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12:44 nicomo owen: i did an english version of our original, french blog post about sopac and koha
12:44 nicomo
12:46 owen Thanks nicomo
13:04 paul_p hello owen
13:04 paul_p good morning
13:07 owen Hi paul_p
14:42 owen kados around?
14:48 liz_nekls owen: i'm looking at your upcoming titles page, but I swear you had a blog post about how you did it somewhere... but I can't find it for the life of me. Do you have a link to it?
14:48 liz_nekls and if you do, may I have it >.>
14:48 owen Yeah, that article was posted before I set up the blog.
14:49 owen Hmm... and I may need to repost it. It's not coming up now.
14:49 liz_nekls erf, sorry to bring it up
14:50 owen No, I should certainly know if it's gone missing!
14:51 liz_nekls i think I found the blog where it's *supposed* to be
14:51 liz_nekls ?
14:53 owen Yeah, I'll re-post it there shortly.
14:56 liz_nekls k, no hurry. Thanks. :)
15:24 slef owen: I think that was a bit of a hasty INVALID there.
15:24 owen Oh, sorry!
15:24 owen What'd I miss?
15:24 slef some users, not all users
15:25 owen Ah!
15:25 owen I hope you'll revise the bug and explain my mistake.
15:25 slef reopened with question, yep
15:25 owen (or I can)
15:27 slef in other news, I've got one koha that updates its zebra if you do a full rebuild_zebra but not if you run it with -z... still trying to nail that one down, but has anyone seen a similar problem
15:27 liz_nekls bless you good sir (owen))
15:27 slef it appears to be localised to one system - not reproducible on our test servers
15:29 slef updated the bug subject to make it clearer
15:29 slef kohabug 3032 if anyone cares
15:53 slef Is anyone running rebuild_zebra from launchd and if so, can I see your plist? Mine appears incorrect.
16:02 paul_p slef : beeping khatar. He could answer your question about mac OS
16:02 paul_p (he's not on the channel, should arrive soon)
16:02 slef thanks!
16:07 mc slef, i read and put my plist in the web in few minutes
16:08 slef mc, thanks
16:11 mc it was already online in fact:
16:12 mc slef, note that i use macports so you have to fix the perl path
16:13 slef I think it may be a perl path problem that I have
16:13 slef arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh
16:14 mc :)
16:14 slef mine's using apple perl
16:14 slef no, it is using apple perl
16:16 mc i had some hard time with launchd :)
16:16 slef both launchd and koha's zebra configs bite me every update
16:17 slef (my zebra modules are in /sw not /usr)
16:19 mc same pb with macports and /opt/local
16:26 fredericd hello
16:26 fredericd is down
16:40 owen Hmm... not working for me either
17:39 schuster Galen, how long do I need to wait for the records to show up?
17:40 gmcharlt schuster: about another 10 minutes or so with ~7000 records
17:40 schuster ok just trying to figure out when I need to panic!
18:00 schuster Galen, hmmm problem?  ISBN - 038590890 - didn't match the existing record in production.
18:01 gmcharlt schuster: ok, indexing done
18:24 pianohacker kados: around?
18:35 chris hmmmm
18:35 chris wiki still down for others?
18:35 gmcharlt sorry, yes
18:35 gmcharlt cfouts is working on it
18:36 chris sweet
18:36 valczir so ... what happened to
18:37 gmcharlt PHP library config glitch on the server hosting it
18:37 valczir woohoo?
19:01 kados should be back up, but if you're using firefox it may be cacheing it as down and you may need to restart
19:02 chris ta
19:02 kados also, we're going to be moving it to another server shortly, so stay tuned for that, we'll announce it on-list beforehand
19:03 chris sweet
19:17 schuster
19:17 schuster Still doing strange things...
19:19 owen schuster: try adding a made-up parameter to force your browser to grab a new version:[…]09&something=blue
19:22 schuster Great thanks that worked!
19:24 chris schuster: im working on that page right now :)
19:25 schuster Thanks Chris...  I'll try and get some more information about "things to do" in the next couple of days.
19:28 chris cool
19:35 chris[…]ngs_to_see_and_do
23:18 pianohacker night all
01:12 ron What is Koha's auth backend? Can it plug into LDAP?
01:13 chris its backened with encrypted passwords stored in the db by default, but yes it can use LDAP too
01:16 ron awesome
01:16 ron via PAM?
01:16 chris lots of places dont use LDAP (most public libraries)
01:16 chris naw, just talks directly to the ldap server
01:16 ron yeah, it makes sense that it defaults to using its own db
01:16 ron very slick that it *can* use LDAP
01:17 ron my target environment is running openldap on ubuntu 8.04
01:17 chris its a little bit mickey moose, you have to jump through a few hoops to get it going, but its getting better all the time, but once its going its sweet
01:17 chris hmm too many buts in that sentence
01:17 ron there's a howto somewhere covering this?
01:17 chris yep on the wiki
01:18 ron beaut.
01:18 ron That leaves me with one final hurdle; waiting for a response from the deb packager
01:18 chris[…]:development:ldap
01:18 chris from the wonderful atz
01:19 ron :)
01:19 ron it's great to see how comprehensive the wiki/doco is for koha
01:20 ron but hardly surprising, I guess, considering the audience. ;-)
01:20 chris :)
01:20 chris if i had time id do a new FAQ
01:21 chris there are lot of questions that get asked on the mailing list
01:21 ron yep
01:21 ron presumably repeated qns
01:21 chris that have been answered lots of times, having a faq to point them to would be handy
01:21 ron but dammit, I wants my deb pkg. :)
01:22 ron would the devs likely accept any patches required for such a deb pkg?
01:22 chris :)
01:22 chris definitely
01:23 chris the nice thing is, vincent has managed to get all the dependencies packaged
01:23 ron cool
01:23 ron just wich he'd respond to my email
01:23 ron ;-)
01:23 ron s/wich/wish
01:23 chris so even without a koha package, you can apt-get all the dependencies, then perl Makefile.PL; make; make install
01:23 ron oh, ok
01:24 chris and run the web installer
01:24 ron hmm
01:26 ron howdy twb
01:26 twb ron: hi.
01:27 twb <chris> so even without a koha package, you can apt-get all the dependencies, then perl Makefile.PL; make; make install
01:27 chris yep
01:27 twb ...the documentation I saw indicated that a number of perl libraries were not new enough in apt, and had to be updated via cpan.
01:27 ron chris: twb is working with me on this project
01:27 twb Is that documentation out of date?
01:27 chris yep
01:27 twb An important datapoint is that the target environment is Ubuntu 8.04, so package versions will not be as new as Squeeze or Sid.
01:29 chris
01:29 chris yeah they are pretty much all in lenny
01:30 chris that documentation was for etch
01:30 twb OK, cool.
01:31 chris dh-make-perl is your friend if there are any that arent in hardy (or cant be installed from lenny)
01:32 richard hi all
01:32 chris heya richard :)
01:33 twb chris: yeah, I just want to avoid local packaging where it's not necessary (because then you need to maintain those packages).
01:34 twb So having official .debs for all the dependencies is a Good Thing.
01:34 chris yep
02:43 schuster Galen - have you had a chance to load the overdues on Plano production?
02:45 chris drive by
03:23 ron yow. blink and you miss him
03:32 ron chris: only just now saw the link you pasted re mjray's deb efforts
03:33 chris yeah you have been able to do it for a little while i think its the first time he has done an install with only debs
03:33 ron righto
03:33 ron he gives no details though
03:33 ron I did get an email from his yesterday, he is interested in getting involved in my request for debs
03:34 twb AFAICT Twitter is blogging for people with ADHD.
03:34 chris pretty much follow the INSTALL.debian file
03:34 ron twb: hahaha
03:34 chris but where it says cpan, get it from a .deb instead
03:34 twb chris: is that INSTALL.debian under version control?  If so, which VC?
03:35 twb *VCS
03:35 chris yep git
03:35 chris same as the rest of koha
03:38 twb OK, I'll git-format-email the differences if I end up doing a deployment for Ubuntu 8.04
03:39 ron twb: it looks like you will be  ;-)
03:39 chris be good to do an INSTALL.ubuntu-hardy
03:40 chris we have .opensuse and .fedora7
03:41 twb Righto
03:45 chris actually i think there is an ubuntu one on the wiki
03:49 chris ahh its for intrepid
03:50 chris[…]k3-on-u810-1.html
03:50 chris wow,thats doing it the hard way
03:51 chris i just run perl Makefile.PL
03:51 chris and apt-get all the modules it tells me are missing ;)
03:56 Amit hi koha good mrng
03:56 Amit hi chris, mason
03:57 chris hi amit
03:58 twb chris: btw, why don't you use Freenode or OFTC?
03:59 chris / predates both of them :)
03:59 chris and katipo use it for their own stuff, as do hlt
04:00 chris we had a bot that mirrored to freenode
04:04 twb Bleh, those mess up tab completion
04:05 chris yeah
04:29 brendan heya all
04:37 Amit hi brendan
04:37 brendan good evening Amit
04:37 Amit good morning brendan
05:33 twb chris: which version should I deploy on Ubuntu 8.04?  The 3.0.1 tarball?
05:33 chris yep
05:33 chris thats the most recent stable
05:34 twb Righto.
05:34 twb (Some projects say stuff like "oh noooooo, our stable is only for crazy people, use trunk".)
05:34 twb (Usually AFTER I've spent two days trying to deploy it.)
05:34 chris yeah but if they say trunk, they are using svn, so i wouldnt trust a word they say
05:34 ron but you enjoy it, admit it
05:35 chris :)
05:36 chris master probably works fine, but its a moving target, if you are going to run it in a production environment stable is a much safer bet
05:37 chris you guys going to kohacon? :-)
05:38 ron mate, we only just heard of koha a couple of days ago
05:38 ron ;-)
05:38 ron s/we/*I*/
05:39 chris where have you been?? *grin*
05:39 ron not spending my days in a library, that much is fer sure
05:39 ron ;-)
05:40 chris are you allowed to say what library its for?
05:40 ron a prison
05:40 ron sorry, 'correctioanl facility'
05:41 chris ahh righto
05:41 chris[…]kohausers#oceania
05:41 ron wowzers
05:42 chris theres bound to be more, those are just the ones who have listed themselves
05:42 twb Heh, I first parsed as "Kohausers", some kind of Germanic thing.
05:42 chris heh
05:43 ron I used to work with a Kohlhousen
05:43 ron meh, not as similar as I first thought. never mind
05:43 twb chris: re use of "trunk", I was speaking generally -- they might call it 1.0.rc4 or HEAD^ or whatever.
05:43 chris yeah i was just using that as an opportunity to express my hatred of svn :)
05:44 ron uh oh. another cvs war.
05:44 chris i dont think i could ever go back to a centralised system after using a distributed one
05:45 ron hmm... no prisons listed (yet)
05:45 chris nope, would be a first
05:45 ron posisbly
05:45 chris well first listed :)
05:45 twb Speaking as Debian's Darcs maintainer, I'm not particularly impressed by git, either ;-)
05:46 chris i dont mind darcs
05:46 chris id take git or darcs over svn any day
05:46 twb Given you have 56MB tarballs, darcs would probably be too slow, though
05:46 chris id even go to bzr
05:46 chris yeah, theres a bunch of .po files in there
05:47 chris and images
05:47 twb Bah, no SVGs?
05:48 twb Then you use rsvg-convert or similar in Makefile.PL to generate .png
05:49 chris there is 60 meg of .po files alone
05:50 twb chris: that's pretty impressive
05:50 twb You should get a 60% to 80% compression of .po with lempel-ziv, though.
05:50 chris
05:51 twb Looks like most of the space is koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog
05:51 chris yep
05:51 chris we have plans for that too
05:51 chris certainly in the debs, each language will be a sep package
05:52 chris like ooffice etc do
05:52 twb Is there an ITP for Koha yet?
05:53 twb Sorry, I should ask first if you're familiar / involved in the Debian infrastructure at all.
05:53 chris yep
05:53 chris we have 3 dd's at my work
05:53 chris there has been an itp for a long time
05:53 twb Do you know Chris Double, too?
05:54 chris nope
05:54 twb ISTR he's in .nz somewhere...
05:54 chris andrew mcmillan, francios marier
05:55 chris are the 2 on my floor
05:56 chris[…]rt.cgi?bug=186958  the old one
05:57 chris[…]rt.cgi?bug=389876 and the newer one
06:02 twb Hmm, there's already a debian/
06:03 chris oh yeah that was me playing around
06:03 chris ignore that
06:03 twb Righto
06:04 twb FYI, you're not supposed to ship debian/ in tarballs of non-native packages.
06:04 chris[…]oha.git;a=summary
06:04 chris yeah, it shouldnt have been pulled across into the 3.0.x branch
06:37 brendan Goodnight!
07:33 Elwell morning all.
07:39 chris Hi Elwell
08:04 chris hi nicomo
08:04 nicomo hi chris
08:15 chris hi js and Kivutar
08:15 Kivutar hello
08:16 js hello too
08:27 chris so i had landais roll thing at the french bakery for lunch today
08:28 chris landais .. is that right?
08:28 nicomo chris: I'm not quite sure what a "landais" is
08:29 chris it was a smoked chicken and sun dried tomato and some lettuce and mayonaisse in a roll
08:30 chris then i had an eclair
08:30 nicomo well : fancy name and all, but not french
08:30 chris heh yeah
08:30 nicomo ah éclair : that's french all right
08:30 chris
08:30 chris maybe its some weird parisian thing :-)
08:31 nicomo heh maybe
08:31 nicomo but the menu looks genuinely french though
08:31 nicomo “Morteau� Sausage
08:31 nicomo i had one of those yesterday
08:32 chris :)
08:32 chris its a nice place, friendly staff
08:32 chris and fresh and good food
08:32 nicomo and ugly web site
08:32 chris yes, horrible
08:33 chris pdf for menu .. whats up with that
08:35 nicomo maybe you could do something a bit nicer for them in exchange for 1 yr free meals ;-)
08:36 chris ohh good idea
08:39 chris hows the zebra traing going nahuel ?
08:39 Kivutar "order your gallette des rois" :D
08:39 nicomo yeah Kivutar saw that one
08:39 nicomo :-)
08:40 nahuel chris, hi, fine
08:40 nahuel chris, just beginning the day
08:41 chris *nod*
08:58 slef Here's my current pain[…]kage-problem/602/
09:02 chris ouch
09:02 chris havent seen that before
09:10 chris for i in `dpkg -l` do apt-get reinstall $i
09:10 chris :)
09:12 chris im assuming the server doesnt have an ILOM eh slef?
09:16 kf good morning #koha
09:16 chris hi kf, get stuck in construction this morning?
09:17 kf yes
09:18 slef ILOM?
09:18 kf undercrossing (?) was closed
09:19 kf was already late... murphy's law
09:20 slef kf: undercrossing = subway? underpass?
09:21 chris integrated lights out manager .. fancy way of saying serial access to the server :)
09:21 kf train rails
09:21 chris well its a bit more than that, more like a remote kvm
09:22 kf had to look it up... german word would be 'unterführung'
09:22 slef kf: oh. I think it's something like a "flying crossing" (instead of a level crossing)
09:22 kf its under the rauls
09:22 kf rails
09:22 slef you on rails?
09:23 slef chris: kvmip or remote console
09:23 chris yeah like that, with a bunch of monitoring and remote power control and stuff as well
09:23 chris incredibly handy things
09:24 kf marc21 training bbl
09:24 chris ohh poor you kf
09:25 kf wish me luck ;)
09:25 chris good luck, take lots of chocolate :)
09:26 Amit hi kf
09:36 slef well, someone fixed the perl problem already
09:36 slef I didn't spot the installation in /usr/local
09:36 slef I wonder who did that :-/
09:37 chris someone overzealous with cpan?
09:42 slef will it work?  $DEITY knows
09:49 anasha chris are u arround?
09:49 chris yep
09:49 chris for about 10 more minutes
09:50 anasha i v sent mail at but no reply
09:51 chris i dont actually know who gets that mail unfortunately
09:51 anasha ooh
09:51 chris not me :)
09:52 anasha ;)
09:52 anasha i asked just incase you guys who handle these metter
09:53 slef I thought that was going to chris :-/
09:53 chris nope, not to me, or if its supposed to, its busted
09:54 slef want to mail or shall I?
09:54 slef (I'd prefer you did... I have an email axe grinding)
09:55 chris ill drop a mail now
09:55 anasha ok
09:58 anasha we have first OLPC meet in mumbai tomorrow
09:58 chris awesome
09:58 chris i work with martin langhoff
09:58 chris who works on sugar for OLPC
09:59 slef chris: I have one of your favourites on the radio here
09:59 slef I think you call them asshats
09:59 chris arsehats :)
10:00 slef "Let me ask everyone who's called up today who is against torture but isn't in favour of terrorism: if it was their children or their families... <CLICK of radio being shut off>"
10:00 chris ahh yep, best thing you could do
10:01 anasha chris: u are also involve with OLPC
10:01 chris only as a tester, not like martin
10:01 anasha so u work sugar?
10:01 anasha ok
10:01 chris nope, i just attend testing sessions occasionally
10:02 chris there are 113 of us at my work, we work on a wide range of things :)
10:02 anasha here it is taking a lift now
10:03 chris[…]ghoff_brin_1.html  <-- martin
10:03 chris douglas bagnall who worked on koha in the early days, did some work on the school server too
10:03 chris its a small world :)
10:04 anasha very small
10:10 chris ok, time for sleep for me
10:11 anasha chris: good night
10:16 imp is it possible to enter hebrew in the right way into koha? (does it just depend on the users browser)
10:36 slef depends more on browser, I suspect
10:37 slef is hebrew right-to-left?

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