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12:02 Amit hi hafid
12:12 hafid yes but i have error with telenet connection
12:12 hafid institution
12:14 hafid Telnet Login Timed out at ./ line 234, <STDIN> chunk 2.
12:16 hafid hi amit
12:17 hafid in log i have Sip::Configuration::Service=HASH(0x9582a24):
12:17 hafid Loading ILS implementation 'ILS' for institution '002' failed
12:17 hafid 002 is ID of institution
12:18 hafid can i have help
14:15 liz_nekls_ mornin folks
14:19 gmcharlt hi wizzyrea
14:25 brendan good morning
16:55 gmcharlt anybody from france around?
17:26 schuster Question to the group about - in looking at this "enhancement" can someone tell me the status?
17:26 schuster[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2368
17:27 schuster version says HEAD so does that mean it is "fixed" committed?
17:30 gmcharlt no
17:30 gmcharlt HEAD is the target version
17:30 gmcharlt status of bug is NEW
17:30 gmcharlt so essentailly means that it's been proposed but nobody's acted on it yet
17:31 schuster OK thanks - trying to understand what is there to get a group going to "review" with a plan...
17:31 schuster So that we can get the other Development items that are "sponsored" entered etc...
17:51 davi The tester is getting XML::LibXML::SAX=HASH(0xa68030) as parser.
17:52 davi How fix it?
17:53 gmcharlt one way, make sure that XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser is last entry in the applicable ParserDetails.ini
17:54 davi Should I comment the last one, or just move the needed by Koha to the last one?
17:54 gmcharlt move it to last
17:54 davi thanks
17:55 davi Are the other used by some application? That is to say, why leave it? why just not delete the other two entries?
17:56 gmcharlt other Perl apps potential could use other parsers, and need the config info
17:57 davi Why is not Koha clever enough to pick the needed, and require it to be moved to the last?
17:58 davi  Other applications does not need moving the entry to the last position.
17:58 davi I am just curios
18:03 gmcharlt
18:03 gmcharlt desire not to hardcode XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser, I suppose
18:03 gmcharlt thought we may as well
18:05 luisb I'm pretty new to the Koha community, but perhaps there may be some configuration file, or table in the database where the installation could specify which parser to choose.
18:05 luisb This way it can be set to XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser, and not be hard-coded.
18:05 luisb Just thinking out loud here-
18:06 gmcharlt of course
18:25 davi I am installing from Git repo, as dev.
18:25 davi I get a make test error
18:26 davi Debian etch
18:26 davi #     Tried to use 'C4::Stats'.
18:26 davi #     Error:  Can't locate in @INC (@INC contains: /root/kohaclone/blib/PERL_MODULE_DIR /root/kohaclone/blib/arch /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.8 /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.8 /usr/share/perl/5.8 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at /root/kohaclone/blib/PERL_MODULE_DIR/C4/ line 85.
18:26 atz davi: install zebra and ZOOM
18:26 davi thanks atz
18:27 luisb make sure it gets installed in one of the directories Koha looks for it
18:27 atz you might have installed it (for example, from a binary)
18:27 atz that is actually in some other directory (not @INC)
18:27 davi I am following the steps exposed in INSTALL.debian
18:28 davi idzebra-2.0, etc., is already installed from apt repositories
18:28 davi I am going to install ZOOM
18:29 davi from CPAN
18:29 davi  perl -MCPAN -e 'install Net::Z3950::ZOOM'
18:30 atz davi: probably should use    apt-get install libnet-z3950-zoom-perl
18:30 gmcharlt atz: actually, unless that package has been updated recently, you probably want it from CPAN
18:30 atz hmm... looks like no etch version anyway
18:30 atz[…]t-z3950-zoom-perl
18:31 luisb aye, I found that I was more successful installing libraries from CPAN than using apt...
18:31 gmcharlt ZOOM is a special case because it needs to be comipled against yaz
18:31 luisb I started having some libraries not quite installed in the right places.
18:32 atz gmcharlt: updated Wed, 18 Jun 2008
18:33 gmcharlt a year old
18:33 atz yeah
18:34 davi perl -MCPAN -e 'install Net::Z3950::ZOOM'
18:34 davi  ERROR: Unable to call script: yaz-config
18:34 luisb sudo?
18:34 davi no, root directly
18:34 davi Note the yaz package is installed.
18:35 davi
18:35 luisb from apt or cpan?
18:35 davi perl -MCPAN -e 'install Net::Z3950::ZOOM'
18:36 luisb i mean was yaz installed from apt or cpan?
18:36 davi apt
18:36 davi  yaz 3.0.45-1indexdata
18:37 luisb Joe/Galen? I would probably install yaz from CPAN; what do you guys think?
18:37 luisb Again it may be that it's installed where CPAN isn't looking...
18:37 davi interesting
18:38 gmcharlt luisb: not from CPAN, from IndexData's apt reposistory
18:38 davi I think I am going to try an 'standard' install instead of an 'dev' one
18:38 gmcharlt same as for idzebra-2.0  and idzebra-2.0-doc
18:38 gmcharlt davi: installation mode doesn't make a difference re getting module dependencies installed
18:39 davi So, I think I am going to install in 'lenny' instead of in 'etch'
18:39 davi  I am just looking for a solution to follow working on this
18:40 davi The problem with lenny is having to do a downgrade of the Perl packages and libssl
18:40 luisb downgrade from 5.10?
18:41 davi to 5.8
18:41 luisb I've actually successfully installed on ubuntu 8.10 with perl5.10
18:42 luisb the machine i installed it on was a bit of a mess--it had both perl versions installed
18:42 davi It is said or documented that it is needed for MARC::File::XML to work properly
18:42 davi luisb, \You have installed, but does it work in all cases?
18:42 gmcharlt davi: that's no longer the case - M:F:X works with 5.10
18:42 davi thanks gmcharlt, Good to know!
18:43 davi So, with lenny there is only the libssl issue?
18:43 davi  Install libssl0.9.7 instead of 0.9.8 ( Needed For Yaz ).
18:45 luisb I'm going to head to lunch; good luck davi!
18:45 davi thanks luisb
18:45 davi  Reference from:[…]uide_ubuntu_hardy
18:46 davi    Install libssl0.9.7 ( Needed For Yaz ). Hardy has libssl0.9.8, but yaz won't install with that one. We need to download the older version and install it by hand. (2.1mb).
18:46 davi
18:47 davi Note, even an Debian etch upgrade will update libssl0.9.7 to the 0.9.8 version.  Will be that a problem?
18:47 gmcharlt davi:  libssl0.9.8 works fine for us on etch
18:49 atz and isn't that 7 => 8 the upgrade that fixed the predictable random number gen. issue?
18:49 atz it might be a bitch since it rejects all the previously cut keys as insecure by default
18:49 atz but that should be done anyway, regardless of koha
18:50 gmcharlt atz: I think you're right
18:50 davi yes, I think that 0.9.7 to 0.9.8 etch upgrade if for such Debian bug
18:52 davi So if both libssl0.9.8 and perl 5.10 are reported to work rightly I think I am going to try Debian lenny instead of etch. I hope to solve so the previous problem installing ZOOM
18:53 gmcharlt chris: new committer
18:56 chris wow one a day
19:02 chris ahh david's patch, cool :)
19:02 chris we were working on that on the monday
19:15 chris right new patch for the history.txt sent and survey filled in
19:24 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: i am here if you need
19:25 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: sure - a couple sysprefs to translate
19:26 hdl_laptop ok.
19:26 gmcharlt LibraryThingForLibrariesID - See:
19:27 gmcharlt LibraryThingForLibrariesEnabled - Enable or Disable Library Thing for Libraries Features
19:27 gmcharlt LibraryThingForLibrariesTabbedView - Put LibraryThingForLibraries Content in Tabs.
19:27 gmcharlt are the three
19:29 hdl_laptop LibraryThingForLibrariesID - cf.:
19:30 hdl_laptop LibraryThingForLibrariesEnabled - Active/Desactive les fonctionnalités Librarything For Libraries
19:30 hdl_laptop LibraryThingForLibrariesTabbedView - Mets les contenus LibraryThingForLibraries dans des onglets.
19:30 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: better pastebin - I'm not seeing the accents
19:30 hdl_laptop LibraryThingForLibrariesTabbedView - dispose les contenus LibraryThingForLibraries dans des onglets.
19:31 hdl_laptop
19:32 gmcharlt hdl_laptop++
19:49 hdl_laptop gnite
20:07 pianohacker Hey, liz
20:08 chris must be friday evening for you guys by now eh?
20:09 pianohacker ~2:00 ish here in Mountain time
20:09 chris ahh not quite then
20:10 liz_nekls_ yea, not quite
20:11 chris anzac day here today
20:12 chris
20:12 chris kahu and I are watching the ceremonies on tv
20:14 chris wow gmcharlt is busy today
20:14 pianohacker Yeah
20:14 pianohacker It's been weird, booting up Gmail to have roughly ten emails from the patches list
20:14 chris yep
21:51 chris pianohacker: you about?
21:51 pianohacker Yup
21:51 chris you were going to do some stuff with template::toolkit?
21:52 pianohacker Yes. I was going to do parts of the systempreference editor using it, but I realized it wouldn't work
21:52 chris ahh stink
21:52 chris why not?
21:53 pianohacker Because I have to do postprocessing anyway to get the nice table rows and search
21:54 pianohacker I would like to do other parts of Koha using TT, though (especially wherever includes aren't needed, like RSS)
21:54 chris yep
21:54 chris[…]che-0.13/
21:55 chris i have a memcached version of this
21:55 chris that i did for work, ill put it in my caching branch
21:55 pianohacker Oh, awesome
21:57 pianohacker Hmm. Trying to find your git url, there seem to be a lot of real estate agents named chris cormack
22:05 chris hehe
22:05 chris[…]=refs/heads/cache
22:05 chris ill add it there
22:06 pianohacker workbuffer, right
22:06 pianohacker Thanks
22:06 chris probably tonight nz time
22:13 pianohacker Hmm. What's the story behind the new Koha namespace?
22:19 chris ahh that was just something i was playing with
22:19 chris as a way to slowly shift things over
22:20 chris so that i could convert modules/scripts to use the caching one at a time
22:21 chris i push my branch to github too
22:22 chris
22:22 chris if its faster for you from there
22:23 chris[…]oha/
22:23 chris this is my baseclass for a dataobject
22:24 chris i dunno if i like it or not :)
22:24 chris but it does allow you to interact with the object and it figures out whether to get it from the cache or the db
22:25 chris so this is my Borrower object
22:25 chris[…]bject/
22:26 chris then you can do stuff like this
22:26 chris[…]
22:28 chris it was just mucking around :)
22:30 chris ok i gotta head out for a bit, bbl
22:30 pianohacker Gah, of course I remember my IRC window now
22:30 pianohacker Dataobject looks quite nice, really
22:46 brendan see you later #koha
01:08 pianohacker 'night, all
03:56 chris if you read the logs pianohacker, pushed my tt plugin

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