IRC log for #koha, 2006-05-12

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03:41 ToinS hi btoumi
04:31 russ pierrick -
04:44 russ lunch tim at CMI
04:44 russ s/tim/time
05:55 tnb kados: you there?
05:55 kados tnb: yep
05:55 tnb i have a question
05:56 tnb I am trying to write documentation for adding item to virtual shelves from intranet
05:56 tnb staff do not need to login, right?
05:56 tnb because i can't find "add to virtual shelf" option on the details screen
05:56 tnb ...
05:56 russ tnb: url?
05:57 tnb never mind
05:57 tnb "brief display"
05:57 tnb :/
06:02 tnb kados: (or russ): did I hear someone say that bulk additions to the virtual shelves is currently in the works?
06:02 kados tnb: staff do have to log in
06:02 tnb or is it wishful thinking? ;)
06:02 kados tnb: to get to the intranet ;-)
06:02 tnb no they don't
06:03 tnb :)
06:03 tnb only to the intranet itself
06:03 kados right
06:03 tnb bulk additions?
06:03 kados but most libraries have inidividual librarians logging in with their personal accounts
06:03 kados they don't have a specific 'staff' account
06:03 tnb ok.
06:03 kados for the intranet
06:03 kados bulk additions, I'm not sure
06:03 tnb well, but no individual login is required; that is just preference
06:03 tnb ok
06:03 kados paul mentioned it as an idea but he didn't say if he was working on it
06:03 tnb thanks
06:09 tnb kados: is the brief display in intranet exactly the same as the details screen in the OPAC?  it seems to be...
06:09 tnb pierrick: you there?
06:11 tnb russ: you want to use OPAC or "Online Catalog" to refer to that?  Which is a better convention for online help?
06:13 pierrick tnb, yes tina?
06:14 tnb did you change anything in virtual shelves this week?
06:14 tnb I seem to remember someone saying they did...
06:14 pierrick tnb, no I didn't modify anything to virtual shelves
06:14 tnb ok, thanks
07:05 russ tnb: i have moved all the help pages
07:05 russ check out
07:05 russ[…]tation:onlinehelp
07:05 russ vs
07:17 tnb ok.  I'lll take a look
08:56 russ tnb: i need to talk to you about putting the help ini the right place
08:56 russ we have changed the structure of the wiki
08:56 russ so your help should go in a new place
08:57 russ e.g
08:57 russ that is the old place
08:57 russ the new place is
08:57 russ[…]
08:58 tnb is the new place stable, or are we still moving things around ? :)
08:58 russ still moving
08:59 russ but it would help a lot
08:59 russ if you did your writing in the new placve
08:59 russ not the old
08:59 russ which section you working on?
08:59 tnb just finished virtual shelves, just started looking at "catalogue"
09:00 russ ok stop
09:01 russ we have a good chance now
09:01 russ the group is breaking up
09:01 russ for me to show you
09:27 tnb kados: I have a virtual shelf question (again)
09:27 tnb in appears that when creating from intranet, there is only "public" and "private" options...
09:27 tnb but when creating from OPAC (after logging in of course) there is "free" also still
09:27 tnb is this intentional?  or a bug?
09:52 tnb russ: any new changes to the wiki structure?
09:52 tnb I just brought over the circ stuff successfully (i think)
09:53 tnb i can't use that link above though.  I don't understand where it is supposed to point

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