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12:54 owen Hi #koha. Looking at Bug 2434,[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2434
12:54 owen Is RSS notification also not working?
13:12 owen gmcharlt, maybe you know this
13:13 owen ...Looking at Bug 2434,[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2434
13:13 owen Is RSS notification also not working?
13:13 gmcharlt RSS for notifications hasn't been implemented yet
13:14 owen So hiding that column in the template would be a sensible thing to do
13:14 gmcharlt yes
13:27 owen gmcharlt, do you have time for a question about holds?
13:27 gmcharlt sure
13:28 owen At NPL we've been running into a problem since our switch to 3.0. One branch will check in an item and find a hold for a patron. They'll flag it with a hold slip and send it to its destination branch
13:28 owen When the destination branch receives it, they check it in and the hold message that pops up has another patron's info
13:29 owen One obvious explanation is that the first branch didn't confirm the hold, I suppose
13:30 owen I guess I'm concerned that the holds queue process is doing something weird here
13:30 gmcharlt what's the exact version you're running?
13:32 owen "About Koha" reports
13:33 owen Hi kados
13:33 kados g'morning all
13:35 gmcharlt it did
13:35 gmcharlt owen: can you test to see if it makes a difference whether the holds are confirmed or not?
13:39 owen Yeah. I've only gotten sporadic reports, so I'll have to ask folks to be more vigilant.
13:39 owen What were the Geauga holds improvements?
13:40 kados owen: in a phrase: multi-location hold targeting ;-) ... the previous NPL script only targeted one item per title even if there were multiple holds on a given title
13:40 gmcharlt i.e., the current holds queue process
13:41 owen Oh, right. Okay
14:24 pianohacker hola gmcharlt
14:25 gmcharlt hi pianohacker
16:37 owen Hi liz_nekls
18:48 imp Warning: prerequisite GD 2.39 not found. We have 2.35.
18:48 imp so i have to use 2.1 from their cvs?
18:48 imp (there is no gd 2.0.39 release on
18:50 owen What about this?
18:50 imp owen: ah, thx :)
19:28 pianohacker Is there anyone around who is familiar with the logic behind marc_subfield_structure.hidden? I see some patterns in how it can be interpreted, but building it automatically from a given set of constraints (visibility in opac, staff and editor and collapsed when empty) seems like it would require a hashref
19:31 gmcharlt I believe it was intended to act as a (signed) bitmask
19:44 gmcharlt how's that cloning coming along, paul?
19:44 paul_p2 hi gmcharlt
19:44 paul_p2 coming from some tests on my home connexion
19:44 paul_p2 (trying to have "CPL" working)
19:44 owen Cloning is all well and good, but you still have to feed and clothe the clones.
19:45 paul_p2 (dunno the french term ;-) )
19:47 paul_p clone 2 goes to limbo...
20:08 chris morning
20:10 owen Hi chris
20:27 slef Hi all.  Anyone know what a zebrasrv exit code of 10 means?
20:28 slef (it's not in the man page)
20:28 chris not me
20:30 slef very strange. Nothing in the error log either.
20:31 slef Is the irc log searching webpage working for anyone else?
20:32 owen It's working for me slef
20:33 slef is for me now... strange
20:33 slef thanks owen
21:25 pianohacker 'allo chris. Do you know anything about marc_sub_struct.hidden ?
22:27 ron Mornin'. Is there someone here with whom I can discuss commercial (ie; paid) support for Koha?
22:29 atz ron: the place to start is
22:29 ron atz: uh, yeah. heh
22:29 atz and the vendors tend to be pretty cool about not out-pitching each other here on channel
22:30 ron yep
22:30 ron :)
22:30 ron what I was hoping for is someone who would maintain debs for ubuntu
22:31 ron presumably this has been raised a number of times previously?
22:31 atz ron: actually, that's the first i've heard of somebody willing to pay to make it happen
22:31 ron oh... heh, I know those guys
22:32 atz vincent danjean was working on a debian package
22:32 ron atxmate, I've got a government client who's willing to pay for it
22:32 ron er... atx: mate...
22:32 ron bleh. fat fingers
22:32 atz haven't heard from vincent in months though
22:32 atz i'm sure it would make a lot of ppl happy though!
22:33 pianohacker The open source world needs something like a code-debt collections agency
22:34 pianohacker Track down lazy contributors and break a few fingers
22:34 atz ron: that's actually a great idea to make Koha *very readily* adoptable
22:39 pianohacker Are there any other webapp packages out there for ubuntu whose installation package we could emulate?
22:39 atz ubuntu can install debian debs right?
22:39 atz or does it need something special to do that?
22:40 ron atz: sorry, was on the phone with strategicdata
22:40 ron ok, ubuntu installs debs, although I don't know if it is happy with *debian* debs
22:41 ron if you guys would deb this (for ubuntu, especially) then yes you'd increase the uptake
22:42 ron we've installed a couple of servers and a bunch of desktops (all running linux) in a gov't facility. they want koha, but we need to be able to provide security updates etc. the rest of the environment is all managed by apt-get/dpkg/etc. My strong preference is to not break this discipline
22:44 ron hmm... phone again
23:16 bob hi all
23:16 bob is there a koha.deb type package being developed?
23:17 bob one where all the dependencies are included?
23:22 ron heh. this is what we were just now discussing
23:22 ron bob: what's your interest?
23:23 ron oh
23:23 ron of course
23:23 ron bob, @katipo
23:23 bob hi
23:23 ron howdy
23:23 ron I beat you to the punch, it seems. :)
23:24 bob i think i read on lists that there was talk of having a all encompasing .deb package
23:24 ron bob: I wonder if it is necessary to make an Ubuntu-specific package, or if a Debian package would suffice
23:24 bob and was wondering how advanced along the idea was
23:24 ron yeah, someone said earlier that it has been looked into previously.
23:24 ron hang on, chking log
23:24 ron 09:32 < atz> vincent danjean was working on a debian package
23:25 ron there you go
23:25 bob cool
23:26 bob so you'd be perfering a ubuntu-centric one right?
23:26 chris i wouldnt
23:26 bob hi chris
23:26 ron not necessarily
23:27 ron just one that works on 8.04 LTS
23:27 chris plus ubuntu is debian, with non-free stuff added to
23:27 ron actually, I'd prefer tahth it was more generic
23:27 ron more generic = more uptake, more support, etc
23:28 chris if you put it in debian, it will end up in ubuntu, plus vincent danjeans is a debian developer
23:28 ron ahh, neat
23:28 chris so it would actually make it into the distro
23:28 bob sweet
23:29 pianohacker brb, remodeling
23:29 chris id recommend getting in touch with him and asking him what he needs to finish it off
23:29 bob chris: any idea how far along vincent is with the koha .deb package?
23:29 bob good idea
23:30 ron was he doing it for a client, or for the community?
23:31 ron either way, we're quite willing to pay for his efforts - especially if he can get it into the deb repos
23:31 chris for the community
23:31 chris[…]oha.git;a=summary
23:31 chris is his repo, drop him a line :)
23:31 chris his email address will be in the koha archives somewhere
23:31 ron will do. thx
23:35 imp is it possible to use koha without apache? (something like lighttpd)
23:35 chris yes
23:35 chris or nginx
23:35 chris or IIS if you are a nutjob :)
23:36 imp what's about monkeyd?
23:36 chris there is currently nothing apache specific with koha, just that the installer will make a config file for you that works with apache
23:37 chris if your webserver can run cgi's you can use it with koha
23:38 ron can Koha import data from a csv file?
23:38 chris what sort of data?
23:38 ron catalogue
23:38 chris nope
23:38 ron bugga
23:38 chris it can import borrower data tho
23:39 chris marcedit is your friend ron
23:39 chris to convert csv to marc, then koha can import the mar
23:39 chris c
23:39 chris i think krishnan did a good tutorial let me look
23:40 ron found a video
23:40 ron[…]it/html/index.php
23:42 chris ah no it was another of the Indian developers
23:42 chris[…]ha_using_marcedit
00:16 Jo Si : are you about
00:16 slef if a non-maintainer wants to make a koha.deb, I'm a debian developer so could sponsor the upload if vincent doesn't
00:17 slef I just have no-one willing to pay me to make it happen and a life full of paid work.
00:19 chris there ya go, another option ron :)
00:19 chris there are also a couple of dd's at my work .. so i think the sticking point is getting the packages built
00:20 slef there's no webapp policy - there's an old discussion after I asked how to do it on debian-perl, but it'll be a bit off into the unknown
00:21 chris *nod*
00:21 chris i built a package from vincents repo, and it mostly worked
00:21 chris i think it just needs that last 20% that takes 80% of the time
00:21 chris :)
00:25 ron slef: howdy
00:36 slef ron: hello. I'm asleep at the console.
00:37 ron slef: seems I am too
00:37 ron ;-)
00:37 ron not ath I've got any excuse, at 11:30am. heh
00:37 ron s/ath/that/
00:37 ron slef: do you have a background in managing debs in the longer term?
00:39 slef ron: I've been a DD for a few years and a debian sysadmin for longer, if that's what you mean.
00:40 ron ok
00:41 ron slef: I'll fill you in via email
00:44 slef ok. night all
00:45 ron ciao
03:14 Amit hi koha
03:14 Amit hi mason, si
03:14 mason heya amit
03:14 Amit india win
03:15 mason i hope your birthday and holiday was nice :)
03:15 Amit yes
03:15 Amit yesterday is holi
03:15 Amit in india
03:15 mason india are too good at cricket, for NZ
03:16 Amit yes
03:16 Amit have u seen sehwag batting
03:16 mason no, but i have heard a discussion from NZ cricket team captain
03:17 Amit he is the cracking
03:17 mason he says 'indian team are too strong for us'
03:17 Amit yes
03:17 mason sewag hit many 6's ?
03:17 Amit this is the first series india win in NZ
03:18 mason aah, i did not know
03:18 Amit after 33 year
03:18 mason how many times have india played in NZ?
03:19 Amit 5 times ODI series
03:19 Amit 3 NZ win 2 draw
03:19 Amit this is first time india win series in NZ
03:19 Amit si?
03:20 Amit hi chris
03:20 chris hi amit
03:21 Amit what about sehwag batting chris
03:23 chris he is batting very well, but we are also making it very easy for him
03:24 mason heh
03:24 chris the pitches are too good for batsmen
03:24 chris thats why we usually won in the past
03:24 chris green wickets
03:24 mason ahhhh, chris has 'The Knowledge'
03:25 Amit y
03:26 mason i dont have a TV, so i will have to watch the best sehwag hits online
04:58 brendan good night #koha
04:58 brendan long day here...
05:19 chris night brendan
06:49 chris hey Elwell
06:50 Amit hi elwell
07:00 chris hi nicomo
07:00 nicomo morning/evening Chris
07:01 nicomo is doing well?
07:08 chris yep, 3.47 terrabytes
07:08 chris in a week
07:09 Elwell How expensive is bandwidth in NZ?
07:10 chris depends where you live
07:10 Elwell ok, hosting bandwith then
07:10 Elwell is there any competetion for colos / telcos?
07:10 chris yeah tons
07:11 chris its international transit that is the expensive bit
07:11 Elwell ah cool. yeah. I was a bit shocked when I applied for a job at U.canterbury and they said you paid for bandwith
07:11 chris but there are 4 companies who provide that, there are tons of isps that do colo etc ... but they all have to buy transit from one of those 4
07:12 Elwell (stoppy sods didn't even shortlist me. pah.
07:12 chris heh
07:12 chris what was the job?
07:12 Elwell sysadmin
07:12 chris christchurch is weird anyway
07:13 Elwell wanted to get into the HPC kit (I was sysadmin for the 1st bluegene in europe) but they didn't have any spaces
07:30 chris[…]
07:31 chris it even works
07:32 chris <firstname>Chris</firstname><cardnumbe​r>1</cardnumber><borrowernumber>1</bor​rowernumber><surname>Cormack</surname> at rest/borrowers/ line 12.
07:58 chris hi paul
07:59 paul_p hi chris
08:18 slef morning
08:18 chris heya slef
08:46 chris is nahuel in denmark?
08:48 nahuel chris, yes i am :)à
08:48 chris cool :)
08:48 chris its somewhere ive always wanted to visit
08:49 paul_p chris: nahuel & hdl are at indexdata offices, for 2 days of training on zebra
08:50 chris ohhh very cool
08:50 chris i will have lots of questions for nahuel at the developer conference :)
08:50 nahuel chris, cool
08:50 nahuel :)
08:50 nahuel well i'm away
08:50 nahuel talking with indexdata
08:53 Amit hi nahuel
09:15 chris heya kf
09:17 kf heya chris :)
09:19 chris wie geht es dir?
09:20 kf gut, danke
09:20 kf fine, thx ;) learning german, chris?
09:20 kf und dir?
09:21 chris how do you say also?
09:21 paul_p chris: kivutar is jean-andre
09:21 Kivutar hi
09:21 chris hi Kivutar :)
09:21 Kivutar :)
09:22 kf i think: auch
09:22 kf P1: wie geht es dir? P2: danke gut. und dir? P1: mir auch.
09:22 chris ahh :)
09:22 chris thanks
09:22 Kivutar chris: so you're coding webservices for koha too?
09:22 chris not really, just playing around
09:23 Kivutar ok
09:23 kf :)
09:23 chris im playing with the caching framework
09:23 chris and using webservices as a good way to test
09:23 kf can someone explain how more_subfields_xml is supposed to work?
09:23 Kivutar oh i see
09:23 chris[…]lib/Koha;hb=cache
09:23 chris and
09:24 chris[…]
09:24 kf i tried to use it for our accession numbery by linking it to 952$i
09:24 chris if they are any use to them, feel free to use/fix :)
09:24 chris kf: ill have a look and no that was all the german i remember from when we had a swiss exchange student living with us :)
09:25 Kivutar thanks chris
09:26 Koha Hi all, are there any LDAP guru's around ATM?
09:26 kf just ask, when you want to learn more :)
09:27 Amit hi kf
09:27 kf hi amit
09:28 chris kf: will do :)
09:28 Koha Anyone? Trouble creating a staff user with LDAP switched on, no access. Denied.
09:28 chris hmm im not sure what that column is for
09:29 kf chris: you can train with German Koha version :)
09:29 kf chris: i think it changed its behaviour lately - we need a additional field for german accession numbers (additional to barcode). someone suggested using that column
09:30 kf but now, when i save something like "2009/123" i get an xml-output, when editing the item the next time
09:31 kf is it necessary to link all item fields to columns in item?
09:35 chris ahh yeah i think stuff in there is stored as xml, might be best to ask on the koha-devel list
09:35 chris i search the recent patches cant see any thing
09:35 kf ok
09:35 kf thx chris
09:36 kf i reconfigured 952$i using no items column
09:36 kf now i can save
09:36 kf but im not sure if this will have any disadvantages
09:36 chris what is 952i?
09:37 kf its not used now, i want to use it for import of accession numbers
09:38 chris ahh ok
09:40 chris you probably dont need to map it at all
09:40 chris ie you can store stuff in marc fields and subfields that arent mapped to a field in items or biblio etc
09:41 chris and then just edit the framework to make them show in the edit screens
09:41 chris and if you use xslt you can make them show in the search results too
09:42 kf ah
09:42 kf nice to know that
09:42 kf i thought about a plugin similar to
09:42 kf there is already the option in barcode to use annual numbers like 2008/1
09:43 kf i think this may be perhaps a problem
09:47 chris hmm yeah i think i remember atz saying it was buggy
09:51 imp errrm.... why does any language contain it's own images? a shared folder for the images would be great
09:57 chris send a patch
09:57 chris :-)
10:00 imp always the same answer ;P
10:01 chris yep
10:02 chris its the beauty of free software, if you dont like something you can change it :)
10:04 imp indeed :)
10:04 paul_p imp: with specific images, a library with multiple language can have "localized" versions of images. so that's not necessary a bad thing.
10:04 paul_p although I agree in most cases, it's useless
10:05 paul_p (but at least, it's not a visible bug)
10:06 imp 316mb for a default installation is just huge - and 195M for intranet/htdocs/intranet-tmpl looks stupid
10:07 kf perhaps it should use a default folder when there is no folder with localized images
10:12 imp kf: there is already intranet/htdocs/intranet-tmpl/prog/img/
10:19 kf imp: i think to have localized images is a nice option, we already use bridge icons with german subtitles in our currend opacs. but I agree, that with more and more languages it uses to much space, so perhaps it could be optional, so when you create a localized folder, it will be used
10:22 paul_p in fact, the best solution would be to distribute only english, and create templates in web installer
10:25 imp paul_p: or being able to select the ones you want to install
10:25 kf but it should be also possible to add languages later
10:26 imp kf: sure, but how many languages do you need in your installation? ;)
10:27 kf opac-languages are more likely to be added later
10:27 kf than intranet
10:27 chris why shouldnt you have as many languages as possible on your opac?
10:36 imp good night
10:49 kf good night chris

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