented than it used to be. Kudos to whoever did that.
18:56 gmcharlt liz_nekls: so emailing lists is working for you now?
18:59 liz_nekls gmcharlt: yes, I believe so. I was at lunch when they decided to pursue it. :/
18:59 liz_nekls i'm like, DOH, lemme take a look!
19:23 Sharon That angry icon is directed at me, the impulsive one...
19:30 pianohacker Is there anyone currently online interested in the new sysprefs editor? I have a demo up
19:32 pianohacker http://localhost:8080/cgi-bin/[…] (some tabs have not yet been finished)
19:32 pianohacker Ach,[…]
19:32 gmcharlt you forget to mention the worm you wrote that distributes Koha *everywhere*? ;)
19:34 gmcharlt pianohacker: when you modify a value, then modify it again, another "(modified)" gets added underneath
19:34 danny pianohacker, i am definitely interested in it, do you have anywhere that I can "git" it from to try?
19:35 pianohacker gmcharlt: Yes, I can see that happening. Lemme fix that really quick
19:35 pianohacker danny: My git repository is currently not public. I will be sending a patch to the mailing list within a week or so, tho
19:36 gmcharlt pianohacker: "Save all" button should just be "save" - otherwise user might think that all settings modified on the page will be saved, which doesn't appear to be the case
19:36 pianohacker gmcharlt: Save is disabled for the public demo
19:37 gmcharlt but it really is "save all"?  in that case, a single save all button (or one at top, and one at bottom) would be clearer
19:38 danny oh and that reminds me, does anyone know if the acq changes that biblibre is  working on are available on a public git?
19:38 gmcharlt or rather, match the common pattern for a preferences page
19:38 gmcharlt danny: they're in a git repo, but I'm not sure how public - you can ask paul_p or hdl
19:38 danny ok
19:39 pianohacker gmcharlt: That would be more consistent; the main reasoning behind the change was convenience, but I suppose that can wait until I've gotten AJAX and per-preference saving working.
19:41 liz_nekls pianohacker: very, very good ideas all around.
19:44 Sharon pianohacker much easier to understand the sysprefs using this 'normal' language
19:44 pianohacker liz_nekls, Sharon: glad you like it
19:49 JoeTho piano: so... is the only difference with the indep. branch settings just being able to modify bib/items/patrons in other libraries? I thought there was more than that, like how holds and transfers work.
19:49 JoeTho I also like leaving out the link on each line (as compared to the current module).
19:50 gmcharlt JoeTho: yes, IndependantBranches also affects circ
19:51 pianohacker IndependantBranches actually affects quite a lot, still trying to figure out the best description
19:52 JoeTho the old wording as pretty minimal.
19:52 JoeTho *was
19:54 JoeTho how about: "enable/disable *independent branch settings* "      ...and make *that* a popup that explains this, in more detail than you have room for in a single line on the prefs page?
19:56 pianohacker Hmm
19:57 pianohacker Either that, or a "More Info" link that expanded within that space.
19:58 gmcharlt +1
19:58 liz_nekls I like "More Info"
19:59 nick if i configure koha to save pdf documents for example
19:59 liz_nekls in fact, more info is probably a good idea for lots of settings that
19:59 liz_nekls have complicated repercussions
19:59 nick can i retrieve them and read them whenever i want?
19:59 pianohacker In fact, in line with the current system, textareas behave this way:[…]l?tab=cataloguing
20:00 pianohacker ISBD or NoZebraIndexes
20:00 pianohacker nick: How do you mean saving PDFs? Exporting various reports as PDFs?
20:01 nick the library i want to create
20:01 nick is a collection of documents
20:01 nick a collection of PDFs
20:01 nick can i save them in the library?
20:02 pianohacker Ahh, okay. Koha currently does not support storing PDFs inside itself. You would have to link to them in the 856u MARC field.
20:02 pianohacker And store them either on a webserver or within a program such as Kete
20:03 nick ok, good. thanks for directing me
20:03 nick my second question,
20:04 nick using the library, i can search for documents and as a result i will get a link, right?
20:04 liz_nekls nick: it would be neat if koha did that but... would kind of turn it into a CMS and... well I'm not going to put a value judgement on that but would be a big change
20:04 pianohacker nick: Do you mean having that linked url show up in search results?
20:05 pianohacker I know it will show up on the detail page for a given document, but not sure about the search results page
20:05 nick i want to know if i will get a url in the search results?
20:06 JoeTho pianacker: I just took a quick tour, and the "more info"  idea could be used in all sorts of places throughout the prefs. Tons.
20:06 nick liz_nekls: what are those CMS?
20:07 pianohacker JoeTho: Ehh, true. I'll probably send in the first patch with More Info where it's absolutely necessary, however
20:07 nick content management system?
20:07 pianohacker nick: yes
20:07 JoeTho pianohacker: even better: make 'em link to the general corresponding area of the docs, so if the docs change you don't need to alter your code.
20:07 nick so maybe guys you can tell me what is the best for my case
20:07 nick i need to save documents in a database
20:08 JoeTho you are a rocketscientist, jesse.
20:08 nick i need an interface for this database where i can search for documents
20:08 nick and have the ability to read them
20:09 pianohacker I think that would actually be fairly easy, since nengard already has a page in the manual for each tab. Good idea, let me send an email to her asking about that
20:09 nick do i need koha or a cms system?
20:10 liz_nekls You want to store PDF documents online, but be able to MARC catalog them?
20:10 liz_nekls er, AND = but
20:11 liz_nekls re: nick
20:11 nick i want to store PDF documents in a database and have the ability to search the database for documents by keywords and read them
20:12 liz_nekls my instinct says you probably want a CMS
20:12 liz_nekls drupal, joomla
20:12 liz_nekls if you only care about keywords
20:12 nick thought that Koha would be the solution
20:12 nick actually yes
20:13 nick i care about little stuff, like keywords
20:13 nick those drupal and joomla are open source?
20:13 nick work under ubuntu?
20:15 liz_nekls should
20:15 pianohacker nick: Yes to both
20:15 nick which one do u suggest to begin with?
20:16 liz_nekls well, if you had historical documents that needed to be properly cataloged using some flavor of MARC, and had a separate place to keep them to link to, then Koha would be great for you
20:16 nick more documented maybe?
20:16 nick liz_nekls: that is a great idea
20:16 nick i would keep that in mind
20:17 liz_nekls idk, both joomla and drupal have pretty active communities
20:18 liz_nekls I'd have a hard time ranking them as which is "better"
20:18 liz_nekls it's mostly preference
20:19 nick as long they work on ubuntu 8.04
20:19 nick i already have installed koha successfully
20:19 liz_nekls (which is no small feat on ubuntu, kudos to you)
20:20 liz_nekls in my experience both will work on any LAMP config
20:20 nick i tried koha on redhat 5
20:21 nick it was a disaster
20:21 liz_nekls *shudder*
20:21 nick once i moved to ubuntu, everything was much easier
20:21 pianohacker I generally try to shy away from rpm-based distros in general :)
20:21 nick so i am gonna stick to ubuntu
20:21 liz_nekls probably wise :)
20:21 nick my experience with linux is back to suse 9
20:21 liz_nekls debian is the most common distro for koha
20:22 liz_nekls (which of course ubuntu is based upon)
20:22 nick i am familiar to rpms as redhat
20:22 nick but it's not worth it
20:22 liz_nekls (I luvs me some apt-get)
20:22 JoeTho there is a pretty good ubuntu tootorial for koha
20:23 liz_nekls yea, that documentation is getting better. Would have really helped me a year or so ago. ^.^
20:23 nick the tutorial is good yeah
20:23 nick didn't deal with CMS before
20:24 nick hope i can manage
20:26 liz_nekls if you can do koha, you can do joomla or drupal
20:27 liz_nekls er, if you can manage koha, you can manage joomla or drupal (my opinion of course)
20:27 nick PDF or word documents can be saved in drupal and joomla, right?
20:28 pianohacker nick: Almost surely, but it would be good to check
20:28 liz_nekls yep.
20:28 liz_nekls honestly I'd just download them both and fiddle around with them
20:30 nick i downloaded drupal
20:30 nick i will start with it first
20:31 liz_nekls :) sounds like a plan
20:34 nick thanks for everything
20:36 nick bye for now
21:07 joetho2 whoops
21:08 pianohacker joetho2: Were you at KohaCon? I think we might have met, but I don't know your real name
21:08 liz_nekls pianohacker: yea, he threw plastic food at you
21:09 pianohacker Ahh, of course. Suddenly, my memory becomes quite vivid
21:14 joetho2 joetho2 and joetho are one and the same, just trying out my client prefs.  And I didn't throw food, not really. Rubber food doesn't count.
21:16 liz_nekls Weren't you the one assaulting the rubber food at Fruit King as well?
23:10 chris back
23:10 richard back in nz?
23:10 chris yep
23:11 richard wb :)
23:11 chris thanks
23:18 pianohacker Hello, glad you made it home safely
23:19 chris thanks, and you too :)
23:19 brendan hey chris -- glad you made it ok
23:20 brendan tired or wide awake?
23:20 chris thanks brendan, you still in new mexico?
23:20 chris tired by trying to stay awake
23:20 brendan no I made it home early this moring
23:20 brendan but i was able to get some good new mexician food the other day!
23:20 brendan worth the drive - it was so good.
23:21 chris hehe excellent
23:28 pianohacker Useful tool for keeping track of the various Koha developer locales:[…]s=805,176,136,264
23:29 chris ohh very cool
23:36 pianohacker How long was your flight?
23:37 chris 3 hours from dallas to la, then 13 from la to auckland, then 1 from auckland to wellington
23:38 pianohacker So 18 hours of flying plus delays. You manage to get any sleep?
23:38 chris yeah i got to the airport in dallas pretty early too, got a ride with david, so went with all the others
23:39 chris got a couple of hours on the flight
23:47 jwagner gmcharlt, online?
23:57 chris hi Jane_Wagner
23:57 chris bye
00:30 chris hmm different isp brendan?
00:44 brendan I switch from the office to home...
00:44 brendan different isp's
00:44 brendan but I should be getting screen set up on my server's sometime soon
00:45 chris sweet :)
00:45 chris screen rules
02:53 chris gah its only 3pm and im falling asleep
03:05 brendan chris time for some of the peanut butter I know you snuck back with you ;)
03:06 chris heh
03:21 chris brendan:[…]p?g2_itemId=69664
03:25 brendan thanks chris -- sonja and I enjoyed!
03:25 brendan got a decent action shot
03:26 chris im just putting up the videos now
03:26 chris yeah my camera is not good in the low light
03:26 chris but a couple turned out ok
03:29 chris[…]ture=channel_page
03:30 brendan oh man that was so bad on the ears...  I've never heard take me out to the ball game on bag pipes before -- I wonder why?
03:30 chris hehe yeah, it wasnt pleasant
03:30 chris[…]ture=channel_page
03:31 brendan the fireworks look pretty cool
03:33 chris yeah turned out suprising well
03:33 chris it was a good night
03:33 chris if i lived in the US, id be a baseball fan im sure
03:35 brendan :)
03:39 SelfishMan ugh...bag pipes
03:48 chris SelfishMan: i had a lot of fun hanging out with the montanians (is that even a word) during the conference
03:49 SelfishMan Well that's cool
03:49 SelfishMan I think we prefer the term "rednecks" though
03:50 SelfishMan I might get kicked out of the state for saying that
03:50 chris hehe
04:09 pianohacker 'allo again
04:10 chris heya pianohacker
04:10 pianohacker hey
04:10 pianohacker What's work having you do today?
04:11 chris take the day off
04:11 chris because anything i type today, will be garbage :)
04:11 pianohacker Heh, no kidding
04:12 pianohacker Flying even short distances is exhausting; I know I felt better after a six-hour drive yesterday than I feel after most three-hour flights
04:13 chris the flights i dont mind, its the airports i hate
04:13 pianohacker Are they as bad in NZ?
04:14 chris no, you are allowed to make a joke in nz, and they wont beat you up or shoot you :)
04:14 pianohacker Hah! An improvement over the US, then
04:14 chris althought having said that, everyone was a lot more pleasant than the last time i was flying in the US
04:15 chris i even got a few smiles
04:15 pianohacker Paranoia's probably descended a tad. When were you last over here?
04:15 chris and dfw had free internet and power
04:15 chris 2006
04:15 chris actually no, 2007
04:15 pianohacker Ah, okay
04:16 pianohacker So not as noticable as say, 2002
04:16 chris yeah, i still get fingerprinted and photo's taken
04:16 chris there was none of that pre 2002
04:18 chris the big coincidence was that on my flight from dallas, was a woman who was moving to nz
04:19 chris so at least i had someone to hang out with in LA
04:20 pianohacker Heh, yeah
04:20 pianohacker Always nice to find a pocket of familiarity
04:23 chris yep
04:28 chris pianohacker: you saw the photos of you on flickr?
04:28 chris heh,
04:50 pianohacker I really need to spend some time setting up irssi/screen. If not on a server, at least on my machine
04:50 pianohacker Pidgin is starting to get tiresome
04:51 pianohacker chris: Yes, I did, thanks
04:51 chris cool
06:41 elwell piano^I damn not here
06:41 elwell irssi+screen ftw as they say.
07:35 chris hi nahuel
07:37 nahuel hey !
07:37 nahuel chris, your plane was great ?
07:37 chris it was ok :) how was yours?
07:38 nahuel too long
07:38 nahuel and can't sleep
07:39 nahuel and too much controled
07:39 nahuel every time : the shoes, the bag, the laptop, the papers
07:39 nahuel i prefer the train :)
07:47 eiro hello kohackers
07:53 chris hi paul and eiro
07:53 elwell are there any more slides avalable than those on[…]conferenceprogram ?
07:54 chris the conference organising people are putting them all up and linking them in, should be all up there along with the video in the next few days
07:54 elwell cool ta
07:58 chris nahuel:[…]p?g2_itemId=69678
07:59 nahuel ahah
07:59 nahuel beer time !
07:59 nahuel base ball time !
08:00 chris hehe
08:04 nahuel i'll put my photos online tonight
08:04 chris cool

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