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12:23 kados hehe
12:24 kados yea, stay tuned :-)
12:24 kados tomorrow should be a fun day too :-)
02:00 osmoze hello #koha
02:01 russ hi osmoze
02:31 chris hi russ
02:31 chris feeling better?
02:40 russ little bit
02:41 russ might head out lunchtime ish
02:41 chris cool
02:41 chris bus 1
02:41 russ is it easy to get their
02:41 russ s/their/there
02:41 chris yes
02:41 russ sweet
02:41 chris you go out the station
02:41 chris cross the road
02:41 chris and catch the number one
02:42 chris and i thin about 4 stops ... the 2nd stop past the round about anyway
02:42 chris u use ur card on the bus to
02:45 russ cool
02:50 chris kados: u about?
02:58 chris hi osmoze
02:59 osmoze hi chris :)
03:04 tnb russ: hi, how are you feeling? :(
03:06 russ bit better
03:06 russ might head out soon
03:06 russ i have written up some more notes on the wiki
03:07 russ[…]ng_to_online_help
03:07 russ i think with those and john's style sheet
03:07 russ the online help effort can get started
03:07 tnb yeah, ryan just found your notes :)
03:09 tnb looking at it now...
03:10 russ ack
03:12 russ tina : we might need to have a chat to joshua or ryan about getting the login going for the wiki
03:13 russ i just registered and it said itwas sending out an email
03:13 russ but that might be the katipo mail system greylisting :-)
03:15 chris yeah thatd be it
03:15 chris it will take an hour or so to get thru the greylist the first time
03:16 russ mud
03:16 russ never mind
03:16 tnb russ: do we have a standard way in mind to use the wiki formatting to create new/revised content?...
03:16 russ yep
03:16 russ john's style sheet
03:16 russ however
03:16 russ it may needs
03:17 russ some notes on which heading styles to use and when
03:17 tnb right.  that's what I mean.
03:17 russ[…]_help_style_guide
03:17 tnb any recommendations?  the name of the help file: h1 ?
03:18 tnb "Question": h2
03:18 russ sounds good to me
03:18 tnb so, anything is fine?  Can we go all the way to h4 with no problem in converting it later?
03:18 tnb :)
03:18 russ yep
03:18 tnb ok. sounds good
03:19 russ we can always do something to convert all h3 to h4
03:19 tnb right.
03:19 russ welcome to #koha btw - i havent seen you on here before :-)
03:20 russ it's not so scary :-)
03:21 tnb :) yeah, I imagined it would be scarier ;)
03:22 tnb BTW, ryan and i were wondering if there isn't some important info in the TMPL includes
03:22 tnb that should go into the wiki?
03:23 kados tnb: did you see russ's email?
03:23 tnb I know it says to exclude that when cutting and pasting
03:23 russ ah possibly
03:23 tnb his email, or his notes on teh wiki?
03:24 russ tnb do you mean this bit <!. TMPL_INCLUDE .> ?
03:24 tnb oui!
03:25 russ it will always be the same on the help files, so is not necessary
03:25 tnb ok.  great.
03:25 russ that is a call to the look and feel of the help pages
03:26 tnb ok, looking at your email russ
03:27 russ actually the email is full of holes :-)
03:27 russ this page is better
03:27 russ[…]ng_to_online_help
03:29 tnb yeah, an announcement sounds good.  I saw your wiki page before the email, so no problem ;)
03:29 russ ah cool
03:29 russ i say we work in the announcement together
03:29 russ tonight
03:30 russ do an email and a news item on
03:30 russ feel free to draft one up though :-)
03:31 russ oh cool - just got my docuwiki password
03:31 russ right out of  battery and chris has all the adaptors, i think i will try and head out, see you soonish
03:32 russ 07:41PM|<chris> you go out the station
03:32 russ 07:41PM|<chris> cross the road
03:32 russ 07:41PM|<chris> and catch the number one
03:32 russ 07:42PM|<chris> and i thin about 4 stops ... the 2nd stop past the round about
03:32 russ                anyway
03:32 russ 07:42PM|<chris> u use ur card on the bus to
03:33 russ oops
03:53 tnb russ: you back already?
03:53 chris ahh using laurels?
03:53 russ laurel's lappy has an euro power adaopter - chris has mine
03:54 russ kados you about?
03:54 chris yeah hes sitting near me
03:55 kados russ: yo
03:55 russ got a minute for a quick question?
03:56 russ was wondering aboutsetting the wiki so that everyone has to register before they can edit
03:56 russ would help with tracking changes
03:56 russ and identifying who wrote what
03:57 tnb russ: we also need to agree on some status designations.  right now, almost everything needs review.
03:58 russ with the help docs?
03:58 russ or the wiki in general
04:00 tnb with the help docs for sure
04:00 maseaway hiyas
04:01 russ hiya mason - you're up late
04:01 kados russ: I can check on that
04:01 tnb right now, everyone should just assume that needs review, but after that we'll need more statuses.  I'm not stripping out the html and adding the wiki syntax until I've dumped everything in
04:01 mason ha , its only 9 :)
04:01 tnb then I'll go back
04:01 mason just came back fro the library, book sale!
04:02 russ mason : ah true
04:02 mason is chris handy?
04:02 rach ben waves too so won't be here long
04:02 russ tnb: righto
04:02 mason bens up late
04:02 russ tnb: we can sort that out tomorrow perhaps
04:02 rach just back from our walk
04:03 rach woo two handed typing
04:03 mason im still finding it exciting seeing u on irc from france
04:03 rach so how are things on the continent?
04:04 mason rach: is one handed typing trickier on the split keyboard?
04:05 rach urm I suspect  not, because at least one hand knows where half the keys are
04:05 chris hi mason
04:08 mason hi chris
04:09 mason great to hera from you
04:09 mason could you help me with carnaby access?
04:17 tnb where's thomas?  I want to tell him something
04:17 chris not here
04:18 tnb oh
04:18 chris well not upstairs
04:18 chris im guessing somewher in the uni
04:19 tnb ok.  if you see him, tell him I'm nearly finished adding the online help content we have for admin, so he could start revising it on the wiki
04:20 chris will do
05:51 chris back
05:52 disjuncture hi good day..
05:52 disjuncture i am having a problem with my koha installation
05:52 disjuncture it's installed with windows xp
05:52 chris ahhh sorry i know very little about windows
05:53 disjuncture im trying to add a printer. but i donot know what parameters shall i put there.
05:53 disjuncture ooh,,,
05:53 chris maybe the koha-win32 list is a good place to ask?
05:53 chris thats where the windows users hang out :)
05:53 chris[…]stinfo/koha-win32
05:54 disjuncture alright thanks..
05:58 disjuncture eremm no answer there :(
05:59 chris darn, probably best to just email that list
06:00 disjuncture ok..
06:02 disjuncture ei how will i know if what version of PDF::API2 do i have?\
06:02 chris good question, i know the answer for linux
06:02 chris but not for windows
06:02 disjuncture ok how is it done for linux
06:04 disjuncture ??
06:05 chris sorry we are in the middle of dev week here, 2 seconds
06:05 disjuncture ohh sorry
06:05 chris perl -MPDF::API2 -e 'print "$PDF::API2::VERSION\n"'
06:05 chris no problem
06:06 chris thats how i would do it, it might work in windows from the command prompt
06:06 disjuncture i got it
06:07 chris[…]nces/devweek.html <-- what we are doing
06:07 disjuncture i have 0.3r77
06:07 disjuncture ohh sorry
06:07 chris its ok
06:07 chris i will just be slower to answer
06:07 chris :)
06:08 disjuncture ahh great thing you're here
06:16 chris profilePath: ${srcdir:-.}:/usr/share/idzebra/tab/
06:17 chris profilePath: ${srcdir:-.}:/usr/local/share/​idzebra/tab/:${srcdir:-.}/tab/
06:27 disjuncture shh i always het this: Premature end of script headers: on my intranet log
06:27 disjuncture *get
06:36 disjuncture phew.. i think im going to give up
06:56 disjuncture ok.. i give up. no solutions on the mailing lists
07:02 tnb kados:
07:02 tnb you there?
07:04 chris :-)
07:04 kados tnb: what's up?
07:04 chris still working on the marc editor toinS?
07:05 ToinS yep
07:05 chris cool
07:05 chris we are making some progress with zebra
07:06 ToinS ok cool !
07:08 disjuncture hmm :(
07:40 tnb kados: you guys working on a system preference to allow reserves on specific copies?
07:40 tnb I am working on online help for reserves, so I'm wondering
08:00 tnb yeah, where is russ?
08:00 tnb does he have a phone with him?
08:02 chris yes
08:02 chris i think so
08:06 tnb hope he's ok :/
08:07 chris yeah
08:32 russ hi
08:32 russ chris, tnb you around?
08:42 tnb i'm here russ
08:43 tnb you here?
08:43 russ well on irc
08:43 russ not at cmi
08:44 russ what is happening out there? are people still working in the same groups
08:45 russ or have people moved onto different topics
08:45 russ ?
08:47 tnb russ: we are still working on documentation.
08:48 tnb john, thomas and I are.
08:48 tnb I don't know what ryan is working on.
08:48 tnb Cindy is working on something else I don't understand :)
08:48 tnb you at the hotel?
08:48 russ yeah
08:49 russ was quite humorous - had a power cut for about an hour
08:49 tnb russ: I want to add a blurb to the wiki about the syntax for creating numbered "steps" in an answer.  Ie, to use the numbered, bulletted list in the wiki editor
08:49 russ whole city block
08:49 tnb wow.
08:49 russ yeah reading now
08:50 russ can i suggest that you login and set your self up a user on the wiki?
08:50 russ that way it is easier to see where changes have come from
08:50 tnb oh yeah, i got sidetracked :?
08:50 tnb I'll do it now...
08:50 russ i think it will also help others to see that there are a bunch of people contributin
08:52 chris ahh there he is
09:00 tnb russ: i'm back.  Everyone is getting registered.
09:00 russ sweet
09:00 russ i will do a page on the wiki explaining why it is a good idea
09:07 tnb alright.  So about the numbered step stuff... is this ok with you?  I am doing the "reserve" page and anything involving reserves is best broken into steps i think
09:07 tnb will using the wiki syntax for that create weirdness when we import it elsewhere?
09:08 russ i dont think so
09:09 russ if it does, i hope it will be the same maddness each time
09:09 tnb :)
09:10 russ so we should be able to recognise the pattern and write the script accordingly
09:10 tnb um, so what about wrapping answers in div class and also the warnings and information and important?  Ryan and I thought we should.  If so, we need to explain that on the wiki
09:11 russ right i think this is something that may have been miised yseterday
09:11 russ sure we could do that
09:11 tnb or, i seem to remember a discussion and then you suggesting all caps on those words would allow you to wrap in divs after the fact?
09:11 tnb which one would you prefer?
09:11 russ but it may turn off some people from writing docs
09:12 tnb I don't mind div tags; depends on who we have writing documentation if they will get that or not
09:12 russ as long as there is a pattern that is use consitantly
09:12 russ then i think we will be fine
09:12 russ what i suggest you do
09:12 russ is take John's style guide
09:12 russ and use it to make a dummy page
09:12 russ we can then link it in as the example of what to do
09:13 russ if you are doing the reserves page
09:13 russ just use that
09:13 tnb ok, our other question was about multiple questions and the 'skipping' to the answers further down on the page (per John's style guide
09:13 russ right
09:14 russ i just need to check something in the wiki syntax
09:14 tnb that isn't something that we can do in the wiki, right?
09:14 russ 2 secs
09:14 russ maybe
09:14 russ i'll double check
09:14 tnb we have to just set it up QA, QA and then pull them out for fancy stuff later
09:16 russ the short answer is yes we can do it
09:17 russ but i am going to try a little experiment
09:17 russ then i will get back to you
09:17 tnb ok, wait! :)
09:18 tnb first, I am going to add a sample page under reserves and you tell me whether I'm doing it the way we agreed. Then we need to change the instructions in the guide slightly to be clearer
09:18 tnb ok, you can go and tell me when you get back :)
09:19 russ cool do that
09:24 russ sweet this works quite well
09:24 russ tnb: do a page with multiple q's and i'll go through and add the links
09:24 tnb here's one i'm working one
09:25 tnb
09:25 russ tnb: i think it is easiest to see in an example
09:25 tnb this page has multiple questions
09:26 tnb would another example work better?
09:26 russ cool i'll put the links in now
09:26 tnb great!
09:26 tnb hi owen!
09:26 tnb owen: hi
09:26 tnb :)
09:26 owen Hi tnb
09:27 tnb russ: am i to understand correctly that i don't attempt to place the icon images we agreed on,
09:27 tnb but that you will add them as styles later?
09:28 russ you = we
09:28 russ but yes
09:28 russ that is the case
09:28 tnb :)
09:29 tnb ok.  I'm happy to add the coding part as I do it (divs, etc) if that would be helpful and since I can
09:30 tnb maybe we offer two online guidelines, one for people who understand basic html, and those who don't?
09:30 russ no
09:30 russ i think keep it basic
09:31 russ i dont think adding the div code is going to make tht much difference
09:31 russ if there are people who arent adding it
09:33 tnb ok then.  sounds good.  
09:34 russ ah we are trying to use the same page :-)
09:35 tnb yeah, I stopped
09:35 tnb :)
09:35 tnb i thought you were done :) It is looking good
09:37 russ you know i dont think we need to put the links at the top of the page by hand
09:37 russ docuwiki is doing it automagically
09:37 russ so when the time comes
09:37 russ we can do the same
09:37 russ as long as we use the headings correctly
09:37 russ docuwiki creates a nicetable fo contents for each page
09:38 russ oops bit of lag in my typing
09:38 russ so dont worry about the links at the top
09:39 russ to each question
09:39 russ once agian they will sort themselves
09:39 russ as long as people follow the style sheet
09:39 russ it will all work out
09:40 tnb great russ.  Thanks :)
09:40 tnb kados: I have questions on reserves
09:40 tnb you have time?
09:41 kados tnyep
09:41 kados tnb: what's yup?
09:41 tnb 2 questions
09:41 tnb firstly, are you all changing the reserves for staff to request specific copies?
09:41 tnb ryan thought you might be
09:43 tnb secondly, has any library implemented an option for borrowers to set their password themselves online (originally; i know they can change it themselves now
09:43 tnb I am writing documentation about this
09:44 kados yes, we're changing reserves so staff can request specific copies
09:44 kados yes, borrowers can change their passwords online now and I think NPL has implemented it
09:44 kados if not, you can use liblime's templates as an example of how it works
09:44 tnb wait, i know they can 'change' but i mean 'set'
09:45 kados no, can't do that
09:45 tnb ok.  that's what I need
09:45 kados originally the librarian has to set the password
09:45 tnb needed
09:45 tnb right.  makes sense.  i was just checkingt
09:45 tnb checking
09:46 russ ok tnb, here is something for you and john to take a look at
09:46 russ
09:47 russ 3 options for the warning/info
09:48 russ one the warning is a heading - detail is text
09:48 russ two warning and first line are heading - rest of detail is text
09:49 russ three information and short title are heading - detail is text
09:49 russ if it will help
09:49 russ it is pretty easy for me to slot in the icons
09:49 russ so you can get a little preview
09:53 russ k
09:56 tnb ok.  let me take a look...
10:00 tnb ok russ.  the consensus is that #1 is definitely out
10:00 tnb John likes #3
10:01 tnb I think #2 is preferable if the first line is short and descriptive, otherwise #3
10:01 tnb :)
10:03 russ cool
10:03 russ i think you are right
10:04 russ if the title gets too long
10:04 russ a short title should be found
10:04 russ i suggest that you take the examples from this page
10:04 russ and use them to update the style guide
10:04 russ we are getting there slowly :-)
10:11 tnb russ: if we use h3 for the 'special' tags, then what should we use for the nested questions?
10:11 tnb h4?
10:11 tnb originally, it was going to be h2 and h3
10:17 russ hmm
10:18 russ good question
10:18 russ now really we should use h4 for the special tags
10:18 russ and h3 for nested questions
10:19 russ once again as long as we are consistant we can always swap it around
10:22 tnb alright. I'll do that. :)
10:29 tnb russ: i think a "Remember:" might be less alarmist than "Warning", what do you think?
10:29 tnb ru feeling better?
10:29 tnb btw
10:31 russ :-)
10:31 russ yes thw big warnings are a bit scary
10:32 russ good idea
10:32 russ i ink i'll make it out to CMI tomorrow
10:33 tnb I have some ginger tea if you want it (it is very potent stuff!  not for the faint of heart :)
10:35 russ lol
10:38 russ tnb: knock on the door when you get back to the hotel
10:48 tnb kados: how's it going?

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