IRC log for #koha, 2009-03-11

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12:05 Amit hi mason
17:25 owen Is "associatedborrower" used for anything in the statistics table?
17:27 owen It doesn't seem to be referenced anywhere except in a couple of installer files.
17:35 paul_p owen: hello. I never heard of this file
17:35 paul_p + kudos for acpl blog about kha. I hope you'll put a lot of ressources here !
17:36 owen thanks. In fact that's why I'm asking. Blogging right now about statistics.
19:56 chris morning
20:00 pianohacker mornin'
20:32 si I've found carnaby
20:32 si I wonder about ronnie
20:51 pianohacker atz: around?
20:51 atz yes
20:52 pianohacker atz: Is Galen around? I was going to harass him about some patches
20:53 atz haven't seen him at all today
20:53 pianohacker k, thanks
20:53 chris theres laws against that kinda behaviour
20:53 chris :-)
20:54 pianohacker passive-aggressive behavior is a critical part of any open source project
20:54 chris heh
20:54 chris well, passive aggression would be going to blog or twitter about your patches .. actually talking to the RM is far less passive (and far more useful ;))
20:55 pianohacker hehe
21:21 pianohacker bbl
04:50 [Xwire] anyone have any idea what this means in a z39 search
04:50 [Xwire] Tag "5||" is not a valid tag. at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_pe​rl/5.8.9/MARC/File/ line 221
10:51 wxcv hi #koha
10:53 brendan hello wxcv

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