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08:24 cait1 good morning #koha
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08:58 paxed accountlines.interface is NOT NULL, but has no default value. everywhere else interface seems to be DEFAULT NULL?
08:59 paxed also varchar(16), other interfaces are varchar(30)
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09:37 cait1 paxed: sounds like a bug, could you file?
10:14 ashimema varchar(16) sounds like a bug
10:14 ashimema but I think the NOT NULL wasn't.. I think we wanted to ensure accurate data.. but I could be wrong
10:14 ashimema I can't see a great reason to no allow NULL honestly.
10:15 cait1 old data
10:15 cait1 maybe
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10:44 tcohen hola #koha o/
10:45 tcohen fields like interface should be enum I'd say
10:54 tcohen hola #koha o/
11:02 ashimema Morning tcohen :-)
11:02 ashimema Agreed on the enum
11:11 oleonard o/
11:32 oleonard Anyone have an opinion on whether we should use a common include file between and
11:33 oleonard The entry forms are mostly identical
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11:42 ashimema hell yes
11:43 oleonard I shall call on you ashimema to check my work
11:44 ashimema sure thing 🙂
11:47 oleonard I wish my kids had caught the Koha bug, I could use a little sweatshop working for me
11:52 ashimema haha
11:52 ashimema well.. I got mine going for a little while, then boys and ballet and climbing got back in the way again 😛
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12:06 cait1 maybe we could train cats? :)
12:20 cait1 hm odd, I have a lotof catalouging entries for item add biblio add that have interface opac?
12:21 cait1 wondr if these are ILL records
12:21 cait1 yes. they are
12:22 cait1 ok, that explains :)
12:22 oleonard Does anyone know why there is a disabled "Koha link" <select> in
12:23 oleonard It says "This select should be DISABLED; value is submitted by the following hidden input"
12:23 cait1 is that the one with the field in items/biblio etc. or another?
12:24 oleonard subfield constraints, under advanced constraints
12:24 cait1 if so, then because these are now controlled by the default framework only (no sure if you can change them in default, but you can from the koha-to-marc-mappings
12:24 oleonard I just wonder why we display a disabled form element if there is a hidden input controlling it
12:25 cait1 maybe a not ideal solution when this was changed?
12:25 cait1 orginally you could control the mapping per frameowrk
12:25 cait1 but we got rid of that some while ago
12:25 cait1 a read/only /just display text thing might make more sense now?
12:26 cait1 ... while you are staring at this, can I report a bug?
12:26 cait1 when you "view subfields" and click on the subfield, the right subfield is not selected
12:26 oleonard I am SO staring at this.
12:27 oleonard Ah you're right
12:28 * cait1 sends oleonard cookies and eye drops
12:29 cait1 I am staring at database statements if that helps
12:29 oleonard Haha
12:29 cait1 trying to figure out if we should expect any issues updating from 20.11 to 22.11
12:29 cait1 last time we accidentally updated the timestamp in deleteditems which threw our yearly statistics off... triyng to avoid a repeat
12:29 cait1 ... and that's a lot of database updates
12:30 oleonard Looking at diffs in a GUI is the only time I miss Windows... Windows has a good open source diff program...
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13:03 cait1 hmmm i had used something nice in linux a while ago
13:04 cait1 i can check if I wrote the name down somewhere
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13:05 marcelr o/
13:05 cait1 oleonard: i think tmight have been Meld
13:06 oleonard cait1: I'm actually trying a port of that now cait1!
13:06 cait1 I used it to merge XSLT files... standard Koha and custom ones
13:09 Annelisterman[m] Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=24767 says that Claims tab will disappear from the patron page if the ClaimReturnedLostValue syspref is not set. But it does not work in version 22.11. Has something changed?
13:09 huginn Bug 24767: minor, P5 - low, ---, kyle, CLOSED FIXED, "Claim returned" feature cannot be turned off
13:12 cait1 Annelisterman[m]: not aware of a change, but we don't really use that feature (might also be interested in hiding)
13:12 cait1 could you hide it from column config?
13:12 Annelisterman[m] Well it's not a column so propably not. But I can try.
13:13 cait1 ah, i was thinking about the one in checkouts
13:13 cait1 i think there it would work
13:15 cait1 can someone remind me which feature uses the collections_tracking table?
13:15 Annelisterman[m] claims_returned column is hidden and it does not affect the tab.
13:16 cait1 yeah, i as thinking of the column on the checkouts table
13:21 cait1 tre table question: stock rotation
13:29 marcelr @later tell khall please look at the followup on 32684
13:29 huginn marcelr: The operation succeeded.
13:41 Annelisterman[m] It looks like BundleLostValue syspref has to be empty too for the Claims tab to disappear. Which is weard to me.
13:42 Annelisterman[m] How are they related? :D
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14:09 cait1 Annelisterman[m]: it does sound a little wird, ashimema might know?
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14:31 caroline good morning! how's wednesday so far?
14:35 cait1 caroline: dangeorus question :)
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14:41 ashimema ah.. right..
14:42 ashimema they are related in so much as the bundle feature uses claims values for tracking items found to be missing from bundles
14:42 cait1 Annelisterman[m]: ^
15:25 caroline Followup for my XML parser question from yesterday... I tried the manipulation described here https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]s_setup_correctly on my Ubuntu computer, and I still get the 500 errors in 22.05
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16:02 cait1 you mentioned problematic characters yesterday - do you have an example of what cuses breakage?
16:06 caroline cait1, in the database, it shows up as a space, but I'm pretty sure it's not a space
16:07 pastebot "caroline" at pasted "more_subfields_xml" (6 lines) at
16:07 caroline This is one of the problematic items, 952$k contains something it doesn't like
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16:55 oleonard Anyone around who has experience with item type groups?
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16:56 caroline oleonard, the search groups?
16:56 oleonard Item type parents and children
16:56 caroline and also what kind of experience? dev? or usage? :)
16:56 caroline I have one client who uses that
16:57 oleonard It looks to me like, when setting a circ rule on both the parent and the child, the child circ rule doesn't override the parent
16:57 oleonard Is there any kind of inheritance?
16:58 caroline I think this is what you're thinking? bug 30324
16:58 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=30324 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Parent and child itemtype checkout limits not enforced as expected
16:58 caroline Also parent/child circ rules are *only* for checkout limits
16:59 oleonard Wow, okay
16:59 oleonard Thanks caroline
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18:25 kidclamp I don't know if this file is useful:[…]5c473ec8b;hb=HEAD
18:50 caroline lol!
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