IRC log for #koha, 2009-04-24

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12:12 jwagner gmcharlt, online?
12:12 gmcharlt jwagner: yes
12:12 jwagner I'm running into several very minor bug fix issues -- template tweaks, etc.  Wanted to confirm before I start doing patches that you'd prefer one patch per issue rather than a rollup of multiple unrelated fixes?
12:13 gmcharlt jwagner: correct
12:13 gmcharlt jwagner: typo corrections can be consolidated, however
12:14 jwagner OK, thanks.  I'll probably start sending some as I work through my list.  Did the syspref patch make it through unscathed?  First time I tried that squashing business...
12:14 gmcharlt as long as that kind of patch contains only typo fixes
12:14 gmcharlt jwagner: will be testing it later today
12:14 jwagner Some are typos, some are table column width, etc. etc.  I'll just keep them separate.
12:51 nahuel hi americans :)
12:51 gmcharlt hi frenchies :)
12:51 gmcharlt have a good flight back, nahuel?
12:51 nahuel yep, but toooooo loooong :'(
12:52 nahuel My legs were ... weak
12:52 nahuel what about you galen ?
12:53 owen Hi nahuel, gmcharlt
12:53 nahuel hi owen
12:53 owen nahuel: Just don't complain about your long flight to chris ;)
12:54 nahuel why ?
12:54 owen Because his was twice as long!
12:55 nahuel are you sure ?
12:55 nahuel We had 17 hours
12:55 nahuel and i think chris' flight was 11 hours long
12:55 nahuel no ?
12:55 nahuel perhaps i'm wrong
12:56 owen Back to Marseilles?
12:56 nahuel yes
12:56 nahuel -s
12:56 nahuel :)
12:56 owen Sorry--Americanization.
12:56 owen,_Illinois
12:58 nahuel ahahah
12:58 nahuel like Paris :p
13:01 gmcharlt nahuel: flight OK - not long, just arrived 23:30 that night
13:01 gmcharlt bit past my bedtime :)
13:01 gmcharlt hi owen
13:05 nahuel well, you will be able to sleep to 11am next day
13:06 gmcharlt heh, if only
13:07 nahuel perhaps saturday :)
13:07 gmcharlt saturdays++
13:07 nahuel week-end++ :)
13:43 jwagner owen, online?
13:43 owen Yes
13:45 jwagner For your nifty jquery trick, if I want to change the wording for the Add to Your Cart, it starts <a class="addtocart" in the container div.  How to set up the syntax?
13:45 owen I've always shied away from trying to change the Cart terminology because it appears in so many places
13:46 owen But since it's js-based, I guess there's no reason you couldn't manage it if you were thorough
13:46 owen What file are you looking at?
13:47 jwagner Right now I'm just looking at the OPAC -- the sidebar that has Place Hold, Print, Add to Your Cart etc.
13:48 owen You start with the "$(document).ready(function(){" of course
13:48 jwagner We've done some rewording in other places, but this one got overlooked, I think.
13:49 owen Then you're targeting an "a" element by class: $("a.addtocart").html("Your new label");
13:49 owen It's easiest to target by elements by class and id: $("elem.class") or $("elem#id")
13:50 owen Then you get more complicated with other attributes: $("elem[attribute='value']")
13:52 jwagner Hmmm.  $("a.addtocart").html("Add to Your Bookbag"); didn't work by itself.  Looks like I need to get more complex.  The div is "container" add something like #container div before the a.addtocart?
13:56 jwagner Or do I remember you saying you could just look for a text string independent of classes, labels, etc.?  That would work.
13:59 owen I'm perplexed...targeting a.addtocart should work...
14:01 jwagner *Smacks forehead -- I must have had a typo.  Just tried it again & it works now.  Thanks, sorry for the wild goose chase.
14:03 hdl_laptop jwagner: be sure taht you make something that shall be manageable for translations if you happen to do something for a translated site.
14:04 jwagner hdl_laptop, this is a single language site now, but we're looking at adding another one later, so that's a good point.  How best to manage that with a jquery, I wonder?  Add another code block?  I haven't seen translated pages -- they use the same labels, divs, etc., right?
14:05 owen Your custom javascript will not work with a multi-language site
14:06 owen Not unless you build something into the custom javascript to recognize which language it's working under
14:06 owen Either that, or built a separate line of javascript to look for each specific language string in all languages
14:06 owen But that sounds awfully cumbersome.
14:06 jwagner Hmmm.  OK, something to keep in mind for the future.  But it works fine right now for my single-language sites.
14:09 jwagner At the very top of the page, it starts with <html lang="en" -- can you build an if statement into the jquery?  Something like if lang="en" do this etc.?
14:12 owen Could be, but I don't know offhand that jquery can access the html tag
14:13 jwagner I'm prowling around the jquery web site, not having much luck searching for things.  Do you know if an if statement is possible?
14:13 owen It's just javascript, so anything javascript is possible
14:14 soul9 it can most probably access the html tag
14:15 owen Yeah, alert($("html").attr("lang")); works
14:16 hdl_laptop owen: you can also put the js in the template structure
14:17 atz jwagner: jquery's approach emphasizes selectors over traditional conditionals
14:17 hdl_laptop as soon as you use _() around to be translated strings, it would be embedded into generated po file
14:17 owen hdl_laptop: of course, but we're talking about customizations that are site-specific. Additions to the opacuserjs system pref
14:17 atz so instead of saying   if (my_element.attribute("class") == "class1") { ... }
14:18 atz you do:  $(".class1").(...)
14:18 atz it's incredibly more efficient
14:25 jwagner I'm trying variations on if $("html.attr.lang").is("en") $("a.addtocart").html("enAdd to Your Bookbag"); -- no luck so far.  Can you see what I'm doing wrong?
14:29 danny i have tested it but I think it would be something like  $('html').attr('lang','en')
14:29 danny i haven't tested it, I mean
14:29 owen That would set the lang attribute to en
14:30 danny ah right, owen is right
14:30 danny I need more caffeine
14:33 atz jwagner: in your version, it makes .attr look like a class
14:33 owen $(document).ready(function(){
14:33 owen if($("html").attr("lang") == "en"){
14:33 owen // do one thing
14:33 owen } else {
14:33 owen    // do another
14:33 owen }
14:33 owen });
14:43 jwagner Like if ($("html").attr("lang") == "en") {$("a.addtocart").html("en2Add to Your Bookbag")} ); ?  That one still isn't working.
14:53 danny jwagner: just tested and it works for me, just make sure that it takes place in the document.ready line that owen listed
14:53 danny if ($("html").attr("lang") == "en") {
14:53 danny     $("a.addtocart").html("en2Add to Your Bookbag")
14:53 danny }
14:57 jwagner Got it -- had a misplaced paren.  Here's what works: $(document).ready(function(){if ($("html").attr("lang") == "en") {$("a.addtocart").html("en2Add to Your Bookbag")} ;
14:57 jwagner });
15:02 jwagner Tested an if variation, & the following also works properly:
15:02 jwagner $(document).ready(function(){
15:02 jwagner if ($("html").attr("lang") == "en") {$("a.addtocart").html("Add to Your Bookbag")} else{$("a.addtocart").html("frAdd to Your Bookbag")} ;
15:02 jwagner });
15:03 jwagner Thanks much to all!  Better to build in this kind of check from the beginning before I go hog-wild adding these things to sites.
15:05 gmcharlt jwagner, owen:[…]anslation-plugin/
15:06 gmcharlt another way of doing it
15:35 gmcharlt owen: I'm thinking of it as enabling that
15:36 gmcharlt make it access an external dictionary
15:36 gmcharlt rather than dumping lots of if $lang_code = 'foo' in the JS
15:37 owen But if there were a means of applying custom local translations to the templates themselves we wouldn't have to resort to using jquery to manipulate text client-side
15:38 liz_nekls yes, I like the idea of the local translation
16:14 eiro FYI: koha for macports ([…]te-koha-macports)
16:17 gmcharlt eiro++
16:17 eiro thx
16:22 brendan Good morning #koha
16:22 gmcharlt hi brendan
16:23 brendan hey gmcharlt  - I've got some elk defrosting for tonight's dinner - yummy
16:23 gmcharlt cool
16:24 gmcharlt I was a bit disappointed the the elk chop I had - didn't taste all that different from beef
16:24 brendan if you are ever out this way for work or something let me know - I'll save you a piece
16:24 gmcharlt thx
16:24 gmcharlt difference between farm-raised vs. wild elk, perhaps?
16:24 brendan I agree
16:25 liz_nekls We have a restaurant here in Lawrence that serves Buffalo, Elk, Lamb, and Pork burgers. I agree about the elk, doesn't taste that much different from beef. Buffalo/Bison, however, tastes kind of like shoes.
16:25 liz_nekls to me
16:26 brendan oh no -- shoes aren't too appetizing
16:26 gmcharlt liz_nekls: , perhaps?
16:27 liz_nekls LOL... yea, like that.
16:27 brendan spellcheck_suggest/   ?  that used to work in 2.9 ?
16:28 gmcharlt brendan: yes
16:28 brendan what needs to be done to update that ?
16:28 brendan is it even worth trying to update that?  or be better to design a new way
16:28 gmcharlt design a new way, IMO
16:29 gmcharlt especially in light of Zebra's fuzzy searching
16:29 brendan that's the problem that I see...  since you should always get something - through fuzzy
16:30 brendan ok -- when I've got a little time - I will send a message to devel for comments and suggestions and see what develops -- maybe I can create sometime - to develop something
16:30 gmcharlt one way to rethink it is as a way of adding synonyms rather than deal with typos per se
16:31 gmcharlt without duplicating what you have via cross-references in the authority file
16:31 brendan would it be worth looking into the google SOAP api ?
16:32 brendan or would one have to pay for that ?
16:32 brendan or slow things down even more..
16:33 gmcharlt good idea in principle, if you could cache - but Google's terms of use would have to be looked at very carefully
16:34 Sharon Report question - For the Most-circulated Items "Top Lists" report, what is the SQL behind it (nothing shows up when I copy/paste into Excel).  I need to know what exactly it's counting (/cgi-bin/koha/reports/
16:35 brendan does anybody know what the prog/famfamfam/silk/spellcheck.png is there for ?
16:38 gmcharlt Sharon: the most relevant bit:
16:39 Sharon thank you
16:39 gmcharlt a bunch of additional conditions can be added to that query based on the filters you select
16:40 gmcharlt brendan: nothing at all AFAICT, but presumably was added as part of spellcheck support at some point
17:16 frederic hi
17:16 gmcharlt hi frederic
17:18 pianohacker hello
17:27 frederic I am trying to catch up all info about koha conf...
18:15 chris hmm i think im still on texas time
18:16 gmcharlt hi chris
18:17 chris hi gmcharlt
18:21 gmcharlt I see your survived your flight
18:23 jwagner Chris, why are you online?  Go back to bed :-)
18:25 chris hehe yeah i woke up at 4am .. managed to get a few more hours sleep in, but then i was just lying there so decided to get up
18:25 chris gmcharlt: yep, the flights i dont mind, its the airports that arent fun
18:25 chris 17 hours in the air, and about 10 in airports
18:26 jwagner Better you than me.  I'd love to visit that part of the world, but I can't take that long on a plane.  Let alone that long in the airport....
18:29 chris on the 13 hour flight, i got 3 seats to myself, so that was pretty awesome
18:29 chris not many ppl flying from the US to NZ at the moment, plane was quite empty
18:31 gmcharlt means lots of room to spread out
18:32 chris yep
19:16 pianohacker i.e., new template module and my crazy custom format for the new sysprefs editor
19:17 liz_nekls well that would be smart
19:18 pianohacker What do you guys think of using Template::Toolkit to process the preference tab files? They're processed separately from the main template anyway, so no includes would be involved
19:18 pianohacker And if we move to TT as our main template module, I'll have already worked around the translation problem
19:18 gmcharlt go for it
19:23 joetho wants to fly to paree
19:24 owen liz: It's the wrong season to fly to NZ. Do paree first with joetho.
19:24 liz don't really need to identify where I'm from anymore
19:24 liz true
19:25 liz actually...
19:25 wizzyrea even better
19:25 gmcharlt is that a sigh of satisfaction I just head?
19:25 gmcharlt hea*r*d
19:26 wizzyrea lol yea, like putting on your pajamas after a hard day
19:26 joetho I am working on a list of useful URLs for my koha consortium users
19:26 wizzyrea >.>
19:26 wizzyrea j/k
19:26 joetho I was thinking youtube
19:27 wizzyrea always with the smackdown
19:30 pianohacker atz: around?
19:30 atz ?
19:31 pianohacker I remember you being mildly annoyed at our current patched-together translation system
19:31 pianohacker I'm thinking of using Template::Toolkit for the preference files; did you have any thoughts on where you'd like the translation system to go?
19:31 pianohacker Since I'll have to at the very least extend it to support TT
19:31 gmcharlt same place as the rest of the PO files
19:32 gmcharlt difference is that you can use own (or preferably, CPAN) code to generate the PO files
19:33 pianohacker I'm trying to find a module right now
19:33 pianohacker I was just curious if atz had any ideas on improving the translation system overall
19:33 jwagner Does anyone know the XSLT stuff?
19:33 gmcharlt jwagner: what's your question?
19:34 jwagner XSLT doesn't obey sysprefs.  The values I'm looking at are defined in the perl, but how to get XSLT to read them?
19:34 atz pianohacker: unfortunately, the only thing I would look for is in the *long* term to get a tree parser that can handle H:T:P
19:35 pianohacker Yeah
19:35 gmcharlt jwagner: can pass arbitrary variables in the call to the XSLT processor, that in turn can be tested for in the stylesheet
19:35 gmcharlt at moment, no sysprefs are passed
19:35 pianohacker It looks like Locale::Maketext does support TT, which I'm looking at
19:36 jwagner gmcharlt, any hints on how?  I don't know anything about XSLT except what I've been fumbling with today.
19:38 gmcharlt jwagner: very briefly, calls to $xslt->transform($source) can take a second parameter, a hash of variables to pass to the stylesheet
19:38 gmcharlt e.g., $xslt->transform($source, opacsyspref1 => C4::Context->preference('opacsyspref1'), opacsyspref2 => ...)
19:38 gmcharlt then in stylesheet, can test for <xslt:if select='oapcsyspref1'> ...
19:39 jwagner AHA!  Thanks much.  Now if I could just figure out the other stuff.  (Bangs head against wall....)
19:42 pianohacker I'm beginning to think the author of Locale::Maketext enjoys pointing and laughing and saying "Haha! You don't know anything about i18n!"
19:42 chris right time for me to catch the bus to work
19:43 chris most of you people will be home from work by the time i get to work, so good evening to them :)
19:43 gmcharlt :)
19:43 joetho at least we all have jobs to go to. I am thankful for mine.
19:44 joetho most of the time.
19:48 joetho anyone know about a bib merge function that *used* to exist in koha, but dropped off a few versions ago?
19:49 chris it was never officially released afaik
19:49 joetho hey don't be late for the bus!
19:49 chris ok i really need to go, will talk later
19:50 joetho work hard and have fun
20:25 pianohacker joetho: Do you mean transferring items from one bib to another?
20:26 Sharon pianohacker We're hoping to have a way to do side-by-side comparison of possible duplicate Bibs and pick the best (or find a way to merge the best of both into a new Bib)
20:27 Sharon a bib maintenance function to help remove dups without losing item/transaction data
20:28 pianohacker Ahh
20:32 wizzyrea is the zebra_rebuild usually instantaneous?
20:34 wizzyrea this probably sounds like a dumb question. It kind of is, b/c I was expecting zebra to chug for a while and when it didn't I was... surprised
20:37 chris right in at work now
20:38 pianohacker If you're just updating stuff from zebraqueue, it can be pretty fast
20:38 pianohacker If you're worried, you can run it with -v
20:43 wizzyrea ah, verbose?
20:43 pianohacker yup
20:43 wizzyrea tyvm
20:43 pianohacker np
20:44 wizzyrea (actually, I usually do it nozebra, is why i'm a bit muddled by zebra indexing)
20:44 pianohacker zebra does tend to generate muddles
20:45 chris wow, after spending 10 days using my hp mini, a dual 20" monitor set up is heaven
20:45 gmcharlt heh
20:45 pianohacker I don't doubt it. Are dual setups common at your workplace? I might need to move to NZ
20:45 joetho paino: yes, the side-by-side comparison thing on merging bibs.
20:50 chris right i officially start paid koha work from monday yippee!!
20:51 wizzyrea WOO!
20:51 pianohacker chris: Yay, congratulations!
20:51 chris pianohacker: dual or triple, no one at my work has a single monitor that i know of
20:51 pianohacker chris: very nice
20:51 joetho whoops, I meant piano. Congrats Chris. Welcome to the sweatshop!
20:51 chris hehe joetho, welcome back you mean :-)
20:51 joetho yes
20:52 joetho we should all pay you.
20:52 chris pianohacker is our child labourer
20:52 chris :P
20:52 pianohacker Speaking of which.
20:52 joetho chris' paypal address?
20:52 chris have fun, say hi to your mum and that I appreciate very much the effort she put in bringing you down to the conference
20:53 pianohacker I will do that, thanks!
20:53 joetho yes. Kudos to mom.
20:53 wizzyrea so, nub git question... if I want to get my local install up to the same patchlevel as our hosted install, how would I do that?
20:53 chris joetho: hehe
20:53 wizzyrea i know there are a lot of ins, lot of outs there
20:54 chris joetho: there are people much more deserving than me
20:54 gmcharlt wizzyrea: check with rch - it would be a matter of cloning your site's repo
20:55 joetho what if I want to get my install up to the patchlevel of nekls?
20:55 chris heh
20:55 gmcharlt joetho: same answer
20:55 joetho and rch is...
20:55 gmcharlt Ryan Higgins
20:56 joetho ah.
20:56 wizzyrea lol... oi, I don't really want to bother him
20:56 joetho I do.
20:56 joetho in a nice way.
20:57 chris maybe paypal him :)
20:57 wizzyrea lulz
21:00 joetho I think we paypalled his boss already.
21:00 wizzyrea community... love... happiness...
21:01 chris :)
21:01 joetho but of course.
21:02 chris joetho: im sure I met you at the conference, ... but im blanking, where are you from?
21:03 joetho Southeast kansas, we spoke a couple of times. Medium height, trim grey beard, strikingly handsome, noble carriage.
21:04 chris ahh but of course :)
21:06 wizzyrea hey, at least you missed out on having plastic food thrown at you (chris)
21:07 wizzyrea most memorable non-conference center moment
21:09 chris heh
21:10 chris we were actually at the same restaurant at the time i think
21:10 chris was it at saltgrass?
21:10 wizzyrea hehe yea
21:10 wizzyrea with their epic desserts
21:10 chris is there anything not epic in texas?
21:10 chris :)
21:10 wizzyrea ooh, truth
21:11 wizzyrea I couldn't help myself... I kept thinking "everything really *is* bigger in texas!"
21:11 chris hehe
21:11 wizzyrea because it's TRUE!
21:11 chris yup
21:12 chris
21:13 chris im currently taunting my workmates with food photos
21:32 wizzyrea mmm onion rings
21:33 gmcharlt chris: another committer
21:33 chris woot
21:33 chris ill update the docs
21:34 gmcharlt I have a slight fear that we'll find out that somebody we don't know about got a patch accepted in 2006
21:34 gmcharlt causing lots of shifting ;)
21:34 chris hehe yeah
21:36 wizzyrea so ok... talking about using bugzilla for "cataloging" enhancements
21:36 wizzyrea what kind of things are *most* important to include
21:36 wizzyrea i'm guessing more detail = better
21:37 chris as much information as possible
21:37 wizzyrea we were going to start putting ours on
21:37 wizzyrea should we just do it how we like it and ask for suggestions?
21:37 gmcharlt wizzyrea: just enter the bugs - the suggestions will come naturally
21:38 wizzyrea lol, I suppose that's true
21:38 wizzyrea ok. Well get ready. You may have unleashed a beast here
21:39 gmcharlt just make sure to search for existing relevant bugs first
21:44 chris hmm this one is gonna mean a shuffle i think if i use authored date
21:44 gmcharlt better go with pushed?
21:44 chris yeah will do
21:48 chris Christopher Hyde is the 83rd committer to have a patch pushed into the main repository
21:48 chris how's that?
22:01 wizzyrea lata peps
22:24 chris ahh espresso machine, how i missed you
22:25 chris sent a patch for the latest developer
22:25 chris but it will be stuck in moderation
22:25 ryan_ was that a haiku?
22:26 chris hehe not intentionally
22:33 eiro balvenie doublewood <3
22:42 eiro 'night koha people
23:34 chris hey richard and brendan
23:34 richard hiya
23:34 brendan have fun chris
23:44 pianohacker chris, when you get back: minor typo in the latest history addition
23:49 chris oh?
23:50 pianohacker repository developer
23:50 chris ahh there is a tab in there
23:50 chris 3 columns in the file now
23:51 chris date, description, and tags
23:51 chris tab separated
23:51 chris so that its easy for ppl to throw it into a db to manipulate/search
23:51 pianohacker Yup. Thanks, missed that
00:03 chris automated web testing meeting == use selenium
00:10 pianohacker I'd like to hear how that works for your company, it could be quite useful for Koha
00:10 chris the QA team apparently have been using it quite a bit
00:11 chris so i'll let you know how it works out
00:13 pianohacker Cool
01:19 pianohacker 'night all
01:27 davi What is the version more stable,
01:27 davi koha-3.00.01-stable.tar.gz or koha- ?
01:27 chris stable
01:28 davi thanks
01:28 chris by 3 minutes :-)
01:29 davi So, will be the stable one in 3 minutes?
01:29 chris no, -stable was released 3 minutes after 005
01:29 davi ah, it is fresh!
01:30 chris well, few months old now, but fresher than 005 :-)
01:30 davi What is the repository where I can see the history?
01:56 davi Just FYI, I  have got "production mode - trapped fatal error" following guide[…]uide_ubuntu_hardy
01:57 chris whats the error log tell ya?
01:57 davi apache log?
01:57 chris my guess is a module has been missed
01:57 chris yeah the apache error log for the koha site
01:58 chris if you can find the error, we can probably fix it and update the wiki to save others :)
02:00 davi sure
02:00 davi I am trying to look for some messages, but I just see normal messages
02:00 davi - - [24/Apr/2009:01:59:23 +0000] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 302 - "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv: Gecko/2009032813 Iceweasel/3.0.6 (Debian-3.0.6-1)"
02:00 davi - - [24/Apr/2009:01:59:24 +0000] "GET /cgi-bin/koha/installer/ HTTP/1.1" 200 232 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv: Gecko/2009032813 Iceweasel/3.0.6 (Debian-3.0.6-1)"
02:01 chris hmm that looks like the access log
02:01 chris not the error one
02:03 davi /var/log/apache2# tail -f error.log
02:04 chris check you koha-httpd.conf
02:04 davi  It does not show nothing while I GET
02:04 chris and see where it is set to log
02:04 davi  and get redirected to[…]taller/
02:04 chris yeah the koha-httpd.conf is probably telling it to log to another place
02:04 davi ok, let me look for it
02:06 davi Which one of these?
02:06 davi /etc/koha/koha-httpd.conf
02:07 davi /build/koha-3.00.00/blib/KO​HA_CONF_DIR/koha-httpd.conf
02:07 davi /build/koha-3.00.00/etc/koha-httpd.conf
02:07 chris the first one
02:07 davi ok
02:08 davi [error] [client] [Fri Apr 24 02:07:53 2009] DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Table 'koha.language_descriptions' doesn't exist at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 339.
02:09 chris ah ha
02:10 davi How to create koha.language_descriptions?
02:10 chris it should have been done by in the install as far as im aware
02:11 davi I think I remember I had similar or same problem while installing 3.0.0 RC
02:12 davi I think I finally created that table directly in the database or with a script, but I do not remember how
02:13 davi Maybe even just creating it could work?
02:14 chris hmm nope that wouldnt work, lemme check and see if this on the mailing list
02:14 davi ok
02:14 chris is that the last error in the file?
02:14 davi yes
02:15 davi There are lots and lots of such errors
02:15 davi DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Table 'koha.language_descriptions' doesn't exist at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 333.
02:15 davi DBD::mysql::st fetchrow_hashref failed: fetch() without execute() at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 334.
02:15 chris nothing about CGI::Session::ID
02:15 chris ?
02:16 davi let me check if such package is installed
02:17 chris[…]mp.misc.koha/9955
02:17 davi Such package was not installed. So maybe it should be added to the Wiki page
02:18 davi if it is actually needed.
02:18 chris no i was just wondering if there was anything about that in the error log
02:18 chris because that email to the list seems to suggest that that is the problem
02:20 davi I was mistaken, the last error lines are:
02:20 davi [Fri Apr 24 02:19:12 2009] [error] [client] [Fri Apr 24 02:19:12 2009] Use of uninitialized value $debug_level in string eq at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 45.
02:20 davi [Fri Apr 24 02:19:12 2009] [error] [client] [Fri Apr 24 02:19:12 2009] Can't call method "id" on an undefined value at line 278.
02:21 chris yep that looks like it
02:21 davi Is there solution?
02:21 chris you might need to install CGI::Session::Serialize::yaml
02:21 chris[…]mp.misc.koha/9955  it worked for this person
02:21 davi thanks
02:24 davi It works now, thanks
02:24 chris yay :)
02:24 chris maybe we should link to that message
02:28 davi Should we add to one of the almost infinite wiki pages the CGI::Session::Serialize::yaml package to the list of packages to install?
02:29 chris you are running hardy right?
02:29 chris i think it works out of the box for intrepid .. so maybe add it to the hardy page
02:30 davi I am running Debian 5.0 stable (lenny)
02:31 chris hmm, i thought it was fixed there too, guess not .. does it list that in the INSTALL.debian file ?
02:32 davi let me look for the INSTALL.debian file
02:32 chris in git there is an INSTALL.debian-lenny file
02:32 chris too, but im not sure that came in the 3.0.1 tarball
02:33 davi It seems all is right. It reads:
02:33 davi  1.6.2 Recent versions of CGI::Session have caused some issues for users;
02:33 davi  as of this release date, we suggest downloading the CGI::Session::serialize::yaml
02:33 davi  tarball direct from CPAN and install it directly rather than using the cpan command
02:34 chris cool
02:34 moo hi guys, anybody got a time to answer a question on changing username / passwords
02:35 chris yep
02:36 moo thanks chris, i've just started adminnig a box with Koha installed, when they set it up they used a specific username as admin but want a generic one... do I change a borrowers password or.. what do I need to do ?
02:36 chris yeah, make a borrower, make it category staff or something similair, set the password, and then set that borrowers' permissions
02:37 chris[…]ing-staff-patrons
02:38 chris[…]trons-permissions
02:38 chris hopefully will help
02:38 moo hey thanks for the quick help :) i'll check it out, looks like it should do the trick :)
02:39 chris no problem
02:39 chris where in the world are you from moo?
02:41 davi For the record, I am from Spain
02:42 chris nz for me
02:43 chris must be late in spain davi
02:43 moo brb, gotta make call.
02:44 davi yep, I must go to bed
02:44 chris sleep well
02:47 davi thanks, night
02:47 davi same there
02:48 moo well good meeting you lot, thanks for your help chris, i gotta dash :)
03:13 Amit hi chris, brendan, mason
03:13 Amit good morning
03:13 chris hi amit
03:13 Amit chris: R u interested in IPL
03:13 Amit cricket matches
03:13 chris i have just got back from the US, so i havent seen any cricket news for a 10 days
03:14 chris is it going well?
03:16 Amit yes
03:16 chris cool
03:16 chris which team do you support?
03:16 Amit delhi daredevils
03:16 Amit this is my team
03:16 Amit because i m from Delhi
03:17 Amit delhi is my birth placed
03:17 chris ahh cool
03:17 Amit delhi team is too strong
03:17 Amit yesterday delhi vs chennai match it too interesting match
03:17 Amit dhoni vs sehwag
03:18 chris ahh
03:19 Amit today match kingsX11 vs bangalore royal challenge
03:47 chris when does it start?
03:49 Amit its start 7:30 IST
03:49 Amit on SONY MAX
03:50 Amit Rayder, Ross is in bangalore team
03:50 chris cool, lemme see if we get it on tv here
03:50 Amit k
03:50 Amit Daniel is on delhi team
03:51 chris just highlights
06:21 chris evening
06:51 eiro hello
06:52 Amit eiro: hello
08:13 Amit hi paul
08:36 chris 1hi paul_p and eiro
08:36 paul_p hi chris
08:37 paul_p hope everything OK after your flight back to NZ
08:37 chris yep trying to get back on nz time, but otherwise ok
08:37 paul_p for us, it was a old-slyte B747. quite uncomfortable !
08:37 paul_p there's a real big diff between them and more moderne planes.
08:38 chris yep
08:38 paul_p just to compare : no room for my legs due to the size (width) of the sits & no personal screen, so, no films in french at all (only en+spa+russian+japanese)
08:38 paul_p + ugly food (but I bet it's NWA, not B747 ;-) )
08:39 chris hehe yeah, i was on a 737 to la
08:39 chris then a 777 to nz
10:50 gmcharlt paul_p: you took NWA over the Atlantic? my condolences
10:50 paul_p hi gmcharlt.
10:50 paul_p In fact, I bought a AF/KLM ticket, but it was NWA, except for Marseille => Amsterdam.
10:51 paul_p the plane Dallas => detroit was a new one. Very comfortable. But ridiculous service : 1 drink, and a very very very small cookie. (Note it was 12:30PM)
10:52 paul_p same for Detroit => Dallas when coming.
10:52 paul_p (was 7PM)
10:53 gmcharlt alas, that's pretty much the level of service to expect nowadays
10:54 paul_p yep. On continental travels with AF, the service is quite good though
11:09 elwell yeah, there's no comparison between the (lack of) service on the time I flew NWA to the US compared with air NZ or Virgin
11:15 gmcharlt it's slightly odd when a simple view source crashes firefox
11:16 gmcharlt repeatedly
11:27 hafid hi
11:28 hafid can i have help a want activate a sip Server in koha
11:31 gmcharlt hafid: have you checked out that section of the manual
11:31 gmcharlt[…]/sip2-integration

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