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11:09 ron slef: yes
11:29 Amit hi slef
11:42 kf hebrew works quite well
11:43 kf input and display, but i dont know about searching yet, difficult to test
11:44 kf but there are problems, when you mix 'normal' and hebrew letters, especially with () and correkt line breaks
11:45 imp interesting - all i heard yesterday was, that koha doesn't support it right now
11:50 kf depends on what 'not supported' means... would be really interested in that answer too
11:51 kf we loaded hebrew records and let someone test changing them
11:51 imp think i'll try it (if somebody else does the typing for me :D)
11:51 kf looked at opac  display and so on
11:52 kf you can get records from ULI
11:52 kf[…]il%3A9991%2FULI02
12:13 slef hi Amit
12:33 Amit hi self u around
12:33 slef intermittently
12:33 Amit[…]y=relevance&do=OK
12:33 Amit see this
12:33 slef customers keep phoning
12:33 Amit ok
12:34 slef ok I see that
12:34 slef is your mysql and OS all utf8?
12:35 Amit no
12:35 Amit when i add new itemtype
12:35 Amit then edit the records it should work fine
12:35 Amit i think problem in item types
12:36 slef can you add SetEnv KOHA_DEBUG 1 to the VirtualHost and graceful apache?
12:36 slef can you add SetEnv KOHA_DEBUG 1 to the VirtualHost and gracefully reload apache?
12:36 Amit ok
12:36 Amit it is working on centos -5.2
12:36 slef (I think that made it into the main koha, didn't it?)
12:37 Amit k
12:37 slef or switch some debugging on generally
12:37 slef that utf8 "\xC2" does not map to Unicode at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/i386-l​inux-thread-multi/ line 174. doesn't tell you enough
12:37 Amit
12:37 slef just that somewhere there's a  character where it breaks stuff
12:37 Amit hmm
12:38 Amit any way i will see
12:38 Amit thanks ;)
12:38 slef ok... off back to the customers
12:38 Amit Have a great weekend!
12:38 Amit self
12:39 slef slef not self ;)
12:40 Amit sory
12:40 Amit slef
12:40 Amit sory
12:40 slef no worries
12:44 schuster Galen - are you in?
15:01 gerard13 hello all, when i want to upgrade from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1, it fails
15:04 atz gerard13: did you already run "make" ?
15:05 atz or maybe gmake, in your case
15:23 gerard13 yes, i did all the precedent steps
15:23 gerard13 only gmake test failed
15:25 gmcharlt what version of gmake are you using?
15:26 gerard13 gmcharlt: 3.81
15:27 gerard13 i see no install target in Makefile
15:29 gmcharlt could you try saving a copy of the generated Makefile and the install log
15:29 gmcharlt then run perl Makefile.PL without the --prev-install-log option?
15:29 gerard13 yes i could
15:29 gmcharlt curious to see if it will generate the install target
15:30 gerard13 the difference is between the # --- MakeMaker install section:
15:37 gmcharlt gerard13: is there more to the diff?
15:40 schuster Galen - Overdues Development next week for Plano?
15:42 gmcharlt schuster: Monday
15:45 gmcharlt schuster: are the ISBN13 changes now working OK for you?
15:50 schuster Yes GREAT thank you for the quick fix.
16:42 fredericd gmcharlt: Concerning March 6th David Sweeney patches on enhanced content, will it be pushed on HEAD soon?
16:42 fredericd I would appreciate to test Amazon ISBN13 support with UNIMARC...
16:42 gmcharlt yes - just waiting for customer to finish testing
16:42 fredericd perfect (and thanks)
20:03 chris morning
20:07 brendan morning chris
20:22 Elwell !seen paul_p
20:23 Elwell Q for the french users - is a date in (ie using periods) common in .fr as well as .ch?
20:24 nicomo Elwell: ddmmyyyy is standard in french
20:24 nicomo but not especially with dots
20:24 nicomo a french would rather do dd-mm-yyyy
20:24 Elwell must be some swiss thing. Keeps catching me out when I get asked for dates on swiss websites
20:25 chris stop going to swiss dating sites :P
20:25 Elwell so not worth the hassle of creating a patch to slashifyDate
20:25 nahuel re
20:25 Elwell busted :-)
20:25 nahuel who N?
20:26 nicomo ah ah chris : you're in "saturday" mode already, right?
20:26 chris thats right :)
20:26 nicomo but it's still friday here
20:26 chris it might be nice if slashify date could handled . or / or - ?
20:27 nicomo chris: that might be overdoing it
20:27 nahuel hi chris !
20:27 nicomo in French as long as its dd before mm and then yyyy one doesn't care much about the separator
20:27 chris true, same here
20:28 nicomo but that might be french carelessness though :-)
20:28 chris hi nahuel :)
20:28 nahuel :)
20:28 nahuel what's up ?
20:28 nicomo hi nahuel not too cold in Copenhaguen?
20:28 nahuel nicomo, ... raining, snowing, ...
20:29 nicomo hum : i gather it's been warm and sunny in Marseilles today
20:29 Elwell been fabby in geneva. Sitting ouside at lunchtime :-)
20:30 nahuel nicomo, shut :)
20:30 nahuel shut !
20:30 nicomo eheh
20:30 nahuel but well it's a good place
20:30 nahuel and we found a well restaurant !
20:30 nahuel with danish dishes
20:31 chris hmm whats a famous danish dish?
20:31 nahuel hmm generaly it's fish
20:31 nicomo meatballs?
20:31 nicomo I was in Oslo about 10 days ago
20:31 nicomo they talked about meatballs and herring mostly
20:31 nahuel "breaded fish"
20:31 nahuel meatballs ? what's that ?
20:32 chris sweden is famous for meatballs
20:32 nicomo boulettes de viande
20:32 nahuel ah no, we don't eat this
20:32 nicomo ah, vegie, I forgot
20:32 nahuel nicomo, !
20:32 nahuel no !
20:32 nahuel you're crazy !
20:32 nahuel it's john, marc and matts !
20:32 nicomo ah no, I mix things up
20:32 nicomo ok ok sorry
20:33 chris hmm i hear tiny running feet
20:33 nicomo BibLibre seems to be all about being vegeterian
20:33 nahuel I like too much the blood !
20:33 nahuel ttyl chris
20:33 nicomo see ya chris
23:18 imp Auth ERROR: Cannot get_session() at /home/imp/koha-install/lib/C4/ line 590.
00:01 imp .oO(CGI-Session-Serialize-yaml)
05:41 anasha hello guys
05:50 anasha does any one knows, who is suppose to answer
05:50 anasha slef
05:51 anasha mason
05:51 anasha atz
05:51 anasha is any one around
06:54 chris anasha: i sent an email, they have got your email and will get back to your
06:55 anasha ok
06:55 anasha will wait for that... as almost a week has completed to my mail,,,
06:56 chris yes, it will take a while, but they have got it
07:58 ron chris: ping
08:01 ron chris: I emailed Vincent on Thursday re funding him to build and support a deb pkg for koha. No response from him yet. Is this normal, or am I unrealistically impatient? ;-)
08:10 chris thursday our time? yeah i wouldnt be worrying yet
08:10 ron righto
08:10 ron presumably you're in nz?
08:10 chris yep
08:11 ron hence the fush and chups yesterday
08:11 chris if he's like me he probably has an inbox full

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