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14:48 kados for anyone who's interested in checking out the zebra stuff:
14:48 kados[…]
14:48 kados admin / changeme
22:13 disjuncture hello.. someone who can help me please?
22:16 disjuncture ermm i having a problem on generating barcodes. im using koha 2.2.4 for windows
22:16 disjuncture it says
22:17 disjuncture Premature end of script headers:
22:17 mason hi disjuncture
22:18 disjuncture hello mason
22:18 mason just looking for something...
22:18 disjuncture Premature end of script headers:, referer: http://intranet:8080/cgi-bin/k[…]codes/
22:19 disjuncture Unable to open /tmp/380218-  to )-[10.5.2006]-[11:17:48].pdf for writing at C:/usr/site/lib/PDF/API2/PDF/ line 420., referer: http://intranet:8080/cgi-bin/k[…]codes/
22:19 disjuncture i already created a tmp folder at c:\
22:19 disjuncture but still it seems like it doesnt work..
22:20 mason hmm, that probably the wrong location for the tmp dir
22:20 mason lemme look...
22:23 mason i think it may be under the DocumentRoot dir in apache
22:23 mason which on my box is
22:24 mason DocumentRoot /usr/local/koha/intranet/htdocs
22:25 disjuncture still fails
22:26 mason the other thing is that ive heard chris mention that a recent version upgrade of pdf::api2 has broken the barcode-gen stuff
22:27 disjuncture this drives me nuts, i already consulted the koha windows mailing list..
22:27 disjuncture i still have the 03.r77
22:27 mason but your problem seems to be a file perm. issue
22:27 disjuncture yeah.. kinda like that
22:28 disjuncture but i am using windows
22:28 disjuncture therefore file permission is not that pain
22:28 disjuncture and i am logged in as admin
22:31 mason ah, try making a tmp dir under your cgi-bin dir too?
22:31 disjuncture yeah
22:33 disjuncture whats the meaning of this: Premature end of script headers:,
22:35 rach usually means that something is missing
22:36 rach I think
22:36 mason i think thats a html::template error, which means that the start of a html page was created , but the script failed before it was completed
22:37 mason hmm, my barcode-gen is busted too, but i HAVE upgraded my pdf::api2
22:38 mason Can't locate object method "barcode" via package "PDF::API2" at /usr/local/opus-dev/intranet/cgi-​bin/barcodes/ line 289.
22:38 mason [Wed May 10 15:33:54 2006] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: /usr/local/opus-dev/intranet/cgi-​bin/barcodes/
22:38 mason .
22:38 mason different problem :(
22:39 rach so when there is a premature end of script thingy, is there a more specific error log kept usually mason
22:40 rach unfortunatly qiqo, most of the developers are in france for the koha conference, so rather than having people available all the time because they are in different timezones, they are all in the same one, at it's about 3am, so they're asleep
22:40 rach or possibly at the pub I guess
22:40 mason not that i know of
22:41 qiqo ok :(
22:41 rach we get this a lot (prem end of script) so we must have info on it
22:41 mason its usually a result of a problem, not the cause tho
22:43 mason so its usually the lines before the 'Premature end of script headers' , thats the relevant lines
22:44 rach ok -
22:44 rach[…]ghts=&safe=images
22:45 rach ok so generally it's a template problem
22:46 rach and you're looking for asomething like this I think...
22:46 rach[…]/2004/007109.html
22:46 rach so that you can see what's missing
22:46 qiqo could it be an error because i have no printer installed? i just use a dummy printer since i dont know how to install my laser printer on koha
22:46 rach yes indeed
22:46 rach as it's barcode printing you're working with
22:47 rach it would  be expecting a printer
22:47 mason i think this is the problem
22:47 mason Unable to open /tmp/380218- to )-[10.5.2006]-[11:17:48].pdf for writing at C:/usr/site/lib/PDF/API2/PDF/ line 420., referer: http://intranet:8080/cgi-bin/k[…]codes/
22:47 qiqo ahh so how do i install a printer on koha? i mean this is windows, its not /dev/lp0
22:48 mason whew, i pass on that
22:49 mason theres probably a fudge to get unix printing on windows
22:50 qiqo so do you think that is the problem why i couldnt generate the barcodeS?
22:51 mason yes, its trying to write the tmp barcodes-pdf file to disk before httping to you, which it cant
22:51 qiqo i mean the printer stuff is the problem??
22:52 mason having no printing stuff setup in your koha shouldnt be a proble for barcodes as...
22:53 mason the barcode-gen stuff creates a pdf file, which it sends to your pdf viewer, (acrobat)
22:54 mason if acrobat/windows are set up with a printer, you will be fine for priniting
22:54 mason .
22:54 mason hope that makes sense
22:54 qiqo hmm so my problem is with the PDF creation stuff.. ohmigosh..
22:54 qiqo how can i resolve this..
22:57 qiqo ok ill try using perl 5.6.1 may that should do the fix.. i am currently using 5.8.0
22:58 mason no, send a mail to koha-win32 list, and ask about the correct location of the /tmp directory for windows
22:58 mason thats the current problem,
22:58 qiqo ok..
23:01 mason qiqo: in "./" line 258
23:01 mason                        # Set the temp directory for pdf?s files
23:01 mason            if ( !defined( $ENV{'TEMP'} ) ) {
23:01 mason                $ENV{'TEMP'} = '/tmp/';
23:01 mason try changing $ENV{'TEMP'} = '/tmp/'; to
23:02 mason $ENV{'TEMP'} = 'c:\tmp';    ???
23:02 qiqo ok iltry
23:03 qiqo enkk.. still no luck
23:05 mason .
23:07 mason try putting a warn statement after line 259, to print out the dir to the error log
23:07 mason if ( !defined( $ENV{'TEMP'} ) ) {
23:07 mason                $ENV{'TEMP'} = '/tmp/';
23:07 mason            }
23:07 mason            warn "temp dir=$ENV{'TEMP'}";
23:07 mason .
23:07 qiqo 259 ok
23:08 mason in my log i get
23:08 mason temp dir=/tmp/ at /usr/local/koha/intranet/cgi-bi​n/barcodes/ line 260.
23:10 mason and in my /tmp dir, ive got a bunch those barcode pdf's
23:10 mason .
23:11 mason ls /tmp/*.pdf
23:11 mason 180821-  to )-[17.3.2006]-[11:32:41].pdf
23:11 mason 249204-  to )-[10.5.2006]-[16:4:52].pdf
23:11 qiqo ok please wait ill chek it out
23:12 mason ok, im off for a bit, hope that helps,
23:12 mason pop it in your email to the koha-win32 list
23:13 qiqo aright than you very much
23:14 mason no problem :)
03:16 qiqo mason still there? anybody awake?
04:08 russ thd did that work?
08:03 kados[…]koha/
10:42 slef

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