IRC log for #koha, 2006-05-09

All times shown according to UTC.

Time S Nick Message
15:22 btoumi someone?
15:23 btoumi hdl?
15:54 btoumi there is someone?
16:04 btoumi someone can help me?
16:55 rach hello
17:06 btoumi it's ok i find a soluion of my problem
17:06 btoumi thanks
17:08 rach or where next to look :-)
17:22 btoumi thank u
17:23 btoumi I'm bruno from fance SAN OUESTPROVENCE
17:24 btoumi i prepare my computer for devweek in marseille with paul chris joshua ....
17:28 mason say hi to eeryone there, btoumi
17:29 btoumi ok i do it
17:29 btoumi tommorow
17:32 btoumi someone have alaways install marc::file::xml
17:33 btoumi ?
17:36 btoumi ok good night evryone?
17:36 rach good night
01:26 kados hi all
04:37 chris i wonder does anyone have a switch or a hub
04:37 chris my switch is dead
04:50 pierrick we do :-)
04:51 pierrick we are in the room where you put the printer
05:01 slef kados: hi
05:01 slef one of my emails seems to be down... sorry if anyone waits for a reply :-/
05:49 mason chris: are you about?
08:16 chris ok we now have everyone on the network
09:12 ToinS hi all
09:12 chris hi from the other side of the room
09:13 ToinS lol
09:37 chris hi owen
09:37 owen Hi chris
09:38 owen Not used to seeing you awake at this hour! :)
09:38 chris :)
09:40 owen What was on your agenda today chris?
09:40 chris still going, there are 6 of us working on zebra
09:40 chris 9 downstairs on documentation
09:41 chris and another 5 in a q&a look at the code
09:41 chris we plan to finish for the day in a hour or so
09:41 chris then new groups tomorrow
09:42 owen Sounds great
11:27 owen Boy I picked the wrong day to subscribe to the Koha Wiki RSS feed

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