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06:35 kim Hi, just wanna ask if do we need to pay anything if we wanted to change our library system into Koha?
07:04 davidnind kim: not for the software itself, but if you don't have the expertise/skills in implementing and hosting Koha you may need to engage one of the support providers that do
07:28 TriveniChandriki[m] Any body help on koha git installation in single server multiple instances
07:30 TriveniChandriki[m] 21.05 still working fine. After 21.11 koha version we are facing issues items modification and sip2
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07:39 alex_ Bonjour
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08:27 Joubu @later tell tcohen "oh, I ctrl+c too late" There is the pre-push hook so should prevent you from pushing in that case...
08:27 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
08:31 ashimema I don't think the pre-push hook catches -S signatures.. i.e. signed with key not just SO line
08:32 ashimema I think that's what tcohen meant
08:39 Joubu we should add it then ;)
08:47 Joubu ashimema: we are missing builds for 22.11
08:47 Joubu jenkins builds I mean
08:48 ashimema Oh really
08:49 ashimema What would to say we're missing?
08:50 ashimema And yes, I agree it would be good to catch crypto signs in the prepush
08:50 Joubu there is no full run, only ligth runs
08:50 ashimema Ho,
08:51 Joubu tab "supported" shows Koha_22.11_D10, Koha_22.11_D11, Koha_22.11_D11_ES7, Koha_22.11_D11_OS7
08:51 Joubu but the dashboard has more
08:52 ashimema Will look when I'm back from school run
08:52 ashimema I imagine seeing are mis-labelled
08:52 Joubu I am on it, nevermind
08:52 ashimema It's been a while since I properly dug on the Jenkins side
08:52 ashimema Thanks dude
08:53 ashimema I tend to maintain the dashboard side by cloning the existing lines and replacing the version numbers.. if we change naming scheme in Jenkins things can go wrong
08:55 Joubu Where/where did we decide to drop support for U18?
08:58 Joubu ashimema: ok, "supported" tab must be removed actually, I am removing it. It's not maintained
08:58 ashimema A while ago I believe.. falling in line with when Ubuntu stopped supporting that version
08:59 ashimema But I might be wrong.. tuxayo was keeping on top of those things I thought
09:01 Joubu end of "standard" support is April 2023, end of life of 2028
09:03 Joubu tuxayo: can you remove the "supported" view on jenkins please? https://jenkins.koha-community[…]g/view/supported/
09:04 Joubu tuxayo: If you are the one who created it
09:05 Joubu tuxayo: nevermind, it's done
09:06 Joubu mtj, tuxayo, tcohen, ashimema: I removed the "supported" view on jenkins, and "Enabled" is now the default view.
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09:08 Joubu I have no idea who created the 22.11 jobs, but they are not correctly setup, "Koha_22.11_D12" is actually running 22.05...
09:13 ashimema I'm confused.. I'm sure they were accurate to start with
09:17 Joubu ashimema: Koha_22.11_D12 config is fixed, and Koha_22.11_D11 is now running the full test suite. Other jobs are correct
09:18 Joubu They are currently building with their new config
09:35 ashimema thanks dude
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10:25 cait1 Joubu++ ashimema++
10:28 * ashimema is well and truly stuck on a support call today
10:28 ashimema can't for the life of me work out why an acquisitions endpoint isn't happy ☹️
10:30 cait1 REST API?
10:30 ashimema yup
10:31 cait1 hm :( probably can't help much then
10:31 cait1 do you have any error or so?
10:31 * cait1 knows acq pretty well, just not the API
10:31 ashimema for some reason I keep getting MethodNotCoveredByTests exceptions thrown against Biblioitem.. which I understand.. it should be getting called against Biblio
10:31 ashimema but I can't for the life of me work out why!
10:31 ashimema seems to just be this one server too
10:32 ashimema GET /api/v1/acquisitions/orders: unhandled exception (Koha::Exceptions::Object::M​ethodNotCoveredByTests)<<The method Koha::Biblioitem->active_orders is not covered by tests!
10:33 cait1 is this a standard Koha or are there customizations that could be it?
10:33 cait1 maybe something others don't have?
10:34 ashimema brb.. been called into another meeting
10:34 ashimema no customisation around acq
10:34 Joubu no embed?
10:34 ashimema I 'think' it might be data
10:34 ashimema yeah.. loads of embed
10:35 ashimema it's the order recieve page.. the api call there just outright 500's
10:35 Joubu which ones?
10:35 tcohen hola #koha o/
10:35 ashimema basket.basket_group,biblio.active_order​s+count,biblio.holds+count,biblio.items​+count,biblio.suggestions.suggester,fun​d,current_item_level_holds+count,items
10:35 cait1 just the other person who might know heh
10:36 ashimema it's a 21.11.05 install.. my next stab in the dark was going to be to try and bring it up to latest 21.11.x
10:36 ashimema but I'm not seeing any changes in this area since this version on the 21.11 branch
10:36 ashimema will dig back in in a bit.. struggling to juggle calls
10:37 Joubu - is this expected? The item form is no longer left aligned
10:40 ashimema I have a vague memory I pointed that out at some point too
10:40 cait1 yes
10:40 cait1 the labels are expected
10:40 cait1 they match the labels on the normal item form now
10:40 cait1 we have complaints that the short terms etc were far from the fields (or there was not enough space for long translations) - it's been left aligend for some time
10:41 cait1 but the formatting of the item form in general is still broken in some spots with the new design :(
10:41 cait1 bug 32758
10:41 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32758 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Item form when receiving serial issues is misaligned
10:41 cait1 bug 32759
10:41 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32759 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Item form when creating items on receive is misaligned
10:43 cait1 hm you didn't mean the labels, did you? just the whole thing?
10:45 Joubu alignment
10:45 Joubu the item form is centered, it used to be left aligned
10:47 * oleonard walks in and immediately walks out
10:47 tcohen Joubu: there's no pre-push hook for GPG signed commits
10:47 Joubu yes, we should add one then :)
10:48 tcohen indeed
10:50 tcohen Joubu: the ktd hooks are designed to run outside the container
10:51 tcohen there's one that calls docker
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11:26 oleonard there's one that calls the docker and the docker said, no more monkeys jumping on the bed.
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12:06 Joubu tcohen, ashimema: bug 31028 really needs more attention
12:06 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31028 new feature, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Needs documenting , Add 'Report a concern' feature for patrons to report concerns about catalog records
12:07 ashimema I wish you'd shown some interest when I wrote the stuff months ago ☹️
12:08 ashimema I need to fix my support issues before I can revisit it
12:08 Joubu I am not really showing interest to be honest, just hitting bugs and conflicts :D
12:08 ashimema but I am aware you've pointed things out so will
12:08 ashimema get onto asap
12:12 cait1 we'll fix all the things
12:12 cait1 alittle more worried about the patron search one tbh because that's in stable
12:12 * cait1 summons kidclamp
12:12 * kidclamp waves
12:14 kidclamp what's up?
12:18 cait1 you broke the patron search for spanish and other double names
12:18 cait1 i think
12:18 tcohen kidclamp never breaks, he puts us at test
12:19 cait1 heh, yeah,... I pondered how i could have said that in a nicer way
12:19 cait1 bug 33117
12:19 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=33117 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Patron checkout search not working if searching with second surname
12:27 kidclamp Heh, I "fixed" searching for other libraries
12:27 kidclamp Syspref?
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12:32 ashimema right
12:32 ashimema that's one support ticket down
12:32 ashimema I'll try to have a look at your feedback properly now Joubu
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12:37 marcelr o/
12:42 Joubu kidclamp: shouldn't we instead of the filters for "check out" as well?
12:42 Joubu have*
12:42 Joubu
12:43 Joubu they are actually not taken into account for autocomplete results
12:43 kidclamp correct
12:44 Joubu they are actually not taken into account at all :D
12:45 kidclamp is that true? I get differetn results with starts with or contains
12:45 Joubu search field and search type are, not library and category
12:46 Joubu maybe that's the solution for 33117, add the filters for check out, and make them sticky?
12:46 Joubu I am looking at fixing library and category filters
12:47 Joubu well, add the filters for check out *and* use them for the autocomplete query
12:53 Joubu broken for 8 years \o/
12:56 Joubu bug 33155
12:56 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=33155 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, Needs Signoff , Category and library filters from header patron search not taken into account
13:03 cait1 hm can't beleive it didn't work for that long... but i might always use the ones ont he left?
13:04 cait1 kidclamp: is treating different fields differently an option?
13:05 cait1 like cardnumber, library, etc should not use contains but name parts shoud?
13:05 kidclamp the name parts are exactly what our libraries were complaining about
13:06 cait1 your bug description is about cardnumber
13:06 cait1 ah,... ok... i shoudl read all
13:06 cait1 it's clearly a regression for some of us - german too
13:07 cait1 we also have double hyphenated double names, especially when people marry
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13:08 cait1 the normal patron search also uses contains
13:08 kidclamp to be clear, it is still possible to achieve previous results by adding % at the start
13:08 kidclamp the normal patron search follows the filters - mine seems to default to starts with
13:09 cait1 hm which filters?
13:09 cait1 or maybe we changed that too, I was looking at a 20.11 - that's pre new patron serach
13:09 cait1 the filters default to contains there
13:10 cait1 same for our 22.11
13:10 cait1 oh interesting
13:10 kidclamp matser mine is defaulting to starts with
13:10 cait1 22.11 : left hand fitelrs default to contians, the expanded filters on top to begins with
13:11 cait1 hm would it work as they want if we made the type of serach default configurable?
13:12 cait1 it looks like it might
13:12 kidclamp I think we could affect only the autocomplete
13:12 cait1 but the problem with the filters is also that they jump back tp default after each search, they don't stick
13:12 kidclamp or like joubu said, make the autocomplete respect the filters
13:12 cait1 right... this patron search and we were talkign auto-complete earlier
13:12 cait1 so separate issues
13:13 cait1 not sure if that would be intuitive enough
13:13 cait1 the auto complete is used in a lot of places and people might not connect that to the filter options
13:13 cait1 most likely they won't
13:13 cait1 unless we also start to display the options in all those places
13:13 kidclamp I think an autocompletecompleteness pref
13:13 kidclamp :-)
13:14 kidclamp maybe a less amusing name
13:14 cait1 less amusing is sad, but I agree
13:18 Joubu that should not be a pref
13:18 Joubu that's a user preference, not system
13:19 kidclamp explain
13:21 Joubu distinct users from the same library could want different behaviours?
13:22 cait1 I think a majority might be for consistent behaviour
13:22 kidclamp I agree with Cait - easier in a consortium to tell libraries it works one way
13:22 cait1 but I thinkt he new behaviour is the regression tbh - i just tried in 20.11 - and it is a contains there too
13:23 cait1 when i do an autocomplete for scher, my name comes up
13:23 kidclamp I am happy to make 'contains' the default
13:23 cait1 I think for the stables and backport at least that woud be good
13:24 cait1 do you have feedback from the library it was changed for?
13:25 cait1 it might be a small vs big library issue mostly
13:25 cait1 the bigger your data... the more exact you need the search to be
13:25 kidclamp I think that's what it is
13:26 cait1 coudl you include the % hint in your pref descripton please?
13:27 kidclamp I would also like to add support for '^' as "Begins with" search, if there are no objections - on its own bug of course
13:28 kidclamp or do we expect that character in names?
13:35 cait1 I can't imagine...
13:36 cait1 maybe it can also be checked that it's the first character in search? as a precaution
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13:44 cait1 Â not sure if that is a character and how it would be seen by the script
13:44 cait1 i mean a character that would make problems if it appeared in a name as it's a combined one
14:45 caroline Is it possible to hide the records that have no items from the opac?
14:49 cait caroline: I am not aware of an automatism for that
14:57 caroline thanks cait it's what I thought, but just wanted to make sure
14:57 oleonard it seems like a logical analogue to the hidelostitems preference
14:59 cait in our catalogs there are tons of valid records without items
14:59 cait traced series records, serial records with subscriptions but no items, electronic resources
14:59 cait set records
14:59 cait analytical records for serials and monographs (articles)
15:00 caroline I agree that most of the time you'd want to show records without items for those sorts...
15:00 cait just warning you, it might get more complicated if the library hasn't thought of those
15:00 cait :)
15:00 oleonard cait: agreed, we wouldn't use it! But it seems like a logical option to have
15:00 caroline A client was asking me, and before I said no, I wanted to make sure it was not possible :) I'm going to propose he use 942$n in batch modification
15:00 cait ... we wanted to hide those, but not these...
15:02 cait I think having the option woudl make sense - wonder how it would be implemented search wise - something about the subfield for itemnumbers maybe?
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15:29 cait the notices editor is behaving really oddly today
15:30 cait half the time the contents appear empty until I reload
15:30 cait anyone seen that?
15:30 cait and it also happens when I save and continue - the content and subject is gone
15:36 * oleonard-away doesn't know but fears git will blame him
15:37 cait notices...
15:37 cait any idea why this prints the biblionumber just fine: ([% entry.biblionumber %] but this gives me "No title"? [% INCLUDE ''  biblio=entry.biblionumber %]
15:37 cait I have the Process line and I think the No title actually comes from the I just don't understand why it doesn't work
15:38 cait oh. I think I know.
15:38 cait it wants the object I tugess
15:39 oleonard Yeah I ran into that just yesterday, had forgotten
15:40 cait :)
15:40 cait i actually got it working now
16:15 oleonard I need to stop getting ideas in my head like "why not use the same table for both auth_subfield_structure and marc_subfield_structure?
16:15 caroline but they're good ideas!
16:16 oleonard ...but I'd love to make both pages use the same form...
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17:56 tcohen am I online?
17:57 tcohen I am
18:03 cait you are
18:09 ashimema Definitely offline tcohen
18:10 ashimema ;)
18:15 tcohen gotcha
18:15 tcohen haha
18:15 tcohen my bouncer is doing funny things right now
18:17 tcohen
18:17 tcohen ^^ that works, the rest of the API sites don't
18:17 cait I#d really be interested if someone else sees wonky things in the notices editor
18:18 cait it kept coming up empty again and again today for an existig notice... after reloading a few times my content came back, severl restart_all etc. nothing fixed it
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18:21 ashimema Weird
18:23 tcohen I opened the WELCOME notice
18:23 tcohen expanded the Email version, all looks correct
18:24 cait try "save an dcontinue"
18:24 cait and see if it remains ok
18:24 cait the initial one always worked ok for me too
18:24 tcohen it does
18:24 tcohen have you rebuilt the stuff
18:25 tcohen yarn build
18:25 tcohen inside the instance user
18:25 tcohen ktd --shell
18:25 tcohen yarn build
18:27 cait yes i did
18:27 cait rebult, it all looked good, just my form kept emptying out
18:27 cait that should not be a css issue i think
18:27 tcohen maybe the URL contains a 'method=add' or smth
18:27 tcohen he
18:28 tcohen kidding, I cannot reproduce here, unfortunately
18:28 cait I'll keep an eye on it
18:29 tcohen any particular notice?
18:30 tcohen can you share the URL?
18:30 tcohen ashimema: the API docs are broken due to a failure fetching the spec from the community repo
18:30 tcohen we should have the build actually break in such cases...
18:33 cait sorry, on the other computer now
18:33 cait it was a new catalog notice
18:33 cait CART/LIST I was working with
18:33 cait but that not make a difference I think?
18:33 cait we don#t eed changes in the editor for a new notice
18:36 tcohen well, the devil is in the details
18:36 tcohen as I cannot reproduce at all
18:38 cait yes, I'll try to fid out something, but not tonight :)
20:54 caroline Does anyone have sudden XML parser problems? It seems it's a bit more sensitive now and breaks every time there is a character it doesn't like
22:24 fridolin caroline: maybe look at
22:24 fridolin https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]s_setup_correctly
22:24 fridolin even if on Debian
22:27 caroline thanks Frido! Does this change from Koha version to Koha version? The problem appeared after we updated a client from 21.05 to 22.05
22:32 caroline It says it looks bad on my computer... I'll try the solution tomorrow see if I can open the corrupted records/items

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