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11:27 kados hi all
11:27 paul hi kados
11:27 kados paul RFID is english too :-)
11:27 kados someday we might be able to afford it
11:28 kados that's great!
11:29 paul just to be sure : who should I ask for this travel ? Stephen ?
11:29 kados it'll be nice to finally meet in real person :-)
11:29 paul yep
11:29 kados I think Stephen would be the one yes
11:29 kados But I'm sure he will encourage it
11:29 paul ok, i'll send him a mail.
11:29 paul i'm not afraid ;-)
11:30 paul we will probably be 3.
11:30 paul me, 1 librarian, 1 developper
11:30 paul Ouest Provence "gives" 2 dev (full time) & 1 project leader (half time) to their migration project
11:31 kados paul where is koha 2.2 on sourceforge? (I don't see it on the main page)
11:31 paul the link was in the mail :
11:31 kados wow two more developers that's great
11:32 paul[…]release_id=283087
11:32 kados why not on the main page?
11:32 paul note they will work on MIGRATION first.
11:32 kados makes sense
11:34 paul should be here, i don't know why it is not...
11:34 kados should I bug it?
11:34 paul at least ask on koha-dev if anybody has an idea ?
11:54 kados paul ... quick question
11:54 kados I just deleted an install of Koha on a test machine and reinstalled
11:54 kados I get this error:
11:54 kados 0ERROR 1062 at line 1: Duplicate entry '%-Koha-kohaadmin' for key 1
11:54 kados my fault for not deleting
11:54 kados is it a fatal error?
11:55 paul not a problem
11:55 kados ok thanks
11:55 paul it's mysql security
11:55 paul just 1 thing :
11:55 paul the user in the reinstall has NOT been stored.
11:55 paul you have the user of the 1st install
11:55 paul (i mean for the password)
11:55 kados ok same password :-)
11:57 kados two minor installation bugs sofar
11:57 kados 860, 861
11:58 kados paul what is the select sql directory feature?
11:58 paul phone ring
11:58 kados who's there (sorry, bad american joke :0)
12:00 paul it was Jacqueline ;-)
12:00 paul it's a way to import sql datas during install stage
12:00 paul for example, in french you have :
12:00 paul * a lot of pre defined frameworks (6 iirc)
12:01 paul for various type of material
12:01 paul i'll add soon :
12:01 paul * authorities for the 215-210 editor finder for christian editors
12:01 paul * subjects from EMN
12:01 paul ...
12:02 kados I see ... neat
12:02 kados I'm thinking of writing a short script to make symlinks to a Koha CVS repository for right after a default install ...
12:25 jmlongo hi there !
12:25 paul hello
12:26 jmlongo congrats on the 2.2RC1 release  :)
12:26 paul thanks
12:27 jmlongo I have it working on two libraries simultaneously... and I have a little problem with issues...
12:28 jmlongo every time I issue a book... I get a message asking me to 'confirm' it
12:28 paul without other informations ?
12:28 paul this happends when there is a reason to ask for a confirm
12:29 paul (it's empty when you issue a book that is requested. see previous mail on ml today)
12:29 paul (bug on Koha 2.2.0RC1)
12:29 jmlongo it says Too many issues (already issued / max : g 0 / 0)
12:30 jmlongo it's like the max number of issues for every book is set to 0
12:30 paul ah, ok, i undersand :
12:30 paul you MUST fill the issuingrules table
12:31 paul it's a new table, that replace previous ones
12:31 paul it's empty
12:31 jmlongo but in my issuing rules table is set to 7,4
12:32 paul i've the solution too :
12:32 paul it's the "g" that tells me ;-)
12:32 jmlongo for each itemtype and each user's category
12:32 paul yes, but the "g" means
12:32 paul that for a given borrower category, but * itemtype, you've let the 0 value
12:32 jmlongo great!  :)
12:33 paul so, the "children" can issue "10 book", but "0 anything"
12:35 jmlongo sometimes is "g".. but sometimes it's a "c"
12:36 paul the c is for "any borrowertype"
12:36 paul so you've say "any one can issue up to 0 books"
12:36 jmlongo ahhh....  so I have to fill in the "*" columns and rows!
12:36 paul yep
12:36 paul needs some doc on release notes...
12:38 jmlongo ok.. I'll try it ...
12:40 jmlongo and... of course... the message is gone!
12:40 jmlongo thank you very much!
12:42 jmlongo by the way...   I'm half way translating the intranet to spanish...
12:42 paul great !
12:42 jmlongo but I'm leaving all the unimarc stuff untranslated
12:42 jmlongo partly because it's en french  :)
12:43 paul you're right
12:43 paul you can delete all thos strings during update
12:43 paul just exclude :
12:43 jmlongo would it still be usefull?
12:43 paul .*unimarc_.* files
12:43 paul it's useful, but only for UNIMARC.
12:44 paul ./ update -i xxx -o xxx -s xxx -x .*unimarc_field_1.*
12:44 paul and the french strings are gone ;-)
12:44 jmlongo great!
13:48 paul chris ?
14:07 jmlongo Paul... still there?
14:07 paul yes
14:07 paul (but it's 6PM in France)
14:07 paul (so i'll leave soon)
14:07 kados paul are permissions fixed in 2.2 yet?
14:07 paul not sure kados
14:08 jmlongo I've one more question.... (I'lll make it fast!)
14:08 paul no modifs in permissions
14:08 jmlongo where can I set the expiry date for members?
14:08 paul (except a few bugs in what is required to acces a page)
14:08 paul jmlongo : i don't know
14:09 jmlongo ouch!  :)
14:10 slef hi
14:11 slef paul: can we have RCs in another category to avoid hiding full releases, please?
14:11 paul why do you think it's required ?
14:12 paul it's "almost stable" and it's written everywhere (in version name, in release notes, during install)
14:15 kados slef I just emailed the list about this (koha-devel)
14:15 kados SF is a bit slow today though :-/
14:30 slef because 2.0 is supposed to be available at least until 2.2's release and probably a little bit after
14:31 slef having 2.2 prereleases hiding 2.0 releases is not nice
14:31 slef I don't know how stable 2.2 is yet, as I've not tested it myself yet (been busy on 2.0 and other work) and the bug reports suggests it's not
14:32 paul it's stable slef, it's not bugfree
14:35 slef Do all 11 major bugs have good reason for not being fixed yet?
14:35 paul 11 major bugs ?
14:38 paul mmm... some of them where already here in 2.0.0
14:38 indradg hi all
14:38 paul others have to be confirmed &/or explained a little bit more
14:38 paul i have to leave
14:38 slef yes, 2.0.0 released with too many major bugs
14:39 slef I've got it down to 1 critical (waiting more info), and 2 majors (1 wontfix, 1 awaiting more info, 1 needs help) but it's difficult to squash big bugs during a stable series
14:39 slef hi indradg
14:39 indradg hi MJ
14:44 slef kados: sorry, I think you need to rethink what stability is. New features don't necessarily affect stability.
15:53 rach hi
15:57 slef hi rach
16:08 rach hey slef, how's life in the big smoke treating you?
16:13 slef rach: you been reading my blog?
16:14 rach nope - but happy to :-)
16:14 slef I'm confused by the comment "the big smoke" then
16:14 rach where is your blog?
16:14 rach ah - you're in london aren't you?
16:14 slef No, 120 miles north
16:15 slef fens
16:15 slef midlands start about 40 miles west or south-west
16:15 slef well, you know the rough shape of England?
16:15 rach yup
16:15 rach and I was in birmingham last year
16:15 slef as you go up the east coast from London, there's a large round bulge
16:16 indradg hi all... perhaps a way-out off-topic question to ask here... but have any of u used DSpace from MIT Libararies and HP?
16:16 slef I'm roughly on the southern point of the notch where the top of it joins the rest of England
16:16 slef 120 miles east of Birmingham
16:17 slef Nearest cities are Peterborough (30 miles WSW), Cambridge (35 miles S) and Norwich (45 miles E)
16:18 rach so have you been having fires?
16:18 rach cause that doesn't sound smokey :-)
16:19 slef nah, was at a gig last night and nearly floored by cigarette smoke
16:19 chris not me indradg
16:20 indradg chris: went to have a look-see on a DSpace implementation today at an University nearby... HP tech staff was making a merry mess of it ;)
16:23 chris ahh its a digital library .. like greenstone
16:23 indradg chris:
16:24 chris cripes .. thems some fairly steep requirements
16:24 indradg the aforementioned University is spending nearly USD 250,000 in Indian rupees
16:24 chris wow
16:24 indradg for the whole jing-bang!
16:24 chris i wonder if they have heard of greenstone?
16:25 indradg ohh... they have indeed
16:25 chris cool :) i see its in use in india
16:26 indradg i initially got all muddled up when I tried to look into GSDL code :P
16:26 indradg then slowly found my feet :)
16:26 chris yeah its kinda scary in there :)
16:26 chris templating is quite tricky
16:28 indradg recently got into an argument with someone here... why Koha why not greenstone?
16:28 chris ahh they didnt realise they are 2 different tools, for 2 different problems?
16:29 indradg chris: this was the chief librarian of the university which is doing the DSpace implementation ;-)
16:30 si always useful to ask a digital library proponent if they have any concept of circulation in their system
16:30 si chances are they'll look at you like you're mental
16:30 indradg ROFL
16:31 chris koha + greenstone .. now that would be pretty cool
16:32 indradg yeah u bet :)
16:37 chris id just like to not lose to aussie :)
16:38 indradg dunno if this is being done elsewhere... but at my university... I have put together stuff like a CD image server (on-demand loading using apache, autofs and loopback) and linked to electronic content thru Koha... plus stuff like Streaming Media servers (delivering pre-recorded lectures) URLs exposed thru MARC URL tags
16:38 chris hmmm
16:39 chris nope i dont htink ive heard of anyone else doing that ... some screenshots or a url would be great .. rach could maybe do a little news item on it for
16:39 indradg ok
16:39 rach yeah would be great
16:40 indradg rach: thats how I was "push"ed in templating biz ;-)
16:41 indradg we even wrote a libbonobo component calling on gstreamer that could be embedded in mozilla built with gtk2 as the default widget set
16:42 rach it's all just words to me, but sounds good :-)
16:44 indradg simple english -> embedded a native streaming or otherwise media player into mozilla.. so like the user clicks the URL link... new window pops up and it like "hey presto!"
16:44 rach ah now that I understand :-)
16:45 rach and it really does sound good :-)
17:08 slef indradg: didn't plugger already do that?
17:08 slef and without gnome's overhead
17:08 indradg slef: it does! we wanted to show off ;-P
17:16 indradg gnome just happens to be the primary platform at my university
17:30 indradg chris: I am wondering that using a setup like I have at my installation (the CD image server, Media server etc) and using the "Virtual BookShelves" we can create "proxy" collections like a Digital Library... wat do u think?
17:31 chris hmm yep i reckon you could
18:40 slef rach:[…]000&scale=4000000
18:40 slef forgot I had that bookmarked
19:33 rach ah cool thanks
19:33 rach that is a pretty cool map system
19:36 slef I prefer, but I had multimap bookmarked
19:38 rach so is your town near the sea?, or more on the river
19:39 rach ah I see it is not really on the sea
19:48 slef on the river, about 5 miles or so inland at the closest point
19:48 slef it's a port town... I can see some of the docks from the house
22:49 slef Have to love imdb reviews: "Happy Gilmore is unusual because it is one of the few bad films I've actually sat through until the end. I am unreliably informed that the US dropped copies of the DVD on Falluja to destroy the spirit of the rebels there."
05:49 Genji hiya. i just invented the idea of using object orientated virtual shelves.
05:50 Genji at least, for koha. gets done in libraries all the time. Section, bookshelf, subject type of thing.
05:53 Genji Thinking that it comes from nested lists... Or prehaps its easier to create a new table, where theres two fields, parentshelf and childshelf. of course, there has to be , first entry, the mainshelf.. or the superparent or something... that has a list of all the first level shelves.
05:57 Genji hmm.. challenge is implementing this in with the current virtual shelve system... including permissions.... Prehaps i have this type of structure only available to the main shelf list.
09:35 Genji hey paul!
09:35 Genji im alive here.
09:35 Genji you
09:35 Genji ?
09:36 paul hello
09:36 paul i'm alive too.
09:36 paul i'm not sure to undestand well your virtual shefves suggestion...
09:36 Genji ack.. yahoo email server's not resolving.
09:36 paul (seems very exciting to you, however ;-) )
09:37 Genji okay, in my library, i have sections. main hall, meditation room.
09:38 paul they are logic sections of physical ?
09:38 Genji within those sections are sections... main hall.theosophy main hall.general meditation room.theosophy meditation room.general meditation room.personal subjects ... and within those, you have more branches.
09:39 Genji the point of it is, its like navigating a tree, rather than having a huge list of virtual shelves.
09:39 paul right.
09:40 Genji make take time to get somewhere.. but it would be entirely easier with a libary with LOTS of virtual shelves.
09:43 Genji ah.. so the real problem, is C4::Catalogue::Branches needs to be moved somewhere?
09:44 paul yes. And it probably already exist
09:44 paul do a grep -R "Branches" *
09:45 paul C4/ branches {
09:51 Genji router dropped.
09:51 Genji hmm... did a search with windows.. couldn't find C4::Catalog::Branches. weird.
09:52 Genji know of a good windows file search tool?
09:53 Genji OHHHH.. found a grep for windows.. how do you search for "Branches" again?
09:54 Genji alive, paul?
10:18 Genji wow, ive done alot a bugs today.
10:19 paul i'm back
10:19 paul about Branches :
10:19 paul C4/ branches {
10:19 paul (with b, not B)
10:19 paul grep -R "Branches" *
10:22 paul i'll commit immediatly all your bug reports into Koha.
10:23 paul are you sure for bnotes => notes ?
10:23 paul because we had a problem with notes : it's defined in Biblio & biblioitems
10:24 paul so we had to find a trick to identify them
10:24 paul the trick was to use bnote when speaking of biblioitems notes
10:24 paul and notes when speaking of biblio notes
10:27 Genji im sure, cause they are always referenced with $biblio->{'notes'} and $biblioitems->{'notes'}.. they don't seem to ever go into a variable $notes.
10:28 paul you tested this ?
10:28 paul i'll ask slef, to have it's opinion, as he is the dev who played with notes & bnotes.
10:29 Genji read the code, and changed my files, did some acquisitions... and looked at results. all good.
10:30 paul biblio.notes & biblioitems.notes were both filled ?
10:30 Genji Yup.
10:30 paul with different values ?
10:30 Genji yup
10:30 paul ok, i ask slef just for confirm
10:31 Genji needs a new use line. use;
10:31 paul for sub branches ?
10:32 Genji whoa.. hold on...
10:32 Genji i saved... yet i got no error message... and C4::Acquisition nore c4::catalogue were use'd.. prehaps C4::Biblio loads C4::Acqusition?
10:33 Genji Ahhh.. not saveitem... but additem-nomarc...
10:34 Genji definately needs 'use' to get branches.
10:35 Genji err..
10:35 paul yes. I fix it.
10:36 paul so, it's needed in, and somewhere else ?
10:36 Genji not needed in
10:36 Genji Im thinking its also needed in systempreferences -> branch add/delete/edit....
10:36 paul ok, just in so.
10:36 Genji but haven't actually tested.
10:37 paul ??? works fine for me
10:38 Genji cool then. slef is on the koha list?
10:38 paul yes, i think
10:38 Genji whats his full name?
10:39 Genji oh.. i c.
10:39 paul i c ?
10:39 paul it's MJ Ray
10:39 Genji yup, he'll get my full bnote patch message.. cool.
10:40 Genji im also creating a IE compatable template (en) as i find the layout problems.
10:41 paul for OPAC or librarian interface ?
10:41 Genji intranet.
10:41 paul you modify the default template or create a new one ?
10:41 Genji modify.. inside a new directory named IE.
10:42 paul ok, i'll see if it works under mozilla/Firefox/Opera...
10:42 Genji cool. ummmm...
10:45 Genji
10:45 paul login/pass ?
10:46 Genji pages to look at - catalog-home and acquisitions-additem-nomarc.
10:46 Genji koha/koha
10:47 Genji its only a test database, so feel free to add test items.
10:47 paul (remember this chat is logged, so your login/pass are now public)
10:48 Genji "Its only a test database" .... as in ill get a proper login/pass done after it goes production.
10:49 Genji besides, thats the default koha password anyway.. one would need to be a newbie to leave the default password on any production software.
10:51 Genji now, time to look into creating that object orientated virtual shelf tree.....
10:53 Genji comments?
10:53 paul on what ?
10:54 Genji eh, the compablity of the IE template with IE, and Opera? all i did was add a table that encompassed the two sections of the page. <td>'s really.
10:55 paul but tables are bad.
10:56 paul that's why i dropped them almost everywhere (except when need to present a table of datas)
10:56 Genji tables are bad?
10:56 Genji why are tables bad/
10:56 Genji ?
10:56 paul they are poor HTML. with css they should be useless
10:56 paul i've many links on this,but in french ;-)
10:56 paul ( at first, in french despite the name)
10:57 Genji okay... but the default template is not ccs, so catalog spreads out, making you maximise the whole page to use it, ummm... you have used the default template with ie, yourself?
10:59 paul having no windows, i would have some difficulties to test IE ;-)
10:59 paul but ... i realize it's 3AM for you ? don't you never sleep ?
10:59 paul (easy, it's 3PM for me !)
10:59 Genji right... hey, im hyped on pepsi!

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