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12:44 owen indradg, are you around?
12:45 indradg owen: hi
12:45 owen Joshua asked me for help in writing a templating guide, but haven't gotten around to it.
12:46 indradg ok
12:46 owen Did you have some ideas?  It sounded like you were interested in the topic.
12:47 indradg yes I was... simply reason... ppl (read lib) here think that the default themes and templates are all that can be
12:47 indradg I encountered 2 cases where things werent arranged like their current proprietory soln... so they simply wrote off Koha for that
12:48 owen So the best templating guide would be one that concentrated on the HTML aspect rather than Perl + HTML
12:48 indradg right! my idea too
12:49 indradg these ppl aren't developers (perl hackers) but some of them maintain web pages so familiar with HTML
12:49 indradg and Dreamweaver
12:49 indradg ;-)
12:49 owen A guide would probably have to start with a description of HTML::Template basics, like TMPL_VAR and TMPL_LOOP
12:50 owen Anyone who tries to use Dreamweaver on a tmpl file is in for trouble!
12:50 indradg yeah :P
12:51 owen I have a talk recently to a group of librarians on the subject of standards in web development and hardly any of them knew HTML.
12:52 indradg out here in india -- nearly all graduates do a "computer course" in which basic HTML is de-rigour
12:52 owen I think that's the case with American library schools right now, but not in the past, of course.  And many of these people never went to library school.
12:54 indradg I was thinking that in the HOWTO to include a step-by-step example of modifying the tmpl files... most ppl are looking for example code to copy and try their own combinations on that
12:58 owen The hardest part of making changes to an existing template is understanding the structure of the existing one.  The CSS-based templates will be even more difficult for folks who aren't used to that kind of markup.
13:11 owen I've created a heading on the wiki for a templating manual.
13:11 owen There's nothing there yet, though:[…]=TemplatingManaul
13:12 indradg gee thanks! I will start on the first structure this weekend
13:13 indradg right now busy on a few projects nearing closure
13:14 indradg or u can add some of ur thoughts and then maybe we both can keep adding to it
13:14 owen That sounds good.
13:45 owen paul, if you're around I have a question for you
14:15 owen Hi essemm
14:16 essemm owen: hi
15:28 indradg rach: hi
16:05 rach hi
18:32 kados owen this problem is only with 2.2 right?
18:32 owen Yes
18:34 kados I seem to recall that the loops that implemented that whole series of questions were pretty flakey
18:34 kados maybe paul's been working on them
18:35 owen A lot of bug-fixing had been done to correct those problems, and there was just one remaining glitch (and a non-intrusive one)
18:35 owen But now it's all been taken out.  And hasn't been worked on in ages.
18:58 kados hmmm those switches in Circ2 look pretty much the same to me
19:30 kados owen your connection is pretty bad again today
19:30 kados (according to my logs :-))
19:30 owen Yup.
19:30 owen You'd better believe it!
19:31 owen Kinda makes work difficult when it takes a whole minute to transfer a single file to the server.
19:34 chris hey guys
19:34 owen Hi chris
19:34 chris owen, ill try to look at the circ stuff soon as i get a chance
19:34 chris thats a show stopper for all our clients also
19:34 owen Thanks.
19:35 chris i know paul rewrote the circ code, he musta missed it out by accidenet
19:35 owen yeah, and it's not something that comes up without deliberate testing
19:36 chris right
19:38 chris heh
19:38 chris spam will always find a way
19:44 kados hey chris
20:43 tungsten hi
20:43 tungsten can I just do an upgrade with a 2.0.0 install to 2.2?
20:44 tungsten and does 2.2 support marc21?
20:44 tungsten can I just do an upgrade with a 2.0.1 install to 2.2?
21:31 tungsten when trying to upgrade from 2.0.1 to 2.2 I'm getting the correct error message /usr/local/koha/intranet/htdocs etc does not exist
21:32 tungsten when trying to upgrade from 2.0.1 to 2.2 I'm getting the correct error message /usr/local/koha/intranet/htdocs200411171909 and htdocs200411131511 do exist?
21:33 tungsten /usr/local/koha/intranet/htdocs200411171909 and htdocs200411131511 do exist?
21:33 tungsten scrips and cgi have the same prob date extensions on the directory anme
06:00 rach bonjour paul
06:00 paul hello rach
06:00 paul about the mail you send for bug in circ
06:01 rach yes - I just sent that to you
06:01 paul is it the problem owen reported as 858 .
06:01 paul[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=858
06:01 paul ?
06:01 rach if it is just that then it's probably not a blocker
06:01 paul i've found another one : you can reserve an item even if notforloan is checked for itemtype.
06:02 paul i'm hunting. Should be dead in some minuts.
06:02 rach oh that would be great
06:02 rach I just thought it best not to get any more folks reporting the same bugs :-)
06:02 paul (i'm speaking of notforloan problem. will hunt owen one just after)
06:02 rach ah great
06:03 paul i could release a 2.2.0RC1b today or next day
06:03 rach that would be really good - I could do a news bit, and then people would have the weekend for a bit of a play :-)
06:03 paul :-)
06:04 rach we have another long awaited project going live tomorrow which will make it a big news day :-)
06:05 paul pls tell me...
06:05 paul (I've another important news on Koha)
06:06 rach ah not a koha thing
06:06 rach it is a content management/website builder
06:06 rach -
06:06 paul mmm... another one or you get involved in an existing project ?
06:07 rach they give free webhosting for local community groups, and so we've done some work to make it easy for those groups to build sites
06:07 rach um it is Kea - the one we've had for a few years
06:08 rach so not a new one
06:08 paul ok, I know Kea. And like it except it's really sloowwww from france...
06:08 rach :-)
06:08 paul my news is on Koha : 60km far from me, there is a library like Nelsonville (250 000 items, 6 public branches...) that want to migrate on Koha.
06:08 rach yes I can imagine it would be
06:08 rach woo - that is cool
06:08 paul they will put 2 developpers at full time on Koha
06:08 rach that is great news
06:08 paul puls 1 project manager half time.
06:08 rach wow
06:08 paul (and a few money for me to help them)
06:09 paul they need a lot of things like RFID
06:09 rach that is great
06:09 paul (/me not sure RFID is english term)
06:09 paul what's really great is that they are 60km from my home !
06:09 paul they want to go to Nelsonville in January/feb
06:10 paul and i'll go with them
06:10 rach oh cool
06:10 rach yay - road trip :-)
06:10 paul (if nelsonville accepts us, of course=
06:10 rach RFID I think is the same
06:10 rach it's the smart tags in books isn't it?
06:11 rach on = in
06:12 paul smart tags ? if you mean a small processor to identify it by electronic machines, to avoid thiefs and help circ, then yes, that's it
06:13 rach yep that's what I mean :-)
06:15 rach well that is all really good news paul
08:33 Genji hi all.

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