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13:02 owen Hi meushi
13:03 meushi hi owen
15:43 russ shaun - you still around?
16:13 pate-lurk kados, you around?
16:14 chris heya pate
16:14 pate-lurk i'm talking to someone in seattle who's looking for help with Koha on win32
16:14 pate-lurk anyone i can CC: on an email to him
16:15 pate-lurk hiya chris
16:15 chris hmm not that i know of, you could cc the win32 list?
16:16 pate-lurk yeah, i'm asking him to subscribe
16:17 pate-lurk i should probably pull my name of the contact page ... i'm not sure that I'm much help beyond pointing to people and giving encouragement at this point
16:17 chris :) the new website is about to be soft launched today
16:18 pate-lurk cool
16:19 chris so i think as that filters through you should have less requests
16:20 chris its trying to point ppl at the lists as first port of call
16:20 chris for free support anyway
16:20 pate-lurk well, it's not like i get a lot of requests ... this is the first one in quite a while
16:21 pate-lurk it's in seattle though
16:21 chris right
16:21 pate-lurk and that says something for them ... Seattle Academy of Fine Art
16:22 pate-lurk btw, congrats on the profiling work (from your blog)
16:23 chris ta, date::manip is still in use in C4::Search, which is using so ill have to fix taht too to get the speed i want
16:23 chris ohh the academy of fine art
16:23 chris i drove past that
16:24 chris id forward it on to joshua, he might be able to help out, or know someone who can
16:26 kados pate-lurk: am now
16:28 kados pate-lurk: I think I'd recommend a hosted solution for those folks
16:29 kados pate-lurk: our server-farm is in seattle ;-)
16:29 kados pate-lurk: and it's got a fiber backbone
16:29 kados pate-lurk: so it's super fast
16:30 pate-lurk well, i cc:ed your info address
16:35 chris hows the new job treating ya pate? and has your daughter started school?
16:36 si ohh, pat's in
16:36 si are yo ukeeping well, pat?
16:41 pate-lurk sorry, had an urgent request
16:41 pate-lurk yeah, the job's treating me well, and eliza's in her second week at the Uni
16:41 pate-lurk hiya si
16:41 chris excellent
16:42 pate we adopted a dog (a rescued chocolate lab)
16:42 chris we need to make a :)
16:43 russ i reckon
16:43 si nope, they don't care either way :-)
16:43 pate heh
16:46 rach steve T had a border collie I recall
16:48 chris 2 for me, 2 for rach and si, 1 for pate, 1 for owen, 1 for russ ... who else
16:49 chris richard has 1, and he has been doing lots of koha work lately
16:49 chris mason sorta has one
16:50 russ angela has been working on the website and she has one
16:53 russ shaun you there?
16:53 shaun yep
16:54 russ ok so on the website things still left to do
16:54 russ you start :-)
16:54 shaun from my perspective:
16:54 shaun # a katipo tech needs to look at cgi-irc and get it pointing at #koha-lobby, and also set up logbot for #koha-lobby
16:55 pate-lurk gotta run ...
16:55 chris cya pate
16:56 rach cya
16:56 shaun # the search box needs to be changed to point at the htdig page, with the right variables, and i will also construct the search results page when i get around to it...
16:56 chris im doing htdig now
16:56 shaun # i'd like to see the download page a bit better written
16:57 shaun chris: great
16:58 russ # world map - i have an idea that i am going to document - the map idea just isnt working - i think a little directory db like oscommerce has is a better idea something people can search over by country and library type
16:58 russ i'll spec that over the next week  or so
16:58 shaun # someone (Irma?) needs to come along and make the general style the same, and check for common errors like greengrocer's apostrophes, very long sentences, links which consume more of the text than they should etc
16:59 shaun (that last one: writing/prose style)
16:59 shaun # i need to sort out the breadcrumbs that i broke
17:00 shaun # the related links box should be filled in with appropriate links, and commented out on pages where there are no related links
17:03 russ that has been done for the most part shaun
17:04 shaun russ: there's still a few pages with the original message i left there, they need doing, but otherwise the related links are all good
17:04 russ can you give me url's
17:04 russ i thought i just sorted those
17:05 russ maybe i need to trigger them
17:05 shaun not tonight (i've got less than 10 minutes left, then bed)
17:06 russ no worries
17:06 russ we will do some checking before and after the go live
17:06 shaun there's then my long-awaited css patch, which should sort the wrapping h2s, the feature row on the homepage, the not-so-nice green links on the homepage and a few other minor things
17:07 shaun meta tags need to be sorted - i'd imagine you'd be better at that than me but i put in some provisional ones
17:08 shaun rss feed meta link also needs to point at the aggregator
17:08 shaun (^ wow, that's a lot of stuff to do)
17:09 russ well the hope is that is will be a living website
17:09 russ so i would expect that list to grow
17:09 russ :-)
17:10 shaun also, if we could find two more links for the quick links, that would be great - i designed the fourth (now third) row around having the same box size
17:10 russ ah righto
17:10 russ i'll sort something there
17:11 shaun i've been noticing you have put some additional styles in - take the /about-koha/ page, for example
17:13 shaun in the related pages links, the h2 "Why Koha?", and the bold subheadings
17:13 shaun is that something you intended or what the html editor has done?
17:13 russ right no idea on that one - i havent been playing with the styles
17:13 russ i think there may be a bit of both
17:14 shaun i'd like to see it all just happily using tags unless it's absolutely necessary to do some inline styling
17:14 shaun so <strong> instead of font-weight: bold; etc
17:15 rach that won't be us doing that - but you can use Kea's excellent tattle tale feature to see who's been introducing them and beat them up :-)
17:15 shaun :-)
17:16 shaun an easy one - the javascript(s) in the head should be moved into a file and the headers all pointed to that file (just cuts down unnecessary code)
17:16 shaun the favicon.ico should be replaced with rach's new, slicker logos
17:17 kados russ: just getting to the website now
17:18 kados russ: you can add Northland Bible Baptist College to the list of opacs
17:18 kados russ:
17:18 kados russ: came out nicely I think
17:18 kados russ: and you can link directly to the Koha intranet
17:19 chris[…]s=chris&submit=Go
17:19 kados nice!
17:19 kados search even works ;-)
17:19 kados our search didn't work for at least a week after launch ;-)
17:20 chris ohh that did come out nice kados
17:20 shaun chris: looking good
17:21 kados russ: let me find nbbc's stats
17:21 chris i like the icons, and book images
17:23 kados russ: 55,000 records, 1,100 borrowers,
17:23 shaun chris: how difficult would it be to touch it up for xhtml 1.0 (i.e. closing tags)?
17:23 chris dont ask me
17:23 chris i dont write html
17:23 kados shaun: before the conference? ;-)
17:24 kados russ: there's also an official LibLime press release on my appointment as RM:
17:24 kados russ: you getting this? ;-)
17:25 Irma g'day all
17:26 Irma Are you about Russel?
17:26 shaun hi Irma - we've been talking about the site's content
17:27 Irma sorry for my abscence ...where is the discussion up to?
17:28 shaun (where has russ gone, anyway?...)
17:28 thd Irma: I guess it is up to why is thd tardy :)
17:29 shaun Irma: - i'll find one of my comments earlier and paste
17:30 shaun shaun: # someone (Irma?) needs to come along and make the general style the same, and check for common errors like greengrocer's apostrophes, very long sentences, links which consume more of the text than they should etc
17:30 shaun shaun: (that last one: writing/prose style)
17:31 shaun sorry guys, i've gotta dash, i'm restricted by my school term times again
17:31 russ sorry
17:31 russ other work has come up
17:31 Irma yep... his is where I can come in.  
17:31 thd Answer, feature list to actually sell Koha on features has taken some time and still two modules to go.
17:31 Irma Russ can we schedule a time to prepare for the editing/proofreading?
17:32 russ yep sorry guys - i need 20 mins to deal with a client
17:32 russ bbs
17:34 Irma Hi thd...sorry, I don't know your full name...
17:35 thd Irma: Dukleth
17:36 thd Irma: It may still be misspelt on the website.
17:38 thd Irma: Appears mistakenly as Duklef
17:42 russ righto
17:43 Irma oh yes I can see Thomas...what is the correct spelling? Are you in New Zealand?
17:43 thd Irma: Dukleth
17:43 russ i think we are going to need some htdig nosearch tags in the code as well - i'll ask someone to have a look at that
17:43 thd Irma: I have corrected the source and notified the change.
17:44 Irma beaut!
17:44 thd russ: What havoc has htdig been doing?
17:45 chris just indexes the navigation
17:45 chris which we dont really want it to
17:45 russ so it comes up in the search results
17:45 russ in the descriptions
17:45 russ not pretty
17:46 thd Irma: I am in NYC.
17:47 Irma Russ:  hi... unfortunetly I will  need to be away from my desk for about 3 hours...can I call you...let's say :your time 2:30PM???
17:47 rach hi irma - thank you so much for your present :-)
17:47 russ that should be ok
17:47 russ i will be getting out of a meeting about then
17:47 Irma thanks Thomas, I love your city.
17:47 kados site looks great everyone
17:48 kados[…]/nelsonville.html
17:48 kados russ: related links not quote what we expect ;-)
17:48 rach Irma: scan indicates a boy so the clothes should be perfect :-)
17:48 Irma Isn't it so small, tripple zero! The sweets are for all who have a sweet Nature!/tooth!
17:49 russ kados: go some ideas there?
17:49 russ s/go/got
17:49 rach they are v cute :-)
17:49 kados agreed ;-)
17:49 kados russ: not off hand
17:50 kados russ: but if you tool around on the LibLime Koha pages you might find some interesting news and other related links
17:50 kados russ:
17:50 kados russ: there's a 'Koha in the News' section
17:50 Irma just looked at the website...positive so far
17:50 russ would it be appropriate to link to npl home page, liblime, and skemotah from the npl case study?
17:51 kados russ: suure
17:51 kados sure even ;-)
17:51 kados chris: any chance we could have a live chat going ?
17:51 thd kados: what is the self checkout system that Koha supports?
17:51 kados thd: web-based ... it'll be included in Koha 3.0
17:52 kados chris: cgi::irc direct to #koha?
17:52 thd kados: Do you not have it in use already at NPL?
17:52 kados shaun should probably put together a graphic for that
17:52 kados thd: yep
17:52 kados thd: been using it for several months
17:53 chris yeah if i get time kados
17:53 chris well not #koha
17:53 thd kados: So the issue is that the code has not been committed to the current release?
17:53 kados chris: why now?
17:54 kados chris: not even
17:54 kados thd: yes
17:54 chris dunno, im sure there was a discussion about this already?
17:55 thd kados: Which manufacturer system does the code support?
17:55 kados thd: it's web-based
17:55 kados thd: so IBM for starters ;-)
17:55 chris im sure there was, and we came up with koha-lobby or are we dreaming?
17:55 chris we=I
17:56 kados the idea being that it'd be a salesy channel?
17:56 chris dont think so
17:56 chris i cant remember, someone help me out
17:57 chris i gotta go do some work, but ill be back
17:57 thd kados: sorry for being so dense, I was basing my question on some ambiguous references in the Koha diary or on the koha-devel list.
17:58 kados thd: np :-)
18:05 thd previous discussion between chris and kados had been looking for what kados had proposed as #koha-lobby:
18:05 thd 11/08/05 11:00:35+-5<kados:#koha>rach: I'd like to have a koha-lobby
18:05 thd 11/08/05 11:00:45+-5<rach:#koha>nice idea
18:06 kados hehe
18:06 kados it was my proposal to boot ;-)
18:06 thd congratulations kados
18:07 thd kados: you and chris were dreaming the same dream
18:09 thd kados: when you migrate a library to koha where do you find the status information?
18:11 thd kados: answer at your leisure.
18:13 russ thd: your efforts are much appreciated :-)
18:14 thd russ: You mean the ones you have not seen yet :)
18:15 russ thd: i have blind faith :-)
18:18 russ allrighty then - - few teething problems that we are working through, but they should be sorted soon
18:21 thd russ: You might reserve a little judgement, I have already written but not yet posted a message explaining why I have done it the way that I have.  Serving multiple purposes, including motivating more serious interest by people in Koha for features that are not obvious with the broken demo.  Yet I think it will by liked after perhaps some modification.  Then, I will go onto adding to the FAQ.
18:32 chris
21:55 Irma g'day again
21:55 russ hi
21:58 russ[…]esk/keatutorials/
21:59 russ[…]screen-large.html
22:07 dean hi irma
22:08 dean[…]path=/about-koha/
22:14 dean[…]ial2/changes.html
00:43 hdl hi
02:15 osmoze hello
02:15 osmoze bonjour paul
02:15 paul (gros pb de ternet chez moi aujourd'hui...)
02:16 paul (c'est bien la peine d'avoir nerim et payer + cher pour avoir des déco :-(
02:16 osmoze je viens de lire tes mails et y a t il eu un fil sur les rss que j ai loupé ou peux tu me dire le fonctionnement (en gros) vis a vis de koha
02:16 osmoze paul, c est comment a marseille avec l eau N
02:16 osmoze ?
02:16 osmoze hdl>  et toi, pas touché ?
02:16 paul il y en a assez peu, NETTEMENT - qu'hdl
02:16 paul (qui est à mpl)
02:16 hdl non pas de façon visible.
02:17 hdl ... pour les décos.
02:17 hdl Mais pour l'eau, faut voir...
02:17 hdl Ce fut un peu le déluge.
02:18 osmoze et l autoroute est ouverte ?
02:19 hdl Cet AM ce devrait être praticable.
02:19 hdl Mais renseigne-toi aux infos aujourd'hui. si tu comptes prendre les départementales.
02:20 osmoze normalement non, je prendrai ce qui est pratiquable...Mais j aimerai pas prendre la barque ^^
02:23 paul et hop, deco/reco encore une fois...
08:27 owen Happy Friday, #koha
08:28 kados morning owen
08:28 owen Hey kados.  So you gave up on the mod_perl stuff for now?
08:28 kados yea ... too much to do before tomorrow
08:28 kados I'll hack on it next week
08:29 owen Yeah, I guess tomorrow would be a bad day for Koha to be acting up
08:29 owen The speed increase certainly makes it worth pursuing
08:29 kados we've got to move some OPACs today and printers, etc/
08:29 owen ltsp clients?
08:29 kados oh ... and did I mention the phone system :-)
08:29 kados linux terminal server project
08:30 owen Cool... Didn't realize you were doing that.
08:30 kados yea ... pretty nice setup too XFCE with Mozilla
08:30 kados they auto-login and start Firefox
08:31 kados plus I can troubleshoot them from the server
08:31 kados I'm also working on getting remote desktop control so staff can work on their desktops while they are on circ
08:31 kados (when things get slow)
08:41 owen Wait...I thought things never got slow at Athens!
08:43 hdl kados : how was your meeting ?
08:48 kados hdl: very successful
08:48 kados hdl: they await the success of the Z3950 client but everything else was very smooth
08:48 kados hdl: thanks!
09:02 hdl kados : Don't mention it.
10:54 kados paul and hdl are you around?
10:54 paul yes (for me)
10:54 hdl yes.
10:54 kados great ... I have a quick question
10:54 kados do you both have CVs that you can send me?
10:54 paul in french yes.
10:54 kados CV meaning a 'resume blurb'?
10:55 kados that's fine ... I can translate ;-)
10:55 kados I will use them in a proposal to illustrate diversity and expertise of Koha team
10:57 paul sent
10:58 kados thanks
11:11 kados paul: recieved your CV
11:12 kados hdl: can you send yours? ;-)
11:14 shaun kados:[…]:34&search=Search
11:14 shaun "shaun should probably put together a graphic for that" -- what should i do?
11:14 kados shaun: ahh ... for the livechat
11:15 kados we'll need some kind of graphic signaling folks that they can get on koha-lobby
11:15 kados thx
11:15 owen Hey shaun.  The Koha site looks great.  Well done.
11:15 kados yea ... looks very professional
11:16 kados nicely done shaun
11:16 shaun cheers
11:16 paul yes, very nice.
11:17 paul except that there is still no bg color in <body>
11:17 paul so, it's grey for me, not very nice :-(
11:17 shaun i'm doing a patch asap
11:17 paul great !
11:18 paul another note : I can't find a link to the french site.
11:18 paul should be reintroduced on home page, imho
11:19 shaun paul: it's in the pay for support page
11:19 kados paul: agreed ...
11:20 kados though eventually I think we decided we'd have a bunch of little 'flats' on the top right (or somewhere) signaling different languages
11:20 kados and we'd have a translated version of the site on
11:20 paul I plan to rewrite to look like, but not next week ;-)
11:21 kados :-)
11:21 paul ok, leaving now, read you on next monday !
11:21 kados[…]%2Flanguage_tools
11:21 kados not too bad as far as format goes
11:21 shaun paul: feel free to ask if you need any help porting it, i can send you the static one if you like
11:22 kados shaun: could you put some 'flags' up in the meantime that link to the google translation pages?
11:22 kados shaun: and as we get 'real' translations we can change the links?
11:22 shaun i wouldn't like to use google translate, it's not always accurate, but i'll certainly look at making the flags
11:23 kados well ... it's better than no translation at all IMO

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