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00:04 dcook Argh... that feeling when you bump into the same problem but the last time was long enough ago that you forget how to fix it..
00:04 dcook Phew or maybe I do remember. Huzzah.
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05:39 davidnind @later tell caroline The manual is building again, so I think I have solved the issue
05:39 huginn davidnind: The operation succeeded.
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06:37 Joubu caroline: commit 8202f95ad7001a5046f9f40e6322406b253ba3ed "Bug 21038: Reserves should be holds" - "canceled" (18 instances in the templates) is changed to "cancelled" (51 instances).
06:37 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=21038 trivial, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, CLOSED FIXED, Reserves should be holds
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07:02 marcelr o/
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07:54 alex_ Bonjour
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08:55 hagud good morning, anybody has experieence setting up z39 or SRU for authorities, it is easy set up for biblio, but I can't see how to set up for authority database, any idea?
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09:35 cait hello #koha :)
09:46 marcelr hi cait
09:47 cait hello
09:47 davidnind hagud: my understanding is that you set them up inexactly the same place and way (Administration > Additional parameters > Z39.50/SRU servers), but change the record type to Authority
09:51 hagud no, no... I mean set up koha as z39 server,  when I do that biblios database is available to be searched, but not authorities...
09:51 hagud in fact I don't care if configure z39 or sru
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09:55 cait I think they are set up similarly, probably different database names?
09:59 davidnind thanks cait!**hagud: sorry, I don't know how to do that
10:08 AnkeB Hi! As I understand, the sort order in the OPAC is Year (008) and then biblionumber (ASC). This is not optimal as then, within the year the older entries appear before the more recent ones. Is there a way to configure the 2nd sorting level so the sorting of the biblionumber is descending?
10:10 hagud yes they have different database names, but authorities is not published.. I will check koha-conf.xml again, thanks anyway
10:15 davidnind AnkeB: I think you can determine the OPAC results sort order using system preferences OPACdefaultSortField and OPACdefaultSortOrder
10:18 cait AnkeB: I had been looking into it a while ago for a library, but I didn't figure it out, even with the option to change the code
10:18 cait it might be some Zebra internal default we use there
10:18 cait dcook: might be the person we need to ask
10:24 cait davidnind: we had discussed this some days ago - you can configure the first sort criteria, but the second appears hardcoded on biblionumber asc
10:26 tcohen hola #koha o/
10:26 tcohen happy friday everyone
10:28 tcohen marcelr: there's still 29 for April, right?
10:29 marcelr hi tcohen : not sure what you mean :)
10:30 marcelr 29 days probably
10:30 marcelr yes March is much longer than February
10:31 marcelr in February we normally have the lowest new bugs
10:31 cait oh?
10:31 tcohen writing an endpoint is a feature on its own. Not writting another one is not incomplete work. Especially if you're doing full CRUD for authorities
10:32 marcelr how much hours/minutes would you need for adding the public one btw ?
10:33 tcohen I guess the same it would take you?
10:33 ashimema Me thinks he's missed some context to this discussion
10:33 marcelr hahaha
10:34 marcelr you know that i am very reasonable
10:34 tcohen marcelr failed QA on a bug that implements GET /authorities
10:34 tcohen because we don't provide a /public version of it
10:34 marcelr did you read my last comment carefully?
10:34 tcohen which is fair and we could probably do
10:34 marcelr if you express some commitment, i might just pass qa
10:35 tcohen that's extortion for slavery
10:35 tcohen haha
10:36 marcelr i though we stopped with that some time ago
10:37 marcelr open a new report and cc me
10:37 tcohen interesting, see you next session
10:41 cait do you need a mediator or is this resolved now? I am confused
10:42 tcohen I'm not sure how to deal with rogue QA, we don't have a procedure for that
10:42 tcohen I'll file the bug he's asking
10:42 cait I don't think a public route should be mandatory
10:42 cait we need to move forward and if the feature itself works I am ok with that
10:43 cait but filing the bug makes sense, it's good to track and link things together
10:43 tcohen we've been funded to implement full CRUD for biblios and items
10:43 tcohen and authorities
10:44 tcohen if it is easy to implement the public route I'll be more than happy to do it
10:44 tcohen but cannot schedule to do it right now
10:44 tcohen because we need to provide the product we've been asked for timely
10:44 cait a separate bug seems perfect then
10:44 cait and make sure it appears in the tree
10:45 cait (tree = hierarchy of bugs)
10:47 ashimema agreed
10:48 tcohen thanks
10:48 tcohen just to clarify, I'd be more than happy to implement, but I don't like the precedent
10:49 tcohen failing an endpoint because it would be cool to have another one
10:49 marcelr no thats not my intention, you know that
10:49 tcohen I'm not entirely sure
10:49 marcelr it is about consistency
10:49 marcelr i look at biblio record
10:50 marcelr but we should not make this bigger than it is
10:51 marcelr i dont like the term rogue QA btw
10:51 cait so I think we agree that it doesn't need to be done on this bug, we can move forward with it, but we make sure that the public route is logged in a bug for some next step?
10:51 Joubu it has been decided to implement only what we need (when it was related to the REST API)
10:51 tcohen there's a thin line between asking for consistency and more devs, in this case
10:51 marcelr it is very dangerous to assume motives to other people
10:52 tcohen ok, thanks everyone, I think it got clarified
10:52 cait I think it's part of QA to look for inconsistencies - i think the least we need to do is note and document, sometimes also fix, it really depends
10:53 cait it's good to have this kind of discussion in general
10:58 ashimema you could suggest a gruop hack on adding api's at hackfest marcelr 😜
10:58 * tcohen likes
10:58 ashimema I'd love to see more of them exist.. but I'm also of the opinion that it's not really possible to block a new one that someone adds just because they don't add the corresponding other parts of CRUD or Public
10:59 tcohen we could even have an inconsistency checking task force, that would find them all and file bugs
10:59 ashimema sometimes the GET is easy, but adding the PUT/POST or Public is a hole other ballgame
10:59 ashimema I love that idea
10:59 tcohen marcelr: have you signed for Marseille?
11:00 tcohen we need to share some pints
11:00 * ashimema is currently trying to understand bug 33028
11:00 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=33028 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, thibaud.guillot, Needs Signoff , The decimal separator 'comma' and its consequences on the calculation of fines (crons)
11:01 marcelr have to go, see you later
11:01 ashimema lol
11:08 AnkeB somewhat belatedly: davidnind thanks for pointing me to the parameters for the 1st sorting level, and cait, for the 2nd sorting level is there a possibility to file an enhancement request so this can be made configurable in an upcoming Koha version? At least the biblionumber sorting should be descending instead of ascending.
11:09 tcohen hagud: around?
11:36 ashimema Joubu, any chance you could give bug 33028 a glance for QA.
11:36 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=33028 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, thibaud.guillot, Signed Off , The decimal separator 'comma' and its consequences on the calculation of fines (crons)
11:37 ashimema I think you're a little closer to circ rules than me so hopefully will spot if I've done something stupid..
11:37 ashimema I'm not 100% on that last patch.. I wondered if we need those rules at all or whether they should actually just not exist
11:39 oleonard o/
11:55 Joubu ashimema: not today, but I will try next week!
11:55 ashimema cheers
11:58 AnkeB Fyi: Filed https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=33125 re 2nd sorting level.
11:58 huginn Bug 33125: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , 2nd sorting level of titles in results lists should be configurable
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12:33 oleonard Updated with new screenshots and examples of tabs and breadcrumbs using the new WRAPPER syntax: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]nterface_patterns
12:34 ashimema Ho!
12:34 ashimema I had no idea that page existed
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12:36 ashimema we should deffo merge with it
12:36 oleonard ( •̩̩̩́ _ •̩̩̩̀)
12:36 ashimema or maybe use one as a drafting area
12:36 ashimema then once agree migrate
12:36 ashimema to the other
12:36 cait sorry AnkeB, got pulled away, actually not really here today
12:36 cait i was looking for the bug earlier and got distracted, let me try again
12:37 AnkeB np cait :-) it's rather a minor issue, and perhaps even only relevant for Zebra installations...?
12:38 cait ther eis one for having a tie breaker in elasticsearch i just found:
12:38 cait bug 23875
12:38 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=23875 normal, P5 - low, ---, nick, Failed QA , Elasticsearch - When sorting by score we should provide a tiebreaker
12:40 oleonard ashimema: The interface patterns page is about ready to celebrate it's 11th birthday!
12:41 cait we hsould get it a cake :)
12:41 cait AnkeB: i am not finding the old bug - maybe it was jus ta discussion on another bug that I remember, but I see you filed one and htat's good :)
12:42 oleonard I hope you had a nice birthday cait, speaking of birthdays :)
12:43 AnkeB cait, i searched for an existing bug intensely to avoid cluttering bugzilla with a duplicate. perhaps you recall our recent discussion here in the chat?
12:43 cait I did, thank you :)
12:43 cait and treated me with a day off for a long weekend too :)
12:44 cait AnkeB: yes I do - it's goo dot have that bug, if we turn up another later, we can still deduplicate
12:45 AnkeB btw cait: any news re the sandboxes?
12:46 cait i think they should be ok - last i heard, but asking here is the right place :)
12:46 cait ashimema and Joubu have been on it
12:49 AnkeB cait i can see mine from last week has disappeared on ptfs-e, so i'll try and create a new one. i'll report back here :-)
13:12 AnkeB cait, ashimea, Joubu: sandbox creation was smooth, test settings and record creation without any problems. but: surprisingly now in my newly created ptfs sandbox the bug isn't present from the beginning, even before i had a chance to apply the patch! Has the patch miraculously applied itself? what does this mean for the bug status? should i try a different sandbox, e.g. biblibre? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
13:12 AnkeB (the bug was 30162)
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13:23 ashimema that's odd
13:23 ashimema ☹️
13:30 cait maybe something old got stuck?
13:44 AnkeB if the others' sandboxes are also up to date and debugged, i'll try it there next week; not enough time today. wish you all a good weekend!
13:58 caroline davidnind++
14:05 oleonard Hi caroline
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14:05 oleonard davidnind++ # don't need a specific reason
14:05 caroline hi oleonard!
14:10 caroline aude++
14:10 ashimema 😄
14:11 AnkeB exit
14:22 magnuse davidnind++
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14:39 cait have we ifgured out how often the pootle download files are updated?
14:44 magnuse not me
14:44 ashimema nope
14:44 ashimema i've been trtying to get hold of bernardo for weeks
14:44 ashimema for other reasons
14:49 cait I'll try to email
16:58 tcohen hola
17:01 oleonard Hi tcohen
17:13 tcohen hi oleonard
18:01 hammat_ Hi everyone, I'm working with a plugin that needs to use the background_jobs table. The problem I'm having is that only job types defined in Koha/ are recognized and executed by I wonder if it is possible to add a new background_job type from a plugin?
18:15 tcohen hammat_: that's exactly how this is defined
18:16 tcohen[…]
18:24 tcohen PedroAmorim[m]: do you know if pagination headers from teh ERM api are used?
18:24 tcohen git grep add_pagination_header
18:24 tcohen Koha/REST/V1/ERM/EHoldings/Packages/        $c->add_pagination_headers(
18:24 tcohen Koha/REST/V1/ERM/EHoldings/Resources/        $c->add_pagination_headers(
18:24 tcohen Koha/REST/V1/ERM/EHoldings/Titles/        $c->add_pagination_headers(
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18:34 hammat_ Tohen: Thanks for the clarification
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20:44 cait caroline++
20:46 caroline cait the patch didn't change at all right? I can sign it off right now since I already tested it?
20:48 cait yes, it should be identical
20:48 cait i used hte one still on my local branch, but without any changes
20:48 cait and thx :)
20:48 caroline cait++ perfect, I signed off

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